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Udeze: Rohr Yet To Do Anything Special As Eagles Coach 

Udeze: Rohr Yet To Do Anything Special As Eagles Coach 

Former Nigeria international Ifeanyi Udeze says Gernot Rohr is yet to do anything special since taking over as Super Eagles head coach.

Udeze stated this after the Eagles held Cameroon to a goalless draw in Tuesday’s friendly in Austria.

It was the second of two friendlies by both teams with Cameroon winning the first tie 1-0 last Friday.

Since being appointed as coach of the Eagles, Rohr has qualified the team to two AFCON and the FIFA World Cup.

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But speaking on Brila FM’s Sport Machine on Wednesday, Udeze posited that Rohr’s achievement is not better than what other coaches had achieved with the team

“Rohr has not won the Nations Cup for Nigeria but the late Stephen Keshi won the Nations Cup for us. So we are still expecting a lot from Rohr

“We know sometimes things don’t go as planned but as a coach you need to sit down and try to think on how to make things right.

“I hear people talk about time that Rohr still needs time, this is the Super Eagles of Nigeria for crying out loud and Rohr has been here for five years so how much time does he need to get things right.”

The Eagles next game is another friendly against Mexico in July in the United States.

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  • Footballfanatic 1 week ago

    Owngoal just confirmed Fifa’s approval for Ejaria and Lookman. Hoping Musa retires now rather than holding up space. He has been wonderful for the team and a living legend but it’s time to hang the national boots.

  • Sauce 1 week ago

    And seriously, Rohr needs to go as well

  • Precious Amadasun 1 week ago

    Udeze, your a hater, stop it.

    • Imnas 1 week ago

      People like you are the ones dragging back our football. I don’t how old you were when Nigeria was getting to virtually all afcon finals in the 80s till the 90s,winning the titles on a few ocassions. Even before then our football had great reputation. So today, you have a coach under whose watch Nigeria now becomes anyone’s prey animal, loosing to Madagascar, loosing twice to Algeria and basically just loosing games.If you claim he has ‘perfomed’,how do you rate that?We already got to last 16 of WC before he was hired,what has he done to justify his huge pay?afcon bronze? What has he done to justify the sack of the previous coaches who had better scorecard? What special thing is he doing that makes it ‘suicidal’ for us to ever contemplate disengaging him for now? You are telling me non of our ex eagles can give us run of results this man has given us?We as Africans will never truly fulfill our potential if we don’t quit this glorification of the white skin people.

  • nnamdi 1 week ago

    udeze is nt a hater we all welcome constructive criticism dats the only way we can improve bt i hve somthing i wnt to say ROHR problemis nt that he is inexperience or lack the tactical knoledge bt he is bein controlled by some strong power when u have a team u make use of the team u have try to blend them together but here today he brings a new player from italy tomorrow he will bring another one from belgium he will forget d one in italy after abt 2months he will reinvite the one from italy bcos maybe currently he score 5goals in 3matches forgethin dat football does nt work lik that as long as im concern he ROHR HAS A BETTER TEAM dat he need to be consistent in keepin them togther he should avoid some uneceessary distraction and focuse on how to get a strong consistent and high flying team dat is ready to take any team in d world he should forget abt pressure coming from some quater and focus on the available players keep them together as a team he should try and be consistent in his invitation keep them busy wth high intensity friendly matches dats avoid some distraction on who to invite and try to man up in his stand on players invitation

  • Obest 1 week ago

    On the basis of the two friendlies with Cameroon, I can say the SE played way beyond average and can’t measure up with quality sides in Europe and South America.I will give them a last chance against Mexico where I hope we have a full house. Rohr ,please step up your game plan, advice musa to retire honorably when the ovation is loudest.Please invite Ejuke instead of iwuala,Etebo far better than the new invited players.A player who plays week in week out all season for Galatasary speaks volume for itself.

  • Mr Ringmybell 1 week ago

    Na only to make noise on Instagram and answer Snr man dey hungry them.They will all be Kings in their respective clubs but to their Nationality;they are just like Ifeanyi Uba FC.
    Useless Match…..With all the quality players they claim they have….They still lost away and drew home
    It is very sad this man called gernot rohr failed to give us a formidable team since 2016 since he took over as super eagles coach

  • Sugar Daddy 1 week ago

    The super eagles lack lustre performances has got nothing to do with the quality of coaches or the tactics employed but more on the quality of manpower deployed to interprete the tactics.

    The coach of Nigeria is very sound and a real quality coach. National teams are not the same as club sides… It’s a gradual process before you get to the level of the super eagles of Nigeria.

    Nigeria is blessed with a pool of quality players at the club level. The players would need a bit of more time together and a lot more of quality matches for blending and understanding the coaches tactical philosophy.

    You don’t expect the coaches to go and score the goals themselves but they bear the crunch when it all goes bad.

    Let’s understand that the national team is supposed to be for finished products and not a learning ground. The interpretation of the tactical philosophy of the coach will to a great extent depends on the technical depth of the players, agility, comportment, discipline, and responsibility.

    Nigerians should stop accusing Rhor instead examine the quality of players at the disposal of the coach.

    Iheanacho and onuachu were doing a lot at the club Leicester and Genk but their quality were questionable during this last friendly because the rest of the players are not able to interpret correctly the tactical philosophy sufficiently and the opponent is equal to the task of neutralising the plan and discipline.

    The eagles are just all right. The coach is very very sound. They need more time and matches to get to the peak at the national level, I mean, blending…

    • Mahmud Shuaib 1 week ago

      Pls what makes Rohr a sound and quality coach??

      Can you please mention one single achievement of his as a coach before he took over SE??

      2. Can you pls mention one quality clubside or nation he coached before SE??

      3. Its only Nigeria that hires backwater coaches walahi. Imagine ordinary small countries like Tunisia, Egypt, Cameroon hiring former coaches of countries like Portugal, France etx

      Its a big shame and an insult that Nigeria will go for a coach that was sacked by Niger, Burkinafaso etc


      • Omo9ja 1 week ago

        @Mahmud Shuaib, God bless you for asking our sugar daddy these questions.

        Our Sugar daddy, I am expecting your answers on this sir.

        May be NFF should give the gaffer 10 more years to build Super Eagles.

        Oga Rohr failed at the world cup, you people said we should give him another chance which we did.

        Mr. Gernot Rohr also failed to impressed at the Afcon but Oga Rohr followers were begging Nigerians to give the tactician more time after the Afcon tournament.

        But wait a minute, why are we deceiving ourselves?

        Yesterday match was too boring. We can’t continue like this kę.

        I am tired of talking and repeating myself everyday. This is why I decided not to say anything after the match yesterday.

        Like Oga Rohr like president Buhari.

        President Buhari is a typical example of Oga Rohr.

        Both of them are too old to work and they don’t have the knowledge and ideas to build anything for Nigeria but NFF and house of assembly are milking from Nigeria. This is why we are in this situation period. Oga Rohr must go. God bless Nigeria!!!

      • Coachie 1 week ago

        You forgot to add that no notable coach wanted to risk their CV by taking up the SE job and they all tactically rejected the job back in 2015/2016 (after Oliseh ran away in the middle of a major qualifier) until a certain Gernot Rorh decided to take up the challenge.
        All the coaches who matter where avoiding the Super Eagles job like a plague

        • Ayphillydegreat 1 week ago

          Thank you @Coachie. They want the SuperEagles to be playing like ManCity in international matches where you only have 2 to 3 days of training. Most of our players only made it to camp 3 days to the game while Cameroon have been in camp for at least a week before. I’m glad we were able to honor the friendlies to see how we measure up against top African oppositions. Sacking the coach is not the solution at this point, not because of friendly matches results.

          • Omo9ja 1 week ago

            @Ayphillydegreat, I’m sorry, I am not talking about the friendlies we have played here but I am talking about Oga Rohr here.

            “where you only have 2 to 3 days of training”.

            Lies. Are they not professionals?

            What happened to the Siasia Olympics team?

            NFF didn’t have money to travel to that competition but Mikel came to their rescue and our Olympic team arrived on the match day without any training and they won the match and Siasia team won Bronze medals in that tournament.

            What excuses you people are making here?

            NFF did not pay Sia1 and his team a kobo but the coach and his troops made Nigerians and Africa proud in that tournament.

            So, I will advise you people that backing the coach to have a rethink.

            @Coachie, another lies here ba.

            “You forgot to add that no notable coach wanted to risk their CV by taking up the SE job and they all tactically rejected the job back in 2015/2016 (after Oliseh ran away in the middle of a major qualifier) until a certain Gernot Rorh decided to take up the challenge.
            All the coaches who matter where avoiding the Super Eagles job like a plague”

            You people keep lying to Nigerians panparapan every day.

            You don’t lie to me you people.

            Jo Bonfrere have been begging NFF for a job for how many years now?

            You can’t brainwashed me you people.

            Don’t let me talk o, Oga Rohr fans.

            Hmmm. Be warned oooo. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Hassan Tia 1 week ago

    Thank Obest it is not recalling Ejuke or other; it is an array of orgnizatio with regard to the pattern or style of playing;Oga Rhor lacks this pattern to make an incredible,robust Super Eagles. I reapted it more and more Oga Rhor must chanage SE style of playing from attacking one to adefensive style which this defensive style can push the ball to the forward side ; Ndidi can play this style properly and so do Aribo can join defence with forward or Ejaria can do this style…

    • NFF should pay up al their igbese (debts) abeg. Which employee would work or play happily, comfortably in such a condition. Like Nigeria Government like NFF. Let’s encourage this people abeg. Mtcheew.

  • Oakfield 1 week ago

    Don’t worry, make una enjoy the ride while it lasts. Very soon, Rohr would be gone and a coach (probably domestic) that would be performing wonders in a very short period of time shall be employed. Na so una dy shout when good luck Jonathan was in power until the the main change master came along. Hehehe. Na we dy here when e go set and then u shall know the difference.

  • GLORY 1 week ago

    I think the Rohr picture up there is seriously influencing most of the comments below. Stubborn Gaffer. You definitely need that stubbornness to manage nigerians, otherwise you will be tossed around 360° with speed of light. A country that has millions top internet coaches while clubsides are on their knees begging for one. Carry go oga Rohr. I am with you n our beloved SE till the very last. TRULY ENJOYED EVERY BIT OF THESE TWO FRIENDLY GAMES.

  • Omo9ja 1 week ago

    “I hear people talk about time that Rohr still needs time, this is the Super Eagles of Nigeria for crying out loud and Rohr has been here for five years so how much time does he need to get things right.”

    The Eagles next game is another friendly against Mexico in July in the United States”.

    Well spoken Udeze. Even, if NFF give Oga Rohr another five years, he can’t do anything spectacular because you can’t give what you don’t have.

    I heard that Lookman and Ejaria are free to play for Nigeria now.

    If we like, we should ask Messi and C.Ronald to change their nationalities and come and play for Nigeria, as long as Oga Rohr still in charge of the team, we can not win a trophy or having a solid team under Oga Rohr.

    Nonetheless, NFF have failed on this. They knew this long time ago that this Oga Rohr have over stayed. No wonder NFF wanted to send the gaffer for a refresher course.

    We are tired of this coach. It is time for him to go. We appreciate the coach and we wish him the best. Oga Rohr must go. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • EZOMO 1 week ago

      Lol lol amunike go do the job well as u hv said it before
      No worry

  • Shuma 1 week ago

    Super eagles finally going against another top African team, which is a really good time to rate them. In my opinion the top African teams in no order are Senegal, Cameroon, Ivory Cost, Algeria and Morocco, which Nigeria is last out of the group.

    A lot of these countries are colonized by France. In which these players are already playing in the top 5 league, ligue 1 or French ligue being 5 in the uefa ranking. A Lot of those players are starters too. Crazy thing is half of the players are born in France and choose to play for their French colonized country. To me the reason being is that they have enough top tier players with experience to actually compete and win things. Where is Nigerian people are always begging and pleading for foreign born Nigerians to play for them. But I always say they will easily outgrow the team, knowing few are actually good enough to compete and might get tired of carrying the team.

    Nigeria only chance to stay in competition is through friendlies where the coach stay experimenting, so many one, two or three capped players. The lineups are never consistent. But people here eat anything. There was an article where a bunch of players dropped out because they were injured, I don’t know if that was true or if the players even pull through. But I saw the lineup and found at it was true. I read somewhere else that the reason players dropped out was because of unpaid wages, like always. It was no coincidence that a bunch a players decided that they were injured. Now tell me, why would a foreign born Nigerian would come play for Nigeria when you might not get your money, but in Europe you are most certain. Same thing with the women’s team, the women were protesting.

    Back to my point, another way for Nigerians to compete is through the fifa youth competition, its how Osimhen and Chuckweze got recognized. Nigeria has the most u-17 world cup, but that doesn’t translate well for the final team they cant even make it past the second round. Lastly is through relegated or under 1 tier teams and or out of the top 4 uefa leagues and work your way up. Ngolo kante played in French third tier league, then worked his way up. Sadio Mane worked his way up. Edouard Mendy was unemployed, was constantly trying to make a team, then he got noticed by chelsea goal keeper Peter. The thing is outside of foreign born players in France they are players born in Senegal, Ivory Cost, Cameroon and etc that are being scouted by French people and others, and they get to play for top tier teams. While in Nigeria Taiwo Awoniyi was scouted by Liverpool, but he didn’t get his papers in order which put him on a whole bunch of loan spells, he got his papers late and now he might get sold to a mediocre team, that’s on him.

    When I watch Senegal, Cameroon, Morocco, Algeria and Ivory Cost, I’m like I know most of these players. While super eagles I know few by heart like Osimhen, Chuckweze, sadly Iwobi, Kelechi and Ndidi. All people do here is post new players that should play for super eagles every other day, which relates to my point how there’re so many players with less than 5 caps for the team. Which disrupts the synergy and partnerships with players.

    For a team to win something the whole foundation has to be good. I know Nigerians here are corrupted by heart by promoting a bunch of players to be slaves, working for free, imagine that. I thought slavery ended. I just don’t see the super eagles being successful where the federation cant even pay its players, its just not gonna happen. And I dont care about what a past player said about should of played of Nigeria because I would have played more, even for free than playing a few time for England because they will actually pay me, thats the stupidest comment I ever heard. Yall really have no jobs to keep talking about Eze, Lookman, Aridibayo, Nmecha etc every other day. Why would a European born Nigerian getting paid come play for Nigeria and not get paid? Spamming their social media is not gonna help either. These players will have great club careers, but not national team careers. People keep dreaming and hoping, hope is irrational. All this team is gonna do is rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat. People reject a call up and or not playing because they are not getting paid then they look for another sucker. Just a bunch of poor players who been relegated or dropped down from a league. From poor Collins to Awaziem.

    But how was that first game? It was bad when they were playing with the sprinklers on, in Austria. my gosh. Andre Aguissa shot could of been saved, but the keeper was late. Like I said there are numerous goal keepers from French colonized African countries that play first ligue in France, even democratic Congo players. While people here desperate hanging on to Okoye. Cameroon, Senegal, Congo producing great goal keepers able to play in top leagues. Onana play for ajax that almost made it to the champions league finals. I guess Iwobi poor performance from Everton carried on to the team. Carlo Ancelotti left, I want to see if his performance change with a new coach, because I was not feeling him. But nice to see Olayinka

    For the second game Marcus Abraham had energy, was seeing him up and down. Olayinka needs more chances. The game was still poor, Rohr aint getting paid so he hitting it where it hurts. This guy is going o two world cups. Even of Rohr gets fired, who they gonna get? Who wants this job?