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PSV Striker, Madueke: I’m Open To Playing For Nigeria

PSV Striker, Madueke: I’m Open To Playing For Nigeria

PSV Nigerian striker Noni Madueke says he is not ruling out the possibility of representing Nigeria at senior international level.

Madueke, 18, has made appearances for England at youth level, notably netting four in only six games for the U18s But he is also eligible for Nigeria through his parents.

Nigeria have proved successful in prizing talent away from the Three Lions in the past with Joe Aribo and Alex Iwobi opting to play for the African nation.

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And Madueke is open to swapping, he said: “I am only 18 so I have got to be open to everything,” he told SunSport.

“If I had a closed mindset I would not be where I am now so for sure I am open to both.

“We just have to see in the future what is best.”

Madueke gave kudos to legendary Manchester United and Netherlands striker Ruud Van Nistelrooy, current head coach of PSV U-19s, for helping to honed his finishing. 

He said learning from Van Nistelrooy is already making a difference as he has four league goals and three assists from only three starts in ten Eredivisie appearances.

He also spearheaded a Europa League comeback with a goal and an assist in PSV’s 3-2 win against PAOK last week and is in line to feature at Granada today (Thursday).

“Ruud helped me a lot last year, taking my game to the next level and now I am just trying to get better every day.

“I have always scored nice goals but I know I needed to score easier ones — being in the right place at the right time — striker-type finishes.

“Ruud has been teaching me how to get into those positions more and, being a Manchester United fan, I know he is the master of that.”

As well as working with Van Nistelrooy, PSV summer signing and 2014 World Cup-winning goalscorer Mario Gotze has also been having an impact on him.

Madueke added: “Mario is a top player and top players rub off on other good players. He has been great with me since signing.

“Him being around, training with us and playing with us is definitely going to improve me.”

Born in Barnet, north London, Madueke got picked up by Spurs age 12 and within three years was U16s captain and featuring for the U18s.

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  • Edoguy 4 years ago

    So they want us to ignore these players and invite home based lads that havent played in a while

  • Kingston 4 years ago

    @edoguy, I tire for Nigeria ooo

  • Sam k 4 years ago

    That home base stuff no go work…make we no worry…

    • @Sam K…..

      It must work…. Whether we like it or not….

      Our hatred towards Rohr blinded our eyes, vision, mind & sense of reasoning and made us go in line with the demand & selfish interest of NPFL agent….

      We actually thought we were doing Rohr any harm but little did we know that we’re harming ourselves….

      Home based QUOTA & VETO MUST SURELY be activated….

      No clamouring for any foreign born again…. Let’s manage the ones we have…..

      Now we know ABRAHAM, ALI, EZE, SAKA & TOMORI were wise in their decisions…. I blame the rest for accepting nigeria over their adopted country.

      See the level of discrimination they are receiving now…. Both home and abroad….

      Some times it baffles me that all politics is being shifted to our football…. How about the BASKETBALL that we are recruting those american born nigerians???

      Does it mean the sport minister is not aware of that one???

      Why don’t they request for quota in nigerian basketball team???

      Rohr pls hold on to that quota and save yourself some energy….(too much headache no good)…. Invite your 17 or 18 regulars(which we all know and can name them) & add to the 6 homebase slot they’ll give u….

      We like it like that…. We tired of “ndi invite this and that”.

      • This stupid quota system is what has crippled Nigeria’s growth and development.Why can’t those in authority just go for the best irrespective of ethnicity,religion or even gender.I just don’t get it!

      • Nobody “hates” Rohr. He lacks the basic qualities of a sound technician.

        It still baffles one how people will see where the obvious fault lies and yet choose to ignore all causes and be searching for irrelevant issues to lay blames on. Just as the second stanza of @chux comment goes “Why can’t those in authority just go for the best irrespective of ethnicity,religion or even gender(?)…”

        Ignore his first verse please.

        • Mr impostor….
          Thank u…..

          U have left @Dr. Drey now it is my initials u are using to present your errors….
          Its ok…

          Do u know the meaning of “UBFE”?

          U just saw a name and started bearing it…. I pity u…..

          Keep using the name, ok?
          The end shall tell….

          All the failures, disappointment, setbacks, defeat, badluck, hardluck, misfortune, discouragement, delay in all aspect of life that has been following the first user of this four letters name “UBFE” on CSN is now the portion of whoever types this name and use it as his name on CSN; Amen…..

          Unless the person knows the real meaning and the full meaning of the name”UBFE”, but if he doesn’t know the native meaning of the name and start using it to make comment to dent my image, his future shall be dentted from generation to generation except he apologise….. Amen….

          I stand here with the authority and power invested in me to declare that whoever did this, his lamp is quenched from generation to generation; AMEN.

        • @impostor,why should the first verse be ignored? Is that how the other countries developed? You are one of the enemies of Nigeria and the SE.

  • Another left footed player, attacks from the right wing like chukwueze. Very fast, strong and direct. Time will tell if he will play for Nigeria.

  • Marvelous 4 years ago

    Quota system will not allow you young man. Chose another land. SE have been hijacked again.

  • Proudly 9ja 4 years ago

    GR needs to grow some balls and defy NFF and the sports minister as regards to the inclusion of 4 home-based players. Most soccer loving Nigerians back will back him. The only way GR can survive in 9ja is if he grows some balls and be assertive in his conviction. If he continues his timid ways, tge NFF and sports ministry will eat him up and spit him out. GR and most Nigerians knows the home-based players at this particular moment can’t cut it in the national team, that’s certain. Firstly, tge argument that we don’t have a starting 11 doesn’t hold water as most people can mention 8-9 players in the SE starting 11. Secondly, the argument that we don’t have a pattern can also be put to bed since we play a counterattack game football with lots of ball possession. The only argument in my opinion that holds water is the fact that we tend to draw matches from a winning position ala Ukraine, Brazil, Tunisia, Sierra Leone. This is where his tactical and rechnical know how is lacking. He needs to know how to manage a game when we are in a winning position. He also needs to know when a draw is what u need to progress to the next phase ala Argentina and even Algeria during AFCON. Againsr Algeria during afcon, he should have told the players to get to extra time and not to give needless fouls away especially close to our box, alertness of the players is also lacking in his team. i know if we had gone to extra time in afcon, we would have defeated Algeria, I’m convinced of it. There needs to be someone in the team that we grab other players and yell to them that we are 9ja and we can’t let 200 million Nigerians down. Those kind keshi like players, that would say rather than losing they are prepared to die on the field. These are the kind of players we are currently lacking in the SE. GR needs to know that seeing a game out is as important as taking a lead in games. The fact that he is a defender in his playing days but his team rarely has clean sheets is very worrisome to be honest. SE Players, especially the goalies, defenders and midfielders should pride themselves in keeping cleansheets. GR should start tasking them on that. incentivise them to always aim to keep cleansheets will go a long way in putting fear in opposing teams, teams who know we are hard to breakdown but deadly in attack will think twice when playing against SE. GR needs to know that being gentle and humble won’t work in 9ja, we don’t understand that kind of mentality. GR also needs to be educated on the 9ja never say die attitude. I think the stick he has been getting will/has opened his eyes. He should be more forceful in his pushback of the sports minister and NFF depends. GR grow some balls and make your decision final not what people who don’t know Jack about the game, like d sports minister, is dictating to you. If they don’t like it, let dem fire you and u can leave with your cool cash. The sports minister is very good at charging teams (u20 and SE) to meet or surpass expectations under poor conditions. We should charge him (sports minister) as well to just only meet not even exceed the expectations of millions of youths. Just a thought.

    • I want to point out that GR actually told the players to avoid fouling anywhere near the 18 yard box in the match against Algeria at the AFCON.Well,they did foul and the rest is history.In my opinion,the players should continue to up their game.GR shouldn’t be blamed anytime the players fumbled.Like you pointed out,the SE need a “Leader” and i think Leon Balogun should be bold enough to take up that role.Once again,nice one @Proudly 9ja

      • Proudly 9ja 4 years ago

        I concur @chux, I don’t personally think Balogun is that kind of a leader that would yell at others when things aren’t going well, he is too soft, which isn’t bad. Sometimes having that kind of a soft spoken leader works sometimes. I think the only one in my view capable of being a strong leader in that team is Ndidi. He has the pedigree having been with the team for a long time now and he knows the 9ja way. He was born and raised in 9ja so he knows what players go thru when SE lose games or tie games they are supposed to win. Not knocking Balogun at all as I blif he is an excellent player whose leadership in settling the backline is vital, but that player that can grab guys and say “una dey mad, see game wen we dey win Naim una wan throway so, mek una wake up ooo as fans no go let us leave stadium if we lose dis match oooo”. @Chux, see how Simeone for example dey coach for 90 mins of games, e even be like se him dey the field of play. See Klop or unai emery or even pep, dem dey coach for the duration of the game. Cobstantly barking orders to the players. Don’t get me wrong tho, he can’t change his personality but to function in 9ja him need to be forceful and speak up. You know se we nor respect person wen too quiet. Amodu na casing point. Anyway, I blif this team with a few other addition will either win AFCON or qualify for the final of AFCON barring any injuries. IMHO

  • @Dr. Drey (the real one)….

    Pls are u there?
    Have u seen what i’m seeing….

    I think completesport has failed us….

    • KangA 4 years ago

      I agree with you. This hacking into people’s accounts and impersonation can’t happen at this age and time. 

      CSN must sit up, consult IT specialist who should revamp the network. Anything short of that is a disappointment. 

  • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

    @ Proudly 9ja……Your last statement deserves to be carved boldly on Zuma rock….

    “…The sports minister is very good at charging teams (u20 and SE) to meet or surpass expectations under poor conditions. We should charge him (sports minister) as well to just only meet not even exceed the expectations of millions of youths….”

    When I said here sometime ago that the SE are being owed bonuses since group stage of last AFCOn, some ignoramuses called me a liar. Osasu Obayiuwana took it public less than 48 hrs ago.

    In all the “overhauling” the noisemaker of a minister carried out, i never saw or heard any declaration that henceforth players MUST not be owed bonuses. The shameless minister and NFF president carried their big stomachs to go training with the SE while owing the boys months of bonuses, the height of irresponsibility. I’m wondering what must have been going on within the spirit of the boys at that point. Ask any HR expert, instead of their morale being boosted, the sight of any of Pinnik or Dare by the players at the moment must be a COMPLETE TURN-OFF. You cant owe me my pay and come gallivanting around me and expect my spirit to be in good terms with you. And if the players have not been paid, I can bet a lifetime that the coach has also not been paid. But racist bigots will come here and tell us lies about Rohr getting preferential treatment and never being owed for one day as the reason for his outstandingly better performance compared to their overated guadiolas.

    The loquacious minister gave “improving local content” as the excuse for forcing 4 mediocre homebased players down our throats when we have tonnes of quality and far better players in Europe competing at the highest levels of football. My question to the Minister is that those playing for the national team now, are the foreign expatriate….? Are they non-nigerians…? Does being a foreing-based Nigerian footballer make you a foreigner…? Does being born outside Nigeria make you non-nigerian…? Does having a non-nigerian father or mother make you less of a nigerian…? So I dont really understand what the Minister means by “improving local content…”. Maybe the Minister needs to really go back to and read why local content policy statement is all about. And by the way, do you improve local content by forcing incompetent mediocres into the system…? Is it not when you have an equal pool of competent locals that you implement a policy to blood them into the system…? We keep hearing there are talented players in the local league, when you ask them to name these talented players, the adovcates suddenly go dumb. We saw our last U20 team (both the team that played at the U20 afcon and the one that played in the WC)……we didnt see any local talent in both teams. The best from bothe teams were the foreign based guys. We saw our CHAN team made up 100% local players….the less said about them the better. We saw our WAFU team……same bunch of crap local players. And what about our U23 team to the U23 AFCON, there isnt one local player amongst them that caught the eye. 4 different national teams consisting of local players and we cannot point our 1, not 1, that qualifies to be even called a footballer talk more of being a talent, and then I ask…WHERE THE HELL ARE THESE GOOD TALENTED PLAYERS THAT WE LIE TO OURSELVES ABOUND IN THE LOCAL LEAGUE…???????

    When the local league players advocates talk, they confess themselves that they arent good enough, but they should be invited all the same to at least TRAIN with the foreign based players….then I ask again, IS IT THE 2-3 DAYS TRAINING IN THE SE THAT WILL TRANSFORM THEM TO GOOD ENOUGH PLAYERS…? Mr Wazzler Dazzler Mercurial Maradonic Minister instructed the homebased players be camped for 2 weeks before forign-based players arrive……that in itself is a self indictment. If the home-based players are good enough, why camp them for 2 whole weeks, when the foreign based players only need 2-3 days and they are ready to go…?? Can someone tell the Minister we have gone through this lane before and nothing tangible came out of it. Christian Chukwu tried it and ALMOST didnt qualify for 2004 AFCON. It took the most dubious penalty I ever saw in life for us to equalize against Angola in that same Ogbe stadium where we never seem to win even when we play Botswana. At the end of the day only 1 outfield home-based player (late Romanus Orjinta), made 23 man AFCON squad and he was on the bench for foreign-based players for the whole tournament till the 3rd place match. Even Westerhof that started with home-based players jettissioned them the moment he could boast of enough foreign-based players. Do I also need to remind Mr. Minister that Otto Gloria had to take the 100% home-based green eagles players to his home country in Brazil for almost 3 or 4 months to re-teach them football for us to be able to win our 1st AFCON…? And pls dont tell me Keshi won AFCON with homebased players….that’s a complete fallacy. He went with 23 players, 6 of whom where homebased….that was after camping close to 55 home-based players for almost a year and playing 7 grade A international matches. So out of those 55 home-based players ONLY 1 was good enough (after all the time, energy and resources spent) to feature as a regular i.e. Godfrey Oboabona….1 out of 55. Sunday Mba played 3 good games and that was it….till he faded into oblivion as quaickly as he emerged. Of the remaining 17 foreign based that went to that AFCON, only Austin Ejide didnt get one minute….and they say Keshi won AFCON with home-based players…..LMAO…I look forward to the day we will win CHAN with home-based players first. If that can happen in my lifetime, then we can start praying to win AFCON with homebased players. The same home-based players became Keshi’s nemesis as the more of them Keshi forced on us, the poorer the performance of the team until we finally missed 2015 AFC

    We have gone down this trail before and nothing has come out of it, except for some players agents, coaches and NFF officials who have smiled to the bank. The SE brand and Nigerian football in general has become worse-off with this senseless “Indigenization or local content” or whatever English the Minister wants to use to coat celebration of mediocrity over meritocracy. 24 local players have been called up by Rohr in 4 years…? Pls where are they today…???

    If Mr Minister were to be serious about local content, our national basket ball team D’Tigers just went to play Afro-basket qualification in Rwanda with 12 foreign born (not even foreign-based) Nigerians….do we not also have a basket ball league and home-based basketballers…? I am waiting for the day Mr Minister will stupidly ask us to drop our players many of whom are now playing in the NBA for hom-based basketballers. Similarly our Athletics team is dominated by foreign-born and foreign-based players too. But no, there is no money to be made by agents and federation officials in those teams, so indigenization/local content does not apply to them…it only applies to the SE.

    Enough of forcing mediocre players on the coach when we have those playing even in UCL and Europa league whom we are still looking for spaces for in the team……it will all end in tears if the Minister wants to continue with this self-serving interest. It Rohr invites 4 today and within 2 months they are already in latvia and kazakstan where they normally end up, will he be forced to intvite another 4, and then those ones too will elope, and then another 4, and on and on like that…? Is that how things work…? Is that how South Africa developed their league to World class standards…? Is that how Tunisia developed theirs…? Is that how Morrocco and Egypt developed theirs…??? You cannot use the national team to develop the local league…..IT WILL NEVER WORK….!!!

    • GLORY 4 years ago

      Thumbs up @ Drey. Won’t bother to put real one cos the sound of Drey has brilliance in it. I just can’t believe how CSN is painfully letting readers down by allowing the sort of impersonation going on on this forum. This won’t happen in a civilized world. I am beginning to see this, as they along with the minister, Odegbami, so called ex internationals, criminal agents etc gradually showing their true colours. No longer are these lots able to bear the hunger brought about by Rohrs refusal to allow business as usual.

      • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

        Hahahaha… No mind the fake guy. Him go chop curse well well for his corwardly life.

        • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

          Thank God you know your life is already set for misery. Keep going around with your lunacy impersonating people. 2 days ago, after commenting and replying your own comments to create an impression It was me replying you, you foolishly later asked where the “fake Dr.Drey” was….LMAO….giving yourself out once again as the one who has been conversing with himself like a madman. How stupid can a human being be….LMAO…? We understand you were born in a veterinary hospital, but does that mean you should remain an animal both in character and intellect…?..Lolz. I have intentionally remained quiet so you can litter this forum with you DNA and finger print so that when the time for you to be exposed comes, you will be dragged naked. So keep it up o….I nugo..!Lolz. Continue to make a fool of yourself. But no matter how many people you impersonate…..we shall continue to dominate this space with our sound, indefatigable and undefeatable facts-based comments and positions on this forum and still standout. People can smell your senselessness from a thousand yards away once they read you. ….LmAO.
          As much as you have tried impersonating me on this forum, you stupidity still always gives you out….LMAO. So more grease to your elbows….LMAO. Dr.Drey is not just a name….it is a force…so You can only wish to be Dr.Drey….you can NEVER BE or HAVE THE INTELLECT AND PERSONALITY of Dr.Drey…..LMAO.
          Keep trying ehn……!!! LMAO

    • As usual @Dr.Drey,always making GREAT sense.@Proudly 9ja,i was actually reading my thoughts in that your write up.

  • @Dr. Drey(Real one).

    I only wanted to hear ur voice & now i’m done.
    U just made my day.

    See the way ur write-up is chronologically & painstakenly analysed.
    Dr. Drey(Real) more greese to ur elbow biko.

    Pls help me beg CSN to do something about this issue of using somebody’s forum name to comment.

    This forum has existed for over 5 years or more if i’m not mistaken. CSN suppose to grow above this.

    We keep typing our email/forum name on every comment.

    What is so special in using somebody’s name to comment.

    Well, since the person likes & want to be using “UBFE” as his name to comment on CSN forum there’s no problem shar.

    But all the failures, setbacks, misfortunes, hardluck, badluck, delay, curse, covenant, yokes, spell that has been following the first user of this name (UBFE) on CSN forum is now the portion of whoever uses the name on this forum to comment when it is not the real bearer that knows the real meaning of the name from generation to generation; Amen.

    So shall it be unless he openly apologise to me. Else no man or spirit on earth shall reverse this curse.

    • KangA 4 years ago

      I smell a rat! These write-up don’t sound authentic. I foresee…….

      • Big rat my brother.

        Mr. Impostor had left Dr. Drey alone, now he wants to inherit my course. CSN has to do something about this. Hmmm!

  • Footballfanatic 4 years ago

    I just don’t understand the motive behind this cowardly act of using someone’s ID. Whatever gratification this fool gets I hope it’s worth it. All because of disagreements in soccer talk.

  • The reason why Algeria scored that dying minute goal is clear. Our Goalkeeper!! It was the same story against in our last friendly with Argentina.
    With this particular goalkeeper, once there is a goal bound outside-18 shot or free kick, it’s a goal…… no two ways about it

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