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Simon Voted Man Of The Match In Nantes Draw At Brest

Simon Voted Man Of The Match In Nantes Draw At Brest

Super Eagles winger Moses Simon has been voted man of the match by Nantes fans in Saturday’s 1-1 away draw against Brest in Ligue 1, reports Completesports.com.

Simon polled 55% of the total votes with Imran Louza, Thomas Basilla and Dennis Appiah coming second, third and fourth respectively.


“With 55% of the votes, @ Simon27Moses is your man of the match #,”reads a tweet on the club’s Twitter handle.

The 24-year-old who was handed a starting berth in the game was replaced by Congo Democratic Republic international Samuel Moutousammy deep into stoppage time.

Zenith Ziva

Simon, who is on loan at Nantes from Spanish outfit, Levante has scored two goals in 12 league appearances for the club this season.

By Adeboye Amosu

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  • Nice one, Simon!

  • Many Nigerian fans are very rude and unappreciative. This is the guy some people insult on this forum as if his glory days had already passed. The same way many of them treat Iwobi. I just watched Lesotho’s match again and I saw Iwobi’s goal from Osimhen’s pass. That goal is subtle and it takes perfect calculation and sheer timeliness to score such a goal, same as Osimhen’s last goal. Very few footballers get enough sense to score such goals. If you know you know. Not only about the goal, Iwobi was superb all through the match. The embittered and negative minded people will NEVER see that. All what they see are faults in players. Life is about choices, whether we see a glass half filled or half empty.

    These players are humans and they have their ups and downs. Its been a long time since we have a set of committed players like this present SE players. But what do they receive when they play for us, insults! Constructive criticisms are good but many of us hardly do that. Some just come on board here and insult the daylight out of them. Naija for you. The people they need to insult and be angry at are spared while they are busy venting their anger and aggression on the wrong people. It is very unfair. Let us just learn to appreciate what we have.

    Before some of these players switched their allegiance to play for Nigeria they were praised to the highest heavens by the same fans, who eventually trample on them and treat them as dirt when they are down in their career. Africa’s problems are multifaceted and complicated. Sometimes I really wonder how some of us reason. Common sense is definitely not common.

    Ride on Simon. Keep soaring high regardless of the haters. I pray Onyekuru will still have another bright chance and his career will still blossom. I pray Iheanacho will wake up from his slumber, stop deceiving himself, stop living in denial, listen to good counsels, smell the coffee and get out of Leicester City to fulfill his potential.

  • @Debo, great observation!!
    Most of them are ethnic jingoist.You will know them from their choice of players.
    They will praise to heavens some players who are finding it hard to play as regular in club football and contribute as meaningful as Simon does in SE and Nantes.
    They will keep shouting the names of second division players who have not even been considered for team of the month not to talk about team of the seasin.
    I refuse to join that set of fans who have allowed ethnic jingoist to be loud their reasonings.
    Moses Simon has always been and still remains one of the best SE players in current set up.
    They will praise onyekwuru, kalu, Iheanacho, Eze, Chidera and Chukwueze but will choose to acknowledge the great work of Simom and others that don’t belong to their tribe.
    Very delusional!!

    • Pompei 2 years ago

      Larry, you and I responded to Debo at the same time, lol. I agree with your sentiments also.

  • Pompei 2 years ago

    Good one, Debo.
    What’s even funnier to me is that a lot of these people that expect perfection from the players are mediocrities or even outright failures in their own personal life. O yes. Many of them are likely unemployed, unable to feed themselves properly, talk less of their families. Yet, they hide behind computer and come here to insult players who have made it in their chosen profession. Imagine an unemployed, under-achieving idiot raining insults and curses on a player who is wealthy enough to feed him, his family, even his entire village!
    Nobody is saying players should not be criticized. No human is above criticism. What is needed is constructive criticism, devoid of bad belle.
    I join you in wishing Simon and the rest of our players more grease to their elbows. What people fail to realize sometimes is that football, like any other profession, is not easy. It’s very easy to watch on TV, very easy to sit on the couch and complain, but if they give you boots and put you on the pitch, that is when you will see that it’s no stroll in the park. Let us be kind and respectful to this highly successful, highly paid professionals. If we don’t appreciate and respect our own, nobody else will!

  • Blood sucking mediocre shits supporting inconsistent pretenders no wonder we will not have our own Salah or Mane keep supporting one match wonders! Dislike my comments because the black man don’t like to be challenged or told the truth no wonder we keep appointing unmerited coach now see our football today!

  • Pompei 2 years ago

    To anybody who can’t sleep because Moses Simon is doing well at Nantes.
    Let me sing this song for you people:

    If you see my house, make you no jealous.
    If you see my car, make you no jealous.
    If you see my things ooo, make you no jealous.
    Jealousy go shame, bad belle too go quench!

    Stop being jealous and hateful! Get a life!

    • Ewu too many children commentators here they fail to use their brains or simple logic. The last time I checked no Nigerian has made the top3 Epl chat for only forever knows, Ighalo the closest man switched off after new year because of mediocre early praises he received. Ride same thing is happening to Osimhen and co because foolish people like this thread has failed to logically challenge their so called superstars to rise to stardom. Thank you very much I hate and jealous them.that is why people like Chima and some few reasonable realistic fellow will not have their peace on this forum!

      After all that is said Name one Nigeria consistent player of today that performs like Salah Mane or even Mahrez???

      • And please I don’t want to start hearing Strange leagues or players that will blow cold for 5 straight matches!

  • Hahaha less than 5minutes 3 dislikes not even one response when you are been humbled this is how you respond. Anyway good day the answer is glaring for yourselves to see before you come singing class one poem of who jealous who from that fish myopic brain!

  • I am supprised at some of u mr know all. Let me ask you wat do u take football for draft or chess?.u guys talk like kinder. Infact africa baby cassava. Football is a verry emotional game that many of us was born into. It has become like a religion. Players playing pfrofessional football are like politicians they will always be insulted either ways. Infact insult is a urge part of the game. Even wen u are representing ur street or even local leagues insults will always play its roll. Any player trying to cry over insults lile ighalo did after afcon is nonsense. Wen he started playing in lagos streets to the premier league fans will always insult u. Claiming to retire after ur thirties for insults is a long story for the gods. Nigerians are very fair to their players yet u guys still come against inocents national who only feel frustrated for a national failure. I think u guys need mental terapy. If u want quite fans go and support tennis not football. As good as yekini okocha amunike oliseh etc they where all insulted and loved by many. Its not a new thing. Wen the italian national team failed in south africa 2010 a team that won 2006 worldcup. Their fans stoned them at the airport with oranges. U see how maradona was giving fuck u signal to naija fans for football matter. You see wat i noticed here in this forum is that we have alots journalist here only few eagles fans are here. I have always supported iwobi. Becos he delivered even musa has paid is dues including onyekuru and kalu chukwueze why becos these guys bring in flavour and style to our team. For me moses simon is the worst eagles winger i have ever seen. He lacks idea he has failed many times dribblings even connection is pure. I dont care wat he do with is club but for eagles that guy should join ighalo to retire we nor need managable players if we need the raise a big trophy.

  • Mr Hush 2 years ago


    Though I would love to see things from your own perception, being that,you really want the best from our players and want us to be named amongst the top of the game;like the Mane,Mahrez and Salah etc.

    But I digress,cause you completely missed it there. If I go with your challenge,(although,I would say it was put forward in a rant),I would name Osimhen and Ndidi as been very consistent.
    And they aren’t playing in a low league.
    I hope you agree with me on the fact that many book makers see Osimhen as hot prospect right now,his stats is off the charts. And Ndidi is simply superb ,if I am not mistaken ,he is currently the best in his position based on Stats unless you think football is only played in the attacking half.
    That said, I dare ask you this;
    How many African players are playing in these big leagues and top of the chart,tell me who you think of?
    Don’t tell me it is the usual suspects of Mane,Aubameyang,Mahrez,Salah,Partey,Coulibaly,Gueye.
    After those. Who else?
    How many players can be up there at the same time?
    There can only be enough space for number 1 and 2.
    And if you feel Nigeria doesn’t have quality right now,what would Ghana ,Cameroon, Ivory coast say?
    Or How much quality does the African champion Algeria has, that is winning man of the match and gaining wave reviews this season so far?

    With all due respect to your view and your desire,we should be logical sometimes or we fail to see the good in the high seas.

    Simon Moses might not be your preference, he might has dropped in skills and such,but he is doing good so far this season for his club,to the point that he was named man of the match, after being named player of the month. And all these in French ligue un,a top 5 league.
    You would agree,that is a positive.

  • @Ekene…please enlighten us on how to challenge a player to attain full potential?. Is it by telling the player that he/she is not in the same class of Salah, Mane and Mahrez? Or by criticising those who are happy by such player’s achievement?.
    Simon is only one amongst 22players on the field of play plus the substitutes and coming out to be the best performer of the day is an achievement and by celebrating his achievement makes him to do better.
    Is EPL the only league in the world? as far as am concern all the players in the current SE are not doing bad in their respective clubs. And what has the appointment of unmerited coaches got to do with Simon’s achievement at his club?.

    You are a black man and so I am, I am now challenging you to stop fighting the wrong fight, stop being sentimental, love your fellow brothers and let the truth prevail in all your doings.

    Osimhen joined league 1 in August, won the player of the month in September a month after, Indidi, Aribo, Iwobi, Ekong, Azeez etc has been doing great for time past now but are underrated.

  • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

    Hehehehehe……If you like change your username till tomorrow, every author has a writing signature. That rabied dog ranting above is the same rabied dog who claimed Isaac Success was FAR BETTER than Ighalo and that Musa Muhammed was FAR BETTER than Ola Aina. The coward has changed his identity to continue the same song he used to sing about Ighalo those days before Ighalo silenced him for good.

    Just as @Pompei has said…if e too pain you…bros go drink otapiapia. Bcos I dont know why you are drinking Panado for another man’s headache. You are here ranting about our players not being the best, how is it your problem…? Are you not a man like them…? or do they have more penises than you…?? What have you achieved all your own life….??? You sef nor see ball for ground to play when these kids chose to play football…??? or dont you have male children in your family….??? LMAO.

    It is what we have we will celebrate…..if you like call them mediocres…that is your problem…na you the heartache go kill. If e too pain you, e neva too late, go buy boot begin play make you catapult yasef to world best.

    I thought you had repented, didnt know your case was only worsening….Anumanu…..Lolz

    • Hahaha wisdom is too rare learn from Hush, Glory, Chima, Bombay, Sunnyb sometimes and even Omo9ja hahahaha Before you add me to the blacklist of your problems.

      • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

        Hehehehe…Chima Ekene Samuels….keep deceiving yourself ehn.

        Dont go and look for something good to do with your miserable life. Stay on CSN and be counting likes and dislikes on peoples posts.

        Soccer boots full market o, bcos this matter never pain you reach. You will still have to take to the field and show our players how to become Neymar. LMAO

        • Chima E Samuels 2 years ago

          Drey it is not the first time you call my name or relate me to people if they share sentiments or add me as a reference. Kindly respect yourself and avoid using me to shield yourself from whatever is ongoing in the forum. These days coming to CS to read and comment is like be careful because of idiots like you so I ask you to kindly behave yourself. @Ekene thanks for your submission kindly link at Samuel.eligbue at gmail dot com to share views as it is really a point of comfort to see a brilliant mind with relative ideas.

          • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

            Hehehehe…you can only run, you can never hide…!

          • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

            You actually really think you can fool us ehn….LMAO.

            You fooling the wrong persons this time son….!

            It you like, use 100 different names, YOU WILL STILL BE FOUND OUT…! Lolz

          • @Chima I am loyal my man I can’t say it any better even John fashanu has just written his own judgement you will see drama from black men mentality like Mr Drey and co the way they will hurl insults at him. All these area boys in this forum who base their thinking from only God knows. We will weed you all out of this forum one by one even if it proves an Herculean task!

          • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

            Hahahahaha….Sensless Coward….You have been saying you will kick me out of the forum for the past 3 years now, you have prayed for me to die, you have (in your mind) sent thunder to strike me….. will you ever be tired.

            You think you can fool us by hidding under another identity, forgetting that your writing signature and thought process can never be hidden…..Chima Ekene Samuels, frustrated pauper, go and be the best and globally renowned in your miserable profession first before you point accusing fingers and insults at our players.

            You have been at it for years now, I know the next thing you will tell us now is that you are the richest man from your village…you have been found out. Deal with it….LMAO

      • Marlian 2 years ago

        Baba drey who e help who naija help? Who Ekene help who uncle Drey help. Egbon park well jare make una stop this argument i dey vex for naija like this like this

  • Very good point Hush but I am talking about attacking predators so ndidi is out of this because if I want to add Ndidi then I will add Partey and Gueye of psg as you have stipulated. In this regard I am talking as a Nigerian because the true Nigerian spirit is always to be top and not average just like Brazil Of Neymar and co I want our players to be top3 in Africa and world regardless of whatever.

    So the whole point lies here that we should start telling ourselves the truth that our players are not consistent and our football administration or planning is not working because the magic of Rohr can not do it alone instead it is hiding the shambles of our general development simply because Rohr eagles ranking is hiding other failures of our sports and players development.

    @mo when I hear those name Aribo and co I feel like throwing up because when you check fifa top 50players you will never find these funny names there. Brother let us advice ourselves the truth aside top youth players that we have chukwu and osi who might drop when they grow as their predecessors of Kelechi and co what then comes to mind???

    Our sports planning and development is trash this can not be said in France or England who have finally learned from Brazil developmental planning

    If we don’t tell ourselves the truth we will continue dancing with the names of Aribo and co yet we will not taste the World Cup in the next 50years because other realistic countries will keep planning and taking turns every 4 years. And @Hush please and please I hate our players I don’t like them at all and I am jealous of their wages because I can’t afford 3square meal to those who forget there’s more to life than these aforementioned. Hahaha naija my fatherland

    • Mr Hush 2 years ago


      Well you could have clearly stated you are talking primely on the attacking end of the field.
      Yet,which African number 9 or attacking threat is more consistent than Osimhen at the moment.and I am following your own objective as in the top leagues.
      It is still the same usual suspects I mentioned,Mane, Aubameyang,Salah and Mahrez.
      No one else.
      Apart from those,if we are going to look at other African threat been consistent in the final third this season in a top 5 league,you can never look away from the same Moses Simon. And that is fact.

      Like I said,and I will ask you again,how many African team players are more consistent than our Super Eagles players as we speak? Look at the Super Eagles first eleven against Lesotho. I am sure you would agree with me,that 70 percent(if not all) have been consistent this season for their club sides.
      Ekong,Aina,Ndidi,Simon,Osimhen are consistent for their club sides.
      Iwobi,Chukuwueze are integral players for their club sides and must play,no how long.
      And what does all these players have in common?
      That is right!
      They all play in the top 5 best league in the world; albeit consistently.
      So I ask you again.
      How many African countries teams can you say boast of such.
      How consistent can they be?

      We shouldn’t be too carry away by our pride to forget who we are.
      A little humility is necessary to achieve the greatness we desire.

      Mane, Aubameyang, Salah,Mahrez are all special players. And special is always a limited edition. Even the best football countries in the world have special players,then quality and then the rest.
      Nigeria is not an exception.
      Osimhen is building his way to that special context.it is all about time.
      Let’s not rush the soup when it us still on the stove,or our tongue gets burnt.

      And I don’t understand the ploy you are trying to get into about hating our players or haven’t any 3 square meal or such.
      That’s personal.
      We don’t get personal on a discuss. It is always a no win scenario.

      • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

        Hehehehe…[email protected] Mr Hush.

        Pls leave that quack poverty stricken hoaxer to his frustrations. If he is tired of all these ‘mediocres’ let him go and buy boots and get onto the field. Shebi football is easy…..becoming WFOTY is ice-cream. Or he can rather go pick up Brazilian citizenship and leave us alone to enjoy our mediocres. After all they are all we’ve got for now, until a new generation emerges.

        Nigeria does not have A-rated stars at the moment so we should all wear black clothes and be in mourning like he has been for years now…..or we should start insulting and raining curses upon them, because they have done wrong by being Nigerians. So it is his insults that will raise the next generation of world beaters abi….LMAO

        The mo salahs and mahrez he’s ranting all about were they not unheralded at some point in time in their careers, or should we say because our players arent A-rated at the moment, then we should deny and disown them….?

        Supportership is being actively interested in and wishing success for your team and players, whether they are world-class or unknown quantities. Its even more logical when you know your class in the scheme of things viz-a-viz where you wish to be.

        In africa as a whole how many World Xi rated players do we churn out per decade…? In the 80s it was the likes of Madjer and Milla, in the 90s we improved a bit with the likes of Weah, Desailly, Oliseh and probably Ikpeba, in the 20s further improvement with the likes of Kuffor, Kanu, Drogba, Kolo Toure, Etoo and probably Seydou Keita. In this last decade we’ve had Yaya toure, Mane, Salah, Mahrez. We are talking of an entire continent. But does that mean we should now treat others with disdain like use tissues and hurl insults and abuses on them as if they arent trying their best…?? Does dt mean we should abandon support for our teams because we dont have Neymar or Messi or CR7…?

        Please leave him to enjoy his insanity alone, the Simon he is insulting is busy grabbing headlines consistently, within the limits of his ability, yet one nonentity his here calling him a mediocre.

        Below are some headlines of Simon’s exploits in France

        French Ligue 1: Simon Nets Winner On Nantes Debut, Kalu Bags Assist In Bordeaux Away Win – August 24, 2019

        Nantes Coach, Gourcuff: Simon Is The Creative Player We Needed – August 25, 2019

        Euro Round-Up: Simon Grabs Assist In Nantes Home Win, Omeruo, Collins In Action For Leganes, Paderborn – September 1, 2019

        Simon Nominated For Nantes Player Of The Month Award – September 7, 2019

        Eagles Roundup: Simon Nets Winner For Nantes, Collins Misses Penalty In Paderborn ‘s Home Loss To Mainz – October 5, 2019

        Ligue 1 Rates Simon Highly After Match-Winning Showing For Nantes Against Nice – October 6, 2019

        Eagles Roundup: Simon Scores Hat-Trick In Nante’s Cup Win Vs Paris FC, Aribo Bags Assist For Rangers – October 31, 2019

        Simon Named Nantes Player Of The Month For October – November 10, 2019

        Simon Voted Man Of The Match In Nantes Draw At Brest – November 25, 2019
        If that rabied dog is so pained he should go and gather all the male children in his kindred and buy boots for them and force them to the Neymar and Messi by constantly raining abuses on them.

      • Dear Hush let us wait until the end of the season before we evaluate their performance Ighalo started well at watford netting goals week and out but he ended poorly and found himself in China. I often don’t share the idea of rating until after the show is over and this is where I have issues with our players they are inconsistent. Can anyone boast that Osimhen will end the season with 25goals? I dare anyone to say yes. We all base our judgement on the end and not what we see now!

  • Marlian 2 years ago

    My country people everybody have a point both the people wey like their country eventhough e no too good well and those wey see truth and talk am as e dey be. Everybody right because we all no fit dey inside one party. But eveyone of us can feel the reality next year most of our teams are not playing caf and Olympic competitions. Who e help? Marlian!

  • I am always surprised the way we look down on our own in this country. Salah had his off days sometimes at the beginning of the season. There was a time mane was not scoring goals are Liverpool. Salah was not impressive both at the would Cuban nations cup. Mane was average at the world cup anew even at the nations cup he could have down better.

    Now i am not sayin they are not good players but sometimes when you play among the big boys you will always get the necessary support to shine as a player. I want you to put ndidi in Barcelona or Liverpool or man city. Put oshimen alongside a messi. You Wilkinson see further the quality we have at present in SE. They are younger than the salah mane and mahrez you talk about.

    I did not even mention chukwueze.

    Our boys need to play for big teams. It is the only way to get the top highlights and also the awards.

    Let us encourage these boys .. They are the future of African football.

    At the world cup who performed better between salah and musa. But usually the vote will always go towards them because they play for big teams.

    Side by side who is better this season between ndidi and mahrez in epl. Because mahrez scored a free kick against us means he is better than our boys three times. Common, he was here for a world cup qualifier and the Moses of these world outshined him.

    Let us value what we have now please. With a little luck we have some potential world stars on our hands.

  • those people dont watch soccer. they watch only stupid zeeworld. even maradona criticizes messi. because messi fail to deliver what he worth.

    only person that never watch matches like epl laliga seria a etc will say iwobi and simon performing to their best.

    this people are soccer illiterate so they see criticize as evil. not knoin that it make a player to up his or her game.

    Some people here are too village.

  • Gideon_S 2 years ago

    ”I never said there is no space for new players in the camp, it will be stupid of me to say such a thing.
    “If you find a better player like the ones we have, of course, he will be invited” said Rohr.