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U-20 AFCON Qualifiers: Flying Eagles Face Exit After Defeat To Ghana

U-20 AFCON Qualifiers: Flying Eagles Face Exit After Defeat To Ghana

Flying Eagles of Nigeria hopes of qualifying for next year’s U-20 AFCON in Mauritania suffered a huge setback after they lost 1-0 to Ghana, in their Group B WAFU B Zonal qualifiers in Porto Novo, Benin Republic on Wednesday, Completesports.com reports.

The Ladan Bosso-led side needed an outright win to progress into the semi-final of the qualifiers.

But an 82nd minute goal from a free-kick condemned the Flying Eagles to their first defeat of the qualifying tournament.

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They will now have to wait for the result between Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire which will determine if they will qualify for the semi-finals.

A draw for Cote d’Ivoire will end Nigeria’s dream of qualifying for the U-20 AFCON.

In their first game against Cote d’Ivoire the Flying Eagles conceded a late goal to draw 1-1 with their West African counterparts.

By James Agberebi 

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  • Greenturf 6 months ago

    Yes the CAF officials once more stopped Nigeria!

    • Simon 6 months ago

      They stopped us from converting begging chances or they stopped us from appointing a coach that has never proven himself as worthy but always failed us? I now have the time to tackle mediocre people. Still waiting for Drey to come outside after lashing him yesterday. Now pls come out and tell me that Bosso lost because of poor preparation or whatever.

      • Greenturf 6 months ago

        You are calling me mediocre and how do you rate your analysis you think you are exceptional right?Well I wouldn’t toe your line you can call me whatever you like but from what I saw of our boys,we played better than the Ghanaians.Officiating was poor the boys were unlucky as well we should understand football is a game sports of two teams,you win some and lose some you don’t have to be too emotional and stereotypy with blaming coaches even when it’s glaring the coach did well given the short time he had to put his team together.

      • Greenturf 6 months ago

        AllNigeriasoccer.com has confirmed officiating was poor against Nigeria.I can’t understand why we are blind to this trend.

        As long as we continue to pick our coaches to blame rather than face the actual cause we would continually get ass kicked by this hating African referees!

        • JimmyBall 6 months ago

          It’s clear those referees were instructed to ensure Nigeria does not get out of its group. CAF is an utterly corrupt organization. Qualifiers for cadet championships… Afcon U-17 and Afcon U-20 tournaments qualifiers have been redesigned to make West Africa cancel themselves out before the main tournament. It’s a ploy to push North, East and Southern African weak teams at the expense of those solid youth soccer nations in West Africa. The officiating against CIV and Ghana was horribly biased against the Nigeria team.

          • Greenturf 6 months ago

            True @JimmyBall as it looks the ploy is designed to get rid of dominant Nigeria at age grade competitions so that Africa would have fresh representatives in international competitions.

            Like you rightly said the format was also designed to cancel out dominant west African teams in age grade competitions so that there would be a spread in development in other parts of the continent.

            I think Ahmad Ahmad designed all this to strengthen other regions of Africa.

            I have followed this similar trend of knocking out Nigeria through poor officiating but Nigerians aren’t able to deduce this development it’s strange we are that short-sighted!myopic but choose to target innocent coaches criticizing them harshly and unjustly!

    • LMAO

    • LMAO Amaju werre

    • Baba na baba 6 months ago

      Three things are in involved,is either we no longer have talents in this country(2)or the coaches are taking bribes for players selection(3)or they don’t recognize talent when they see one.one of these is our problem.

    • After watching the game .this guy tried but the referee refused 2 goals they scored. ..too bad. Ghand had only one chance. Throughout the game

  • Francesco A 6 months ago

    This is the usual Ladan Bosso story…Very incompetent coach..

  • Ako Anadi 6 months ago

    What happened again to Mr Dare’s “football architecture?” It seems the edifice is collapsing This defeat by Ghana of the Flying Eagles cannot be blamed on Gernot Rohr or on the preponderance of foreign-based players. The Sports Ministry is simply an anachronism that swusnders Nigeria’s money that should hsve been used to refurbish our nationsl sradiuns in the past 30 years

  • Football is not magic. When you fail to prepare you prepare to fail. Shame on Con man, Amaju and his bunch of lazy criminals. Shame on Rohr too.

    • LMAO

    • Shege Luzzy 6 months ago

      Our flying Eagles were nailed to disaster the day Ladan Bosso was appointed.Even a daft knows that Bosso does not have the technical know how to coach in any football club whatsoever.But the glass house must bow to the whims of those insistent on a certain Shehu Abdullahi in the S E.This unholy alliance called Naija stinks by the second.Even our pilot nor get sense.little wonder we appoint a like mind to lead men that are not blind.If you understand you understand

    • Oakfield 6 months ago

      Rohr????? Lol… Chai…. Human beings dy o. So, anytime una see any cadre of our national team na rohr una dy see??? Even when the female national team doesn’t perform na rohr cause am. Lol…. Chei! Some peoole go die bcs of this man.

      • Jones 6 months ago

        I don’t think he was referring to Rohr

      • You’re a retarded shaved ape. Rohr arse licker. Lmao.

        • Oakfield 6 months ago

          @paul, anuoffia like you. Thunder fire u there!! Ewu Hausa.

          • @Oakfield, I don’t have time to waste on a Low IQ Dotard like you. You’re always berieft of common sense and you know that. Arse licker.

  • Prince 6 months ago

    This is just the beginning!
    Bigger doom awaits us!

    Wait until the super Eagles lost to Benin !!!
    Then Rohr will leave the Team and paddy paddy arrangee people will come & take over !!!

    Our football house is like the Aso rock !!!
    This flying eagles…are they the best ?
    Whatever a man sowth, he reapth!!!

    A lizard can’t give birth to a Dragon !!! A mouse can not give birth to a Buffalo !!!

    I weep for motherland !!! 

  • Collins id 6 months ago

    Peakmilk is very good in failing to qualify us to youth tournaments. Both male and female u23 team failed under peakmilk and now it’s u20 flying eagles. No afcon No wcup what a shame. IF not for foreign born no hope for the eagles under peakmilk. I hope dare have seen why quoter for Homebase players cannot work, as for now.

  • daniel 6 months ago

    lack of early preparation and long ball tactical coach bosso. we have alot of talented boyz but they dont have money to bribe they way to the team, it happen to me

  • Oakfield 6 months ago

    Just 2 weeks prior to a tourney u assemble a team and begin preparations and you expect to perform wonders. Na failure raise to the power of 7 awaits you. Make una stop hoping u hear, na trailer dem go use to bundle u back to nigeria. This is just the beginning. And dare, should stop visiting our players whenver they are in camp, I’ve discovered that that man is carrier of bad luck just as mosquitoe is a career of malaria. Useless people, useless country!

    • Simon 6 months ago

      Quiet your mouth Ladan Bosso give him 20 years he will still fail. The other teams too can make excuses of late preparation too. One thing I know about you and that idiot called Drey wether the fake or second hand one is that you guys don’t use your head to reason pure. I am still waiting for Drey Ewu Gambia to come outside. Remember the last time I told you I will sound you if you were close to me and I mean it.

      • Oakfield 6 months ago

        Who the f….. ck is making a noise here ever since like fool without parents???? . Look here @simon the goat, if you think u can come here looking for cheap popularity by putting your stinking, dirty, gooey nose in other people’s comments, u are very wrong and ain’t getting it! I’ve been overlooking your useless replies and comments but I think Ieaving a wild rabied, hungry, flea infested dog like you on the lose is very dangerous for the society. Better get back in your cage before i call the forestry officers on you. We’ve seen your likes come here, do gra gra and then fizzle out like smoke after getting tired of your own stupidity and foolishness. Be warned! Ewu gambia.

  • This corona Don kill Nigerian football. Finally. Wat do u expect me to say. U 17 u 20 u 23 . This is a pointer to Wat will happen in afcon and world cup qualification. …..

  • Exactly what we use to experience in SE…. It almost continued if not Rohr that came to our rescue….

    Had it been it were possible for Rohr to go for one year sabatical or the nff can just help us do a little experiment by allowing Rohr to step down for just one year….. Let our ex handle the team…. That is when we will know that the U20 heartbreak is far better…..

    Ghana & Ivory coast selected their own homebase from a good and well structured league for this tournament and u expect them to loose to an unseriouse country whose league is in shamble….
    Quite absurd…..

    I think this is the same homebase they want to reserve atleast 4 quota for….

    When they were appointed they told us they know what nigerians want….. That they would prepare an entertaining team for us…. Some gullible minds quickly jump into it and started singing their praises….

    So this is the entertainment football they promised us….

    It is well….

  • Ladan Bosso is not a good coach. Asides other excuses I think the coach too takes a fair share of blame. What are his achievements since he ever handled a national team but they will still be giving him teams to experiment.

  • daniel 6 months ago

    before poor people play football but now rich man children don enter food ball. if you dont have money to bribe your way in or have somebody on top, they cant chose you

  • Folarin 6 months ago

    There was absolutely nothing wrong with the team. I was surprised how the team performed with limited time to gel. Please for those who watched the match and not highlights. Where did boss go wrong. Luck was just not on there side and the pitch was just terrible, no free flowing game. Nothing spectacular about the Ghanaian team too.

    • Greenturf 6 months ago

      Thanks @Folarin besides officiating was crap.

      We were better than the Ghanaians all through.They won by a set piece kudos to that,aside that they were unspectacular but I don’t know why we accept bad officiating rather we choose our coaches as scapegoats this is strange!

  • GLORY 6 months ago

    Anyone blaming the coach or players may not have watched the matches. I never supported Laddan Bosso taken over the job because I thought he wasn’t good enough but after watching the boys played, my opinion about Bosso has changed. Hes’s done very well with those lads bearing in mind the short period he’s had. The boys he picked showed some really good quality but unfortunately in football many things go into winning a match, of which preparation is one of them, herein I put the blame on the confusion hanging over our entire football at the moment. Sports minister Dare, Odegbami, know it all ex internationals, media men, criminal agents/ cohorts etc are all to blame while I boldly exonerate Laddan Bosso/ players.

  • Greenturf 6 months ago

    Thanks @Folarin besides officiating was crap.

    We were better than the Ghanaians all through.They won by a set piece kudos to that,aside that they were unspectacular but I don’t know why we accept bad officiating rather we choose our coaches as scapegoats this is strange!

  • _ Flying Eagles Lose Gallantly _

    So much for ‘we are here to win the tournament’ talk by the Nigerian contingents to Wafu Under 20 Cup of Nations as the Flying Eagles are now teetering on the brink of elimination following a rather disappointing 1:0 loss to Ghana today.

    The Ghanaian coach had vowed to exert revenge for crashing out of the tournament 2 years ago on the back of a defeat to Nigeria and this his team did, only just!

    Ladan Bosso was always a controversial selection as coach of the Flying Eagles with many fans unimpressed about his records. A veteran of the Nigeria Professional Football League, his CV is not laced with impressive achievements. The last time he led Nigeria to the Under-20 world cup, it ended in tears with the team crashing out in the quarter finals after losing 4:0 to Chile (the match actually ended 0:0 in 90 minutes).

    So, was he the best man for the job?

    But Bosso need not take the blame alone for the Flying Eagles’ below par performance at this tournament, the NFF knew for many months that it will take place, yet they appointed Bosso late in the day and started preparations perilously close to the tournament. This clearly was recipe for failure.

    Even with that, Bosso and his boys remained remarkably upbeat about their chances and they almost got the result they needed today if not for some dubious officiating.

    A beautiful belter of a goal from a freekick was questionably ruled out for offside in the first half after another neat finish following a decent build up play had also been disallowed for the same reason.

    In the second half, a clear penalty was not awarded after a Nigerian striker who was through on goal had been wrestled to the ground.

    When Ghana’s goal came from Precious Boah’s well struck freekick in the 83rd minute, it came against the run of play as the Flying Eagles had dictated the tempo of the game for long periods and had carved out clear goal scoring chances which they sadly fluffed.

    It was a much improved performance from the game against Ivory Coast but they just didn’t have the rub of the green on the day. They kept the ball on the ground to build up their play into dangerous areas; they were always a threat from set pieces; they carved open the Ghanaian defence several times; they were composed in defence; and they imposed their will on the opposition for extended periods.

    But all to no avail.

    In short the Flying Eagles lost due to poor finishing, poor officiating and a poor goalkeeper whose poor positioning contributed to the goals conceded by the team in both matches. Bosso’s technical input was actually evident as the Flying Eagles’ angles of attack were evident and their approach was purposeful.

    It was such a cruel blow to see the ball crash into the back of Nigeria’s net because their performance deserves at the very least a draw.

    I would not be waiting with bated breath for Ghana to defeat Ivory Coast by 2 goals to nothing so that Nigeria can qualify. Rather, I will implore the NFF to look back and reflect on how youth football in Nigeria has gone down the drain in the recent years and put a plan in motion to recover the situation.

    The situation of our youth football is really bad. Just watching the match today against Ghana, I see that the talents are still there. But the structure keeps failing these young lads.

    Something must be done, and fast.

    • Greenturf 6 months ago

      Excellent work as usual @deo.At least I have someone who sees things my way someone seemingly indifferent to emotions,someone with analytical skills and logical reasoning.

      Ladan Bosso was impressive but tough calls from the men in black robbed us of what should have been a clear victory and I demand the NFF to protest this calls to deter future occurrences.Similar calls stopped us from the Olympics and the 2017 class of under 17.Ahmed Musa’s goal was falsely ruled offside against South Africa.Normally countries protests against wrong calls but Nigeria and it’s media just take it in the chin and this would carry on if we do not take necessary actions.

      Meanwhile,we are in a very difficult situation and I do not see the Ghanaians doing us a favour as they would rather see Nigeria eliminated than Cote d’Ivoire that’s the bitter truth.

  • Count Of Monte Cristo 6 months ago

    At least Ladan Bosso is far far better than Gernot Rohr. Rohr would have lost both matches.

  • Marvelous 6 months ago

    Keep quota system out of the super eagle. Until you structure the youth teams and the garbage Nigerian league, then you can talk about quota system players if need be. Shame on NFF and the sport minister. Keep on Rohr, for 4 years now the only Nigerian team I enjoy watching is the SE. Before it was the U17 and U20, but this two cadet are in the hands on con men, average coaches and quota system agents. You guys should keep your evil sentiment away from Rohr. At least for now he gives me a team to watch in Nigeria.

  • Marvelous 6 months ago

    I weep for super eagles when this quota system coaches resume their reigns again.

  • Mayor 6 months ago

    i think its time to dissolve this so call flying Eagles for their continuously failure its not do or die to have such a useless team in a big country like Nigeria
    my opinion

  • We thank Philips Consulting firm and the NFF for a job well done. This is the type of coach they spent almost two years screening and interviewing for our national teams. The same fate awaits the Golden Eaglets. Finidi George,Peter Ijeh,Ndubuisi Egbo may have done better regardless of the short time for preparations. They have taken our football hundred years back.

    • Greenturf 6 months ago

      I doubt they will do better than experienced Bosso.Bosso did so well within the short time he had to put this good team together but CAF officials were hell-bent we are ousted from the playoffs you guys don’t get this.

      The names you mentioned are good coaches but are largely inexperienced to prepare a team for a continental playoffs within a short period.

  • Man koko 6 months ago

    Thanks a lot @ deo. My [email protected], I got ur point. NFF don’t know d politics in African football this days. They can’t protest against any foul play by referees against our national teams. The Musa’s goal against South Africa comes in mind. They can’t protest against the field in Sierra Leone, even d fine goal iheanacho scored. This can’t happen to Cameroonians club side talk more of any of their national teams. The referee dey craze. They no born am well. Our own is to impose quotas to a coach who never failed to meets his targets. Develop our stadia, our league, U17, U20, U23, our female football u can’t but u want them to perform wonders. My brothers it’s high time we come after those that manages our football. Enough of this rubbish……na to sack the coaches naim go solve all this problems at hand. Pls make we wake up oo.

    • Greenturf 6 months ago

      Thanks bruh there’s politics in African football our goals kept getting disallowed at every levels.

      We just don’t complain or protest it’s so easy for this African officials to pick on us knowing we are not a protesting country it’s really sad.

      In my opinion we were a victim of CAF politics.Our football authorities aren’t bothered so why should I even bother if that’s the case

  • Proudly9ja 6 months ago

    You can watch Olayinka’s Slavia Prague vs Bayer Leverkusen here @AFCON TV

    • JimmyBall 6 months ago

      Thanks @Proudly 9ja. You are such a jolly good fellow. How do I email you? I got your prompt for that…

      • Proudly 9ja 6 months ago

        No worries bro. you can reach me at [email protected]. We should discuss. Facebook just ended the live stream. I will try to record as many games I can involving 9ja players and share with REAL FANS to discuss @AFCON TV if Facebook allows. Also if fans know away around this Facebook issue should reach out.

        • Kingston 6 months ago

          @proudly 9ja, you dey do well. but what about Leicester match. na that one I need. thanks a million times!

          • Proudly9ja 6 months ago

            So Kingsley I tried looking for it but couldn’t find any channel showing it. If I find it I will record it and upload to the AFCON TV Facebook link I provided earlier. 

  • Proudly9ja 6 months ago

    Akpoguma’s hoffenheim vs GNT can be seen here


  • Proudly9ja 6 months ago

    Sorry if the live stream ends abruptly, it’s Facebook kicking me out. I will record the remaining part of the game and upload it to AFCON TV for those who would like to see Apkoguma in action in the Europa Group stage. He has been solid all thru, he was deployed as a CB in the 1st half and a RB in the 2nd half.  GR might not be crazy after all