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Serie A: Nwankwo On Target As Struggling Crotone Draw Vs Juventus

Serie A: Nwankwo On Target As Struggling Crotone Draw Vs Juventus

Simeone Nwankwo scored for struggling Crotone who held Serie A champions Juventus to a 1-1 draw at home on Saturday, Completesports.com reports.

Nwankwo has now scored in back-to-back games after opening his Serie A goals account in Crotone’s 4-1 defeat to Sassuolo.

He broke the deadlock in the 12th minute after converting from the penalty spot for his second goal in four games in the campaign.

Juventus drew level in the 21st minute thanks to Alvaro Morata who got on the score sheet.

In the 60th minute Juventus were reduced to 10 men after Federico Chiesa was shown a straight red card.

Despite having a player sent off Juventus got a goal in the 76th minute only for Morata’s effort to be ruled out for offside.

Crotone are now 18th on point while Juventus currently occupy fourth spot on eight points.

By James Agberebi 

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  • Edoguy 8 months ago

    Why is Simy Nwankwo not invited more to the SE squad?

    • Kenneth 8 months ago

      He hasn’t greased the palms of adelakun, and he is not part of there sports management team. He will get his time someday. He should be patient

  • I reckon Osimhen, Lookman and Simy Nigeria’s current best CFs (closely followed by Dessers, Josh Maja and Dennis Bona). Lookman and Maja I believe can also be deployed to wing roles.

    • Edoguy 8 months ago

      You must be a yoruba man…What has Lookman done in football?

      Simy and Maja should be ranked higher than Lookman

      • [email protected] Cos I mentioned Lookman? I don’t even check or consider names in sports or business – as long as you’re Nigerian. I’ve watched all the mentioned names before I made that conclusion (my opinion). Just watch if Lookman will not be up on the SE pecking order after he finally makes his switch. Have you even watched him? I ask you to watch a few of his clips. And by the way, I’m Deltan – which is even farther from Yorubaland compared to Edo State. The difference is I’m very detribalised.

      • Footballfanatic 8 months ago

        People like you will make Nigeria stagnated due to your disgusting tribalism….

      • Adjunct 8 months ago

        Tribalistic Edoguy…Have you seen what Ademola brings to the table?  You are one of the people this generation keeps preaching against. You only want certain tribes in the national team and once a player of Yoruba extraction is mentioned, your lunacy is suddenly ignited. 

  • GLORY 8 months ago

    Good one Simy, quite sad Longinus/ irrational judgement of some fans has made it hard to push for your SE invite. But what is yours will definitely be yours and no man can take that away from you; just pumping in the goals. God bless Simy Nwankwo.

    • Igbekun Abo 8 months ago

      It is evil agents who have prevented Simmy from being invited to the Super Eagles. Your Vampire Hunter work has not helped Simmy thus far. Lolz. All these evil doers have to be shaking now because a vampire hunter is in town…. Hahaha hahaha….

      • GLORY 8 months ago

        I have put a dog chain ( my comments here ) around your neck and hence you must keep following me wherever I go. Stray dog. You can never break away from this chain. You don’t and can never get these things. You may think you just ranting but not knowing you are perfectly under my dictate doing just my bidding. I m of the realm where 1+1 = 1.

        • Igbekun Abo 8 months ago

          Hahahaha. The man is mad.

        • Igbekun Abo 8 months ago

          Just like you have turned yourself into a bully, nuisance and a fool with your obsession with juju, fetish things and the occult, I will never rest until I expose you for the lowlife arse hole that you are.
          The last time I checked, today is meant to be Sunday, a day of rest and a day of worship. Rather that live up to your religious obligations you are here exchanging words on an Internet platform. By their seeds you shall know them. Bloody hypocrite, bloody liar, bloody bastard. I will never get where you are coming from simply because you are coming from a place of intellectual bankruptcy. As you have made it your mission to bully and harass others simply because of your obsession with juju, I will let you know that your spells will never neutralise my efforts of calling out bullying and harassment where I see it. And, let me close by saying that it is your entire generation that is a dog. You bloody bastard.

  • I still believe this guy has a place in this team, he only feature in a full friendly match and at other times he was brought in as a substitute when the game was almost over,this is an all round baller far better than Onuachu with both legs and even on the air, it still beat my imagination why we invite players and give us(fans) just few minutes to assess them as if we want them to play and discard them.

  • Aleks 8 months ago

    Although Simy’s two goals so far have been from the penalty spot, it’s a good beginning for the young man, especially when the goal helps a team like Crotone to draw with a team like Juventus. So I say congratulations Simy, keep up the good work, and soon enough we expect you to start scoring from open play in Serie-A

  • Ayphillydegreat 8 months ago

    Meanwhile Zaidu Sanusi provided an Assist in FC Porto 2-2 draw Sporting Lisbon. Thank goodness he didn’t suffer any injury during the international break as he played the entire 90 minutes. Boy has simply cemented the left back spot at Porto. Something he did seamlessly in the SuperEagles colors. Again he got his debut under the fraud Rohr!!! Lmao!! 

    • Igbekun Abo 8 months ago

      Absolutely spot on my brother. You have nailed it with your comment.

  • Aleks 8 months ago

    By the way, is there any reason that one doesn’t get to see Terem Moffi’s name in completesports? Terem Moffi is a 21 year old Nigerian player whose father was a renowned goalkeeper in the Nigerian League in the 90’s. In 2019, Terem scored 20 goals in 29 appearances for FK Riteriai in Lithuania and earned a $150,000 move to K.V. Kortrijk in Belgium where he spent only 3 months scoring 5 goals in 9 appearances. That performance was enough for FC Lorient (French Ligue-1, a top 5 league in Europe)to spend a whooping $8m to snap up a player that cost only $150,000 less than 6 months earlier. Yesterday he scored on his debut and inspired the club to their first away win of the season.
    So I’m I the only one wondering why a player like this will get little or no mention in Completesports, Nigeria’s premier soccer newspaper.
    Same situation with Junior Udeme Pius, a Nigerian Central Defender playing for RC Antwerp. I encourage  Completesports to give fair coverage to all Nigerian stars in top leagues.

    • Proudly 9ja 8 months ago

      Aleks, great work. This is the 1st time I personally I heard about the guy. He looks a decent player and I thing I like about him other than his speed is the fact that he uses left foot (like iheanacho) but his right foot is good too. He looks young and hungry. The only problem he would have is that he would be competing with the like of Iheanacho, Dessers, Sadiq, Simmy, Maja, Olayinka, Osimen for the striker position. Except if he does something extraordinary, it will be very difficult for him to get a look in. If we had a functioning system these are players to earmark for U23 and some of the others a fellow forumite painstakingly listed awhile ago.
      I really do wonder what the technical department is for? We keep faulting the coaches (cadet and senior teams) but never address the elephant in the room. The NFF and its departments are to blame for what’s happening to our football. If we have a function system, after every match played by any national team, a detailed technical report will be provided to the technical report addressing many issues as regards why the team did well or why they failed. The coaches would come infront of the department and defend dia reports as long as the technical department are devoid of ulterior motive, provide constructive criticism, witch hunting etc. I don’t think there is anywhere in the world where if you provide funds for a project that a various stages you don’t provide progress reports. I doubt any of our coaches have ever provided any report to the technical department (i may be mistaken). Failed u17, U20, u23, u17 girls, u20 girls, falcons, SE wirkdcup 1st round exit, SE AFCON bronze medal etc, did any of the coaches provide a report? Am not sure. I personally think that NFF should add this clause to any contract given to a coach to provide regular progress report especially b4, during, after camping even for tournaments and friendlies. This way they know the coaches thinking process. Theycan review the reports and ask questions as well as offer solutions to problems the coaches or teams might have. Again as long as the technical department no get dia own agenda for the matter. A good scenario would have been these recent friendlies with Algeria and Tunisia, The technical department can get the pulse of the people (major stakeholder) and have a sense of what we the people are saying about the team (both good or bad as this will make the team better). The coaches should be asked about player why some are invited and why some aren’t, why some play and others don’t, why substitution are early or late, why players are played out of positions etc, these are legitimate questions. The coaches answer as regards to player selection could simply be that certain players don’t fit his playing philosophy, but the coaches need to provide clear answers for transparency and accountability. NFF should never impose players on the coaches but ask relevant questions devoid of sentiments and personal agenda. Doing this will help in both the present and in the future. At the end of every project, when you write a closeout report there is always a section where you write about Lessons Learnt to prevent future mistakes and emphasize what worked, what areas need improvement etc. Just my own little contribution.

      • Dr. Drey 8 months ago

        Hahahaha…Proudly9ja…please wake up…its our jolly good NFF we are talking about here. A NFF without a technical director, a NFF where the technical study group has not met since 2018. A NFF where the technical committee has not met since 2017. A NFF that will contract hiring pf coaches to consulting firms and 1 year later produce recycled old schools who haven had any tangible success in recent memory. Who and who will coaches write reports to…?

        • Proudly 9ja 8 months ago

          Drey lol, that was y I asked what they’re there for. Its really pathetic and sad, what are their credentials even. In systems that function properly, positions are filled based on merit, the same way we want our coaches to merit their positions (FIFA coaching badges etc) same way we should be calling for credentials from people in the NFF. Who are the people in various positions in the NFF sef, the media, fans and all stakeholders should start putting g some fire on these guys asses if we want improvement in the SE. we are quick to rain insults on the coaches and players for poor performance but keep quiet to the main problem which is the NFF. Omo9ja has been sounding this alarm tho one gas to give him that.

      • Aleks 8 months ago

        Thanks @Proudly 9ja. Fact is reporting on Nigerian players performing well in their various clubs is not necessarily to clamour or enforce their immediate invitation to the National team. Every reasonable person knows that the National team can only accommodate a limited number of players at a particular time, hence not all good players can be there at a given time. 
        However, given that football is one of those few positive things that we can associate with as a nation, it is always a thing of pride to read about positive performances from our players, irrespective of whether they are National team players yet or not. The least that sport journalists can do for us fans is to serve us those positive news as they happen.
        If I, who is just a patriotic and proud follower of Nigerian football can take the time to check on the performance of our players in the top football leagues, how much more the sports journalists who is making his living from doing that. It takes me less than 30mins on Fridays through Sundays to google the match day squads, scorers, assists etc for the top 8 – 10 European leagues. Sometimes I stumble upon names that sound Nigerian, research more to confirm, and then start following. It’s just a thing of joy to see this young men make a living for themselves while raising our flag in a positive way. So I find it rather irritating that sport journalists cannot get such information across to fans in this age that you can simply do so with a tap of the phone. It must not always be about invitation to Super Eagles, but if a player is doing well, fans want to know about it, National coaches too want to know about and even coaches of other top clubs. The Nigerian sports journalists owe that duty to report on our players that are performing well. If they don’t do it for the players, at least they should do it for the fans that troop to their website, bringing the web traffic that enhances their reputation with attendant increase in their advertisements revenue.

  • Igbekun Abo 8 months ago

    Actually I wanted to bring the good works of Terem Moffi to this platform but I needed to be sure whether he fits into someone’s definition of ‘DESERVING PLAYERS’, whatever that means!!!!!
    I was worried that he might think I am talking about Moffi simply because I want him to take the place of Iwobi or Osimhen from the Super Eagles. Before we talk, we have to be cognizant of some rather odd characters out there who interpret information after smoking Indian hemp and igbo.

  • Stiles 8 months ago

    You just speak your mind and leave anybody immature enough to question why you did. This forum is for all and not anybody’s private account.anyone can put his opinion and if you do not agree with it,you counter politely. we’re all brothers and sport should be a unifying factor not the other way round

  • Proudly 9ja 8 months ago

    Ademola Lookman is seriously making a case for himself oooo. What a strike from him. Woo, took him men on and unleashed a left footed thunderbolt to the top corner. Kalu Chukwueze,Simon Ejuke, wahala dey ooo. Adarabioyo looks very calm and composed on the ball as well, very good prospect but needs to add more flesh as against African players it will be hard to cope but I may be wrong. Aina playing well but needs to do more going forward. Doing his defensive job well tho Aina

  • Mentioning players here and there. One thing ubguys should know is that all these players can not all play for the national team at same time. Calling this one u mentioned above will make another player to be dropped  and it is same you guy that will abuse the coach for not inviting Azeez Ramon. Now you are talking about Simi, Dennis,stadia and this new one that means definitely some players most give way. Why not leave the work of scouting and calling players to the coach since it is what he is being paid for rather than bothering yourself. One again all the player cannot be invited or play for the national team at the same time. Some can not even play at all no matter how good they are it is not a curse. This week now we will still see another Nigeria player score for his club again and same u guys will still come here that he sud be invited. Don’t know if u always think at all.

  • Proudly 9ja 8 months ago

    Well said Tayo, but mentioning names (which in most cases is for the betterment of the team) doesn’t mean its a must that the coach should invite them if they dont fit his playing philosophy. Also, a team must always keep evolving, some players will be discovered while some previously invited players may lose form or even retire. U will agree with me that having a large pool of very good players brings out the best in each player knowing if they sleep with 2 eyes closed dia position is swiftly taken like a thief in the night. Healthy and stiff competition for places in the team should be welcome. Its then up to the coach to select the best to persecute his vision. The buck always stops with the coach, good or bad.

    • @Proudly9ja..”Its then up to the coach to select the best to persecute his vision”…and from @Tayo..”why not leave the work of scouting and calling players to the coach since it is what he’s being paid for rather than bothering yourselves” …. To me you people are on the same track..
      We are number one African country with highest number of players outside africa. Pls….Leave Rohr to do his job.Rohr knows the pattern he lives to play and He knows those who can easily blend with it. He has once dropped Alampasu, we clamoured for his inclusion and he was called up and became the 3rd choice in the camp even behind yakubu (without the presence of Uzoho). He once dropped onuachu, we shouted ..”he even better than Dessers..the rest was history. So leave Rohr alone.

      • Proudly 9ja 8 months ago

        Sean, yeah we are saying the same thing Most forumites here say the same things we just need to read and understand each other. Even Tayo would agree that having a large pool of talent is beneficial than a small pool of players. I definitely get what Tayo was saying hence why I said ‘Tayo well said”. The reality is that there are more that unites us than what separates us. I still blif most people here don’t want the coaches or players to fail, our suggestions is to help as a matter of patriotism. I no care about any country football than 9ja football. Anytime 9ja lose (girls or boys, men or women) e dey pain me pieces, and I know its the same for many of us here.

  • Just because not every player can be invited to play in the Super Eagles doesn’t mean we cant appreciate and take note of their performances or call their names. Its called scouting.
    The aim should be to get the younger ones into the age group teams.
    And to also take note of suitable replacements for the established players should they get injured or lose form.

  • Dr. Drey 8 months ago

    Call up this one…call up that one….If he doesn’t call up their favored players, they will say he is rigid and doesn’t create competition. If he calls them up they will still be the ones to insult the coach that he is still rebuilding after 4 years…he doesn’t have a starting XI..etc.

    Some time late in 2019, when he said he will not invite new players anymore UNLESS THEY ARE WAY BETTER (like Zaidu Sanusi and Ejuke) THAN THE ONES ON GROUND, he wants to consolidate on the ones on grounds and grow the team from there, they came all out guns blazing…..now he invites new players and the team doesn’t gel and get its rhythm on time….they call him names and call for his sack.

    Every striker that scores a goal in Europe must be invited…maybe we will start inviting 9-11 strikers at a go henceforth so that everyone will be satisfied. How they expect the team to gel and bond with all these continuous chopping and changing beats imagination. In the midst of these, some jobless saboteurs will still come and be clamoring for reservation of a quota for home-based players….when we never find space to fit better players from Europe.

    I have earlier advised Rohr…he should call the bluff of everyone. There is nothing wrong with having and knowing your starting XI. Let anybody who thinks otherwise go and jump from the top of the world trade centre. Have your standing 23 man squad and a further 18 man standby squad somewhere in the appendix. Anybody that is not CLEARLY BETTER than any of the standing 23 man squad shouldn’t smell the main squad. When there are injuries, loss of form or some really outstandingly consistent performance from the fringe/standby squad, you can draft them into the 23 and let them come and stake a claim for a place in the 23….Elimination should be by substitution….you start one match, mess up, you are subbed. If you start 2nd match again and mess up, you sit on the bench from then on till when you show seriousness to play yourself back into the starting XI. After 2-3 matches on the bench without any meaningful impact when you get subbed on, if you are still not serious you drop to the standby team and someone from that standby team takes your place on the bench. And from there if your village people have still not left you alone (like our wait & get striker) then bye bye from the national team for Good.

    But all these call this one up today, call that one up tomorrow will only get us running fast on one spot.

    • Proudly 9ja 8 months ago

      Your idea of 23 players main team and 18 fringe standby players is perfect. Your analysis of 2-3 games without improvement being sent to the 18 man standby is very good as well. But Drey, I will also add that at least 30 mins in each if those 2-3 games is the min a coach should give a player to really assess them especially during friendly games. I have to say I like both your ideas. I also think GR has his preferred starting 11, if each person draws up a list of 11 players I will say most will get about 70-80% of the names right. Even the 23 players, most soccer aficionados will likely correctly state who the coach would select.

      Big soccer playing nations like Germany, Spain, Belgium, France do these, where they parade players very different from their starting 11 with sometimes only 2-3 players from the starting 11 playing to give the team continuity. Germany vs Turkey and Germany vs Spain friendly comes to mind. See the squad Spain and Germany paraded, most people won’t recognize both teams.

      So yeah I like the ideas you came up with. Kudos bro

      • Dr. Drey 8 months ago

        @produly Naija…..Those unrecognizable players Germany and spain parade were not picked over 2-3 good games in the league, most of them have been a part of the general set up from u18, u19, u20, u21 are are just about being blooded into the main team proper…and that is why when they play you hardly see any iota of incoherence in their p[lay.

        We dont have more talented player pool than Brazil or France, but you will hardly see these nations calling up every jack and harry that has a good game in a weekend. They have standing squads that line out time and again and only bring in 1 or 2 Extra ordinarily good players to join them once in a while. They don’t experiment with crucial games knowing fully well that every new player in the team is minus a slight percentage of the team cohesion and efficiency. The younger ones (apart from the prodigiously talented ones) are pushed to the age grade teams to go and prove themselves at major tournaments at that level before being drafted straight into the main squad. I dont know of recent, but tournaments like Copa America and confederations cup used to be avenues Brazil uses in giving fringe players their test.

        We cant have more than 23 players in the team at at time and we cant also keep chopping and changing the 23 for the over 450 Nigerian professionals in Europe over a flash of brilliance over two or 3 games. Except we have players of the calibre of Zaidu who clearly showed he was miles ahead of any left back we have at the moment as well as Ejuke who also clearly showed he can offer something different and better from what our wingers are offering can we alter the setup. The fact that these 2 players made big money moves to big clubs without having played national team football yet proved that they really are of great quality who will not just come to make up the numbers and increase the pool but displace people from the set up.

    • JimmyBall 8 months ago

      @Dr.Drey… This is a good and progressive idea. We also need to say something else. Joseph Yobo was an accomplished player no doubt but at best while he is doing his badges if at all he has started, someone like Amuneke, Nduka Ugbade, Finidi George, Mutiu Adepoju, Manu Garba can be drafted in as head coach with Yobo in assistive capacity. As we seek the best for our players… Coaches who have prepared themselves by doing badges and possessing good experience should also be given a chance. These positions should however not subsume that if Coach Rohr as technical adviser like in the days of Westerhof and chukwu…

  • @Dr Drey

    u made made my day….

    I’m satisfied with ur humble submission…. Thanks a lot…

    I once said that Nigeria is a country that shake, pounce, trouble, jump, shout on their leaders not just in sport…

    For u to be a leader in Nigeria u must be very strong and possess a lion heart like our president(PMB) else…

    U must be stern in ur decision making, don’t fear or respect the person of any suggestion that goes contrary to urs bcos when u fail, that same person that came up with that suggestion would still join the ban waggon in blaming u….
    Apply (R.I.P); i.e {RULE IN POWER}….



    REMEMBER; when u succeed almost everybody(ur enemy inclusive) would celebrate u…. But when u fail; ur few enemy would be louder than a mighty rushing wind….

    Let me not say much bcos i believe ROHR is aware of these….

  • Kingston 8 months ago

    I get the points all of you are making. but I still want to call names that deserve to be called – here’s my view
    onachu and desser may be dropped before afcon, the reason is simple – onachu clearly, though a good striker (watch his games and check his stats at whoscored), does not fit in the playing style of SE. while desser did well last season but isn’t performing this season even though he is playing in a league with not much quality.
    the player that are fighting for their place are playing in better leagues and are still doing well – first is simy nwankwo. the guy scored 20 goals in Seria b (this league is equal to Belgium league) and has scored two goals already. he has better experience than the two genk forwards, especially since musa may also be dropped we will therefore need simy experience.
    secondly, akpom, maja and terrem moffi all play in better leagues and have better form probably except for maja when compared to onachu. Rohr has so many players at his disposal that Nigeria may keep trying out new players till afcon. the reason for this is simply because of the lack of consistency from our players, so we should stop comparing SE to the likes of Spain and France because of players value.
    also, lookman has stir problems for our wingers. musa may be dropped if not because of his captaincy. this will mostly affect ejuke, as good performance in Russia league is not the same with good performance in English league.
    our fullbacks also have an handful on their plate. if you were to pick just two players among these five who would you should (also consider their league) – ola aina (my first choice, besides playing in the epl), sanusi (Nigeria own alaba incarnate- my choice left back), ebuehi (would have ranked him higher than ola aina if he was playing at benfica), Kingsley ehizibue and Collins (surely has lost his place)
    all this in mind I wonder why eberechi eze is still delaying to play for SE? does he think he will just stroll in there and get a shirt? as a winger he may not even be called, as a no10 he will be behind iwobi and still fight ejaria for a sub role (though sincerely speaking I really love eze and his skills) who we really need now is felix udoikhai. this guy with tosin adarabioyo and awaziem will be our future 3 back man
    I really love Nigeria! this is really a good time to be a super eagles fan!