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Rohr: Why I Picked Akpoguma Ahead Of Aina, Ebuehi, Awaziem

Rohr: Why I Picked Akpoguma Ahead Of Aina, Ebuehi, Awaziem

Super Eagles head coach Gernot Rohr has explained the reason behind his decision to start Kevin Akpoguma at right-back ahead of Ola Aina, Tyronne Ebuehi and Chidozie Awaziem in the side’s 4-4 draw against Sierra Leone, reports Completesports.com.

Akpoguma put up a shambolic display against the Leone Stars , who clawed their way back from 4-0 down to earn a point in the 2022 Africa Cup of Nations qualifying fixture.

Rohr stated that Akpoguma’s aerial prowess and physicality were the reasons he was picked ahead of the other defenders.

“He is good in the air and against the tall strikers of Sierra Leone, who like the long balls, he is much better than Ola Aina or Tyronne,” Rohr explained.

“I saw that Kevin Akpoguma was one of the best defenders yesterday, so I don’t believe it was a problem for the team.

“The problem for the team were other mistakes, there were some individual mistakes – losing balls too easily, not being in position behind.”

The Super Eagles will take on the Leone Stars in the reverse fixture at the Siaka Stevens Stadium, Freetown next week Tuesday.

By Adeboye Amosu

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  • JimmyBall 4 years ago

    …see this coach? It shows he does not even know the players he invites to national team. As a German if he watches Bundesliga he should know that Akpoguma plays centreback for Hoffenheim… ok, let us agree you played Akpoguma at rightback because he is better in the air than Awaziem, Aina and Ebuehi… so are you telling us Rohr that you will invite four rightbacks to play a match? Is that normal for anyone who is not retarded? The quality of heading… where do we need it more? Right back or Centreback? Anyone who is not a PHE teacher will know headers for a defender are qualities needed for critical clearances and when aerial balls are floated in… they come right to the middle, so if Akpoguma is good with the head as Balogun which we know, does common sense not suggest Akpoguma should be used at Centreback and not Rightback? Why should a coach then have four rightbacks for a match? This man is confused… he knows if Kevin Akpoguma is to play at Centreback, he has to sacrifice between Balogun and Ekong, and clearly it is Ekong who should sit on the bench for Akpoguma… he is afraid of Ekong because of the status of occasional vice-captain and does not want to start him from the bench… this is the point period! You have to sacrifice high-performing fullbacks like Awaziem, Aina with knowledge of the African game and even an ever performing Ebuehi for someone who should better be deployed at centreback… Gernot Rohr is confused PHE teacher! Who will give a man like this coaching job at this point in his life anywhere in any division if not we in Africa with our slave mentality and inferiority complex. Can Rohr coach French or German national team? Him even get the liver to fit go near those people dressing room? We celebrate mediocrity in Africa that is why even the whites never take us serious… we have no pride in our ourselves… we can always tolerate a foolish whiteman but never our own. Which indegenous coach has ever been treated as good as Rohr?

    • Kenneth 4 years ago

      Can’t stop laughing. Is Rohr telling us the other right backs are not good in aerial balls. This must be a joke. Just watched the NFF president interviewed, i swear he would have slapped someone with the anger in him. Well i wouldn’t lose sleep, hope they learn from this. Please disect this interview for me


      • Greenturf 4 years ago

        The coach was right.In football the most dangerous man is the unmarked opponent.Everyone has to play to instruction.The wingers midfielders sometimes strikers all have a role to play in defending closing up compactly.A team flourish playing as a unit playing for one another.

        We shouldn’t blame the defenders alone and we should relax and be patient.Sometimes emotions can be brutal could make one to make destructive decisions.

        Listen and have some empathy for this great man.He knows his job he knows where it all went wrong and will profer a solution,they are working hard to achieve that.We should support this great mission come Tuesday.We should be united to support this team even at difficult times,its a phase a hurdle we would cross after all we are still top of the table.What’s more important is qualification.

        Rohr also pointed out fatigue which is true.The players arrived very late and in difficult circumstances due to flight restrictions.

        We should cut this good Rohr some slacks.He is still the best man to lead us.Difficult times is normal in life we should be mature to deal with it what we need to do is to support them that’s the energy they need to go to war and come back victorious.We shall come good we are on track,mistakes like this is good to build a strong team against future complacency.

        • JimmyBall 4 years ago

          @Greenturf… I will listen to you because your writeup is matured. You just break ice for my body now. Walahi Rohr has to be careful going forward… My problem is you must not start Balogun, Ekong and Akpoguma all together and in so doing demoralize other players… Look at the good performance Aina and Ebuehi have been churning out. Those two guys should be playing each half of 45 minutes on that flank of right back because they are very good. FIFA approved 5 subs this Corona period and we can also use that to advantage. If Aina and Ebuehi and Awaziem come from their club and you use them as training material even fielding someone in their position who is not naturally suited to it… The message you send to them will be that you dont trust their game… If Ebuehi and Aina have played against heavy weights like Argentina(Ebuehi), Cameroun(Aina)… is it Sierra Leone with players playing professional game in Iceland you want to fear? Rohr… You are a humble coach but be practical and logical with your excuses! One love… Up Super Eagles… Our support remain unshakable but we are Nigerians and we will critique the coach and team if need be to help them!

    • go sleep keshi amodu no be local coach waiting them do just they make mouth

    • Greenturf 4 years ago

      Apkoguma is rightly a central defender but can also play as a full-back.

      Apparently,he played the number 2 position against Nigeria in 2015 under20 world cup and Marshalled it well.He sometimes deputised as a right-back for his teams in the bundesliga.

      The poor result yesterday was a team mistake.Players not able to apply their roles and payed for inefficiency.

      Defenders are not superhumans and requires supports from upfield players to flourish.And if this support is not forthcoming then expect the nightmare we had yesterday.

      It is a learning curve for the development of the team.A great team goes through moments like this to become the dream team of the country.Apparently,players garners experience through the shock result we had yesterday.We should be patient and support the team and pray for the team and no destroy them.

      I know a lot of people are waiting for moments like this to slay the coach and this people will turn deaf ears to the actual problems.

      • Greehout. I think you’re also confused as the coach. Rohr reasons are babyish. Eking performance for Nigeria has gone down. He was woeful against algeria. He went down to division two in england. So if he trusts akpoguna because he is German then bench ekong.

        In normal country rohr would be fired after the second leg whether we win or lose.

        Look at his baby errors at the world cup.

        He can’t give what he does not like. For his fookish reasons you don’t bench Aina ebuehi and awaziem for akpoguna at right back.

        • Greenturf 4 years ago

          @Christian ministries Nigeria.I shall take that as a compliment sir

          • @jimmyBall and the rest what is your problem with him using Akpobona as right back? After he gave is reasons and were genuine what is paining most of u is cos u don’t get to see this ur favorite players playing when u re not the coach for Christ sake. All this Akpobona play this wing and that what is it every coach has their reason of doing something whether it works out or not that is what they call gamble Mourinho, Guardiola does that a lot. Pls let the man. Nobody talk about your Aribo that u av been shouting performance even Etebo, Sanusi were not superb in that match plus the goalkeeper inexperience too. Am not trying to point accusing fingers on any players but the truth is they all made mistake and they av come up to redeem themselves in the next match so let’s wish best of luck simple.

  • MAJOR FLEX 4 years ago

    May thunder strike this man called groundnut rohr or getout rohr for me, MAJOR FLEX says so

  • Proudly 9ja 4 years ago

    GR, you just let Jimmyball finish you with this your reasoning ooo. U keep giving people reasons to justify your firing. You really sound retarded for saying what you did ooo. Collins id already said your problem is psychological and you just confirmed it with what you just said. You should have just taking responsibility and say we will do better. This your reasoning leaves alot to be desired ooo. Jimmyball ur mouth bad but what u said is really true, people like GR and Claude Leroy of togo can only coach in Africa sha, that wan na confirm. Aina and Ebuehi also play against tall defenders na oga GR, your reasoning doesn’t hold water. U keep digging a deeper grave for yourself with some of your utterances. Just be quiet and go deliver 9ja 3 points in Freetown.

    • JimmyBall 4 years ago

      @Proudly 9ja… hahaha. My brother I the vex since yesterday, normally I won’t use curse words on an elder and a respected man like Rohr, but bro, the man the yarn panya. Just check his level of thinking nna mehn! Thinking for all of us and also thinking for the players who it’s their responsibility to play to the best of their abilities. I lose hope… I won’t comment again. I will just Sidon look from now on… @Kenneth I will reply your video lemme watch it. Thanks guys… e go better!

  • Abdul handsy 4 years ago

    Smile! If this coach continues like this he will soon be sacked! It has become very clear to me that he could not discern the obvious problems that of which a blind man could have seen easily let alone fixing them!

    The biggest characteristics of a RB is mobility and his confidence with the ball, marking, distribution of the ball. Also, his offensive qualities involve deadly and threatening crosses into opponent box…

    You dont have genuine excuse for starting Akpoguma at RB not even when a reknown pondit from his base had already told you where his main strength lies.

    The worst of these are:

    1. Ola Aina and Tyrone ebuehi’s confidence are being killed naturally by benching them for a player who is not originally playing their natural position.

    2. Kevin Akpoguma’s confidence also will be dropping down drastically on noticing that the fans ain’t happy with his performance: how many of us will be able to spear him because he wasn’t starting games from his natural position? I think just about 30%. As he is new into this African football set-up, a smart coach will start playing him from his natural position and by the time he has built and earned his confidence through the feedback mechanism, you may then convert him if the need be.

    3. Rohr’s technical and tactical ineptude once surfaced in yesterday match because when the super eagles were still up by 2goals margin, a technical and tactical wise coach closes up the game by doing the needful.

    4.Rohr is blessed with the best soldiers who can even target a finger from 20miles and get it by a stray bullet unfortunately he doesn’t know how to use them. It is going to be a deservice to rohr if he doesnt achieve something marginal before he is being kicked out because as things stand now, any other blunder from him, he may not be speared again!

    These issues have been recurring in his matches, if you observed rohr very well he tend to lost an idea when his initial plan for a particular match is not working out for him favourably, that’s not a halmark of a wise coach guys. I am beginning to believe that he cannot take us to the promise land as he has nothing new to show to us again!

    The best central defence pairing we can boast of now is balogun and Akpoguma if you asked me because ekong has nothing new to show to me anymore.

    Ekong is highly overrated guys!

  • JimmyBall 4 years ago

    @Abdul handsy… Make the hand of God continue to be upon your life for telling the truth and giving us such lucid and heart-warming piece of writeup. We need people like you to be active here… I can tell you, the NFF president, Rohr, and even the players read this completesports online forum and it’s a great previlege to be a part for free… This is where they get their fans-feedback from and I can tell you this forum is massive! Please become active in commentary… Welldone!

    • massimo10 4 years ago

      You really sure they get a peek at this our unsolicited opinions. We’re just doing our bit because we’re ardent SE fans. But I don’t really think the NFF eggheads or indeed the SE players bother themselves with what happens here.

      That’s being said, I was also disappointed with the result. It nulified the initial euphoria an avid fan would get from the fact that this is the first time the SE went 4 goals up in a match – in the first 29 minutes in the last couple of years. Rohr’s deficiencies are really coming to the fore – really fast; we need to look to the future. We need to evaluate his relevance in the in our football setup. Admittedly, he really facilitated the recent influx of our foreign-born footballers into the SE setup, and for that I’m really grateful. I don’t think any Nigerian coach can have such an effect.

      I think a lot will be riding on the final result in Freetown on Tuesday.

      • JimmyBall 4 years ago

        @Massimo10… Bieleive that. Completesports is the most active football forum in Nigeria. Our NFF view our contributions here believe me even the players. Completesports have been around for decades… We don’t joke here.

    • Abdul handsy 4 years ago

      @Jimmyball… Thank you for acknowledging my little contribution sir. I had never been this sad and unhappy in my entire life.

      I had to apologize to my close person over an unorthodox reaction to a simple issue after the match. I don’t know why I so much love super eagles by this extension.

      Rohr is drastically loosing my confidence in him Wallahi!

  • Proudly 9ja 4 years ago

    You are right as regards to Ekong, watch him closely, out of every 5 long balls he plays 4 goes astray or goes to the opposition. I have noticed it in several games he has played for SE. Anytime I see Ekong about to launch the ball, I swear I just discourage, I just tire as I know se na to either throw in or to the other team. But anytime I see Balogun with the ball, I get confidence. So if Ekong smart, just pass the ball to Balogun and not try to pass those long balls.

    Did GR just say AKPOGUMA was the best defender yesterday? I weak for this coach sha.

  • Stephen 4 years ago

    The game was a big scam . Semi ajayi and iwobi were the scam errands boys . Pls go and watch the game again expecially from 70mins then u will totally agree with me with shambolic goal area defense of ajayi and more than intentional ball possession give aways by iwobi then u will see the head of Jacob but the hand of Esau written all around the later part of the game. The pple that benefits from 4-0 to 4-4 are counting there profit are the detriment of football fans happiness. I beg nigeria president to order probe into the game and u will see clearly what I am smelling albeit foul play.

  • Jensen Josh 4 years ago

    You chose apkoguma ahead of them because you’re retarded..

    It’s this same awaziem and Aina that played at AFCON 19, #MUMU MAN

    Our coach is not tactical sound, he just parade players and hope for the best lol

  • Omo9ja 4 years ago

    Oh wonderful. This is absolutely amazing.

    “I saw that Kevin Akpoguma was one of the best defenders yesterday, so I don’t believe it was a problem for the team”.

    So, what was Ola Aina/Ebuehi doing in that team then.
    Why you didn’t make changes when your team was down?

    Can we see that we don’t have a coach that know the definition of football?

    NFF should fire Oga Rohr for make sure a statement.

    “The problem for the team were other mistakes, there were some individual mistakes – losing balls too easily, not being in position behind.”

    Then, what did you do as a coach?

    What else can I say now. This is quite interesting.

    Oga Rohr fans can see now that the gaffer doesn’t deserve that position?

    This is why Mr. Ódęgbami told you to learn about Nigerian football. And your fans were backing you. You don’t know our value at all Oga Rohr.

    That Akpoguma that were struggling in that RB position in friendly we played before the Leone star match?

    You didn’t see that and you went ahead to used him in the same RB position?

    Now, see what you are saying. Like I said earlier, I won’t blame you, I will blame NFF this. Hopefully, they will read this your statement and decide what to do as soon as possible. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • That match should tag “The Miracle Of Benin” shai I cant believe GR come out and say this, just keep mute and say nothing is even better.

  • Edoguy 4 years ago

    If Akpoguma is reading this right now, we want to let him know that he is a fantastic footballer and these things happen…this is the first time he played against typical black african opponents in a long time.

    We love to have you in the SE for a long time. Please, do not be discouraged by this performance. Strive to be better

  • D-Cardinal 4 years ago

    Even if Nigeria beat sierra Leone 10-0 on tuesday(which I doubt they will win more than 1-0 even if they win)NFF should let go of this man..this man will not take us anywhere.. He is too dull,rigid and funny with selection.. He doesn’t have the balls to make the big calls..we lost that game because of akpoguma playing out of position and ekong starting that game…of all our CB ekong is the least,yet he keeps on starting.. I used to defend him on this forum but not any more..someone once said we can’t beat France U-21..I totally agree to that..same goes to a lot of country..we can’t beat Ghana,Uganda,ivory coast,Algeria, Senegal,Morocco, Egypt,Mali as it stands..I get angry when people blame it on the pitch. Yet you scored 4 goals on the same pitch.. Even when we where 4 goals up our game wasn’t inspiring…. Rohr will not lead us any further progress..we need a technically and tactically sound coach..otherwise we will waste these talents we have now at our disposition

  • Dr Banks 4 years ago

    Seriously speaking, this shambolic play has nothing to do with Ogbe pitch, no be the same pitch them score 4 good goals? Or did the pitch change in the 2nd half? Make I hear word jare.
    It all boils down to tactical ineptitude from Rohr, Akpo is definitely not a right back and Rohr should know better, afterall he sees him in training and previous match.i wonder if Rohr actually review past matches, sits individual player down and point out their mistake and show them how they can be better. Instead of spending the little time they have in camp focussing on tactical enhancements,they are wasting it on a jamboree training with the minister Dare, Picnicking with Pinnick and doing Shibobo with Deputy Governor. Why won’t they all tire out in the second half?
    The effect of Rohr’s revised contract is now obvious, interference in team list and selection is now obvious as we can see now, Musa benching Iheanacho or Ejuke, Akpo playing RB ahead of 3 established RBs, Onauchu always getting playing time despite numerous flops ahead of Dennis, a regular scorer in Champion league.
    No cohesion or established pattern in their play despite the core of the team playing together since 2018.
    Rohr is definitely bereft of ideas and needs a better and more tactical assistant than Yobo. Amunike surely needs to be drafted into this team as a matter of urgency, am sure he won’t decline the opportunity to serve his country in such capacity.
    Amaju and Dare needs to focus on the administrative part of things, ensure prompt payment of bonuses, excellent welfare and insurance packages for the players, ensuring the coaches undergoes periodical tactical upgrade courses or get attached to certain Premier league or Bundesliga teams during the time they are not engaged with matches. Every profession needs regular learning and skills upgrade in this life.
    I believe the boys will learn a thing or two from this match and put their acts together to give us a good match in Sierra leone
    I am wishing Osimgoal and defense minister Balogun quick recovery

  • Guys I always say it here that ekong is overated but pple think am off,now is clear,now we all will appreciate Moses Simom more henceforth,d defence paring should be leo/akpoguna flanked by ola n sanusi n we r not evening talking about d goalkeeper okoye should be dropped for akpeyi in as much as I hate to admit because am a die hard fan of GR he has nothing left to offer n d worst of it all is bringing in yobo since yobo was hired the team has been on d decline,I stand to be corrected if am wrong

  • NFF, if Rohr uses Kelvin again and we lose or draw this game, please kindly let this man go because it is obvious to me that he doesn’t understand the mentality of its players. How could a man with the calibre of players we have in Euro Leagues still struggle against a lowly team like SL? In this kind of magnitude, you have to play trusted and experienced players. Chidozie Awaziem , Aina, Balogun and Ebuechi in the defence. While Musa, Aribo, Etebo and Alex Iwobi in the midfield. While Kelechi and Onuchu spearhead the attack. Traditional 4-4-2 would be fine and Nigeria will defeat these guys.

  • Wisdom 4 years ago

    Now, it has to be said, this comment from Rhor is a joke. If Tyronne and Ola aren’t the best for physical and aerial duels, how about Awaziem? He always does well covering in the RB and is very strong in the air… Plus he is very used to Africa football. Maybe the guys who insist Rhor is average at best are right.

  • It is unfortunate that Gernot Rohr is bullish on his own warped convictions. Senility could partly be adduced for this.

    He claims the major reason he played Akpoguma in right full back was due to his aerial prowess. This is even debatable because I doubt if he is markedly better than Ola Aina in the air. Moreover, aerial ability isn’t the prime quality of a fullback. A full back is supposed to have a good balance of both defensive and offensive abilities. Is Akpoguma better on the ball than Aina and Ebuehi? No. He didn’t make any foray of note into the half of the Leone Stars in that match. Ola has stood his own against African oppositions of note before the advent of Akpoguma into the Super Eagles. Even Awaziem has done same and could have been a better choice than Akpoguma. Why Gernot Rohr has suddenly discovered a greenhorn Akpoguma, and who is a central defender by trade, is better than these other established right backs is beyond me. Akpoguma is a good player in his own right, no doubt, but in his natural central defence position. The German connection might have played a strong role in Gernot Rohr fielding him ahead of the natural right full backs in the team.

    It was clear to even the blind to see that Ahmed Musa wasn’t in the swing of things. He drifted under the radar. A rational mind could preseceint this happening even before the kick-off. How coach Rohr was in a world of his own not knowing this flummoxes me. Is Ahmed Musa, who hasn’t played a competitive match in a while due to his clubless status, better than the other wingers who have been regulars in their clubsides and even scoring? Would Chidera Ejike or Dennis Bonaventure have plumbed further depths below that of Ahmed Musa in that match? I doubt so. Whatever happened to Gernot Rohr’s oft sermonisation that players will only be selected based on club form? Didn’t his decision on Ahmed Musa stand this on its head?

    William Troost-Ekong is getting past his prime and his positioning enroute some of those goals against the Super Eagles was awful. His mobility was also poor. Akpoguma or Awaziem could have been partnered with Balogun. Balogun was sparing the blushes of Ekong in that match and that reality became as clear as day immediately Balogun was subbed off. Is it a a cast-iron given Ekong must be fielded in every match? Where is the place of expediency and reality in the decision making of the coach?

    it is high time the coaches started inviting and fielding players based on current form and not based on puerile sentiments.

    The capitulation of the Super Eagles against the Leone stars is an avatar of ingrained technical deficiency and Gernot Rohr appears unyielding and innured to learning from his mistakes.

    No disrespect intended, the Leone Stars ought not to be in the caliber of teams ruffling the feathers of the Super Eagles and causing a national melancholy as this.

    We have an exciting crop of players at the moment and my fear is them not reaching their potentials due to technical ineptitude. These talents must not be made to go to waste.

    • Solomon 4 years ago

      Lol…you pass obayagon with this your grammar anyway I like what you pointed out….let’s give him more opportunity talking about Gernot rohr I believe he we improved…always remember that is not easy to build..

  • lanre 4 years ago

    why is it that we are quick to pass judgement nd forget whatever benefits we ve derived from others…..this is pathetic,people are now calling for the head of garnor rohr because of one TERRIBLE bad day in office.Some of you calling for the head of william troost ekong have quickly forgotten how his goal against south africa qualified us for the semi final in egypt nd his patrotism plus love for nigeria that are visible at the begining of every match when the national anthem is rendered,how he sings it with all the STRENTH IN HIM,despite been born nd brought up abroad.Most people calling for the sack of the coach could have performed worst were they in his shoes,albeit they have been entrusted with national duties before nd have failed.That is not saying that nigerians are not pained with the outcome of the result but it doesnt turn the coach into an incompetent one overnight afterall we got our first nd only gold medal in ATLANTA OLYMPICS via miraculous turn around results against better teams,it happens

    • JimmyBall 4 years ago

      @Lanre… Nigeria and Super Eagles helped Ekong’s career… He would never have smelt Netherlands squad. That’s why he offered himself to us. He was at Tottenham Academy and actually started from Netherlands but was never able to make the cut and his career only really took off in Norway at Haegesund. I once lived in Norway… Ekong is good in his own right but he does not inspire confidence. So because of his lucky goal against South Africa we should just pretend and be smiling with him if he is consistently performing below expected levels? He, Ekong, has always been clumsy with poor positioning uncharacteristic of a central defender and he is not the most dependable in aerial duets… Yobo scored so many goals for Super Eagles often bailing us out atimes but we still labelled him calamity Yobo when he kept scoring own goals without sparing him for the goals he scored for us a lot of times… Let’s try Akpoguma/Balogun pairing and see while Ekong starts from bench. Not all players must be starters… We still have Ajayi, Awaziem and possibly Adarabioyo who could be options at CB… Ajayi did well against Brazil and looked like he has cemented the position for himself. But what I have observed is that Rohr is paying too much respect to Ekong…

      • Babad 4 years ago

        I have never been a fan of Ekong, that is why Oliseh label him a wick player.

      • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

        Hahahaha…if it were Dr.Drey that wrote these exact same things you just wrote about Ekong, I swear you would have said Dr. Drey is “pulling down” Ekong, especially if Ekong is one of your favored players. I never knew you will one day also learn to be factual in your assessment of players

        • JimmyBall 4 years ago

          @hahahah. @Dr.Drey… Since the last Friday disaster I think we might just begin to interchange positions every now and then henceforth. Honestly when it become 4 – 4, Walahi, I felt an internal heat that I have not felt about a football match since the last time we lost to Cameroum at Ghana/Nigeria 2000.

  • Collins id 4 years ago

    can you just imagine wat this novice is telling Nigerians. absolute rubbish and disgusting. akpoguma still cannot bench ajayi in the central deffence if ajayi pairs balogun he will do better than ekong and akpoguma, in terms of long balls man marking and passes. we are talking about a premierleague regular here. The last time we had a defender in the central deffence of any premierleague team was yobo at Everton. Germans league don’t parade good classed strikers like premierleague strikers . aina a premierleague regular shouldn’t be benched for any stupid height reasons against serrieleone? oga are you mad? are u talking to Indians or Pakistanis whos national sport is cricket. go and bench Philip lam or Marcelo/alves for height reasons if you will not be sacked before you even play the game. babayaro, udeze, ben irhua, Roberto Carlos etc are averaged height footballers. what is ur problem? infact you should be banned from inviting players to the national team. let the FA present players to you and work with them. if Nigeria was a football club will you have the possibility of inviting players and making playstation experiments with them in our national team? ebueyi plays for twenty a top Netherlands team as a regular and effective rightback winning 4 straight games aina even scored of recent and you come here and benched them for stupid reasons that even parker never acknowledged. no wonder balogun being white and also experienced haven worked with keshi and presently Gerrard refused to be intimidated and constantly argues with your ideas as reported in previous cases. you are just a social assistant worker not a coach. where you a better rightback to aina and ebuehi? did u play serie A or premierleague my friend stop disrespecting our stars. aina gave you assist and a penalty in his last two games for you yet you come and treat him like one of your grandchildren. Rohr just resign bcos you don’t deserve the rest of your remaining salary as expected to be paid if u are being sacked.

  • Smith k 4 years ago

    Wait for more shocking lineup on Tuesday.. I can bet all that ekong will start again.then akopguma will be sacrificed then ajayi starting in place of aribo..and expect onuachu to have more playing time than ejuke…if you have noticed this with Ghana wither they are loosing or winning they always play sweet football.. Unlike us we only play sweet football at age grade level…

  • The team that played yesterday are similar to the one that played against Ukraine especially in the midfield Etebo-Aribo and Iwobi with Osimhen as the point man..and same thing happened in both games..Opponents cane from behind to draw level.
    My take…this the can score lots of goals but they quickly get tired.
    I felt for Rohr really but I’m not the type that quickly run away from trials. We shall face it together.
    This should be my first comment since the very day but truth be told, I’m a little bit disappointed reading some comments here especially from those that claimed they’ve been there before.
    Rohr has his flaws but that makes him a human.
    African football is all about Speed and Strength which supposed to the the main reason to choose Aina and Ebuehi but chose Akpoguma instead. If the guy is good on the Air, what about the speed and the afro Strength?
    Some people kept bringing in reasons upon reasons to the extent of complaining about jersey that we used, Even saying we should have added Ajayi and Olayinka that clubs don’t play football. I ask just one question for you. All our attackers played their part, that was why Osinhen Scored one, Iwobi Scored two and Chukwueze scored one but when its time for the defensive department to do theirs, they failed. is Ajayi and Olayinka coming to okay defense? Thats my question.
    There’s nothing bad for coach to believe in his players, its up to that player to leave up to the hype.
    Balogun is an injury prone, and at 4-1 , I see no big deal in resting him for the next game but look at Ajayu that once played against Ukraine away and Brazil. He should be the next name to call on but he disgraced the coach.
    I just want all our players to know that I love them all and I believe in them….they can still make us proud.

  • Game is not decided in one match. The come back of Sierra Leone in Ogbemudia Stadium is not the end of football and has happened to many nations or countries. This will not be the first time and it’s not new or news. However, this will serve as a lesson to the team, the coach and the Management. Do not count your chicken when it’s yet hatch. When the final whistle is not blown, anything is possible in football.

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