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Pinnick: Super Eagles Failure To Qualify For 2022 World Cup Still Hurts Me

Pinnick: Super Eagles Failure To Qualify For 2022 World Cup Still Hurts Me

The former President of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF), Amaju Pinnick, says he still feel hurt with the inability of the Super Eagles to qualify for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

Recall that Ghana crashed Nigeria’s hope of qualifying for the Mundial after playing a goalless raw in Kumasi before holding the Super Eagles to a 1-1 draw in Abuja.

However, in a chat with Channels Television, Pinnick who was still in charge of the NFF when Ghana knocked out Nigeria said he felt very bad about the result.

The FIFA Executive Council member insisted that they did everything humanly, materially, and spiritually to ensure the team qualified for the tournament but it wasn’t to be, unfortunately.

“Quite at the beginning I felt very humbled, I felt very bad because it’s not just about me or the country, a lot of people were concerned that Nigeria was not there. From the FIFA president to the CAF president, most of my colleagues in the council were asking where are the Super Eagles?

“But of course, you also understand that it is football. It can tilt towards any direction, but trust me that moment in March was my lowest moment since I was born,” Pinnick said.

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  • KangA 1 year ago

    Come on, Pinnick, grow up and quit sulking. Aided by several evil-hearted men, you sacked the coach who met all the targets set for him without realising that you’d pay for that disastrous decision. 

    Your name has already been entered into the bad book of Nigerian soccer history. 100 years from now, school children will ask: Why did Pinnick do that? Was he sick in the head?

  • The spoiler of our football,the worst nff chairman.

  • Omo9ja 1 year ago

    Nigeria enemies will continue regretting their actions till eternity.

    Did I not warn you Amaju Pinnick? You have bn deceived by worthless stuffs but now, you are regretting all the atrocities you have committed ba?

    How would you do such a thing? You hired a coach that has no clue when it matters but you kept him there for six years now your
    conscience is hurting you? As I always said, history will remember you Amaju.
    Were you sleeping during the last world cup when Super Eagles did not make it out of the group stage?

    Where were you when Super Eagles did not make any meaningful outing in Egypt?

    Why it took you good six years before you sacked Oga Rohr?

    Majority of you people that serving Nigeria does not like Nigeria but your pockets. Selfishness, egotism, tribalism and hatred full of you people.

    I won’t blame Oga Rohr and his followers that much but you Amaju Pinnick that has nothing to offered but lies.

    You now satisfied that Oga Rohr is receiving free money and you haven’t been arrested yet? This is why Nigeria is lawless country.

    There’s no hiding place for the wicked people. If Oga Rohr is good as Oga Rohr
    followers claimed, why the gaffer has not been offered a job elsewhere yet?

    That question is for you Oga Rohr followers and Amaju Pinnick. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • MONKEY POST 1 year ago


      • Edoman 1 year ago

        I, Edoman will easily and contentiously join you to give this guy, they call Omo9ja, big hidings. l don’t know how omo9ja sleep at nights.

      • Omo9ja 1 year ago

        This is so funny kę lol. This is why Nigeria is in this mess. What would you do to Amaju Pinnick that destroyed Super Eagles?

        @ MONKEY POST, me that fighting your battles, you want to beat me but Amaju that using our money to catch cruise in Qatar is untouchable? Why are you people doing like this kę?

        @Edoman, I know many of you people are pained about Oga Rohr exit. That was a good decision to make if you don’t know. I still love you as my lovely friend though, lolz but expecting me to tender an apology like Amaju did is an abomination kę.

        I am omo9ja, not Amaju Pinnick. Amaju have no dignity but I have. I am fighting for your right but Amaju is doing the opposite. You can see now that the difference is clear.

        My friend Edoman, there’s nothing you Oga Rohr followers can do to bring Oga Rohr back. Let’s join hands together to make Nigeria/Super Eagles great again.

        But if you people continue this way, I don’t think Nigeria can achieve anything meaningful in football. That is my message to you Oga Rohr followers Nigeria limited lolz. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Obaiay 1 year ago

      Amaju coach get work Else were ? Hmmmmm that useless Coach is it not the same amaju pinnick that went on TV to tell the whole world that his Coach genert rohr during his useless tenure as super eagles Coach was busy sleeping (having sex with underage girls)what do you expect beyond financial corruption to moral corruption washing their dirty linen in public. Shameless bunch of people.

    • DANURCHMAN 1 year ago

      You sincerely need brain reset.

    • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

      Wake up from your selective coma.

      Your Mr Total failure….excuse me…I meant Mr total football, Mr no nonsense, 94 squad exinternational, incompetent head of the technical department of the nff Eguavoen failed to qualify for the World cup….not ‘Oga Rohr’. Leave Rohr out of your failures. He achieved every level of success his employers demanded of him in his contract. You requested he been done away with so that your incompetent failures can take over and got duly rewarded with double disgrace within a matter of months…LMAOoo

      That was God’s way of punishing you and your cohorts for your evil heartedness.

      Thank God Amaju didn’t listen to your demand for Rohr to be sacked earlier. Otherwise 2019 AFCON would been the last tournament Nigeria would have qualified for…LMAOoo

    • mikee 1 year ago

      @ Omo Naija You said it all and it is the real truth. The old man was worthless from the beginning and good players covered up for him. The spirit of the late Stephen Keshi would not rest until Pinnick and all those who had a hand in his unceremonious sack and humiliation get their dues. He won Afcon and got to the round of 16 in brazil loosing to france with the aid of a bad referee and he was considered a failure because he was a Nigerian, and not an Oyibo so he was not good enough.

      • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

        Hahahaha…why didn’t the good players cover up for your Mr Total failure who got booted out of AFCON before the quarter finals and also got dumped out of the world cup by the worst Ghanaian team in 50 years…LMAOoo….all within 3 months…LMAOoo.

        Maybe the good players became bad the moment Rohr left…LMAOoo…These were supposed to be players who are good enough to win afcon I 2 weeks under any coach…LMAOoo

        Indeed, Rohr was worthless, picking you up from 70th position in the world, 16th in Africa, and not being able to qualify for afcon back to back (where your local coaches dumped you) straight to contending for the AFCON title and raising a squad that would breeze through qualifications despite being owed bonuses for 2 years.

        I am eagerly waiting for FIfa rankings for the month of december….LMAOoo. I need to see how much “progress” you have made within just 1 year of relieving the worthless coach of his job

        A worthless Rohr proved to be far better than Eguavoen, Amuneke and 9 local coaches put together….LMAOoo

  • Sunnyb 1 year ago

    See this con man, continue to fool the gullible ones, we know you and your goon partners are extremely happy Nigeria failed to qualify. You want Nigeria to qualify for World Cup, but u brought in a serial failure to manage the  team. Ghana employed the services of almost four coaches because they’re more determined, guess what they got the ticket. Pinnick don’t let me place a curse on u and ur unborn generations, stop calling us fools with this ur crocodile whining. Bunch of smelly fools.

  • Werey dey disguise. In a sane country, this man will be behind bars. This man is currently in Qatar when Nigeria didn’t qualify for the World cup. Where did he get the money he is wasting?

  • TALK UR OWN 1 year ago


  • agbo chimezie 1 year ago

    The players doesn’t care and you people that will not gain anything are crying for them please fans move on

  • osaretin 1 year ago

    Hmm. it is well. it is back to the drawing board for Super eagles and super falcon. Having said that morocco has shown that a coach does not need 0ne year to prove s worth. So our coach Pesiero needs to start given some good results. Also, i know morocan coach is not owed money to the tune of six months. so NFF just has to seriously look into this national embarrassment. The piece that Nigeria should up our game is very credible in the face of improved African football because right now , i doubt we can beat any african team because, the problem is more psycological than football

  • Chima E Samuels 1 year ago

    You’re forgiven but why did you replace yourself with Sharia people??? You don’t love Nigeria honestly speaking!!!

  • Edoman 1 year ago

    At least, Amaju come clean. But what of all the enablers who continue to pretend that they have eluded the blames and shame they inflicted upon us all? In this regard, what of the individuals like Omo9ja, Kenneth, Ugo and their cohorts who are now parading and pretending as if they were not part of the problems?
    Until the above-mentioned individuals come Clean like Amaju continue to do, there will be no reprieve or forgiveness for them. The pain is so hurtful that Nigeria will forgive but shall never forget.

  • Joseph Esivwenughwu 1 year ago

    Yes what will did not gain by qualifying for the just concluded world cup, we gained double if not tripple in cost savings for the country. It would have been an opportunity for the NFA and their likes to export their families and concubines to the venue at the expense of tax payers. So not qualifying is not a bad omen as far as this government is concern.

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