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WAFCON 2022: Super Falcons Shun Training, Protest Over Unpaid Bonuses

WAFCON 2022: Super Falcons Shun Training,  Protest Over Unpaid Bonuses

Super Falcons shunned training on Wednesday night as they protested over unpaid bonuses and allowances, reports Completesports.com.

The players protested over unpaid bonuses and allowances that have lasted for years.


The Super Falcons are also yet to receive their bonuses at the ongoing 2022 Africa Women’s Africa Cup of Nations in Morocco.

Completesports.com learnt that the players met with Nigeria Football Federation officials on Wednesday morning over the issue.


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It would be recalled that the Super Falcons have embarked on similar protests in the past.

The players protested over unpaid bonuses after their exit from the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup in France.

They refused to leave their hotel demanding that their unpaid bonuses from 2016 be settled.

The nine-time African champions will take on the She-polopolo of Zambia in the third place match at WAFCON 2022 on Friday.

The encounter is billed for the Stade Mohamed V, Casablanca.

By Adeboye Amosu

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  • They should dish the 3rd place match, what’s wrong with our soccer FA ?

    • Owolabi 3 weeks ago

      We can not do something the same old way and expect different results. NFF/ Sport ministry to intervene.

  • The same thing all the time.This NFF leadership and Sports ministry need to be completely overhauled.

    I don’t know why these people love treating the sportsmen and women bad in this country. Hmm God go help us oo.

    Meanwhile, do well to check the story of Two ‘Rejected’ Nigerian Players Who Broke Club’s Transfer Records This Summer

  • Papafem 3 weeks ago

    Can Nigeria attend an international competition without a drama? Like I knew something like this would happen. God! NFF is gradually normalising national disgrace. If they know they can’t support a team going on national addignmrn,they should stop sending our players there. As if we are the only country on the continent. If Burundi the poorest country in the world by GNI, sent a team to WAFCON without exposing their girls to national disgrace, why can’t Nigeria with all the resources do better? And yet the stupid guy in Abuja wants another term in office. It is well o.

  • Dr Banks 3 weeks ago

    These NFF guys will never change, now we know why our National football teams have not been performing well despite the array of stars available in our teams. SE poor performances and inability to qualify for Qatar could simply be a form of protest against NFF, knowing fully well that it was the NFF officials that squanders the bulk of the money from FIFA and many sponsors alike if they qualify.

    Bayana Bayana for instance already know exactly how much they are entitled for each every matches played until finals, if they go all the way to win the cup, a total of 10 Million Rands…………see below.

    Danny Jordan, SAFA president, revealed this when he said, “We are going to pay R9.2 million ($578,000) in bonuses for this team, on the basis that they win the (Women’s) AFCON. So, if they win Afcon we will pay R9.2 million ($578,000) and if you look at the other cost in other words our investment in this team for specifically this Afcon is R10 million ($628,330).”

    That’s a serious Nation in action, that’s the reason Bayana Bayana is playing every match with utmost seriousness to reach their goal of becoming the Champion 

  • pompei 3 weeks ago

    This is why I said on another thread that we don’t want to hear this type of news.
    What kind of disgrace and embarrassment is this?
    The current NFF leadership are a total letdown. After this protest, maybe they will ban the SF for 10 years.
    I’m so disgusted!
    How can our teams excel in these circumstances?

  • I don tire for 9ja matter… Just to digress a little, imagine taking just 22 athletes and more than 30 officials to a world athletics championship in USA, a competition that is next to Olympics in ranking.

    Even if it is a curse, God should just forgive this nation.
    Is picnic and his gang of thieves not collecting their own allowances and salaries?

    This people need a brain check.

  • Vintage 3 weeks ago

    Those girls should be paid. They sacrificed a lot for the country

  • Codex 3 weeks ago

    An absolute clanger from the pinnick led NFF,not surprised tho I hope this debacle doesn’t lead to acrimony and anarchy.

  • Dr. Drey 3 weeks ago

    NFF is beginning to happen…..LMAOOOO.

    Like father, like son. Like Sports Ministry, like NFF. Like Sunday Dare, like Amaju Pinnick.

    If e nor be original Panadol, e no fit be Panadol. If NFF has not owed teams their entitlements, then it is definitely not the NFF.

    I hope Sunday Dare will not also “withdraw Nigeria from female football for 2 years” just to punish these girls for demanding for their entitlements.

    That is why I will not praise any national team coach until NFF starts happening to them and they are still grinding out results and reaching their set target. That is when they will earn my praise.

    It is still on record that this NFF once owed the national team 2 years of bonuses and their coach 8 months’ salaries and yet they never failed to reach any of the targets set for them…and were still not appreciated.

    • They should not only shun training, they should boycott the 3rd place match as well.
      What nonsense!!! How many of the ministry officials are being owned thier allowances?
      What is 30 government officials doing in a tournament? Na wa oooo

  • KangA 3 weeks ago

    Unpaid bonuses stretching back to 2016? I was retching violently, stifling the urge to, well, throw up! Is this chaotic behaviour and recklessness an incurable disease?

    Everyone of them doublespeaks, pledging phantom support. 

    Pay these valiant girls!

  • Richie 3 weeks ago

    “Their regular trademark”….in Fela’s voice

  • olubaba 3 weeks ago

    How do these girls manage to continue show patriotism with this kind of bahviour?
    I hope all you negatively criticizing these girls would now shut up.
    I don’t know if I can keep representing a team that owes me bonuses for up to 4 years.

  • Edoman 3 weeks ago

    We support the girls fully. No pay, no play. They are not Slaves. They are not even Servants. No one works without PAY.

  • MONKEY POST 3 weeks ago

    They can OWE the GIRLS for all I CARE but NOBODY should F**KING OWE my GIRL PLUMPTRE…

    I repeat NOBODY should F**KING OWE my QUEEN PLUMPTRE…

  • pompei 3 weeks ago

    The wahala wey dey ground, e tie scarf ooo. Even sef, e wear agbada join.
    NFF are a total disgrace. Owing to the left, owing to the right, owing up and down.
    Who are they not owing?
    The money is there. Pay these players. Na lie. Dem no go gree pay!
    This MONKEY DEY WORK, BABOON DEY CHOP dispensation must come to an end. Workers deserve their compensation.
    And the problem is not just NFF. This is the same thing our basketball players complained about.
    This is the single biggest reason Nigeria continues to under-perform in sports.

  • Let them (NFF and sports ministry) go and ostracize the whole super falcons team now for shunning training because of their unpaid allowances. Was this not the complaint of Okparanozie that got her excluded from the team. They also complained that Florence Omagbemi was not controlling the ladies and preventing them from protesting their unpaid allowances.

    So, after these wonderful ladies played their hearts out in the semifinal, this NFF can’t do the needful and pay them all that they are owed. How else do the NFF and sports ministry want these ladies to prove that they have been patriotic all these years.

    The NFF and sports ministry are a disgrace. After, they will want to use the ladies to do photo ups to promote their own personal agenda.

    If the ladies are not paid they should also boycott the 3rd place match. Maybe NFF and sports ministry will go and play the 3rd place match.

  • Hi guys i talked about this same issues regarding the underperforming of these team and the sacking of florence omagbemi and somebody responded that florence couldn’t control his team years later its has happened again now we could see that amaju pinnick nff leadership lack administrative purpose they are more political minded than administrative minded during amaju pinnick tenor our national teams has been declined the levels of which they’re has been dropped drastically my opinion is that pinnick is wasting our tax payers money he is busy but doing nothing.

  • Alagh Raphael 3 weeks ago

    Imagine what other contries will be now thinking about Nigeria
    This is so embarrassing

  • Football Fan 3 weeks ago

    What do you expect from Pinnick and his NFF in a country that people don’t get sacked for not doing their job and everyone sits back and bark at the wrong tree. Everyone
    was shouting officiating this and officiating that and just this handful of people are here blaming Pinnick in particular for his alleged part in the payment area. I’ll focus on another issue. For those of you that don’t fully understand the rules, the two red cards were the absolute “correct” calls. I explained it here previously. In a nutshell, the ref didn’t invent the fouls and shouldn’t have given the two players yellow cards when they clearly deserved those red cards. There was nothing dubious about the calls. We committed red card fouls. The ref did her job and issued the cards. Pure and simple! That aside, had Pinnick done what an intelligent, diligent federation head would do, he would have petitioned for a minimum of a replay without fans or an outright forfeit by Morocco for the laser lights being used on our keeper and players especially, during the penalty kicks. But he obviously didn’t as there’s no indication here or anywhere l’ m aware of it being the case. That’s why we’re rather playing in a third place game instead. So, instead of being angry and disappointed with officiating which didn’t manufacture the fouls or red cards where non existed, we should direct all that at Pinnick and his NFF who let us and the ladies down by not petitioning. This is essentially the difference between us and European countries. We have no accountability yet we get our salaries. Unfortunately, heartbreaks and “You ladies were warriors, maybe next time” and so on will remain our sad comforting words. And yes too, come that next time, history will repeat itself. Nigeria at her best!!!

  • This is just ridiculous. How do you owe outstanding bonuses from 2016. Thats crazy. My question is what exactly is there budget for the year. i know pinnick complained about not getting enough sponsorship from companies, the more reason they rely on the Ministry. So what exactly is the budget of the ministry and how much goes to each association. This is becoming a national disaster. Remembered the days of MKO that would come to the aid of the national team. this is just sad