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Rohr Confirms Receiving Contract Offer From NFF

Rohr Confirms Receiving Contract Offer From NFF

Super Eagles head coach Gernot Rohr has confirmed he has received offer of a new contract from the Nigeria Football Federation, reports Completesports .com.

Rohr’s current contract will expire in June and the former Girondis Bordeaux coach is keen to remain on the job.

President of the Nigeria Football Federation, Amaju Pinnick also recently stated that they are willing to keep the German tactician but he must be willing accept all the conditions in the new contract.

“I already discussed with the president about my future since i am at the end of the contract. The contract will end on June 30,” Rohr told Girondis4ever.com.

“I just received a proposal for an extension. I will also have to look at it.”

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Rohr was named Super Eagles head coach in August 2016. He won his first game in charge of the three-time African champions against Tanzania in Uyo.

His Nigeria-led team became the first African side to qualify for the 2018 FIFA World Cup after a 1–0 win against Zambia.

The German tactician also led the Super Nigeria to a third-place finish at the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations.

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  • Oakfield 1 year ago

    Study the contract thoroughly, if u know u can handle their wahala, accept it otherwise you find your way out jejelly, make them go get their African guardiola that once left them stranded in the middle of the sea in a sinking ship.

    • You eh!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Oluwafemi 1 year ago

      Gernot Rohr is a very good coach with tactical discipline but the NFF authorities are making life difficult for him because he selects the players he wants in his team and does not allow those corrupt NFF officials to meddle with it. I just hope he’s consenting to the new contractual obligations with a plane mind and not with the ulterior motives of dealing with them in the middle of the contract. If not, it’s going cost both the corrupt and greedy NFF as well as Nigerian Football major setbacks.

      The Authorities have always been the clog in the wheels of Nigerian Football from ages past

  • Thank God NFF have listened to the fans for the first time….Rhor will transform super eagles more and more as we have seen in the last four years…..Remember we where labeled super chickens before his arrival and now we are feared and respected world wild….the profile of our players has increased and we have the youngest and most talented team in Africa…We are on a right track

  • Anthony 1 year ago

    I hope this contract issue with mr rohr and the nff works out, cause it be so devastating to loose him, now that we need him the most.

  • Michael 1 year ago

    The above is the reason Rhor’s work was downplayed by Finidi.
    Don’t misconstrue me, I have respect for him though, I just don’t like it when you bring orthers down so that you can take their positions.

    • Michael 1 year ago


    • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

      What you pull others down to get will pull you down when the time comes.

      That was how Oliseh kept attacking Keshi too back then when he was supersport analyst. Oya take the job na, oga African Guadiola scatter the team run leave us for middle of ocean with sinking ship.

      The recent media gangup against Rohr isn’t a coincidence…we knew all along. Some people just wanted to front people without CVs and portfolios for employment by the NFF.

      Lazy exinternationals. If NFF does not give them jobs they wouldn’t get jobs anywhere. They will tell us if Kolo Toure is an assistant manager at Leicester city today because simply because he has 120caps alone.

      • Edoman 1 year ago

        Agree with you bro, Late Keshi put a course on Sunday Oliseh before he passed. Oliseh will never ever succeed as a coach as a result of how he went after Keshi’s job. The whole world witnessed how poorly Oliseh performed when eventually he got the job after selling Keshi short. As an Edoman, Sunday Oliseh will never attain his goal as a coach in life. He even ran away from the Nigerian’s Job to western Europe, only to fail again. Oliseh is now back to where he started in life only to start trying to sell himself at the expense of our very successful National coach again. The spirit of Keshi will hurt Oliseh forever. All Edo people say, Amen.

        • Vitalis 1 year ago

          Keshi isn’t Edo. Steven Okechukwu Keshi is from an Igbo speaking community in Delta state. Ika to be precise.

          • Edoman 1 year ago

            l know Keshi personally in Benin City. His biological mother is a Benin/Edo woman. His only wife is a Benin/Edo woman. Grow up in Benin City. Built his modern Home in GRA, Benin City. Passed and buried in Benin City. Keshi’s father lived Benin City but came to Benin from Agbor or Asaba, formerly called, Midwest Region. Keshi’s name will live forever.
            May our Edo son ‘Keshi’ rest in Perfect Peace. Amen? Amen.

          • Edoguy 1 year ago

            This shows how diverse the Edo people are. I talked to an Igbo man in Benin city, Nigeria about which state is the most tolerant state in Nigeria and he replied and said the Benin people are willing to accept anybody and he is afforded more rights than he would have in his native Imo State. This is why alot of people preferred to stay under the Benin Empire back in the days. This is the major reason you have the minority Ibo tribes or Edo/Itsekiri tribes. Give it to the Benin people, we are the true Nigerians not the so called major tribe

    • Pompei 1 year ago

      See as the guy dey misyarn for Brila FM. So disappointing!
      Anyway, if Finidi wants a chance to coach Nigeria, fine. I hope his outburst against Rohr does not speak to his man management skills. If he is qualified for the job, he can throw his hat into the ring. However, he should wait until after Qatar 2022.

    • Goal 1 year ago

      Some people really like quarrels, looking for fight when there’s no need for it.

      They will leave the topic and start saying something else, abeg make una stop throwing digs at our legends, it only shows the home training we received.
      If you have any advice, give it in a mature way please.

      The topic says oga Rohr receives a new proposal from NFF, let him go through it first and see if he will accept or not.

      He should come out and tell us what he will do different from the previous, he has done averagely well, we commend him but we are proud people, we are giant of Africa, we have to really prove that in the world stage.

      • Chuck 1 year ago

        Giant of what ?

      • KangA 1 year ago

        Giant in what? Let me hear word. You know what? I have done a stint in an African country for two years and cooked solely with an electric stove. Possible in the so-called giant?

      • Pompei 1 year ago

        Una dey mind Offside? That is his way. His name is Goal, but most of his utterances are offside, over the bar, own goal. The “likes” he has, I won’t be surprised if he generated 50% of them or more by himself. The dude is obsessed with “likes”.
        Own goal, you foolishly drew conclusion before investigating the matter, as usual! If our legends stop acting in ways that do not befit legends, nobody will criticize them. Stop playing the ball Over The Bar!

  • Edoman 1 year ago

    Sheeeeeeee! the oracle man called Akwuegbu and his cohorts are yet to come out of the wood. Let them know that our Oga Rohr will accept the NFF contract after he and his lawyers have duly read it before he signed.

  • Is a good thing that Rohr has finally been given a contract extension. I pray he agrees with the new terms in the contract if not we may not see that cohesive and young talented super eagles everyone is wanting to see for now. I agree the fact that we have great e -international s who can manage the senior national team but I think is not yet their time. They should please develope theirselves more on the game and allow Rohr to run out his current contract. Nobody should distract Rohr and Yobo for now.

  • Hello guys, 

    I dont know [email protected] Michael is attacking Finidi? Did he read the article and see that Finidi simply wanted the age grade teams and not Mr Rohr job? Meanwhile Finidi has been handling Real Mallorca youth teams for sometime now that may be reason for his preference of the age grade teams.
    As for Dr Drey, a lot of our ex international’s have ventured into coaching abroad despite the huge racism prevalent against black coaches. Emmanuel Amuneke handled Tanzania and led them to Nations cup after 39 years. Amokachi coached in Finland ,Finidi is coaching in Spain, Emenalo was once assistant coach under Ancelotti at Chelsea , Oliseh got Fortuna Sittard promoted to Eredivisie before being unjustly fired for speaking the truth. Even Coach Siasia and indeed good number of these ex international would have been coaching  top European clubs  were they Europeans. 

    I have not hidden by reservations with Mr Rohr lack of good game management on this platform. He was hired in 2016 and just as Westerhof was hired in 1989. a year later Westerhof went to Algeria with mainly  homebased players and got us silver. Where Mr Rohr could only get us Bronze and first round exit at world cup “18 after 3 years with the best of our professionals.  Mr Rohr will keep making the same mistakes just as he did during the World Cup.

    During games u do not see that inspirational manager with ideas plotting how to win. Instead we see a confused man merely strolling around the technical area not knowing what to do or at best lacking the intestinal fortitude to change the game or substitute to plug a hole almost everybody could see. 

    Mr Bruno Metsu of blessed memory took Senegal to Afcon final in 2002  partly due to his psychological presence at the technical area. You could see him motivating the players urging them on. Same u see in Renard  Herve when he got Zambia the Afcon title in 2012. Mourinho, Guardiola  D. Simeone etc all inspire their players with PRESENCE not just standing in the technical area.

    We certainly need a new coach to inject rhythm to the Eagles games. Bonfrere has the expertise. But where we  cant  get him, Rijkaard  , Xavi Hernandez ( If he will agree)  or any good young Dutch coach can be hired . We do not not necessarily need so called world class coaches like Thijis Libreght , Berti Vogts and Lars Lagaback Who all came here took our money and achieved even less than our indigenous coaches.

    • Coaching has never been Nigerians problem it’s team management team building….My guy even a blind man can see when a team is been built…We all see that Rhor is building something special and we are all excited about it… Results are not the issue because your so called exinternationals couldn’t even use SE to get the results to qualify for two straight nation’s cup but Rhor came in and steadied the ship……He started a building process at the same time qualified us for all the major tournament along the way which is one of the most difficult tasks in football management….He tactically brought down the average age of super eagles to below 24 without tamparing with team chemistry….He brought on board many foreign born Nigerian talents to raise the standard of the team. ….Now he we all want to reap the results of what Rhor has been doing for almost 4years now you people are bringing upside down analysis ….. Unfortunately for you guys all this your analysis will wait till after 2022

    • Even a blind man can see when a team is been built….Rhor met this team is shambles is 2016 we couldn’t even compete any longer even within Africa as we have not even been able to qualify for 2 straight Afcons….Rhor started building and at the same time qualified us for all the tournaments along the way which is very difficult in football management….Rhor brought down the average age of the team down to below 24 without tampering with team chemistry which is also difficult…. Rhor brought in foreign born Nigerian talents to straighten the team and these players gelled in easily…..Rhor is not the money crazy type that will engage the NFF all the time in salary dispute thereby distracting the team as we all know NFF must owe coaches…..Oga please keep this your analysis till after 2022 let us see what Rhor will achieve with this team first because am really excited.

    • Abdul 1 year ago

      And you felt so good to have written this piece? Or you just intentionally skipped all the positives this guy has brought to the team? Okay, let me remind you one or two of them.
      1. He qualified super-eagles team for tournament without the need for your usual ‘calculator exercise’.
      2. Since he took over, there hasn’t been row with any player, and all the boys look happy and ready to get the job done always (Top notch man-management skill).
      3. He plays good football and improves the team’s global status (We all could remember what people called us before he took over).
      4. He’s polite in front of camera. (Don’t tell me he downplays his team before matches, you should have seen he doesn’t play what he says).
      5. He has made super eagles highly referred and attactive that our foreign-born players once again want to do the green white jersey.
      6. He’s intuitive.
      7. He’s reserved and have respect for Nigeria. Other coaches would have spoken about his ill-treatment by NFF.
      8. He may not be highly tactical like the Mous of this world, but he’s tactical enough to take this super eagles to promise land with our supports.
      However, haven mentioned all these, Mr. Rohr should please agree to live in Nigeria, accept our Naira and watch our league games. It’s part of our growth and we aint gonna let it slide. Thank you.

    • Omo9ja 1 year ago

      @Ike, being a true honest person is being able to think, do, say and feel the same thing. If you think or feel something and you don’t act accordingly, you’re not being true to yourself and/or to others.

      Being honest doesn’t necessarily mean having to say everything we think and feel but in this case I have no choice, I have to talk.

      Nonetheless, I took my time to read all the comments based on this topic so far and I found that “IKE” has so many tangible points and he deserves a loud ovation. God bless you Ike.

      However, I don’t need to talk too much based on this Oga Rohr issue. Ike have said it all.

      Before I go now, one thing I want you all to
      realized is that, we never learned from our mistakes.

      We keep doing the same thing every day, week and every year.

      Hmm, this is the way most of us started their chanting sai Buhari but today, Hungary virus is a challenge to our people in the country.

      The same way most of us keep doing with coach Rohr now and forgetting that Oga Rohr can not do more than his capacity.

      Mr. Rohr have tried and he can not build the team beyond this level. If you don’t believe, you will know now.

      My people, don’t you seeing what I’m seeing ni?

      Mr. Rohr took our foreign based players to the world cup where we had a chance to played in the knockout stages but he failed.

      Late Keshi took a team of average players to the same world cup and we saw the result.

      Furthermore, Oga Rohr did not learn at the world cup and he kept making the same mistakes that lead to Eagles failure against Algeria in Egypt last year Afcon.

      However, instead of us to examined Eagles with its achievements, our people keep celebrating average results.

      They keep saying we did not qualified twice in a row for the Afcon tournament and failing to realized that, what is the purpose of qualifying a team to a tournament and failed when Matter most? Is 1+1= 11 ba? Who does that?

      Come on my people. Kai, enough of this.

      None of our local coaches enjoyed working with NFF like Oga Rohr now.

      They said, our local coaches have bn corrupt, forgetting that if there must be a rule, there must be a law.

      The law we have in Nigeria is not for the rich but for the poor. If not because of that, we will be having somebody like Pinnick, Seyi, Diko and co at the office of the NFF. Who is fooling who?

      The level of our darling Super Eagles team is beyond this level. If to say our home based Eagles are in this level, I will join hands together to celebrate Oga Rohr with my colleagues but seeing Super Eagles in this level mba.

      I hope Oga Rohr will sign the new contract and prove me wrong. If he could achieve something higher than what he has achieved over the 3 years, I will come out to celebrate with him.

      That is me. I hate nobody. All I wanted to is good football. Mark my words my people,

      if Mr. Rohr turned to be a world class coach today and beaten top teams for fun, winning trophies such as Afcon and going far at the world cup
      and even wins the title ah, I will be his number one fan again. But for now, I’m not convinced because our ex players can do more than what he has achieved over the three years of his tenure.

      Oh well, what do I know. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

      • Are u a sort of programming or something? Because you keep repeating yourself… Nothing different from your usual comments @omo9ja

      • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

        Hahahaha Rohr has been providing you wrong since the days of Jonah. All your evil wishes are well documented here on CSN.

        You claimed he cannot qualify for 2019 AFCON, that Amrouche and Baxter were better than him…he made you rub your mouth in dust.

        You claimed we wouldn’t qualify from the group stages at AFCON…he rubbed your mouth in the dust

        We we were to play the friendlies against Ukraine and Brazil, you claimed we will be exposed and shredded into pieces by both teams….guess what, it was the coaches of both teams coming out to heal praises on us after both games….your mouth was rubbed in the dust once again

        During our AFCON qualifiers against Benin and Lesotho….just because both teams scored first, you started praising them and tell the whole world Nigeria will loose….Rohr rubbed your mouth in the dust once more….LMAO

        Over the course of 3 years, you’ve been wishing the SE evil and failure…any match we win…you will claim you didn’t watch it. But once we loose…you will come here rejoicing. But guess what, the results speak for themselves…our team is growing, we are making progress day and day and climbing higher and higher every year. Pls continue to wish us evil… because it seems your evil wishes is what is projecting is upwards. We will soon get to that level when trophies will start flowing in. Even aeroplane dey waka first before e fly.

        Your ex-players did better in 3 years indeed by not even qualifying for ordinary AFCON back to back and turned our SE to Malawi and Namibia. LMAO

      • Michael 1 year ago

        @ike, please read the article I just pasted and judge for yourself.

    • kevincantona 1 year ago

      in 1988 how many european based footballers were in the whole of africa?almot everything came with home based player,so i dont get it when you people keep saying westerhof went with home based players

  • tayo 1 year ago

    If not that Nigeria is a joke of a country. Why would Finish that we all know as an ex players as they use to say and a very good player during his playing days plus having coaching certificate after hanging up his boot be begging for ordinary age grade team from Nigeria FA since all these years and was not even consider for ordinary interview and another so called ex international with 100 caps got the job as super eagles assistant coach with no single certificate after retiring some years back and the same ex players, football pundits, fans etc hailing it as a good thing happening to Nigeria fooball .One even went as far as writing a column that he should be given the job and he himself said he will bring experience to the team pls which experience does he have the coach who has been coaching even before he started his football career doesn’t have? Nigeria matter tire me.

  • Oakfield 1 year ago

    Permit me to digress a bit. I read where the nff said kyari was friend of Nigerian football. Pls, in what way and capacity was he a friend of Nigerian football.I guess the corrupt brass of the nff would be able to provide answers. “Nigerian football friend ” indeed.

  • Edoguy 1 year ago

    Just out of curiosity; If Rohr decides not to take the contract, who will you prefer to be hired as the next coach of the Super Eagles and what target do you think should be given to that coach?

  • DeStar 1 year ago

    @Ike , your short direct answers [email protected] Dr Drey is explicit , showcasing the exploits our great Nigerians coaches abroad gladdening me , you have just killed it , this are the way we ought to have been projecting our Nigerians coaches to the outside world rather than carpeting them .

    that is the reasons I said , given a right environment and equal opportunity and equal treatment, we excel outside the world, the problem is the western world would package their own , throw them to African for experimental , Rohr first job with Gabon he messed up, he was sacked , he got to Niger , with 17% shameful records he was thrown out , moved to Burkinafaso with 27% poor records, he was thrown out, in all this failure, his Countrymen never condemn him before Nigeria employed him ; if he were to be Nigerian coach , his countrymen would have destroyed his career with negative comments, let us not forget those countries that sacked him dares owes him one month salary before sacking , FIFA would have hammered those countries ( that is International politics ) but Amunike was sacked even with the 39 years old record broken with several months of unpaid salary, he was stranded in Tanzania several months with no organization to fight for him ( his Countrymen that should have stood for him , projected him , would join in destroying him , oh what has he done , breaking 39 years record only for Tanzania but cannot go ahead to perform magic in the competition they never qualified for 4 decades) , Oliseh resigned as he was treated shabbily by his country NFF, no salary for months , spending his money on his assistants, on players, yet some people prefer he stayed on such job until he has no money that the small boys players abroad, in pity would be giving Oliseh money , where the same Nigerians would say he takes bribes from the players . He went to Europe, excel on his job , got his team promoted , he was sacked as he would want his name and reputation intact rather than involving in unprofessional act , no one to fight for him, if it were his Club that made unprofessional accusation against him FIFA would have hammered him ( that is International politics ) , but rather than his countrymen to support him , they would rather destroy their own, Oliseh is failure , is this and that , can you read anywhere Germans were destroying Rohr like that with his past disastrous records with the 3 Africans countries he handled?

    The way , we destroy our potentials in promoting average foreign products is why today , we import ordinary toothpicks. I just hope this country is not a coursed country.

    In any case, I think , the current development, is much welcome, now Rohr is now a beggar Coach and humbled , just as our Nigerians coaches are humiliated begging to coach in their father land . ( Rohr supporters can now stop insulting our Nigerian coaches as beggars as Oga Rohr is also on his kneels ) 

    For the first time, Rohr is now desperate , begging NFF not to add a penny to what his supporters would call peanuts salary ( what a joke , for a so called Technical Adviser begging not to be given improve contract )

    Now if Rohr , should get another chance , he would take his job , by coming down to work here in Nigeria, rather than seating in his home in Germany as if he is doing Nigeria favour .

    It is glaring now , that with poor records of Rohr in his past tournament he participated where he always runs out of idea without a winning mentality, he remains unmarketable where no any other country is ready to give him job . Unlike, in the past , Rohr supporters would be putting undue pressure on NFF, claiming other countries wants to snatch him . what a shame 

    • Oakfield 1 year ago

      @destar,u said rohr is unmarketable????? Lol…I kneel on my knees and pray for him to reject the current nonsense of a contract given him and you’d see the calibre of countries that will come jostling for his signature. I’ll save this remark of yours for the rainy day. I’ll dig it up in due cause of time. Smooth sailing ……

    • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

      Hehehehehe….after all the time you wasted typing all these…the fact remains that Rohr’s Employers have been pleased enough to offer him a new contract. If you like tell us how Hitler killed Mohammed Ali or how Abacha impregnated Alicia Keys. It is none of our business…LMAO Even your African Guadiolas never succeeded to the point of earning new contracts from the NFF. LMAO

      Telling big LIES to tear down another man’s good works in the media as your lazy exinternationals are doing is not DESPERATION…it is recieving a new contract from your employer as a reward for meeting all their deliverables that is an act of desperation…..What a paradox in disillusion. LMAO

      You talk about shame as if you even know what shame is. Bcos anyone whose lies have been busted in public as many times as yours have been busted in the last 2 weeks shouldn’t even show his face in public if he knows what shame is.

      The NFF is not a rehabilitation centre, tell your exinternationals to dust their CVs and go and submit in Cape Verde or Togo or Chad and stop telling lies that nobody wants to give them jobs….it’s a fat lie. In this age and century you can apply for any job anywhere in the world and get it if you have something tangible in your CV and convince your interviewers why you are the best for the job. If they want top jobs…they must be ready to compete for it….not depending on nepotism and corruption. If we claim we want the best for the SE, then the best among the available lot must be ready to contest for the job…..not waiting for waivers or federal character appointments from NFF as it the SE is the civil service.

      Rohr is unmarketable but he his working in his 4 national team in Africa….but your “marketable” exinternationals have set up camp at NFF secretariat, like the lame leper at the beautiful gate, just because they want jobs. WOW… wonderful 1st class marketability.

      We gave them 6 years to promote themselves but they took us to our WORST ever level in football…we missed billions of naira in revenue from not appearing at 3 out of 4 AFCONs and even lost more revenues when our players became cheap commodities in the transfer market.
      This failure called Rohr who has “failed” has taken us back to where we are supposed to be an now even Real Madrid and Barcelona are eyeing our players. The latest news is that PSG is eyeing our own Ola Aina. This Rohr is indeed a useless failure.

      Enough of giving our SE to people who have not achieved anything tangible in their coaching careers since the retired from football. The SE is not a secondary school or U16 team….neither is it a 2nd division team. Any coach who has not managed a first division professional football club with something tangible to show should come near our national team even if it was the person’s father that donated the land where National stadium was built….LMAO

      If they are better than Rohr they should go and apply in the country that is currently ranked 16th in Africa and 70th in the world and qualify for 2022 World and win bronze in AFCON…then we will know they are ready for the SE. After all Nicolas Dupuis almost did the unthinkable by qualifying Madagascar (top of their group and first to qualify for 2019 AFCON) and even went as far a AFCON quarterfinals. If it were to be when it was a 16 team AFCON that would be the Semifinals.

      That is a coach who wants to be recognized by the rest of the world…not the ones begging their FAs for job up and down. He didn’t sit down in his parlour in France begging FFF to give him a job.

  • KangA 1 year ago

    Rest assured Rohr will accept the contract. That’s my strong feeling. After all, he doesn’t need that job for the pay alone. He is setting himself up for a higher goal. But in the rare chance that he turns his back on us, any coach that comes must fetch us the AFCON cup. That’s more achievable than the WC. 

  • Bomboy 1 year ago

    @KangA, You say the AFCON trophy should be the target of the new coach. Hope the same applies to Coach Rohr if he stays?

    The issues I had with our coach were his low expectations for our “young” team, his lack of inspiration from the touchline (his body language does not inspire confidence) and his lack of ambition.

    When I take a look at our coach, the impression I get is that of a dedicated civil servant who is content with an average income. But when I take a look at some charismatic coaches like Renard, I get the impression of an aggressive business man with lofty goals, not a civil servant who is contentnt with getting by financialy (apologies to civil servants).

    I may be wrong about the impressions I have of Coach Rohr. It is possible that I am misinterpreting his words and body language. Maybe he is a very ambitious coach with a humble personality, etc. If that is the case (which I hope it is), i am sorry for being so hard on him since the last World Cup and AFCON.

    I am aware that the support of the fans can send a positive vibe to the team. That is why I have decided to support this coach for the next AFCON. I want to send a positive energy to the team by supporting the coach (and the NFF). However, I think we will not be asking too much if we give him a target to win the next AFCON. Of course, if we dont win it, that doea not imply that he should be sacked. However, I believe it is an offence to coach the Super Eagles for over three years and still go to the AFCON with low expectations.

  • I concur KingA. However, as desirable as the ambition of winning the Africa Cup of Nations is, any coach that leads Nigeria to at least reach the semi-finals has done a yeoman’s job in my humble opinion.

    In the last tournaments several heavyweights went, saw but ultimately returned empty handed. These included Egypt, Morocco, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Cameroon, South Africa and Mali.

    We still came back with something to show for our efforts.

    Only one team will win the tournament and that is a collection of players with destiny in their sights.

    I hope, I pray, I want us to win it however my primary expectation is for any Nigerian team to make a meaningful impact in the tournament.

    • KangA 1 year ago

      @Bomboy, @deo
      The minimum standard for the AFCON also applies to Rohr, in fact it especially applies to him. 

      I do not claim to be able to read Roh’s mind, but at least by being grounded with the basic knowledge of yardsticks for achievement, motivation, success, one can make fairly close predictions. To me, Rohr seems to be a quiet achiever who has his eyes fixed at his over all goal. He is not a flamboyant coach like Renard.Most of us were mad with him of about his persistent mouthing of “my young team” but this may be a quirky way of deceiving his opponents. He goes ahead to register crushing victories against formidable teams like Zambia and Caneroon. 

      Rohr knows that Nigerians are hungry for the AFCON trophy, and having spent 4 years building a team, and with the calibre of players he has to deploy in the next AFCON, he is going for the kill. 

      He has taken a lot of digs from dissatisfied fans, and I am pretty sure that he’ll change his style to get what he wants and silence his critics. 

      I do hope the NFF would be wise to give him a wise chance. If we change the captain now in the middle of a battle, the boat may sink. There is a high chance of risking all. Remember, it takes some time for the team to gel. 

  • truth 1 year ago

    For me i don’t trust our local coaches due to corruption, nepotism and tribalism that is even deadlier. Our players are doing well in their various clubs as a result of the turn around we have experienced in our national team. Remember there was a time Nigeria prayers could not sign for any club in England due poor rating at the global stage. I suggest NFF to employ a technical assistant in addition to Rohr bcs we are having issues in the area of team management during competitions eg Afcon and World cup respectively.

  • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

    If we know what we are doing as a nation, the minimum requirements for whoever is going to replace Rohr should be;

    1- CAF A Or UEFA A coaching license or its equivalent from other confederations

    2- At least 3 years experience coaching coaching a professional football club from any continent

    3- At least 2 years experience coaching a national team from any continent

    4- Coaching Experience Up to Semifinals stage of continental competitions

    5- Coaching Experience at the world cup.

    Minimum Targets over the next 3 years

    1- AFCON trophy
    2- WC semifinals

    We are not ranked 16th in Africa anymore, we are now one of the 3 strongest teams in AFRICA. ANY COACH, INCLUDING ROHR who does not have those requirements and cannot guarantee those targets shouldn’t come close to our national team.

    Any coach that does not have any of these requirements is a downgrade…Finis & Klaar

    • Goal 1 year ago

      My preaching is really having a powerful effect here! I can’t believe what i just read, hmm repentance is very good ooh.

      If you been talking like this we have no problem at all.

      I will like to ask if you think oga Rohr have all this requirement? If not I see no reason why you are attacking anyone who believe that the Super Eagles deserves the very best.

      • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

        I don’t comment here to please you or anybody. If my comments give u a heart ache, deal with it.

        I say things as they are, with facts and figures which anybody is free to challenge and without fear or fervor.

        If there are any of these requirements Rohr does not have…why not point them out and back your claims up with verified facts and figures.

        The last time I checked…Rohr has them all and so deserves to continue. If it pains you switch off your tv set anytime the SE are playing till when he leaves.

        • Pompei 1 year ago

          There you goes blasting the ball OVER THE BAR again! Hehehehehe!
          If you had an iota of sense, you would know that it is not you who should be saying “your preaching” is having effect. Other people should be saying that. Praising yourself, giving yourself multiple “likes”, and slyly fishing for complments has gotten you absolutely nowhere in the past, and that trend continues!

  • stan 1 year ago

    @Dr drey that’s the type of coaches we want, to replace rohr.

    • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

      Consistency is what makes a man. Stop jumping from pillar to post simply because you hate Rohr….one moment, you were pro-black, proudly Nigerian, Nepotism over Meritocray, backing people who only have 100 caps alone to succeed Rohr, irrespective of their credentials or their portfolios…….another moment you are suddenly rooting for Merit and proven competence.
      Mr man, stay one place and lets know where you belong.

  • De Star ⭐️ 1 year ago

    @Goal & @Stan , please let us leave oga Rohr alone to concentrate on the new the new contract he want to sign so that we can move forward as this argument is taking his toll on my productivity .

    Moreover , it is becoming embarrassing even to me , as “Oyoinbo” man is being humiliated like this ( I seriously don’t want to be accused of racism) . If oga Rohr would not take a walk , let us leave him to continue ;after all PMB was given tenure extension in 2019 and up till now Nigeria is only crawling and has not collapsed.

    The desperation is becoming 2 embarrassing, for a true German to be so much humiliated as Rohr ( I have worked with Germans  for years , Germans prides themselves In their capability especially the men , hence you can hardly see their men driving a tax cab , it should be for ladies ) .

    In England , their football Administration striped John Terry of his captaincy without Capelo’s knowledge, instantly he resigned ; but our oga Rohr assistants was removed with another replacement, Rohr was reading it in the CS as we were reading it , yet Rohr didn’t behave as real German, by saving his honour if any .

     Rohr’s employer recommended refresher course after his shambolic poor performance in WC & Afcon where he continued making elementary errors, he did not resign honourably , just like his supporters would argue ,( Mourinho , Pep also undergo refresher,)  forgetting that , a Coach that knows his left from right would have his scheduled  refresher training program, JM , Pep etc went on their scheduled refresher training, not recommended for them by their employers, they are professionals , you don’t wait until your employer recommended retraining , ( when such recommendation is written, it is nothing but VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE, period !!) .

    it is world standard practice, we should not be feeding ourselves with information we cannot defend in this forum that is internationally read  ; In my profession , when an engineer, Pilot etc commit error especially when , he declares the error , or after investigation, he or she is recommended for immediate refresher retraining, which must be done before the incident can be properly closed , and he would not be allowed to touch aircraft; it is done , instead of being sacked, and to encourage safety reporting systems , if such error occurs again , then it is sack ; it is different from scheduled refresher training which in aviation it is a maximum 2 years , after 2 years , it is violation. 

    It is becoming too embarrassing now ,  I am sure even if there is a clause in Rohr contract for him  not to visit his home country Germany, for the next 2 years  hill would gladly accept.

    Our people would say (if we decide to eat frog , it should be the one that has plenty eggs) . If we cannot employ world class coach , let us make use of our Nigerians coaches, let us invest on them and export them to be source of revenue. It is high time, we stopped employing average coach , for us to be celebrating average achievement of 3rd placed medal in Afcon , this is Nigeria not Togo. The Oliseh , Emenaloa , Amunikes , Finidis Peter Rufai, Ike Shorowunmi would do a great job if given required support with steady salary 

    We copy the whites good and bad in our african inferiority complex but when they changed, we continue on the stagnant method, England has since realized , employment of foreign coaches is a waste of resources and made do with their locals ones , but in Nigeria, once it is whites skin products, we jettisoned our own good product “ we called it , Ibo made” I am a Yoruba , that is the way , we killed the potentials if the Igbo and Nigerians ingenuity, today we cannot produce toothpicks and all our textiles industry and Aba made shoes factories are being berried 

  • Hello guys,

    I sincerely believe that NFF has underutilized Mr. Rohr’s potentials. The man is a very good man manager which is a bit what was lacking among some of our ex internationals  and indeed foreign coaches that have coached Super Eagles. Besides Steven Keshi . Even at Nigerian club level, only few coaches can boast of possessing good man -management skills to run their various clubs.  When Siasia was  Eagles coach he struggled with sound management  of his playing personnels. He clashed with some of his players including Enyeama and even Milk Obi before they mend fences.

    During the brief time Oliseh held sway at Eagles dugout, he clashed with Ekong, Enyeama and Mikel. Oliseh equally had same problem with some of his backroom staff at F.ortuna Sittard when he gained insight  on the ground design to ease him out.

    In fact, managing players with complex personalities require a lot of tact, self -control and diplomacy. This is were exactly where Mr Rohr has excelled. We have not heard any single case of major fall out with his players because he has built a FAMILY out of the Eagles. Maybe the way he communicates his decision to the playing staff could be the key.

    If you look at our central defense department, Mr Rohr has taking some decisions that included dropping one of the  senior players  Kenneth Omeruo  when he wasnt doing well.  Just like a construction worker, he built and collapsed the Oyinbo wall when Balogun  became inactive at club level and brought in Ajayi. In all these, there was no fall out and hell was not let loose. He dropped Mikel , Musa etc on many occasions but the team chemistry remained in tact. Even when Onazi was dropped and the player tried to raise dust, coach  Rohr  displayed maturity and diplomacy to neutralize him. 

    This  Onazi’s behavior is what some of our indigenous and foreign coaches wouldn’t stomach but Mr Rohr showed tact and never wanted team chemistry to but sacrificed on the alter of “being the boss”.

    Soon after he was appointed, Westerhof clashed with Henry Nwosu and  subsequently slammed the Eagles door on the other side on him . Similarly , Bonfrere in his second coming, had  a celebrated row with Ikpeba at 2000 Afcon  in Lagos over game time. This affected the  team chemistry. These are only few incidents among a whole lot . 
    In the light these, I would like the NFF to partner with local clubs  and organize periodic coaching clinics where Mr Rohr will interact with our local coaches and  Build them on Team management.

    Another area Mr Rohr has excelled is in scouting for talents abroad and blending them in the Super Eagles set up.  His policy of  elimination by substitution  has enhanced competition for places in Eagles reminiscent of the Westerhof era. Ebuehi, Collinns Ajayi, Aina, Kalu, Dennis, Nwakaeme, Onyekuru, Idowu,  and the new duo of Ehiizobu and Desser are all product of Mr. Rohr scouting network.

    However, the NFF should make him understand that charity begins at home. Let Mr. Rohr reside in Nigeria watch our league and repeat what Westerhof did by scouting the Nigeria League and academies for players. Previous Eagles coaches  that implemented this measure ( Westerhof and Keshi) were successful in this regard so i see nothing wrong with Super Eagles Coach living in Nigeria and watching and scouting our league rather watch i see wrong is having him remain when he has reached his peak in his area of  speciality..

    In my humble opinion, the NFF in collaboration with local clubs should have  tapped from  Mr. Rohr ‘s man/ team management savy by organizing workshops  with local coaches on team building,scouting, man/ team management. l
    Conclusively, i still believing that Mr. Rohr has reached his peak with us. He has built a team but lack the technical input in game situation to help the team. During games, our combination play and  transition from defense to the final third is still disjointed and unimpressive. So he has to give way for a  attack minded coach who possess  Technical/tactical  acumen with good match reading skills  to steer the wings of these Eagles to  fly again.

    • Ayphillydegreat 1 year ago

      This is contrary to what your earlier comment. It seems you know Rohr is good for the job, but only undermining is technical and tactical input. The problem with your comments is that you’re judging based on two matches. You said he has built a solid team. A person that built a great team should know how to utilize is players when it’s all said and done. Westerhoff did the same. You said he has good man Management what else does a good coach needs. He had played 3-5-2, 4-4-2, 4-2-3-1 since he took over the SuperEagles which technical and tactical input are you still looking for again?? LMAO!! Very laughable. I don’t know any better coach that can handle the SuperEagles better than what Rohr is doing at the moment

  • _ Washing Dirty Linen in Public _

    This protracted contract talks between Gernot Rohr and his employers have done more to damage the reputation of both parties than advancing the steady and verifiable progress made by the Super Eagles since 2016.

    Although the perception of Rohr’s competency, impact and technical and tactical acumen is matter of hot debate among Super Eagles stakeholders, one fact is at the very least undeniable about the German’s reign : the Super Eagles have not regressed.

    Whether the national team has made progress or how far forward we have moved is still sharply either rejected or downplayed in some quarters (at times in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary).

    However, that is not the point. If the NFF no longer wish to continue their association with the former Gabon coach, then there is a more mature way to go about it. Making public the teams of a contract yet to be agreed to by Rohr is not very professional in my humble opinion.

    Rohr, as well, granting numerous interviews to talk about how ‘keen’ he is to sign a less improved contract makes him look to desperate and needy. Other coaches with enough personal pride in their own dignity might even have walked away all together solely because of the NFF’s handling of the matter.

    It now begs the question: why is Rohr desperate to manage the Super Eagles at all cost? Am I missing something!

    I strongly suggest to both parties that, now that Rohr has received the proposed contract, this matter should be shut out of media coverage until both parties have agreed to terms and conditions.

    The way this matter is being handled is painting both parties in bad light.

    In fairness to Rohr, there are times when he has only responded to media reports on the contract situation rather than instigate public discussions about it.

    Both the NFF and Rohr have played their part in the progress of the Super Eagles in the last 3 years. I think they should now realise that it is up to them to make sure that all that good work must not come to waste!

    • KangA 1 year ago

      I stand behind you. I fervently pray that the contract negotiations does not break down at the last minute. My fear is Rohr’s ability to pay his army of assistants. It seems NFF doesn’t appreciate his personal contributions. I urge them to reconsider things, augment the contract to a viable level, and keep things away from the prying eyes of the media as you suggested. 

      I’m not saying that Rohr is indispensable, but to kick him out at this stage is akin to shooting oneself in the feet. NFF should have taken a decisive steps long ago and streamlined a professional plan for the exchange of the baton if they were thinking of not retaining Rohr.

      You bring an unqualified person behind the door and tell us that that’s a credible succession plan? And some people on this platform are talking of being ashamed? Who should be ashamed? Is it Rohr, whose foresight, knowledge of the game, and team organisation and ingenuity helped him lift us from the 70th position in the world to the 31st position that should be ashamed? 

      The ever garrulous ones have refused to acknowledge his vital inputs when we needed them most. Now it’s an avalanche of non-viable suggestions. 

      If the worst happens, the calculators will come back. Gary Klein weaved an interesting tale about similar scenarios in: SEEING WHAT OTHERS DON’T. Maybe he might include the story of the SuperEagles in his next edition. 

    • Pompei 1 year ago

      Well said, Deo.

  • BigD 1 year ago

    Rohr went onlive live in an interview with Sports Journalist and said on camera there is no problem with the contract and the supposed new conditions.

    He said if we look at the last few years, he has been in Nigeria far more than he has been abroad when you look at here he spends his time.

    The media are over conflating the matter. He wants 2 more years, up to the world cup 2022 to finish his project. He has spoken to Yobo and given him some jobs to do, keep in contact with the players in Nigeria, Ezenwa, Kalu and Anaemena. He has not asked for more money and doesn’t see what the issue is with the media.

    Live on camera online in an instagram live video interview. I still have the audio file which I recorded at the time.

    All those who are talking about Rohr this, Rohr that including Finidi and online “experts” are just trying to derail the process.

    He will sign, he will continue the job for another two years and then finish his contract. What happens after that is anybody’s guess

    • BigD 1 year ago

      With sports Journalist Colin Udoh

    • Bomboy 1 year ago

      @BigD, thanks for the info. The case is settled then.

      Let us now focus all our energies on the next AFCON. If you love the Super Eagles, support the NFF and coach. It doesn’t matter if you approve an appointment or not. Give your support for now. If the SE perform well, we are all winners, whether we like the coach or not.

  • DeStar 1 year ago

    @deo , brilliant submission

    • Much obliged, Destar.

    • De Star ⭐️ 1 year ago

      Haaaa , you are all still firing !!! I can only do 100 meters dash ooo.

      @Ike , you don’t come every minutes, but any time you visit, you always dissect Rohr technical prowess and his glaring ineptitude , where his flaws has beclouded his little prowess @ Larry @ Goal can you please give oga Rohr and his promoters rest , your constant dig at Rohr’s weaknesses is like hot knife piercing hot buttered bread . 

      May be because of time factor , we should promote Rohr on trial , so that his promoters and his business partners in NFF can continue to celebrate their coach Mr Bronze’s average record , after all PMB’s average records was also applauded by some Nigerians who gave him another trial in 2019 , which seems to be 2 costly now .

      I am must be honest with you , just as @deo had rightly observed it is becoming embarrassing, NFF should either tell Rohr directly that , they are no longer willing to celebrate an average achievement and to continue enjoying his country home , rather than subjecting him into such desperado “ NO , I don’t want improve contract ( I have never seen where an employee begging his employer that he doesn’t deserve wage increase , could it  mean Rohr honestly belief, his achievements was very poor and never deserves another contract on merit as his promoters would want us to believe? to note that  , it is the same coach that after being  bundled out in the first round WC, taught rudimentary of soccer by local coach of another African country in  Afcon semifinal , he shamelessly asked for almost double wage improved contract which his NFF business partners quickly granted him).  Or in alternative, give Rohr another contract on trial , so that , this debate and embarrassment of desperado of “YES I WILL DO “ can STOP  

      The progressives @ Larry , @ Ike, @ Stan, @ Goal , @ Chidi , @ Omo9ja etc  have done a great job  at least, NFF knows , Nigerians soccer loving people are watching them , no business as usual . Oga Rohr , too knows, he cannot take Nigerians for easy ride and must sit down and work with competent coaches who can cover his flaws to achieve great results and not to be celebrating average achievement as Afcon bronze 


      • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

        Hahahaha….you and your progressive lairs have been put to shame. The same Rohr that is the worst coach Nigeria has ever had (with the highest win ratio of any SE coach dead or alive) keeps getting his contract renewed by his employers….LMAO…while your fake guadiolas, some of who failed woefully previously are busy chasing Pinnick with empty CVs and midnight calls…whereas Rohr is at the moment reading through his contract renewal papers sippping a glass of scotch. LMAO.

        You guys have tried ehn, but no matter how many enemies gather to bring down a just man, the God of justice never abandons his own….just like your pay masters, you’ve all failed. LMAO

        The super eagles manager position is too big for people who have nothing in their CVs to get by cheap media campaigns of calumny and blackmail. After all your rabblerousing and lies that wouldn’t even fool an imbecile of the last few weeks…the fact remains that #RohrStays. LMAO. You guyz can get some alcohol to ease your pains ehn…LMAO. If you can’t buy alcohol because you are locked down, look for ways to extract the ones in your hand sanitizers….LMAO

        Pls when the SE are playing, always remember to turn off your TV sets o…if will do you guyz a world of good….we don’t want to hear that someone of you lost an artery to boiling hatred and jelousy. Lolz…..and kindly tell your African Guadiolas to go and qualify Cape Verde for 2022 WC and also win bronze at AFCON since they are that good.

        The sky is wide enough for all the birds to fly without colliding….but that one no mean say make chicken sef begin dey show skill. There’s no place like home nor be for warri boy wey pass Sahara desert enter Europe. LMAO

  • @ Ayphillydegreat i do objective analysis and i do not take a position without weighing the merits of the other argument or position. I have outlined the qualities of Mr. Rohr which is mainly his man management skills and his scouting prowess .

    However this does not becloud my firm believe that Mr. Rohr has reached his peak  with Eagles. He has flexed with several formation in friendlies including back 3 in a 352 formation. But in real match situation, he lacks the courage to play the formation.

    Guys, you need to see  GR in the technical area when match is HOT i mean when we are loosing. He always cut a figure of a confused coach who lacks the technical depth to change the game. He does not  show presence and is very uninspiring standing  in the technical area confused with out ideas. 

    I sincerely see the hunger in GR to continue . I see he is self motivated  but that is not enough.  I want to see free flowing transitional play , attack minded play combination play, a coach who inspire confidence from the bench and read matches better. I want to see a coach who posses an eagle eye to spot weakness in our play and the lion heart to make changes as needed.

    These qualities are lacking in GR hence i maintain  that his contract should not be renewed. We need a Dutch coach who will introduce our known “Dutch play” that we used to and not this ultra defensive set up which tend to be a coaching philosophy for GR.

    • Larry 1 year ago

      @ike, Great observation and highly professional comment.Some of us do share your view on this forum. Those limitations have been pointed out several times and they may not be unconnected with the contract desperation and lack of suitors on the part of GR.
      What we do not know is the season for the desperation and lack of class shown by GR ? Will the consequence be negative or positive? Is the information about GR involvement in player’s transfer true or false ? Is GR desperation fired by agents of corruption or based on commitment to raise profile for future benefit?
      It is my hope that performance clause is inserted in the contract. Interestingly, the next Nations cup is just around the corner and improvement based on the last AFCON can be used as one of the contact conditions.

      Honestly, with a more technical and fired up bench, the current crop of capped and uncapped players can compete with any team in the world.

      GK.. Alapamsu, Uzoho, Akpeyi,
      DF.. Balogun, Omeruo, Awaziem, Ajayi, Ekong, Aina, Ebuehi, Ehibizue, idowu, Collins and Eze,
      MF. Ndidi, Etebo, Abdulah, Ejaria, Azeez, Aribo, Chukwueze, Simon, Kalu, Iwobi, lukman, and Ejuke.
      ATT. Osimhen, Dessers, Umar,and Dennis

      • The same Rohr that is “technically deficient” according to you and your group discover or give debut appearance for 90% of the players you mentioned above, yet you want him out. Fear God

    • Goal 1 year ago

      Flesh and blood did not reveal this to you, you are in spirit bro @Ike

      This is what I have been preaching for a long time here but Rohr’s fans see me as an enemy.

      Bro never give up in speaking the truth.

  • Mercy 1 year ago

    I laugh each time i read people comments on this platform. Critics are quick to refer to the game against Argentina at the wc and Algeria in the nc. The truth is that the Argentine team can beat ANY TEAM including France the world winner on a good day. Truth be told our team at the wc is good enough to come out from that group. A young team with 3 or 4 players who had tasted WC before. Even when we have the best set of players in 94 we did not beat the Argentina. Croatia on the other hand got to the final. So why the cry of GR is technically defficient? I am very sure many here have never kick a tennis ball not to talk of football. If you ask them to define technical deficiency I wouldnt be surprise if they don’t even understand the meaning. The Algeria beat us at the semifinal to win the Nc from our players mistakes. Own goal from ekong and a combination of mistake from both ndidi and Akpeyi. If we are that good as you guys are painting us to be. All our players should be playing for top teams in Europe. Thank God for GR, before now the core of players plied their trade in Turkey and Russia and we want to beat a team that has players playing for Barcelona, man city, psg, juventus etc. Abeg you guys are joking. Please…..guys be humble. Reality check is that we are not there. Don’t lets deceive ourself but with patience and continuous growth we will surpass our previous outing.

    • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

      @ Mercy.

      Nigerians are generally an overtly sentimental people.

      I look at the current crop of capped and uncapped players that someone just said “can compete with any team in the world” and I asked, have we even started dominating Africa yet…? How many of those players are playing for league or cup champions in the top 5 leagues in the world…? How many are playing in the latter stages of the champions league and Europa league….? How many are getting into the top 10 AFOTY nominees list yet…? How many are commanding transfer figures in the region of $50m and above yet…? The market value of the Senegalese team is 318m euros. Ours is still at 192m euros (the value of Kylian Mbappe alone)….and we are talking about competing with “ANY” team in the world….LMAO. You can only compete with your mate….that is why most sports have weight, class or age categories. In as much as our players have not started dragging jerseys with ballon d’or nominees or champions league/ World cup semifinalists in their clubs, the competing with ANY team in the world is simply an illusion.

      We like to lie to ourselves in the name of “promoting” our own rather than facing the realities on ground, accepting the truth that these realities tell us, and working on them. Nepotistic ones will says we should rather swim with our local coaches (whether they qualify for the job or not) or sink with them. I dont know of others, but as for those of us who are not ready to die of permutations, we tired of sinking and are not ready to sink anymore. I’ll rather swim with meritocracy and competence than sink with nepotism and mediocrity. The SE’s levels currently has been raised beyond being an object of trial and error to a position of consolidation and quantum progression.

      The progress our SE has made in the last 3 years has rubbed off on the careers of our players and seen most of them move from turkey and other lower leagues to mostly top 7 leagues in Europe and the beautiful thing is that unlike before when majority used to warm benches in their clubs, nowadays, they know that if they don’t play….no invitation to the national team. The era of “pay and play” has been confined to the dustbin, now we are in the era of “play to play”. We are still progressing and the future indeed is bright, if and only if we don’t ruin it once more with sentiments and nepotism, thinking we have arrived where we are today just by luck. The FACT remains that we’ve gotten to this point as a results of days and nights of hardwork.

      As for those who would rather focus their attention on the 2 games against Algeria and Argentina…..that’s their headache. Progressive minded people like us would rather focus on the remaining 29 he has won. Afterall, its not like the same man they castigate has not led us to defeated these two teams before. Where was his “TACTICAL INCOMPETENCE” when we defeated them. But my happiness is that for the first time in years, we saw a SE that fought gallantly and went down fighting in both games. For the first time in history, we made Argentina sweat, we made them toil, we made them CRY…yes….Argentines were practically in tears by the time the final whistle sounded in that game. The champions and strongest team at 2019 AFCON required help from our own players to break us….if only we too had just 2 players of the class of Mahrez and Bounedjah in our team, it definitely would have been a different story. Absolutely no shame in such gallantry displayed in both games.

      This Eagles team is about to fly…..and even the devil cannot argue that we have not or are not made/making progress.

    • Mercy 1 year ago

      Truth be told that our team at the WC is not good enough to come out of our WC group.

  • Larry 1 year ago

    The Nigerians that I know fully well understand logic. It is rather unfortunate that the same analogies presented here can be used against him.
    What us the market value of the national team of Madagascar and Algeria..
    Compare the Market value of Eagles squad against the Argentines (94), Spain (98)..
    The basic true is that there is still room for improvement in GR. Am only pointing out this because I believe with more technical input, self-belief, and learning from past experience, those players can win trophies.

    • Larry 1 year ago

      I meant Bulgaria (94) not Argentines.**.

      • Goal 1 year ago

        You are right @Larry, we have mentioned times without number the areas oga Rohr needs to work on,weaknesses that is so visible for all to see,he must work on it because we can’t continue with all this excuses being peddled here.

        If we are not ready to compete no need qualifying.

        You know when a carpenter makes mistakes he will say is a style, we are not ready to tolerate such craps again.

    • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

      Hahahaha….you claim you understand logic, yet to are relating transfer market value to our outster from the world cup….LMAO

      If that is your understanding of what I wrote above then I wish you all the best in life….LMAO

  • Pompei 1 year ago

    Aha! Ok, I see what is happening now. Some people here think because Gernot Rohr cuts such a cool figure during matches, that means he is confused or lacking ideas. So Rohr has to start jumping up and down on the sidelines like person wey don craze before you believe he is working, ba? Abi you prefer for him to be doing somersault like Aghagowa? Or maybe he should fall to the ground and be rolling back and forth, shaking and sweating profusely? Shebi that is evidence that he is working, craze person movement on the sidelines, abi? Nonsense!
    It is amazing how people refuse to look at facts and figures, and instead choose to make their decisions based on personal whim!
    Rohr is tactically inept. He is incompetent. He lacks desire. He is not handsome. He looks weak. He can’t get it up in the bedroom. He is useless.
    What complaint have we not heard about this man from Rohr haters? This same Rohr who has brought us from the brink of nowhere land, to the very spotlight of world football, qualifying us for major tournaments with games to spare, making us attractive to global soccer powerhouses for friendlies, this same very Rohr, can never do anything right as far as the Rohr haters are concerned! Hate the man all you like, you can NEVER, EVER take away his achievements from him. NEVER!
    Armchair analysts, na wa for una!

  • Larry 1 year ago

    May be you should explain what you meant by the statement below..

    “In as much as our players have not started dragging jerseys with ballon d’or nominees or champions league/ World cup semifinalists in their clubs, the competing with ANY team in the world is simply an illusion”

    We won the nations cup in 2013 and qualified for the second round with a less valuable team and defeated star studded ivorian team.
    Stars don’t win matches, cohesiveness, self-belief, technical prowess and discipline are key factors in successful teams..
    Try another one or pack for one side…

    • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

      So where was cohesiveness, self-belief, technical prowess and discipline when we missed out of 3 AFCONs and only managed 1 scrappy win against Bosnia at the world cup…? Or you also want to argue that we didn’t have quality players back then too…?

      Saying the 2013 team was less valuable is a fallacy of the highest order. a team brimming with very experienced, talented and mature players from Enyeama in goal to Emenike up front. I bet to say only Ekong, Ndidi and probably Chukwueze would have made the starting like up of that team. The Semifinals where we ended our journey in 2019 is an equivalent of the final of the 2013 edition…we didn’t underachieve in anyway in 2019 on the balance of judgement. The fact that we sneaked through in 2014 WC doesn’t make that team an overarchieveing team. I make bold to say we would have qualified in 2018 from a group that has Iran and Bosnia with a game to spare. 2018 was in no way a disaster…3 out of the 4 goals that contributed to own downfall were gifts to the opponents….that same way the 2 goals we conceeded against Algeria were Greek gifts to the Algerians too. Rohr might be useless, clueless and every other negative word you want to use on him to give you a dopamine feeling, but what no one can dispute and what we are proud of is that any team who wants to beat his team must be ready to sweat blood and shed tears. Our SE today has not lost 82% of its matches in the last for years it will take the game of your life to beat these lads.

      And just like I said before…. even if we employ Guadiola today, we still don’t have the personnel to beat Just ANY or Every team in the world when the stakes are high…. and that’s a FACT, take it or leave it. It takes more than just having cohesiveness, self-belief, technical prowess and discipline. When push comes to shove, it takes having players who can weave their magic and make something happen out of nothing, just like Mahrez did, and players who would not lose concentration at critical moments (like Victor Moses at the WC and Ndidi at AFCON) to win games at the highest Level. If our players are not doing these yet at the top level in their clubs when coming face to face on daily basis with truely world class players, then I repeat, boasting we can BEAT ANY NATION IN THE WORLD is a mere illusion.

      If your team has cohesiveness, self-belief, technical prowess and discipline and your opponents also have cohesiveness, self-belief, technical prowess and discipline, what will end up separating both sides…??

      Against France in 2014, we played a very balanced game until Onazi got injured and some nonentity pay and play player replaced him and our entire team collapsed. Stars may not win matches, but not having a Star can be the difference between winning and losing. The same Argentina team we beat 4-2 with the same 352 formation in 2017 was largely the same one we met at the world cup in 2018, the difference was just the presence of a certain Lionel Messi.

      So if you claim to understand logic and yet have this level of deficiency in logical assembly, then something must be wrong somewhere.

      • Larry 1 year ago

        My friend you are still dancing soapy and slipping from one side to another. Before, it was market value, I gave several instances and boxed you into another narrative.
        Many top teams sweat to beat GR team blah blah..
        Now, you have the guts to blame the top players of SE for your demigod losses and deficiencies. If Eagles had won these matches, the praises would have gone to GR. Why not just press the break on this issue and look forward to the next engagements. At least, GR has been offered a chance to return, more matches will be played and next AFCON is not far..
        I’m done, gimme a break.

        • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

          I’ve given you a break a long time ago moss. It’s your comprehension problems that has been getting you excited. You claimed your line up of players above is capable of beating ANY team in the world…and Im simply saying let them start with comfortably beating countries like Senegal whose market value (which is a reflection of the quality of players in the team) is almost twice as high as that of Nigeria first, before boasting of being able to BEAT ANY TEAM IN THE WORLD. When the stakes are high and push comes to shove, it the players with class that will make the difference.

          How many of such players do you have currently before making empty boasts all over the place….LMAO.

          • Goal 1 year ago

            The same world class players south Koreans have before beaten Germany in last world cup,right?

  • Hello Sport fans,
    I would like is not to disturb ourselves about GR issue. If the man can employ a good match reader , and a good trainer to take the boys through various models of transitional play, then i wouldn’t mind GR staying. 

    However, the NFF is broke  and oil giants Aieto that bank rolls NFF just like other businesses are severely hit by  economic woes inspired by Covid 19. I can guarantee you all that Mr. GR will seize to be our coach by end of June as the NFF might declare force  Ma-jeure . All arrangements to announce an ex international as coach has been concluded and it is only a matter of when the choice will be announced.