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Rohr To Sign New Super Eagles Contract Next Week

Rohr To Sign New Super Eagles Contract Next Week

Super Eagles head coach Gernot Rohr is expected to sign a new contract with the Nigeria Football Federation next week, reports Completesports.com.

Rohr has been locked in discussion with the NFF over an extension to his current contract which is expected to end in June.

The NFF insisted on inserting several clauses in Rohr’s new contract which the German trainer seems ready to abide with.

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“The executive committee mandated the general secretary to liase with Super Eagles technical adviser, Gernot Rohr, with a view to concluding all matters around his new contract within the next one week,” according to a statement by the NFF.

The 66-year-old took charge of the Super Eagles in 2016 and qualified the three-time African champions to the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

The Super Eagles however failed to progress beyond the group stage at the competition.

Rohr also led the Super Eagles to a third place at the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations in Egypt.

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  • Phynum 1 year ago

    Bad news for Odegbami and his disciples on CSN
    Somebody’s BP is about to go gaga once more …lol

  • Oakfield 1 year ago

    Someone’s high bp is already sky rocketing… Lol….. Bad biz for them for the next 4yrs more… Lol…

  • Nnamdi 1 year ago

    Nff so up til now u pple stil hve nt sorted this contract out for what someone that has perforned above 70% in my own evaluation that has paraded the best team filled wth young promising talent arguably the best in africa at the moment someone that has assembled his team base on merit make una no renew make we know whether this country wil accmodate all of us punch of fools nd corruptible seed

  • I am expecting an article from Segun Odegbami within the next few days titled “I will die if Rohr sign a new contract” after all the last article was about high BP but this next one will be about ICU

  • Dr. Drey. 1 year ago

    Where are those alloting themselves 95%….LMAO. 4/5 = 95% group… LMAO. Pls anyone who sees them should tell them they have failed…lmao. 95% failure. Lolz
    #Rohr stays eventually….in spite of their lies, slander and attempts to undermine his good works.
    #Rohr stays.

    It’s seems the sport minister’s comments was the final nail on the coffin for the big mouths who wanted to replace Rohr with “their own fake guadiolas”. I won’t be surprised to hear them conjure another lie that Rohr shares his salary with the minister… LMAO…!!!
    In the words of the minister Name/Colour/Nationality does not matter, Credentials is all that matters. When they finally find 1 of “their own” (whom they want to promote) who has even 25% of Rohr’s credentials, they should let us know…but for now

    #Rohr stays

    • Gajere 1 year ago

      Dr. Drey, I would like to read your take on the kind of players we took to the World Cup finals in 2002 and 2014. Seems to me some of those boys were among some of the worst players to have donned the green and white of Nigeria. Is it a coincidence then that on both occasions the teams were under local coaches?

  • KangA 1 year ago

    What can I say? Firstly I am grateful to God for granting us His mercy and seeing to it that Rohr stays, at least till the next WC. Make no mistakes: I, too, would be happy to support a Nigerian coach to take care of our team. But the time is not ripe yet. Handing the reins of leadership to a local coach now is like taking a suicidal gamble. The local coaches must straighten up their practice, extirpate corrupt tendencies from their blood, and be contented with their remunerations. No sharp practices, cutting corners or sleigh of the hand in managing our resources. When the time comes, I hope many would rise to the challenges. But not know. Sorry to say it, the current practices of most of our local coaches is despicable, and they cannot be entrusted with managing our team.

    Secondly, I would like to thank the NFF for giving the final nod to the renewal of Rohr’s contract. Let them go ahead and sanitize that house. Let them entrench selflessness and professionalism, and demand that our coaches live above board.

    I do thank our well-informed fans who put forward persuasive arguments, backed-up with facts, why Rohr should stay. Let us continue with this spirit of objectivity and dispassionate opinion for the overall good of our soccer. Members of the opposing camp should be gentle enough to sheath their swords.

    • Theophilus 1 year ago

      There’s is corrupion behind in delaying Coach Gernot Rohr contract.And I pray no forces against this man will prosper.

  • Dennis 1 year ago

    Odegbami must be popping Bp pills now. Roth has earned his wages and deserves a new contract. People seem to forget that prior to this man’s appointment, we were 16th in Africa with the likes of guinea,Congo DR, Uganda, cape Verde and south Africa ahead of us. We were 70th in the world and I for once stopped watching super eagles matches. This man was tasked with qualifying us for the world cup which he did with a game to spare, beating the likes of Algeria, Zambia and Cameroun. He was tasked with qualifying us for the afcon and getting to the semi finals which we did qualify, with a game to spare, lost in the semi finals to eventual winners Algeria but carted away with the bronze medal.
    We have already played two qualifiers and picked up maximum points with so much bond and understanding amongst the players. Never have we heard of late coming to camp. Never have we heard of players fighting in camp. Players are called on merit and if you aren’t getting game time, you won’t be called e.g Iheanacho.
    We’ve seen one of the top goal scorers in the dutch league pledge his allegiance to Nigeria. If we were languishing at 16th position amf losing games to Namibia, Ethiopia and Liberia, do you think the likes of aribo, ejaria, dessers, lookman and even billing would want to play for us? Everyone can see that the super eagles are only heading for one direction and that is way up. So why clamour for a new coach?

    Those who do not rorh should come out and tell us what he has failed to achieve, if we have made progress so far under him, which coach would do better if he’s sacked.

    Mind you, if Carl ikeme were to be fit to play for us at the world cup and afcon, we would have fared better

    • Oakfield 1 year ago

      Spot on @ Dennis

      • Dennis 1 year ago

        Thanks @oakfield. Someone just needed to say it. I always look forward to your posts as well as that of Dr. Drey. Please keep up the good work

        Our team is so competitive that as good as Henry oyenkuru is, he can’t get into the squad until he gets enough game time at his club. Ejuke is yet to be called but we know he will be called soon despite how fantastic he is. Josh Maja hasn’t done badly at Bordeaux but he can’t walk into this our team
        In the era of those incompetent coaches, we would have been begging ighalo and moses to come out of retirement cause they’ve moved to bigger clubs and having game time. Instead, our coach no go look your face despite leaving the door open if one changes his mind with respect to coming back.
        With the current stars at our disposal, I can categorically say we will get to next afcon finals and whatever happens will happen

    • Jones 1 year ago

      Very apt. Kudos

    • Nice one… Weldone bro

  • Vitalis 1 year ago

    NFF and sports ministry are planing to replace Rohr with another coach, Redknap.

    • Chairmanfemi 1 year ago


        • Dammy 1 year ago

          I live in the UK. Redknapp has a lot of television commitments that he just can’t cancel.
          The report is not true.

        • Adisboy 1 year ago

          Just impossible. Totally fake news. I live in UK and mind you Rednapp would cost at least 3 times more than Rohr, and would never consider homebased players, even in the slightest.

          • Lord AMO 1 year ago

            Well the report did say it was the ministry that wants Harry as opposed to him being interested although one never knows.  For me I believe it just another desperate ploy by those on the inside that are trying to cause disruption to achieve their ultimate aim of getting rid of Rohr so as to facilitate and revive their corruption conduit that has been effectively cut off by the German 

  • Hello guys, 
    I wonder what is so special with this report? “Conclusion of contract negotiations“ is what the report said. By simple discourse or content analysis, the report suggests that it might end up with a handshake and all smiles indicating  GR stays or handshake with tight face meaning GR goes.

    Please no need here to insult anybody here. In 1995 Carlos Alberto Torres was  hurriedly announced  Eagles coach  even before his contract papers was finalized all because Eagles were to play at US Gold Cup. After the  mini tournament he left due to certain clauses in his contract that he never liked.  

    So we all need to take it easy and watch out as a big drama is about to unfold. Please Ignore Segun  Odegbami at ur own risk.

    • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

      Of course, you dont need to take us back to 1995, just as recent as 2016, Paul Le Guen (3 time french league and cup winner and former Olympic Lyon Coach) dumped us after he was already announced as super eagles coach. Why…? He said the target of qualifying a 70th ranked team for the 2018 WC and Semifinals of 24-team Afcon 2019 is too superficial, untenable, impossible and over-ambitious. That is what Rohr has done in style in addition to playing beautiful football and assembling a TEAM for us that we can rely on for at least another 8-10 years.

      Its not the report that is generating this excitement, its the drama and dirty self centered intrigues that has played out behind the scenes till this point….

      1st is was all kinds of media propaganda to rubbish Rohr’s hardwork so far…that one failed…they move to drafting a Contract “that was designed for him to reject”…..that one too failed. Rohr ammended it and sent it back to them and they became confused and frustrated and started having high BPs…….After that failure they then turned to contacting our ex-internationals one after the other trying to lure to declaring public interest in the job…Amuneke rejected outrightly and gave thumbs up to Rohr….Oliseh was speaking from both sides of his mouth…Akwuegbu and Finidi showed interest but nothing in profiles to get them even coaching job in NPFL, talk more of Super Eagles….Of course we all know YesMan Yobo accepted the offer even when its evident he has never prepared himself for coaching since he retired from football 6 YEARS AGO, and that is why they had to do so much media PR job before they could even have the guts to announce his appointment, because deep down in them, they know they were about to comit a massive blunder by employing a man who isnt even a coach as the Asst Coach of the SE ahead of people who have even coached professional clubs in Europe. After this one failed they now tried to lobby the Sports Minister to use his ministerial veto to do away with Rohr…but being a professional that he is, Hon Dare (whom God will continue to bless immensely) told them “CREDENTIALS ABOVE RACE/NATIONALITY”.

      We can read in between the lines…even though they think we cant

      Its been failure left right and centre for Enemies of Progress of Nigerian football, both in their offices and on forums like CSN. Its that failure we are celebrating, and not the success of Rohr still being in contention

    • KangA 1 year ago

      Does evil triumph over the good? You’ve elevated this your Odegbami beyond himself. 

  • greenturf 1 year ago

    At last this long controversial issue will be put to rest.Rohr and everyone else can now focus on football rather than unnecessary faction this has generated in favour for or against Rohr.
    The bitter disagreement by football enthusiasts over the past few months has gotten to a boiling phase,thank goodness there’s prospects for overcoming the strife between pro and anti Rohr who are bent on seeing that he’s relieved of his duties as super eagles gaffer.
    Meanwhile,i learnt Huddersfield Billing has commenced process of nationality switch to Nigeria.According to the news Rohr was able to convince him and Denmark preferring a championship player to the left footed midfielder made the change very easy.
    Apparently,we have many players switching nationalities lately,and i cant believe this good development.
    As it is we are going to the 2022 world cup with a chip because this time around it wont be business as usual,when we used to go just to make up the numbers.
    This is the importance to embrace unity and continuity especially when the gaffer is doing a good job.
    Rohr has gotten foreign based professionals of Nigerian decent to have the enthusiasm to play for the super eagles because of his success and managerial skills.
    The clamour for his sack by some group of people is rather absurd.
    I am wishing this good man all the best in his time as the super eagles handler.

    • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

      Who will switch nationalities to a country where there can be 4 coaches in 4 years. A typical case is Sone Aluko who was only restricted to a handful of appearances for the SE not because he wasnt good enough, but despite consistent performances for Glasgow rangers, Hull city and fulham, the continual changing of coaches meant each coach will come in and want to use “their own boys”

      • greenturf 1 year ago

        I get that but Rohr has been around now quite a while and that consistency is yielding fruit like we all know,there has been few switches lately and the team is bubbling and are in high spirits.

  • Lord AMO 1 year ago

    I saw this article earlier today too.  The confusionist still have a few tricks up their sleeves


    • I just read through the link now, it’s not as if the ministry wants to sign Harry, they are only coming up with a list should “INCASE” Rohr rejected the contract. It’s just like a plan B or back up. Hector cuper name was also mentioned.

    • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

      “…But if he (Rohr) doesn’t accept the new offer, it will pave the way for the ministry’s preferred candidate Redknapp; he is highly rated by the ministry officials, even though some feel he may be too old for the Eagles job and hasn’t had a coaching job for about three years….Argentine coach Hector Cuper has also been listed as a possible candidate to replace Rohr, should the Franco-German reject the new contract offer, our source added…”

      These are good replacements IMHO IFF Rohr doesnt accept the contract that was designed for him to reject, but which he has swinged the tables against them. But when you look their profiles, they are not head and shoulders better than that of Rohr.

      In Europe
      Rohr – Silver Medal| Redknapp – Quarter Finals| Cuper – Semi Finals

      Rohr – Swiss Cup| Rednknapp – FA Cup| Cuper – Spanish Super Cup (2ce)

      World Cup
      Rohr – Group Stage (1 Win 2 losses)| Redknapp – None| Cuper – None (Didnt qualify as Egypt coach)

      Rohr – Semi finals(5 wins 2 losses)| Redknapp – None| Cuper – Finals (3 wins 2 draws 1 loss)

      National teams Managed
      Rohr – 4 |Redknap – 1| Cuper – 2

      Average Points Per Match at international level
      Rohr – 1.32| Redknapp – 1.50 |Cuper -1.59

      Overall Career average Points Per Match at ALL levels

      Rohr – 1.39| Redknapp – 1.21 |Cuper – 1.04

      So why do away with Rohr (who has all the advantage of the time he has spent on the job so far) when those being touted as replacements are not CLEARLY BETTER nor more experienced.

      But at least no fake Guadiola is being mentioned….none of them can boast of these type of profiles yet. Let them go hone their skills and come back later. The SE of today is not a team for upstarts.

      • Joel Chidi 1 year ago

        @Dr Drey I doff my cap for you bro. Your receipt dey dey very legit. No two ways about it. You will do well to be a PR to Rohr or any good organisation. You are good at digging deep for receipts. Keep it up bro. I enjoy reading your post

      • Lord AMO 1 year ago

        @Dr Drey, di tin get as e be.  I don’t believe the aim is necessarily about hiring Redknapp but more of getting rid of Rohr.  This looks like another one of these enemies of progress mode of attacks.  Perhaps they now realize that touting local coaches isn’t winning the public opinion and is actually quite senseless and thus have resorted to throwing out names of qualified coaches that probably aren’t even truly on the radar.

        Simply my own conjecture, but I can see the reworked contract being laden with so many obstacles that Rohr finally just says to hell with you guys which will then pave the way for them to say “we tried to hire such and such as his replacement but they didnt come to terms hence we have now hired this local coach or some foreigner that agrees to play ball”.   It all looks like a script being played out unfortunately

      • @Dr. Drey you’re something else. What a way to finish the enemies. Great.

      • Here goes your lies again, which team did Rohr coach to win swiss cup.

        • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

          Go and ask your grandfather nau…? Abi you dont know more than BBC, ESPN and Wikipedia any more…??? You think everyone is a shameless white lair like you…??

          • You are liar, see now you can’t even prove it. I pity those who believe what ever it is you write up here. Rohr never won anything in Switzerland. Maybe you mean the league in your backyard in Vienna. Ode oshi. Opuro agbalagba

          • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

            Hahahaha….Fool. You prove he never won anything now. Since I you know more than BBC and ESPN….prove he never won anything.
            It is not my fault you are this senseless and mentally imbalanced.

            He who asserts must prove….LMAO

            I have resolved to stop providing links for mentally lazy people like you and your lairs united members to read and educate your illiteracy. You said Keshi and Oliseh NEVER had foreign assistants, I had to dig out links for you….You said Benjamin Francis was better than taiye taiwo, I dug out facts for you, you said witness statements cannot convict, I dug out cases for you…..LMAO. If you are looking for where to continue displaying your stupidity and blind arguements, lolz kindly look elsewhere. I not ready to spoon feed you again, even my dog knows how to do things right.

            If you say something prove it yourself…shikena

          • Bros you a liar, he never won anything in the Swiss league. And yet some morons wil be following you around without doing there research. Opuro oshi. Don’t waste your data bros, we don’t need any lies from you

          • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

            Hehehehehe….Mr Sabi pass BBC and ESPN.
            Pls let me waste my data….its my tax i’m enjoying. Whether I use the data or not the government will still collect their tax, so let me waste it on bastard children like you who see it as a waste.

            Aja igboro. Prove your cliams na. LMAO.
            Its not enough for you to call me a lair and run away like a lunatic that you are…..He who asserts should prove…simple.
            Ask your master @Owngoal and all those who called me a lair because of their ignorance and senselessness…they all walked back into their holes with tails between their legs.

            It would have been easier for me to share links to mentally lazy fellows like you as usual, but no ways…LMAO. I wont spoon feed you again, i want you to make complete nuisance of yourself and run away as usual when you discover you have only been fooling yourself…LMAO. Or is it not the same you that argued blindly that Keshi and Oliseh never had foreign assistants…?? Is it not the same you that argued Benjamin Francis and Erhun Obanor (You probably didnt even know whom these guys were) were better than taiye taiwo..?….Dont worry, you will still run away the same way you did back then when you come to discover how foolish you are….Iwo sha ma b’ugi je lo

      • Rohr is tactically dead thats why @Dr Dre.. It is very boring to watch Gernot Rohr’s matches. Come crunch time against stronger teams and “better coaches” who he is supposed to be if not on the same level then quite close to them, he always fails. either in making the right change or making a change to late or non at all. I mean how can you explain him using Victor Osimhen as sparingly as he did at Afcon 2019 ?????????????, some will say Ighalo but there were too many games in Afcon where Ighalo’s legs couldn’t carry him anymore. “Algeria” was one of them, he was out muscled and out paced by their defence and I can will say like you all know i did everyday when i was crying out for him. Victor Osimhen would have changed that Algeria game had he been called upon. not to mention stick to Ahmed Musa all the time even if it is at the detriment to the team. Musa should be made an example off and stripped of Vice captaincy thats what the likes of Guardiola, Klopp, Rodgers and co would do.

        Look i don’t want a local indigenous coach I think everybody knows that by now and who can blame me but, If we should get a European coach then, he ought to be a livelier and a lot more enthusiastic a coach than Gernot Rohr. Period.. I rest my case

        • Mind you if we must get a local coach then Emma Amunike should be topping that list.

          • Oakfield 1 year ago

            Lol…. Chei!!! We really have clowns here. After smoking weed, they’d remember csn… Lol

          • Ndubuisi 1 year ago

            Guy @ Iwunze you have lost touch with reality and your write up is pathetic to say the least. Cry cry baby Rohr is here to stay and your ranting will not cancel the contract papers.

  • agbo max 1 year ago

    Dr Dry u don’t knw anything about coaching, youth coach pep Gladiola replaced Almighty barca coach frank Ricard and won more trophies than ricard even south Sudan coach can perform magic with super eagles stars

    • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

      Mr Coachee abi na Coacher make I call you.

      Of course i dont know anything about coaching, but i know that Guadiola was coaching the B team when Rijkaard was coaching the Senior team…if you know how it works in top clubs in europe you will know that players move in an out of both teams and they play virtually the same brand, style and pattern. Most of the players in the A team where players Guadiola coached in the B team and so the transition was smooth. Moreover Gaudiola was a product of the same Barca system. Even Etoo said it recently that Rijkaard laid the foundation of the team that Guadiola took over from. Before Rijkard came where was Barca in Europe for years…??? Rijkaard left a Champions league and Spaish league winning team for Guadiola, not a team that couldnt qualify for champions league for 3 seasons.
      If South Sudan coach can perform magic with the SE why didnt your African Guadiolas perform magic when they couldnt qualify for 3 out of 4 afcons…??? Ordinary afcon o

      Mr Coacher…!!

    • So losing to madagascar is not a big deal. Let me refresh your tainted brain, the coach of madagascar was from a divison 4 club in france, and u saying so what. So how was he able to win against your super studded team.

      • Ayphillydegreat 1 year ago

        Yes losing to Madagascar was not a big deal because we’d already qualified for the second round. The match was inconsequential. By the way Madagascar made it to the quarterfinals by beating DR Congo in the second round who were ranked ahead of us at the time. I implore you to bet your life that we will lose to Madagascar in an important match. 

        • Loooool, abeg stop making me laugh here, awon wo lo wa mi ti ogbeni, se don’t you have a customers car to fix today, abi u wasting your boss data to come on CSN to rant. Smh for you. Please tell your voodoo man to send me to where they will never find me. Agbaya oshi

          • Ayphillydegreat 1 year ago

            Miserable moron. Houseboy of the regressive people’s Congress. Omode ise. Oponu sowenu. Iya e ti fi opolo e se Nkan osu danu that’s why you’re significantly brainless only to come here and expose your useless upbringing. Omo ale jatijati. 

      • Godsown 1 year ago

        Mr Ade, that Madagascar match was used to rest the best players in the team, because Nigeria had already qualified, the Madagascar coach must be commended because he saw the opportunity and took it, the Madagascar match was the most unimportant match in that tournament, where some top countries are still struggling to qualify, Nigeria could still afford to rest top players, that’s a plus and not minus to Rohr’s coaching, pls learn from people who know.

        • Yusuf 1 year ago


          • Whats there to learn, when your back up 11 can’t even play a draw with common Madagascar. Maybe you can tell me the job of having a reserve 11. At least they are super start reserve players, better than that of keshi and other local coaches. Rubbish excuse

      • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

        Brainless idiot…!
        So after loosing an inconsequential match which was used to give game-time to players on the bench to madagascar, what happened next…we crashed out of the tournament abi…LMAO

        Or how does the division a coach has coached in previously determine which matches he wins or looses. Was your African Gaudiola not a 3rd division coach b4 we gave him the SE to help his destiny small…?

        Ani ode nie. Alailopolo oshi. It seems your step-mothers have started using your brain to play ludo once again. You are just jumping up and down with your stupidity chooking your wide mouth like that of a roasted salah ram into every conversation with senseless arguments and contributions…LMAO.

        Better crawl back into the dustbin where you came from and let human beings have space to talk.

        • LOOK at all this oponus, but i thought your reserved players were filled with top starts that can come in and dismantle anything. You all just type garbage in here. So now losing one game because you qualified is now an excuse. Please not me not waste time with idiots that are seeking attention needlessly

          • Ayphillydegreat 1 year ago

            Your father and your entire generations are idiots and stuck on stupid. I’ve reserved not to go into derogatory comments with you, but you seems very senseless and a nonentity. Oponu aye radarada. Miserable moron of the highest order. Your comments here shows how frustrated your life has been. I implore you to continue with your derogatory comments I’m sure your life will be miserable on this henceforth. Oderinde stupid asshole. 

          • Dr. Drey. 1 year ago

            Hahahaha…Oderinde, Odewale.

            Oponu Omo ale ikeji Aja. I so much love the name @Ayphilly just gave you. It’s a perfect fit for you….LMAO
            Better go and beg your stepmothers or whoever is sitting down on your sense to forgive you, before you start roaming the streets with naked

            Didirin oshi.

        • No wahala, same applies to your generation thats here and the ones to come. Am here for both of you any day any time. Eyin weere jatiti.

          • Ayphillydegreat 1 year ago

            Ko ribe fun e ati Awon omo omo e ati irandiran e ni babanla were jatijati. Oloriburuku somebody ode buruku ni Suegbe radarada yi sha! Oti mo dome you will regret your life on this forum continue with us. Idiot mr attention seeker miserable moron. If you want to debate without insults I’m ready to always expose your lies and senselessness. But if you want to go down derogatory way I bet you won a wa e ti. Oni ribatise oni rona gbegba. Oloriburuku Oponu Ayera radarada. Sule igbira. 

          • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

            Hahahahah Oderinde…!
            Awodi e fe se’leya…..o ku ibi ti iya ma je l’ara e. You definitely are just new in this forum. Many ill-bread born-by-mistakes like you have come and gone. Aye tie na fe’e baje laipe.
            Just continue being a lunatic here OK.

      • Ndubuisi 1 year ago

        @Ade so you are still crying over Madagascar lost even when the match was inconsequential. We got to semi finals let me remind you and your world cup team was beaten in quarter finals. The earlier you move on the better for you. Remember hospitals are no go area now incase your bp rise above normal. The conclusion of the matter is you have to endure at least another 2years of pains with Mr Rohr expected success with Super Eagles.

  • Darey 1 year ago

    Can’t we afford Herve Reynard? That man na correct coach o!!! Young and brilliant 2 afcon trophies with different countries and World Cup appearance and technically and tactically inclined and disciplined!! He comes down to player levels that why he can tinker them

  • KING 1 year ago

    @Dr Drey…
    Pls are u a sport pundit???
    Ur knowledge in this field is amazing and outstandingly extraordinary….
    As in…. U are so factual….

    U have made this forum to be unconducive for all haters of OGA ROHR and nigeria’s enemy of progress…. Keep it up sir…

    I have read over 30 comments without seeing those opposers and accusers…..
    (the enemy within…. We all know them but i don’t want to mention names…. I believe they are reading our comments…. They are waiting for one of their culprit to come up with an oppossing topic so they can use it and divert our attention,,,, but we are stronger and wiser than them….)

    Dr Drey, oakfield, Ola, KangA, Chairmanfemi and the good people in this forum; thumps up to u all…

  • @Darey
    That Herve Reynard is the only coach that i will be comfortable to see as our head coach if OUR OGA ROHR’s contract collapse.
    that man for me is a top coach and he has luck on his side also.
    i reary like him but rohr has planted in this team and he should be allowed to ripe what he planted.

  • Prince 1 year ago

    Oga Gernot Rohr…abeg sign the contract and kindly get back to building a solid team.
    Stick to your guns and continuously maintain your principal of inviting our boys based on merit!!!

    As for those news about Harry Redknapp…He does not even have a single coaching experience in Africa…none at all.
    And he is in his 70s. Abeg make una let the man enjoy him life in his country. He is due for retirement oooo

    If we must even think of replacing Gernot Rohr, let it be after Qatar 2022 !!!

    Stay safe, beloved ones!!!

    • Prince 1 year ago

      Gernot Rohr

      This man has being different from all the coaches that has coached the Super Eagles till date…and this is my sheer opinion !

      A Lot of true super Eagles fans will agree with me that we have NEVER questioned his invitation of players!!!

      I have never seen a doubt in a player he has invited for national assignment because he sticks to his philosophy of calling a player up for national duties based on sheer merit and form.

      This revival has channel a strong message to all our national team players that if you are not active week-in, week-out in your club, there will be no invitation!

      Gernot has also build a health competitive spirit among the players such that no single player feel that he is untouchable or unplayable in the national team!!

      A Typical Germany mentality …and it is a sure path to a winning mentality!!!

      Our Super Eagles in the right hands!!!

      I greet you all…God bless !

  • GLORY 1 year ago

    Sometimes you just ask yourself, is it worth wasting prescious time commenting on some baseless issue? How it will amount to a monumental foolishness to force a Rohr out and even consider hiring a Redknapp or Cuper. Redknapp besides being out of coaching for more than 3 years now, an English manager with English football methodology bereft of tactical n technical skills, but only defined on physicality. Reason England despite the premiership being just about the best, yet the 3 lions failing to win anything. Is that the kind of manager that will come n fair better than Rohr. Or is it Hector Cuper who couldn’t even make anything out of Egypt, an Argentine just like all other south American coaches now falling behind the European coaches in terms of modern football ideas. Are we cursed in this country that the only thing we are good at, is pressing the self destruct button? I still wanna believe this whole news is fake but if ever is true, then it’s just an open secret that the plan is to bringing in a local coach while using those two Redknapp and Hector to dupe the the country, for even if they succeed in forcing Rohr out n getting anyone of those two in, for sure they wont stay past two months before same criminals working behind the scenes will do everything to get rid of them. Who knows they might just come to play out that already agreed script. It will be absolutely shameful to allow this happen, as for certain, our football will suffer a nosedive to its lowest ebb again. Heads will role ooo. All you beware, football is the apple of eye of the suffering masses.

  • AThis is a good news to me infact it made my day.

    you know that by all indiacations,NFF prepaid that contract to send rohr packing but he has agreed to them so if he eventuall signs, WHAT IF NFF WOULD NOT GIVE THE MAN THE NECCESARY SUPPORT NEEDED TO SUCEED BCOX HE IS BLOCKING THERE WAY OF MAKING MONEY?

    Becox i know that by signing a contract that was designed to inderectly sack him,he have already hurt them and i think even if rohr continiue as eagles coach,they would still be binching his toes to make him look like as a failure then finaly sack him to get a coach that will be ready to play the corruption game with them.

  • agbo max 1 year ago

    Rohr knows all our players but he doesn’t knw how to utilize them,coaching is not all about gathering all ur players but how to play them that’s why small organized Madagascar team defeated us during the afcon,can’t u see that Rohr don’t even knw when to substitute players and your here praising him for winning bronze abi Dr drey

    • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

      I hope you know NFF is recruiting coaches for the national teams…..Since you know how to use players and you know coaching you can apply for one of the coaching jobs. Stop wasting your talent in front of a keyboard.

      Small Madagascar beat us and so what…? Did we not beat defending champions Cameroon…? Was it your Village people that coached the team then…? Or Tunisia that was 22 places above us that we beat in the 3rd place match, Was it your village oracle that was on the bench for that match, or were we not the smaller team in that game…? Mind you Tunisia is still ranked higher than us even till now..? Maybe you were the one who taught him the tactics and substitutions he made in that match.
      We have even gone past that Lie that He makes late subs and his subs not making impact….we have gone past that. A good work of research by Deo which was posted here for all to see showed that ITS A FAT LIE. Even the best coaches in the world have days when their substitutions did not work or even backfire outrightly.

      I will praise him till tomorrow for winning bronze….It required an own goal and a moment of individual brilliance in the last seconds of the semifinals (which is equivalent to the finals of previous tournaments) for the eventual winners of the tournament to scale through us……We could have as well been the AFCON winners if we didnt gift Algeria those goals in the Semifinals…in our first AFCON after not qualifying 2 consecutive times when your African Guadiolas who know how to use players where in charge, we got to the equivalent of their own Finals and so why wont i praise Rohr….why wont i celebrate the fact that we have been brought back from the dead…from 70th in the world and 16th in Africa. Why shouldnt i praise him for doing something tangible under the same conditions and work environment your guadiolas failed. He even still qualified for that afcon with a game to spare despite loosing the first match.

      Your Guadiolas could not top ordinary afcon qualifying groups that had Guinea, Madagascar, Ethiopia (2012)| Sudan, Congo, South Africa (2015)| Chad, Tanzania, Egypt (2017) and you are jealous of someone who topped the Qualifying group with 2 games left despite loosing the 1st game and still qualified for the next round in the main AFCON with a game to spare again and went as far as a bronze medal placing winning the highest number of matches we have ever won in a single tournament in the history of AFCON (5 wins) so whats the fuss about loosing to Madagascar and you say we shouldnt praise him…?! Can you bet your life savings that if we meet that same Madagascar today they will defeat us…??? Me I can bet my life savings on us defeating that same Madagascar team right in front of their president in Antananarivo….so whats the fuss that Madagascar beat us at afcon…?

      If it pains you so much that we praise him you can smash your TV into pieces so that you wont see him again. Or is my praise for him disturbing your breathing…???

      Since you know coaching more than Klopp and Guadiola whose teams get beaten by smaller teams too pls submit your CV to the NFF for one of the national team jobs…let Nigeria benefit from your talent, since you know how to use players better than Rohr.

      • Prince 1 year ago

        Chei LOL
        Laugh wan bust ma belle ooo

        Abeg Dr Drey, its ok….Abeg oooo

        chei LOL !!!

      • Pompei 1 year ago

        This African Guardiola something…..You pipo will make Oliseh run away a second time oooo!
        Ehen, I don talk my own 🙂

    • Ndubuisi 1 year ago

      Pls @Agbo go back and watch our last 3matches. Nigeria vs Lesotho,Ukraine and Brazil. You will see the understanding, speed etc. The team has gelled together. Going forward you will see more of that and by the next nations cup we will be ready to face the world come 2022. Make no mistake about it Nigeria will make a big statement in next nations cup & world cup if this progress is not obstructed by dubious, wicked and corrupt politicians managing our football. Rohr has done real well. Lockdown has offered me opportunity to watch our past and present matches and I can confidently tell you we have the ammunition to shoot down any team in the world. Watch out!

  • KRYSS 1 year ago

    I wish to appreciate all of you in this forum whether you are on the side of the opposition or support of the current coach of the SE. One point is clear, that we want the continuous growth of the SE in all spheres. I appreciate most importantly the progressive arm of the Fans whose wish it is for GR to remain as the coach of the SE. GR has indeed demonstrated his and passion for SE. He has also proven that he is not a hungry and avaricious coach. He is a very humble and principled person.
    Please, let the conservative arm of the fans be patient with Mr GR. He has what it takes to take our soccer to the highest level only if we can exercise patience and offer constructive criticism when need be.

  • Samuel 1 year ago

    @ Dr Drey,am not happy with you because you have been burning your data unnecessary trying to explain to some odegbami’s loyalist !!!Please shun them. See i grew up in surulere(Shitta area) lagos,and i was exposed to football at an early age.I loved and cherished segun odegbami whenever he speaks,and i do listen to football analyst like mitchel obi,larry izamoje,deji omotoyinbo etc and i learnt so much from them.If not for pursuit of university degree and other things i would have diverted into football coaching or referee,because the passion was so much that i sleep and wake up with football.

    Back to the thread,let me tell you people and i repeat that it will not be well with whomsoever that is/are involved in hiring IMAMA AMAPAKABO or something like that to coach our U23 OLYMPIC TEAM.I wept bitterly,because we lost the main super eagles team by not qualifying for the olympic football game !!!. Presently,Nigeria has the best U23 football Players in the world.Anybody supporting our local coaches to take over from Gernot Rohr will receive his own punishment.

    Late last year,i came across TARIBO WEST at an ATM Point at sterling bank here in Portharcourt ,i was so happy and luckily he was right behind me on the queue.I quickly shared some of his views about our football.Do you know that Taribo west fumed bitterly about our U23 OLYMPIC FOOTBALL TEAM.He said IMAMA AMAPAKABO selected the worst U23 TEAM in our football history that that team is not our real team that the coach collected bribe.I took some pictures with him and i wish i can download them here.

    The respect i had for Mr Segun Odegbami,faded away immediately i noticed his hatred on Genot Rohr !!! Why wont he leave the man alone.What i expected the useless NFF to do is to support GENOT ROHR with somebody that is sound technically like MIKE EMENALO (Former Chelsea Fc Technical Director) not bringing Joseph Yobo now as assistance.No local coach will last 2yrs on his job i swear.

    Nigeria do not need a world class coach to excel,we need a sound and good football technical expert.Westahof was not a world class coach and he did his best,same thing bonfere jo.Please lets allow genot rohr to manage the team and continue his work for the good of our football.

    Lastly,am still pained that Nigeria will not participate in next year olympic football game !!! Imama amapakabo,may you reap the pains you have caused millions of nigerians.

  • Omo9ja 1 year ago

    Signing Oga Rohr contract shouldn’t be a big deal but reviewing the areas to be improved in the team with the manager should be the number one priority for NFF.

    Like I always said, the gaffer is not perfect but he’s manageable. The ways things are going now, it seems like the sports minister is reading our comments.

    Consequently, I will like to pass my message to you sir. Since NFF doesn’t know what to do, you are the one to talk to.

    Oga Rohr needed two assistants. The two coaches should comes from ex players and they should be choosing based on merit. Yobo is there already and we need one more ex player to join the team so that they can help or support Mr. Rohr carry out his plans.

    However, goalkeeping department have bn shaking like Iroko trees under coach Agu.

    It is time to give way to the young ones.
    The combinations of Enyeama and Ikęmę would great. These two ex goalies would produced world class goalkeepers for Nigeria without bn biased.

    Oga Rohr with the current stuff can not achieve nothing. NFF need to strengthen the coaching department. Mr. Rohr with his 4 assistants including coach Agu making 5, failed us in both World cup and Afcon.

    The sports minister sir, you have to stepped in. We can not continue this way.

    Having good team without any achievement is nothing. Upon saying so many things about late Keshi, within the short of period, he won Afcon and we saw what he accomplished at the world cup. Upon treated big boss badly by NFF, still he achieved a lot than the current coaches of the Eagles.

    My point on this is that, if NFF can not get the best for the coach Rohr, NFF should allow our local coaches to continue but sports minister and NFF should not tolerate a bit of corruption from them. Rules and regulations must be there to follow and nobody should not above the law.

    But if NFF agrees to bring 4 coaches from ex players, two assistants to help Oga Rohr and the other two would be Enyeama and Ikęmę then, the manager is good to go and NFF should allow him to carry on. All i want for the Super Eagles is the best. Colour doesn’t play football but brain does. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • KING 1 year ago

    This man @ OMO9JA….






  • Ololo 1 year ago

    Madagascar many are complaining that should have never beaten Nigeria In a football match is still same Madagascar we are begging for covid19 therapy.. There are no minors in football..

  • Hello guys,

    I would like to remind you all that this contract brouhaha is far from over. The new development linking Harry Redknapp and Hector Cuper with the Eagles Job is complicating issues. Why cant we get a one – stop coach?. I mean i coach that possesses tactical/technical savy with good man management skills?

    You see i have consistently said that Mr. Rohr possesses an incredible and unrivaled man management skills. His sense of organization is top notch as well but he is technically deficient and does read matches very well.

    Hector Cuper is technically and tactically sound. He led less fancied Valencia then to rob shoulders with European giants like Real Madrid and Bayern Munich.  He has experience coaching in Africa including playing in the final of Afcon 2017. However, Mr. Cuper does not have a good man management skill. He  is a bit strong willed and may not cope with our numerous maladministration especially in the area of owing coaches.
    Mr. Redknapp choice will be dominated by ancillary commercial purposes than purely football reasons.  His choice will benefit SE players because he will be making recommendations to Premier league / championship clubs about abilities of SE players.  If they appoint him, many SE stars will join English clubs, transfers will happen , many SE players agents that refuses to play along will be changed to facilitate deals to English clubs. Many deals will be concluded and people will smile to the bank.

    Mr Redknapp can confidently meet fellow English club Managers to ask why his national team player is not playing regularly. I also see many Nigeria born players in England and elsewhere coming to play for Super Eagles under his watch. 

    Furthermore, Redknapp is a very good coach who has proven that he can do more with little as he did in Portsmouth and Tottenham. He  is  not an iconoclast of the old English football philosophy. In fact he is about one of the dynamic English coaches in their tactical and technical approach to games.

    In all, Our experience with all the so called world class coaches has been disastrous. The list is endless Bora Milutonovic, Carlos Alberto Torres, Berti vogts, Lar Lagabeck, . These coach were monumental failures when they coached our team as non of them achieved what our indigenous coaches couldnt achieve. In fact, Berti Vogts did worse than our indigenous coaches yet he received fat salaries. If u juxtapose this with not so known developmental coaches  that have coached Eagles you will see that we were better with those coaches and they had drive coaching our team. Mr Clemens  Westerhof, Philippe Troussier, Johanes  Bonfrere, Genot Rohr and all our indigenous coaches belong to category.

    In conclusion, I think Mr. Rohr should hire a good match reader and teach his players good combination/ transitional play and he will be good to win the Afcon 2021.  Conversly if the NFF/Ministry does not want Rohr to continue then they should look in the direction of Frank Rijkaard or any good Dutch coach that plays the Dutch playing philosophy Westerhof and Bonfrere instilled in our football culture.

  • KING 1 year ago

    Although it is not part of this but let’s address it at once…..

    NFF, MR. DARE and glass house pls learn a lesson from the case of TAMMY ABRAHAM….
    We are tired of this open disgrace….
    Visit “ALLNIGERIASOCCER” sport page and see what “phil billing” is saying…..
    Also visit “OWNGOALNIGERIA” and see what “EBERE EZE” OF QPR is talking…..

    I think this dou have done worst than TAMMY ABRAHAM….

    NFF and media houses pls save us this shame; biko….

  • Lord AMO 1 year ago

    This is an insightful article i read today


  • De Star 1 year ago

    @Dr Drey , the progressives group that achieved 95% result on Rohr’s contract extension are very much intact , we are proud to protect Nigeria interest, so don’t brag yet .

    If you are true Nigerian , you ought to have been ashamed to be a Nigerian with the above article shared by @Lord AMO that exposes the fraud between Rohr and his business partners NFF 2 years ago ( thank God , the article did not emanated from our progressives group , otherwise, you and your Super Rohr’s supporters would have resulted to your usual trade marks of calling us liars in this platform ),  that a foreign average coach ( Rohr) for that matter could fraudulently tricked the disgraceful NFF from signing that fraud contract extension 2 years ago with abnormal clauses , $150k match bonus , that is almost 3 times his monthly salary, fraudulently collecting appearance allowance that is not in his contract  ( walllahi Rohr is a fraud !!! )clause to be working from his home country Germany and fraudulently rewarded his failure with 95% salary increment 2 years ago. 

    In any case , truth will always remain constant, like our people’s parlance , no matter how fast lies travels , it cannot outran truth as truth will eventually caught up with lie . ( I have always been telling you and your group , except @Deo&his friend, you are more burden to Rohr than helping him , some of us said , we can accommodate his technical deficiencies if NFF could support him with skilled assistants in our ex internationals coaches rather than employing great & world class coach that we may not afford his salary  ; I.e provided that fraud clauses were reversed , you came to the platform still bragging in the face of defeat , where all what Rohr fraudulently gained 2 years ago are now been reversed in the proposed contract ) .

    The begging question to you now is , who is loosing out in this our long debate other than Rohr and his business partners NFF ( You cannot build house on a fraudulent foundation and expect it to stand , no matter how beautiful it looks, it would crumble, that is what is happening to Rohr and his business partners NFF)

    @Ade,@[email protected]@[email protected] [email protected] and every other great progressives great minds ; wherever you are, please take a deserving bow , proud of you all 

  • De Star 1 year ago

    … … continue @Omo9ja ,the rugged one himself, ( sorry for missing out your name , always proud of your robust and compact analysis ) , @[email protected] Iwuneze , please watch out oo , the Rohr’s supporters would soon begin to attack you 

    • Ayphillydegreat 1 year ago

      Either by corruption or trick Rohr will sign a contract extension till 2022. So you guys have a little ways to go. Wether the acclaimed regressive group like or not Rohr will continue his job as the coach of the SuperEagles for the foreseeable future to finish a remarkably job he has started and the journey begins from the next AFCON in January. The article provided by Dr Banks and Lord Amo simply states that Rohr might have the backing of the highest ranked people in the Nigeria politics. It’s almost the same privilege Keshi had and also same privilege Westerhoff had in the 90s that he used to build the greatest SuperEagles of all time. Keshi couldn’t use his own privilege with presidency at the to build on his AFCON success and he failed spectacularly subsequently. Now no one can tell me that Rohr too shouldn’t be given those kind of privilege because even according to the article he’s been doing a satisfactory job so far. Please we are smart enough to digress the message and I don’t even see any sign of trick or corruption in Rohr’s part in the whole scenario. If both parties agree on a clause both should abide by it. As far as most reasonable SuperEagles fans are concerned Rohr deserves to continue as SuperEagles coach for at least another two years. That is a no brainer whoever thinks otherwise can continue to worry about their high BP. 

    • We are still waiting for the full copy of the contract. Maybe Dr Dry will help us know the content, since it was drafted in his backyard in Vienna. I bet you one clause in there is if he doesn’t win AFCON 2021, he is out the door.

  • Wow i love Rohr