Rodgers: Iheanacho May Go Out On Loan

Rodgers: Iheanacho May Go Out On Loan

Super Eagles forward Kelechi Iheanacho may be sent out on loan ahead of the 2019/20 season in a bid to restore his lost confidence according to his manager Brendan Rodgers reports Completesports.com.

Iheanacho had a disappointing season and has only scored twice this season in 36 appearances, although the vast majority of those were as a substitute, and his last goal came in September in the win over Huddersfield Town.

And his Leicester City manager Brendan Rodgers admits a loan switch could be an option for the 22-year-old to help get him more game time and get his confidence back.

Rodgers also still believes there is still plenty of potential to improve and develop the young City striker, Iheanacho.

“It’s a possibility, it’s not something I’m thinking about,” Rodgers told Leicester Mercury.

“He’s a boy (Iheanacho) that’s just got to where he’s got to on his pure natural talent. He’s played some games for Manchester City and we’ve seen what he can do in his few appearances there.”

“I think when you come into a club like here with a hefty price tag, maybe you can try and force things too much as young player. Normally after that that season of adaptation then things can happen for you.”

“Look at Divock Origi, he’s a classic example of a young player coming in to a big club, although Kels is a bit older.”

“There’s always that possibility [of a loan]. However, my plan for him is to build up his confidence in this last period.

“Then hopefully in pre-season, he’ll hit the back of the net and get the sensation of scoring again. And by the start of the season we have a player who has the confidence.”

The former Celtic and Liverpool manager, Rodgers further added that Iheanacho has plenty of potential to develop and he suggested he may look at a change of formation in pre-season so he can play both the Nigerian international and Jamie Vardy.

“There’s no doubt there’s something there we can work with,” he added.

“That’s what gives me great confidence.”

“At times, we’ll look at a different system that allows us to have two strikers up there.”

“If he’s playing with Jamie that’s a really good balance.”

“In previous clubs, I’ve played a diamond, I’ve played 3-1-4-2. The idea when I came here was simplicity, give clarity. and when they grasped the concepts then you can start to develop that.”

Iheanacho is one of the ten forwards included in Nigeria’s 25 man provisional squad for the 2019 Africa Cup Of Nations in Egypt next month.

By Johnny Edward.

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  • Just grab the life wire thrown by this compassionate manager and head, possibly, to Turkey to save your career. I’d advise you to do something substantial for your village, maybe a number of scholarships for the needy. 

    • onwajunior 2 years ago

      Assuming he has gotten his citizenship.

    • greenturf 2 years ago

      He doesn’t necessarily has to go away to get back to form.Like Rodgers rightly said,a good pre-season where he scores a couple of goals could help bring back the lost confidence.
      Meanwhile,from the look of things the gaffer saw some qualities of note from Nacho apparently,you are safer under a coach who believes in you,a coach who has the desire to help you reach your potentials.
      Also a good tournament in Egypt should help restore his confidence.I believe he will make the roster for the Afcon his experience,tenaciousness and assiduity will play a part to this accomplishment.He may turn out a hero in the end it’s life expect anything.

  • Glory 2 years ago

    I hv always said Kele’s super talent is there in him but something seem to be wrong somewhere. I think language barrier, complex in d midst of more fluent English players n totally different culture in d dressing room could be affecting some of our players in England. They can only keep nodding their heads without getting managers message if only not to appear as dummies. Such bundle of talent like Musa Yahaya, even Ahmed Musa etc could probably have suffered from such. Yeah Musa Yahaya, it really hurts to see such brilliantly talented player, to me, almost, if not more talented than Nacho,wasting away in Portuguese div 2.

    • greenturf 2 years ago

      I think the problem why most Nigerians are rather better in written English is the common use of pidgin English.
      It’s the norms in most higher institutions in the country,even in offices,market places,football coaches and players communicates in pidgin.Living outside the country in places like England Canada and the US where English is the common use of communication we struggle to express ourselves in fluency.That’s why Kelechi would rather have Ndidi and the Ghanaian as closest pals.
      Having said that,i doubt communication is the problem because the likes of high flying Mane and Salah are even worse of coming from a country that are Francophone and the later Arabic yet are both some of the finest footballers in England and the world.

    • Pompei 2 years ago

      Good point, Glory. And it explains why our talents sometimes struggle in England. In other non-English speaking countries, the assumption is that our players don’t speak the local language, so the clubs spare no effort in getting an interpreter for the player. But in England, the assumption is the player is fluent in English, which is usually not the case. In Kele’s case, his English is good. But I can imagine things getting difficult when the communication switches to local English dialects or slang…..e.g. I personally have always struggled with the Mancunian (Manchester) dialect, which is what Sir Alex used frequently. I don’t understand most of what Sir Alex says when he speaks. Kele might have the same problem at Leicester. Ndidi probably copes better because his job as DM is clear cut. As a forward, I imagine more instructions and communication is required, and things can go south real quickly if Kele is not catching on. Yes, I’m speculating, but this scenario makes a lot of sense to me.

      • Glory 2 years ago

        Very well said Pompei. I see these things happening everyday. How most Africans, Indians, Romanian, Asians etc suddenly starts feeling very intimidated, inferior thus losing their self confidence when in conversation with more fluent English people. And sad as it is, most English people now exploit this weakness to bully n control them. @ greenhurf might have mentioned Salah n Mane, but let’s not forget Salah was in Chelsea coming from Swiss league. He left Chelsea, went to Roma, became a leader there, n came back to England, Liverpool to be precise on a much higher level that could easily humble any egg head English person. Also Mane being French cannot be intimidated by the English because French people are very proud people n always see French as most superior language. Also Ndidi might be different cos he, just like a few other Nigerians doesn’t look like someone that can easily be bottled up by anyone. From experience, when an English person see u communicate very well, it scares him or her, as they continue to ask where u come from, especially with you, haven told them, you weren’t born in England. They become weary of you, now knowing they can’t bully you. I have seen some of our so called big boys n girls in Nigeria come over here n suddenly have their tails between their legs,its just so annoying bro. because there isn’t anything special about these English/British. I think western movies did a lot of mental damage hence many an African person look up to d West with this whaoo.. feeling. Absolute madness. Nothing n I mean nothing special about them n I make this clear to them in my everyday association with them. I don’t hate them but definitely don’t see anything special about them. I relate with them just like I do to every other person.

  • Wow, troubling times for this young man with amazing potentials. Rodgers even compared him with Origi but quickly pointed out Kele is older. Origi has always been on the fringes at Liverpool but seized the big moments in the UCL semifinal thriller against Barcelona; plus that last-ditch goal against Newcastle in the EPL. Not classed at the level of Salah, Mane and Ferminho, but everyone could see the confidence and swagger was there for Origi and the Klopp’s faith in him gradually getting restored.

    Really can’t put my finger on what the problem is with Kele at this time. Maybe Rohr can help him regain his confidence, as the coach is known for his loyalty and sticking with familiar faces. He’s stuck through thick and thin with Musa, Mikel and Ighalo when fans were baying for blood. He might just do the same with Kele.

  • Iheanacho has been disappointful this season. Did you see his huge miss against his former club, Manchester City?
    he is lucky to get on the AFCON list.

  • Presh 2 years ago

    It’s not time for sentimental talk,English or no english,this man will prefer to eat akpu than eat two eggs and drink milk in the morning to hit the ball. It’s discipline,laziness,okochas,kanus despite heart surgery fired on cylinders,oliseh,Amokachi,he needs to sit down and ask himself what am I doing to my career,most of your critics like you,don’t hate them,look at gray doing well,small boy,no coach can bring the best in you aside yourself,the moment you enter Turkey you are dwindling down. Hard work pays,go and bring back the old kelchi,else no sentiment. Discipline is the key. Brenda Rodgers you all saying he feels for him,doesn’t give a dem,if kelechi don’t improve,he will sell him,go ask Efe Ambrose. No time.

  • Edoman. 2 years ago

    Many Nigerians views Iheanacho games with sentiments which is not based on reality. They even go back to 2015 u’17 World cup and got hooked there. Folks, think of today and tomorrow. Today, Iheanacho is not hungry. He has being earning huge pay beyond his widest dreams. He likes to dance, he can return to his village and be a hero and dance all night long. Iheanacho has reached his optimum level. His heart is no more in the Games that brought him fame and fortune at a young age. Tomorrow, Iheanacho has no future in this games. Those of you who stick with him because of his exploits in younger days can continue to do so, but respect those among us who wants to move on because they view this guy as an average player.

    l want to thank Iheanacho for the joy he gave me in 2015 and the few lovely goals he scored for the Super Eagle. He made money beyond his mates in his village. That photo he sent from Southern French Beach was a wrong message to the people who still believe that he still, perhaps, could make it. There is no tomorrow for Iheanacho in this games in the Premier League. They can send him on loan to clubs in Russia or in China. Why would l care. Adieu.

  • Still racking my brain trying to fathom why David Nwolokor is yet to get a look-in in the Super Eagles.

    https://owngoalnigeria.com/2019/05/17/more-games-than-uzoho-in-europe-yet-snubbed-by-rohr-the-story-of-david-nwolokor/ via @OwnGoal Nigeria

  • Omo9ja 2 years ago

    @Akin Sambaki, thank you for the info. I am not surprised about the behavior of coach Rohr concerning goalkeeping department.

    This time around, David Nwolokor and Osigwe deserves a place in Eagles team but Oga Rohr snobs these two great goalies and replaced them with Akpeyi who have bn with the team with no impacts.

    I’m expecting CSN to interview coach on this issue. Nigerians are really angry.

    Aside that, no compention in the team why? Mr. Rohr haven’t learned from his mistakes. No time to call new players, is that an excuse? Let’s call a spade a spade, Oga Rohr is not capable of leading Super Eagles to the promised land.

    If you think it’s a lie, let’s wait and see. Coach Rohr is just waiting Super Eagles time. To be honest, we have players but we don’t have a team.

    The Manu Garba under17 team as an example. Manu’s team haven’t completed yet. Still, we were really moved with their efforts and we saw passion, cohesion and never say die attitude in that team but for Super Eagles, hmmm… it’s something else.

    And some people already predicted Semi final for us. Well, I wish our team the best. That means, majority of Nigerians haven’t learned their lessons from this coach? It’s your choice. Like I said before, I am watching you very closely coach Rohr. Same applies to the NFF and coach Rohr fans. Yes, I am watching. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Omo9ja 2 years ago

    “Wasting” I mean to say. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Mr Hush 2 years ago

    Although ,I know everyone is entitled to their opinions,but I would kindly disagree on those calls that language barrier is the problem with Kele’s confidence.
    I find that a little piety;and I say that with all due respect.

    The truth is,and as Rodgers pointed out,Iheanacho is totally low on confidence.
    The question should be; what caused this drop in confidence in a player that was oozing with one some few months ago?

    Is it his language skill?
    No.i beg to differ.
    This is a guy that has been in England;played for a bigger club(in Man city),scored goals,(12 in 46).and was rated as one of the rising star of the game in the whole of Europe.
    So it can’t be language.cause he has already done it before in the same league,speaking the same Language.
    Besides,not everyone in Leicester city are English; and football is communicated beyond speech.
    If you are good; your skill set would speak for you,and your team mates would understand your body language.just make those runs.

    Is it lack of belief in him from the coaching staff?
    No.i doubt that.
    This is a guy that was given ample opportunity by Pep when he came in at Man city,even when Aguero got injured;he never took the opportunity after such a bright start.
    He was lucky enough to get a big money move to Leicester,and still couldn’t take his chance,offsetting the belief his coach,Puel,had in him.
    Now came the moment he should have showed his recovery under a new coach,Rodgers.and he goofed.
    Not forgetting how many opportunities he was afforded by the national team coach,Rohr.
    So all four coaches had belief in him;and I think most still do;it is always up to him to prove himself.

    Is the environment affecting him?
    He has been in England a while.He has been around quality,super stars.In fact he is a star himself; golden ball winner,rising star,young player of the year.
    So this is a guy that can hold his own on any environment.he is not intimidated by it.

    So what’s the problem?
    Kelly is the problem to  Kelechi Iheanacho.
    He is forgetting who he is.
    He has grown too fast for himself and can’t handle it.
    He needs to calm down; and remember who he is and where he came from,and keep being that guy. Hungry like he hasn’t achieved anything yet( cause in truth ,he hasn’t).He need to put in the work and take every criticism as a drive .
    He has done it before,he can do it again.and if he hasn’t done it before.he can do it now.
    It Is up to Kelechi Iheanacho to get himself back.
    I think everyone knows his worth and potential,but does he remember?

    • Glory 2 years ago

      @Hush d fact that he played in Man City does not mean language can be a problem, yeah. After all Kele himself confessed how Yaya toure helped him to settle down at man City. Football is played both inside n outside d pitch. Team spirit is built on constant communication, not just on football but on many other topics, some of which could be irritating due to cultural differences. Hush if you ever say that cant affect wether positively or negatively one’s confidence, then I would conclude that you make points here just to fan d embers of few so they can clap for you. We should be real n not being sentimental in our opinions. People, due to different childhood backgrounds respond to same situations differently. I d love to put many points to support my view but for my very busy schedule. I don’t come on this forum looking for anyone to clap for me, but only to say what I think is real after careful observation n pure reasoning.

  • Mr Hush 2 years ago

    Before we clap..

    So you think Yaya Toure helping Kelechi settling down has anything to do with language?
    Yaya Toure is Ivorian?He speaks French.
    I think the reverse is the case here.

    Even at that.
    Iheanacho was at Man city’s youth team before being promoted ( with Zinchencko); to the main team.
    So are you telling me,he was promoted based on his fluency in English then,and now he isn’t doing well,he has suddenly lost that fluency?
    Case in point. Zinchenko is Ukrainian.exactly like The Romanians you mentioned,both Eastern eurpeans,Outsiders et all.

    I do understand where you are coming from.i really do.
    Yes.Language could be a barrier to success.Language could always hamper confidence.
    But the case right now is ,one,Kelechi Iheanacho;not other instances,you will take your time to give
    You might not like it.but some situations in life are different even if they seem the same.

    Even if we disagree on some instances,but we both agree that Kelechi Iheanacho is low in confidence.

    My disagreement with you is simple.
    Language or inferiority complex isn’t the problem with Iheanacho.
    He just isn’t doing enough.He took his eye off the ball.and the ball rolls fast .life doesn’t wait for you.

    He can do well for himself and get back working,just like the ones you mentioned,(who were on this situation before),Salah,De Bruyne,Zaha etc and work on his game.
    No matter the language you speak off the speech,what defines you as a player is in the pitch..

    And if you have personal issues.
    Then it means,you are not good for the job.
    The ones who succeeds don’t allow issues affect their game. It has nothing to do with race,tribe or religion.
    It has everything to do with the person.

    No matter what your opinion is;and you are entitled to it.
    My take is simple.
    Kelechi Iheanacho is down on confidence cause of him not pushing himself ..

    But language! English! 

    This is me.
    And I still got no applause..

    Oh wait.
    I forgot.
    This is a forum. Not a competition.neither a convention.
    We don’t share claps.
    We only give opinions.
    Like it or not.
    You got yours.i got mine.
    It is what it is.

    Enjoy your day.
    And I hope your schedule isn’t tight.
    Cause I enjoy reading from you.

    • Mr Hush 2 years ago

      And I apologise for My typos.
      Hope you can read through 

      • Mr Hush 2 years ago

        And if I might add..

        Kelechi Iheanacho is only afraid to fail.
        He had a big money move.and he has Jamie Vardy to compete with.
        A person that has owed that ground for like ages.
        A club hero.
        This is the guy Kelechi has to compete with.
        So you are,
        He is fighting two battles.
        1. To justify his big money move.
        2. Competing against a cult hero.

        And don’t forget,Ahmed Musa,Slimani,others have failed in the same vain as well.
        So it is not just Kelechi that have faced this problem.

        So it has nothing to do with language.
        It is just confidence building he needs.
        And that is up to him to build himself.
        To know his worth.
        And remember why he was bought for such fee.
        He is worth it.

      • Glory 2 years ago

        @ Hush I expect you to know language goes beyond French n English. I had to sit u down to talk on this. Writing is waste of time.

        • Mr Hush 2 years ago


          Off course,
          You have to sit me down.

          I would really need a sit down with you to explain to me what language as a form of communication is ?
          Cause I know it goes beyond English and French or Yoruba and Igbo..

          But teacher.
          You have to be specific.
          What kind of language skill are you referring to before you drop a comment. So we the student would know what kind of class w should be enrolling for..
          Is it common language;language by speech?
          Or informal language;
          Language by motion.
          Or further more.

          Cause you know. 
          I don’t know.
          So please.i would really need that sit down with you..

          And if you care to go back to the subject matter.
          Kelechi Iheanacho and football.

          I still stand my ground, as stated in my opinions above..
          You don’t have To like it ;Kelechi himself,wouldn’t.
          But it is my opinion.
          And I am glad,this just a forum,where we are allowed to state our opinions.
          In all language,stupid ,smart,even typos allowed.
          If we don’t share the same opinions.it is allowed.
          If we do.great.
          But as long as we shared it.
          And someone would learn.

          But really;
          I would love that sit down with you.
          I love your attitude.

          • @ Hush I expect you to know language goes beyond French n English. I had to sit u down to talk on this. Writing is waste of time.

  • Am just obs€rving ur opinions

  • Glory 2 years ago

    @Hush, Mr know everything. Lol. Comparing Manchester academy to Playing in d main team n also trying to compare players with different up bringing n culture says everything about your argument n gives every reason why I will have to not bothered any more. I will only advice you don’t keep standing there cos I hv moved on. If you wanna talk, here is my No. 07495713692.

  • Mr Hush 2 years ago


    I don’t think anyone knows it all..
    That’s not possible.

    But you should understand,
    I never compared the Man city academy to the main team.
    I only used Iheanacho’s and Zinchenko’s graduation to clarify my point,how good a player he is.and how both talent goes beyond langauge barrier.
    Afterll,Nwakali was forever stuck in the same academy going out on loans and such,and himself anr kelechi are both Nigerians,of the Igbo descent..

    And yes, background and culture might be differ in term of growth and understanding in the game,society and life in general;
    But you would agree with me,that class goes beyond Creed,race, background.
    You used yourself as an example to prove this point.saying ,you give confident to most of our Nigerian brothers over there feeling inferior to the white skin.
    Cause you know your class.
    You know your worth.
    It goes beyond where you are from.

    I assure you.
    There are English men that are worst in confidence than the average African man..

    Everything depends on the individual.
    Yes.society always fails us.
    But us in these situation is not Kelechi.
    He is one of the lucky few,who worked hard,and (according to our people),God bless,made it to the Premiership,to a good life.
    He shouldn’t lose it by losing what got him there at the first place.

    That’s all I am saying..

    Thanks for the debate.
    I appreciate it..
    We need more of this in our space.
    And we should encourage it.
    It can only help us.
    We both want the same thing..
    Success of our kinsmen and our country at large..

    More importantly,
    Thanks for the number..
    Would give you a call.
    And hope we meet for a tea,coffee, whiskey,or whatever suits us…

    It is all good..

    • Glory 2 years ago

      @Hush just this I beg you to think about. That first comment Rogers made after Kele failed to score goes a long way to tell you what that boy could have being going through in training. This people love engaging in too many side talk, insulting, using every form of demeaning language to run others that are not them down. You only hv to be strong, shut them down not minding d consequences. Remember that Senegalese player, can’t remember his name again that has left West ham? These things does affect confidence especially for someone not very strong willed. Kele need support, not condemnation all d time.

  • Mr Hush 2 years ago


    You are right. We are both in the same field.
    And I totally reason the angle you are looking at it from.

    Yes.no one is going to treat an outsider the way they treat their child; especially when they are spending so much on that outsider and he is not delivering.
    Remember.Football is a business.You as a player are paid to deliver.Emotions always come last.

    You are right to bring up Diafra Sakho;( the Senegalese player you are talking about at Westham).
    But before we hit the nail on the cross,we need to ask the carpenter..

    Sakho was treated like royalty at westham;he finished top scorer.even when injured,was taken by jet to the Afcon for senegal,to prove his injury to the senegalese Fa,(all paid by westham).Even when Senegal complained and Fifa fined Westham,tgey paid;I think 100,000 swiss franc or so,then.
    That is to show you,how much they respect this player.

    The WHITE treat football as a business.
    They want to win and achieve their objective.
    They pay you to achieve that objective.
    They dont care how that objective is achieved by you.
    As long as you achieve that objective you are paid for.
    Then all is good.or not.

    So it is up to yoj to get your act together and achieve that objective,you know they are paying you for.
    Especially when you know where yoh are coming from.and they won’t treat you likely based on where you are coming from.
    So it is up to you,to drive hard and prove them wrong.
    Or let them get jnder your skin and fail like most expect you to.
    It is easy to play the victim card.

    Yes.it happened to Sakho.
    But Iheanacho should learn from that and dont let it happen to him.
    After all,the best student learns feom others mistake..

    Ignorance is no excuse…

    • Mr Hush 2 years ago

      Criticising doesn’t mean condemnation.
      It means we care enough to show you your flaws.
      Cause we care.

      He always have our support.
      Now he should do his part and don’t let us down.