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Troost-Ekong Nominated For Watford MOTM Award In Win At Derby County

Troost-Ekong Nominated For Watford MOTM Award In Win At Derby County

William Troost-Ekong has been nominated for Watford Man of the Match award, following their 1-0 win at Derby County in the Championship on Friday night, Completesports.com reports.

It was Troost-Ekong’s first game for Watford whom he joined this summer from Udinese.

The Nigerian international was in the starting eleven for Watford and gave a good account of himself before making way on 71 minutes.

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It was a return to winning ways for Watford and also a first away win since January this year.

Troost-Ekong will be up against Joao Pedro, who scored the goal against Derby, and Ken Sema.

Fans of the club are expected to decide the Man of the Match via voting.

By James Agberebi 

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  • GLORY 9 hours ago

    Just a shame to read comments from so called “know it better than everyone” that Ekong is not a good defender. Comments that clearly shows how shallow such persons are in football matters. Yes Ekong isn’t perfect but his leadership qualitiies and organisational ability is very rear to find. We can’t say because we now have Akpoguma, or Udoquai, Turunariga, Iofa etc, that we can start disrespecting a player that has all this while being doing a good job. We should learn to appreciate players that have served us well. Good to have lots of options and respected, that we all have our individual type of players, however, we must allow the gaffer pick the players he deems fit for a match. A BIG THUMBS TO EKONG IN YESTERDAYS GAME, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK AND REMAIN FOCUS. GOD BLESS TO TROOST EKONG.

    • Dr. Drey 9 hours ago

      But @Glory, truth be told, watching the game last night, I noticed (from my own perspective) that the championship was below Ekong’s level. It was like a sergion ramos playing against 2nd division strikers. He showed his level of play was way above the level he currently is in at the moment. I dont know how he will perform in future games, but based on last night’s game, Ekong’s move to the championship may not do his football too much good. I hope watford gets promoted this season so he doesnt stay there for long. Elementary school mathematics cannot be a good test for someone who has been used to advanced mathematics in college.

      • pompei 8 hours ago

        That is likely why the Pozzos moved him there. They are hoping that Ekong’s presence can help push the club’s premier league ambitions forward.

      • GLORY 7 hours ago

        Very well said @ Drey. I noticed that too and honestly feared he may drop form by consequences of facing opposition way below his level. This is a player that has come against some of world’s best forwards, Ronaldo, Messi, Sterling, even Neymar at the Olympics if I not mistaken. He should have been looking at playing for top clubs by now and definitely not Watford. I am quite sad about this move but can only continue to wish him good fortune. You know what Drey? I did notice same about Ola Aina in his first two games for Fulham.

      • Collins id 6 hours ago

        @ Dr.drey your observations are very clear, I observed thesame on balogun in Wigan and rangers as present he shows his level is quite higher than championship and Scottish league, making team of the weeks like say na birthright , I think the oyinbo wall still remains our best option for deffence they remind me of good days chielini and bonucci, Rohr should stop distracting them with the rest average defenders in future games ahead of the afcon 2022, so that they can renew that great understanding between them. time nor dey ooh

  • Igbekun Abo 8 hours ago

    Only a blind football failure will not know that playing in a lower division will make a defender look better than he is more so as the defender has been used to higher division football.
    It only goes to you why such a shallow minded moronic fool failed in their football career and why they are failing as a pundit.
    I love to pour heap of coal on such bastards who will never learn to make comments without showing their stupidity.
    Me I dey here for you Kampe. Let us resume this. Just people I and people like me criticised Ekong recently the lunatic think they can troll us. Bring it on bastard.
    I think Gernot Rohr has is deficiencies and I think Troost-Ekong has performed poorly recently. If it pepper, go and jump in the lagoon. Oloshi Oloriburu. It will not be better for you.

  • Igbekun Abo 8 hours ago

    This is such a lively forum which intelligent wonderful great minds like Oakfield, Dr Drey, Omo9ja, Ayphilly, Pompei and many other great minds come to share knowledge out of love. Unfortunately, we have to tolerate some gutter failed footballers turn filthy failed pundits who think the world has had to dance to their tune. Useless failed footballers. It takes one to know one which is why they come here always talking about evil motives and evil intentions because that is what they are, Evil.
    EVIL EVIL EVIL EVIL. I despise such evil doers and I will not rest until I take their evil deeds to their door.
    You will not stop bullying and harassing people, you have me to deal will. Ashawo bastard.

  • Igbekun Abo 8 hours ago

    Bloody lunatic has started his campaign of terrorism and and harassment again. There is a cage big enough to hold a hooligan like you. Better forget about matters for sometime.

  • Igbekun Abo 8 hours ago

    Omo-ale, Ajeku-Aja (leftover of a dog), oloriburuku oloshi.

  • Igbekun Abo 8 hours ago

    Pickin wey say him mama no go sleep, make we see how him sef no go do night vigil.

  • Igbekun Abo 7 hours ago

    Olodo EVILDOERS HOUNDING FOOLS who need other intelligent minds to point out what is clearly obvious to them. Were oloshi oloriburuku. Ko ma da fun e. All they know is how to spot evildoers. If they devote such time to thinking about what they type, perhaps they will make more sense. Prick.

  • Proudly 9ja 7 hours ago

    Guys I will not dispute the fact that playing at a lower league may likely reduce your level however u guys remember that Balogun also played in the championship by going to Rangers. His quality is what made him stand out and subsequently move to Rangers in the Scottish premier league. In my opinion, the Scottish premier league is at or below the Champiobship if u ask me. Other than Celtics and Rangers, most people can’t mention 3 other teams in the scottish league. No saying the move is ideal but regular football is key to improving as a player. Championship no easy ooo, Ejaria we are calling for plays there. Osayi Samuel plays there too. Ideally we want our SE players to be in top leagues but sometimes it not possible not due to their quality or lack there off.

    I am one of Ekongs critics as I want him to get better as some of his passes leaves a lot to be desired. However, I won’t rush to discard him just yet, he covers a lot for Balogun, he is more rugged (which u need in a defender), he is quick, he sacrifices his body and he 100% committed to the SE.

    I think like someone said, the focus should be on the players we currently have. The addition of Udokhai and Torunarigha (if an when their switch is complete) will only bring out the best in Ekong. Its Awaziem, Semi, and Omeruo’s position in the team thats in jeopardy. I think Ekong’s position is safe.

    our wingers should watch Salah and Mane how they dart into the box of opposition teams, that’s why they score lots of goals for club and country. Our wingers Simon, Kalu, chujwueze, ejuke should stop hugging the line and make runs into the box. All the goals chukwueze and Kalu have scored both for club and country has been when they get into the box.

    Also, why are our fullbacks Ebuehi, Aina, Sanusi, Collins not making runs to the box. These fullbacks should get in the box more creating openings for the wingers to also score in the box. Andy Robertson, Alphonso Davis, Joshua Kimmich (when he plays there), Regulon, Serge Aurier, Chilwell, etc these guys all do it. Our fullbacks should take a leaf from these guys, incorporate some aspects of these guys game to theirs. They will improve their marketability by doing so. If I were GR, I will task my fullbacks to constantly watch these guys and when in camp see if their games have incorporates some of the things I asked them.

    Also, I hope the goal keeping coaches are watching penalty takers and providing good stats to the keepers to help them in making saves during penalty shootout or when a team is awarded penalty against us. Dont get me wrong, penalties are 50/50 but practicing and good data can give keepers an edge. Some players play penalties a certain way, for example Bruno Fernades, Jorginho etc, if we play against Italy for instance, they will most likely send Jorginho to take it, by getting stats of the number of penalties he has played, how many scored and missed, where does he like going to the most, left or right? With these information if I know he likes going right, as a keeper I will pretend to cover more of the left side knowing fully well my intention is to dive right. Me cheating slightly left is to give the player in this case jorginho a false sense of confidence. We humans are a creature of habit and we tend to repeat ourselves when things work our way, so most penalty takers like going to certain side, monitoring their penalty taking habit will give keepers an advantage.

    GR should task players to learn the art of set piece taken but the players should do their part by constantly practicing it. Taking 100 free kicks per day will definitely help, even otu wen never play ball by if him try 100 kicks a day go eventually better at free kicks let alone professionals wen dey use football chop.

    Coaches and players have a role to play in improving the team. My own little contribution.

  • GLORY 6 hours ago

    Good talk @ Pompeii. Suggesting that a player be dropped because of a blip is absolute ludacris. Just one blip by Balogun at the nation’s cup, he was called upon to be dropped. Anyway Balogun recent performances has clearly showed how myopic such clamour could be. Wiganites are still in limbo on how they managed to get such quality player to play for them. They are forever counting their luck and some of them even wish for more of such luck with other nigerian SE players lolzz.

  • Collins id 6 hours ago

    well done proudly9ja. i think Watford will improve ekong level of confidence and also increase his sence of responsibility in the fact that the team depends on him as a leader of their defends it will be positive for eagles as well, talking about pull out and free kicks couples with shot quality, I am totally disappointed in naija players in that aspect. I wonder what they do in their clubs every day professional training, they focus more on running and dribbling they don’t improve in shooting, you can’t compare their shot skills to the North Africans talkless of Europeans. though some of them have it naturally like etebo for example and iheanacho but they must improve on it, haba this is their job for real, rohr cannot begin to teach them that they are professionals. imagine a player will get to the edge knowing very we’ll that the striker is far and tall, the will just make some kind funny useless pullout wey even eyimba cannot accept. even the coach they bow sometimes but the man is calm and diplomatic towards his players but some of them are really funny.

    • Dr. Drey 5 hours ago

      Well said @collins.
      In life in general, continuous development is key…it is what makes the difference between ordinary and extra-ordinary. That ‘extra’ doesnt come by chance, it comes by continual personal development. I have watched players like David Alaba develop from just an ordinary talented youngster to a world class all rounder who now takes freekicks for Bayern. I am very sure he must have been dedicating hours of personal practice and possibly hiring a personal trainer to help him get to the level he is today. Jayjay okocha was fond of ballooning shots to the car pack of the stadium in his younger years until he got himself a personal coach who trained him on application of the right techniques in keeping his shot low on its way to its target. I wonder what our own players of this generation do with their spare time and their thousands of weekly pay if they cant dedicate 8 hours a week and less than $5000 a month in engaging trainers who can develop them to further improve their worth and marketability. A player like Ndidi even without an obstacle in front of him struggles to get stray shots on target from just outside the area…..this are areas where the likes of Kroos, Casemiro and even Gana-Gueye are more highly rated than him. Whoever thinks it is the duty of the national team coach to teach players ball playing techniques must be living under some sort of illusion.

      • GLORY 4 hours ago

        @ Drey, if you look very closely, ACUNACUNAS could just be the reason. Lolzz.

  • Proudly 9ja 5 hours ago

    Collins id, abeg nor kee person with laff. “even enyimba cannot acceot”

  • GLORY 4 hours ago

    Was meant to acknowledge your write-up @ Proudly 9nja but have it as @pompeii Lolz . No shaking, respect to you both

  • Proudly 9ja 4 hours ago

    Glory, I always look forward to reading your posts bro and many others here. What makes this forum so fun are the unique views we all have, differing views yes but with 1 objective in mind which is seeing our darling SE do well.

    • Igbekun Abo 3 hours ago

      Yes, the objective we all have is seeing our Super Eagles doing well. There is no one on this platform with evil intentions. Such talks belong to the stone ages. Lol.

  • Sunnyb 4 hours ago

    @Collins, good comment, Ekong is a good defender, though not as technical as Balogun but the guy nah good defender, he has really tried for us, like Collins said, I think playing in the championship this season will eventually make him a better defender. Playing the role of a leader would make him more responsible, he prove to the world that he belongs to the premiership.pls guys let’s continue to support the guy. My people don’t forget #EndSARS.

  • Proudly 9ja 4 hours ago

    See the goal Liverpool just scored Everton, thats exactly my point regarding the fullbacks (andy Robertson and Arnold) and the wingers salah and Mane, watch where Salah got the pass by playing it to Robertson who then squared it to Mane for him to jab the ball into the net. All our wingers and fullbacks need to know that only defending and hugging the line won’t cut it anymore, they have to create goal scoring opportunities for others and score goal.

    • Igbekun Abo 3 hours ago

      Absolutely. Super Eagles wingers and full backs can learn a thing or two from Liverpool’s approach.

      • Proudly 9ja 3 hours ago

        Exactly my broad, also c how they press, its a joy to watch. Please watch around the 40-42th min, the way Salah played a one two with Firminho who knew salah was coming and laid a nicely weighted ball which Salah curl but it was very tame effort, this is what Chukwueze need to do more of. When Liverpool has the possession you will rarely see mane and salah on the wings, they tuck into strategic positions in the middle, but when Liverpool doesn’t have the ball, they press the opponents fullback, with the midfielders mam marking hence Everton having to punt the ball to no one in particular. Don’t get me wrong I know we can’t compare the quality of salah and mane to chuzee and kalu but they can definitely do those tins.

        Another tin, is Richalison really better than Iwobi? I personally don’t think so, the reason why he plays and Iwobi is on the bench is just his instinct at being in goal scoring positions and scoring goals. IF and When Iwobi adds goal scoring and that innate instinct of being in positions to score, he will be unstoppable.

        • Dr. Drey 2 hours ago

          Richarlison is more mobile, athletic, tenacious and aggressive. Iwobi most times runs like he is wearing that type of akpola boots we used to wear to do guy in the 80s

          • GLORY 1 hour ago

            Lolzz.. na better Akpoka my brother. Lol.

  • Proudly 9ja 2 hours ago

    Drey lol, which wan be akpola boot my broda? But sincerely u go choose gragra (tenacity) over finesse? Maybe its just me ooo, since his days in Watford he has always been ordinary to me. Yes he scores goals but his overall play to me is average.