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Sports Minister Congratulates Super Eagles On Giant Movement In Latest FIFA Ranking

Sports Minister Congratulates Super Eagles On Giant  Movement In Latest FIFA Ranking

The Minister of Sports Development, Senator John Owan Enoh has extended his congratulations to Nigeria’s Senior Men’s National team, the Super Eagles for their remarkable ascent in the latest FIFA rankings. The team has surged an impressive 14 positions, climbing from 42nd to 28th position in the world, marking their highest placement in 16 years since 2008.

Senator Enoh stated that this achievement reflects the dedication, resilience, and exceptional performance demonstrated by Nigeria’s beloved Super Eagles. He commended the players, coaching staff, and all involved in their relentless commitment to excellence.

“This is huge and commendable. I am truly elated that Super Eagles days of reckoning are back,” said Senator John Owan Enoh.

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“We can do better in the next FIFA ranking with churning out positive results that will make the fans happier,” he concluded. “This achievement underscores the talent, determination, and spirit of our national team. We are immensely proud of their accomplishments and hopeful for their continued success in future endeavors.”

The Minister of Sports Development encouraged the Super Eagles to maintain their momentum and strive for even greater heights. He emphasized the importance of unity, teamwork, and continuous improvement as they embark on their journey.

He also encouraged all cadres of the National team to embody the spirit of patriotism, excellence, and determination, reiterating Nigeria as a footballing giant, across all cadres of men and women’s football.

The Super Eagles will be back in action next month, as they tackle reigning world champions, Argentina in an international friendly.

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  • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 2 months ago

    CSN – What is going on?? Where the **** is my post???

    For me – We could stick or twist but I will lay down a very precise framework for either –

    1) Retain Peseiro, I don’t trust what the NFF/FG will do in recruiting another manager who must be better, there will be zero sense in getting another of less or equal ability – so if they (NFF/FG) are going to let him go, they better be ready to drag in Herve Renard or Mosimane/Olise combo or even Mosimane/Ameobi combo or maybe even an Olise/Ameobi combo.

    If retaining Peseiro, we must urge him OR help him, whichever fits best to stop playing and relying on Iwobi for the midfield creative role, even Frank Onyeka would have done a better job because we know he loves a tackle but he also even seemed to advance the ball better than Iwobi the few times he carried the ball forward. Alhassan Yusuf would have been the perfect answer to both questions but I don’t know what happened to him after his first game, so now I am at a loss as to what his real game is – I will be going and watching him independently to ascertain if he is that player- But let the penny drop here.. if I can go off and watch Yusuf in his club independently in the background to really pigeonhole him as a player then I am very sure that a combination of the NFF assisting Peseiro must also be able to do that, we will find out if he is that player we need for the middle creative role or not, if not we look on – there are literally thousands of players out there that could play that role and WE JUST NEED TO LOOK FOR THEM – WE WILL FIND THEM -IT DOES NOT MATTER WHERE THAT PLAYER IS CURRENTLY PLYING THEIR TRADE – This is how you build a great team and become a legend while doing so – Think Westerhof.. and even more to the point this is what a manager is engaged for, to carry out such a role and perform such a function! No football team can be great without a great coach/manager so who you employ as a manager is HUGE!

    Point 2)- Whoever the manager is must be tactically suave – so either they are already like that or they are willing to become like that because the way football is now, you cannot be a dinosaur type of manager anymore who sets out his stall with one or maybe 2 formations that he likes to use for whatever reason and will try to stubbornly stick to them – NO!, in the modern game, you must be able to act, react and counteract to the myriad of different opposition tactics coming at you – (Jurgen Klopp comes to mind)- He has been known to make tactical substitutions at any point during a game, 15th minute, 31st minute half time and so on..you get the drift, so we need someone who will take a little bit of time studying the game to learn how to counteract different tactics and shore up, change, attack or defend (parking the bus) as needed when needed and NEVER be recalcitrant or slow or ponderous about doing so! He will need to be a decisive and sharp mover in game play!

    Finally from me, whoever is settled upon – whether we are to continue with Peseiro (which I have said I have no qualms about) or we bring in Herve Renard or the Mosimane/Olise combo, Mosimane/Ameobi combo or even an Olise/Ameobi combo or anybody else- (this is not my job to do)- I would stipulate these immutable caveats- points 1 & 2 be built SOLIDLY into the the framework as non-negotiables for the role – and if we can achieve this then trust me – it won’t be long before Nigeria and the SE’s will become the toast of the whole footballing world!

    Now, I realise that this is invaluable information which I have just put out for nothing (some may say) but it is for my country so for me it is worth putting out – here’s hoping the NFF and even Peseiro can be made privy and somebody can execute – It reads easy but to make it happen is another thing – and don’t worry, y’all can thank me later. I know how things work on here – y’all NEED TO start giving credit where it’s due!

  • Akhisotie Lawrence 2 months ago

    I was very happy to hear the good news. God bless the Honourable Minister, government, the people of Nigeria and the players. I will however advise the team to remain united seing what unity has brought thus far.

  • Most of our players are merely average players so no matter the coach you hire our National team needs a lot of luck and prayers to do anything great at the moment. The problem with our football is our failure as a country to invest and develop football from the grassroot. It is so easy to do but our politicians would rather do nothing than develop our football. All we need to do is return football to schools, Primary, secondary and Tertiary institutions. God Bless Nigeria

  • Bestsport 2 months ago

    Our serially incompetent Nff should tell peseiro thank you for his service and appoint amuneke ASAP! It would have been fantastic with siasia but dude is suspended by fifa because siasia was sweet as a coach who understands Nigeria football mentality! He was a multiple winner as a player and as a coach for Nigeria! For now please get amuneke because he is the best next thing. Vert soon siasia suspension will be over and he can start and be groom again as part of special assistance to siasia, fantastic options in wait, any time amuneke time ends siasia one takes over! Siasia is proven tested and trusted. Pls get amuneke now most important is that let amuneke hand pick his assistants effectively no manipulation. But would our serially incompetent Nff do the right thing for once? Ivory Coast local coach outplayed outthought and out performed coach peseiro because he understands their football. We are dead tired of heart attack football by peseiro, I barely survive it during the nations Cup, some 5 other Nigerians died. Incompetent nff, over to you.. even if we lost a match it is normal thing but to lose lives isn’t normal… get amuneke oooooooo

  • Giant stride and huge step indeed. Pls Honourable, let us be mindful of tribalism and the way social media is being used to promote same. It’s unhealthy to national development and advancemet even in sports.

    • Amomoh 2 months ago

      Thank you musa. I thought I was the only one reading. Tribalism is very bad and must not be encouraged. The boys did very well putting the name of the country on the medal podium and i think the Minister’s regime has brought good tidings.

  • Breaking News fans have never appoint a coach b4 and will never do

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