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WAFCON 2022: Waldrum Defends Tactics In Semi-Final Loss To Morocco

WAFCON 2022: Waldrum Defends Tactics In Semi-Final Loss To Morocco

Super Falcons head coach Randy Waldrum has defended his tactical decisions in his team’s defeat to the Atlas Lionesses of Morocco in their semi-final clash on Monday night.

The Super Falcons were aiming for an 11th African title to extend their record, but after regulation and extra time ended 1-1, hosts Morocco, in front of a 45 562-strong crowd, won the spot kicks 5-4.

Gotham FC’s Ifeoma Onumonu missed the decisive kick for Nigeria.

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Waldrum was questioned about his tactical and substitution choices after the game.


“I’m not going to get into that,” Former college and NWSL coach gave a testy response to the media.

“I’ll say the subs we made were the right subs in the match and we couldn’t have asked more from the players.”

The Super Falcons will now shift attention to the bronze medal match against She-polopolo of Zambia on Friday.

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  • Waldrum’s starting line up against Morocco was truly strong. The midfield was tried and tested, the strike force had bite and the defence was solid.

    It was a match they were navigating towards victory before rush-of-blood to two heads derailed their efforts spectacularly.

    Fans up and down the land and in diaspora and Mars have been praising the Super Falcons for their ‘resilience, fortitude and bravery’ in staying the course despite being depleted for the better part of 50 intense minutes.

    For me, the truth is that they should never have found themselves in that position to start with. A serious minded Football Association will immediately open an inquest as to how the Super Falcons lost their discipline in such a scandalous manner in such a crucial tie.

    A team with players conceding such blatant punishable fouls have no business winning tournaments. One of such a foul is careless enough, but 2? It is beyond words.

    Upon the conduct of one depends the fate of all. There can be no sugar-coating it: the conduct of Ayinde and Ajibade let the whole team down and, in one fell swoop, flushed their tournament winning credentials down the toilet.

    Yes, I applaud the remaining depleted players for holding their own but in truth, teams like South Africa, Ghana, Ivory Coast or even Cameroon would have taken that depleted Super Falcons squad to the cleaners without using detergent yesterday.

    Morocco were just poor and profligate in the final third which gave rise to this illusion of the Super Falcons’ gallantry. Gallantry, yeah, like I never heard that before!!!

    The so called gallantry is a mere smokescreen that continues to deflect attention from the fact that the erstwhile defending champions should never in a million years have found themselves in such a hell of their own making.

    If Nigeria’s performance in this Wafcon is a barometer of what to expect at the World Cup next year, then the bar should be set as low as possible.

    A team that can capitulate so embarrassingly against modest Morocco in the continent, what will they do against the likes of France, England or the USA?

    Against Germany at the second round of the last women’s world cup, one of such crude tackles from Nwabuoku led to a VAR awarded penalty for Germany in the 3:0 whitewash. Against France in the group stages of the same world cup, another crude tackle from Ebere led to the VAR assisted penalty for France’s only goal. Or was that a CAF organised tournament?

    Why didn’t we praise the ‘gallantry and bravery’ of the Super Falcons on those occasions? BECAUSE THOSE TEAMS MADE US SUFFER FOR MEANINGLESS TACKLES IN SUCH A WAY THAT MOROCCO AS WELL SHOULD HAVE MADE US SUFFER YESTERDAY.

    That was 2019: two crude tackles against France and Germany, two VAR assisted punishments. It is 2022 and we are still making the same mistakes – 2 of them in one match.

    There were 2 handball situations inside the 18 yard box that could have gone against Nigeria from Alozie and Ohale, I think), luckily, the VAR Officials had gone to the toilet on both occasions.

    Yesterday’s match was just a shambles and on this evidence, this team is nowhere ready to make an appreciable impact at the World Cup. Nigeria has always been a team to just make up the numbers at the World Cup. Nothing suggests to me that this tournament will be any different.

    At least we went to the last World Cup as African champions where we still managed to display our Jackie Chan tendencies. Now, that Bruce Lee tendency was dialled up to eleven against Morocco!

    Anyway, we have been used to the Super Eagles delivering us no end of bronze medals in the men’s Afcon. This batton has now been handed to the Super Falcons and those who can be bothered to watch Friday’s losers final should be ready to rain curses on VAR again if the spirit of Bruce Lee is not left to rest in peace!

    • You started your piece of writing very well but derailed along the way? Do you really think the fouls that led to the red cards were intentional? Another question for you. What do you make of the foul against Ohale in the the second half when our gallant falcons were already 2 players down? Why didn’t VAR called the ref to have a re-look? As far as I am concerned, our players were duly punished for the mistakes the made. The same treatment should have been melted to the morroccan player that fouled Ohale, because it was the same kind of foul. Please, let’s celebrate the never say die spirit displayed by our ladies. I am very sure if Monday Gift’s effort had gone in, you will not be speaking the way you are now. O boy, our girls try! Celebrate them instead of otherwise.

      • Baller 101 4 weeks ago

        I totally agree with you bro. The Morrocoans were very rough on our girls even when we were 2 girls down. No re-look from VAR. Even during the penalty shootout. Watch closely, you’ll see the green lazer beam focused directly on Onumonu’s face just to distract her. Same was done to our keeper. I mean, what are the Moroccoans scared of?? They used every trickery imaginable to secure that final qualification. Kudos ladies! Y’all are still the greatest in Africa as far as I am concerned. CAF can pull their tricks all they want. Na them sabi !

        • Baller 101 4 weeks ago

          The lazer beam was actually focused on all our penalty takers’ faces. Not just onumonu, including our goalie. That’s pure nonsense in my opinion. And CAF/Ref didnt say or do anything about that. Yeye people!

    • EZOMO 4 weeks ago

      What are talking about actually , a team was playing 2 women down u still want them to play better why u dey reason like this, before the red card falcons was controlling the game beautifully in fact they score while they were one woman down still u came here to like this
      I was expecting u to trash the mortocan team that played over 40 mins having red card advantage still they can only win by penalties, I beg talk reasonably I beg

    • Steve O 4 weeks ago

      You sounded like an idiot and ended idiotically!!!…go bring your daughter to fight for a shirt in Super Falcons!!..if you can’t appreciate the effort of this girl’s , then you are a moronic sadist !!

      • Men, I am not in the mood to tolerate nonsense. So, let’s do this, bastard. Steve O or what do you call yourself? You sound like a bastard and you are indeed a born bastard for responding to my contribution that way. Idiot like you.

        • David 4 weeks ago

          @deo your points are spot on, as the giant of women football in Africa, ayinde and ajibade red cards were well deserved. Naija should never have been in that position we have more than enough experience and skills for that moment of stupidity. It appears while other African countries are taking 2 steps forward nigeria remains on the same spot. If we handled our business in the first half like the champions we are we would be playing for bronze.

          • Baller 101 4 weeks ago

            So what about the foul on Osinachi Ohale? Why wasn’t the VAR reviewed? The same red card rules that applies to Nigeria should also apply to Morrocoans irrespective of the fact that they are the host nation. The girls lost galantly. The girls were playing beautifully well, commanding every aspect of the game until the ref started dishing out her red cards. Na only God sabi how many red cards she put for pocket for that match sef! Anyways. SF are still the team to beat in Africa. We didn’t lose to Morocco, we lost to CAF.

          • Baller 101 4 weeks ago


      • Steve o
        Why don’t you go and bring all the prostitutes in your household to come and play the game without incurring useless red cards, bastard Steve O. Useless idiot, moronic fool. It is your entire generation that are sadistic motherfucking bastards.

        • Chudynak 4 weeks ago

          @deo, you are honourable. Just sheathe your sword. I understand your frustration on this one but let it not degenerate into exchange of abuses. Indeed, the red cards were self-inflicted. The team should have been more careful knowing their opponents as hosts would attract enough sympathy from the officials. I still believe the ref was not fair enough not to have sent off that Moroccan that also fouled our player in the same manner as both Ayinde and Ajibade. That would have somewhat balanced the game. I totally support your call for an inquest into the remote and immediate causes of two red cards in a single game

        • Steve O 4 weeks ago

          You think you are intelligent but is only a fool that will praise your stupid write up !!..How can you demean the beautiful performance of those gallant girls?..you are a pig and a nonentity , useless pig cos you don’t appreciate good things and good efforts !!!… animal!!..These are super falcons you are talking about , 9 times African champions , where were the other African countries you were praising when SF were winning those trophies?..You see your type is what make Nigeria bad , you think you know something but you know nothing , pull him down syndrome.How many countries have won this cup before now in Africa – Just two – Nigeria 9 time and Equitorial Guinea – 2 times , so where went Ghana, Cameroon, South Africa you where praising ?.I have been following your write up of criticism on this page , but you got nothing upstairs, always vomiting nonsense cos you useless man ,with no work have the time to write rubbish.Now that you have that audacity to negatively criticize them , can you send your wife and daughters to represent Nigeria next time ?…you did not even comment on the red card that was not given to Moroccan player by VAR/referee, which could have at least tilted the game in SF favour , all you want is to find fault in thier efforts !!..may your effort and the effort of your children be in vain if this is your mindset !!.. Useless man of no value !!..I wish I can bloody that you ugly face for that your headless write up , evil people everywhere !!….you should go to your evil village cos that is where you rightly belong … asshole !!

          • Chima E Samuels 4 weeks ago

            @Stevo so you mean he should join and be praising players for showing intelligence by not playing safe against a team that we all know are cocky before hand. Common all of you supporting the more experienced SF are very average that’s the pure truth. World Cup is coming you’ll see how teams will continue dominating us and more needless red cards will be raining. Deo was spot on and will continue to be reckoned with as long as he stays true and says it as it is without fearing any banter. Your insults to him is really strange for me if you ask because the guy did not insult anyone.

        • Steve O, may you rot in hell for all eternity because you were born a bastard, raised a bastard and you will die a bastard.

          At least I think I am intelligent. What about you? I am 100% sure that you are a worthless dunce because the money your parents wasted on your education should have been flushed down the drainage.

          Only a fool will praise my stupid write up you say, at least someone will praise it. Has anyone praised anything you have done in your life? Your own write ups go largely ignored which is a telling indictment of how shallow minded, worthless useless and stupid that you are. Your write ups are worth less than a hand full of dust which is why nobody knows you and why nobody gives a fuck about you. Hopeless bastard motherfucking idiot that you are. Steve O, I guess that O in your name stands for Ode (fool hahahaha) son of a Bitch. You think I care what you feel about my write ups. May Boko haram killers hack you and your prostitute family members to death. Bastard

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          My type makes Nigeria bad, and you? What have you contributed to the betterment of the country rather that insult people whose point of view you disagree with? Son of a bitch!

          You have been following my write up???? Lol. Thank you sir..I have not been following your own write ups o because you are totally irrelevant. You are a nobody.. Nobody knows you.. Nobody likes you. Nobody reckons with you because you have no gumption. You lack the ability to put together a coherent narrative. Worthless swine.

          At least I have a wonderful wife and s daughter. Why don’t you send all the prostitutes in your household to play for the Super Falcons. Omoale! Oloshi, Ashiere! KO NI DA FUN E!!!!!!!

          Useless man with no work, you say!!! Hahahaha I laff in Swahili. And what work do you do, refuse collection???? Hahahaha.

          May your effort and the effort of your children and entire generation be in vain if this is your mindset !! As worthless as you are right now, you and your generation will never amount to anything meaningful. Desolation and despair will trail you.

          Useless man of no value. Useless brain, useless statement and you will continue to be useless in all your ways.

          Son of a Bitch worthless bastard hi hopeless reprobate fucking swine.

          • Steve. O. 4 weeks ago

            @deo the old axe man for uk. Lol.

          • Steve O, the old axe man from Nigeria. Lol.

    • Ogugua 4 weeks ago

      That was a very poor Moroccan side. Unfortunately we played into their hands. We should have beaten that team well before those incidents unfortunately we equally had a side that wasn’t up to anything. Good defense, good midfield without any form of coordination upfront. South Africa will easily beat that Moroccan team bcos they are simply a side sleeker upfront. That our Coach is crap. Morocco beating us is an abomination. Pls sack that coach. He’s really not a good one.

      • Supatemmy 4 weeks ago

        You are the only person who spoke my mind, Onumonu should have just go out for Monday by 60min or so, and we sure wouldn’t have see Ajibade coming to midfield to cover for her and get another red.

    • @ Deo, I agree with some but not all you said. First, Ivory Coast, South Africa, Ghana, or even Cameroun will still find it very difficult to beat this super falcons team if they play 9 women against 11. Yes, super falcons are still below the power houses of Europe and North and South America. But I do not think teams live Latvia, Greece, Costa Rica etc can beat the falcons because I have also watched them play. Notice that after the 1990s, the USA team have been finding it difficult to beat Nigeria by more than 1 goal. That tells you that the supper falcons have been improving.

      The tackles by Ayinde and Ajibade were rash but were they intentional, the answer is no. If you have an oyinbo coach and the coach can’t fine tune the playing style of of Nigerian teams, then there is not need getting the oyinbo coach. Were it to be the USA that lost the way super falcons lost yesterday (with 2 women down), Waldrum would have had to explain what he has been doing with the players, so much so that their physicality can’t be fine tuned to become a finesse and an asset.

      If we are going to get an oyinbo coach for the falcons we need a proper coach and not somebody who is going to be learning on the job and showing preference for players that are unfit.

  • Omaskels 4 weeks ago

    All hail the African best female team, Super falcons for their Never-say-die spirit displayed yesterday even when it was glaring that CAF wanted them out by all means. The same foul that the ref gave Nigeria red card for,was committed by the Moroccans and it wasn’t checked by VAR..And I jst wonder why d laser beam on our players during the penalties,? It’s was a day light robbery but inspite of all these,our girls still put up a gallantry performance..Most importantly we have qualified for the World Cup..
    Bravo !!!

    • David 4 weeks ago

      Yes one of the morocco’s players should have been sent off but nigeria should never have been in the situation.

      • David, this simple sentence from you captures the totality of my thoughts in the shortest possible words. The merit or otherwise of the card issued to the Moroccan player for the stamp on Ohale, the simple fact is that, as title contenders, Nigeria should never have found herself in that position to start with.

        Thank you sir.

        • Steve O 4 weeks ago

          This man @Deo, you are a bad thinker and a chameleon !!….why didn’t you pin point that bad decision in your stupid first write up above ?….so you think Nigeria is the most perfect football playing nation that the girls won’t make a mistake?.. football is an action game and any thing can happen with a rush of blood !!..the Moroccan player deserves a red card and that could have tilted the game to our favour !!..the point is that CAF was part of the take – them – out conspiracy in order to prevent Nigeria from winning it for the tenth time , not with South Africa reaching the final and we have a South African CAF President , that is doing everything possible to undermine West African dominance in the game !!..

        • This Goat Steve O you are a non-thinker and a goat. Go and die instead of asking me stupid questions. I don’t answer the questions of a worthless motherfucking useless bastard reprobate like yourself who should be locked in a mental asylum.

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          Fucking bastard.

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          I am now waiting for your response you bastard so I can dish it out to you in the only language you understand. Son of a bitch. Worthless swine..

          I don’t know why Nigerians are so rude! They think they can hide behind the keypad and insult others simply because they disagree with their point of view.

          I wrote my piece up there and waited quietly for lunatics like you to attack blindly, I was ready. There were others who respectfully picked holes in what I wrote, I humbly respect thier right to criticize. But when you descend to abuse, them me I am ready for you o. Oloshi Oloriburuku bastard idiot.

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          • SELF MADE KING 4 weeks ago

            This guy no sabi yab at all. You need better slap do and Steve. Two small boys.

  • Footballfanatic 4 weeks ago

    Waldrum is shit….

  • Chima E Samuels 4 weeks ago

    So what will happen when we play top teams at the World Cup? Nigeria is slave to this man, I feel sad that a country like Morocco knows the value of winning than Nigeria to go and hire a world class coach. This means that my country is a poor country that is unable to hire a top manager.

    • @ Chima, while Pedro is a good coach he is not world class, else France will have him a as their coach , but was overlooked. Yes, he helped Lyon to two women euro champions league. But you have to understand that Lyon women’s team at that time and till now is blessed with good if not fantastic players. Its akin to Roberto Di Matteo being called a world class coach.

      • Chima E Samuels 4 weeks ago

        This coach is used to bringing out the best in players and also managing excellent talents, and he is tailor made to make his players dominate play. If he were to be our coach we will be brushing teams aside because he will do a better job with his philosophy.

        • @Chima, I quite agree with you about Pedro’s football philosophy having seen how he managed Lyon girls and now Morocco. But the problem is if managing the SF he can handle the side politics of nff.
          Remember Omagbemi did her best and one will think those nff buffoons will allow her to continue, but no they sack her. Denneby could not also handle it hence he left.

  • The truth of the matter is CAF wanted super falcons out, infact the new Caf President does not care about the best our continent can produce in all categories of African football, all he wants is for teams from other regions to represent Africa going forward whether they are good enough or not. Those fouls were not intentional and they were first time infringements and the Moroccan players were not real hurt. If any red card at all, one would have been understandable.
    In regards to the super Falcons coach, he has no reason to continue on that job, the super falcons lacked coordination upfront, once they get to around the eighteen of the opponent you see them kicking the ball without direction, which showed that the team had no tactical formation on what to do once the opponent goal is in sight. And that is the job of the coach. Besides, our girls scored when they were already one player down and the coach still continued play with three at the back, which was why morocco equalised. i don’t know why NFF just bring in any coach so long as he is white and not what they can impact on our players, it is sad. The coach should be sacked and use his salary to either sponsor some local coaches oversea for training or use the fund to bring in Technocrat to train our coaches here.

    • Chima E Samuels 4 weeks ago

      Judging from Rohr’s experience I will rather we let him finish his business even though we know what the outcome will be. So that we can then start the usual rebuilding after the World Cup because we will be dominated by every teams at the World Cup.

    • Steve O 4 weeks ago

      Your analysis is on point , yes with one player down and a goal up , certainly a good coach could have told his player to defend in bulk and not to allow spaces at the back with 25minutes remaining !!!…it was a bad decision to have three defenders at the Moroccans were desperate to equalize!!

      • Steve O, Steve Ode, Steve Oponu, Steve Olodo. Steve Oloshi, Steve Oloriburuku. All you can say is analysis is spot on, idiot. Why don’t you come up with your own coherent analysis for once rather than tag along others. Olodo rabata , oju eja lo mo je. I guess you are currently eating fish eyes right now. Hahahaha. You have been following my write up, fucking stalker….. I don’t give a damn what idiots like you think.

        • Cultist 4 weeks ago

          @deo the new nuisance in town. See werey don show true color.

          • Cultist….lol very funny. It’s been a while, nuisance. Is it by force to comment under people’s threads? If I no longer want to occupy a particular space, then I leave you in your peace. Werey people and thieves.

        • Mr Cultist, no more Mr Nice guy from me o. I have indeed shown my true colours o. I will continue to show that colour when unruly idiots think they can insult me and get away with it. No more “turning the other cheek” from me. Of werey nuisance like you mess with
          me, you will see more of true colours Mr. Cultist. I have am inkling of who you are and where you have come from. Hahahaha..

        • MONKEY POST 4 weeks ago

          Na wao…is this the real @DEO or someone claiming to be him…

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          • My brother Monkey Post, it is me o! I deliberately chose to give Steve O fire for fire. This time around, I am talking no shit from nobody.

          • MONKEY POST 4 weeks ago

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          • MONKEY POST 4 weeks ago


            But from all I don READ so far @DEO, for this una ABUSIVE CHALLENGE..

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            NICE ONE @DEO…


        • Supatemmy 4 weeks ago

          Deo I actually respect you and expect you to be more resilient and tolerant than all this you’re doing… It’s unexpected of u

  • kay01 4 weeks ago

    if they go to world cup with this coach super falcon won`t do better than before or even worse, he`s major goal is to qualify for world cup ha said . who`s hire such a coach, he`s not a good coach

    • Greenturf 4 weeks ago

      Do you think any other coach will lead the super falcons to a successful world cup campaign?

  • Codex 4 weeks ago

    Nobody is talking about The lack of preparation for tournaments which is customary for our teams,no one is blaming the NFF for
    1: their criteria-less appointment of expatriate coaches
    2: inability to consistently ensure that our national teams play against the very best in the world at friendlies
    3: illusory self assurance and a lack of honesty on their part is why our teams will never grow.and someone is here blaming @deo for an honest write up.

    • Steve O 4 weeks ago

      Abeg give NFF a slack, they did thier best in this regards !!…the preparation was fine, the Super Falcons competed and played preparatory games with Canada , US , Portugal, Jamaica etc ….what else do you want NFF to do ?..just that this coach is not up to game but allow him to finish his work at the world cup !!

      • Oh, so you can criticize the coach, idiotic moron. I thought it was sacrilege to criticize anyone. Why not send your great grandfather to go and coach the team. Fool.

        You have been following my write ups, now I have started following your bull shit and guess what, it stinks. You stink. Fucking idiot. Bastard

      • Greenturf 4 weeks ago

        I can’t understand why you are blaming the coach,for me I think he did a marvelous job and should be lauded.
        We should learn others have to win too.Every football team no matter how good they’re must get beat or bested at some point it’s sports it’s the way it’s.Errors brings goals,no matter how good your coach is you must do something you shouldn’t which may lead to a goal.
        So this idea of making coaches to pay for every lose is not right most of the times because so many factors could lead to a good team getting owned things that the fans may not even know.
        Waldrum should be allowed to continue with his job he did enough to take us further

      • Codex 4 weeks ago

        The friendlies in question were played 2 months before the tournament started,the best teams play such friendlies to gel,bond and understand each other and play pre tournament warm ups for readiness,sharpness etc. Nigeria did the former and not the latter btw football is a team sport and teamwork extends towards the administrators so no slack for chronic slackers,they should take responsibility for their inactions.

  • KangA 4 weeks ago

    “Injustice is done when the equals are treated unequally, and the unequals are treated equally.”

    I can’t remember the name of the Greek philosopher who said that. Sums up the punishment that was meted out against the SFs. Why wasn’t the Moroccan player who fouled Ohale sent off??? Why the selective punishment??? Is Ohale’s foot less valuable than that of a Moroccan???

    The talk about the rules being bent to favour the Moroccans because they are hosts is, to say the least, absurd.

    I still believe that the SA CXAF president is hell bent on destroying African soccer by introducing double standards.

    What arrant nonsense in taking obnoxious measures to stop Nigeria because it has won the title so many times. How about Egypt? Will CAF stop them from winning the male title?

    • Omo9ja 4 weeks ago

      On this issue, you are very correct. The ref should have sent the Moroccan player out too but she didn’t.

      Lessons should be learned from Nigeria vs Morocco match.

      Why did Alimatu Ayinde and Rosheedat Ajibade Committed those two fouls when we were in control of the match?

      We had our chances in the first half but we failed to utilize them and Falcons got punish in the end.

      Also, I will blame the coach for not sub Onumonu. I am not talking about the penalty she missed. When Monday came in, we saw what she did. Onumonu is good but too soft in this tournament. She is still new in the team I think but she will get better.

      I will also blame NFF for not making a protest about Nigeria vs Morocco match. CAF is a disgrace to African football. What is the purpose of having Amaju Pinnick as Nigeria football Federation president? That man and his colleagues have to go.

      Enough of all these calamities. CAF also stopped Zambia from reaching final of the Wafcon. It is a big shame if CAF doesn’t know.

      The coaches of all national teams of Nigeria should educate the players about the tackling before playing a match from now on i think. From Iwobi to Alimatu Ayinde and from Ayinde to Ajibade. This is not encouraging I must say it.

      Those three red cards were uncalled for. Why did they do it? I have no clue. Falcons would have won the match easily against Morocco but I hope our both male and female teams will learn from those two mistakes, against Tunisia and now against Morocco. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Sunnyb 4 weeks ago

    We should stop blaming the coaches, we don’t ve good players, we properly ve three to four good players, with two properly world standard, these old  tied ladies can’t give what they don’t have. South Africa and Morocco just exposed them,if this’s our team for World Cup I’m sorry guys I can baskets from my windows with Pinnick and Dare distributing them. How come we don’t ve any Hausa / Fulani girls in this team,for real what’s the usefulness of these people in that country,  except breeding terrorists and bandits, i tire oo

    • Golden Child 4 weeks ago

      You made some salient points until you derailed with discriminatory comment on the Hausa/ Fulani tribe. It is not healthy to harbor such thoughts because not all Hausa/Fulani people are bad. Whilst I understand your frustration on the state of the nation and the leader stirring its affairs, it is important to focus on the issues rather than the race. Every race and tribe has good and bad people, we would be erring to generalize. Entertaining such thoughts is what births racism and tribalism and eventually passed from generation to generation. No one deserves to be judged based on where they come from only.

  • JimmyBall 4 weeks ago

    Regarding Iwobi’s red card… the truth of the matter regarding Iwobi who had so much promise when he bursted unto the scene at Arsenal has been a lack of will to improve… he has remained an average midfield because he was for a long time to comfortable to add grit to his game and marking skill… as a midfielder you must learn how to slide-tackle just like a central defender or defensive midfielder, there are going to be moments when your team may just need you to properly shaddow an opposing midfielder or player and help win balls clean… Where slide-tackle is most lethal and effective is when the reach to the ball is a a yard or two away from you with the opponent properly with the ball… The only midfielder Nigeria has who comes close or I wld say is at pat with Ndidi about ball marking and winning is Obinna Nwobodo. That guy did so well in Turkey but was never involved by the SE handlers… If Obinna had slotted in that DM in a double pivot with Joel Obi and Usman Mohammed playing the attacking midfield role… there was no way Ghana would have dominated us in ball play and midfield like they did over 180minutes… Any coach who asks Iheanacho to play number 10, has just committed suicide… dude lazy to play in midfield. I would even have inviter Iyayi Believe to play attacking midfield if it is felt Usman Mohammed can’t do the job… There evil people in charge of players invitation to Super Eagles… Gatekeepers who invite players after collecting money from them… Eguaveon was part of that rotten nest also. How does anyone explain Onyekuru going to Nations Cup and not Dessers. We go learn by force… Personally I see the group in SE that we have now as a bunch of average players… That view won’t change any time soon…

    • Dr. Drey 4 weeks ago

      Hehehehe….and what happened to Kelechi Nwakali who is better than all SE midfielders including Mikel…?? Forgotten so soon…?! LMAOOOo

      Now it is Joel Obi and Usman Mohammed…….LMAOoooo.

      We will never stop thanking God some people are nowhere near our national team in any capacity…..LMAOOoo. Otherwise, by now Peter Olayinka would been playing LB and Paul Onuachu anchoring DM for us

  • Thank you so much Omo9ja for your frank contribution up there which for me goes to the heart of the matter.

    In project management, we have 2 variables called ‘internal dependencies’ and external dependencies.

    1) Internal dependency are those variables which are by and large under your control. In football, it was under the control of Ayinde and Ajibade to decide to attempt tackles.

    2) External dependencies are those variables totally outside your control. How the referee and VAR choose to interpret tackles is totally out of the control of players and coaches. I deliberately chose to pay less attention to the referee’s interpretation of the foot-stamping foul on Ohale because that is totally out of our control.

    As perennial African women’s champions, I think the coaches should have paid greater attention to actions totally within the control of the players, thereby not giving the referees and VAR officials the opportunity to interpret our actions in a way that will harm us.

    We are not liked on the continent, are we suprised? Success breeds jealousy, success breeds hatred. Our women national teams are the most hated on the continent. The Super Falcons, The Flamingos and The Falconets think they can brush other African teams aside without breaking sweat and then expect to be loved???

    Knowing that we are hated intensely on the continent should bring a realisation that we of all teams have to be very careful in how we conduct ourselves on the pitch (if they are out to get you, you don’t then give them ammunition to gun you down). The Super Falcons were not meant to be in this tournament. CAF’s regional qualification formula was meant to have eliminated us, but the Super Falcons prevailed. Now in the tournament, we only had to be savvy, intelligent and be alive to all the potential traps set for us.

    CAF are never going to make it easy for Nigeria and we should not make it more difficult for ourselves!

    All the traps (if you choose to believe in conspiracy theories) set for Nigeria are easily surmountable if we keep our wits about us, maintain our discipline and strive not to leave ourselves open to dubious decisions.

    Like Omo9ja rightly said, which I observed as well, we had taken control of that match before the red cards. In all probability, that match had a Super Falcons victory written all over it. But those tackles (internal dependencies) open the door for the outcomes to be interpretated (external dependencies) in ways that came back to harm Nigeria.

    I remember in 1994 and 1996 when Nigeria played Italy and Brazil respectively in the world cup and Olympics. Some neutrals wanted Nigeria to win. The world was fed up of the same Italy, Germany, Brazil etc winning major tournaments. They wanted something new and refreshing like a Nigeria winning it hence the Super Eagles attracted a global fan base to this day.

    The Super Falcons, Falconets and Flamingos are in exactly that same place on the continent. People want us to be defeated! For years we have humiliated teams at home and in their backyards and now they want their pounds of Nigerian women’s flesh. Knowing that, the NFF and all our coaches should educate our players to not make it easier for referees and VAR officials with reckless tackles.

    After Ajibade received Nigeria’s second red card, Ngozi Okobi went to the referee and started clapping sarcastically and sardonically. Now, in the English Premer League and Uefa competitions, I have seen players sent off for such a show of “dissent”; so it was possible that we could have gone down to 8 players!!! Our players are professionals, they should know better. They should not let the occasion get the best of them. They need a leader on the pitch to help them maintain a calm head in chaotic circumstances. We are Nigeria, the rest of Africa want our downfall because of our pedigree. We should not be ignorant of the devices of our enemies. That is what Ghanaians flood this platform after the slightest mishap to our national teams. We should be smarter than them!

    On the tackle on Ohale by the Moroccan player which could also have attracted a red card, it would not matter had Ayinde and Ajibade been more careful and weren’t sent off. The decision to only yellow-card the Moroccan player became relevant because we were already depleted due to our carelessness.

    My point is that, if we manage variables that are in our control, decisions like the one not to red-card the Moroccan player will have minimal impact.

    • Edoman 4 weeks ago

      You nailed it. Thank you.

    • Thanks Edoman. Whether CAF, our Ghanaian rivals or other African teams like it or not, Nigeria is the most successful African team in world football across gender. Whenever African teams defeat Nigeria, they are tempted to hold a national holiday.

      No sooner had Ghana displaced Nigeria in World Cup qualifiers had Ghana fans flooded this platform to celebrate their giant killing achievements.

      Whether they lose all their matches in Qatar means absolutely nothing to them. The day they overcame Nigeria in Abuja to qualify for the World Cup, in their eyes, that is equivalent to Ghana winning the world cup.

      The hatred of Nigeria in Africa rings deep. Our men dominated and now our women followed suit and even are proving more successful than the men (in Africa at least).

      Then you have our disrespectful Flamingos and Falconets who go to African countries and beat them silly…

      And you expect CAF and African countries to like Nigeria and make it easier for us????

      Knowing this, the NFF and our coaches need to re-orientate our players. We still have the players across gender to rule Africa whether CAF likes it or not. We just need to put the right infrastructures in place, mentally and physically.

      But we are the ones shooting ourselves in the foot. CAF or no CAF, Nigeria had a far greater chance of winning either gold, silver or (worst case scenario) bronze in the last Afcon and to also qualify for the World Cup had NFF not press the self-destruction button.

      Like Omo9ja rightly observed, Super Falcons were well on course to win the Morocco game before we pressed the self-destruction button on the pitch. We could have even gone down to 8 players had Okobi’s sarcastic clap been punished.

      Now I ask you: who is the enemy? CAF, VAR, the referees or are we our own worst enemy?

      If you pay adequate attention to your home security details, then the possibilities of being burgled is greatly diminished.

      The sooner we recognise our ‘delicate’ and ‘envious’ place in African football, the better. Despite all of CAF’s zonal qualification contrivances, Nigeria still qualified for the Under-20 and Under-17 Afcons and are surely on course to qualify for the respective World Cups next year if we don’t press the self destruction button (on or off the pitch) as we are known to do.

      I have to say that since I have been following Nigeria’s football, we have been our own worst enemy due to off-field mismanagement by the NFF and on-field petulance by the players!!!

      If we pay greater attention to variables in our control and conduct ourselves like the GIANT OF AFRICAN FOOTBALL that we truly are, the efforts of CAF to derail us will always be set to face frustration after frustration!

      • Greenturf 4 weeks ago

        Good insightful analysis @deo.I like that “paying attention to variables”
        We can only hope to be blessed with great leadership and our players conducting themselves showing more discipline on the field of play to avoid unnecessary sending offs which unfortunately led to our ouster in a match we were well in control and had no reasons losing against desperate host Morocco.

    • Omo9ja 4 weeks ago

      Wow wow wow. Everybody can see the reason why I love you so much Deo. Knowledge and wisdom shall never depart from you all the days of your life Deo. God bless you more. You won my heart once again, bravo.

      The tackle Moroccan player committed on Ohale clearly was a red card no doubt about it but had we utilized the opportunity we had in the first half scoring like two goals down, nobody would care about the dubious attitude from CAF. Our players have to be more disciplined.

      Again, I am still expecting Amaju Pinnick and NFF members to fight this unwanted attitude from CAF. This disgraceful attitude have to be stopped and if we don’t hear from NFF before this Friday making a protest then NFF is a disgrace to Nigeria football while CAF is also a disaster to African football.

      What CAF president and CAF its members did against Zambia vs South and Nigeria vs Morocco match should be reviewed and if possible, those two matches should be replay.

      I am not saying this because am a Nigerian but I am saying this because of Africa image.

      I think something similar to this has happened during
      the last world cup qualifiers when South Africa vs Senegal if am not mistaken, CAF ordered both countries to play each other again, which they did.

      The way South Africa and Morocco made it to this year Wafcon wasn’t the right way but shameful. The whole world is watching . Peace. God bless us all. God bless Africa. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Mutum 4 weeks ago

    @ Deo,God bless you. Same thing I was telling people around me that faithful day…as a player you don’t go for such kind of tackles and expect “play on” from the ref. Ajibade and Ayinde messed up big time….what where the thinking,we were even in the morrocans half at that moment. Iwobi did same thing against Tunisia at the last Afcon. Going into the world cup proper,a replacement is needed ASAP for onome ebi,her pace don drop like deflated Tyre. Was expecting the coach to bring on Maclean’s and take off onomonu cos the other is buit and can bully the morrocans. Well,kudus to them… @ Deo u Sabi ball for recognizing the needles tackles from our players

    • Dr. Drey 4 weeks ago

      I share your sentiments brother. To think both tackles that earned us red cards where made in our opponent’s half makes it even more saddening. We weren’t under any form of pressure at both points. Mere marking the zones on both occasions would have been okay to retard progression of the Moroccans and allow our team regroup behind the ball.

      All over the world, the host always enjoys refereeing privileges during tournaments…even at the grandest stage of the them all, the World Cup….heck they are spending their tax-payers money to bring you guys together. So that Morrocco would enjoy refereeing privileges wasnt supposed to be news, what we will do not to play into their hands to make those privileges count was supposed to be our concern. We managed to always make sure our hands were behind the body whilst in the penalty area, hence we escaped penalties being manufactured against us on a couple of occasions, but the discipline to stay off weakening our numbers was what we took our eyes off and we paid for it in the end.

      As Deo has emphasized above, we shouldn’t have even arrived at that spot in the first place. Okobi didnt even it the ball on target in the 1st half from right in front of the penalty box with the Morroccan GK in no man’s land.

      THAT IS CRIMINAL in a Semifinal of any tournament, and against the host for that matter.

      And after going up 1-0 with 10 men, I expected the coach to play a low block and instruct all the players to ALWAYS BE BEHIND THE BALL. How could we afford AYANE and MSSOUDY all the hectares of space they both had to run into for that equalizer leading with a man down….??? Really…..? HOW…??

      And as if that wasnt bad enough, even a blind man could see Onumonu was out of gas by the 70th minute….and with the 2nd red card a minute later, we were technically gonna me having 8 men on the pitch, and what did Omo9ja’s daddy do…? He pulled of Kanu for Chikwelu…..LMAOOOoo…..Okobi for Monday…..LMAOooo. ”

      Its so unfortunate, but such is life. We cant always win it all. We didnt win in 2014 or so, but stormed back to with it 3 times in a row. So this is the time to retreat, get some rest and come back in 2024 to start a 5 tournament winning streak up till 2034 before we think of surrendering the title again.

      But I am pleased we bowed out like true champions. The girls have earned respect. Only Nigeria can do that.

      • Omo9ja 4 weeks ago

        @Dr.Drey, it is your day enjoy it. You can see now that I don’t follow people blindly?

        I say thing the way it is. Coach Waldrum made a mistake no doubt about it but still, Super Falcons made the whole world proud.

        9 players against 11 players plus home fans? We made it to the end
        by playing penalty kicks. Plus CAF hatred on our beloved Super Falcons? Common Dr.Drey, you should have known better kę.

        Can you compare our former world class coach Oga Rohr to this coach Waldrum? Be honest young man. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

        • Dr. Drey 4 weeks ago

          Hahahahaha…..I thought your Waldrum was a super coach and highly tactical….LMAOoo. You dont follow people blindly because you are not only lacking in sight physically and mentally, but also lack insight.

          Rohr inherited a SE team that had not qualified for AFCON back to back and took them to the 3rd place of a 24 team AFCON….your Waldrum inherits a SF team that has WON 3 WAFCONS back to back to back and cannot even guarantee us a 3rd place finish at a 12 team WAFCON come the 22nd.

          If you hand sense, you would by now be covering your face in shame. Useless double mouthed drunkard. Hossanna today, crucify him tomorrow hypocrite.

          We cant wait for your daddy that replaced a midfielder with a striker when he was 2 men down, to pack his belongings and go back to the secondary school he is coaching in the US.

        • Dr. Drey 4 weeks ago

          Omo9ja 4 months ago
          I can’t stop loving coach Waldrum. Wise, technically sound. Smart, he’s tactically there.

          Only 4 months ago, ‘you cant stop loving coach Wladrum’….after flopping at WAFCON ‘you no longer follow people blindly’….LMAOOoo

          Shameless hypocrite.

  • Super Falcons have already skipped a training session over the issue of unpaid bonuses. I’m beginning to doubt winning the third place self.
    NFF is back with what they are known of.

    • Back? They never stopped. The buffoons will at the end of the day if at all they pay short changed the ladies while they collect estacodes and there salaries as government officials. Crooks