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Rohr Ranked 19th World’s Best National Team Coach

Rohr Ranked 19th World’s Best National Team Coach

Super Eagles head coach, Gernot Rohr, has been ranked 19th in the 2019 world’s best national coaches, Completesports.com reports

The ranking was released by the International Federation of Football History and Statistics (IFFHS).

Rohr is joint 19th in the ranking alongside five others – the national team coaches of Sweden, South Korea, Denmark, China and Iran.

Rohr led the Eagles to a third place finish at this year’s Africa Cup of Nations in Egypt.

The Eagles are currently top of their 2021 AFCON qualifying group after winning their opening two games.

Djamel Belmadi, who led Algeria to the 2019 AFCON title, is fifth on the list while the number one is Portugal’s coach Fernando Santos.

Brazil coach Tite is ranked number two, while Belgium coach, Roberto Martinez is the third best ranked coach.

France head coach Didier Deschamps is ranked number four with England’s Gareth Southampton in number six.

The IFFHS is an organization that chronicles the history and records of association football.

It was founded on 27 March 1984 in Leipzig by Alfredo Poge with the blessings of general secretary of the FIFA at the time, Helmut Kaser.

2019 World National Team Coaches Ranking

Two or more coaches are jointly ranked in some positions than

1 Fernando Santos, Portugal (Portugal)

2 Adenor Bacchi “TITE”, Brazil (Brazil)

3 Roberto Martinez, Spain (Belgium)

4 Didier Deschamps, France (France)

5 Djamel Belmadi, Algeria (Algeria)

6 Gareth Southgate, England (England)

7 Roberto Mancini, Italy (Italy)

8 Andrei Shevchenko, Ukraine (Ukraine)

9 Ricardo Gareca, Argentina (Peru)

10 Nicolas Dupuis, France (Madagascar)

10 Felix Sanchez, Spain (Qatar)

12 Zlatko Dalic, Croatia (Croatia)

12 Ronald Koeman, Netherlands (Netherlands)

12 Roberto Moreno, Spain (Spain)

12 Oscar Tabarez, Uruguay (Uruguay)

16 Senol Gunes, Turkey (Turkey)

17 Jerzy Brzeczek, Poland (Poland)

18 Aliou Cisse, Senegal (Senegal)

19 Jan Olof Andersson, Sweden (Sweden)

19 Paulo Bento, Portugal (South Korea)

19 Age Hareide, Norway (Denmark)

19 Marcello Lippi Italy (China)

19 Gernot Rohr, Germany (Nigeria)

19 Marc Wilmots, Belgium (Iran)

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  • Algerian indigenous coach is number 5 in the wirld.

    Even Madagascar french coach is number 10.
    Cise of Senegal is number 18.
    If only the NFF is organized and functional, may be Rohr will rank better.
    If Amuneke was Rohr’s Assistant maybe the SE would play a more attacking football with some self belief and probably would have qualified from our Russia 2018 WC group, most likely played in the final of the 2019 nations cup or even won it; and hence Rohr would have ranked higher.

    Rohr has just stabilized the team rather than improve it .
    Rohr has actually improved himself and his CV with the SE.
    His market value has increased for his association with the SE, unlike the Madagascar team that improved because of their association with their french coach.

    Rohr has not added anything new to our SE or any nigerian team whatsoever.
    When Clemens Westerhorf was our coach, his style of play robbed off on all our teams.
    We started playing Dutch possession football.
    We wan the Olympics.

    For fear of the unknown, many nigerians would like to keep Rohr and for the simple fact that changing Rohr and not changing the NFF may not make so much difference anyway.

    I will submit that NFF should offer Rohr an improved and renagotiated contract that will include Amuneke as the Assistant and make them have two SE teams; team A and team B.
    Team B should comprise of the under 23, 20, 17 and the home based team.

    Anytime the NFF organizes a friendly match, they should make it two in one.
    The main SE, as well as the under 23 Eagles.

    • Omo9ja 2 years ago

      It shall be well with you @CJ. You said it all. You will never lacked bro.

      Nobody hates nobody. We are all here to face the truth but if we don’t, Super Eagles will never progressed.

      Coach Rohr needed coach Amunike as his assistant coach. That is the missing link in that team.

      Coach Rohr also needed a new goalkeeper trainer.

      Also, as you said CJ, changing these coaches without changing the cabals in the NFF board members is nothing.

      You explained everything wela. It’s sweet me no be small. Keep it up my man. Nigerians are waking up small small now. We have to work collectively to make Nigeria better. God bless Nigeria!!!

      • GODWIN 2 years ago

        Anytime any day, I will choose Madagascar coach over Rohr. Rohr is Emery version 2.

  • Samchi 2 years ago

    ‘Rohr has just stabilized the team rather than improve it’…

    Please help us understand what you mean here_ what’s the difference between stabilizing and improving the team’?
    Biko nwanne kowatiate*

  • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

    ” Rohr has just stabilized the team rather than improve it ”


    Stability from a previous state of instability is not a form of improvement. 70th to 31st is not improvement.

    God pls don’t let all this plenty money I’m using to send my children to school become money down the drain eventually.

    It will be morally fitting if some people can go and refund every dime spent on their education.

    • Ara Nkita 2 years ago

      No need for the subtle insult bro…
      Just make your point and move on.

      Everyone is rightly entitled to their thinking and reasoning. No need to insult.


      • Ashy Slashy 2 years ago

        No mind am. The guy is a lunatic. He insults everyone who doesn’t agree with him.

  • After USA 1994, Amodu took the SE to 5th in Fia ranking.
    In 2001 Amodu and Keshi Qualified the SE fir the Korea 2902 WC.
    In 2013 Keshi won AFCON with a SE team of over 40% home based players.
    In 2014 Keshi qualified the SE for the Brazil 2014 WC.
    Keshi played a better entertaining football in Brazil than Rohr did in Russia 2018.
    Keshi qualified us from our group and almost made it to quater final but for the injuries and suspension to our players, Rohr did not.

    So where is the progress?
    Rohr stablized the SE, in the sense that the damage done to the SE by Oliseh he has been able to correct.
    Progress is when he surpasses all the achievements of old, if you prefer, break the records that he met on ground.

    Westerhorf qualified the SE for our fist WC in 1994, that is progress.

    Bonfere Jo won the Olympics, that is progress.

    Keshi was the first indigenous coach to win the nations cup, that is progress.

  • After the USA 1994, Amodu took the SE to 5th in FIFA ranking. PROGRESS!

    In 2001 Amodu and Keshi Qualified the SE for the Korea 2002 WC. PROGRESS!!

    In 2013 Keshi won the AFCON with a SE team of over 40% home based players. PROGRESS!!!

    In 2014 Keshi qualified the SE for the Brazil 2014 WC.
    Keshi played a better entertaining football in Brazil than Rohr did in Russia 2018. PROGRESS!!!!

    Keshi qualified the SE from our group and almost made it to quater final but for the injuries and suspension to our players, Rohr did not. PROGRESS!!!!

    So where is Rohr’s progress?
    Rohr stablized the SE, in the sense that the damage done to the SE by Oliseh he has been able to correct.

    Progress is when he surpasses all the achievements of old, if you prefer, break the records that he met on ground.

    Westerhorf qualified the SE for our first WC in 1994, that is progress.

    Bonfere Jo won the Olympics, that is progress.

    Keshi was the first indigenous coach to win the nations cup, that is progress.

    • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

      Who are you trying to deceive? Yourself or the forum? When did Amodu took the SuperEagles to 5th in the world after USA 94? After USA 94 SuperEagles were ranked 16th and when Amodu took over the team, they were ranked 20th. The person that made the SuperEagles ranked 5th was Westerhoff after we won the AFCON so stop deceiving yourself just trying to impress. In fact the person that recommends you for re schooling is far fetched. 

      We all know Keshi won the Nations Cup, but you forgot he failed to qualify the U20 team from the group stage of U20 AFCON. What happened after he won the AFCON? He couldn’t even qualify for the next AFCON and subsequently we failed to qualify for two AFCON in the process and you call that progress!!!! Pẹle ooo Mr progressive. 

      Rohr has done is best for the SuperEagles over the last 3 years after taking over a team in shambles. When people like you have already professed doom that we would not qualify from a World Cup qualifying group that has Cameroon, Algeria and Zambia. Eventually we qualified without the agitation of calculators with a game to spare. After failing to qualify for two straight AFCONS, he qualified the SuperEagles for another AFCON and took them to 3rd place. 

      SuperEagles were ranked 70th or 71st in the world when he took over a team in shambles and now ranked 31st in the world yet he hasn’t improved the team. Our game against Ukraine where the SuperEagles played with real pace and skill showed significant improvement and now we’ve won two straight AFCON qualifier with another track record of qualifying with a game to spare. You can give us your own definition of improvement by lying to the forum that Amodu took the SuperEagles to 5th in the world when?? Where? How? On which FIFA website did you see that? 

    • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

      In 1994, Amodu did not take over a team that couldn’t qualify for ordinary AFCON 2ce in a row rather, the team he took over were established champions of Africa with AFOTY year winners of 2 consecutive yrs before (FACT)

      In 2001 Amodu and Keshi didn’t take over a team whose key players and experienced players had been forced into premature retirement, rather they took over our golden generation at their peaks who were AFCON Silver medalists the year b4 (FACT)

      In 2011 Keshi did not take over a team ranked 70th in the world and 17th in Africa. Keshi took over a team who had been ranked 15th after the World cup a year b4 (FACT)

      They all took over finished projects and only did the painting.

      Rohr took over a completely crumbled building and even had to start with evacuating the rubles and debris before building it up again (FACT) Lolz

      The man is doing a marvelous construction job and even CAF, FIFA and IFFHS acknowledges that. Lolz

      Anybody wey e pain make he go apply for Brazilian passport..!

  • I honestly believe the person asking u to go back to school needs some rehabilitations and re-schooling, that if he ever went though.
    A person who cannot define or know the difference between improvement and stability.

    U have rightly said Rohr has stabilized the team, and I verily agree with u; from the ruin of most recent coaches like Oliseh who left a destabilized eagle’s team.
    He hasn’t necessarily improved on what previous coaches who attained a great record and feat has done by winning the Afcon and doing well at the world cup reaching the knock out stage.

    Some persons on this platform just talk carefully without civility.

    Thanks for your analysis bro.

    • Mr Hush 2 years ago

      I hope it is ok to add my two cents to this;

      Though,”stabilise” and “improve” are not similar in the dictionary sense. But when you get to stabilise something, you have generally improved it from the state you met it.
      So definitely,in the sense of it,stability could be said to be improvement of the destabilise state of the past.
      You necessarily don’t get improvement without stability.
      Even if you do get a bit of improvement under a chaotic scene, such don’t last.

      In this context, as it relates to Rohr; it depends on your own perception on improvement.
      But as it is,he is taken the team from the destabilise state he met it,to an improved stabilise state. He hasn’t won the Afcon or such,but the fact is,his winning ratio has shown improvement.
      His conservative tactical style might not be your(I dear say mine too) cup of tea,but it gets him positive results.
      Positivity equals improvement.

      The past doesn’t tell the future.
      We build from the present and we look ahead.

  • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

    improve /ɪmˈpruːv/
    verb: to make or become better.

    “U have rightly said Rohr has stabilized the team, and I verily agree with u; from the ruin of most recent coaches like Oliseh who left a destabilized eagle’s team.”

    “Rohr stablized the SE, in the sense that the damage done to the SE by Oliseh he has been able to correct.”

    In both quotes above, the current state of stability in the team didnt make the team become better….LOLz

    No wonder Nigerians are still being forced to write international English language tests before certain migration processes can be approved…LMAO

  • Sunnyb 2 years ago

    Rohr should pls invite ejike for our next matches we need to see the guy in super Eagles jersey.  I don’t trust this Europeans they can fast track the guy citizenship to cap him.

  • Search Results
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    View all
    The Super Eagles are considered the greatest African football team of all time due to their numerous achievements and records. In April 1994, the Super Eagles were ranked 5th in the FIFA rankings, the highest FIFA ranking position ever achieved by an African football team.

    • Mr Hush 2 years ago

      It would be unfair to compare eras.
      Cause what sustains in one era would be different to the other.
      In terms of players,opposition, rules ,and the game itself.

      If the Super Eagles was 5th in the world 2 decades ago,it doesn’t transcend to this decade.
      Simply because of time and logic.
      In the years after that feat the Super Eagles have fallen down the ladder,which has nothing to do with the present team and the coaching staff.
      In fact it is a plus to this present Squad climbing up the ladder ,from a bad place of 70th. It shows they are on the ascendancy to a place we all wish they should be.

  • @dr drey your father GR took over from a team that has been asemble by our previous coaches. Majourity of the players we have in se today are not GR boys. Keshi boys Balogun. Ekong. Omeruo.j ogu. Onazi. Esiti. Shehu. Azeez. Siasia boys are ideye. Akpeyi. J obi. V moses. Etebo. Musa. Oliseh boys are ighalo. Ezenwa. M simon. Iwobi. Ndidi. Iheanacho. C ikeme. mikel has been there since 2006. Echiejile 2009. Oliseh convince aina. Ebuezi. Idowu to play for 9ja. @drey tell me what GR has done since 3 years.

  • Presh 2 years ago

    You Rohr haters go to bed. He’s done very well, in that harsh environment and harsh NFF and critical Fans that will never find something good in any coach we bring in. Even those saying Keshi assembled some lads Rohr is utilising Elster the same people who criticised him before his demise. Rohr I congratulate you and I wish you do your job deligently and I hear the NFF are also trying to review player’s bonuses, all they are looking for is a means to decline the unity and continuity the super eagles are going through. It’s the structure and system that has a problem not the gaffer. Come on Rohr. You gat my back. 

  • Dr. Drey 2 years ago


    No. he should have thrown everybody away and come and pack you, your father and your brothers.

    What a fat lair you are…..Oliseh convinced Ebuehi, Idowu and Aina to play for Nigeria….??? LMAO. Do you have to lie because you are looking for every excuse to tell yourself Roht hasnt done anything in 3yrs……LMAO. Something as simple as just browsing the internet to get FACTS is a big spiritual problem for some of you who come up with blind arguments on this forum….Lolz

    Its obvious you have nothing to hold on to again in your scathing bid to pull Rohr down. So it has now become who is is boy and who isn’t in this current scintillating SE he has built. As sweet as the team now looks today you and your brothers still don’t see any of it as his handwork.

    Before it was “….it is because we now have good players all over Europe…” I asked you all,when have we ever had bad players….? When we were 71st in the world and Onazi couldn’t sign for a premier league team didn’t we have good players….? All of you lost you ability to write…..LMAO.

    Later, it became “…..Rohr just stabilized the team, he didn’t improve it…” I asked again, did the stability drop down from heaven….? Did he achieve the stability by turning the SE into a money making business for himself….? Is the stability not a sign of improvement…? Is the result of the stability which is moving 10-15 place up global rankings annually since he took over not the sign of improvement….??? LMAO

    Now it is “….They are not his boys….”.Lolz. Maybe your next blind of argument will be that it “….Rohr bribes other teams to loose to him so that he would look good….” Lolz

    You will tell us which national team coach in the world discards an entire national team because they are not “his boys”. LMAO. Village mentality.

    That is why our national teams haven’t had sustainable progress over the years. Everyone want to use “their boys”.

    You will tell us if it was Keshi who discovered Enyeama, Yobo, Efe, Echiejile, Onazi, Mikel, IK Uche, Ahmed musa and the rest of the core of our 2013 Afcon squad. Because Keshi discoverd none of those players….maybe you meant to say players who made debuts under keshi…Lolz

    And if players who got their chance under a coach is what you ate implying above…..let me tell yoi for free that from Jamilu Collins, to Aina, to Aribo, to Sam Kalu, to Uzoho to Okoye…..Rohr has given debuts to a total of 42 players since becoming the SE coach with most of them either permanently in the team now or within the peripherals of the team and ready to be called up anytime they are needed. So if we are to talk about “Rohr boys”, for the next 15yrs we will continue to have a “Rohr boy” in the national team…..LMAO

    Accept is or not, for the next 10years we can’t miss anyone who is not available for selection, because for he first time since 94 we have a 2nd XI that can stand in effortlessly for the 1st XI and even a 3rd XI of players who can hold their own if they get their opportunity.

    When some people talk sometimes Ehn, you can’t but just ask yourself if their brains are having stretch marks ni….? LMAO. What has Rohr done in 3yrs….go and ask CAF, FIFA and IFFHS Na. Or for quick response you can go and ask your village people.

  • @dr drey. From your name it seems you are a medical doctor. I pity your patients. If a patient should complain a fever to you, you will pescribe Genot Rorh because that is all you think of.you shoul avoid operating poeple for now because you may forget sugical blade in their stomach because GR has taken over your brain. I will advice you to go and see tb joshua for delivrance.

    • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

      Hehehehe….it is you who need to go be delivered of your hatred for Rohr which had turned you into a blatant daylight lair…..Oliseh convinced Idowu,Aina and Ebuehi to play for SE….LMAO.

      Nor be only oliseh, na Christian Chukwu

  • My country people happy new month. Pls lets join our voice and ask Rohr and nff to give u Cyril Dessers please before is too late. Osimhen needs a competition in the super eagles. After scoring a brace for Heracles Almelo in their 4-0 hammering of ADO Den Haag on Saturday, Belgian-born frontman Cyriel Dessers has overtaken former Dream Team striker Umar Sadiq as the leading Nigeria-eligible scorer in the European Leagues for the 2019-2020 season, allnigeriasoccer.com reports. While Dessers has 11 goals to his name from 15 appearances in the Dutch Eredivisie, the Roma loanee has found the net on ten occasions for Partizan Belgrade. The 24-year-old is in the form of his life, having contributed to 15 goals (10 goals, 5 assists) in his last ten league matches, something that the top scorer in Europe’s top five leagues, Robert Lewandowski has not managed to do in his last 10 Bundesliga games for Bayern Munich (10 goals, 1 assist). Whether or not Dessers scores in Heracles Almelo’s next three matches against Sparta Rotterdam, Utrecht and Heerenveen before the end of 2019, he has already equaled the best half of a season in his professional career.

  • @dr drey am original Aba boy ask about us mean while my village mentality made me what i am today, i tank GOD.

    • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

      Aba boy clap for yourself.

      That’s why you come here to lie to us.

      Your lieing skills can make de devil jealous. LMAO

      “…Oliseh convinced Aina, Ebuehi and Idowu to play for Nigeria…”




      Haters would rather lie than accept facts and truths. They been throwing up tons of lies here…when you asked them to substantiate it or when you give them raw facts and stats, they turn against you.

      Nw’aba ndo o…!Lolz

  • If Nigeria loose cyriel to Belgium. Nff and Rohr should be blame.. Rohr don’t encourage competition in the Super Eagles..there are some players in SE that needs competition.. Such as.. Osimhen. Iwobi. And even chikwueze.. Super Eagles need players like. Eze. Cyriel. Ejuke chiderah. Moses Simon cannot compete with chikwueze or even Kalu. Onuochu cannot compete with Osimhen. Pls we need this competition in Super Eagles..

  • Omo9ja 2 years ago

    First of all, I give glory to almighty God for the opportunity he gave to each and everyone to be alive till today.

    From January to December and we all still alive to say happy new month, the last month of the year, to God be the glory.

    However, I want to say a big thank you to CSN. You have done well and may God be with you always CSN.

    So therefore, I am expecting something bigger than what you people have accomplished this year in 2020.

    Edit button… Edit button….. Edit button…..chai, we needed that stuff please CSN.

    I am extending my greetings to all my colleagues here on this platform.

    Season’s greetings to you all. May God bless us all.

    Please like I always said every December, we don’t need to abuse ourselves on this forum. We all matured people.

    We should leave what is not good behind us as we are preparing for 2020.

    I know, most of us can’t do without bad words. All those bad words are not good. Please and please .y people, behave yourselves. Those epe kabiti and epe kanka has nothing to do in our sports ooo lol.

    Some of us here are specialists when it’s come to abusing someone but it is very bad and they should stop that before the end of this month.

    Lastly, about coach Rohr, hmm, NFF should renew his contract on one condition.

    Mr. Rohr can not do the job alone.
    Oga Rohr needs a smart assistant coach.

    NFF should get him one assistant coach and one goalkeeper trainer.

    If we go by what the Algerian coach has said immediately we were beaten by them in this year Afcon, the coach said Nigeria should believe in their ex players. NFF should give these ex players opportunity to be the coach of the Super Eagles.

    He also said NFF should see him as an example. What foreign coaches failed to do, he as an ex player and local coach have done it perfectly.

    All in all, NFF should renew coach Rohr’s contract. He is not perfect but manageable. NFF should get him someone to read game for him and a goalkeeper trainer.

    As far as I am concerned, I want to see total football. What the coach did against Lesotho after the Nigerian team scored the second goal making it 2-1, if Oga Rohr can repeat that tactics against the big teams or continue like that, NFF should renew his contract.

    The manager is doing very well when we are talking about man management. I will give him 100%

    Tactically and technically, 40 to 50%

    He also needs to work on his boldness.
    As a coach, he needs to be bold enough and be confident.

    Let’s continue to be one because United we stand, divided we fall.

    Happy holidays. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Oakfield 2 years ago

      If to say u get sense u should have known that this farewell message abi end of year parting statement should have come on new year’s eve but bcs ur hate for rohr has clouded your sense of reasoning, ure posting it at the beginning of the month of December….lol omo9a, I duff my cap for you o, u too much. What a character…lol