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Pinnick Banks On Eze To Make Super Eagles Stronger

Pinnick Banks On Eze To Make Super Eagles Stronger

Nigeria Football Federation president Amaju Pinnick insists persuading Queen Park Rangers midfieder Ebere Eze to play for the Super Eagles would improve the squad.
Pinnick held a meeting with Eze in London last month with the hope of convincing the midfielder to play for Nigeria rather than England at senior level.

Eze, who was born in England to Nigerian parents, has played twice for England at the U-21 level.

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  • Omonine 2 years ago

    What of Cydriel Dessers who has scored more than any Nigeria player including Osimhen what is pinnick doing about that since he is now chief scout for eagle

    • Ugwudede 2 years ago

      Why is he keen on English players. Cyril is the real thing now. He does need any application to FIFA to play for Nigeria. If your meeting with your Messi (Eze) was successful why is he making things more difficult for you by accepting England u21 which means the he might not be cleared by FIFA before the 2022 world. Pls Abraham and Tomori should have taught you a big lesson to go for players who truly are willing and prepared to give their best not using you as tool to gain popularity.

  • Oseahu 2 years ago

    Cyriel Dessers is very good. He and Osimhen are the best strikers we got. Those two would torment defences.

    • PeePee 2 years ago

      Pinick Amaju does not learn. This Ebere Eze is also trying to use him same way Tomori and Abraham did.
      Let d guy be plz and let him keep waiting.

  • Chima E Samuels 2 years ago

    I still don’t get the point Mr Amaju this guy says he’s busy when it comes to Nigeria super eagles but has the time to play for England U21. Please we need to respect the green regardless of our poor economic state!

  • Glory 2 years ago

    In as much as I respect Pinnick for his honest passion for football/ Super Eagles, I LL plead with him to retrace his steps. He is letting Nigeria down. Go for players who are willing to wear the green white green, such as DESSERS. Also sort out our age grade coaches as quick as possible.

  • “Can you imagine a midfield with Ndidi, Aribo, Etebo and Eze? it is one that will improve our squad.”

    If Pinnick made that statement as quoted, then I am getting more and more convinced that he is very unreasonable. You cannot mention every other midfielders and leave one name out. That might be demoralizing for Iwobi. It is good to keep improving the squad but do not downgrade or despise your reality for a dream which might not come true. This Ebere you are begging cap in hand is the same guy who believes England’s U21 is better than SE. The same way you were boasting about Abraham’s father being your friend until the boy disgraced you. No person in a managerial position with a little bit of common sense will commit the blunder Pinnick is committing.

    Instead of begging unwilling players all over the world while you ignore better players who are willing, it will be more helpful if you just stay at home and focus on building our local league which had been reduced to an utter debacle during your tenure. But to show that common sense is definitely no common, you said Rohr is supposed to stay in Nigeria searching for some players that do not exist in the local league. You believe Rohr should stay in Nigeria while you junketeer around the world begging average unwilling players with dual nationality. You might as well switch role with Rohr completely by making him the NFF chairman while you take over as the coach.

    You better leave this guy alone and allow him to decide by himself. You have learnt nothing from the way you messed up with Tammy’s story. Even if you want to woo a player, are you supposed to go about it this way? You could have finished the job behind the scene without making empty noise while the whole world sees the result. Who did this to Nigeria? How do we get people without capacity for simple logical reasoning in sensitive positions like these?

    • Glory 2 years ago

      Pinnick seem to be under a spell skewed towards disgracing him out of office. He should better watch it, cos dz things come in 3s, when it starts. Late Keshi n Amodu unfortunately didn’t listen, Someone who loves him should call him to order. This isn’t a joking thing.

    • Paschal 2 years ago

      If he didnt go to speak with them you are the same people who would judge him right here on this forum that these guys wanted to play for Nigeria but the FA chairman was too arrogant to humble himself and visit them. Now he has humbled himself and you still visit him with insults. How can human beings ever be satisfied? Yes Eze may have blundered by preferring an u21 team to the super eagles but it was still good we made effort so that posterity will judge us favourably. Wherever our story with Abraham is written, nobody will at least say we didnt make effort. Pinnick has satisfied the demands of conscience by meeting this young man, now let us leave the boy to his conscience and never ask him anything again. Secondly how did you know that the FA or coach has not already contacted Cyril Dessers? This FA is a hardworking one and coach Rohr is a very good man. Let us leave them to do their job properly and stop all these unnecessary judgements and distractions.

      • Pls go and read my post carefully bro. If you want to defend him, kindly attempt to respond to all the concerns on his behalf. There are many issues in that post that raise a lot of concerns, if you read it carefully. One thing most Nigerians lack is sincerity. We really need to smell the coffee and wake up. Hard working FA indeed and our local league is a complete thrash presently. We like building castles in the air.

      • Glory 2 years ago

        @ Pascal, quite frankly I agree with you concerning Pinnick humbleness. I know him very well, a very humble person, especially when it comes to football/Nigeria national teams. We all want Eze n many others. But we have to be honest, Eze is using Nigeria to do a bargain n is only when the tide go against him, that when,he is gonna come. I personally felt a deep pain over how Tammy disgraced a Pinnick I respect so much n won’t like to see same happen to him/ Nigeria over this Eze case. Then again does Eze think that after the SE team have played through qualifiers n qualify for next major tournament, he is gonna come, so one player who has been there all the while be dropped for him even if he is Lionel Messi? He must be leaving in a fools Paradise if ever he thinks that will happen. Left to me n just my opinion, Ejaria is just about as talented as Eze if not more n this is my cross with Pinnick, good thing he is humbling himself to get decent players for SE but let him utilize those resources to get very Willing players. I will never insult Pinnick n few others in present NFF. They have done fantastically well but recently it seems someone has been busy roasting their cocoyam.

    • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

      “…..But to show that common sense is definitely no common, you said Rohr is supposed to stay in Nigeria searching for some players that do not exist in the local league. You believe Rohr should stay in Nigeria while you junketeer around the world begging average unwilling players with dual nationality. You might as well switch role with Rohr completely by making him the NFF chairman while you take over as the coach….”

      Comment of the day…!

  • Chidi 2 years ago

    Well guys to be honest with you something sheddy is really happening in that glass house but with time briz go blow and fowl yansh go open?GR is a great coach and has done alot to improve SE no doubt but interms of getting our foreign born to switch allegiance he is not getting it right,I use too critizie eze for snubbing see going for england un21 but to youngman has come out publicly too say he didn’t speak with GR prior tio d game against Benin/Lesotho,that one of GR assistant called d mother n informed him about d switch,haba na so them de do things?other players say they were not contacted by GR and I have a reason to believe them it’s the coachs duty to speak with them personally on phone fix a meeting day with them and tell them your dreams and aspirations de will key in,let’s not be blinded by GR match results while we celebbrate him let’s also tell him the truth,before d 2018 worldcup fans here were clamoring for d inclusion of of Samuel kalu he payed a deaf ear today kalu is one of his main men, at d moment fans are agitating cyril D d belguim guy in Holland,this man self I tire ooo

    • Rohr reportedly did not announce his squad for the last two qualifiers because he was waiting for him to decide. Even if it is one of Rohr’s assistants was the one who did the consultation, is Eze saying he is too big to play for Nigeria if Rohr did not call him personally. These players also tell some “technical lies” too to save their faces and Tomori comes to mind. The story you are quoting is also from owngoalnigeria and sometimes, that website is dodgy.

      • #Rohr reportedly delayed in announcing his squad for the last two qualifiers because he was waiting for him to decide

    • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

      Pls can you post the link where Eze said Rohr did not speak with him….? Because I dont want to conclude you have pejured yet. Because the trend of late is to say lots of half-truths and untrue stories just for find something to blame Rohr for. All of a sudden “…fans where clamouring for Sam Kalu to be included in the 2018 WC roaster…”…the same Sam Kalu who was relatively unknown and many were expressing doubts about his ability as at when Rohr gave him his debut.

      So pls kindly paste the link(s) where Eze said Rohr never spoke with him, before I post several others that says otherwise.

        • This to me is not the fault of the coach who has lots of prayers to choose from…
          Eze’s heart is with eagles but I smell pressure from English FAs too, he did dat to save his life and career.

        • Dr. Drey 2 years ago


          QPR midfielder Ebere Eze is yet to provide an answer on if he want to commit his international future to Nigeria as requested by coach of the senior national team of Nigeria Gernot Rohr, Owngoalnigeria.com can exclusively reveal.

          Eze had talks with Rohr last week with sources close to both of ‎them confirming that they reached a positive conclusion but Eze is yet to say yes officially. Rohr is however willing to wait for him.

          However the coach will name his squad this week and Eze has been given from now till Thursday to make up his mind or miss out on the squad for the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations Qualifiers against Benin Republic and Lesotho respectively.

          Rohr would have released the list since last week but he is keen to have Eze in the team for the games, hence his decision to delay it until he gets a confirmation from the 21 year old QPR midfielder who is regarded as one of the finest midfielders in the English Championship.


          England youth international and QPR midfielder Ebere Eze has requested for more time to be given to him before he can decide on representing Nigeria at senior level ‎, Owngoalnigeria.com can exclusively reveal.

          Rohr spoke with the midfielder few days ago about teaming up with the Super Eagles for the AFCON 2021 Qualifiers games against Benin Republic and Lesotho respectively but he felt the move came too sudden.

          Eze reportedly told the coach he will need time to decide on the offer, which means he could miss out on a chance to play for Nigeria next month. His answer came as a shock to the coach judging by the fact that he trained with the Super Eagles in 2017, a year before he played for England at U20 level.

          Despite not committing his future to Nigeria yet, reports has it that Eze could accept an invitation to play for England U21 which will complicate his chances of playing for Nigeria as he will now require a clearance from FIFA as the next game for the England youth team is a competitive fixture.

          ” Eze has spoken with Rohr but no decision has been made on his inclusion in the team for the upcoming games. I think he knows if he plays in the game he’s committed to Nigeria for life as it’s a competitive game.

          “However we are hoping he makes up his mind on time before the squad list is released. If he decide to stick with England where he is about to be called up to their U21 team base on what we heard then we wish him all the best”, a chieftain of the Nigeria Football Federation ( NFF) told Owngoalnigeria.com.



          Newly invited England international defender Fikayo Tomori recently revealed that he wasn’t contacted by the Nigeria Football Federation ( NFF) before his decision to commit his international future to the senior national team of England.

          Tomori in an interview with Germany based Nigerian journalist Oma Akatugba said he wasn’t invited by Nigeria before his decision to represent England.

          However coach of the Super Eagles Gernot Rohr on the 1st of October in an interview with the BBC revealed he spoke with the Chelsea defender around same time he spoke with Tomori but he requested to be given time to mull over the decision.

          We gathered Rohr got his number through his close friend Ola Aina who also represented England at youth level before switching to Nigeria and played at the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations. Tomori’s relationship with Aina was also mentioned by Rohr in same interview with the BBC early this month.

          “Tomori is a very good friend of our player Ola Aina (ex-Chelsea and England youth international) and he said he does not want to discuss this for now”, Rohr told BBC in October.

          “We have to focus on what we have and not lose focus about what people say all the time.”

          Rohr’s statement came before he was called up to the senior national team of Nigeria. Owngoalnigeria.com can also exclusively reveal that talks were first held with Tomori while he was at Derby County and he showed interest in switching allegiance from England but things took a different turn when he broke into the squad of Chelsea.

          His rise to the position of a regular at Chelsea was largely responsible for his change of heart as he fancied he will get a call up to the senior national team of England and not because he wasn’t contacted by Nigeria as he claimed.

          The decision is one he took for the good of his career as well due to the fact that players of the senior national team of England usually get good deals and he is close to sealing a contract extension with Chelsea.

      • “He went further to confirm that he didn’t speak with any official of the senior national team of Nigeria precisely coach Gernot Rohr as he only got to hear from his associates that one of the assistants of the coach called.

        ” No, I have only had talks with the President not with the coach. My mother spoke with one of the assistants of the coach not me. The coach and I since the training camp in London haven’t had any direct conversation “.


        At the end of the day, the approach to Ebere looks like a multi layered approach. People contacting both the player as well as other who might be able to influence him. I also have first hand information that his agent was approached around the same time by someone on the behest of the NFF.

        Does it really matter whom spoke to whom? Does it have to be Pinnick with the player or Rohr? No. As long as the approaches are made appropriately and one does not undermine the other, or they have to make sure that they work together, not one person saying one thing and another promising something different.

        having said all of the above, we should also be mindful that the various news sites and blogs are also working for different interest groups (the NFF, Politicians, pressure groups, agents etc). So we need to pay little mind to the headlines and look for the substance of the story in what is written. In Nigerian journalism, very often the headline betrays the interest group behind it and their ethos, looking to discredit certain people involved or enhance the profile of their “person of interest”

        • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

          Thanks you so much @ Big D

          I never make that mistake of reading from one source, knowing fully how mischievous Nigerian media outlets can be. I read from multiple sources most times before arriving at conclusions on many matters.

          But like you said, does it matter who calls or who doesn’t call…? This same Eze was invited to train with the SE 2yrs ago along with the likes of Maja, Aina, and Akpom.

          Of the 4, 2 have already gone on to play for the SE while Akpom’s FIFA switch is WIP while we wait for his debut, So what other prompt does Eze want before making his decision.

          Hell the SE list was even delayed because of him last month only for him to go and sit on the bench of England U21s. Then he didnt know he wanted to focus on his club career.

          It is when its time to play for SE they remember they want to focus on club career, Once their home nations call them up, even for bench roles, they jump at the call up like a caged lion jumps on a lamb.

          Abeg enough of this hullabaloo about Eze. If he wishes to lay for Nigeria the door is opened, if he doesn’t we move on…!

  • Why is it that some people find it very easy to blame the coach for everything? is not as if the guy is playing for Real madric,Barcelona,many united etc.. so what is all the fuss about? As for Pinnick, i think the man is a joke why would he go all the way to making things public because you want a player playing in championship to play for your national team. This was the same way he handled Tammy Abraham case then, what we only saw was the pictures with Tammy and his Dad till today. What is the work of NNF technical department then? If care is not taking this man will go down as the worst NFF president because Nigeria league is a complete mess during his tenure and is high time he did something

  • Eze should get lost, he said he is concentrating on his club career for now, if England comes knocking now, he will answer them once, he is keeping us waiting, but playing for England U21, mark my words Eze will not play for Nigeria,this is another Tammy and Tomori. imaging Tomori saying we did not persuade him enough to play for Nigeria. There are better players out there who are willing to play for Nigeria, they should be located and brought into the team. NFF and Rohr should Forget about Eze and move on.

  • Ubtex 2 years ago


    I WIL NOT BLAME TAMMY, TOMORI, EZE and many other foreign borns dat publicly disgrace & snub nigeria for their adopted country, my blame goes to our nff board (pinnick and co)……

    Most of theses boys are just average players dat are not even considered good enough to sit on the foreign country’s bench and yet pinnick is busy begging them…….

    Pinnick y can’t u comprehen??
    u call a little boy to come and wear the green and white shirt previously worn by our great heros like JJ, KANU, AMOKACHI, IKPEBA, AMUNIKE, OLISE, AGAWONDER, OBAGOAL, YAKUBU, MIKEL, WEST, MUTIU de (HEADMASTER) etc yet they refuse and rather prefer to accept a call up to foreign country’s U21 and even if they sit on the bench they don’t care…..

    I think diz is a big slap and a public assult to our heros who have played and prooven themselves in top clubs and bigger leagues of de world….

    Imagine an english 2nd tier player (champoinship) like EZE being begged to come and play OKOCHA’s role in SE…..
    Is diz EZE an IGBO man atall?

    How i wish pinnick and co can just reason my way and stop disgracing us b4 de world…….

    Some times i ask myself diz simple qeustion;
    if southgate (england’s coach) invite EZE to england squard, wil Eze tell them to wait 4 him to decide over his future?,,,,,,
    won’t he rush and team up wit them??
    Then y is he keeping nigeria waiting?

    Somebody shuld advice pinnick pls,,,,,, de shame is becoming unbearable……

  • Ebere is good enough to compete position with iwobi. 

  • JimmyBall 2 years ago

    …we are waiting for Eze while the likes Iheanacho are taking football cold lessons as chills and brain-teasers to come back strong and better! We need fast and technically good wingers to compete for slots because our football philosophy is after the Dutch system… Power speed and attacking play with witty and razor sharp wingers… Bobby Adekanye to understudy Chukwueze… He is toughening his nails with Lazio at the moment… Olayinka to punch Samuel Kalu in the face for a slot at left-side of midfield on the wings… Who can Eberechi Eze bench in our midfield… Eze a potato chip player from the English Championship who can’t even hold a thing in midfield to the African midfielders we have from other countries… The guy is over-hyped… Let’s go for people like Dessers who value their Nigerian side and want to play for us… Amaju Pinick should try and buy some sense and stop playing the role of a shameless scout… Who continually gets rubbished and shamed! Nigeria Super Eagles is a brand as have always had world class players… We don’t need egocentric foreign-borns…

    • Pompei 2 years ago

      POTATO CHIP PLAYER…..Hehehehehe!
      Eze is a baller, no doubt. But if he is not ready or willing to play for us, then I agree that we should focus on those who are ready and willing.
      Also important is that our administrators should up their game. If our football is properly run, we would look more attractive to our foreign born talents.

  • Gideon_S 2 years ago

    Hahahaha,,, this is just simple..
    they can’t play me “Mugu”

    Why only in England?

    Pinnick is just collecting percentage from this young men, Using SE to get them 3lion call up..

    Why not do same to our boys in Germany, Holland ant etc..

  • JimmyBall 2 years ago

    …is this so called Eze even better than Ovie Ejaria whom we are yet to even seriously chase…

  • Gideon_s 2 years ago

    Aston Villa are reportedly considering a loan deal for Nigeria forward Kelechi Iheanacho in the January transfer window.

    just hope and pray

  • Patrick 2 years ago

    The president of nff should lay emphasis on the renewal of the contract of the coach of super eagles rather than chase players that are not ready to play for Nigeria. We have world class players in super eagles already. Players like ndidi,iwobi,aribo,simon,kalu,chukwueze and etobo can play for any top clubside in Europe .what we need in nigeria is commitment, dedication,selfless leadership and honesty from sport administrators. If Nigeria must qualify for the next afcon and world cup then nff need address the issue of the contract of the coach of the national team.

  • Gideon_s 2 years ago

    Pinnick house is on fire, and his hunting for rat Lol….