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Paris Olympics: Onumonu Replaces Injured Ayinde

Paris Olympics: Onumonu Replaces Injured Ayinde

Super Falcons coach Randy Waldrum has drafted in Ifeoma Onumonu as a replacement for the injured Halimotu Ayinde ahead of the Paris Olympic games.

The replacement was announced on the Super Falcons X handle.

Ayinde was initially included in the 18-player squad for Olympics but had to pull out due to injury.

Onumonu was one of four players placed on the standby list by Waldrum.

She was part of the Falcons squad to the 2022 WAFCON and 2023 FIFA women’s World Cup.

Meanwhile, Regina Otu has been invited as alternate player in the Paris-bound team.

The Falcons would hope to replicate their impressive 2023 FIFA women’s World Cup showing at the Olympic games.

The nine-time African champions are in the same group with world champion Spain, Japan and Brazil.

As part of preparations for the Olympics, the Falcons will play Canada in a friendly game, billed for Wednesday, July 17, 2024 in Sevilla, Spain.

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  • Dr. Drey 2 days ago

    I dont get it.

    If there was still an opportunity to draft in new players, Otu should be the in the main squad and not the alternate list.

    9jarealist….please help a brother.

  • Chidi 2 days ago

    Oh so you’re not defending Onumonu’s inclusion anymore? Remember when you attacked people endlessly when they said she wasn’t good enough. She has played only 5 games in the NWSL this season and most of those were as a substitute playing 15 mins or so.

    • Dr. Drey 2 days ago

      I can see you just want some attention, and I wouldn’t give it to you.

      Incase you just woke up from comma, we are in 2024 now, not 2022.

  • There appears to be an asymmetry in the squad following this rather bizarre decision by to replace a marquee defensive midfielder with a forward. Already, I was concerned that the team already houses way too many forwards.

    There is a distinct paucity of wingers.

    Following this unfortunate player-unavailability due to injury, I had hoped another midfield hardened player would have taken her place. But Waldrum has gone for IO.

    I guess this is where my bias goes full throttle as I have never been a huge fan of this striker though I have always applauded her flawless professionalism and exceptional work ethics and dedication.

    But her languid style, limited pace and overall forward presentation do not waggle my hound’s tail.

    And the fact that we now only have four natural midfielders in the squad further exacerbates my disapproval of her inclusion.

    That said, it is unwise to question the judgement of a serial achiever.

    Waldrum has taken this Super Falcons outfit to unbelievable heights in World Football with near-flawless World Cup outcome and highly commendable afcon and Olympic qualifications that consistently saw Nigeria overcome ruthless African foes in Cameroon, South Africa and Ghana.

    So, one has to conclude that he knows what he is doing. Additionally, accomplished midfielder Regina Otu has been drafted to the Alternate List, if all else fails.

    That said, if the Super Falcons falter in the Olympics, this weird choice of centre forward for midfielder will form fertile grounds for grumble against this coach.

    • The sentiments espoused above is an opinion piece only; consider it biased, subjective and largely impartial thanks.

  • Kofi ogbujiagba 2 days ago

    There is no law in football that stipulates that a forward cannot replace a midfielder.
    Sometimes the coach can decide to mix things up.Onumonu brings size, height and heading ability to the team. This comes in handy depending on the opponent that the team is facing.

    • Greenturf 1 day ago

      Ajibade’s versatility gave Waldrum the belief to add additional forward to the team.
      Ajibade can play from the middle,centre forward and both wings.
      What this means is,technically the team has 5 midfielders.
      That said,i’m not a fan of Onumonu

  • I wish the team best of luck

  • pompei 1 day ago

    We are now reduced to attaching disclaimers and caveats to our posts, because some disgruntled lowlife nitwits are ever ready to pounce, like hungry lions in the Serengeti, launching all manner of unprovoked abusive attacks!
    You post a personal opinion, and out of nowhere, someone attacks you as if you snatched their girlfriend.
    As if you’re the reason for their failures in life.
    Spiteful, hateful attacks riddled with insults. All because of a personal football opinion.
    Of course, a solution would be to stop posting entirely.
    But we can’t do that. That would be tantamount to succumbing to these bullies.
    So the battle rages on. We shall overcome!

    • Chima E Samuels 1 day ago

      Pompei na you and who? Where is my small boy drey?

      • pompei 1 day ago

        I hope you’re not upset that Onumonu is back in the team?
        You know we need fine girls in the squad…hehehe!

        • Chima E Samuels 24 hours ago

          Onumonu is for the politicians fine girl that has no goals. Give me Okoronkwo jare!!!

      • Chief of Naval Staff Arara Kumbie 23 hours ago

        @Chima, Onumonu is far better than Okonkwo and Oshoala.

  • pompei 23 hours ago

    Na the cry wey she dey cry for dis pic. Na em make me pity am.
    I no like to see anybody crying, especially women and children.
    Anyway, as already mentioned, I also thought Waldrum would invite a midfielder to cover for Ayinde. Or perhaps another defender. But as Waldrum has selected Ify, we can only wish them all the best!

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