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Udinese Boss Thumbs Up Success After Win Vs Crotone

Udinese Boss Thumbs Up Success After Win Vs Crotone

Udinese manager Gabriele Cioffi has praised forward Isaac Success after his impressive showing in Tuesday night’s 4-0 Coppa Italia win against Crotone, reports Completesports.com.

Success scored once and provided two assists in the Round of 32 clash at the Dacia Arena.

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“I have had important responses from everyone, and I am happy for Nacho too,” the former defender told Udinese TV.

“I have had many confirmations and several encouraging signs, but the thing I liked the most is the attitude I have seen from the whole team.

“The goal is oxygen for the attackers, so Pussetto and (Isaac) Success who found the goal were good. Too bad for Nestorovski and Forestieri, who came close but nevertheless gave their all. De Maio also played an excellent match, seasoned with goals.”

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  • Isaac Success is a 120% Upgrade of Moses Simon in my books this boy Success is destined for Success!!!!!

    • Golden Child 2 years ago

      @Ugo Iwunze, I am not a huge fan of moses simon but his stats are better than success.

      Moses Simon
      2 goals + 6 assists

      Isaac Success
      1 goal + 0 assist

      Based on the above, how on earth is Isaac Success an upgrade to Moses Simon?

      • Isaac has got more stats than the one you just put out. Get your facts right

        • Jones 2 years ago

          Bro what are you saying? Moses Simon has 2 goals and 6 assists in his league(ligue 1) while Success has 1 goal and 2 assist in his league(serie A) so bro tell us the facts that only you know.

      • @Golden Child I am not talking about stats stagnent stats I am talking about inate potential Star Quality, Simon has been holding his own gradually but Success is a player who we know on form is a powerful runner and carrier of teh ball so to his finishing is better than Moses Simon. Along with Iheanacho, Chukwueze, Osimhen won glory at 17 level albeit at different times but 2 years apart, Success Has always been deemed for greatness he is starting to at his own pace show the potentials we all saw in 2013. He just had some discipline problems early on he seems to has learned a very good life lesson and he is 25 Simon is about 26 . So yes if Success keeps his head down he is like i sadi above a 100X an upgrade on Moses Simon, Success with a cool head can be doing what Dennis is doing. Don’t forget he was at Watford before Dennis and was seen as the new Ighalo tehn but for his poor discipline early on he would be a Prem star by now. He may still be back at Watford as early as next season if he keeps this up due to the relations between the 2 clubs.

        • GLORY 2 years ago

          ” innate potential star quality”. Good good talk @ Ugo. That is the key that many are being mislead to under-estimate while chasing after pretenders racking up stats that always fail to produce at much needed times. Anyway everybody to his opinion. But I will forever go for the innate potential star quality and try get it out to perform on match day than go for stats that will always struggle under different environments/scenario. I think that inability to look beyond stats was one of Rohr’s weak points. Please I am not criticizing Rohr here. Everyone of us has weak points, but we use peoples weak point to develop strong point reason I mentioned Rohr so the new gaffer can note down.

          • What are you saying guy? “Inate potential star quality” ? What has Isaac Succes achieved in his football career” so many daft people on CSN…y’all need to get over u17 performances that ended 6 years ago.
            Moses is miles ahead of Success….why not wait till Success finish the season. At 25 yrs of age you are saying he has ‘inate potential star quality bs’ when will we see it? Please y’all should calm down and give this boy time to find his feet after the wasted years in EPL. Every time CSN put up a news about a Nigeria player that scored Ugo will run to the comment section to scream ‘he needs to be called up, he is the best player in the world blah blah blah’.

          • Jones 2 years ago

            I’m so disappointed in you @GLORY…how can we know how good a player is without checking stats? If we dont check stats before giving a player a club. You guys are too sentimental mehn. It’s like telling a student that results don’t matter. S Moses is more versatile than Success. Moses can play as a wing back on either wings and can also play as a 10 or even a winger at either side. Success is a striker so I dont understand the comparison.

        • GLORY 2 years ago

          @ Jones easy man, easy. Football is never founded on stereotypes but ever so dynamic. Stats is stereotyping football while INNATE POTENTIAL STAR QUALITY FOREVER DEFINES FOOTBALL DYNAMISM. It all comes down to how well we manage both to get best results.

  • @Golden Child always get your fact right before typing next time Success already has 2 goals with 3 assist for udinese this season if not for indiscipline and lack of focus with no disrespect to Simon the truth is Simon is not close to Success cus Success is a beast anytime anyday.

    • Golden Child 2 years ago

      @Bright, even based on the stats you stated above, success stats is still not better than moses simon. If you say potentially better, you might be right.

      I did not see the unleashing of this beast in all his years at watford. EVEN Troy deeney was more of a beast than he was. @Glory you are right, stats do not tell the whole story but is there any other way to measure performance in football quantitatively other stats?

      The point I am trying to make is that we should get ahead of ourselves with some of these players. If he continues to produce consistently, then we can be making such comparison.

      • Golden Child 2 years ago

        We should not get ahead of ourselves*
        Is there a way to measure performance in football quantitatively other than stats*

  • GLORY 2 years ago

    Anyway I saw a rare diamond Success yesterday; a superb player. Only need to focus, stay discipline n God help him to stay injury free, he will surely then be playing in the world cup qualifiers. AFCON IS COMING A BIT TOO LATE FOR HIM.

  • Jones 2 years ago

    Moses Simon is 100x better than Success at the moment. It a pity Rohr didn’t use him well….Under a good coach S.Moses will perform…. go on YouTube and check his last goal against Lens. Moses has won 3 MOTM this season and during the beginning of the season he was one of the best players in Ligue 1. Against Milan Success was terrible his first touch when he received the ball wasn’t so good….please let’s give the boy time before we start unnecessary comparisons

  • @Golden Child i am not making comparison what i am saying is that if not for bad luck success had over the years and personal issues really by now defenders should have been on their toes success is a tough baller anytime anyday when he is fit he is a beast i just hope he get his feet together this time around.

  • GLORY 2 years ago

    @ Golden Child,sure, stats comes handy in situations governed by CONTINOUS run of football games like we have in football leagues, where you are bound to play week in week out; about 25 to 36 games and where familiarity of players both for and against is a factor as well as famiarity of opposing team and many other familiarities. But for international games, while not totally ruling out stats, that innate potential star quality is key whether anyone like it or not. That is the marquee quality that help a player change the course of game when a team seem stuck with what to do to win a game when every other seem to be failing. At international level, there is not such easy thing as making up for a match lost this week in the next match. No one should get me wrong here as I am not comparing Simon and Success. I am only emphasizing the need to see deep into getting the proper talented ones at national team level n not just totally reliant on some decieving stats.

  • GLORY 2 years ago

    Going by stats ONUACHU SHOULD HAVE BEEN OUR NO 1 STARTER ALL THROUGH THE QUALIFIERS ABI? LOLZZZ. BUT WE SAW HOW ONUACHU’S STAT PANNED OUT AT NATIONAL TEAM LEVEL. Football no be ogbonor soup and pounded yam ooo, wey be one way travel ooo but something close to edikang kor with assorted fish n meat l; atleast you go swallow, chew, taste fish, taste meat n taste different veg.

  • Jones 2 years ago

    Yes Onuachu has earned his call up. But we’re talking about two players who play in the top 5 European leagues.

    • GLORY 2 years ago

      @ Jones read me well. I am not comparing players. I really try avoid doing that brotherly

  • Presh 2 years ago

    Una go soon go invite the one weeeeee go make una loose sense. Everyone is a coach in that Nigeria, fans that don’t know football. Please he isn’t good enough.

  • PapaFem 2 years ago

    Moses and Success are unique in their own ways. No basis for comparison. Again, its quite unfair to compare a player who has been playing very actively in the last few years to a player whose professional career has been ravaged by sickness, injuries and loss of form. He is gradually picking the pieces at Udinese, and of course, the quality we’ve always known him with are steadily shinning through.

    Success on his good is a beast of a player, very close in style and technique to Daniel Amokachie in his prime. He is an enforcer, a very tenacious, stubborn striker. The friendly match against Senegal in London a few years was a big testament to this. Immediately he stepped into the pitch, the game took on a very different complexion. He kept Mane and his men busy at the back, harassing them from time to time as if they were some local team playing against a motivated squad with a beast leading the line. That is the Success I want to see. Thank God he is gradually finding his feet in Italy. Trust me, when this guy hits his full form, he will definitely be a better number 8 than Iheanancho.

  • Dr Banks 2 years ago

    Babafemi Raji is sure just a loud month with zero intelligence. Guys if you listen to his presentation on Brilla fm online platform, you go wonder how the hell did he ever become SE Media officer

  • pompei 2 years ago

    Impressive performance from Success today.
    A joy to watch. His ability to spot and exploit gaps in the opponent’s defense is top notch.
    Keep it up, boy. At this rate, Eguavoen may be calling to say hi real soon!

  • DiMastta 2 years ago

    Isaac Success.
    Only three things come to mind mentioning that name;

    (1) An (over?)age-grade U17 champion with so-called potential.

    (2) In retrospect, a highly prices EPL flop.

    (3) And of course the guy who booked two hookers and couldn’t perform!

    At age 25/26 Maradona, Zidane, Ronaldo, were winning the FIFA World Cup and World Best Footballer.

    But with Success at 25, some Nigerians are still talking about potential and blaming injuries as if he had been in a coma for years.

    There is a reason why dinosaurs rule Nigeria, and you don’t go too far to see what sort of persons make that possible.

  • Igbekun Abo 2 years ago

    Success the Super star. Your star is starting to shine. You will go places my brother. Even in that Italy league u will be unstoppable. Lolzzzz. Carry go.

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