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Serbian Mladen Krstajic Lined Up To Replace Rohr

Serbian Mladen Krstajic Lined  Up To Replace Rohr

The Nigeria Football Federation have lined up former Serbian national team coach Mladen Krstajic as replacement for Super Eagles head coach Gernot Rohr, Completesports.com reports.

According to various sources, Rohr’s exit should be finalised this week and the 47-year-old, who managed Serbia at the 2018 World Cup, could be the man to replace him.

Top NFF officials are set to meet his representatives this week to finalise details of his contract.

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Krstajic is a free agent after leaving his post as head coach of Serbian club TSC last month.

The former defender was capped 59 times by his country and scored two goals.

He also played for German clubs Werder Bremen and Schalke 04.

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  • George Okoh 2 years ago

    Very beautiful choice. Young and brilliant with a lot of experience

    • Douglas john ufuoma 2 years ago

      Name one target they gave to this one that he failed to get, just one. The inability of the attackers to score, is it his fault. Will you deny there were no opportunity created at all? If your attackers are not scoring what do you expect d coach to do, or d coach will still teach d strikers how to score. You are happy they want to bring a man from Serbia to take over, let’s see how d man will manager the team if NFF refuse to pay players their match bonus, secondly if he will still stay back after they hold him for three months

      • #Douglas you dey take us backward again. We don move. #wemove.

        Which target again. We have moved past that story. Let try something fresh and more positive and not a coach who has become clueless and demotivated.

        • Adebowale 2 years ago

          We are at it again. Trousier qualified Nigeria for world cup, he was sucked because he was not a “world class” coach. We brought a Serbian to replace him in 1998. The result was woeful. Amodu and Keshi qualified Nigeria for World Cup,they were sucked. We brought a Swedish coach in 2010. The result was disappointing.

          • Your leaders are corrupt, can’t even pay workers salaries.

          • Frank 2 years ago

            NFF need total overhaul,why will they wait til dye minutes to change that clueless coach, that Rohr knows not

      • Kingsley Abuwa 2 years ago

        The signs of a bad Afcon for Nigeria & not qualifying for world cup are evident… if eagles keep playing like that.. it will be disastrous.. a new face will bring order to the camp..

    • I hope he is an attack minded coach……I hope he likes high intensity football…..I hope he likes young talents…..I hope he reads a match well and can make impactful substitution.,…..I hope he can create competition in our team……I hope he doesn’t use sentiment to do his work……I hope he will appreciate top 5 league players and bring them all into our SE….. these are the qualities NFF should be after.

    • Dennis 2 years ago

      These are his statistics as a coach
      For Serbia – played 19,won 9,drew 5,lost 5
      For TSC Backa Topola – played 33,won 15,drew 5,lost 10.
      He was sacked after Ukraine won his team 5 nil
      Behold, this is the Messiah needed to take our football further

  • MONKEY POST 2 years ago

    What is this?? If you want to go for a coach, go for a coach let’s know you are going for a coach. A super world class coach I mean. Which one is mladen krstajic from Serbia?? What happened to the likes of zidane, mark Hughes, Steve Bruce, Ronald koeman???? I no wan hear complain tomorrow o..

    • Tancosports 2 years ago

      Can you afford those coaches you have just mentioned?

      • Bottler 2 years ago

        Zidane and all those coaches you mentioned earn at least 1 million Euros per month in their respective teams while Gernot rohr was earning 49000 Euros per month. Compare and contrast

    • Respect is Reciprocal 2 years ago

      Am surprised at how people keep shouting world class coach . Please let’s shelve the slavery mentality of thinking there’s a world class coach somewhere and if there’s do you expect someone coaching Barcelona Realmadrid or these big clubs to come and coach Nigeria. All we need is an intelligent coach a smart coach were westahof and Bonfere world class coaches when Eagles were flying high with them. Is Algeria coach or Senegal coach world class. Even the coach of Brazil is he world class . Reinhard won Nation Cup with Zambia was he world class. I beg stop this ignorant. All we want is a coach that can work with his head . By the way why do we compare Eastern Europe to Nigeria. Tell me which country on this planet that is not better than Nigeria in term of organization. If the guy is intelligent and smart let him handle the Eagles. Slavery mentality is still a problem in this country some of us think a coach has to come England Italy Portugal France Belgium Holland to be a world class. Who took Croatia to World Cup was he not from that country is he not a world class coach .

      • Kai. #Respect you just hit the nail on the head. Great one.

        • Joseph 2 years ago

          Yes, he hit the nail on the head. However, I’m disappointed that he did not recommend that we employ our own such as Emmanuel Amunike to replace Rohr instead of going for another European coach because of our slavish mentality and inferiority complex!

      • KangA 2 years ago

        @Respect is Reciprocal
        You’ve said it as it is. We just need an intelligent man who also listens to the fans. Internet coaches, they may be, but they often make sense. Rohr became ossified in his player choices.

        Lack of funds? Maybe we should talk to Davido!

        Has NIGERIA got any reason not to be able to afford to pay her national coach? A country in which soccer seems to have been invented?

      • JimmyBall 2 years ago

        @Respect is Reciprocal… I respect your comment above well!

        Guy you get better sense for that mature talk, we need a coach who can work with his head.

        Not a coach he is silently fighting with players who point him to way forward based on who them know themselves to be…

        We had a friendly match with Egypt, same time Olympic Qualifying games for U-23 Nations Cup. Then Dennis was flying high with Club Brugge, he was invited to Super Eagles game but Rohr told him to move to U-23 match, for a guy who was happy for his first cap with SE to be asked to go to U-23, a good coach will know not all players will be happy with that settings… he try to know why he was being asked to go play U-23, in the end he still suited and played the U-23 game… Since that open enquiry he asked Rohr that was the end of his Eagles career under Rohr…

        Now see the young man who media almost ruined… he is stubborn, he disrupts team chemistry to the point they almost permanent damaged the young man’s reputation…

        He went on loan to FC Cologne, just because the coach had preconceived ideas about him, he hardly was allowed to settle in FC Cologne with the coach expecting him to score in almost every game playing from the wings… it did not end well, he left and Watford took their chance… Now the least Watford can do is sell him on for a kill…

        I have always said if coach no like your face or get alrwsdy conceived ideas about you without caring to know you for real… If you like be Redondo and Ronaldo combined na bench go be your case…

        We need a coach who will resign if owed for one day, a coach who knows his onions and a coach who will not take bribe from players and careless if he is owed 8months… I welcome the new coach even though I like to root for Amuneke/Egbo with Enyeama and Karl Ikeme helping drill keepers… anything but Rohr will fly. Nothing the happen…

      • Mike Yomi 2 years ago

        You’ve said it all. Even Nigeria coaches can do the work successfully if the right motivation and continuous world class coaching training is giving to them.

    • SE does not need a world class coach……SE just needs a good and organized coach who can motivate this talented set of players at our disposal….. Nigeria has not have this high number of top level players in 30 years…..I mean this season we have 20+ players playing in top5 league alone which is the highest in 3 decades……next season more will also move there so we don’t need a Guadiola to handle SE against other nations…….We just need to get ourselves sorted out and we will beat hell out of this small African countries then go toe to toe with elite teams at the world stage……Our players and potential players that play top5 league football presently is listed below in case the new coach needs it you never can say.
      W.Ndidi-Leceister England
      K.Iheanacho-leceister England
      A.Iwobi- Everton England
      F.Onyeka-Brendford England
      P.Tella- Southampton England
      T.Ekong-Watford England
      O.Etebo-Watford England
      B.Dennis-Watford England
      I.Success-Udinese Italy
      O.Edozie-Udinese Italy
      T.Ebuehi-Venezia Italy
      K.Okereke-venezia Italy
      V.Osimhen-Napoli Italy
      O.Aina-Torino Italy
      T.Nwankwo-Semeritana Italy
      J.Obi- Semeritana Italy
      K.Micheal-Bologna Italy
      M.Simon-Nantes France
      S.Kalu- Bordeaux France
      T.Moffi-Lorient France
      L.Ugochukwu- Rennes France
      S.Chukweze-Villareal Spain
      T.Awoniyi- Union Berlin Germany
      K.Akpoguma- Hoffenheim Germany
      Next season more will be joining them by his grace.

      • A.Lookman-Leceister England

      • JimmyBall 2 years ago

        @Akp God bless your mother… You get good mind for true talk!

      • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

        Has any or most of these players not being invited to the SuperEagles by Rohr??

        • @Aphillydegreat was Cristiano Ronaldo more Formidable at Real Madrid and Manchester United than he was at Sporting Lisbon?. answer that question and I will get to my next point.

          • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

            Of course he was, but he was 17 when he broke into the first team at Sporting. Suffice to say that ManU and Madrid are two of the greatest clubs in the world. They identified an artist on the pitch at a young age and groomed him to a global superstar. However, Sporting is one of the biggest clubs in Portugal. Now go ahead with your point.

          • My point is simple players profile rise so too experience I will use 1 player as an example the one In question Dennis his profile has risen immeasurable since his last invite, the last time he was invited he was a club Brugge and as you all know I have had to argue this point alone for years that Bleguim league is not on the level of England. A player playing in Watford coming up against the likes of Peps Guardiola, Klopps Liverpool , Tuchels Chelsea and even Ole’s Man U who someone flooshly clamored is nothing to write home about if you score against the likes of Man U. A player competing with them this season will likely gain more than he did competing against the likes of players in Belguim. Again all of Bleguims top talents seek experience in England Spain and co. So that’s my point because Dennis was invited 2 years ago doesn’t not mean he shouldn’t be given a chance now especially as he is more refined, experienced (your favourite word) sharper and competing in a tougher league against higher opposition. It is Criminal to overlook him because of what he did last time infact it is tilting towards ridiculous. Dennis will be of more use than half of that forward line we have now.

            Ighalo broke into SE playing for this same Warford or Granada I stand to be corrected but both Teams are quite similar in thier respective leagues and both give us better refined players than players plying thier trade in Belguim

          • And yes he played Champions league how many seasons and how deep did they go. And like Dennis did which quality players with sense do. He used the Real Madrid game to sell himself. And alas the rest is history plus he is 24. A direct reincarnation of Ighalo when ighalo was playing at his best maybe even better yet, we are sitting debating why he should be in SE. I mean if this is not insanity then bros please tell me what is.

    • Tenyson 2 years ago

      Ok, you lost me at Ronald Koeman!! Have you been following soccer? So you want to trade a clueless for another clueless. Biko.

    • Oralivato 2 years ago

      Those coaches you mentioned are way above standard, besides NFF cannot afford those coaches and they can never influence the choices of these coaches in terms of player selection

  • MONKEY POST 2 years ago

    Nff has the money.. let them not receive you.. if not how will they cough out a whooping 800 million box to pay off Rohr??they just want to be embezzling it amongst themselves.they know if they bring top class coach, it will hit hard on their pocket where they are embezzling from. That’s y they are suggesting a low life coach. Shey una want better soup? Tor na money you go use cook am na…

  • All I want the new coach to do is blood in Dennis, awoniyi Lookman and all our stars currently and drop the dead weights Musa, Simon, Shehu and Ighalo. we will go far. there will be always 3 places in the team that need constant competition and a good coach will realise this. I.e if Moses simon is not doing wee and Dennis then Include Dennis in he next list simple no more dead weights this mindset of “Well he didi well 4 years ago” will not cut it any longer football is constantly evolving I mean Senegal Is so feared one of their key men Sarr is not even as good as Dennis yet Sarr is a headline for Senegal and Dennis is not for Nigeria but instead Musa is criminally making the SE Team week in week out something NEEDS to be done about this sabotaging mentality.

    • Douglas john ufuoma 2 years ago

      Do you no d implication of having a rebellious person in your camp? Anyway we all will alive to witness this disaster NFF want to bring

      • Patrator 2 years ago

        Your love for this your moon god is making you anticipate failure for Super eagles under a different coach so you can come out later to say “did I not tell you guys”

        The submission from @Respect is Reciprocal up there is just so apt, kudos bro.

        “All we want is a coach that can work with his head” and that’s it. A coach who knows what to do and when to do it during the cause of a match. If this guy tick those boxes then he should be given a chance.

        Fellow forward thinking forumites, you guys should try and notice all these Rohr ass lickers in the long run, they just want any new coach to fail so they can tell us they warned us, that makes you question where their loyalty lies.

        I used to root for Rohr when things haven’t slipped outta his hands but these days, I’ve just got to admit that glaring truth.

      • He is rebellious but the Legendary Renieri is managing him and getting the best out of him?…..what really is the job of a manager again?…..How long are we going to be looking for excuses to keep this talented players away from SE?

        • @Akp bros please thank God you are asking them. Because I don’t know what else to say… All of a Sudden they can not see that a Coach that can not put a player in order without out casting him is not a real coach. So our Football must suffer because of his beef with Dennis. okay if he has lost control he must go

          All Dennis asked was why is He been overlooked while Rohr flogs a dead horse with Musa and Moses. That is a very valid question unless of course the gaffer had something to hide and the question was for lack of a better word, a red face question

  • Chidi 2 years ago

    This NFf self I tire ooo oliseh or Amuneke would have been a better option,I know some fans here will frown at my suggestion, since they don’t have d money to pay a top class coach not to bring in someone who will turn our SE into moneymaking machine,before u condemn oliseh ask yourself how many times did NFF fire n rehired Amodu n keshi,these men were legends, oliseh Pedigree as a coach leaves a lot to be desired,he helped fortuna secure promotion to d erisdevise and he is technically gifted, some people always say he destroyed the national team my brother don’t lay up allegations when u don’t have credible facts to back it up,when enyema retired it took him only months to get a good replacement,he integrated d likes of ndidi n co into the SE setup n was testing different players in d no 10 role he tested rabiu ibrahim,haruna lukman n co,I don’t know oliseh but I think if NFF don’t have the money for a top class coach then oliseh or Amuneke is our best berth but corruption won’t allow them to see clearly I rest my case
    God bless Nigeria

    • Tope Adeola 2 years ago

      I advocate for a local coach but not Olise

    • Barididum 2 years ago

      Your right

    • chuxs 2 years ago

      Plenty gbosaaas for you chidi. Please ask those who are saying oliseh is not competent to tell you why. All you hear is he abandoned the team. Please if they were in his shoes, not being payed for months, NFF interfering in his game plan, who exactly would want to stay back and coach, If he was treated the way rorh was being treated, i bet you we will be getting the results we need. But sentiments everywhere, because he called out the NFF

  • Chidi 2 years ago

    I ask why are all d players silent over d rumoured sack of GR unlike after d 2018 world cup when they voiced out their mind hmmm suspect something

  • Oakfield 2 years ago

    Hahahaha…. Is this the guardiola u nut heads, (including the ex cricket international odegbami that recommended a dude with a coaching certificate to coach the super eagles) have been clamoring for???? Making all sorts of noise as if na morinho dey wan emolploy… Lol… By all standards, rohr is miles away better than this dude. Lol….. Una wan sell monkey buy dog abi??? Arabic. Don’t worry, by the time the damage is done, e go clear for una eyes. Shebi bcs say una wan play like Brazil na him make una wan remove a man that has been giving una results against all oddsand even when he’s being owed back log of wages?? If a striker fails to put the ball in the net after scoring chances have been created, na the fault of the coach. So, na the coach go tell a striker how to put the ball in the open net abi. Everything na rohr’s fault. No wahala. The devil u know is better than the angel u don’t know. Hehehehe…

    • Oakfield 2 years ago

      *****Without a coaching certificate ****”

      • @Oakfield at this point anybody is better than Rohr. Rohr JUST NEED TO GO!!!! PERIOD!!!. If I have to see one more list with Musa as Captain and Dennis not in there or Onuachu there and Not Awoniyi or Moses Simon and not Lookman or Akinkunmi Amoo I go KOLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!… enough is enough we nearly got knocked out.
        Okay Look at It Onyeka just scored over the weekend, meaning he was on form, but Rohr completely overlook him in the Qualifiers just concluded. Enough is enough men. At Afcon 2019 Ighalo was being over run by algeria Defence Rohr tied Osimhen to the bench after afcon 2 weeks later Osimhen scored 2 beautiful goals on his debut for Lille.. and the goals underlined Rohr’s Mistake because they came from Long balls where Osibobo used his pace to beat the Nantes line, something Ighalo couldn’t do against Algeria 2 weeks prior at the time. No man Rohr is a basket coach he needs to go Period!!!!!!

        • @Oakfield Awoniyi also scored against a strong Hertha Berlin side on the weekend meaning he was also on form… And May have scored had he been introduced instead of Onuachu. Why does Rohr always stick to the Lesser Players??? Why????????????????….. This needs to stop clearly he has created bonds with Players who have been outgrown by the up and comings so if that’s the case and sentiment is clouding his better judgement then unfortunately for him he SHOULD GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Oakfield 2 years ago

            Anybody is better than rohr… Lol…I marvel at ur level of reasoning. So, even the coach of kwara united or abiola babes is now better than rohr? Lol.. After, u go call urself a football analyst. Youve just let the cat out of the bag with this ur horrendous statement. All these attacks againt rohr are not really about his performance but against his person as a result of unjust innate hate and bitterness. Out of the aboundants of the heart, the mouth speaketh. You have just spoken the minds of the unreasonable bunch of haters who want rohr out by all means.

          • chrisB 2 years ago

            Onuachu is now a lesser player?

          • @Chris B yes by Dennis and Awoniyi standard yes. I have always been of the view Onuachu needs to prove himself in England, Spain, Italy or Germany. Onuachu biggest Problem is speed and Mobility as well as Agility. for me Ighalo brings more than Onuachu even though I hate to say… But I could be wrong He should leave Belgium

    • Mahmud Shuaib 2 years ago

      The last I checked, this dude took took SERBIA to the last WC and performed better than ROHR!

      Go read @STAR’s, @PROF TAMUNO (the reverred soccer historian) amd Mr HUSH’s detailed expository into the ROHR years before running your pathetic loud mouth here.

      Truth is foolish and stupid pride wont allow you shift ground on ROHR’s glaring tactical limitations.

      Thats what distinguishes your fellow co-travelers from you. Ability to hands up and say “I was wrong, noq I know better”.’ Am writing about other diehard ROHR fans who finally have come to the realization that NIGERIA WILL go nowhere with Rohr. People like @POMPEI, @ MR HUSH.

      For 6 years the excuse is no time to blood in new players.

      But I remind you that KESHI never needed two years before he blooded the following; AMBROSE EFE, JUWON OSHANIWA, SUNDAY MBA, NOSA IGIEBOR, OBAOBONA, OMERUO, ONAXI, EMENIKE ETC and the result??

      He won AFCON in his first attempt

      2.’Made 2nd round of the WC

      Another example is WESTERHOFF….he disbanded the team before ALGIERS 90 and won silver. By his 5th year, he won gold atbafcon,made WC 2nd round

      And non of NIGERIA’s past coaches ever LOST AT HOME to backwater countries like CAR or draw at home with likes of CAPE VERDE

      And finally, you can only EVER dream of achieving a FRACTION of what CHIEF SEGUN ODEGBAMI MON has achieved. So, give him some respect

      A quick one, in case you are a baby who strted following football with the advent of DSTV and ABDROID PHONES….(lol), BIG SEG is an internationally acclaimed soccer icon from AFRICA!

      First Nigerian to make the podium as 3rd place finalist in AFOTY 1976 or so

      2.’Top scorer at AFCON 1980

      3.’Second all time scorer despite being a right winger for the SE

      • Mahmud Shuaib 2 years ago

        @OAKFIELD..above FYI

        • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

          He didn’t perform better than Rohr at the WorldCup. Serbia crashed out in the group stage with Matic, Kolasinac and Ivanovic players highly rated than our players. He’s not in any way better than Rohr. In fact he’s a like for like with Rohr., but I’ll take him because he’s younger with possibly fresh ideas. Rohr’s biggest undoing despite meeting his targets is his inability to find genuine AM for the SuperEagles. My question is will this man accept $45k a month?? And will he still stay around when owed 6 months salary??

          • Coachie 2 years ago

            Guys, please go on Adepoju Tobi (@oganNlamedia) handle and see what kinda coach this dude is. He was fired, a lot of Serbians are telling Nigeria to avoid him like a plague, they claim he fought with Ivanovic and some other players and caused serious division in camp pre-2018 w.cup and during the tournament as well and he was abruptly fired.
            Nigeria we hail thee

          • Coachie 2 years ago

            *on twitter

  • GLORY 2 years ago

    How is this Serbian coach better than Rohr for crying out loud? These eastern Europeans are ever ready to decieve with a smile. I don’t n will never trust them to put the interest of Nigeria/Africa first before their fellow broda Eastern European countries or even the Western world. With the situation of things at the moment since environment is already too toxic to accommodate Rohr n crew, I will suggest, we swim/sink if ever, with the likes of Finidi, Amunike, Manu Garba, Egbe, Oliseh etc than going for another foreign coach who already has multiple excuses to give should he fail.

    • @Glory Home based coachs are very sentimental.. They will not select on Merit. and most of them do not want the current crop to out do what they did in the 90’s so they will sabotage the team subtly and that won’t be good. Like Oliseh did in his tenure when he was falling out with all our best legs.. So no NO HOME BASED COACH. We need foreign But NOT ROAR or ROHR!!

      • GLORY 2 years ago


        • @Glory you make a good point in the end everybody is corruptible like Rohr proved even as innocent as he was when he came in he eventually proved corruptible. My thing is it took him longer, thats the point I am trying to make look Amodu (God rest his soul) lacked tactics like Keshi buy he selected with hou our and on merit. Look if we can get a local coach with Keshi’s tactics and Amodu selections then okay I will be all for it. Amodu did not by face when selecting playes and he also tapped into the Anglo Euro players Anichebe and co.

          • ***Amodu (God rest his soul) lacked tactics like Keshi but he selected without sentiment and on merit.**

            Amodu did not **Buy** Faces

            Excuse the typo

    • Gritty 2 years ago

      I support @Glory’ submission. NFF kindly get us the most credible team of indigenous Coaches. We want Nigerian coaches. Consider those aforementioned names by Glory. Add Ikeme, or Any other like him for Goodkeeper trainer. Thanks

  • Bobo Colorado Springs 2 years ago

    Is all rumours, the NFF is not going to fire Rohr at this time.

  • @Glory Home based coachs are very sentimental.. They will not select on Merit. and most of them do not want the current crop to out do what they did in the 90’s so they will sabotage the team subtly and that won’t be good. Like Oliseh did in his tenure when he was falling out with all our best legs.. So no NO HOME BASED COACH. We need foreign But NOT ROAR or ROHR!!

  • @Oakfield, leave them o. Let’s see the magic that this one wants to perform. I am now in support of NFF and Sunday Dare hiring this one. When you do not know where your bread is buttered you will talk rubbish and find all manner of excuses. His first match he must win convingly by 3-0 no excuses this time. Since we have the players according to JimmyBall, Omo9ja, Mr.Hush and Pompeii. We must win AFCON this year. No excuses of young team, we no wan hear any excuse.
    NFF should sign this one quick, quick.

  • Kamsi 2 years ago

    The solution to our coaching problem. We’ve long been fooling ourselves because of inferiority complex thus going for backyard European coaches who are not better than our home coaches.

    Let us give the duo of Emmanuel Amunuke and Olise Sunday the job. If they fail, we would have learnt some experiences and continue to groom home coaches.

    It is a no brainer that our local or home coaches will be more patroitic, they will be affordable and more motivated to achieve success just as we had with the late Stephen Keshi of blessed memory. I bet you, that sense of accountability to themselves and the whole football family will push them to go beyond their limits. A foteign coach is just a mercinary. If he fails, he has nothing to lose. If you no longer him, you pay him huge. Look at Rohr demanding N1bn for destroying value.

    They know the Nigerian terrain very well and can travel everywhere to discover talents which abound in Nigeria.

    Moreover, we can afford to pay our home coaches in naira, our local currency esoecially in this period of high exchange rate.

    Hiring another foreign coach does not gaurantee instant success.

    Let’s look inward. I rest my case.

    Thank you

  • This is a welcome development. Though with an underwhelming curriculum vitae, Mladen will be passionate and highly motivated to make the best of his Super Eagles career.

    This will be another high profile role for the young gaffer who will be eager to Nigeria farther than he managed for his home country in 2018.

    He does have his flaws: feuding with key players; making inflammatory and controversial statements following a defeat; and being slightly ultra conservative.

    Having said all that, Mladen provides a measure of continuity with his preferred 4-2-3-1 and 3-5-2 formations mirroring that of beleaguered Gernot Rohr to the tee.

    But he offers a breath of fresh air with an alternative interpretation of the formations and a new direction that should hopefully yeild optimum performance for the Super Eagles.

    I am so excited and I hope this appointment goes through and it works.

    Rohr is history and I thank him for his contributions to Nigerian football and most importantly for putting up with the disgraceful football management of the NFF.

    • MuYiwa 2 years ago

      You have already revealed many flaws of his even when he has yet to put pen to paper and you still call these a good development. How’s this man’s CV better than that of the man we want him to succeed. We are going one step forward and two steps backward once again. And I pray this man will not leave the post in 6 months by the time NFF begins to owe him his wages. Hope the guy sabi speak English sha.

      • Thanks Muyiwa, Mladen’s appointment with usher the Super Eagles into a whole new era of optimism.

        Having failed to navigate Serbia to the second round of the 2018 world cup, the young gaffer will be keen and passionate in tapping on that experience to take Nigeria further on Qatar if we qualify.

        He can potentially be an animated character in touchline, something that adds excitement to the experience of watching the Super Eagles.

        He is young with fresh, vibrant and creative ideas to move the Super Eagles forward.

        He does have a poor win ratio (47%) for Serbia and can be a bit of a hot-head.

        But his positives outweigh his negatives and I think fans should give him a chance of indeed the appointment goes ahead.

  • They will do fantastically well @Ben the reason SE is not doing well is because the team is not Refreshed. DEAD WEIGHTES I.E MUSA , Onuachu, Simon Moses and Shehu and maybe Ekong (Feeling too comfortable his place is not on threat). Rohr is not paying attention to the details he has created bonds with some dead weights in the team and that is detrimental to our progress if you can’t see that then @Ben you DO Not know BALL. I personally feel that a new coach maybe able to convince Victor Moses out of Retirement.

    Now @Ben do you think if SE is injected with , Dennis, Awoniyi, Bassey, Lookman for Musa,Onuachu,Shehu and Moses simon and maybe Ajayi while Ekong drops to the bench for one game.

    do you not think that these above mentioned players will bring the best out of Osimhen, Chukwueze, Ejuke and Iwobi because of competition for places in the Squad? and if so, will that be better/beneficial for SE? . If you can answer this question Honestly then You are seeing the light . Have a good day brother

    • @Ugo Iwunze, I am not thinking again o. I want NFF and Sunday Dare to hire Mladen. I am now on your side. All I want is performance from the first match. As soon as they settle with Rohr. That is it. I have now seen the light. Shebi it is reported that he makes inflammatory remarks about players after matches. Wahala is coming for NFF and even Sunday Dare. But I have seen the light now. Rohr should go o. NFF should fire Rohr and hire Malden, sharp, sharp.

      • Thank you, my guess is we will be pleasantly suprised when they hire a coach.. Right now ROhr is getting killed by his unfortunate bonds with Dead weights IN THE TEAM ESPECIALLY MUSA, Shehu IGHALO.. and he has picked up on Naija ways of doing things so he should hit the road.

        believe in or not Rohr’s undoing was stubbornly Sticking with calling Ighalo back and overlooking Awoniyi. because he had to be damn sure Ighalo got a goal which we all knew he wouldn’t.. Give a man a rope and he will hang himself. Rohr really disappointed me with his Musa shenanigans and Ighalo matter. I mean Dennis and Awoniyi these two would be in the England and Germany squad respectively in thier current form but not with ROhr. Man Rohr should just pack his ngwogwo and go!!! abeg.

        Victor Moses is a player that never supported a bad thing just ask Sunday Oliseh and I am sure it was the same with Rohr. Moses knows Musa is a fraud!!

  • Mahmud Shuaib 2 years ago

    Pls what targets did ROHR meet that AMODU, CHUKWU, EGUAVOEN etc didnt meet before they were relieved pf their duties less than 4 years as SE coach?

    Amd each of the aforementioned player more attractive football than ROHR. The only time ROHR won matches…any one at that convincingly was when he inherited a bulk of KESHI/OLISEH’S team; ECHIEJILE, BALOGUN, EKONG, ONAZI, VICTOR MOSES, MOSES SIMON, MIKEL, IGIEBOR, OMERUO etc

    As soon as most of those players retired or lost form and he had to build a new team; AINA, ZAIDU, COLLINS, CHUKWUEZE, IWOBI, OSIMHEN, NDIDI, ARIBO, ETC his tactical and coaching limitations began to SHOW!

    Conceded an 86 mims equalizer against a very POOR Argentine team at the WC

    Conceded a 90th minute goal against ALGERIA at AFCON

    Conceded 4 times after leading an ORDINARY Sierra Leone 4:0 at home

    Losing to CAR…of all nations at home

    Drawing against CAPE VERDE at home

    Lets face honest truths.

    In almost 6 years with inherited + new players he could do nothing.

    ONIGBINDE took an entirely new team to win SILVER @ CIV’84

    WESTERHOFF took an entirely new team to win SILVER at ALGIERS 90


    GERNOT ROHR is the LUCKIEST and BIGGEST SCAM of a coach in our entire history!

    • Rohr go, Mladen show. Rohr go, Mladen show. That’s my new song now. Again am not thinking anymore. All I want me result with wide margins.

      • If we drop dead weights man Even if Algeria like let them come We will give them Rugby scoreline.. I mean it… bro Nigeria have the player depth now to not flinch when we make a substitution the reason we stagnate is down to poor squad selection and poor in game tactics i.e Substitutions and proper playing style.. Period.

        you can see it with the headlines in the first weekend of club games. alas the players making the headlines are the ones that were overlooked. the spine of the team should always be maintained but the 4 or 5 players that aren’t the spine should be constantly kept on their toes no ones place should be guaranteed even the players that form the spine. especially if their club form is atrocious like Musa (5years now) and Shehu’s are at the moment.

        There is no way I repeat NO WAY Dennis and Awo should have been overlooked for this last International break NO WAY!!1 it was CRIMINAL.. and rohr is begging for patience with Ighalo?/ so what does that tell you he is planning on still keeping Dennis and Awo in the wilderness. No bro Rohr’s time is up. Take it or leave it

    • Patrator 2 years ago

      Lol. Na facts be this o.
      .@Ben @Oakfield and the likes, na facts una dey hear so. Blessings brothers

      That Rohr even applied for Enyimba job speaks volume and to think he wasn’t even given the job speaks louder volumes. Getting the Super eagles job with that kinda pay makes him the LUCKIEST of all his predecessors.

      • They are changing gear. They don’t need world class coach again thought someone was saying Rohr didn’t have better CV before he became SE coach? This is truly better at least he had coached Serbia national team,Topola hahaha he even won something with them as a coach.. ladies and gentlemen here is the world best coach who win every matches, who will invite all strikers available at once, who will play beautiful football and who will not loose at home unlike Gernot Rohr.. we await to see how this adventures end..

  • Sammy 2 years ago

    In Dec. 1997 the NFF sacked Phillip Trousier after he qualified the Eagles for the World Cup, for “not being good enough to coach a secondary school team”. They Brought in Bora Militunovic, and we got beat 4:1 by Denmark in a march we should have won.

    In March. 2002 they sacked Amodu Shuaibu and Keshi after he had retrieved world cup qualification from the throes of disaster and won bronze at the AFCON. They said he was a puppet to the teams’s senior players. In actual fact, the players protested the non payment of bonuses and the backlog of unpaid salaries to the coaching staff. The NFF brought in Onigbinde who made a complete mess of the World Cup – with Justice Christopher and Opabunmi as first team players.

    In 2010, the NFF again sacked Amodu Shuaibu after he had qualified us for the World Cup. They brought in the Swedish guy Lars Lagarback, who had only 5 months or so to prepare the team for the world cup, and a team brimming with stars crashed out of a group containing Greece and South Korea.

    In all these scenarios, Nigerians were driven by corrupt people in the FA and the media to antagonize the coach, paving the way for his removal close to the World Cup. You see with FIFA money coming, there is money to be made from hastily drawn up contracts.

    FIFA money is coming again, sentiments are being whipped up again and they’re about to hoodwink the gullible again. T

    Same old story.

    • Then Rohr should have been Open on his criteria for Keeping Musa as captain and Calling Ighalo back in place for Awoniyi or Dennis constant over looking. If they are forces at play behind the scenes influencing his list he should have spoken up the fact that he didn’t means he was also invovled and that was his undoing like I said before Liberia and Cape Verde. Pinnick will use Rohr as a space goat and alas I was right. Shehu is warming the bench in Cyprus so if it is Quota system a new coach will come in and speak up because he will not be familiar with Niaja Ways like Rohr became to be so that will work in our favour. at least for the next 2 years before Pinnick and co influence his mind.

      • Sammy 2 years ago

        Ighalo was brought back he’s a known quantity still scoring goals; and because we had crucial matches. Awoniyi needs time to get used to the team and produce – he only started producing consistent results this season. Paul Onuachu is woefully short on the required quality; and Dennis from reports is even worse than both.

        Dennis was a divisive figure in his last season in Brugges and his only half season in Cologne – as in his coaches could not wait to see the back of him. Two coaches at two different clubs in two countries. He’s currently doing well in England, but Rohr is within his rights to take a “wait and see” attitude to the young man, before inviting him to camp for crucial games, where there is no time to massage anyone’s ego.

        Coaching is not beans o.

      • Sammy 2 years ago

        And again you can take it to the bank; as long as Pinnick is NFF Chairman and the Buhari Govt is in power, Ahmed Musa will go to the world cup. If you like bring Maurinho to coach the team.

        If you know, you know. I’m not one of those that brings religion or tribalism into football, but it is what it is.

        Ahmed Musa and Shehu Abdullahi are the only two muslims in the team. there are people who are barely tolerating this imbalance, and you want to remove Ahmed Musa, one of the first Muslim captains of the team in how many generations?

        It will invite unnecessary underground trouble that nobody wants.

        Please look beyond the obvious when discussing Nigerian issues.


        • @Sammy e don do oya we need the quality less experience one then because your So called Experience heads are doing nada just wasting space.. thank you. if you like you and rohr can go and caoach Cameroon and bring back Mboma and Geremi that one concern una, for us we one to see Manchester United Nightmare Dennis and Bundesliga Goal banger Awoniyi in the team. Moreover Ighalo broke into the SE in his time at Watford so he should allow Dennis the same Grace.

          And Alas Quota System mentality unless we rid ourselves of this shambolic mentality Nigeria will continue being a so called Self proclaim Sleeping giant

        • *Ahmed Musa and Shehu Abdullahi are the only two muslims in the team. there are people who are barely tolerating this imbalance, and you want to remove Ahmed Musa, one of the first Muslim captains of the team in how many generations?*

          @Samy are you for real????????

          SO We should sit idle when they criminally gave thier Muslim captain 102 caps. Is that not enough that he is the most capped why still drown us with his presence?.. You know what that staement rubs me up the wrong way. But I will keep my mouth

          • Sammy 2 years ago

            Slight correction: Ahmed Musa, Shehu Abdullahi and Zaidu Sanusi.

            Mr. Iwunze, I don’t need to remind you that when you take up leadership position in an organization where you don’t have ultimate authority, you run the organization you were given, not the one you wish you had. Of course you can make changes – however if you want to last in the job it has to be within the bounds of what the system permits. Nigeria is filled with the dead careers (and sometimes even dead bodies) of revolutionaries.

            You adapt to what’s in front of you. Nigeria is not Ghana or Europe.

            The best leaders in Nigeria are those that can find the right balance between being professional and being in the good graces of the shot-callers; able to push change, without being seen as a revolutionary.

            Just to add that the Nigerian system will give a foreign super eagles coach more leeway to make more changes than a local one.

          • @Sammy I see your point but Like I said. The coach will have at least 1 years to do his thing before, the Enemies of Progress would have infiltrated his mind. if he is successful with the year from now to World Cup. Buhari and Pinnick will back off I am sure of it. Sometimes Change comes about by force not by singing to the tunes of Clueless leaders.

            All we need now is a coach to come in and do his thing from now until World Cup if Nigeria reaches semi’s the the Evil enemies of Progress eyes go clear. Like I mentioned a few weeks back. Nigeria works best when you turn a blind eye to the crooks and do your thing barring you get the results. A Coach needs to come in Make his decisions select on Merit and the rest will be history watch. and by then even that Quota System Bullshit will fall to the way side if the coach is successful after going against his detractors in the NFF wishes. 9months is all we need. It is the only way, because Sticking with Rohr will only bring heartbreak as soon as March even as early as Jan. I mean it No cap.

        • Word! Respect!!!

    • @Sammy, they don’t see these other things. Is it easy to miss an opportunity to earn $$$. Anyway Rohr go, Mladen Show.

  • William d conqueror 2 years ago

    Anyone but clueless rohr. Up super eagles.

  • Oakfield 2 years ago

    The solution to eagle’s problems very simple. Change the entire backroom staff including that imposed puppet called yobo and that thief in the person of salisu, and replace them with people that have what it takes to man such positions. Ndubuisi Egbo would not be bad idea to work as an assistant to rohr and maybe and possibly take up the mantle whenever rohr decides to leave after the world cup. We need all the capable hands we can get to help this man. He’s doing it alone and it’s not fair. If you want the best of labourer, u have to provide him with everything that he needs including and most especially skilled helpers or assistants in their respective fields.

    • I concur: the entire backroom staff of the Super Eagles should be overhauled to allow for a fresh start.

      This will allow near-seamless injection of ideas that are avant garde in a manner unencumbered by old hands.

    • GLORY 2 years ago


      • Oakfield 2 years ago

        I sight u @ Glory. If u look very well, you’ll see that rohr is not the problem but his backroom staff. That’s just the reality but u know, a lot of people go collect money if rohr is sacked. All of these ex internationals talking trash now all want to be brought in if rohr is sacked. That’s why u see all these attacks from them. Most of them are unemployed/jobless. Having squandered their football wealth.

    • I strongly disagree with you@Oakfield! Gernot Rohr is already biased and compromised.

      We need fresh indeginous Coaching crew. Egbo, Amuneke, Manu Garba, Ikeme, et al., Any of these with integrity and favourably disposed will be fine.

    • I strongly disagree with @Oakfield!
      Rohr is already compromised and biased.
      If you change his backroom staff, will you also change his brain (reasoning) and mentality?

    • Ndubest 2 years ago

      @Oakfied i agreed with you % but our friend Mr Rohr should go with them. I have supported him over the years but is obvious he has lost it we need new people with new ideas.

  • Chima E Samuels 2 years ago

    @Donkey Head Oakfield I remember the last time we played this Serbian team coach by Mladen Krstajic before the World Cup he not only humiliated the Super eagles under Rohr but he outplayed us that even the referee didn’t give the last penalty that would have made us loose 3 Nil. Oakfield I have known you and cohorts to be naturally mediocre that is why you can not detect a cheating Coach. @Ben stop fooling on this page we know who you are.

    • Oakfield 2 years ago

      The main Ewu Gambia… Hahaha

      • Chima E Samuels 2 years ago

        Idiot you said Rohr is better than the same man who beat him hands down plus Ighalo looses chances in the match. Na this same mistakes una dey wan carry repeat again abi plus Ighalo again. Shame no dey catch una!!!

        • Oakfield 2 years ago

          When i call u Ewu Gambia u feel offended but it is bcs ur way of reasoning is worse than that of a nigerian goat. Shey na una dy clamor for a world class coach if rhor gets sacked? Is this dude here with a scanty CV the so called world class coach that would take us to the promised land????? Is it bcs he defeated us once that made u believe he’s good and better than rohr???? . If that is the case then, rohr must be better than the Ukrainian coach or Brazilian coaches that we almost won when we played them in a friendly. Your so called African coach has no coaching experience in Africa and u feel he’s good for the job. Why should we stoop so low for a third class coach instead of going for ur guardiola who is better than rohr.??? Do u see say na craze dy worry you. Anuofia.

  • @Oakfield. You are thinking too much. Let us sink and swim with Mladen. I even want him to be hired now, let us see the truth behind player selection, Sunday Dare and all other NFF members interfering with Super Eagles. I bet you this, this man will give players confidence to even speak out against NFF. Shebi Rohr found a way to keep his team cool and train ahead of matches even though it was in 3 days. This one will from his camp start fire and then jettison out as he has a no nonsense mentality. Sunday Dare will get the medicine he is looking for as well as others.

    • Oakfield 2 years ago

      U dy mind them??? Them know the right thing to do but they do not want to do it. A lot of people, hungry people for that matter go benwfit from the sack of rohr. Ranging from the person whom recommended the coach to the cab man that would ferry him from the airport to the glass house. All of them would get kick backs to the detriment of our football. They do not care at all! Even if they destroy everything, they dont care at all. All they want is a quick fix.

  • Francis Eluba 2 years ago

    I can’t see a concise POV from the comments made thus far apart from the usual rabble rouser. I hope I’m pardoned for the phrase, RR.
    If we are to see a significant change in the statistics within this report then the stakeholders and its leaders need to take a longer term view and build stability considering the fact that AFCON is just 6 weeks to go. By this I mean, NFF and the coordinating department in the Ministry must be concerned about stability in the camp, very important knowing fully well there is going to be subtlety amongst player’s agreement on having a jobless coach in place of one that brought them thus far.

    Mladen Krstajić being highlighted is nothing but a short termism as one of the factors behind the changes, he is presently jobless and had been for a while, he’s a rust.
    I’m not ruling out the fact that Rohr being a full time manager maybe finding difficulties with some members of the sports management and to a certain degree a lost out with the country ex players consequence upon his managerial style.

    Rohr is staying till next year but the issue with the Serbian are his stats. I’m availing us with his current stats, below:

    Full Name: Mladen Krstajić
    Name in Home Country /
    Full Name: Serbia
    Date of Birth: Mar 4, 1974
    Place of Birth: Zenica Jugoslawien (SFR)
    Age: 47
    Citizenship: Serbia Serbia
    Avg. term as coach: 0.80 Years
    Coaching Licence: UEFA Pro Licence
    Preferred formation: 4-2-3-1

    There are certain underpins but Rohr is taking SE to AFCON results of which shall determine if NFF will look the way of the man from Eastern Europe though without an encouraging and tactical job placement or Rohr’s continuity should he bring the cup home.
    The Minister of Sports whose wears the lies on his head is the man after the storm.

  • Chris 2 years ago

    It is shameful that an average Nigerian believes anything imported from oversees is better than what is obtainable locally. With the exposure of our ex internationals, cant one of them be picked to coach the Super Eageles? Its quite unfortunate that these ex internationals face discrimation abroad and also face discrimibation in their own country. God help Nigeria.

    • They are Crooks even salisu Yusuf is a known bribe taker, Sunday Oliseh fought with all our key players in his time because of ego. Keshi (continue to RIP) also a bribe taker so too Amokachi they are all crooks bro Naija Mentality what can we do lol. it will also be easier for Pinnick to take them for a ride and influence them. on the contrary It took Pinnick 3 years to get into Rohr’s head. as Rohr was selecting on Merit up until he started creating bonds.

      For me I knew Rohr couldn’t take us to the promise land once he Kept Musa on as captain while the Latter was club less for almost a year. That was when I knew his decisions are being influenced and the icing on the cake for me was Ighalo.. Rohr Bye Bye.

      • Dennis 2 years ago

        For the super eagles to succeed, the coach must be given freewill to choose his players. I still maintain my stance that players are forced on Rohr. How on earth did Noble get invited to the team? Certainly not from rorh’s recommendation. Shehu shouldn’t be in that team. I watched what Russia did to the Cyprus national team during the last international break and I wondered what sort of league the Cyprus league must be because most of their players play in their league. I’ve supported Rohr but I never supported his idea of bringing back ighalo. We have so many strikers performing in Europe. Why wasn’t Tyrone ebuehi not invited? I’ve watched about 4 seria A matches and that ebuehi guy is a baller
        I doubt if Rohr would be sacked because all targets given to him have been met
        I heard that the sport minister wants report from the NFF. what has he done with the reports from the Olympics? We saw an athlete washing his jersey because he had just 1? Was that not embarrassing enough to have someone sacked? Other nations have started preparing for the next Olympics but we will start ours 2 months to the competition and expect miracles to happen. There’s gross corruption within the NFF and the sport ministry is aware because they also benefit from it. Sacking Rohr and retaining the same NFF board won’t change anything

  • Chike 2 years ago

    I think I buy into that @Fracis Luba. His formation is a little on the outside. In 4-2-3-1 a lot of coordination is required between individual playing positions for the team to stay compact and support the both the offense and defense. Players like Chukwueze, Ejuke will not fit into this form. Aina and collins, sure would. Sometimes, this makes it difficult to balance the offense with the defense without even considering what types of players you have. A possible focus on individual skills of wingers can become a problem if they aren’t fast or dominant enough in one on one situations just unlike the SE traditional playing style which Coach Rohr continue to change, resourceful though not necessarily entertaining. Let’s just hope the Nigerian authorities are not making mistakes.

  • Dr Banks 2 years ago

    Oh wow………..congratulations to All you Rohr detractors on your choice of another mediocre coach about to be appointed for our dear SE.

    Agreed that Rohr has to go because the relationship between him and his employers, fans and possibly the players have broken down irreparably but what we expect as a replacement is someone with a better pedigree than Rohr. But this guy doesn’t look to me as a better coach except for his youthfulness, well fingers crossed, let’s see what he can offer us in a matter of weeks to come at AFCON.

    Below are his modest statistics:

    Managerial statistics
    As of 17 October 2021

    Managerial record by team and tenure
    Team From To Record
    G W D L GF GA GD Win %
    Serbia 30 October 2017 13 June 2019 19 9 5 5 30 21 +9 47.37
    TSC Bačka Topola 4 January 2021 19 October 2021 33 15 8 10 51 37 +14 45.45
    Total 52 24 13 15 81 58 +23 46.15

    • Salami Aminu 2 years ago

      He can never be successful in Africa with all that. Maybe Kosovo, Azabachian or ukraine, not the Super Eagles

  • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

    As long as it’s a foreign coach I’m ok with it. However, He didn’t perform better than Rohr at the WorldCup. Serbia crashed out in the group stage with Matic, Kolasinac and Ivanovic players highly rated than our players. He’s not in any way better than Rohr. In fact he’s a like for like with Rohr., but I’ll take him because he’s younger with possibly fresh ideas. Rohr’s biggest undoing despite meeting his targets is his inability to find genuine AM for the SuperEagles. My question is will this man accept $45k a month?? And will he still stay around when owed 6 months salary??

    • Dr Banks 2 years ago

      @ Ayphillydegreat thanks for this link, guys should read this up on Owngoal and see what we are talking about. The problem of Rohr is with the NFF and the people in high places.

      Doesn’t it occur to us that this guy that has been basing his invitation list on pure merit all of a sudden started inviting and playing players in 2nd Division over Seria A and Champion league performer. We should’ve smell a rat here.

      Iheanacho came in against Cabo Verde and was playing like a pregnant woman on that day, the reason for that is not far fetched as he was obviously busy eating the forbidden fruit the night before the match. Believe I know instantly after watching him play that day because it has happened to me on many occasions, I usually perform below expectation following a previous night session especially with drinks involved.

      I heard from the grapevine that Amaju has to be called into camp at around 2h00 am to come and intervene with certain players’ waywardness with ladies who were camped on the 5th floor of Eko Hotel.

      So instead of Amaju to deal with the perpetrators, it was Rohr that fell into the trap as the Manager of course

  • Alphonso Gbefumu 2 years ago

    It’s not even about money or their net take home. It has a lot to do about our national asset that needs to be protected from these official vermins pretending to be representatives of our national interest.
    My hate for Mladen’s formation is the defence that is prone to fail. The disadvantage of 4-2-3-1 is that there is less cover for the wingbacks because there are no traditional wide players to help them out in defensive duties. So an attacking wingback with less defensive abilities will be vulnerable putting pressure on the defence without which, you would imagine goal rain, then we will all rush to CSN to start blaming Okoye, Noble and Ozoho. Y’all forcing this loser on us are fools and if not for corruption none of you would be in any official position.

    • Steph 2 years ago

      Having read above, I believe the right time to fire the present coach is now and the right time to hire a new coach is now. The world is still far and AFCON is just some weeks away. The new coach can use the AFCON to build a know the players and build a solid and dreaded team for the playoff and the world cup. You may say there is no time but the best time is now. To do these, I will prefer Combination of Amuneke and Finding for this Job. Ammnuke is Tested hand and he had coached Tanzania and same country qualified for AFCON after many years even with non experience players. Aside that, Till date Senegal is being coached by home grown coach. What about Algeria and they also being coached by local coach. Senegal only have oyinbo as back up or to assist the main local coach an

  • pompei 2 years ago

    We want to buy Tokunbo, but we want it to perform like a Ferrari.
    They want to replace Rohr with former Serbia coach Mladen Krstajic.
    Why was Krstajic sacked from his job as Serbia coach?
    He was shown the door after Serbia received a 5 nil spanking from Ukraine in a Euro 2020 qualifier.
    The same team Krstajic lost 5 nil to with the Serbian national team, Rohr almost beat at home on September 10, 2019!
    Yes, the Ukraine team Rohr drew 2-2 with, and almost beat at home, was the same team that tore Serbia to pieces, beating them 5 nil. And Mladen Krstajic was the coach then!
    Prior to his job as Serbia coach, Krstajic had ZERO COACHING EXPERIENCE.
    I’m not saying Krstajic is not a good option. I’m just saying I hope we are not replacing our old Tokunbo with a new shiny Tokunbo.
    Tokunbo is Tokunbo. Tokunbo can never perform like a Ferrari.
    NFF have started again with their wahala. I hope they have done their due diligence, and this new guy has what it takes to manage the Super Eagles!!!!

    • One thing with Euro coach they will never select on sentiment. As the guys clearly stated at this point we don’t need guardiola or Klopp we just need a sound european coach who watches ball with a modern eye and one who does not buy face and certainly one that hasn’t become a close family friend of Musa, Ighalo and Pinnick. Thank you.

      • Again Like I said 6 months ago Rohr is not brilliant the team was just scrapping through on raw talent alone, now we need some tactics and you will see wonders. No Guardiola even a Ole is cool lol.

      • GLORY 2 years ago

        @ Ugo, is Rohr no longer a European, going by your comment above?

        • Yes he is read my thread. familiarity breeds contempt. to put it simply. rohr was good until he became compromised. But his tatics were always poor had it been, he was a coach who could bring out the best of his “so called” experience heads because he had good tactics and game plan then okay I support it. But Like I always ask, “IF he can not bring the best out of Talented Raw players big clubs are fighting for, what more of Players winding down thier career’s?”.

          Rohr has been compromised his loyalties are now firmly grounded in the wrong places. He has been compromised time for change as the results and team lists clearly shows

        • pompei 2 years ago

          Abeg epp me ask am. Looooool!

          • Oakfield 2 years ago

            Loool….. An European who go watch game with “open eye” I wonder if rohr na Chinese. Did I hear u say any European coach???? Loool.. So noe, we do not need a world class coach anymore. U see how una dy shame una self’s. Bcs, una don see say we can’t afford a world class coach and the coach wey dem dy recommend dy in the same as rohr or rohr dy even better. Confused people. No wahala. Una go sell dog buy monkey. Lol

          • Rohr as to go.with a team for 6 Years and no any improvement in the style of play with such bundle of talent.so regid in his system. Musa don try for country call up younger and hungry guys, this man just stick to same players for years not knowing that players can loose form. I beg make we ole Gunnar solskjaer the Baba

  • pompei 2 years ago

    Interestingly, the last time we met Serbia in March 27, 2018, Krstajic was managing Serbia. Rohr of course was the Nigeria gaffer.
    Serbia defeated Nigeria 2 nil.
    As Serbia Manager, from 19 games, Krstajic had 9 wins, 5 draws, and 5 defeats. His last defeat, a 5 nil loss to Ukraine, was what cost him his job.
    This is the person the NFF want to entrust the SE with.
    If he gets the job, we welcome him to one of the most difficult jobs in football.
    And we wish him good fortune. He will need it.

  • okponku 2 years ago

    My take in this space is that the Standard of the Coach isnt the issue here rather the Corruption in Nff and the so called Quota system. Where the best and sound legs are been kept in the bench whilst my tribal player are featured. The coaches are never given free hand to execute their jobs.

  • MONKEY POST 2 years ago

    One thing with euro coach. Is Rohr an Afganistan Coach???? @Ugo Iwunze
    Have said it that you are just confuse. The same you now will run to me and start complaining about the new coach.Lets watch and see. But I pray it doesn’t happen. Let’s solve this SE bruhaha onces and for all

  • NFF should stop all this yamayam assemble of unqualified coach for my dear super Eagle.NFF should stop wasting our talent, there are better experience coach in Europe and South American, they should look for well qualify coach someone that can guarantee of Nation cup final and Quarter final at the World Cup atleast to put those young talents on another another level. We dont need someone that will start from beginning again in the name of building a new team pls.

  • Benji 2 years ago

    It is even morally wrong for the Federation to be talking about coach this or coach that when we have little or no time for that. Why not wait till after Afcon? These people will eventually cause disunity among SEplayers and this will not help our cause in subsequent matches at all.

  • ABDULRAZAK 2 years ago

    This supposedly ‘world class organised coach’took Serbua to the 2018 World cup in Russia. He lost 2-0 to Brazil, 2-1 Switzerland and beat Costa Rica 1-0. He is indeed better than Rohr.

  • pompei 2 years ago

    Under Krstajic, the Serbia team had a 47% win ratio.
    They scored 30 goals in 19 games, and they conceded 21.
    So under Krstajic, Serbia scored plenty of goals, but they also conceded plenty.
    The Serbia team that Krstajic handled had established stars like Tadic (now doing very well at Ajax), Milivojevic (Crystal Palace), Ljajic (Besiktas), Kolarov (former Man City left back), Nastasic (former Man City center back), Ivanovic (needs no introduction. Former Chelsea defender), Mitrovic (now plays at Fulham. Scored the 2 goals when Serbia beat Nigeria), etc. The team was top heavy, loaded with really good players. Yet, Krstajic could not achieve anything meaningful with them.
    Krstajic had an average, even mediocre record when he had all these star players in the Serbia team to work with.
    How will he fare with Nigeria, given that he has less stars to work with? We do have many good players, but Osimhen and Ndidi look like the only superstars we have.
    The difference in class between Serbia and Nigeria was obvious even to the blind in the 2 nil defeat they handed us. They totally dominated that game. In fact, it looked like a Serbian training session for large portions of the game. So yes, Serbia is a good side, with more established players than Nigeria. YET, KRSTAJIC FAILED TO ACHIEVE MUCH WITH THEM.
    Will Krstajic be able to achieve more with a lesser squad, Nigeria?
    Add to that the distractions that will surely come with the NFF. Unpaid salaries, unpaid player bonuses, player selection interference, bad pitches. Can Krstajic cope with all these problems, AND STILL DELIVER ACCORDING TO OUR WISHES AND EXPECTATIONS?

  • Footballfanatic 2 years ago

    It was said that a striker in the national team who is friends with Amaju put in a call to stop Rohr from going ahead with the expelling…. This is gross indiscipline.

    • Sammy 2 years ago

      When I saw the news, I knew it will be no one else but Kelechi Iheanacho; and of course I was not wrong. It was Him, Awaziem and the old man Kenneth Omeruo that did that.

      A mess all-round.

      • Footballfanatic 2 years ago

        Same person I thought too and he is close with Awaziem…. Roomates during international duty.

  • @Footbakllfanatic I really hope it is not Osimhen, you guys know how much I love this boy. but I call a spade a spade. I hope I am wrong but fame and stardom is getting to Osimhen’s head. and, I can see it in his club form the hunger to be the best is gone of late. Maybe it is just the Insigne debacle lets wait and see. Please God keep his head firmly on the ground Osimhen is our hope o.

    He is a strong boy he will be back next week Timothy Castangne suffered the same thing at Euros and Casatangne was worse than Osimhen. Plus Ajengule head is always stronger than Onyibo lol.

    • Footballfanatic 2 years ago

      No not Osimhen at all……. It’s looking like Kelechi Iheanacho. He’s always been known for shenanigans like that lol..

  • Footballfanatic 2 years ago

    Osimhen is out for atleast a month. Fractured eye socket and cheek bone. This is very sad man and hopefully he will be ready for Afcon but his potentials in the Serie A keeps getting curtailed from being unleashed by one thing or the other. Man needs prayers. May God continue to be with him.

    • pompei 2 years ago

      I’m really worried about him. I wish him a speedy recovery.
      Honestly, he should take some time off from football, for his fracture to heal completely. I do not support rushing him back to play football. Too risky.
      We will definitely miss him at the Afcon, but it’s worth it for him to be fully healed, so we can have him back for the world cup.

      • Footballfanatic 2 years ago

        The prognosis states atleast a month so he should be good just in time for the Nations Cup but if it will do him good to heal more then I think he should skip it and let’s see what other strikers we have..

  • MONKEY POST 2 years ago

    You people want to fire someone that qualify you for Afcon almost like effortlessly and hire someone that was fired because he lost embarrassingly to Ukraine 5-0 LMAO!!!! Kai Nigeria una never know where una problem start

  • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

    Feelers from the glass house indicates that Rohr is at least taking the SuperEagles to Cameroon. Whatever happens afterwards will be decided by technical committee and the FA boards and chairman. But honestly I’m totally disappointed in Omeruo Awaziem and Kelechi if reports about them bringing girls to the camp and organizing a sex party is true. But when Ekong is allowed to Vlogg what can I say. They will all feel they can do whatever they like. Even though Ekong’s Vloogging are very inspirational from the way he go about his business.

    • Footballfanatic 2 years ago

      That will be the smart thing to do honestly as this can assess Rohr perfectly and there will still be time to hire another coach b4 the worldcup if they mess up. I think the time is too short to hire this guy from eastern Europe who has no knowledge of African football.

    • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

      I really doubt if this FA board will make the mistake of letting go of a coach who qualified them for a second straight AFCON and a third major tournaments in succession and still in the running for a Fourth in succession in the WorldCup qualifiers playoffs. If that’s the case Nigeria can never learn from history. I really do not see a difference between Rohr and Mladen except youthfulness. In fact I think Rohr is better than him in terms of the general knowledge of the game and meeting targets.

      • Another reason why Rohr should go. Look at the players he keeps on the fringes for unforeseen hiccups like this. Personally Awo’s form is good enough to cover for Osimhen Awo just needs a run of games, and with Dennis doing what Moses Simon is failing to do Osimhen can Take the much needed time to fully recover. Because I mean imagine pinning our hope on Ighalo with Onuachu to call upon and the simon with Musa to call upon at Afcon. What a Disaster.. Rohr Should quietly go..

        I firmly believe though that, Osibobo will be back in time For Afcon then Him and Awo can Compete with eachother for who gets to lead the line. While Dennis Chukwueze, Ejuke, Iwobi and Lookman, Iheanacho do the same for the other foward roles. This is the kind of healthy competition we need in SE. not dead wieghts that cannot do shishi in club to come to SE and start forming Capito big boy rubbish SMH!!!

        • Footballfanatic 2 years ago

          Realistically we need to do away with old boys like Musa and Ighalo. England’s team is full fo youth look at Jude Bellingham already played Euros at 17 or 18 and is already a regular with their national team, Bukayo Saka is 20 but only Rohr will tell you that the highest scoring African in the Bundesliga will get his time soon. Jude Bellingham is not even scoring that much for Dortmun at 18 and he played the last few international matches for England.

          • @Footballfanatic Gbam! Enough Said. More Grease to your elbow bros!

          • Sammy 2 years ago

            England’s youth teams won U17 and U20 World Cups and have gotten to the final of the European U21 European Cups all in the last 5 years.

            What has our youth teams produced in that time?

            English teams have the best youth academies in the World. Chelsea alone produces more world class youth team players than the entire Nigeria has in the last 10 years.

            I think we should use our tongues to count our teeth, and then learn to be humble sometimes. The NFF under Pinnick has run Nigerian football aground.

          • Footballfanatic 2 years ago

            @Sammy even without winning any youth competition in recent times we have an abundance of youthful players playing in decent leagues and clubs why don’t we nurture a growing plants that trying to resuscitate dying plants. The youth will be beneficial going forward while you can only patch up or use the dying plants for a short term and for a quick fix. With England having the best academy like you said, the last trophy they won was in 1966 lol….. The British have tapped from different nationalities plying their trade in English and also have Gareth Southgate who believes in youth.

      • Footballfanatic 2 years ago

        Even tho I’m in support of a new coach. This guy doesn’t give me any confidence. His team was routed 5-0 by a Ukrainian team that we almost beat in kyiv and most importantly lack of knowledge of African football cuz African football is complicated. Congo hired Hector Cuper why can’t we find something decent….. always some back name coach. Eastern Europeans don’t gel with our football. One comes to mind Bora
        Milutinović lol

        • Sammy 2 years ago

          You’re England has won nothing at senior level since 1966; but the investments they’ve made in St. George Park, grass roots coaching training and youth academies in the last 10 years has paid dividends in a semi final finish at the last world cup, semi final at nation’s league, finalist in Euro 2020 (which they lost on penalties). They just need to take the next step and win something.

          When we had relative success at youth level, producing some of the best youth teams, some would have you believe that it was because we had age cheats; what they forget is that Kashimawo Laloko, the then NFF Technical Director and later head of Pepsi Football academy were the ones who laid the foundation about 15 – 20 years ago. The NFF even had a standard U15 side which produced many of the players that went on to do well at youth level and the national team.

          The result of the lack of investment in the last 6 – 7 years is what were reaping now; where the only players we talk about are those born abroad, or boys who snuck out from local academies, without any support structure guiding them from here.

          See pally, we know the race is not to the swift and we know the battle is not to the strong; but those are the best places to bet. In the real world no one stumbles on success; you work and invest time and money to achieve it.

          All these short corner Nigerian fire brigade nonsense does not work in the real world.

          • Footballfanatic 2 years ago

            I agree with you….. Must of the super eagles we have now apart from the Foreign born ones are products of our youth system from the last 6-10 years and we messed up with 2017 and 2019….Only Amoo from the 2019 U17 is flourishing right now…. 2021 was canceled cuz of covid now if NF F is smart they will start working towards 2023 now but Nigeria synonymous with a fire brigade approach..

  • pompei 2 years ago

    This news of players bringing women into camp just before a crucial world cup qualifier is just unbelievable.
    Gross indiscipline from players will always negatively affect a coach. Who knows what other problems occurred in the camp that we don’t know about? Problems that Rohr has been quietly enduring?
    What is more alarming to me is that these players had the audacity to reach out to the NFF president. They must have been supremely confident that he would come to their aid, and that’s exactly what he did.
    How is a coach supposed to work in these circumstances?
    Now it makes more sense. A coach that was exceeding expectations when he first arrived, is now struggling to win a group with the likes of CAR, Liberia and CV. Evidently Rohr is not the only one to blame. Perhaps some of the players are part of the problem. Maybe some of them are even sabotaging the team. Perhaps the non-payment of bonuses is starting to irritate some players so much, they no longer take national assignments seriously.
    Once again, the NFF is at the very root of these problems. Replacing Rohr is just window dressing. The new coach will come and inherit the same problems that stopped Rohr from performing.

  • Brown Sugar ( Abuja ) 2 years ago

    Mladen is a death trap, Eastern European shouldn’t be allowed in our national team again. They don’t have what it takes to succeed in Nigeria.

    We should rather go for a Dutch coach, the adapt quicker to our culture and way of life compares to all that we have brought in as the national team coach from other European countries.

    NFF should go for coaches with high CVs and not quacks that are a little higher than our local coaches.

    Amuneke and Mike Emenalo would have done some magic. NFF should try them.

    • CharSay 2 years ago

      They rather wait till after Afcon. Any talks now will cause disaffection amongst the players and the coach of crew. That’s not good for our progression.

    • Barididum 2 years ago

      Your are right

  • Nigeria matters dey always give me migrane. I no go fit write everything wey dey my mind for here.

    Rohr is a good football coach with great man management skills as compared to other previous coaches who had managed SE.

    Rohr’s major shortcomings are his inability to read game properly and late substitutions.

    Fans demanded for assistants to fill the vacuum for Rohr and NFF presented Yobo with no coaching certificate and Salisu (the bribe taker). That alone can kill the moral of any team.

    Nigeria is filled with many gullible personalities whose ego will not allow them to be truthful because of what to put in their mouth.

    Many are pointing accusing fingers to Rohr for the inclusion of Musa & Co but they failed to realize it is beyond Rohr rather a Nigeria factor of quota system.

    Many said they are dying from heart attack watching SE play lately. Hahaha, the heart attack that did not kill you when SE failed woefully years back can not kill now…lol

    This man can not be SE coach forever, he will surely go after the world cup. Instead of sacking him, why can’t NFF relieve Yobo of his duty and bring in an assistant that can read game properly and suggest substitution to the coach at the right time. Pay all outstanding allowances and bonuses as at when due, give the players good pitches to play (SE perform better when the pitch is wide. Therefore I recommend Akwa Ibom stadium for now). Good footballing Nations always provide best welfare for the coach and its players to avoid excuses.

    NFF is the number Super Eagle’s problem and not Rohr. Let’s manage this man’s deficiency till the right time to change him. Now is not a good time to sack him. Shikena!

    • George 2 years ago

      You said the right thing broda.
      Let’s sit and observe what they want to do. I juss hope it turns ouy well.

  • Larry 2 years ago

    Just a confirmation of how terrible things have gone with Eagles. Picnick interfering with team selection.
    Dumbo Roar is really a joke !!Organizing a sex party on the eve of an important match..
    So disappointed in Iheanacho,Omeruo, and Awaziem.This needs to be investigated asap..

    How come Roar loyalists shared the other link and ignored this important one..
    Sex Party on the eve of an important match and the coach still overlooked this BS..

  • Larry 2 years ago

    Iheanacho, Awaziem and Omeruo organized a sex party on the eve of a very crucial match. They were caught, but the coach has no balls, he rescinded his initial punitive action and succumbed to almighty Picnic.
    This must be investigated and everyone involved must be punished to serve as warning to others.

    Dumbo Goner Roar is a scam!!

    • Sammy 2 years ago

      Sorry sir, so if you’re the GM in an office and some junior managers misbehave three (3) days to a crucial AGMM with a lot of media attention. You wanted to punish them but your MD over-ruled, and told you to keep it quiet and proceed like nothing happened; so you will form crusade and threaten to resign? Or what exactly would you recommend he does?

      I don’t even completely blame Pinnick for this by the way; 2 or 3 days to a crucial World Cup qualifier is not the time to be talking about nonsense; so everyone can focus on what is important and then issues can be dealt with at the right time.

      Managing people is no beans sir.

  • Footballfanatic 2 years ago

    This just shows how irresponsible these trio are. We are one game away from not making the WC and all that is on their mind is sex. Honestly these players should be sanctioned. I don’t care if Awaziem has improved or impressed all three need to be disciplined no punishment and it will be another bad precedence…… This was just gross indiscipline and insensitivity to the plight of the Nigerian football fans.

  • Ifeanyi L Odiegwu 2 years ago

    Young coach with little experience. Hope you guys will not complain tomorrow. I wish him good luck.

  • NFF doesn’t care about the opinions of fans, they will do what they feel is in the best interests of themselves. Rohr clearly has overstayed his welcome, has lost support and is losing the locker room. NFF are trying desperately to mask internal matters by distracting us with this Eastern European messiah. Winning the afcon and qualifying for the world cup is not about national pride, but its about money for them and Rohr, the patsy, is about to be scapegoated. Pinnick will not allow this mess to derail his FIFA ambitions so everybody is in panic mode. I don’t see anything happening until we know our playoff opponent next month.

  • Chibuzo Uruakpa 2 years ago

    The mere fact that Rohr is familiar with African football makes him a million times better than this coach fresh from good old Serbia. What Mr. Krstajik does not know about African football might make us nostalgic about Mr. Rohr during the imminent AFCON. What does he even know about our players and football culture (if we still have any)? We are toying with the fate of the Super Eagles! Time is not on our side!

  • TALK UR OWN 2 years ago


  • DON'T MIND THEM 2 years ago


    • Osakwe 2 years ago

      Talking about African football, do you really think our current SE team look and play African? I could recall that one of the hallmarks of African football is physicality.
      U see Taribo West, Okechukwu Uche (the gentle giant), Keshi, et al.

      Our team lack physicality at the moment (I stand to be corrected). I can mention names of frail regulars!
      This theory didn’t sell.

      However, I support indigenous coaches like, Egbo, Amunike, Manu Garba, Finidi, Carl Ikeme, et al. To take over b4 AFCON. They have made great marks in football, some played it well and made giant strides in the game of soccer.

      We are tired of the corruption or ineptitude under Gernot Rohr.

      #RohrOut; #IghaloOut; #AlloyAguOut; #MusaOut

  • I am dying of laughter, the bigger game no one is talking about is how come it is Owngoal that is reporting this news, not CSN, the Guardian or even any other sports media. I actually believe like JimmyBall and Larry that Owngoal is also owned by someone like their mindset that spreads rumours rather than facts. Just a recap from Saturday. Owngoal reported that Rohr was sacked, by Afternoon of that same day, the media officer and Pinnick debunked the claim. There is a difference in reporting that someone is sacked and that we are looking into the past performance to review. Now just to fit into JimmyBall’s narrative and Larry as well. It is now Nacho, Awaziem and Omeruo doing this and that. Yet no name is confirmed in the press. Even if this is what really happened, then we should be looking at the measures to deal with these players. But to me, I doubt this even took place. In the Super Eagles 1994 set, these were some of the issues that took place too, then the names of the players were everywhere on the news media. Not Some Owngoal news that are struggling for relevance.

    • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

      But how did Awaziem lasted 90 minutes in that match and was miles our best defender on the day. We all know that Omeruo has lost his place to Ekong and Balogun for the past 3 years and Kelechi has always been an improvised player. Just my second thought on this rumor. Obviously, playing in a lot of females with be around the players. Not just ordinary females. Some Naija big girls that have a crush or two with players in the SuperEagles will show up. Abi no be Eko?? For instance look at woman in the Nigeria high commission in Cameroon how he was hugging Musa to take pictures with him. I think there might not really be an iota of truth in this rumor. I’m not saying it might not have happened as we’re all humans with fleshy desires

  • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

    But how did Awaziem lasted 90 minutes in that match and was miles our best defender on the day? We all know that Omeruo has lost his place to Ekong and Balogun for the past 3 years and Kelechi has always been an improvised player. Just my second thought on this rumor. Obviously, a lot of females will be around the players. Not just ordinary females. Some Naija big girls that have a crush or two with some players in the SuperEagles will show up. Abi no be Eko?? For instance look at that woman in the Nigeria high commission in Cameroon how he was hugging Musa to take pictures with him. I think there might not really be an iota of truth in this rumor. I’m not saying it might not have happened as we’re all humans with fleshy desires. Even those of us that only live and work in diaspora we know how females flock to us whenever we go to Naija especially Eko Ile!! Not to talk star players.

    • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

      Lmao!! That is your own problem. Keep living in fantasy. shebi na your mama and sisters including your wife and daughters I Dey do foursome with when I enter Naija Lmao!! Me and you no dey the same level. I’m not like you who will be whining about nothing. Every time I enter Naija I enjoy my self to the fullest. Go and check out my investments for Naija. You wey be say by Gods grace na vultures go use your corpse do lunch.

      • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

        Na your mama and sisters including your wife and daughters are the ones I use 50cents to do foursome with anything I enter Naija. Lmao!! Lunatic dog!! Keep deceiving yourself all over the place. I’ve already mess you for here. I hope you enjoyed my rig videos.? In Jesus name OJU TO FI WO O MA FỌ DANU NI. Asinwin wey no go die better Lagbara Edumare!

      • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

        Don’t worry keep looking for how you can get into my bank accounts. They will soon catch you and you will die inside prison in Jesus name. After which they transport your corpse like a NASA rocket to your useless Ashewo mama. Oloriburuku jatijati Iya ẹ oni jere ẹ ati randiran ẹ koni yẹ ẹ oma ṣanku ni.

      • kingsley 2 years ago

        Omo aleele jati jati, hope you enjoyed using your mothers pussy juice for thanksgiving. Since you don’t have money to come down and do your rituals at Aro has usual. Hope you enjoyed feeding your family with it Maybe Next year it will be your wife or daughters pussy juice. Stupid imbecile like you. Don’t worry na kiri kiri we go see you next

      • kingsley 2 years ago

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        • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

          Miserable imbecile. Your mama pussy is like thanksgiving Turkey on my cock. Lmao!! My mama dey America enjoying her life while your mama still Dey share pussy everywhere for your village. My dog is the one nacking your wife and daughters everyday. Idiot wey dey borrow data before logging in to make a comment after 3 days. I will be here in the morning when you get free data Lmao!! Asinwin jatijati. Don’t worry na your mama dem go use do sacrifice and you and your unborn generations will follow suite in Jesus name.

  • Frank 2 years ago

    Nigeria football federation should bring Emmanuel Amunike and Sampson siasia together to manage the team,they are better than all this white who knows nothing, The two can give us results we want with support,

  • I wish my country Nigeria the very best.
    Indeed if I was to choose a coach for the Super Eagles, I would have selected from:
    1. Zinedine Zidane
    2. Joachim Low
    3. Jurgen Klinsman

    • @Uche, and how do you propose to pay them? Given that the NFF have a problem with paying $45k per month ontime and cannot afford to pay Rohr off (salary for 11 months $495K), how will they now pay $495k PER MONTH for even six months, talk less for a year?

      those managers are earning on average $5m per annum

  • There must be no repeated occurances of such stupidity orchestrated by NFF in the time past. If they want to sack Rohr then they must look at a Coach with African football experience and or understanding. It’s trickish at the moment to sack this coach because it have been done couple of times ago and we all recorded the disasterous results
    Rohr can go for refresher courses or they must quickly get a coach with lots of experiences and African football ideas and prowess.

  • onyeagoro Johnson Chima 2 years ago

    Please,who are the other coaches besides Mladen Krstajic to replace genort rohr?

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