Rohr Not Worried Over Eagles’ Few Goals In Two AFCON 2019 Games

Rohr Not Worried Over  Eagles’ Few Goals In Two AFCON 2019 Games

Super Eagles head coach Gernot Rohr says he is not worried over his side’s inability to score more than two goals in two games so far at the ongoing 2019 Africa Cup of Nations in Egypt, Completesports.com reports.

The three-time African champions have scored twice in their opening two games in the competition despite the glut of attacking talents in the team.

One of the goals was scored by Shanghai Shenhua of China striker Odion Ighalo, while centre-back Kenneth Omeruo netted the other against the Syli Nationale of Guinea.

The Super Eagles wasted a number of chances against the Guineans with Ighalo the worst culprit.

Rohr is however satisfied to see his side carve out goal scoring chances despite not scoring enough.

“I’m not worried because we created plenty chances to score. We scored a beautiful goal against Burundi. We scored from a corner which I think is a good thing,” Rohr told reporters after the win against Guinea.

The West Africans were the first country to book a spot in the Round of 16 after the win on Wednesday.

They will face the Barea of Madagascar in their last Group B game on Sunday at the Alexandria Stadium.

By Adeboye Amosu

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  • Ndubuisi 5 years ago

    Food is ready for Rohr critics

    • Chima E Samuels 5 years ago

      You are creating a nuisance what good will it bring you??? Is this where you earn your living???

  • Well done Eagles . Well done Coach. The team have achieved their first target which getting to the next round . Then it is the knockout stage , where one goal may be enough. Eagles are going to do well so let’s support them and stop questioning the coach as we are not at their training sessions . 

  • Oakfield 5 years ago

    Nice one, coach. It can only get better. More Grace!

  • Oakfield 5 years ago

    Can u just do ursef and ur sorry generation a favour and re-read ur post???? Just take a look at the junk u just posted, abi somebody dash u awuf data…. Lol

  • Abdulrazak 5 years ago

    @Oluwa, from your post written in upside down English and bad grammar, it’s safe to conclude that you are not in a stable mental condition and obviously have severe personal and professional problems. Get help fast! Gernot Rohr is not responsible for your derangement!

  • @oluwa or Oluya one can see from your comment that you are not alright. Your remaining idiots will soon come here to write rubbish as well

    • Chima E Samuels 5 years ago

      Tayo you need to stop this your attitude read your comments from last year till date you are always abusive at ease. Meanwhile your name has a powerful meaning.

  • *usual

  • @ oluwa air your view without insulting the coach. Also wrong use of English vocabulary. Permit me to do some corrections: incompetence, being, don’t, coached etcetera.

  • Glory 5 years ago

    In as much as I completely dislike Oluwa’s comment, I don’t think its wise either to attack his English. We should never be proud of speaking English better than another of our own. Thats utter rubbish to me. However you can speak, speak. We should only be concerned with d point the other is making. English is never our mother tongue n remain second to our different languages. Surprisingly many English/Scottish/Irish n in fact loads of European can’t even write a sentence in English n painfully many of them are bosses in offices. We should stop this nonsense of running our own down simply because they make some mistake when they speak or write English.

    • Greenturf 5 years ago

      Good point @Glory.Nigerians are so obsessed when it comes to expressing themselves in their second language either written or spoken.It’s a stereotype even in the forum people who write better are revered than others who don’t simply put if your grammar is not good enough your points or views aren’t haha its a Nigerian thing you or I can’t change it.
      Thanks for your efforts though.

      • Greenturf 5 years ago


        • Glory 5 years ago

          My brother many things wey I come dey see, come make me dey see Fela beyond smoking gbana. He truly understood world politics n Western manipulations.But the evil one come put gbana for him personality so dat people no go take he words serious. Talents are been locked within loads of Nigerians simply because these don’t wanna be mocked when they try express themselves in this so called English my ass.

    • Chima E Samuels 5 years ago

      Glory God bless you. You’re a peace maker.

      @greenturf i thought you will join them to cast the stone at that guy but you surprised me.

  • Joel Chidi 5 years ago

    Have we carefully noticed that the super eagles under Genorh Rohr, is very difficult to beat? I am cautiously optimistic about this team. This man is very calm and doesn’t shout much about what he wants to do. He knows how to grind out results. If I were to be a player, and I see how calm my coach is even under pressure, that would get me going. Please we should be shouting crucify him when results are not coming in after a very long stretch but as much as I can remember, this man has been steadily taking the SE up to where we belong with proper organisation. Let’s be guided please.

  • nawao! i never knew people of @Igwe still exist in this education world… which pit do crawl out from?? i just knew ur type have given so much shame to their families… now tell me the defference between incompetent and incompetence? u think here is ur private family house? why advertising ur mediocrity and ur ignorance here in public? i only felt sorry for ur family and mostly ur father. “what a wasted sperm”.mtcheeew.

    • abeg no vex. u sef check am, how feel d time wey I tell u say u no sabi English. I sure sey u no like am. just try tok wetin dey ur mind minus foul language. once again no vex Mon Amie. Sai anjima

  • Goz4Christ 5 years ago

    Oluwa it hasn’t gotten to this. This is a football forum, we shouldn’t turn it to a forum for abuse. We should learn how to address people properly without insulting them on social medial. Please let’s stop all these abuses. Thanks.

  • Prince 5 years ago

    I want you to sit back, relax and read what you just posted on a public network for the entire world (home & aboard) to read !!!

    I want you to imagine that Rohr to be your elder brother, Uncle, Friend or Father … And then tell me how you will feel if someone addresses him like you did !!!

    My guy, your post is simply childish, highly uncultured and definitely UN-NIGERIAN!!!

    We Nigerians are well trained and well brought up…..we maintain high respect for our elders and fellow kinsman of same age great and to crown it up….we don’t insult anyone !!

    Your tag name “Oluwa” is of yourba heritage and I still believe boys still postrate when greeting their elders !

    Even if you senior Rohr, you no get any civic right to throw insults at him, ok

    And come to think about it, what did the man do to you … Did Super eagles not qualify from the group with a game to spare ?
    In soccer, 3 points is from a win, be it 12-0, 3-2, 5-2 or 1-0 !! 

    Your post clearly shows you are not part of us!

    Go back to where you come from, ok!!!

    And as for Complete sports, pls start uploading confirmed personal photos, phone number, location and email of all contributors on this site !!
    Just like in every other social sites like FB, Twitter, BBC blog, Goal, sportsChat etc …. Let’s know who be who sef !!!

    My profound Greetjngs to all except Oluwa !!!! 

    • Folorunso 5 years ago

      I wish i know who you are. U just made my night. Thanks man.

  • @Goz4christ’ this was not how i intend to react here. but some people or what ever thing they are i dont know if they smoke weed before coming here. people like Tayo, greenturf, Abdulrazak, igwe. ok’ i will make it clearer. since they incapable to comrehend what chatting or comment box is. from now on i will monitor them, mostly @greenturf. any of them fail to put question mark, exclamation mark,fullstop. any mark or symbol to complete a sentence that not in their write up. and fail to write it like their examination answers. they will see what i will do to them.

  • Anytime someone air his/her view about Rhor’s inadequcies and incompetence chief of which is lack of confidence and self belief, some unpaid attack dogs take it upon themselves to insult them and defend the indefensible.

    The bottom line is that Rhor has no self confidence at least he has not demonstrated it.
    Rhor over respects every team but the SE.
    He grinds out results from teams our under 17 eagles can beat.
    And gracious God, everyone is entitled to his/her opinion.
    Everyone is not a high flyer I know, every one is not equally ambitious, but aiming high or having high expectations in whatever can never be a vice, instead is a virtue.

    So those who are contented with mediocre results and display being dished out by Rhor, should go ahead and enjoy it, but stop insulting those of us who wants more for our money.

    • Ayphillydegreat 5 years ago

      Which money did you ever put to the development of football in Nigeria?? Other than your hard earned data which you only use to come write rubbish thinking you’re making sense. A coach with no self confidence will not commend his team for creating chances and scoring from a set piece. In the past we concede goals from set pieces now we’re scoring goals from set pieces and you called that incompetent?? Don’t worry we enjoy it like that if we win all our matches 1-0 it’s better as long as we’re winning. Losers can make use of the next lagoon. 

  • @Igwe i ear u. no wahala, we re one.

  • Omo9ja 5 years ago

    I know you won’t worry now but just wait and see when you meeting the very best teams then, it will be too late.

    A good coach should have identified the problem in the group stages why my team is not scoring goals and a problem which can eliminates your team in quarterfinals or semifinals.

    You are winning now one goal per match and some of us are happy. No wahala. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Ayphillydegreat 5 years ago

      Are you not the one who want him to have confidence in his team that no matter what he should be boasting like Dennerby?? Mr chameleon ẸNU WỌN LEJÉ ẸNU WỌN LỌFA. Now he exudes confidence in his believing that despite not scoring many goals his team were able to create chances and dominate games so far in the tournament. If he had said “oh I’m really worried because you know I have a young team that’s why we can’t score many goals”. Then you will say why doesn’t he have confidence that in his team. I can see that you’re seriously suffering from amnesia. 

      • Ayphillydegreat 5 years ago


      • Omo9ja 5 years ago

        Lolz. If I may ask, what is point dominating the match without scoring goals? Is like starting a vehicle without moving it lol.

        You Ayphillydegreat, you part of this abi lol?

        Don’t compared the great coach Dennerby with our Oga Rohr ooo.
        If you do, is like you are comparing cornflakes with Gari Ijebu o.

        You know Gari Ijębu sweet with Kulikuli alata. Abi no bi so ni? Don’t tell me you never tried that before o lol. Coach Dennerby won two trophies within a year. Hmmm, man bę ę. God bless Nigeria!!!

        • Ayphillydegreat 5 years ago

          We’ve scored goals already without conceding none so your assertions that we’re not scoring goals is false. Senegal the best team in Africa hasn’t scored more than two goals, Egypt the host only has three goals so far. It’s not as if teams are blowing out teams in this tournament. Rohr will continue to give you high blood pressure by getting the results we need to win games. 

    • Elijah 5 years ago

      @ omoja supereagle remain the best in Africa. No matter who they meet at knockout,they still win.God bless Nigerian.

  • @Oluwa and @Omo9ja I hail una, leave this Gernot Rohr Groupies they are happy with mediocre performance from a country with 200million people, quite simply it is not good enough.

    Okay did they not watch Senegal vs Algeria game?, the shift in transition the pace power of the game, if that was Nigeria with Rohr tactic we would have been licking our wounds before half time. Mean While it shouldn’t be so because our players are of the same level as those two teams even better than Algeria Bar Mahrez but, still a Player like Ndidi can isolate him only if our coach knows how to utilize the players at his disposal But, We all know Rohr still don’t even know his best 11 I mean How can Onyekuru still be warming bench is that not sad???.. from what i have seen now Rohr is weak Minded Tactless and has no eye for good players or a good game.

    I mean Madagascar beat Burundi by the same margin we beat them. I mean is that not Shameful??. Madagascar!!! chai this is very painful

    • Chima E Samuels 5 years ago

      Ugo I remember we defeated this same Algeria so to some extent lets give this coach our support and blessings as the journey continues. Thanks

    • Omo9ja 5 years ago

      Don’t mind them all jare my man. They are just pretending oje e lol. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Mind You not only Ndidi even Omeruo and Aina can Isolate Mahrez. I have seen Omeruo neutralize better players than Mahrez in La Liga. That been said, But even if the defenders neutralize attackers the attackers need to score and Rohr’s prefered combinations do not heed fruit and he is so stubborn to see that, he needs to inject something fresh. I mean what harm will it cause to unleash Chukwueze and Onyekuru on both Wings at the same time???

    This coach is shambolic. and his choice of substitutions is still a cause for concern. Now Osimhen is injured and will not be able to showcase his talents against Madagascar. That is what happens when you don’t value what you have you lose it.

    • Chima E Samuels 5 years ago

      I have also thought about Henry and Chukwueze on left and right with Osihem as 9 and iwobi as 10 but the presents guys too are not doing bad. This tells that our attack is fine the only concern is the right back and Goalkeeper if we meet a highly technical team but i believe God will see us through.

      • Omo9ja 5 years ago

        Is this Chima E Samuels or somebody else? I still can’t believe is you. God help those who helped themselves.

        Our Opponents also have God too. We played against Burundi and Guinea, Super Eagles were playing like that but if this our team meet Senegal, Algeria or Morocco, what will happen to our team? Most especially goalkeeping department? Is that God fault?

        Come on my man. This is your Country now. Where did you put your confidence?

        This is not Chima E Samuels I used to know.

        Did you remember how this team played during the world qualifiers? If you do, how come they are playing like this now?

        The problem is not from our players but the coach. Something is missing in this team. A world cup team for that matter?

        The team has no patern, no confidence and I’m so afraid as we are heading to the knockout stages.

        That is why I have been praising coach Dennerby because he knows his stuffs wela.

        I am not really concerned about those who are kicking against me. As long as coach Rohr or any Nigerian coach failed to perform their duties, I will raise my voice and my voice must be heard.

        I did the same thing whe coach Dennerby made some mistakes in his first match in France and the man fixed the problem. This is not about hate but the truth.

        I love my Country and I want the best for my darling Country. Forget about people who loved the coach more than their Country. Do your part and let God do the rest. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Chima E Samuels 5 years ago

    These days all i do is read comments and laugh but on the other side i feel sorry for those who come here to insult people when Nigeria win and when Naija fails the same people will insult the coach isn’t this betrayals?

    This country is for everyone it is only villagers and fake people who act the way some of you behave. Whenever anyone makes a point it doesn’t mean they hate the team or coach can we try to understand this? You know yourselves.It is really disgusting to associate with these set of people.

    Whenever naija win we all sleep well in reality and when we loose we get sad. Can someone challenge me on this feelings?

    So if in reality we all love our country so can’t people with brains think that whoever is making a point is speaking in the good interest of his or her capacity even if such points makes no sense sometimes? Omo9ja for example has been a scape goat for some reasons that myself understand but it doesn’t mean he is an idiot or dislikes his country same thing goes to Drey who makes a point and sometimes creates a scene as a motive just to disagree even if he agrees deep in him but he always wabts to be on the opposite to cause disrespect and deliberate debate same goes to Tayo, Oakfield, Ayphilly, Edoman sometimes and Ndubisi of a late and some other strange nickname with titles.

    It is really really disgusting and childish when you guys add attitude to the comment box. How i wish the forum was full of the kinds of Deo who even sometimes get attacked for his humble opinion from some quaters to tell you how strange a country we sometimes can be.

    At the end of the day we all love Nigeria take it or leave it, but those of us bringing attitude and acting like green snakes, double tongues we need to stop it because nobody will be paid at the end of the day and neither are we going to ever meet in real life to cut bread.

    It will make all sense if we all come here share reasonable points without insults and go on with our normal daily lives. I know i have had issues with people sometimes on here, but i virtually forget that when that same person makes a point and i feel is reasonable i support his or her motion, except for people who are just total turn off because of their habits that has eaten deep into them so they will never change regardless of how you wish they will.

    God bless naija those who think Rohr is good one love and those who think he is average one love too. But in the end lets us wish him well as he is flying our flag as the anointed one, at the end of the day if naija wins we will all be proud in whatever country we live and people will congratulate us.

    So whoever thinks he alone is happy or sad when naija wins or loose should think again before using words like they will come crawling out of their holes or whatever. All that is a childish and dumbass comments honestly speaking. So lets grow up and whoever feels to start the insults on this thread should feel free as i expect anything from the typical naija people.

    Before i post comment i just want to say i love everyone here including those who i have insulted and insulted me as well in many ways. But two wrongs does not make a right so let me say i am sorry for airing my voice in any way that might have offended anyone because i have said my own truth.

    • Omo9ja 5 years ago

      Ahahahaha, I can’t stop laughing oooo my friend. Ah, 9ja people. You Chima E Samuels, this is really fun to read o lol. I read this comment over and over again and I can’t stop laughing. It is well. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Thanks for the mention Chima, that was very kind of you.

      • Chima E Samuels 5 years ago

        Boss i wish including myself can be like you. But I am learning anyway!

  • Chima E Samuels 5 years ago

    @Oluwa next time save yourself the insults by making your point without insulting a man leading the nation this is sports that unifies.

  • Shege luzzy 5 years ago

    I wonder why some forumites attack Rohr like they have a personal axe to grind with him. I was of the opinion also that this platform is for constructive contributions and not the in fighting that is gradually defeating the whole idea.Really and truly some people here argue in all directions and no direction. That you begin to wonder if they actually engage their brains before their mouths.

    While those who are opposed, do so with extreme emotions that overleaps itself and falls short of the desired response. What we need now is a formidable camaraderie throughout the Afcon and subtle but far reaching criticisms and contributions that would help.
    As for the grammar and inherent blunders. Shina peters has the answer.
    I have come to love this forum though i don’t contribute as much as the established forumites.

  • Destiny 5 years ago

    Madcoach he is talking about a beautiful goal when we are looking for goals,

    picking players at random, first substitution in a match is injury time substitution,silly and flimsy excuses before a match,picking the wrong player for match and benching the talented and subbing him 82mib and above and lack of confidence in speech because he knows he has a empty head = rohr is a empty head ass

    Mr ror or roah or whatever you Call yourself you are a extremely novice and amateur coach who is still in a far backward stage in the stages of becoming a coach, while the people siding you whenever we insult you for your silly and poor coaching ability are blind and knows nothing

    • Ayphillydegreat 5 years ago

      You’re the one that knows everything abi? In fact you should the one coaching the SuperEagles. Clap for yourself your brain and that of a chimpanzee is the same. A chimpanzee brain can even function better than what you have in your head. Just read the rubbish you wrote all the name of commenting. You crawl out of a cave spewing nonsense. As long as Rohr continue to win he remains the coach of the SuperEagles. You can make use of a wet electric pole. And for all other ethnic jingoists and evil tyrants enemy of progress as you’re beginning to crawl out of your caves you will all never know peace. 

      • @Aphililythegreat You are an imbecile see how you curse people. I have now realised that all coach Rohr supporters like to hail evil curses on People who see things differently to them an that their flimsy air head coach. Anyway we all want one thing the success of the SUper Eagles and if the coach does not change the way he views the game of ball. the promise land is far away.

        @Destiny don’t mind this maga he is just as brainless as the coach he supports

    • Ndubuisi 5 years ago

      Do you insult or criticise @Destiny?You see how myopic your reasoning is. We cannot agree since your guys have made yourselves nuisance in this forum. Constructive criticism is welcomed anyday anything but deliberately finding faults and insulting Rohr for no reason is not acceptable. @ Chima .E. Samuels you see your friends birds of the same feather. I have been in this forum for a long time but chose not to comment but after the world cup I identified enemies of progress in this forum, there and then I made up my mind to air my views without insulting anyone. We all make mistakes even in our work places and in our individual businesses and sometimes our decisions may not be right but how would you feel being insulted daily by people you maybe better? Some of us here are nobody and may not have achieved anything in life but just privileged to be here. We should watch how we talk though its free but should be used wisely. If Nigeria is knocked out and I discover is coach fault I will criticize him in this forum but not insulting him. Mr Rohr is not my age mate and should be respected no matter what. I hope I have made my point clear.

      • Ndubuisi, Abeg go and sit down Jare!, must you comment. Leave us Air our views in peace about a coach that is causing us anger with his bad decisions and slow decisive approach to doing things

      • Ndubuisi 5 years ago


      • Ayphillydegreat 5 years ago

        Your father and your entire generation of nincompoops are imbeciles. You and your bloody evil tyrants are stupid asshole. You think I give a shit about y’all?? You guys never know jack. Una go hear wen for this forum. You in particular Igo oriburuku iwunze may Agbarara, Amadioha blow your entire household up. You bloody bigot and useless jingoist. You think I’m deo? Or other forumites. Go and ask everybody about me. Your life will be miserable on this forum from now on. Continue with me. Useless bloody asshole. 

        • Ayphillydegreat 
          You don’t need this… You are one of the very few people on this forum that I love to read his analysis on football matters.

          • Ayphillydegreat 5 years ago

            godmat. I appreciate you my brother. I’m the pioneer of this forum and I support the coach and the SuperEagles as long as he gets the results. However, some have turned themselves to nuisance on this forum by abusing, belittling and condemning the coach and also abusing those that support the coach. Initially I’ve been observing, but I realize most of them are stuck on and I refuse to let that happen. As long Rohr continue to grind out the results these bunch will continue to hear wen on this forum. I know what constructive criticisms is and I know what blatant hatred and enemies of progress are.

        • Ashy Slashy 5 years ago

          Make Una take an easy o

        • Lawrence 5 years ago

          Scammer Ndubisi is same as Ayphilly because Ugo commented on Ndubisi but he showed his true colour. Nna na wa for this forum o.

  • Ayphillydegreat 5 years ago

    Only God will save those nincompoops and low lifers, bunch of enemies of progress going against Rohr. Evil tyrants with low self esteem coming here to display their stupidity. Ukraine that won the U20 WorldCup beats everyone except the FlyingEagles. At least we didn’t lose to Ukraine yet they went on to beat everyone else to win the cup. If you can continue to fool yourself keep it to yourself don’t come here to display your ignorance thinking we’re fools and I in particular refuse to let that happen. You can’t come here to display stupidity and expect well meaning reasonable people not to attack you because you’re not making any sense. If you have a problem with the coach tactics better still wait until he’s sacked and apply for the SuperEagles coaching job maybe you will add more tactics to the already established 4-3-3, 4-2-3-1 or 3-5-2 formations the coach have already used since taking over the reigns of the SuperEagles. 

    • Lawrence 5 years ago

      Village goat we are all one Nigeria stop acting like a fool spitting notice me nonsense here.

    • Destiny 5 years ago

      Aphyll or whatever you call yourself you are the most foolish person in this world even my 11 years old nephew get sense past you,go collect your sense from your mama womb you forget am 4 there

      • Ayphillydegreat 5 years ago

        Lmao!!! OLORIBURUKU somebody you just crawl out from your rathole after 4 days. Your own Destiny that has turned you to a worthless being you no go even fit collect am back from your mama womb. At least I can still collect my own sense back from my mama womb, but yours is irredeemable from your mama womb. Your mama don use your Destiny do period. IYA Ẹ TI FI ṢE NKAN OṢU DANU. ỌMỌ ALE!! Bastard nonentity. 

  • I greet u @Destiny, Ugu iwunze, Omo9ja and my fellow wisemen. i hail u for seeing behond. i greet u @igwe and i also greet u opposing team. this super eagle team is not playing to their best. they dont feel, they can get job done by lifting that trophy.because rohr has already play down their chance of winning it, with his tonque. a commanda cannot lead his troop to war and tell his boys they cannot win the fight instead he high their morale. with rohr i am sorry we cannot go far. and “mostly’ he has not corrected his late subs and wrong subs”.

  • _Rohr the enigmatic coach_

    I was having a telephone conversation the other day with a friend who is happy about the direction of our Super Eagles under coach Rohr but not totally convinced about the vehicle conveying them there.

    It seemed rather contradictory: how can you be happy with what Rohr has achieved but not how he is achieving it? Strange but not impossible.

    I don’t think those criticising the coach are enemies of progress or all the other adjectives used to describe them. These folks – I think – are not entirely bought over by the brand of football of Gernot Rohr. I think they believe that under greater scrutiny, his Super Eagles will cave in.

    Look, the results have been good under the German – there is no doubt about that. However, there is such a thing as ‘results that excite’. And I have to concede that Rohr’s results haven’t always excited a section of the fans.

    Now, that doesn’t excuse some of their utterances. I think you have to give respect where it is due. Hence, from the doldrums of where our football was to where we are today, Rohr deserves my respect and I wholeheartedly praise him for that.

    But I think he needs to do more.

    There remains this ‘disconnect’ between Rohr and many fans despite his impressive trajectory and results for the Super Eagles.

    Forensically, I analysed the brand of football played in our first 2 matches and I don’t think that style will hold against the Argerntinas, France, Italys and Spains of this world.

    Is it too much for me to expect us to rub shoulders with those type of teams? We did it in 1994 and 1998 and I believe under the right leadership, I should be able to see such potentials in the present crop of players – but I am not seeing that.

    I don’t think anyone is an enemy of progress – far from it. We all want what is best for the national team.

    Perhaps if Rohr produces more ‘results that excites (more)’, then more and more fans will be bought over.

    He might win the Afcon, but he is a world away from unanimously winning hearts and minds if the brand of football is more of the same.

    God bless Mr Rohr, God bless the Super Eagles and God bless Nigeria.

    • Ndubuisi 5 years ago

      You have spoken well but personally am not against critisizing Rohr where necessary but doing it the wrong way is what am against. Check this guys comments @omo9ja, destiny, oluwa, chima E. Samuel, ugo always abusive as if they will do better if they are privileged to be there. The same team and same coach beat Cameroon, Algeria, libya convincingly here and won away in Zambia, Libya and drew in dreaded Cameroon and Algeria home. Why can’t we appreciate the coach and give useful advice going forward than calling him all sorts of name. The question is has he failed? No.

    • Ayphillydegreat 5 years ago

      Your father and your entire generation of nincompoops are imbeciles. You and your bloody evil tyrants are stupid asshole. You think I give a shit about y’all?? You guys never know jack. Una go hear wen for this forum. You in particular Igo oriburuku iwunze may Agbarara, Amadioha blow your entire household up. You bloody bigot and useless jingoist. You think I’m deo? Or other forumites. Go and ask everybody about me. Your life will be miserable on this forum from now on. Continue with me. Useless bloody asshole. 

  • At the last world cup when we played against Argentina, When he didnt substitute after the draw Nigerians were calling for his head that he ought to have used that as a delay strategy. Now, he decided to substitute again to avoid thesame mistake, some people are still complaining. Why must we be so abusive b4 we prove a point? Is football playing that easy? Or we dont know that every country that qualified did so because they are potential cup lifters. Pls lets reason in the right direction.

  • Why must we blame Rohr all the time? The fact that a student does not do well in class doesnt mean he or she doesnt have the best teachers. What if the man has done all he could but still they cant find a goal

  • Chima E Samuels 5 years ago

    I will be an hypocrite if i condemn the coach after this safe passage and lots of Africans here are praising Nigeria saying your people are doing well result-wise. Even though just as UGO stated the other day that we are now playing with care of which i support but i will also say i realised its a sign of maturity to play with care if we take into consideration what happened to our fellow super favourites Senegal.

    I am of the opinion that i try to see the good in every situation and the wrong as well but when the good is over the wrong i give it a pass mark.

    So far Rohr is winning and like i said maybe his mentality is humility and he has so far succeeded in using it to kill is opponents. I won’t be surprised if in the locker room his players are aware of this mind game antics so guys lets ignore whatever Rohr says to the media and support his mind games.

    Nigerians lets enjoy this moment as long as it lasts and at the end of the day if we are wise enough we will learn one or two things that will help us in future!

    • Glory 5 years ago

      Brother you hv spoken well. I have truly analysed this team n to be honest, it’s gonna take a more than multi talented side to beat this SE team.

      • Ayphillydegreat 5 years ago

        Chima is it really you? Now praising Rohr and his tactics. Wonders shall never end. Welcome to the club. 

  • How can a team not playing well and still be winning. Even if we play Argentina, Brazil or Italy of this world the team won’t be disgrace after all we played against same Argentina and were only unlucky to lose to them. Senegal you guys were shouting of we all saw what happened yesterday. Brazil labored hard to beat Paraguay yesterday. Football is not mathematics anything can happen. So stop exclamation of saying the team is not playing to the standard of the so called big teams

    • Ayphillydegreat 5 years ago

      Gbam!!!! Don’t mind sugar coating. Some are using double tongue we know them. 

  • Ololo 5 years ago

    People fail to remember football in 1999 is not same with 2019. This afcon is very close, no big team have won by more than 2 nile.

    Senegal yesterday didn’t play like the number1 in Africa.. Honestly I wonder how they managed to win us in friendly game last week.. Apart from that inter guy (balda) their other wingers looked heavy poor movement, lacked creativity. They team can not win afcon.

    • Ayphillydegreat 5 years ago

      Gbam!! 1999 to 2019 that’s an entire generation, but unfortunately some are still living in Stone Age. 

  • Glory 5 years ago

    Reading comments here, tells me what happens when you are striving to accomplish success in any task. People will do everything to bring you down but few will hold strong to support you. Then what must you do? Just stay focus on the task and go deaf n blind to those wishing you bad n continue to thank those that support you.

  • Kehinde 5 years ago

    I am not a fan of Nigerian coach, ever since he was employed.. He’s not fit to be Nigerian coach… I am not crusifying him because of our lose to Madagascar, the coach lack tactics, I don’t really see a pattern of play in the team.. football should flow …. there isn’t a visible pattern I can see in the team. I have been saying this for long this coach is a gambler.. we need someone like Samson Siasia.. even though we win the nation’s cup… he dosnt worth being a Nigerian coach…

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