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Rohr Demands $1m Compensation From NFF For Wrongful Dismissal

Rohr Demands $1m Compensation From NFF For Wrongful Dismissal

Former Nigeria head coach Gernot Rohr is demanding $1m compensation fee for what he claimed unfair dismissal by the country’s Football Federation.

Rohr was sacked by the NFF on the eve of the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations early this year.

The NFF agreed to pay the German’s salary until the end of his contract, which expires in December 2022.

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The former Gabon and Niger coach however wrote a letter to FIFA demanding an additional sum for damages.

That claim was contested by the NFF, and a Fifa tribunal examining Rohr’s claim for damages concluded last week. However, a verdict is yet to be communicated to either party.

“Mr Rohr’s the only one talking in the media about a case that is already with Fifa,” a top NFF official told BBC Sport Africa.

“That matter is being handled by our legal department and we are waiting [for] a verdict this week or next week before making any official statement.”

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  • If NFF must pay that money,make them kuku call him back for the job..

    • I told Dem in my revelation book after his dissmisal that Nigeria wil call rohr back ……
      In the. Next one month rohr will be back as eagles coach .

  • Marvelous 2 years ago

    Instead of wasting such money which he however deserve, the NFF should engage him back to the team. After all the team is his team and he knows how to use the boys better than anybody else.

    • Ako AMADI 2 years ago

      The manner Rohr was dismissed has damaged Nigeria’s image further in the world. People think Nigeria is a 419-nation,and the way NFF treated Rohr like a dirty dog confirms the world opinion about us.

  • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

    We’ve now seen how smart we are as a nation. Lmao!! We sacked this man unjustly and eventually failed at both the AFCON and the WorldCup playoffs. Qualifying for the WorldCup would’ve given us $12m. Lmao!! WorldCup money we no go get. FIFA largesse will now be paid to Rohr. Lmao!! And some low lifers  are expecting us to rule the world with the caliber of players we have when the money that we could’ve use to motivate or improve our leagues and players will now go to one person all because of a bone head decision that eventually took our football back to the purgatory of 1982. Even 1982 was better because that was an 8 team tournament. Yes we’re indeed very smart as a nation. Lmao!! Anyway Ẹ maaa ran. 

    • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

      Hahahaha…we are paying close to $2m to fail with our own…..LMAOoo

      This is where hatred-filled, failed-life-stressed, traumatized racists and ego-driven propagandists who claim to know football have led us…..LMAOooo

      We have the best players….This is a golden generation and best collection of talents since 1994…..Any coach can win the AFCON with the calibre of players we have within 2 weeks…..LMAOoo
      They even lied the 2006 team is a less talented team…..LMAOOoo….just to undermine Rohr and hype their own….LMAOOoo. A team consisting of Enyeama, Taye Taiwo, Kanu, Okocha, Mikel, Oruma, Aghaowa, Yakubu, Obagoal and Odemwingie all in one winning bronze in a 16 team AFCON was less talented than the team dominated by AFCON debutants who won bronze in a 24 team AFCON…. LMAOOoooo.

      NFF should please continue to listen to them ehn….LMAOooo

      Ndi fail with your own……Ndi breath of fresh air…….Ndi Egaudiola is tactically better…..Ndi thankgod Rohr has been sacked to avert disaster …..can you all converge here, with your lap-dogs too, for a celebration party now…?

      Rohr is indeed a lucky man….LMAOoo. There are few people on earth who will be chilling at a beachside resort receiving $45,000 credit monthly for 13 months…..LMAOooo.

      That is the way the God of the just works. He turns mourning to dancing for the just man.

      The wicked, murderous and barbarous ones may frustrate you thinking they have won a victory over you…..they dont know they are actually frustrating you to your glory…..LMAOOooo

      Rohr should sue their asses for every cent he is owed in bonuses, salaries and severance packages….infact with interest compounded till December 2022 sef….LMAOooo. In their lives the will never gang up against a just man for their selfish parochial interests again….LMAOooo

      • Oakfield 2 years ago

        I tell u, Drey. This would be a very big lesson for them. The next time that stupid chief ex cricket international that calls himself ode and his miserable cohorts here and outside would come with their wicked devices to destabilize the team, they wouldn’t Eben need anybody to tell them to get rid of them asap without looking back.

        • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

          Hahahaha….Oakfield. They actually saw a potential AFCON winning team, but they felt if they should leave Rohr to take the team to Cameroon, if will be near impossible to sack him again, because there was a very serious likelihood of the man meeting his target once again….LMAOoo

          So instead, they listened to the street urchins who lied to them that any coach would actually win the AFCON in 2 weeks since we had boys who will make the job easier for the coach…afterall, if was only by their individual brilliance they have been racking in result after result under Rohr and not because of any inputs of Rohr….LMAooo.

          Rather than leave this onyibo man on the saddle and allow him to once again outfox us and meet another target, let us put our owns and bury the myth of foreign coaches forever with an AFCON trophy within 2 weeks….LMAOoo.

          The 9 apprentice cobblers they called their local african gaudiolas came on board and also decided to use the individual brilliance of the players as they have been lied to that Rohr was only using the indiviual brilliance of the players to get results……LMAOooo

          Little did they understand that the things Rohr was making to look ordinary were not as ordinary as it appeared….LMAOoo.

          Rohr should have put a sticker on the SE bus that “THE OBJECTS YOU SEE IN THIS MIRROR ARE FURTHER THAN THEY APPEAR”…..lmaoOOO.

          What a great story indeed.

          “Free Barabbas…..Free Barabbas……We want Barabbas…!”
          What about the Nazarene…..?
          Crucify him, Crucify him…..May his blood be upon our heads and our childrens’

          Hope all he miscreants who were urging them on will contribute so the $2m they are paying for the fail they contributed to now.

      • On the contrary, Picnic and NFF should be investigated for entering into a bogus contract with Rohr. NFF has a legal team that must have examined all the clauses in the contract.

        So why all these contractual bottlenecks??? Picnic has questions to answer!

  • Oakfield 2 years ago

    Crazy men…… Una better pay him or look for money to pay him. A wise person should always consider the consequences of his actions , whilst weighing its pros and cons and then finally make a decision that would be favorable for him but like aphilly just pointed out above, a bunch of wicked idiots (bone head idiots) deliberately plunged our football into the dungeon. Now, we ain’t worrying about only employing a sound coach but also about how to pay off this man’s debt. Failure to do so would attract fifa’s wrath on a larger scale. Una better go and settle with that man amicably o or Call him back, make him finish what he started and then part ways Jejely. Swallow ur pride and do the needful. At least, the devil u know is better than the angel you don’t know. The only man at theoment that has the key to our national team problems is rohr. That’s just the candid truth.

    • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

      Hehehehehe…..call wetin back…? LMAOooo. They should stick with their own that they are prepared to fail with no matter what the cost of that failure is…..LMAOoo.

      They should stick with their owns they are prepared to swim and sink with even if they will eventually drown and be washed ashore after 3 days or become food to aquatic life…..LMAOooo.

      Just as you rightly said, and which I 100% concur with, A wise person should always consider the consequences of his actions , whilst weighing its pros and cons and then finally make a decision that would be favorable…..but cheap liars and racists who are blinded by their hatred and stomachs would rather fail with their own even at humongous costs…..they have succeeded now in seeing the back of Rohr at least, but our football has lost MILLIONS of $ (if not billions) to their greed and collective short-sightedness. Penny-wise, pound foolish…..LMAOooo

      Someone should please cost their failure for them and let them have the invoice framed and hanged on their walls so that next time, they wouldnt prefer failure just because of skin colour……LMAOoooo

      Serves them all right…!!!

      • Oakfield 2 years ago

        It baffles me how that ode (the chief ex cricket international) always played that skin colour card whenever he wanted to talk about rohr or other prospective foreign coaches. I really can’t fathom the reason behind this high level of hatred. Is it bcs he couldn’t play outside the shores of Nigeria just like his mates (roger miller, abedi peke et all) did during their time bcs he was overrated and just an average player?

        • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

          Coincidentally though, his own children are all based abroad, where they are working and earning a living. As if the countries where they are employed have run out of oyinbos that can do what they too are doing.

          Ndi Joseph Yobo is good enough to coach the Super Eagles them…..LMAOoo

          Thank God we never tried that nonsense……LMAooooo

      • Edoman 2 years ago

        Omo9ja and Oldman Odagbemi should be made to pay contribution towards this.
        Omo9ja and his cohorts were all over the place and as a matter of fact, they made career of the issue.

        • Omo9ja 2 years ago

          Oh yeah. This wotowoto of you Oga Rohr won’t help you at all. You people keep lying to Nigeria every day.

          The question you people should be asking yourselves are, who selected the team for Oga Rohr?

          Why Oga Rohr team was regressing instead of progressing?

          Why Oga Rohr have failed at the world cup in Russia?

          Oga Rohr wasn’t good enough to be Super Eagles coach period.

          He would have gone immediately after the world cup in Russia but Amaju Pinnick, the big carbal of our sports have manipulated and abused Nigerian sports and this is why he Amaju and his colleagues are working hard to bring Paseiro to Nigeria because, they will get more money if they hire Paseiro.

          At least, before you hire someone, you have to check his past experience and achievements. Paseiro is far from that. Mba, Paseiro is no no.

          They don’t care if Paseiro is good or not, all they cares for is their pockets.

          Oga Rohr that could not coach Enyimba FC, not to talk of the Super Eagles.

          You Oga Rohr fans Nigeria limited should be warned.

          More so, Edoman, you are part of the Super Eagles problem. Please Edoman, stop blaming Omo9ja and Mr. Odegbami for nothing but blame Oga Rohr for his inability to read game, late subs and wrong tactics.

          You are more concerned about Edo people rather than Nigeria.

          To you, Ighalo is the best and he deserved to be in the Super Eagles ahead of

          You preferred Ighalo to Dessers right? So, why are you complaining now?

          Amaju also believe that Africans are not good enough to be in charge of anything except Oyinbo is part of the process.

          Although, Amaju is a black man but his brain is white and that is why he’s acting like this. One way thinking, a typical Oyinbo man.

          Nonetheless, this is the next thing to do if NFF are clueless. Egbo should be the head coach. Amunike and Finidi should be his assistants.

          Ike Shorunmu should be the head coach of the goalkeeping department. Enyeama and Ikeme should be Ike’s assistants.

          Let’s give these men two years to work and see the difference between our own and Oga Rohr.

          No doubt, NFF and Oga Rohr have wasted six years for their own interests.
          The current NFF should be ashamed of themselves.

          This is frustrating kę. What a shame. No time to waste time, Olofinjana and co should standby, we want them all to replace the current NFF members Shikena. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • KangA 2 years ago

      I have a big problem with the reasoning capability of our so-called leaders. What were they thinking of, or hoping to achieve when they woke up and decided that Rohr must go? And these people were warned to desist from destabilising the team by sacking Rohr, to no avail. 

      Can these people conduct basic management analysis, like knowing the factors that influence ROI? Return On Investment?

      Rohr had built his team, and was waiting to reap results: satisfactory AFCON and WC shows; making a name . . . and then he came in. 

      Odegbami is the worst culprit. He first shouted “Yobo!” and the NFF responded “Yobo” without thinking. How do you elevate a novice to the position of such magnitude? Has someone like Picnnick heard of “deliberate practice” or the 10,000 hours exertion to achieve mastery? It’s a shame! 

      And Odegbami is still at it. I’ve never seen a man whose sense of reasoning is so crooked. Or, he is a wicked man, who shakes you with the right hand, but conceals the fist with the left hand. He was attacking Rohr viciously as if the poor man had taken his wife. Nigerian leaders should be the last people on earth to attack foreigners. Aren’t Nigerian professionals found in almost all nooks and crannies of the world? And when our “leaders” have headache or runny nose where do they go? That man has a devilish heart.

      • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

        When you have too many riff raffs and street urchins who have never attained any management status in life on a public forum like this, their street-gutter opinions will almost sound like a popular opinion.

        For a man whose contract stated clearly that he will be sacked without compensation should he fail to meet his targets whoch he has never failed to meet in anyways….common sense….I repeat….common sense dictates that you let him fail first and then sack him for free rather than pay through your nose in severance packages for a premature dismissal.

        $2m in naira now should be equivalent to over a BILLION Naira. We have not only lost a $12m WC qualification largesse and a further close to $3m which would have been prize money for at least final place at AFCON as was inserted as targets in Rohr’s contract, We will also be bleed as much as $2m in severance to Rohr spreed over 13 months when he isnt doing as must as lifing a finger for us…LMAOOoooo

        In the corporate world Pinnick wouldnt last till the AGM before he will be fired for such a bombastic decision making. Infact, the entire NFF executive council by now will be undergoing a reshuffle…..LMAOoo.

        Almost $20m in total losses….???? I will fire even the gateman at the NFF secretariat……..LMAOOOooo

        We are not just an accountable people….otherwise if we knew the monetary costs of what this ‘snatching of failure from the jaws of success’ has bleed out of our economy….we would be preparing some people for death by firing squad at Bar beach in Lagos or Polo ground in Ibadan.

        And it was not like they were not warned…..LMAOoo

    • Oakfield 2 years ago

      Hahahahahah….. My belle oooo… Una foolishness no get part 2….. Haha haha…. Enjoy the ride bro…. All of una go get heart attacks soon. Haha ha… Average coach that made qualifications look ordinary with games to spare but your top class coaches has plunged us into the dungeon with a space of 2months.

      • Oakfield 2 years ago

        Sorry the above message was meant for omo9ja. I have reposted it on his thread

  • SD Special Delivery Jones 2 years ago

    All you Rohr, eat shit. Ndi breath of fresh air. Ngwa fail with our own. Ndi avert danger by sacking Rohr, ngwa Rohr is a mechanical coach. Are you all enjoying your foul filled fart polluted fresh air? If Rohr was a mechanic coach, Eguavoen must have been panel beater coach. Bunch of mindless jingoistic racists.

    • Oakfield 2 years ago

      Hahahahaha…. U dy mind them????? I hope they are all enjoying what is happening now.. Hahahaha… When I saw what was about to happen, I told them to enjoy the ride while rohr was still around, that very soon it would be a verrrry bumpy one. As for me, I made the most of the smooth ride with rohr and hence, I don’t feel any pain bcs of what is happening now. Ndi ara.

      • SD Special Delivery Jones 2 years ago

        My guy, these Rohr haters need spicy peanuts to be thrown in their cages. They are so brainless. Ndi any coach can win big with these players. Ngwa wing play is the best play. Eat shit.
        If the Super Eagles coach is not Adamu Ciroma or Kasali Njoku they will never be happy. Collection of clowns.

        • Marvelous 2 years ago

          Don’t mind the senseless leaders of fans such as omo9ja and co. Look at the crap that fellow keep talking up there. Their chief of cluelessness former ice hockey International, Mr. Odegbami is nowhere to be found. Imagine? So Rohr is just chilling at home collecting thousands of dollars monthly? A man they would have allowed to see off his contract.

  • Omo9ja 2 years ago

    This is the way to go Oga Rohr. Shebi common sense is not common for the current NFF, the Nigeria Football Federation should deal with it. They have to pay him.

    I don’t even know why the gaffer got hired in the first place. No pattern of play over his six years.

    He failed to produce good goalies for the Super Eagles. His team couldn’t compete with the best teams in the world.

    He was unable to play in the round of 16 upon all the caliber of players he had during his time.

    Keshi that was unable to produce strong team at the world cup with his kick and follow pattern made it through to the second round.

    After departure of Mikel and Moses, he was struggling to win games even, his last three matches showed that we were lucky that he wasn’t in charge of the Super Eagles otherwise, Nigeria would have been disgraced against Ghana.

    Now, he’s teaching Amaju Pinnick and his colleagues common sense.

    NFF keep relying on these average foriegn coaches all this while, paying them huge amount of money without deserving results.

    To make it worst, the gaffer lost ideas and he was recycling and doing shabby job with Amaju and his company.

    Now that the going is though, Oga Rohr have to do what he have to do to get more money from our NFF educated illiterate. What a shame.

    Teach them sense Oga Rohr. Amaju Pinnick who said he would send the coach to a refresher course can’t send Egbo, Marnu Gerba, Enyeama, Ike Shorunmu, Amunike and Finidi to a refresher course. The current NFF are disgrace to Nigeria. This is quite shameful kę.

    The only thing we can call Oga Rohr’s achievement is the bronze medals he won in Egypt. If I may ask, how many bronze medals our local coaches have won in the past? Look, I won’t deceive you Nigerians, if we don’t force Amaju and his servants out of our sports, they will bring down our sports this year.

    Oga Rohr have failed to improve our national team during his tenure while NFF did not ask the best indigenous coaches to rescue Nigerian team after the departure of Oga Rohr and now, another Mr. Rohr in the making and that Paseiro will make sure he also teaches Amaju Pinnick common sense before he leave Nigeria.

    No hope for Nigerian sports as long as Amaju Pinnick stay in the office.

    You have tried your best and you deserve to be rewarded Oga Rohr. I won’t blame you for this move at all. This is what NFF deserved. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

      Hahahahaha…..Mikel and Moses prosecuted the 2019 AFCON qualifiers where we qualified with a game in hand abi…? Or Mikel and Moses prosecuted the 2021 AFCON qualifiers where we qualified with 2 games to spare (1st in the history of Nigerian football)….? Or Mikel and Moses were the orchestrators of the team that won bronze in a 24 team afcon with 18 debutants in 2019 and qualified for the WCQ playoffs in 2021….???

      Rohr was struggling to win games after the departure of Mikel and Moses indeed…..LMAOOo.

      Bunch of filthy shameless liars….LMAOoo

      Your Mr Tactical, Mr Nononsense, Mr Total football bus conductor coach and his 9 co-apprentices that wasnt struggling to win matches where did he lead you to….? LMAOooo. 270 minutes of your so called total football from a tactical god with a definite wing play pattern couldnt yield a single goal from open play……LMAOoooo

      You will tell us if you were ever grief-striken like you are now in the past 6 years when Rohr did not improve your national team after you FAILED to qualify for ordinary AFCON back to back before he came….LMAOoooo

      The wrath of God and the pains of 200m Nigerians will never leave you and your fellow retrogressives unpunished.

      • Omo9ja 2 years ago

        Back to sender @Dr. Drey.

        You haven’t learned anything from the past and you keep making the same mistakes.

        With what you saw against CAR, you are still here backing the gaffer? You don’t follow people blindly young man.

        A coach who fails to compete with Madagascar, CAR, South Africa or any discipline team in Africa is the one you are trying to explain to me? You don’t tell what I know Dr. Drey. Please watch your words. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

        • Akanlo Ede 2 years ago

          At list Ekuavon plaid beutifull futbol. Rohr failed. The En Ef Ef dos not owe him ani Moni. He has takin enof from Nigeria

        • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

          Ode…okponu oshi.

          We lost against SA and still qualified with a game to spare.
          We lost a dead rubber game against madagascar after we had qualified with a game to spare and still went on to finish on the podium at AFCON
          We lost to CAR at home, went to their home to pick up our 3 points and ended up top of our group in WCQ.

          In all of these, the greater objective was achieving the primary targets.

          Your Mr total football bus conductor that won all his group games at AFCON, I hope his BEST COACH OF THE GROUP STAGE TROPHY is a good consolation for you now…..LMAOOoo. I also hope his ability to compete with Ghana has landed you at Qatar 2022….LMAOOoo. The last time I checked, I didnt see Nigeria’s name in the WC draws….LMAOoo…maybe you saw it while watching the draws on that your push-and-start black and red TV that used kerosene….LMAOooo

          Alainirori oshi.

          I am sure Nigerians would have preferred to lose to Ghana at home and still qualify for Qatar 2020 or to lose to Sudan at AFCON and still reach the final of AFCON or win the trophy

          But okponu like you will rather choose to see the stumbling blocks we faced on the way to the farm rather than the bountiful harvests that we brought home from the farm.

          You will tell us if winning SA, Madagascar or CAR was the target written in Rohr’s contract when it was offered to him by your FA…..LMAOoo

          You really know alot….LMAOoo…infact you are the fountain of knowledge overflowing with knowledge like rivers Osun and Oya.

          At least we can see where your yemoja knowledge has led us now. After losing millions of dollars in prize monies and qualification bonus, You will also be coughing out close to N1bn to rohr to enjoy simply because of your stupidity……LMAOOoo

          And I repeat without apologies, the wrath of God and the pains of 200m Nigerians will never leave you and your fellow retrogressives unpunished.

          • Edoman 2 years ago

            Dr drey.

            May the lord God continue to richly reward you for your superior knowledge you shower on us all. It will never end well with those who encourage the sacking of Oga Rohr. Now Nigeria stands to lose over $20 million USD for none qualifying for anything as direct result of the retrogressive activities of Omo9nj and his co-hurts.

        • Moses Inyang 2 years ago

          If you watch the CAR game,you will discover the super eagles were better.There are off-days in football.

          • onwajunior 2 years ago

            It’s not even only that. The NFF had already started sabotaging Rohr – employed Yobo as assistant and playing Super Eagles games in rubbish stadiums even after Rohr voiced his concerns about NFF’s choice of stadiums. There’s a reason why we started struggling at home and winning away.

      • Look at these Rohr supporters foaming at the mouth lol. If your Rohr was that good why hasn’t he been approached yet by another country or club after getting fired? It’s been months now and he is still chasing his retirement money from the NFF. Eguavoen may have failed and I’m still subjective on that one given that some key players were missing but still his job get capable replacements. Rohr is still and will always be a failure. Started with so much heart and good will then either let the system corrupt him or he lost the desire to want better. 

        Again he was in a decline in his final games and not a guarantee he would have done well in AFCON and qualified us for World Cup but again hindsight is 20:20 and he had the benefit of what if scenarios. Again if he is that talented why are other teams not clamoring for his services? 

        I will finally concede on Rohr when he replicates success somewhere else. Talent is talent and doesn’t matter where you are if you have it in you definitely will thrive. You think if Tuchel, Klopp, Guordiola, even Cisse of Senegal should quit their jobs tomorrow they won’t have a plethora of suitors? Fact Rohr keeps looking back tells me even he knows his best days are behind him. If I were him I would want to show my work somewhere else to prove that I wasn’t a failure with Nigeria of course I’m not faulting him and he should go for every cent that pig headed Amaju and NFF owe him.

        But again his reputation is in the mud if he has any interest in coaching again. That’s what disappoints me with local coaches that take bribe and don’t do the right things. These idiots could be making way much more than whatever bribe they took if they did the right thing and achieved success. Even the top assistants and trainers at successful clubs get paid big money way more than Salisu can ever collect in bribe even if he sold every spot on the 22man team. Again the verdict on Rohr at best is inconclusive right now. A bronze medal and tournament qualification is not something to brag about on your resume after being in charge for 6 years. Again Rohr should go prove himself somewhere else either as coach or technical director. If he was being sabotaged should have spoke up because I supported him and his contract extensions as well. He lost me in his final games. Not just by results but by what he said after. Proved to me he wasn’t ambitious enough

        • Dr Banks 2 years ago

          It baffles me when people write comments without any knowledge of what transpired or what conditions or clauses in the contract. 

          To answer your question in the 1st paragraph……………….Rohr will not even look for any job for now knowing fully well that he is still entitled to getting his monthly salary until December 2022. But should he get a job today, that automatically cancels any entitlements with NFF and the payment stops.

          So if it were you, at age of 69, will you be running around for interviews when you are sorted for the rest of the year sipping your red wine by the beachfront and still be assured of his salary each month end?

        • Edoman 2 years ago

          Common sense, not common. Rez, read your post again and again, you will discover that your post does not make any sense.

    • Oakfield 2 years ago

      Hahahahahah….. My belle oooo… Una foolishness no get part 2….. Haha haha…. Enjoy the ride bro…. All of una go get heart attacks soon. Haha ha… Average coach that made qualifications look ordinary with games to spare but your top class coaches has plunged us into the dungeon with a space of 2months.

  • MONKEY POST 2 years ago

    HONESTLY this GUYS MANAGING our FOOTBALL are not SMART enough..

    I WARNED them that it will be CHEAPER RETAINING this MAN than SACKING HIM..

    Now you SEE…


  • KENNETH 2 years ago

    Nonsense claim. if its spelt out within your contract upon termination that you would be compensated, so be it. Good that the NFF are mute about it. If you get dime, so does Eguavoen and his assistants

    • SD Special Delivery Jones 2 years ago

      They will soon throw some spicy peanuts your way. Spicy peanuts loading…….

      • KENNETH 2 years ago

        No i will feed you some. Yours will not be spiced, but laced with pig feaces and ammonia. So you can keep quiet for a bit.Why don’t we all wait for FIFA to decide before you start ranting needlessly here

        • SD Special Delivery Jones 2 years ago

          I think spicy peanuts laced with pig faeces and ammonia will make me sick. I don’t want to go to the hospital.

  • “By the time the fool has learned the game, the players have dispersed.” – Ashanti proverb. Kikikikikiki…chai

    I can vividly see the reason why Mr Amaju and his cohorts failed to resign judging from the comments of some of the people that supported the sacking of Coach Rohr.

    Shame no dey catch una? No moral standards at all

    Una still get mouth to come here dey yarn roforofo…shame!

    Una failed at Afcon, failed to qualify for world cup, lost $12 million fifa largesse in the process and now you are about to pay your enemy $2 million. Lol

    Dj Whykay…please play me wá wà warisi, wawawawa warisi. Lol

  • @omo9ja and Kenneth, Nigeria has lost more than She gained by sacking Rohr.

    You guys should just accept this truth even if it is bitter.

    Sport minister was decived and fooled into taking side against Rohr, now the eyes of Dare has opened so the guy is now insisting on a better foreign coach.

    Am sure Rohr lost the job when he refuse to honor the friendly against mexico due circumstances beyond him but created by NFF.

    Those people who took the home eagles to usa definitely knows a lot about unjustify sacking of Rohr.

    Rank top among them is egu himself aka just express ur self.

    • KENNETH 2 years ago

      In your own view, because some of the product he left for us to take over from are crap. So please leave us alone. Why all this noise, thought he was a great coach that spares qualifies with games to spare. It’s 5 months now, his name is not even considered for a coaching position. Abeg let him focus on his hotel business and let us rest. Let them play fair with the local coaches

      • Oakfield 2 years ago

        Oh yes, he can now focus on his hotel biz but what is nigeria focusing on now???? Racking it’s head on how to pay him the avoidable #1billion naira damages, reeling and drooling from the pains of losing out on winning afcon having crashed out in the round of sixteen and failed woefully to beat a disjointed ghanian team to qualify for the world cup and now running around like headless chickens looking for a coach who could at least do what rohr did in grand style with games to spare. I hope you’re planning on focusing on your tv to tearfully watch other teams play at the world cup without ur national team…. Haha ha… And the man would be relaxing in his hotel receiving credit alerts from the nff….. Hahahaha… Na this kind thins thing dy sweet pass…. Mr focuser…

  • benakay 2 years ago

    Unfortunately, everyone seems to be missing who the culprit behind this mess is. Pinnick is certainly NOT the problem. Yes, he sometimes does dumb things but in fairness, he has managed to move the dial forward for Nigerian football, especially on the international stage (which is his primary job). He has successfully positioned Nigerians in CAF and FIFA (something we didn’t have since Amos Adamu) and in terms of coaching stability, he worked very hard to defend and protect Rohr when he could – Pinnick kept alluding to the financial penalty Nigeria would pay if Rohr was dismissed without just cause, due to the contract the NFF and Rohr signed.

    Have you ever wondered why is it that the agitation and plot for Rohr’s removal began AFTER the 2019 Nations Cup? Is it just coincidental that the timing began after August 21, 2019 (the day Sunday Akin Dare became Sports Minister)? This conman of a journalist turned sports minister has never hidden his disdain for foreign coaches and was very vocal about his dislike for Rohr. His plot to oust Rohr included starving the NFF of much needed funds, forcing the NFF to resort to playing important matches on fields that are disgraceful – Asaba, Benin City, Teslim Balogun stadium, leading to bad results. Why is it that the SE played very never lost an away game under Rohr, but played badly at home? (Can’t rule out sabotage). This guy successfully used the media to execute his ouster plan – continue the drumbeat of Rohr being a ‘bad’ coach and push for ‘local’ coaches instead, knowing Nigerians can’t see beyond their noses and will fall for the con. Guess what? It worked.

    This Dare fellow led Nigeria to its worst ever Olympic performance… scandals galore – athletes not registered, disqualifications due to drugs, losing $2.0M in the Puma deal, not paying our basketball ladies, etc. – the list goes on and on. And when that failure wasn’t enough, he had to take over the SE (interfering and getting rid of Rohr, imposing the incompetent Eguavoen who ruined all Nigeria’s chances of medaling at AFCON and losing out on a spot in the WC). Now the NFF is stuck with a $13M deficit ($12M loss due to WC non qualification and $1M potential payment to Rohr for breach of contract), with the sports ministry not providing them any funding whatsoever. But of course, Dare will blame the NFF for this mess he made and will look to come out of this smelling like a rose.

    People should wake up and shine their eyes – you just fell victim to a con artist.

    • Codex 2 years ago

      Hmmmm INTERESTING comment,also the bad form of SE started after that 2019 AFCON,their performance levels dipped after the tourney.

    • Ikeben 2 years ago

      Well Done bro, You have eyes that sees. May you walk and never stumble.

  • Ako AMADI 2 years ago

    Pinnick has been flying to FIFA headquarters in Geneva every week to beg. Justice must be done! If the NFF has eaten Rohrs money they better suspend hiring another foreign coach and use a cheap local alternative until they can save to pay Rohr

    • KENNETH 2 years ago

      What’s your source please, abi the parrot don poison you too. Pinnick is not that stupid, they knew the greedy man would be coming. At least he would be paid the entire amount signed for on his contract, why the selfish move. Abeg fifa make una do quick make we here una decision

  • Ako AMADI 2 years ago

    How much money has Nigeria saved by sacking Gernot Rohr? Nigeria has lost huge sums of money by not winning AFCON and also by not qualifying for Qatar. Rohr could have done a much better job than Eguavoen. Pinnick, Dare and Odegbami deceived the Presidency and a whole country.

  • Marvelous 2 years ago

    Equavon was also the architect of Rohrs sack. Am glad how he is also disgraced out of the team.

  • South 2 years ago

    This rohr that his style of football has expired, and will be jobless because no adm can offer him job. It’s now at this point he’s demanding compensation, na wah oo!.. shi-shi he won’t get that’s what I know, as long as that wasn’t in is contract… it’s even the fans(here) that are giving him more hope, what a shame though.

    what the NFF did wasn’t bad to me, as he was sacked. As SE playing style needs to improve and progress. Yes, we do qualify for Afcon (but it’s always under pressure and calculations) that’s not the best way the game should be… it was now unfortunately the next crew failed and they were let go(which is part of the process), as its a cycle another will come untill it’s better… The winning team Chelsea has now was it not just like this. several coaches came until trophies started coming through later.

    With the situation of things now NFF should go back to the drawing board. Start all over and move on. All this are just distractions!!!

    As with the financial aspect of NFF,they should get a coach that will get full support and expertise around to work with.

    That is all!

    • benakay 2 years ago

      Some Nigerians, like yourself, will foolishly believe he is demanding compensation, when all he is asking for is what Nigeria, per the contract they signed with him, legally agreed to pay him. If there was no validity to his claim, he would have no case. Rohr met EVERY requirement listed in his contract and it was Nigeria that violated the terms, not him.

      In a civilized world, when you sign a contract, you are legally obligated to see it through. It’s only in an uncivil Nigeria that people will believe otherwise and of course, suffer the consequences.

      Its sad to say that people like yourself can never be students of history, because you have become accustomed to repeating the same foolish mistakes over and over again, and expecting a different result.

      Well, its back to the drawing board for Nigeria – for the umpteenth time!

      • KENNETH 2 years ago

        ogbeni keep quiet if you have nothing else to say. Where were you hiding when the NFF agreed to pay off his salary till when his contract ended. Maybe you can furnish us the contract you talking about. If na spicy peanut you dey seek, not tonight. Try another time

        • benakay 2 years ago

          Dude, I have very little time for folks posing baseless arguments.
          Has the NFF paid him his outstanding salaries and emoluments, per his contract? If they had, there would not be a need for him to seek FIFA intervention.
          Going forward, get your facts lined up before engaging in a discussion with me.

          • KENNETH 2 years ago

            Whats baseless about my argument, i only requested for a copy of his contract which you seems to be privy to. What facts are you seeking, we all saw it that it was agreed that his full salary and entitlements would be paid. So when they don’t pay then you can speak up. Not him calling for compensation for being fired. Was that part of his contract

  • DeSTAR 2 years ago

    What has Chief Odegbami got to do with the maladministration and ineptitude of the corrupt NFF?

    Was Odegbami part of the corrupt people that employed a coach that was adjudged not having technical capacity to handle a lowly team as Niger , Burknafasso etc as he was either dismissed/ terminated or have his contract not renewed with a shameful records in his past 3 countries he handled before he was corruptly packaged for SE , with a disgraceful records as low as 27% and 13% ?

    That Oga Rohr ( an Enyiba local club rejected coach) was the longest ever serving SE speaks  much of how Nigeria is a gold medalist in Corruption.

    The NFF that employed a failed coach as Oga Rohr  that has never won a tea cup in his entire methuselah’s coaching career  never expected anything good from Rohr (other than the corrupt money they both shared, that was why Oga Rohr never bothered himself to go for retraining course he was recommended to embark , having been tutored by a local Coach in Afcon by Belmadi , and crashed out in the first round of WC ) 

    Was Chief Odegbami equally responsible for the failure of U23, U17 and Flying eagles? 

    Why should we be leaving the real culprit Amaju Pinnick and putting blame on Chief Odegbami who was obviously speaking the gospel truth against a coach that spent more than half decade but couldn’t not produce one dependable goalkeeper , one creative midfielder over half decade .

    In a sane country, Amaju Pinick should be in jail by now for given us a mediocre coach in Rohr (Till now , as I have bet it , there is no any other corrupt football federations as the Fraudulent Amaju that would allow Oga Rohr near their national team as Assistant Coach, let alone Technical adviser) 

    Chief Odegbami and every progressive members voiced out against retaining Oga Rohr as he does not have anything to offer ; SE failure has been an accident in waiting, going by all we witnessed against Cape Verde and Serrialone  here at home ; 

    Statistics never wrong ; Eguafon took over a team in crisis and did not perform bad when compare to Oga Rohr’s tenure with salary that is X 10 of Eguafon ( Eguafon without salary that is up to 10% salary of Rohr lost one game in 7 matches; comparing to Oga Rohr that much was given and much should have been expected from him  ) 

    Please blame Amaju Pinick, Oga Rohr’s years was a waste , just as Amaju Pinick’ corrupt tenure was a total waste 

    • Oakfield 2 years ago

      And where has his “gospel” truth landed us?????? Where?????? The appointment of yobo was the “gospel’ truth? The campaign that yobo or any other ex international can handle the national team within 2 months and start winning laurels is the gospel truth??? Tarnishing another man’s image just in a bid to promote less qualified corrupt entities is the “gospel”???? I ask u again, where has his gospel truth landed us???? Shame on you and your miserable group of losers. Hope you are already drowning your own??

    • KENNETH 2 years ago

      Wow, you have just nailed it. They will not hear. They enjoy just ranting here so there master DR Parrot can share them some brownies for licking his ass. Point of correction, Dr Parrot said the oyinbo master won a cup in swiss, till date we haven’t seen a link to back that up. What odegbami collect from there hand i don’t know, this is someone who has been hammering about the lackluster behavior of the NFF. But no he was the one that chased Rorh away is all we hearing. Rorh was just fortunate to have established players in Nigeria. The other countries he went what transpired with there teams. Abeg make una channel una grievance else where

  • Abdulrazak 2 years ago

    To all the retards and clowns with no IQ, who acting in cohorts with propagandist,in the mold of Mr Arithmetical Segun Odegbami, orchestrated the sack of Gernot Rohr on the mindless charge of not playing “sexy football” even though he delivered on the targets set by his employer, the NFF, i pray, feverently, that may you all get the sack in whatever position you might be, for “not being handsome” enough or being “stylish enough” even if you have delivered on your set targets.

  • Moses Inyang 2 years ago

    @De star you are not telling the truth

  • Dr Banks 2 years ago

    The major problem bedevilling Nigeria generally is NEPOTISM and DEMERITOCRAZY.

    No Country or Organisation can survive by putting aside merit in the appointment of personnel into Key positions. This is the ORDER today in Nigeria and you expect progress?

    What is the scorecard / Qualification of Amaju Pinnick?

    A search through the internet only reveal these 2:
    1.  BSc in Political Science / Public Admin
    2.  Business Man…………………Questionable criteria and his line of business not stated

    However, we all know that the underhand major scorecard for his rice into the exalted position of NFF Presidency role is mainly via NEPOTISM by being the anointed one from the President of Nigeria through his Affiliation to the then Delta state Governor.

    There was no reputable achievements in connection to SOCCER prior to his appointment as the Delta state FA Chairman except that he was anointed into Delta state Sports Commission Chairman in 2010, Delta FA Chairman in 2011 and Bingo into NFF President in 2014. During this QUICKFIRE Meteoric rise in ranks, he was never in any of these prior positions for a duration long enough for a proper comprehensive assessment of his competency but simply pushed through by the POWERS that be at that moment via a fictitious election hosted in Warri during which large sums of money were given to FA DELEGATES in exchange for VOTES.

    Needless to say that Amaju Pinnick, the chairman of the Delta State Football Association at that time is a blood brother of the Delta state first lady, Roli Uduaghan, hence he emerged as the new chairman of the NFF in 2014 under a DARK CLOUD.

    Fast forward to 2022, this MAN still could not point to any single accomplishment, accolade or progress in NIGERIA FOOTBALL over the miserable 8 years in the saddle of NFF……………………the 2015 U-17 WC  was achieved through the great YOUTH SOCCER DEVELOPMENT PROJECT done by his predecessor (Camping this team from U-13 to U-15 before graduating into the unbeatable U-17 Teams of 2013 and 2015)

    His Tenure was filled with failure to Qualify for 2015 and 2017 AFCONs, Complete Death of U-17, U-20 and U-23 National Teams, failure to qualify for 2022 Qatar WC, faltering Super Falcons, Olympic SOCCER “NO SHOWS” etc.

    How the whole country expects anything tangible from this NONENTITY beats my wild IMAGINATIONS. 

    I am not surprised at all by all his wrong decisions from the time he ascended into office to date, namely his fracas with Late KESHI, African Guardiolla OLISEH and most recently Gernot Rohr.


    • Golden Child 2 years ago

      Well said but wait! He is leaving a parting gift by bringing you peseiro. The man is a serial failure when it involves football administration ,with his mindless touch. Our football teams are in the gutters, in a sane country, he will be behind bars at the least.

      The clowns are insistent on having a quota based system for home based players, shelving meritocracy. Where these clowns get these blue prints from, I wonder. I have warned people not to be too invested in the SE because as long as you have these clueless lot at the helm of our football administration, it will be an endless cycle of failure.

  • pompei 2 years ago

    Well said, Dr. Banks.
    This is what happens when square pegs are filled with round holes.
    The levels of administrative incompetence, ineptitude and sheer cluelessness from this current NFF are unprecedented in world football. Add corruption to all that, and you have a tried and tested recipe for total disaster. No wonder Nigerian football is in the doldrums.
    As you mentioned, U-17, U-20, Olympic and recently SE teams are all rolling in the dust. Only the female teams are somehow managing to stay afloat, because of superior individual talent and the efforts of Waldrum.
    The SE need a quality coach!
    See clip below of how Antonio Conte discusses the importance of strengthening a squad TACTICALLY, TECHNICALLY, PHYSICALLY AND MENTALLY.
    We need a coach that can do this for the SE.


    If we continue with OUR OWN, we will end up ON OUR OWN.

  • The NFF have plunged itself into a hell of its own making.

    In the future, there has to be a commission set up to look into how the NFF wilfully and deliberately derailed the progress of the Super Eagles in how they jeopardised the efforts of Gernot Rohr.

    I stopped being a fan of Rohr, initially during the friendlies leading to the 2018 world cup, but definitely after the world cup itself.

    Whilst I will always be grateful for what we achieved under the Franco-, German tactician, I came to the conclusion that the best we could achieve under him was restoration to our traditional positioning (which he delivered with aplomb) but never advancement. At the time (between 2017 and 2019), I didn’t see anything to suggest to me that Gernot Rohr was the man to smash the glass ceiling en route to taking the Super Eagles to far greater heights. And, after the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations in which Rohr navigated us to the bronze medals, this much was obvious to the NFF as well.

    Rather than take that opportunity to allow his contract to run out and then engage the services of another coach with fresh ideas, the NFF did the unthinkable which I firmly believe they should one day face justice for.

    The NFF claimed Rohr was tactical deficient after the 2019 Afcon, hence they offered to send him on a refresher course. Now, for a coach that qualified Nigeria for the World Cup against all odds, for the Afcon and a podium finish, the best way to make that coach better (in the eyes of the NFF) was to impoverish his new contract.

    Really?? Really??

    You want Rohr to win the Afcon, you want him to reach the world cup semi finals so what do you do? You start paying him in Naira, improve his backroom staff with Hollywood Yobo, mandate him to stay in Nigeria and reduce his take home pay.

    Really? Really?

    I worked in sales for quite sometime. Imagine my company housed me in leafy Lekki in Lagos Island, give me a BMW company car with state of the art iPad and mobile phone with a commission of 1 million Naira per sale.

    Now, the employer said they were not satisfied with my output and they want me to do far better. So, what do they do? They move me from my condominium in Lekki to a run down flat in Ajegunle. They take away my commission and replace my company car with Uber. They then replace my state of the art gadget with a computer called Joseph Yobo Computer.

    And this company wants me to improve on my previous records.

    Really?? Really??

    Little wonder why Gernot Rohr returned a meager 25% win ratio in the first season of his new contract: the worst win ratio of his entire tenure as Super Eagles coach. We failed to win Algeria, Tunisia, Sierra Leone (twice) and Cameroon (twice) in that period. We only laboured to win Benin and Lesotho.

    Early in the first season of Rohr’s second contract, I was among those calling for his sack. By that time (around December 2020) I was of the view that we had ample time to look for a coach that the NFF would be comfortable with. A coach they would hopefully lend their full support and create an atmosphere conducive to success.

    It was clear to anyone who could read the situation that the NFF allegedly wanted this man to fail. If not why dumb down his contract? Why give him an incapable assistant? Why pay him in the volatile Naira currency? And why set targets that you (the NFF) haven’t provided incentives for him to succeed?

    For me, by the end of 2020 Rohr just had to go. If, under more favourable contract and atmosphere, his best was “restoration”, what chance in hell did we have for “advancement” under such a shabby contract and unpalatable working conditions that he was subjected?

    My problem wasn’t so much Rohr but the clowns running our football. After all, Rohr did his best based on what he was given. And, crucially, he was willing to continue.

    However, the NFF did not have the balls to sack Rohr when they still had the time to, so I stuck with it.
    After the Afcon qualifier against Cape Verde at home (my most exciting match under Gernot Rohr in a long time), I was gearing up for the Afcon and world latter stages of the world cup qualifiers only to learn that these clowns have now decided to sack Rohr!

    Really?? Really??

    This late in day!! After everything you put the man through since he signed the new watered down contract, he didn’t crack. In fact he still met the terms of his contract (albeit with a noxious brand of football and some truly awful results that upon hindsight were partly indicative of how he was being treated). It was actually the NFF that cracked and my goodness they cracked in spectacular manner.

    Within a few months, Nigeria have failed in Afcon and world cup qualification endeavours and are now owing Rohr large sums of money!

    What a load of junk!

    You clearly didn’t want this coach anymore in 2020. Rather than just let him go, you rehired him with a new repugnant contract that you hope will make him mad in the long run. The man navigated the contract with great skill.

    Mr Pinnick and co, who is mad now????

    • pompei 2 years ago

      Joseph Yobo computers, na dem biko for computer things.
      They are high fashion, designer computers.
      Dem no go work ooo. They just make the office look nice.
      They are there just to decorate the office.
      Haaaa Deo, thanks for a good laugh. Nice post as always!

    • Golden Child 2 years ago

      Great insight @deo! I love the way you painted the true picture of what transpired. Amaju is truly evil, I was a supporter of Rohr but grew frustrated with him especially in his latter stages. How do you hire a coach you obviously did not want and then rather than motivate him , you do every thing possible to frustrate him. You give him an assistant he did not want, force him to play on surfaces he complained about, pay him in local currency even though he should be an expatriate, impose players on the coach and this clown of an administrator says they did all they could to qualify for the world cup!! He is an extremely lucky man that this is NIGERIA.

  • Dr Banks 2 years ago

    @Deo, a big kudos to this write up, very well written facts

  • DeSTAR 2 years ago

    @Deo ; thanks for your brilliant analysis of the subject matter.

    It amuses me when some members would leave the real culprit Amaju Pinick ( a gold medallist in corruption) who ensured he destroyed anything call Nigerian football, but rather heap their frustrations on Chief Segun Odegbami an outsider who had warned against retaining Oga Rohr if SE is to be a great team we have been yarning for; just as many progressives have warned clearly that SE’s calamity is inevitable and accident in waiting 

    A team whose Coach never improved since after WC & Afcon , loosing to same team Algeria in 2019 , and back to back in 2021 ; a team with no single one dependable goalkeeper, that conceded 4 goals after up with same goals , a team that laboured to draw against a minor team as Sierra Leone ( if we were to go by FIFA rule that ousted Eguafon’s SE , then Rohr’s SE actually lost to Sierra Leone on account of conceding 4 goals at home ), a team that couldn’t win a single match in a year ; a team that laboured to draw 1-1 against a minor Cape Verde with a shambolic performance at home to such extent; Cape Verde coach actually predicted with declaration that SE can never qualify for WC ( many of us knew that , the coach was obviously right).

    Now if a super corrupt NFF’s lead Amaju Pinnick employed an average Coach as Rohr , having known his pedigree that given him another one decade, he cannot take SE to the greater height ( why was he employed, and why was he retained at a time they had all the time in the world to employ a competent Coach that would have an ample time to prepare SE for the task ahead , not only to qualify for WC but to go beyond mere participation of wasting tax payers money at WC and crashed out in first round ) could they have expected a coach that failed woefully in his last 3 countries he coached to perform miracle beyond his capacity; for a coach that has never won tea cup in his entire coaching career, not even U15 

    In a great country with great minds ; Amaju Pinick should by now be in jail 

  • @Dr Banks and @Deo. From your comments, you guys sound like sore was lickers and envious of Amaju Pinnick’s rise in football. Please do inform us who in the history of NFF has risen from a State FA position that boasts the likes of Warri Wovles, Delta Force FC and others that till date, I have not heard of issues of failure to pay salaries or management issues.

    Is it people like the late Taiwo Ogunjobi that could not even manage 3SC???
    Or Amos Adamu that was a political appointment to NFF??
    What was Amos Adamu history in Football management before his position at NFF??

    Fact is Amaju Pinnick has been the best football administrator that this country has produced. There are always management issues that no one can run from. Such issues like the appointment of local coaches to handle youth teams.
    Was Amaju not instrumental in appointing Oliseh and Sia1 as local coaches for our teams???

    Even Keshi and Amokachi were appointed by him as coaches of Super Eagles???

    The fact is that following the success of Keshi/Amokachi and Sia1, the logical option was to continue to hire local coaches till that decision failed in the appointment of Paul Aigbogun and the others.

    After all was there not a clamour for the use of our local coaches to work in our age grade teams by the media and even the USA 94 Super Eagles players??

    Fact remains, Amaju Pinnick navigated the political waters and turmoil successfully. That is the risen he rose through CAF and FIFA.

    The blame about our football nosediving has many parents including the media, ex internationals, the ministry of sports and NPFL management.

    These are the people who open their mouths wide to popular or selfish opinions without reasoning the consequences of their actions and statements.

    Even the President has a hand in the failure of our sports industry, because he chooses who to appoint as Sports Minister.

    • Dr Banks 2 years ago

      @Ben, your write up here doesn’t have any value at all. You claimed Amaju is the best NFF President in Nigeria so far but you cannot mention one single achievement or accolade won during his tumultuous tenure, all we can see in the past 8 years are failures…….failures….failures!!!

      Failure to qualify for AFCON 2015 and 2017, WC 2022, Worst AFCON performance ever in the history of SE (mind you the 1980 AFCON Performance was way better than 2022 because we were at least in the Top 8 unlike Top 16 in 2022). Failures in U-17, U-20, U-23, all through his 8 years tenure, the only thing Nigeria won was 2015 U-17 but that team was a product of his immediate past predecessor’s youth program which he destroyed on taking over

      Keshi’s success was in 2013 before Amaju became NFF President, he came in and destroyed Keshi’s team by his constant squabble with Keshi until a Champion SE Team couldn’t qualify to defend their title in 2015.

      So @Ben, you need to do more research to support your FAILED NFF President in AMAJU PINNICK

  • @Dr Banks, thanks for your reply. So who appointed Keshi as Super Eagles Coach now?
    Please inform me. Plus you still can’t debunk the fact that Delta State FA was and is still the best state football administration till date.
    Also who else from the history of NFF President rose from managing a State FA???
    These are the answers I want. Other FA Presidents did suffer non qualification too. Did Nigeria not muss a World Cup qualification under Taiwo Ogunjobi or after the U17 team of Kanu, Oruma and Marine Ojigwe, how many other times have we won the U17 tournament. Is that Amaju Pinnick’s era too???

    You also failed to mention the clamour for local coaches to lead to underage football teams as championed by your ex internationals and other local coaches that are not qualified like that is Amaju Pinnick’s issue.

    Like he should just jump in and stop the clamour abi???

    How smart.

    • Dr Banks 2 years ago

      @Ben, Amaju only reappointed Keshi after so much pressure from the Presidency and fans alike but same Amaju frustrated Keshi so much so that he couldn’t qualify for AFCON despite being the defending champion

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