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Osayi-Samuel Escapes Punishment For Fans’ Assault In Turkey

Osayi-Samuel Escapes Punishment For Fans’ Assault In Turkey

The Turkish Football Federation has cleared Fenerbahce defender, Bright Osayi-Samuel of any wrong doing following his altercation with Trabzonspor fans in a Turkish Super Lig game last month.

The TFK charged Osayi-Samuel and some of his teammates for their role in the fight that erupted after the game.

Osayi-Samuel was involved in a brawl with Trabzonspor fans who invaded the pitch after their Turkish Super Lig clash which Fenerbahce won 3-2.

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The Nigeria international was lauded by Fenerbahce fans for defending his teammates.

According to Turkish website, A Spor, the 26-year-old has now been cleared of any wrongdoing in the incident.

Trabzonspor will play six matches behind closed-door as part of the punishment for the unruly behaviour of their fans.

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  • Ipetu Madu 3 weeks ago

    Panadol plenty for pharmacy o. Pests beware . Well done Osayi Samuel for standing up to foolish fans.Lol.

  • Kenneth 3 weeks ago

    Where is that yeye parrot, narcissist, trying to condemn the action of the player. Have told you go back to the cage you meant to stay.

    • Dr. Drey 3 weeks ago

      Hehehehehe….eranko. Mr Nashishist eleyin katafu.

      I don’t need to dignify you with a response. Because your low IQ cannot even comprehend simple English in the first place. That is why even the simple spelling of “Yeboah” has been very difficult for you to get right every time you have tried to impersonate him…LMAOo.

      Read my response to your fellow street-dog Ugo ewunze down below ehn.

      Okponu omo ale oshi.

      I’ve been enjoying how they have been bashing you on this forum and taking you to the cleaners every time you open your gutters to comment…..LMAoo. So I’ll want it to remain that way. You can see that I was right when I advised you to keep your filthy mouth shut on this forum and stop exposing your daftness, otherwise they will continue to humiliate you…..LMAooo

      You can keep biting trees after me as you have be doing ehn. Im loving every bit of it. I get to toy with you like the ordinary dog that you are…..LMAooo.

      Who needs a pet dog when Kenneth/ Ade / Jackson etc is around…..LAMoo

  • @Kenneth Are you minding that Taut Ajegunle Agbero… Mumu, then he will come and start using different account to hail himself. Because any mumu thats supports what he says is as fraudulent as he is.. Oya @Dr Fraud come now you narcissist trash. Come and explain why he escaped punishment for Self Defence. ODE!!!!!

    • Dr. Drey 3 weeks ago

      Hahahaha….useless dog…..LMAOoo. Cheap liar.

      Im am not a cheap fool like you who desperately courts recognition, priding himself all the time in futility as one who “knows ball”, but will come and lie here that Ndidi is currently the substantive captain of the SE, Ekong only stood in for him at AFCON……LMAOoo.

      1001 people on this forum hail me already, I don’t need to descend to your filthy level to use different accounts like some people who will be Kenneth today, Jackson tomorrow and Ade next week, yet their stupidity and the senselessness in their comments will still give them out……LMAOoo

      It was you and your likes who claimed Osayi is being subjected to disciplinary hearing because he is black….LMAOoo.

      It was idioits like you and your illiterate cohorts like your co-dog Kenneth up there who where quick to pull the racism card over a simple ethical procedure.

      Here below was my position on the Osayi matter…..CSN is not a a cheap liar like you who come here to tell fat lies you have never been able to substantiate.

      Dr. Drey 2 weeks ago

      From time immemorial, players are not allowed to indulge in fisticuffs or altercations with fans no matter who’s at fault.

      Maradona, Cantona, DiCanio, Payet were not all blacks when they were punished for being involved in fights with fans.

      Not everything is racism….!!!

      Yes Bright can plead self-defence, but he shouldn’t think that will guarantee him any escape from any penalties thereof. The codes of conduct under which he is being charged were long written even b4 he started playing football
      Dr. Drey 2 weeks ago
      Hahahaha….You talk about being knowledgeable yet you are saying things that are completely false….LMAOoo. Stop saying things you know nothing about.

      Look here, let me tell you for free, even if the altercations takes place outside the stadium, by professional football players code of ethics, you will still face disciplinary actions.

      Osayi charges at a fan who encroaches onto the pitch, throws the first punch, knocks the fan to the ground and follows up with more punches while the man is down…..and you claim he is “defending himself”….LMAOoo. He sure would need more than 1 lawyer to help him defend that stance in the arbitration panel to escape being punished.

      Rules are rules and have to be kept. Osayi will not be the first and will not be the last. Defending himself or not, he will be judged by the code of conduct guiding player altercations with fans.

      Never a time did I emphatically declare Osayi guilty or not guilty, never a time did I state emphatically that HE WILL BE BANNED OR SUSPENDED OR FINED….that was the job of the disciplinary committee.

      All I stated clearly, for those who have a functioning brain and cam comprehend simple English, was that him being called to disciplinary hearing HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH RACISM. Its a STANDARD ETHICAL PROCEDURE. Any form of altercation by a professional footballer will earn him a ticket to a disciplinary hearing wether it was in self defence on not…..That has been my position and I WAS CLEAR ON THAT…..LMAOoo. The records are there.

      Once again, CSN is not an illiterate liar like you. Neither am I cheap lying dog like you who lies around the place like the drug addict that you are.

      Congratulations to Osayi for escaping any form of punishment.

      Even in civil law, if you kill a person even if its in self defence, you will still be invited by the Police and possibly charged to court, whether you are yellow, black or white. There is nothing racist about it. ITS A STANDARD PROCEDURE. How you prove your case thereafter is your business.

      All the illiterate town criers like you and your likes who are always quick to pull the race card over established protocols and procedures can go and eat grass now….LMAOoo

      • Kenneth 3 weeks ago

        Thrash thrash thrash, don’t come here and be trying to make yourself a saint. We are not some confused and deluded, ass-kissing forumite, we clearly know the point you trying to get at. I wonder if he had been found guilty, you will be the first moron to come here to rub it in people’s face. Oloshi agabya, abeg go back to your age and have your brain warm up a bit.

        • Dr. Drey 3 weeks ago

          Hahahaha….CSN doesnt lie….LMAOoo.

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          I care not (and never cared) about what verdict is pronounced on Osayi, my point always was that there was nothing racist in a simple standard procedure and that Osayi will not be the first and will not be the last.

          At least illiterates like you can now see that there was nothing racist about charging Osayi to the disciplinary hearing…..LMAOoo. The news reports even said some of his teammates too were charged. Maybe they too are blacks.

          Ode alainirori eranko jatijati.

          Sensible people read my rebuttal and moved on. Ode ekeji aja still feels he needs to cough blood over a matter as clear as glass….LMAOoo. Okponu omo

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    • Kenneth 3 weeks ago

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      • Dr. Drey 3 weeks ago

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