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Rohr: Egypt, Others Must Be Wary Of My ‘ Young Team’

Rohr: Egypt, Others Must Be Wary Of My ‘ Young Team’

Super Eagles head coach Gernot Rohr says his ‘young team’ will be ready to face any opponent at the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations in Cameroon, reports Completesports.com.

The three-time champions will face Egpyt, Sudan and Guinea- Bissau in Group D.

The competition which will be staged in five cities will start on January 9 and end on February 6, 2022.

“We have a young team, but they are doing very well last season and this season also, like Victor Osimhen, who was top scorer in qualification,”Rohr told ESPN.

“Kelechi Iheanacho, Wilfred Ndidi and so many playing very well in the clubs in Europe. So as we think about their players, they think also about our players.”

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Rohr also stated that his immediate priority for now is to prepare his team for the 2022 World Cup qualifiers, kicking off next month.

The Super Eagles will host the Lone Stars of Liberia on September 3 and then take on the Blue Sharks of Cape Verde four days later at the Estadio Nacional.

“Until January we have still a lot of things to do, especially the next game now at home against Liberia, that is the most important and then we will see step by step how it is going,” he added.

The Super Eagles will open their campaign against Egypt at the Roumdé Adjia Stadium, Garoua on January 11.

by Adeboye Amosu

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  • pompei 3 years ago

    Our team has been young for a while. They should be peaking nicely now.
    Talent is not the problem we have. It’s consistency.
    Energetic displays, pressing the opponent high, and good game management will get us good results. And if the opportunity is there, let’s go for goals. Why score only 1 or 2 when you can grab 5? Let’s learn from the best teams in the just concluded Euro tournament. We should be solid defensively, and potent going forward.

  • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

    Mr Young Team already making excuses in advance. Keep brainwashing Nigerians Coach/Player-Agent.

  • TALK UR OWN 3 years ago


  • Coache 3 years ago

    @Choma well said, this man is not psychologically suited for this post. The only thing working for him is age as the SE players respect the elderly. Otherwise, katakakata for don dey burst for camp. There is no way Siasia could have deputised the man he is better than indeed

    • TALK UR OWN 3 years ago

      COACHE Well talk
      Sometimes ROHR used players in wrong position and player flop.
      But when SIASIA use player in different position, the players perform credibly well than original position.
      **ADEFEMI from 4 to 2 in U-20 W/Cup 2005
      **CHIBUZOR OKONKWO from 2 to 3 & NSOFOR from 9 to 11 both in Olympic2008 and super eagle
      **ABUBAKAR SHEHU from 4 to 2 in Rio Olympic 2016
      ** ETEBO from 4 to 10 in RIO Olympic2016.

  • TALK UR OWN 3 years ago

    Haa coach Gernot ROHR,you have change your mind ( mentality). Thank God for that. But I hope it is going to be REALITY TALK “”NOT POLITICAL/CAMOUFLAGE TALK””

  • He has touched their wound again. See them as dey rushed here to make comments. It seems this man also read comments on this site too

  • XXXXXXXXPLAY 3 years ago


  • Kingston 3 years ago

    The time Dare said our Olympic team is young, why didn’t you complain??
    super eagles were there third youngest team at afcon, with just about 0.8 years gap (is am correct).

  • @Pompei @Chima E Samuels well said you know coach Rohr talk too much instead of keeping quiet and focus on how to explore this young players at his disposal to become world beaters he is busy talking, when you take a look at super eagles players you will see that all they need is a good tactical coach who can be able to Haynes their talente that is why i always mentioned Gareth Southgate you could see that man progression with three lions.

  • Emmanuel 3 years ago

    You guys are so narrow minded, easily forget history.Taking nothing away from Siasia, how is he better than GR. Too late in the day to still be smoking baba.You guys read yet don’t understand.How on earth is the coach analysis above an indictment of his person.

    Is it not a fact that we have a young team? Has he not said it right that we have a young team that is doing well in Europe, are our young players not doing well in Europe?. Is it not true that other teams are thinking of our players and we are thinking about theirs as well.

    This man has only led us to 2 major tournaments and as far as am concerned in those 2 events we were not disgraced,but offcourse we have lot of rooms for improvement.In all of the events attended GR has qualified us with matches to spare.Tell me where is the condemnation coming from?.

    It is not as though the local coaches had not been given a chance before, they all had their fare share of opportunity,but aside from Keshi of blessed memoir who else delivered amongst them.The same Siasia led a corsotium of local coaches who failed to qualify us for ordinary nations cup.The same nations cup that the present coach now qualifies for with ease, without stress,in fact Irorun lobawa.

    Our nation can’t grow like this,where we don’t see any good in others.We forget the good others did once they make little errors.The wickedness in the land stinks.Every move made by the coach is condemned by all,every statement made is criticised.What else can satisfy you guys.

    Whether u like it or not GR has made huge progress with the SE and am sure he will do more.He has successfully built our keeping department so much so that we now have a future in that department.

    Someone the other day, condemned the Coach for playing Akpoguma as a 2.But tell me what is wrong with that,Leon Balogun has often played as no.2 in Rangers and has done well.The same Akpogunma has also played in that possition in his club.But here people with no sport background or knowledge come here to condemn a coach with just head knowledge.But am sorry you can only reason what you know anything about.Pep keep playing without a top 9,sometimes he gets result,sometimes he does not,but that is hes coaching philosophy.

    Only time will vindicate this coach and the team.

    • Baijai007 3 years ago

      Nigerians are one of the most arrogant set of human beings that God created and also fall among the most gullible in all sense. We brag on nothing and condemn everything that does not sound attractive to our perception without critical analysis. Sine the draws was made yesterday, I doubt if any NT coach among the 24 that qualified has bragged to be the expected winner of the tournament but here we are where some people want the coach to arrogantly state that we are winning a tournament that all other teams would be prepared to win.We need to start inculcating ‘smartest not loudest’ in our daily routine, as the coach’s comment does not in any way portray him as incompetent or a failure. This is a man that qualified us for the same tournament with two games to spare.

  • Omo9ja 3 years ago

    “Rohr: Egypt, Others Must Be Wary Of My ‘ Young Team’

    This is a pity. Over the five years of your service, your young team have never matured enough.

    Young shall grow is what they used to say but since we have a baby Super Eagles Oga Rohr team, I don’t expect our young team to beat, Egypt, Cameroon, Senegal, Morocco and other top teams at the next year Afcon in Cameroon.

    Who is fooling who? Making Excuses every day.

    NFF/Amaju, thank you for chosen Oga Rohr for Nigeria. History will remember you.

    We should be talking about winning the trophy in Cameroon because Cameroon came to Nigeria in 2000 to win the Afcon trophy and our Super Falcons did the same thing by winning women Afcon in Cameroon with Amogbemi as their coach.

    This is more than Afcon tournament to Nigeria. That pain at the Afcon 2000 still fresh in our memories and this is a great opportunity to wipe that bad memories off our minds by winning the next Afcon in Cameroon but this coach is not capable to achieve this our goal. He doesn’t know our value.

    NFF should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this man to working with the Super Eagles till today. It is a shame. If you can’t fix it then don’t brake it. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Macau 3 years ago

      @Omo9ja am highly disappointed at you. What is it that GR has done to you that made you to hate him so much? Where did the coach made a mistake in what he said please tell me.

      • Steve o 3 years ago

        He made a mistake by stating that his team is young , what is do young about the Super Eagles?.. failure of Rohr to WIN the Afcon at our backyard he should be sacked immediately!!!

        • Omo9ja 3 years ago

          @Steve o, God bless you more for saying the truth.

          NFF can never sacked him immediately because that is where they are getting money from.

          The contract NFF signed with the coach showed that NFF/Amaju can’t bring the best for Nigeria.

          We are watching. God bless Nigeria!!!

          • You see the reason while our leaders keep treating us the way they want because they know that majority of us don’t understand the world progression, imagine some people think is everytime they play sentiment when others are serious about what they’re saying, now i beginning to understand that some people don’t the progression, when you see a team that is progressing you will know except you just want to be sentimental, for me one of the team that is progressing is the English national team.

        • So the statement should have been ‘Egypt should be wary of my old team’? it is well with us

  • Shuma 3 years ago

    Young team aka the regular starters are not gonna play until they are paid.

  • Emmanuel 3 years ago

    No Omo9ja,it is you that should be ashamed for not knowing the difference between young and matured.In other words if you know what you are talking about you will understand that the fact that our team is young does not mean they are incapable.

    Your hatred for Rohr has blinded your sense of reasoning so much so that you can’t reason to digest that Rohr did not say he’s team is young and incapable, but that it is young and doing well in Europe.For instance,he made mention of Ndidi.Ndidi is rated top 5 best defensive midfielders in the entire Europe.Again he mentioned Kelechi.Kelechi has found his mojo again and was the highest goal scorer for Leichester last season and singlehandedly won the community shield for them against the almighty Man city.

    Lastly,he mentioned Victor Osimhen.Osimhe was the highest goal scorer in the qualifies for the entire Africa and one of the best strikers in the entire Europe.But come to think of it are they not all young?But does the fact of their young age take away their prowess no.Ndidi is 23 years yet ruling Europe.Kelechi is 24years but running things at Leicester. Osimhen is 22yeaes but presently one of the biggest players in Italy.

    So if you have the capacity to reason soundly you will know that Rohr has not in any way dimining his team.Infact he is showing to the whole world that come oooo my team may be young but they have grown in lips and bound and una go hear am.

    Omo9ja,you can’t change,yet you clamour for the removal of Rohr.I don’t know what you are or who you are but this platform is not for some bear parlour people.Reason well before you make a comment.

    • Ayphillydegreat 3 years ago

      God bless you @Emmanuel. Abeg tell them uncouth individuals who only come here to disgrace themselves. Most of them lacks simple English comprehension. What the gaffer has said does not in any way shape or form diminish his team. Yes our team is still and growing. They’ve been to two major tournaments and will be ready to take on Africa in Cameroon. Most of them bigots can’t stomach the fact that Rohr has already created a team that can last for at least a decade to come.

  • Nigeria has the most complete team in the Afcon…..we are complete in all the wings…..We younger and stronger with alot of pace…..We play in top European teams….We have experience in Afcon and WC with the same coach…..We have been together for a long time….. Nigeria is still the strongest team in the tournament.

  • Steve o 3 years ago

    He made a mistake by stating that his team is young , what is so young about the Super Eagles?.. failure of Rohr to WIN the Afcon at our backyard he should be sacked immediately!!!

    • Ikeben 3 years ago

      Bros young is not a derogatory word but rather the opposite. He should have said he team was old abi. If young in sports is so bad why are young players getting the more attractive offers and contracts. Lets not allow our prejudice blind us. The same statement he made and other sports news site said he was boasting about the capability of his boys. Let us understand context. They young and have been together for a while and doing great things in Europe so he stated the facts. But many of us are blinded by our prejudice and Complete Sports knows it and decides to give the headlines that will attract his hatters to jump on the comment section while they smile to the bank

  • Omo9ja 3 years ago

    Sorry for late response @Emmanuel.

    I just want to ask you 3 to 4 simple questions.

    Are you in support of Nigeria, yourself, Amaju or Oga Rohr?

    If you here because of Nigeria and yourself congratulations and count yourself lucky.

    If you are in support of Amaju and Oga Rohr, that means you are either working for Nigerian government and milking from Nigeria resources that is why you are talking like this.

    You people are trying to keep everyone quiet but count me out.

    However, you said I should be ashamed of yourself?

    I should be ashamed of myself because I didn’t qualify Nigeria to Olympic football event.

    I should be ashamed of myself because our under17, under20 both male and female teams did qualify to any major tournament.

    I should be ashamed of myself because am working for NFF.

    you didn’t tell NFF and our world class coach to be ashamed of themselves when the gaffer said he doesn’t want to play with Egypt.

    You didn’t say anything when Amaju Pinnick wanted to send Oga to a refresher course but I, omo9ja that telling our oppressors to do the right thing you are talking to like this? You should have a rethink sir.

    I hate Oga Rohr? This is very funny though.
    I hate Keshi, Siasia and Oliseh too then?

    Why you people hate the truth like this?

    What has he, Oga Rohr done differently since five years?

    I think Oga Rohr was in charge of Benin national team and other team in another country ba?

    Let assume both countries didn’t have players like Nigeria, that was the real reason Oga Rohr failed in both countries.

    Now that he is in charge of a big team like Super Eagles that have what it takes to deliver, why he’s still struggling to build a team over the five years?

    He is now counting on Osimhen. As a world class coach by now, he should have a replacement for his main striker now.

    Does he have a reliable replacement for Osimhen?

    I can’t change because I want the best for my country, your own country and our country. That is my purpose of coming here most of the time.

    If Benin can sacked Oga Rohr why Nigeria is keeping a coach that can’t compete with the best?

    He doesn’t want to play with the top teams but he’s willing to win the Afcon trophy?

    Did you hear yourself Ayphillydegreat?

    “Yes our team is still and growing. They’ve been to two major tournaments and will be ready to take on Africa in Cameroon. Most of them bigots can’t stomach the fact that Rohr has already created a team that can last for at least a decade to come”.

    This is why I am fighting for most of you people because it seems like you don’t know your right.

    You said our team still growing? Since 2016 and we now in 2021, kai, our team still growing. Am shaking my head for you people.

    Indeed, Super Eagles have been to two major tournaments without winning a tea cup. Yes, indeed kę, our team still growing.

    I don’t need to waste my precious time on you people.

    When the time comes, majority of you people will run away as usual. Fingers crossed. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • I support your statement with regards to his unfonded fear for Egypt because as I said before and will say again it is not valid because we all know Nigeria has a better squad and more depth.

      Incase of Victor Osimhen I will disagree. Yes we have Kelechi Iheanacho who I am sure will deliver and reach a high level and Emmanuel Dennis looks good too but, @Omo9ja has it ever occurred to you that certain players only come around once in a while if that was the case we would have VIctor Osimhen’s, Rashidi Yekini’s every generation and Ivory Coast still won’t be looking for a Didier Drogba replacement 6years after his retirement. Bros thats a bit harsh Quality on the level of Osimhen is hard to find and generally come once every other generation.

  • Personally I think the most important thing is the motivation of these players to represent. Even the coaches will be able to brainstorm properly. Abeg let the Administration try to settle the coaches and the players salary and bonuses. Please let’s not allow past lapses to be repeated, let’s get it right this time.
    Lastly our tactics and style of play is paramount. No team is afraid of eagles anymore as it was all glaring and vivid in our past games. Technical team abeg make us play full time entertaining and ruthless attacking football. The coach can’t do it all alone Abeg.

  • Hassan Tia 3 years ago

    MR.Rhor the case is not on a young people you said you have put the case of Super Eagels is an excellent pattern of play or style; SE lack a depth and pressing and proper recoveris of play;so you (Rhor) xan do this task to change the face of SEvfor a beatiful one .Then SE will bacame an icredible team who fear or panic any team…

  • The point is simple yes the team is young. But when it comes to Experience they have enough. I mean any coach of one of the biggest teams in Africa who got to the semi finals of Afcon with the same core players should automatically be aiming to Reach the finals and WIN it especially with a team like Nigeria. the problem is that Nigeria over the past has become to used to mediocrity that they cant see it when it is starring at them right in the face. Coach Rohr should not be talking like this because it is facts that this team is more talented than the one that reached 2019 AFCON Semi. Also it is because of this same talk that Cameroon a team we beat on our way to Afcon semis beat us recently when we should have beating them because it is not like we reached semis with a aging team we did with the same crop who were less experienced then and more so now. and with some stronger additions i.e. Osigoal in form. so what is this coach talking??????.. Supporting Mediocrity is a norm now on CSN. When we see the list and see it is the same squad that lost woefully to Mexico last month with Musa as Captain una go hear word!!!!!!!!!!

  • The NFF knew that this man cannot take us to the promised land, yet they brought him. Rohr is an average coach. You can’t give what you don’t have. The same man said that Nigeria would not go far if they qualify for the World Cup and also France would do very well and maybe win the Euro tournament.

    Obviously, this man cannot win the AFCON. He doesn’t inspire his players and that is why he keeps saying ‘young team as an excuse for over five years of coaching the national team without playing pattern.’ He doesn’t understand the mentality of African players. Also, he hasn’t won anything in his coaching career. Zidana he coached is far better than him today.

  • You see the reason while our leaders keep treating us the way they want because they know that majority of us don’t understand the word progression, imagine some people think is everytime they play sentiment when others are serious about what they’re saying, now am beginning to understand that some people don’t understand the word progression, when you see a team that is progressing you will know except you just want to be sentimental, for me one of the team that is progressing is the English national team.

  • Coache 3 years ago

    Disgraceful statement from a man who cannot be a Kit man in Barca . When Bonfere Jo faced a Brasilian. team parading Bebeto, Ronaldo and Roberto Carlos at the Olympics with 3-1 down and still won it because he believed in the ability of his boys. We won the Olympics playing against Ariel Ortega, Veron and Crespo. Shame on you GR, for belitling the Nigerian team Shame.

    When you are talking about the Nigerian players in the league, you will say you are not sure of their age. Yet the team is everyday young.

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      The same Bonfrere Jo couldn’t qualify for “ordinary” world cup or win AFCON even on home-soil…..LMAOOo…
      Of course worldcup and AFCON is not U-tournaments that we are extremely specialized at winning….LMAOOoo.

      He went to Atlanta with practically our USA 94 world cup team built by Westerhof, but when it was time to raise his own team in 2000 we came back from the Olympics with basketful of goals…..LMAOOo.

      At least Rohr has led a team to UEFA finals in his career…what has your Bonfrere achieved before and after Nigeria…? LMAOOoo

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