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WAFCON 2022: We Showed True ‘Naija Spirit’ Against Morocco- Plumptre

WAFCON 2022: We Showed True ‘Naija Spirit’  Against  Morocco- Plumptre

Leicester City defender Ashleigh Plumptre believes the Super Falcons put up a brave fight despite falling short in their title defence at the 2022 Africa Women’s Cup of Nations, reports Completesports.com.

The Super Falcons were aiming for an 11th African title to extend their record, but after regulation and extra time ended 1-1, hosts Morocco, in front of a 45 562-strong crowd, won the spot kicks 5-4.

Gotham FC’s Ifeoma Onumonu missed the decisive kick for Nigeria.

The Super Falcons played majority of the semi-final fixture with nine players after Halimat Ayinde and Rasheedat Ajibade were sent off by the centre referee.

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“I don’t think anybody can fault the players on the pitch for how we tried to fight,”Plumptre was quoted by ESPN.

“Even with nine players, for that amount of time, because it is not just the physical side, it is also the emotional and mental side, the frustration of having two players coming off.

“I am not going to comment on the decision, but that affects everybody on the pitch. Most of us were tired but we still put in a good effort.”

The Super Falcons will now play for the bronze medal against Zambia on Friday.

By Adeboye Amosu

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  • Papafem 2 years ago

    You lost on the pitch to CAF for being very embarrassed seeing Nigeria win all the time. But you all won us over. You’re our heroes, true tojans. Next year’s WC is an avenue to prove this compromised CAF wrong.

  • Edoman 2 years ago

    Totally agreed with your opinion Papafem. The Nigerians girls tried. We can’t win the cup every time. Otherwise, it becomes very boring and meaningless. The coach should let the experience of this match guard their judgement next time around.

  • OJON ABIODUN 2 years ago

    To be candid, our ladies put-up a spirited and dogged performance for holding play for most of the time even with a numerical disadvantage. The referee at this WAFCON are bunch of greenhorns who are yet to come to terms with the interpretation of VAR. Kudos to the Super Falcons and better outing at the world cup and next WAFCON.

  • Ifeanyi 2 years ago

    You girls lost to CAF not morrocco.

  • MONKEY POST 2 years ago

    BETTER days ahead BABY…

    I BELIEVE you…

    You TRULY gave it your all…

  • Respect is reciprocal 2 years ago

    The coach needs to teach them to be less aggressive we deserve the two red cards given to us yesterday.we can be physical and yet not rough in play. Our players are heavy and because of this any marking will look as if they want to kill their opponent. Another thing is they are slow and predictable no wonders we are piecemeal at the world cup. Tell our players to switch to Mediterranean food.

    • Did we watch the same match?

      Apart from Ebi and Rita, our girls were not heavy at all. The match the Moroccans height for height.
      Ayinde’s red card was deserved but Ajibade’s red card was a bad decision on the side of the referee. The game would have been sealed in the first half even with 9 women, the Monday Gift would buried the Moroccans had the shot not crossed the bar.

      • Baller 101 2 years ago

        I’m pretty sure he was talking about the SA vs Zambian match!

    • Regista 2 years ago

      Lol@heavy. I agree with you. I can understand why Baba disagrees as it may not be heavy literally. More like stocky. The typical African/black build. That build tends to give players more momentum in tackles making their tackles more dangerous, and making them susceptible to cautions and red cards. For the most part, the physical stature is difficult to change. I feel the onus is on the coach to recognize such issues and coach the players to leverage such physical characteristics in defending while maintaining finesse and discipline in their tackles.

  • Sunnyb 2 years ago

    Morocco just started participating in women soccer, we can all see what they’re doing with their young squad. Naija team is not improving, these  are bunch of tied women, the coaches should scout for young better players. I know those worthless guys in Nff technical office selected most of these players on sentiments, tribalism and sex for play. You guys should be asking the NfF what ve they done with millions of dollars given to them by FIFA for women soccer, instead of praising this performance against Morocco. 

    • EZOMO 2 years ago

      That s big lie morrocco has been partipating in women football for years as a matter of fact falcon have beaten them twice with high margin goal before so don’t say what you don’t know how Google it nd check how many times falcons have played them before secondly tell me wats so special in a morroccan team that beat a another team with 2 women down with a penalty , absolutely nothing special about them they are just lucky, did u see how falcons controlled the game whole they were complete

  • mnf Summer 2 years ago

    Good effort. The falcons wasted the 1st half and waited to be pushed to the wall before acting serious. Why allow Morocco to equalise few minutes after scoring? Apart from these foreign born/ based, are these all Nigeria got? Are these our best? We need to ponder over this. However, the victory of Nigeria would have been claimed as APC achievement, and give the nation false sense of unity. Let it go so the youths would concentrate on taking back their country. The 2 red cards were justified.

  • mnf Summer 2 years ago

    …1st half..

  • Coache 2 years ago

    One of the Moroccans matched Ohale the same way Ajibade did and only got a yellow card, yet no VAR review. Ohale cried profusely but no CAR CHECKS.

    We can see a trend here, against Tunisia the same VAR was used to witch hunt the SE. If these guys are not called to order, Nigerian teams will soon be disgraced unceremoniously with VAR. Am I now condoning hard tackles, NO.

    • Bros, thank you for the observation. The same question I have asked those criticising our players for the foul. I don’t think they were intentional but the rules had to be kept. The same rule should have been used when Ohale was fouled. VAR should have called the ref to review it. Thumbs up to our girls!

  • Kelvin 2 years ago

    Let me quickly say something, the second red card was on called for. the VAR review was totally wrong because it was not intentional, the Moroccan girl make the same tackle, why didn’t the so call VAR review that one, for me the supper   falcon is still the champions when it come to female football in Africa, the play like wounded lion, 2red cards and they never give up, however I want to believe that the so call CAF did not want Nigeria to lift that trophy again, it been ages I have watch such match, I am so  proud of the supper falcons 

  • You girls win the heart of thousands spectators that watched the match, you win my heart, though disappointed by the Injustice of the CAF, you girls prove to the world that nothing can dampen your spirit. Am proud of you girls. Keep the Spirit going.

  • Before any country will win the cup up to three times, falcons would have reach ten or eleven cups. Let falcons and my darling country cheer up.

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