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Kwara United Back in NPFL, Acquire Delta Force slot

Kwara United Back in NPFL, Acquire Delta Force slot


Kwara United Football Club are back in the Nigeria Professional Football League with the acqusition Delta Force’s slot.

Delta Force acquired the slot of Kada City last season but has struggled to fulfil their financial obligations.

The deal was sealed on Wednesday, after a thorough discussion between the management of the two sides with the General Manager of Kwara United FC, Bashir Badawiy leading the club’s charge.
Addressing the media on this development, Kwara United’s chairman Olakumbi Titiloye claimed his management will blend with the league and its challenges.

“I am sure it’s a development all the club’s stakeholders will also want to support,” said Titiloye

“We are conscious of the challenges that will come with this massive decision, but we know it’s a situation that is redeemable, as the NPFL is just starting.

Before their demotion, Delta Force were ranked 17th in the country’s top-flight with four points after five outings.

Kwara United will now obtain the team’s league points and continue from Week Six after formal registration

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  • Mr Hush 2 years ago

    This is a league they want Rohr to watch and scout for players!
    A league that is mismanaged,disorganised and misplanned!
    How the hell does a club buys a slot in week 6 of a season?
    Don’t the Npfl have rules against clubs that don’t meet up to their financial obligations?
    If such warrants a club can not continue, why the need for such slot to be filled up in a season already kicked off! Does that make sense? Does that sound fair to the league,the clubs already participating and the leagues below it?
    It is shoddy,and shows unseriousness of the league.
    Methinks, before every league season begins, all clubs should have their budget sorted out,know how much they would be needing through the season,and what not.then such funds should be available in a trust or savings before the season starts. It is just common logistics.
    If no club are ready to prove such availability, then there shouldn’t be a kick off season.
    If we have only 2 or 4 clubs ready,then it is good enough by me.
    Countries with better organisation and infrastructure has lesser teams in their league, teams that meet up the requirement.
    Germany,the Netherlands, Scotland, heck even South Africa;have 16 to 18teams respectively. Teams that meet up to the logistical, financial and infrastructural standard set out by the league.
    Why do we need to do more than ourselves!

    This is messed up!

  • Nigeria profesiona league is a joke.

  • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

    @ Hush.

    May God bless you o…! I thought I was running crazy with these exact thoughts you expressed.

    Everything concerning domestic football in Nigeria currently is mentally irritating. Bcos they make a mockery of the depth of availability of professional human resources Nigeria has home and abroad.

    From the NFF headquarters to the least of them all, they all sleep facing one direction of planless planlessness.

    Each time those morons in NFF shamelessly speak about Rohr’s emoluments too…it is always…”it is only 2 months this we are owing him…or last months that we are owing him…..as if they didn’t know there are 4wks in a month and 12 months in a year.

    I really don’t know what we are doing with a 20 team 1st division. I’ve not done my research on this enough, but I doubt if there’s any other country in Africa with a 20 team 1st division…. yet its a bunch of crap. Ordinary well-watered, neatly cut grass pitches its a big task for us.

    NPFL only has protocols that are beautiful on paper, implementation is zero…..You ban a player today, you unban him tomorrow….you sanction team A today, you give team B a tap on the wrist tomorrow for d same offence team A committed yesterday.

    And they want Rohr to stay back @ home and waste precious time on the league, wen there are tens of Nigerian potentials to be monitored in Europe.

    Ah…my head is aching o jare.

    • Mr Hush 2 years ago

      @ Dr Drey

      Anytime I think of the Nigerian scenario,it drives one insane.
      It is like we are living in an endless paradoxical phase.
      The insane becomes sane.

      As you rightly put.
      Plan less planlessness.

  • Hehehehe…lol naija sabi fall hand sha buying slot after week 5 of league matches.
    What do I even expect from a league that is not competitive, full of shady deals and majority of the teams are running on government funds as no responsible business oriented individuals or organizations will want to invest money because of the way the league administrators runs it.
    I too tire for naija, we all knows the way but some minority in seat of power are leading us into the bush and we are following hoping will get the right path from the bush…how??

  • Glory 2 years ago

    You know what @ Hush. Just take a serious look at some our so called men n women in position of power. All you see are faces looking dazed with too much nkwobi, beer n all sort. Very very irritating faces. How on earth will anything progressive come out of such fat headed animals. The Nigerian society seem to be d place King Solomon was referring to, when he said he looked around n saw kings n queens parading the streets while idiots sits in position of power.

    • Mr Hush 2 years ago


      If kings and queens parade the streets leaving idiots on the throne,there is no way the land wouldn’t be idiotic in character.

      But for one, we would be the ones calling out these failed leaders as it is.
      We don’t have the power yet to get them off that throne they don’t deserve.
      But we got our voices to say it to their face and call them out. They have failed!.

  • Everything in Nigeria is a joke… Nonsense! I dey vex seriously!

  • What do you expect when you have malam shehu diko as the lmc he knows nothing about football. only in nigeria they apoint doctors and buisness men to manage football infact am tired of nigeria boko haram please stop killing inocent nigerians and start killing our wicked politicians they have turn nigeria to hell. Boko haram please dont waste time.