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Super Eagles B Lose 4-3 On Aggregate To Togo, Crash Out of CHAN 2020

Super Eagles B Lose 4-3 On Aggregate To Togo, Crash Out of CHAN 2020

The Super Eagles B failed to qualify for the 2020 African Nations Chammpionship (CHAN) billed for Cameroon despite a 2-0 win against Togo in the second leg of their final qualifying round fixture at the Agege Stadium Lagos on Saturday night, reports Completesports.com.

The Imama Amapakabo’s charges lost 4-3 on aggregate to the Hawks having earlier lost the first 4-1 in Lome.

The Home Eagles mounted pressure on the Togolese right from start and were rewarded for their positive approach when Lobi Stars’ forward Sikiru Alimi broke the deadlock with an eighth minute goal.

Alimi went close again in the 25th minute, but his goal-bound effort was cleared off the line by a Togolese defender.


Ibrahim Sunusi nearly added the second goal five minutes later but his shot missed target.

The Eagles got their second goal in the 72nd minute through Alimi who fired home from outside the box.

The Eagles however failed to find the much needed third goal despite the centre referee adding additional 10 minutes.

By Adeboye Amosu (pix by Ganiyu Yusuf)

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  • It is not only ironical but also ridiculous that super Eagles team B that played in the ground finale last edition were nowhere to be found if it is only qualified ! NFF , who qualified us in last edition ? We all understood, since he has served his punishment it is time we called him back : let the pendulum start rolling from him again against next edition !

  • Chima E Samuels 5 years ago

    Hahaha scammer ref Africa which way 10mins when it’s obvious we don’t have VAR! Anyway safe journey Imama now you can go back to your local league business we are done with you!

  • Hahaha I said it before that Imama and his lazy men can’t over turn that score I don’t even know that they will even win the game,oga Imama Carry ur Ghana must go bag and find ur way before Hausa Fulani tankers fall on ur head.olodo

    • Kezking 5 years ago

      @Ubah… lol. I recall you stated something about your gut feelings last time we brushed this subject on this platform… so it has happened now! NFF should do something to revive domestic football in this country. Can’t blame Imama alone

      • When I said it here that he is not a coach and somebody was against me here I can’t remember that person,ok what happened yesterday,imama has never won a game unless someone helped him to,i dnt know the type of CV he used to get this job,

  • Ayodele 5 years ago

    Heard imama just now on channels tv and he said d team lost it to technical failure. Abeg how did he got into football . that is a disgraceful statement from someone that is been paid to know the details of his assigned duty.
    Well at this junction let nnf disband and get another bright and promising local coach to understudy mr rohr but pls not the bride taker but a new face that it antecedent speak for itself.

  • Omo9ja 5 years ago

    My people let’s look at this scenario this way.

    There were two things that makes Nigeria home base team failed to qualify for the Chan tournament.

    No1. The coach. Imama made a huge mistakes for allowing the NFF to chooses players for him. Don’t tell me the NFF did do that.

    Note: I’m shocked that Manu Garba also allows this NFF cabals to selected players for him and if the coach fumbled in Brazil, put the blame on the coach and NFF. I am smelling doom already.

    However, No2, NFF and our Politicians, the most corrupted groups in Nigeria as at today.

    Meanwhile, NFF were the ones that failed Nigerians not the coach Imama because, they NFF knew that the coach wasn’t capable before chosen him and they told the coach what he had to do but in the end, its failed.

    Something is happening to the Super Eagles but we are so lucky that God is on our side that our players are informed and are foreign base players that are doing so well in their club sides. And Oga Rohr insisted that he preferred foreign based players and it working for him now.

    All in all, I’m not surprised about the exit of our team. Corruption must be stopped in this country if we all wanted to be seeing great Nigeria again. Hmm….
    Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Omo9ja 5 years ago

      Sorry for my typing errors.

      Oh well, Dr. Drey, you called me two-mouthed fellow ba?

      I’m just saying the truth here.

      I still maintained my points my Pikin Dr. Drey.

      Go to Agege, Ajegunle, Iyana Ipaja, I mean Lagos state and other states in Nigeria. We have players. Oh yeah, we still have fantastic players.

      I’m always laughing at you people here whenever you guys said our local players are not that good.

      Ask Imama, Salisu Yusuf and co and they will tell you that they don’t have a say when it comes to the sections of our national teams players.

      NFF are the real problem of our sports. My son, no integrity in the Country anymore. Is there any way out, I don’t know o. It’s just a pity.
      God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Dr. Drey 5 years ago

    Hahahahaha Omo9ja the two-mouthed fellow…..you, yes you, have severally badmouthed Gernot Rohr on this forum for refusing to pick home based players…..you even claimed there are so many agege and ajegunle players who are better than current super eagles players…….agege and ajegunle players wey never even good enough for local league…LMAO. All of a sudden, you now praise Roht for sticking to foreign based players…..you don’t even know where you stand…. Lolz.

    Anyways, Imama has done his bit, can we blame him….NO. I followed proceedings of that game online….had we been clinical enough, we could have been 3-0 up in the 1st half alone. The coach cannot sub himself onto the pitch to convert begging chances been spurned away by this players. This begs the question of the qualify of players our league produces.

    The damage had been done in the first leg…..a non existent league, camping for 1 week with inactive players who by the way had not played together before, before going to meet a standing Togolese team of equivalent quality, who had been involved in the qualifiers from the preliminary stage which commenced in June. We shot ourselves in the foot even before that 1st leg was played.

    The U23 afcon, the qualifiers for olympics, is about 4 weeks away…… serious countries are already in camp. their players are already battling for shirts. Maybe in 2 weeks time, CAF will request for the squad lists of all the participating teams. I’m sure that is when NFF will wake up and remember that there’s a tournament to be played, just like they some up 2 weeks to the CHAN qualifiers against Togo and started running helter skelter looking for a team to prosecute it.

    If our hurriedly assembled team now goes there and fumbles, of course armchair critics will heap the blame on the coach.

    From 4-1, it became 2-1, then 1-1, then we won 2-0. Who says camping together for a period doesn’t improve a team. Imama, you have tried your best o jare…..you are not a magician biko.

  • It is has if toKyo Olympic qualification in Egypt looking like a mirage now.

  • Chima E Samuels 5 years ago

    I read some funny comments here making excuses of non functional league as an excuse yet Ghanaian teams with non functional league defeated a pillars team and also made it all the way to wafu cup final losing on penalties to host Senegal. … Let’s face the fact that we have failed and stop making excuses

  • Sunnyb 5 years ago

    u should be used to it by now, some people just come here to write trash it makes them feels so important. sugarcoating, justifying are their new norms for failure. Imama has know business in coaching this team In the first place. Many of these local coaches are pay and play, from Aigbogun to salisu these clueless sambisa fc coaches will continue to take us back.

  • Sunnyb 5 years ago

    You right bro, lol. today they would blame it on lack of talents, tomorrow they Would blame it on our league.same league players  and lack of talents Siasia and Keshi used to reach finals and qualified us for Rio Olympic, same lack of talents that almost drew Atlético Madrid last year.I think imama is the best local coach currently in Nigeria he should replace Rohr ASAP 

  • No soccer without the south and the east. Today, story change. All appointment goes to the north. If not Gr Super Eagles was been a shadow of it’s own. U 17, Nawa ohh!. Amaju brought rohr to fix our problems but many are working against him because is a Christian and a southern person. Today, we can’t move on with nepotism, tribalism, religious factors and sectionism.Think about it.

  • Dr. Drey 5 years ago

    Hehehehehe…..it’s obvious that it pains some people that they aren’t regarded in this forum because they never make sense….it’s either they are making claims they cannot substantiate or they just wanna talk because everyone is talking. LMAO…or which sane human being will regard someone who claims Isaac success is FAR better than Ighalo as a serious person worth devoting any precious attention or time..lol.

    Or who will interact with someone who claims the likes of Theo Afelokhai (the same Theo they abuse Gernot Rohr for not inviting to the SE), Dennis Nya, Anaemena, Sunusi, Mfon Udoh, Ndifreke, Alimi and others who featured in the NFL super four or on the continent earlier this year, paid to play in the CHAN team without any links or proofs to back up their beer parlour claims.

    So bad for people who fall in the above category. You should bow your head in shame if even the trash some others write are taken seriously as opposed to the beer parlour, okada mentality you bring to this forum to insult our collective intelligence.

    They lie to us that Ghana has a non functional league but the 2019 normalization competition which was similar to our own abridged league ended late June with Asante Kotoko winning the league for 2019 thereby qualifying to play in the CAF CL


    While ours had been on recess since May. Our teams where even still recruiting players for the new season, which has still not started by now, when CAF requested teams to submit their lists for the Caf competitions which began sometime around late July.

    Maybe it was Imama too that was/is coaching our teams on the continent who have failed woefully thus far. Imama must be the coach of Kano pillars who lost to a better prepared and competition ready Asante Kotoko. LMAO.

    The CHAN qualifiers started at about the same time in late July with Togo going away to defeat Benin republic….mind you Benin almost dumped us out of the last CHAN qualifiers in 2017 thanks to Ezenwa who saved the dying minute penalty that would have nailed our coffin, so they aren’t an easy meat….. So Togo already had a team, their team already had a coach, and they had been in camp long enough to have a strong enough team to be able to go away to defeat Benin. They repeated the same feat in August.

    Ghana on their own part called up 28 players to their CHAN camp as far back as 1st week of August for their qualifier against Bfaso on 20th September (almost 8weeks ahead). So despite rounding off the 2019 normalization league in late June, their local based players were also called up since beginning of August.

    When did we appoint a coach for our own CHAN team…? 2nd week of September….Lolz….when did we call up players to our own CHAN team 2nd week of September.

    Yet people who have become accustomed to cutting corners all their lives expect us to beat teams that have been camping together and playing competitive matches since June/July….LMAO as if football is like their illicit businesses where they cut corners anyhow to achieve success. They want us to get to the final of WAFU with 2 weeks of preparations with a 2 week old team. Later they will claim they know know football and Pep Guardiola personally…..LMAO.

    They said Siasia and Keshi succeeded with home based players….they should tell us which tournaments or qualifiers Siasia and Keshi ever attended with 2 week old teams or if our league was on 4-5 months hiatus when they were to select players to their teams…..maybe it’s not the home based team that Keshi used 3solid years to build (playing 7 international friendlies, including most of the players in AfCON and FIFA confederations cup squads) they are referring to.

    The coach who won the league for Enugu rangers after over 3 decades isnt qualified….all local coaches are not qualified. They who can only run their mouths on CSN are the ones who are qualified…..LMAO

    Their local players are so good they ALMOST DREW Athletico Madrid…..you mean the Athletico Madrid that never left gear 1….the Athletico Madrid that was already in holiday mood, dominated mainly by their B-teamers? It even took 2 foreign players to rescue some honour for Nigeria in that match. And who where the standout players on our team that day….??? The Foreign based guys….Lolz

    Just like I stated earlier, U23 AFCON is beginning in a few weeks….if NFF likes, let them open camp 2 weeks to the competition once again. CSN has fantastic coaches who can wake their magic within 2 weeks and win competitions flawlessly….LMAO

    I don’t know how sane human being will be comparing apples to bananas. Lolz.

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