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AFCON 2019: Rohr Confident Eagles Will Excel

AFCON 2019: Rohr Confident Eagles Will Excel

Super Eagles’ coach, Gernot Rohr is confident his young squad will make the country proud when the 32nd edition of the African Cup of Nations holds this summer.

In a message posted on the Super Eagles official twitter handle, the former Gabon manager said that part of his New Year wishes to Nigerians is to have a successful football season beginning with the AFCON.

“Obviously it’s a big year for Nigerian football. Let”s have a great football season with a successful AFCON, “Rohr began.

“My squad is still improving but I believe our young team will work hard to make Nigerians proud. I wish all our fans worldwide good health and happiness,” Rohr concluded.


Rohr, however, remains very much determined to strengthen his squad before the tournament and will use the March fixtures against Seychelles and Egypt to prepare his team as he hopes for after a not
too convincing World Cup performance.

Meanwhile, CAF will announce the host this year’s Africa Cup of Nations finals on Wednesday after Cameroon was stripped of the hosting rights last year. Egypt and South Africa are the two countries battling to host Africa’s biggest football tournament.

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  • Austin 4 years ago

    I don’t do much like the way coach Rohr refers to his team as a young team. For crying out loud 70% of our players currently in the squad went to the World Cup and had played in both world cup qualifiers and nations cup qualifiers. They are professionals in their clubs and so can’t really be refered to as young players as such. They only need more nations cup and one extra world cup at least to gain more experience to the ones they have at the moment. Let me point out here that we will surely need a Mikel obi in that midfield to coordinate it well. We will need a victor Moses but if he doesn’t show up fine. Our success at this year’s AFCON will also be largely based on Rohr’s tactics and substitutions. As for the players, We have what it takes to be in the semi finals. I’m only scared a bit about some north African countries.

  • I don’t understand what this coach mean by his statement because he has been in charge of the team for long now so he should stop making excuses for his feared failure. How long does he has to manage the super Eagles to build a formidable team. He keeps giving excubefore any tournament. How long is it going to continue with this is format? I have seen any meaningful thing that he has achieved with the super Eagles. He just keeps giving excuses. He hasn’t introduced any commendable pattern since he started handling the Super  Eagles . Look at how tactical the South African team was against the super eagles in our last match? Even though we had disallowed goals ,i still think the South Africans were better than us on that day. Each time they moved with the ball,you could see how dangerous they were . They were purposefull and very tactical. Our coach needs to wake up and stop giving excuses like APC .

    • Adisboy 4 years ago

      Garre, don’t even go there. We were by far better than South Africa in the last match. Apart from their equaliser, Ezenwa was on holiday. It was just officiating error that saved them. Yes they were stylish but severly lacked end product. We totally controlled the game without breaking sweat. Go and watch again and then come and discuss. We were far better.

    • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

      ….that is why your “better’ south Africa is still struggling to qualify for AFCON while the SE “without any commendable pattern” has qualified with a game to spare despite losing the 1st match….Just as they qualified for the world cup in 2017 too. Maybe you might need to go dig into the history books to find out when that happened last.
      Im sorry, but you are not meant to see any meaningful thing he has achieved. He is making progress, his employers are happy with him and you cant do nada about it.

    • Garre, Nigeria had the youngest  (or was it second youngest) squad at the World Cup. We have 19, 20 and 21 year olds taking responsibility. Yes we were disjointed at the World Cup but we have a recognised system of play Garre, Nigeria had the youngest  (or was it second youngest) squad at the World Cup. We have 19, 20 and 21 year olds taking responsibility. Yes we were disjointed at the World Cup but we have a recognised system of play now.

      No need going over the AFCON and World Cup qualification records. I think you need to watch our matches as a neutral in order to appreciate the large strides we made between 2017 and the end of 2018.

      For one we climbed from ninth of Africa behind, Congo, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Egypt, Cameroon

      No need going over the AFCON and World Cup qualification records. I think you need to watch our matches as a neutral in order to appreciate the large strides we made between 2017 and the end of 2018.

      For one we climbed from ninth of Africa behind, Congo, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Egypt, Cameroon, passing all these countries in the fifa ranking to 4th behind just Senegal, Tunisia and Morocco.

      We have moved from failing to qualify for TWO CONSECUTIVE AFCON tournaments in 2015 and 2017 to qualifying with a game to spare. All of a sudden people are expecting us to win it. That’s how positive people view Rohr and the Super Eagles.

      We have a squad of 21 regular starters in the biggest teams across the globe not a squad of bench warmers anymore. Right now if you do not play regularly for your club, you will not play for the SE.

      My guy be like say you go find another country to support and leave us with our Nigerian Super Eagles and our CompleteSportsNigeria

    • PeePee 4 years ago

      Very funny many of us watch football without understanding what happens on the pitch. For that second leg against S/Africa, our team played a very tactical game, slowing the game,conserving energy(due to high altitude),bossed the game and more importantly carved out the best of opportunities.South Africa on the other hand tried to tire us out by running more but our players stuck together to achieve their aim. Mind you, S/Africa uncharacteristically took the game to Johannesburg as to gain the advantage

    • Jones 4 years ago

      Super eagled were far better than Bafana Bafana. I don’t think you watched the game. With all the tactics SA has how come they haven’t qualified ?

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  • Chima E Samuels 4 years ago

    England has a young team comprising of Harry Kane Dele Sancho lingard rashford but we don’t hear their coach saying young team prior to a tournament. I see doubt in his confidence he is not sure of how this exam will turn out because even the nations cup seems to be a tough test for him like the World Cup on a personal note hiring this coach has been the only failure of Pinnick! 

    • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

      My sincere condolences, but your ‘personal note’ isnt a popular note. And since you are a self acclaimed ‘big-boy’, We wouldnt mind if you provide the FA with sponsorship to hire a first class coach a la Arsene Wenger, Carlo Ancelotti or Jose Mourinho.
      Meanwhile we are still waiting for your “he is far better than Ighalo” to score his 2nd goal in the league as at past the halfway mark so that he can at least cross the 10 goals cumulative mark after 5 seasons in the European top flight.

      • Chima E Samuels 4 years ago

        It’s a fresh year I won’t thread words with you I have seen great coaches in African football in the like of Late Bruno Metsu who made Senegal fearless, Harve Rernard whose brand of football is a classic attacking appetizer and fearless against any team! But it is a shame to see how Eagles and Falcons play and wobble fumble to win games or draw against mediocre teams! When we can make use of our local coach and give them confidence, pay them when they ought to be paid respect them. I bet you take a look at Senegal coach Cisse and see what he is doing or Bayanna Ellis and see what she’s doing. So also we had Florence Omagbemi with her good brand of football she was still sacked or Coach Siaone Who’s attacking game against any team will make Nigeria fearless even with a shabby preparation to Olympic will still deliver. I bet you if we give Rohr that assignment without salary and poor preparation he will not only say young team he will just tell you we where bound to fail. The day we learn to respect our black coaches who are good enough by then we will rise and win a World Cup because nations cup should not be the major target! So Drey I don’t need to hire a foreign coach of Kloop or Pep whom I think a black man can do same if given same measure of faith,respect and resources!

        • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

          “The day we learn to respect our black coaches who are good enough by then we will rise and win a World Cup because nations cup should not be the major target”
          What hypocrisy….! One moment you are clamoring for respect for black coaches, another moment your are heaping encomiums on Bruno metsu and herve reinhard. You really dont even know where you stand.
          Kindly pls tell us which game(s) the SE has wobbled and fumbled to win under the current dispensation…..is it the 4-0 home wins against Afcon defending champions cameroun and Libya or the away wins against Libya and seychelles or the friendly wins against Argentina and Poland or our 2-0 win against Iceland at the world cup. Even the matches we have drawn under Rohr, we effectively controlled each of the matches and only was denied a fair win by the referees….Algeria and SA (both away) comes to mind. So it really makes me wonder if ur understanding of english vocabulary extends to the term ‘wobble & fumble’.
          Mr man, always learn to say what you mean and mean what you say. Before Senegal, who knew metsu…? after senegal wht else did he achieve…nothing…! Metsu had a generation of talented players to work with…from goalkeeper tony sylva, captian aliou cisse, omar daf, ferdinand colly, pape bouba diop, salif diao, henri camara, khalilou fhadigha, el hadj diouf….the man had an aray of established talents all based in top clubs in europe to work with. Even the current SE team of today doesnt come close to that senegalese team. It took divine intervention for our ‘golden generation’ to knock them out of 2000 AFCON at the quaterfinal stage. That team wasnt an accidental team…it was built over a 4 year cycle. The make up of our team today is more than 80% different from the one that played the 2017 afcon qualifying series, and indeed they are much younger. The Current senegalese team wasnt built in 2 years either. They’ve been work in progress since the 2015 afcon in equitorial guinea, so Aliou cisse has no reason to tag them as ‘young’. If the SE coach decides to appellate his team as ‘young’ its his choice…..so DEAL WITH IT…..!!!

          • Chima E Samuels 4 years ago

            Bruno Metsu Senegal team was made by him he tells you he is qualified enough to scout and make up a team breed them into all stars that went on to defeat a bigger France team led by Zidane. Listen I’m sure this same Rohr will take up that team and call them young and loose against France. A good coach makes a team Siasia for example so what are you talking about  that he inherited a good team that yet he was the first to quality Senegal for a World Cup! Yes or no I have always been a fan of Siaone both in his up and down time so I have never glamoured for a so called white man even though this two coach of Bruno and Renard are whites. Accept the truth even Uganda we can not defeat here in Nigeria same applies to Dr Congo and South Africa listen well Rohr is a trial and error coach take it or leave it! Any day I will choose Cisse of Senegal ahead of Rohr. Cameroon team we won 4-0 is one of the wonders of football after they won the afcon but then South Africa came here to beat us so wtf are you kidding me? This is a trial and error coach

          • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

            Lair….Once again pls clean off the lies from your mouth. This only shows that you are as ignorant about football as ignorance itself.
            Senegal’s team line up in the q/final match against Nigeria at the 2000 AFCON had Omar diallo, Omar daf, Papa Sarr, Mousa Ndiaye, Hassan Ndiaye, Salif diao, khalilou fadigha, Henri Camara, Papa Diop, Faye and many others, the core of the team that eventually featured in the world cup in 2002…and guess what….? They werent coached by Bruno metsu at AFCON 2000 when divine intervention helped our ‘golden generation’ to knock them out after extra time. that was a team in evolution. Please after 2002, what was Metsu’s other achievement….zero. You call the 4-0 thrashing of AFCON defending Champions a ‘wonder of football’, once again trying to water down a great acheivement, but Senegal’s 1-0 upset of France isnt. So what then will you call other results like the 3-1 win over Algeria….or they too are a fishermen team…? SA came to beat us at home, but even you wouldnt argue that our 1-1 draw with them was as good as a win for obvious reasons….now where is the SA on the qualifying log today…? They arent going to egypt in june, while our dear ‘trial and error’ coach qualified with a game to spare. I know you will still experience your usual brain wave one day and come and tell us that Stuart Baxter is FAR BETTER than Gernot Rohr. You are drooling over home draws in inconsequential friendlies against Uganda and DRC that were used to give fringe players playing time, where as you Siasia couldnt win common guinea and egypt at home to qualify for 2012 and 2017 AFCONs respectively.
            Lastly….stop lying to us on this forum. Zidane was out injured when france lost to senegal in 2002 WC. he missed the 1st 2 games and wasnt fully fit for the 3rd but was rushed into that game to help salvage an entirely disastrous campaign in which france couldnt score a single goal at the tournament. So Senegal’s win wasnt entirely down to a superlative coach, but to and entirely disappointing team who couldnt find their rhythm due to the absence of the man around whom the team was built

  • Bomboy 4 years ago

    This man has started again with his ‘young team syndrome’…

  • Omo9ja 4 years ago

    Mr. Rohr have started again with his excuses abi? Continue…….

    I have warned Nigerians last year December. In fact, it wasn’t up to a month now and we begins to heard same stuff from the coach. Aba,kilodeeeeeeeee?

    This man have nothing to offer Nigeria. Young team? No wahala. How about the current world champion France?
    Mr. Rohr reminds me my proverb again. “You can’t give what you don’t have”.

    Coach Rohr have been in charge of the team for a while now and still, he can not be bold enough he has a solid team? Ahhhhhh, nkan be lol.

    Last year world cup in Russia showed that we had no coach for our national team called the pride of African.

    For him to still having Akpeyi in the team tells a lot while other young goalies are waiting. Hmmm, Mr. Coach, we are watching o.

    Oga Rohr and his followers keep deceiving Nigerians by saying the man already has a great achievement by qualifying Nigeria for a world cup and Afcon with a game left to be played.

    Failing to realized that going to the world cup or Afcon tournament without having a strong wish to be successful in the tournament or not having a goal, confidence and determination of winning the tournament is a total failure.

    It is not too late to give other African countries a chance to show case rather than going to Egypt to disgrace us like he did in Russia.

    I will keeping saying my own and I hope Nigerians will hear my voice because I don’t want them to develop high blood pressure. May God spare our lives to the next world cup and I believe if Mr. Rohr still in charge of the team, we are still going to hear the same comment from him in 2022.

    I want him and his disciples to have this in mind that this is another and the only opportunity left for them to prove to us they are capable of giving us what we have been asking for.

    But if they fail us again chai, they must pack their things and gooooooooooo.

    We wants better football. Total football and not kick and follow football. It should be new year new era but I’m not seeing that. Ahhhhhh, I’m shaking my head for the coach and his followers with their excuses o. Chai, the time will tell.

    Please Mr. Rohr, I don’t want NFF to get you fired because you have tried but please you need to get everything right this time around. You have to strengthen your team. I like you and I want the best for you. This is what I can do to help you. I want to see the best of you this year. May God crown your efforts sir. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Chima E Samuels 4 years ago

      Harve Renard or Cisse of Senegal will never speak like this man bro it’s obvious he knows he just a trial and error coach! Who doesn’t know what to expect in any given assignment as for Nigeria let us keep trying our luck. Even when Renard lost with Morocco at the Nations cup and World Cup we still saw beautiful football that the fans will not complain but the bride is high not this sought of apprentice of a coach we have at the moment!

    • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

      Hahahaha….why am i not surprised. You have always been wishing for the downfall of G.Rohr even to the point of calling for his sack after securing our place in 2019 AFCON with a game to spare after 5 years not qualifying. I dont know how on earth you thought the FA will be that daft to do that. Your Adel Amrouche that you said is better that Rohr is currently jobless. Not even a local african club has approached him. Nobody has affirmed yet that the SE will win the AFCON, infact no team is a clear favorite yet. That’s the beauty of african football at the moment. Till the day of the final match before anyone can make an accurate guess as to whom the winners will be. If you wish to predict doom for him. Congratulations to you. But we well meaning fans will continue to support him and wish him the best. His only sin was probably relying too much on ‘prima dona’ Victor moses at the WC, who ended up sabotaging him, otherwise people like you would have still had your guts shut…the same way he shut them up with another sterling qualifying campaign. G.Rohr will cease to be SE someday, but it wont be because you said it (your opinion doesnt count). It would be because its meant to happen. Coaches are either fired or waiting to be fired…..they get fired for doing the wrong things and they also get fired, sometimes for doing the right things.
      Pls kindly mention the other ‘young’ goalkeepers he should have given a chance and the games in which he should have given them a chance…..is it in crucial qualifiers against libya (home and away) or against South Africa (away)…???
      Dont worry, your day of Joy will come wen G.Rohr will leave…..but its this same you that will in future reference ‘the days of G.Rohr’ the same way you were referencing the days of Keshi the other day (the same keshi you used to call senseless gather and play coach), b4 AYPHILLY shut your double speaking gut up.
      This same you called Amodu kick and follow coach, you called Keshi gather and play, you called Oliseh names too. Dont worry…you will still go and help us bring your village oracle to come and manage the national team.

      Any coach can choose to call his team by any appelation….brave, fast, quick, attcking, solid, young…..etc.
      If G.Rohr chooses to call his own team ‘young’. The its nobody’s headache. His Job is to deliver results, while our jobs as fans his to get behind the team at both good and bad times. If that burns your stomach….congratulations to you

      • Chima E Samuels 4 years ago

        If you don’t know now let me tell you why Moses and mikel have been away from the team without saying a word. It is all because of the so called Rohr and Ighalo romance that killed our World Cup campaign. Our players knew the introduction of Ighalo in that game was a needless disaster so if today because Ighalo notch goals against Libya and the fishermen team that is making you mad then close observers who knows the game are not naive like yourself and some mediocre people!

        • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

          Hahahahaha…bloody liar.
          An adult telling white lies like a primary school kid. Please clean the lies stains at the edge of your lips. So now its because of Ighalo Mikel and Moses have been away from the team…?! How laughable. Im not suprised. your thinking has always been defective. From someone who claims success is FAR BETTER than Ighalo and Musa Mohammed is FAR BETTER than Ola Aina……im not suprised at all. And latter you will claim to know the game….LMAO.
          We are still waiting for your ‘by far better than ighalo’ to hit one shot on target against this so-called fishermen teams (same fishermen teams that you tipped to defeat the SE b4 the SE decided to disgrace you). He’s so far had 4 caps but not even one shot on target in anger.
          And please….its still too early in the new year to start lying.

        • Jones 4 years ago

          Mr Chima, Dr Drey just schooled you. You have no argument. Why come online and make a nuisance of yourself ?

  • “My squad is still improving but I believe our young team will work hard to make Nigerians proud. I wish all our fans worldwide good health and happiness.”: Gernot Rohr.

    I wish Mr Rohr good health and happiness in 2019 as well.

    So far, Mr Rohr has only let Nigerians down in 3 crucial matches: Nig v SA at home, Nig v Cro, and Nig v Arg with the last 2 being at the world cup in Russia. The pre-world cup friendlies were largely a forgettable experience as well.

    In all, the German has managed 33 Super Eagles matches, winning 19, drawing 8, and losing 6, to give a winning percentage of 57.58% which have helped propell Nigeria to 44 position in the FIFA rankings.

    Any suggestions that Rohr hasn’t done well for Nigeria can hardly be backed up by hard statistics; such assertions belong in the trash can.

    But, like the German rightly pointed out in his new year speach: there is scope for improvement.

    When Rohr comes out to reference his “young squad” he is not making excuses, rather, he is only reaffirming a philosophy that saw him take a 19 year old soon-to-be married teenager to the world cup as Nigeria’s number one goal keeper.

    Do I agree with this? No. But I am not the coach and I am not the one paid to make such decisions; he is.

    So far, hitching his wagon to “young players” like Iheanacho, Uzoho and Ndidi has brought him a win percentage of 58% so why halt a winning formula?

    Love him or hate him, Rohr has brought much needed stability to the Super Eagles after the shambles left behind by Oliseh.

    What does the future hold? I don’t know for sure but from what I have seen thus far, I am not expecting catastrophy.

    • Chima E Samuels 4 years ago

      What then will South Gate Say if an African team with fake birth certificates except for very very few players such as Iwobi is always screaming young team day in and out! What will South Gate say about Rashford Lingard Danny Sancho Kane Pickford. If today England is beaten or they win you never hear young team but here we hear young team day in out. Madrid lost their first coach in the name of this young generation in football if you go for young team it is your own cup of tea what is needed is trophy and Rohr has an empty CV of no Trophy not even a silver since he became a coach in every country he goes he will take their money and keep telling them he is building before he gets booted out he is an Igbo man by blood that is why he playing along and taking our money in the end he will walk away it is time for us to demand a trophy from Him I tell you if these heft money he is paid is given to Siaone we will all be dancing victory but when it comes to this Siasia we don’t pay him some times he uses his money to take care of players and take them to a major tournament yet he makes up a strong team from almost nothing! This country called Nigeria will change when the right people comes on board I am also using this medium to call on guys to Vote a new generation of vision who will move Nigeria forward in the name of Omoyele Sowore else the Dalung led regime of Bhuari will finally drag us to disrepute!

      • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

        It is on record that Siasia has handled the SE twice and on both occasions failed to qualify us for the nation’s cup despite being on a $25k salary per month, Rohr earns $30k per month and has qualified us for 2 tournaments with games to spare back to back from a similar position as when Siasia was offered the job. Local coaches also have their downsides which incidentally are always more than their upsides. There has been relative peace and tranquility within the team and with the FA since Rohr took over. Even now that it is becoming clear that something happened between the senior players – Mikel, Onazi and Moses – at the WC, he has managed the situation superbly so much that all we can do is keep on guessing (while liars like you cookup fictitious stories). Were it to be a local coach, sports journalists would have become millioniares with different scandalous stories that would have been blown out to the public, thereby damaging the image of the team, the careers of the players involved and the atmosphere within this young team. In contrast, the team has moved on spectacularly and become stronger. The only snags in this man’s SE career so far are the 2 matches we lost at the WC, that is what has given you license to spill lies and insults from your guts on the old man, but Siasia also had a disastrous outing at the 2009 U20 WC and with 3 clubs in the local league. This is to remind you that not all that he touches turns to Gold. He has only been successful at the levels where “fake birth certificates” (according to you) makes a difference. Where are all the members of the 2008 silver winning team today…?? Even those that won bronze in brazil 2016 who are supposed to be dominating the SE today are nowhere to be found, save for Etebo and Shehu. He has largely failed where there are no age restrictions. Tainted success is worse than failure. Thats probably why he cant even get a Job even in the NPFL. When NFF doesnt give him a job he reamins jobless. Tell him to start acting like his contemporaries like Amunike, Wendson Nyirenda and Kwesi Appiah who have gone to earn respect outside the shores of their land and stop waiting for the NFF to sack a coach before he can be employed. As bad a the NPFL may be, it has still thrown up some coaches who can be well respected…the likes of Gbenga Ogunbote, Manu Garba, Imama Amapkakabo, Paul aigbogun, and this Akwa United Coach (cant recall his name now). Tell your man to stop living in the past glory of tainted youth football success and get a job. Gernot rohr spent many years coaching in top tiers of european football before moving down to africa, if you think its beans, ask your much revered Herve Reinhard of his experience when he tried to manage in europe. Pls what was in Otto Gloria’s CV when he was appointed Green eagles coach in the late 70’s, What was Manfred Hoener’s CV circa 1988, Who knew Clemens Westerhoff or Bonfrere Jo before the came to work in Nigeria…? And by the way stop lying to members of this forum, he never collected anyone’s money and run. He left Niger and Burkina-faso after few games over disagreements with the FA over terrible working conditions. He led Gabon to the Q/finals of the AFCON wen he was in charge and Gabon has not gotten to that height again ever since.
        Teams that win trophies dont just emerge out of the blues….they evolve overtime. The Egyptian team that won 3 straight afcons wasnt built in a day…the zambian team that won in 2012 had been work in progress and nearly eliminated the SE at the 2010 AFCON….the Ivorien team that won in 2015 had even peaked and was about to begin its decline wen it eventually won the AFCON. The SE is evolving under Gernot Rohr and they are evolving satisfactorily with a bunch of young and exciting players. Otherwise his employers would have relieved him of his job. I have told you to kindly sponsor the employment of a $200k per month coach that will give you a world cup trophy if your guts cannot stomach the $30k per month ‘mediocres’ that we can afford at the moment. Everybody is a mediocre in your eyes, except you and your clan that owns the land on which Buckingham palace was built.
        “Rohr has an empty CV of no Trophy not even a silver since he became a coach” – that was from you.
        Meanwhile; “In 1996, he managed Girondins Bordeaux to the UEFA Cup final, where they lost to Bayern Munich ”
        Stop spreading fictitious stories from the figment of your imagination on this forum. It way too early in the year for an adult to be telling blatant lies.

        • Chima E Samuels 4 years ago

          Siasia never failed he on took an already failed mission he was on a rescue mission bro accept truth and stop airing hatred when deep inside you the truth is one but you never want to admit because of unnecessary ego!

          • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

            There was never a failed mission anywhere. Eguavoen oversaw only one match in the 2012 qualifying campaign. The very 1st match of the qualifiers away to guinea which the eagles lost 0-1…..same way we lost our first match against SA only to still qualify with a draw with a game to spare. Siasia needed the whole qualifying series including any sort of win to in the very last match which was a home game against the same guinea to qualify but still couldn’t.
            In the 2017 qualifiers we only needed an aggregate win in the last 2 games against egypt. There was no failed mission anywhere. We drew 1-1 in Kaduna and lost 0-1 in Alexandria (or weda na cairo sef).
            Rohr’s aggregate results so far read 5-1 (cameroun – defending champs), 4-2 (Algeria), 7-2 (Libya), (1-3 [3-3]) South africa
            Oya make up another excuse….!

        • Chima E Samuels 4 years ago

          In terms of trophy cabinet who’s ahead between Siasia and Mr Rohr? Answer this simple question by choosing one as an educated fellow without talking outside the circle!

          • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

            Trophy cabinet….?
            2012 AFCON Qual. – failed
            2017 AFCON Qual. – Failed
            JUTH FC – Relegated
            Bayelsa Utd – Relegated
            Heartland FC – Took over the CAF CL runners up in the previous year just before the group stage and finished bottom of the group.
            Pls there’s no trophy here.
            G.rohr (with Bordeaux)
            1992 French Lig 2 – Winner
            1995 UEFA Intertoto cup – Winner
            1996 UEFA Cup – Silver
            2005 Swiss FA Cup – Silver

        • Rohr earns $55,000 per month, not $30,000


          • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

            Thanks Sir Big D.
            I’ve read the link. I’d always though he was on $30k per month. I never even knew he was even given a $10k pay rise after the WC. That’s the man some hatred filled people want to be sack being given a pay rise by his employers…talk about “…thou hast prepared a table for me in the presence of my enemies…”
            Thanks man!

  • Chima, Rohr is all we have at the moment and on balance, he is doing a pretty decent job.

    Admittedly, the German tactician is not everyone’s cup of tea – even I have been known to question his logic – but his records with Nigeria speaks for itself.

    People may not like it but his team is truly young: young in age and relatively young in exposure.

    Are the players exactly the age they claim to be? I see no evidence to say yes, I see no evidence to say no.

    I actually have no problems reading contributions of the likes of you and Omo9ja or Sunny B on this matter after all we are entitled to our points of view.

    Having said that it is hard to see such points of views as anything other than failure to move on from the painful manner to which we exited the last World Cup moreso after cumulatively, the record of this man shows that he is doing a decent job.

    I hear Siasia’s name being brandished about a lot and I can’t help but laugh.

    This is a man whose goal and goal celebration against Argentina in 1994 still brings tears of joy to my eyes.

    However, independently verifiable records from 2011 and 2016 point to a mediocre when it comes to senior national team football – a sharp contrast to his perpetual silver and bronze winning performances at world age grade competitions.

    We need to rally round Rohr and positive things he is doing to our football. If he errs, criticise, but critise with logic rather than with sentiment.