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WAFU B Tourney Final: Gallant Golden Eaglets Fall To Cote d’l Voire

WAFU B Tourney Final:   Gallant Golden Eaglets Fall To Cote d’l Voire

The Golden Eaglets failed in the defence of their WAFU B tournament after going down to a 3-2 defeat against Cote d’l voire in their final fixture on Monday night, reports Completesports.com.

The Ivoriens took the lead in the 21st minute through Sindou Kone.


Charles Likpa nearly added another goal for his side 11 minutes later but his well struck shot was saved by Destiny Emuwahem.

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Abdrumane Konate scored the second goal for Ivory Coast a minute before the hour mark.

Substitute Seydou Traore added the third six minutes from time.

Ahmed Abdullahi reduced the deficit for the Eaglets with a free-kick on the dot of 90 minutes.

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He scored his second of the game deep into stoppage time.

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  • Lord AMO 2 years ago


  • omo9ja were you day is just a pity

  • Ako Amadi 2 years ago

    What’s GALLANT about being 3-zero down, and squeezing in 2 goals in extra time? The more Nigeria succumbs to other Africsn teams the more the country operates under a mentality as losers and under-achievers. The Sports Ministry doesn’t appear to take the psychological blows seriously.

  • _Eaglets make do with silver_

    Coach Fatai Amoo had a huge slice of luck to even get this far in tournament which invariably earned Nigeria a ticket to the Under-17 Africa Cup of Nations later in the year.

    Losing twice to Ivory Coast within a short space of time means his Francophone counterpart is undoubtedly far better than him (to borrow a popular phrase that has been making the rounds).

    For me, I am just happy and a tad relieved that there is underage continental football to look forward to later in the year.

    The wound of not qualifying for the Under-20 Afcon left me with visible scars and I was fasting and praying not to go through it all over with the Under-17s.

    From about 2013 to date, our Under-17 teams have continued to look younger. This has to augur well for the future of Nigerian football and also enhances our reputation of putting forward genuine youngsters for these competitions.

    Nigeria fans who followed the recently concluded under 17 wafu cup of nations will posit to underwhelming standard of play displayed by the Eaglets and a dearth of modern football technical input from Amoo and his management crew.

    Manu Garba and Emmanuel Amuneke had provided avant-garde technical inputs and approach in the execution of Nigeria’s under 17 football assignments from West Africa all the way to the global stage.

    This ‘gold’ standard that incidentally won back to back gold medals at this level has had the effect of elevating the expectations of fans to heights future under 17 coaches have to either match or exceed.

    The brand of football has to be pristine, the players have to be precocious and the outcomes have to be positive.

    Nothing wrong with those 3 elements, after all, ‘who no like beta thing?’

    But Amoo’s Eaglets aren’t leaving this tournament empty handed: they have obtained what the came for which is Afcon qualification.

    His team was lucky, Ladan Bosso, less so.

    It is now left for the NFF to plan ahead of the Afcon so that the Eaglets can have a more memorable tournament. If they have to overhauled the team’s management set up or even replace Fatai Amoo with a more flamboyant and dynamic manager, so be it but they should not leave it too late.

    Fatai Amoo, on his part might point to limited time for preparation as the reason for not serving the insatiable fans with the gaiety of glamorous football that they have more recently become accustomed.

    But there can now be no excuse for serving the same insipid brand of football in the Afcon proper.

    • Kenneth 2 years ago

      Last time I checked, the eaglets lost to the ivorians during manus time and we ended up winning the world cup. So let’s give the boys a break. Preparing a month for this tournament wasn’t that easy. Lets see what they have to offer in March.

  • chuks haifa 2 years ago

    The worst of the worst eaglets. Three goals down before crawling back two tiring goals. The whole team should be reshuffled including the grandfather coach playing ancient football. They won’t be lucky again.

  • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

    For those who have been very quick to forget what our SE looked like in those years when we wouldn’t even finish 2nd place in our AFCON qualifying group or as one of best loosers. Just go back and watch Amoo and Bosso’s teams and come back and thank Rohr……LMAO.

    I know oga Amoo will be quick to point to “time factor” as the reason for giving us such a wuru wuru team bereft of ideas, but the U17 AFCON proper will expose Amoo and his crew. Give them 10 years with this team and they wouldn’t still play any better than they have done in this tournament. I know the antecedents of both Bosso and Amoo and they are no Manu Garba, John Obuh or Amuneke. The chickens are finally coming home to roost. All the bunch of unmerited coaching appointments of the NFF are coming back to bite hard. Na so dem for take sack Rohr replace am with Yobo (according to the gospel of Segun Odegbami) that year if to say we nor shout. Na so we for don begin dey sink ever since. LMAO. Even 4 months as assistant coach has almost scattered the peace in the team’s camp not to all of being main coach…Lolz

    Amoo really studied the Ivorians to have gone down 3-0 up till the 90th minute…..LMAO. Rohr should go and learn from Amoo indeed….I wonder how a man could have won 55-60 % of all his matches without studying his opponents……LMAO

    • Mercy 2 years ago

      The 55-60% winning ratio excluding, emphasis on “excluding” games that the SE played draw.

  • JimmyBall 2 years ago

    How does Manu Garba do the magic that his team always know how to pass the ball smoothly? I think slowly, CIV, Mali, Senegal and Burkina Faso are beginning to take over youth team good setup and organisation from Nigeria and Ghana. Fatai Amoo may not be a bad coach, and I believe some of these boys are talented but Amoo did not do a thorough ground job of scouting and cohesive team play… we could see the CIV boys were the most balanced team in the whole of the tournament. I will like Fatai Amoo to speak to Manu Garba and share ideas but still take the team to Morocco, however I expect him to bolster the squad. Nigerians like me are always full of emotions for the Eaglets… Let this set of boys be kept, and let the camp be open up for more talents at most 22 new fresh boys to be picked based on talent alone to compete in atleast two months camping with these ones and let them test in scrimmages against each other and we see those who clearly standout… I believe we can farm boys who are smoother, confident and more expressive than these CIV boys… Congratulations to Cote d’voire nevertheless!

    • Kenneth 2 years ago

      Oga you dey mind all this noise makers. Please what has rorh won so far in the 5 years of his helm. Last I checked was bronze. Was this not how manu lost to the ivorians in 2013 in the finals in Morocco. We ended conquering the world. What happened to the ivorians,they didn’t go far. So please let’s cut amoo a slack, yes he didn’t assemble a good team, well he has time now to look at the lapses from this tournament. So all that comparison with Rorh I dont get the correlation

  • asonaldo 2 years ago

    From the first day I watched the silver eaglet, I knew they’re going now where only for them to be lucky to reach the finals.

    The truth being said, if am to rate this team this is how my rating will look like:

    Talent 0%
    Technical input 0%

    Talent: it’s now glaring that NFF, NFA is corrupt. No a single player with flair was present in this team. Young boys of 15 years of age in my area plays classy football than what i saw those lads do. Only God knows who scouted those players.

    Technical Input: Sometimes I wonder how this NFA/NFF appoints coach. The man who coached this team never proved us wrong that he was not fit for the job. He was busy praying for luck which God answered anyway(His team came out second). There was no playing pattern and I wonder if Nigeria was cursed not to keep ball possession(they consistently make wrong pass, play the ball sporadically into the air with no vision)

  • Mendelian 2 years ago

    How on earth were they gallant. Loosing 3:0 up till the 90th minute. CSN abeg una no fit decieve me with wrong use of english. let’s face fact,the boys were very poor.

  • Omo9ja 2 years ago

    Yes Eaglets were indeed gallant and here are the reasons.

    No1. Late preparations.

    No2. To scout under age players to formed a team within the short of period and reaching the final of the competition wasn’t an easy task still, coach Amoo managed his team well to compete with the over age teams in the competition and won the silver medals. That’s indeed a gallant achievement.

    No3. From 3:0 down to 3-2, come on Nigerians, the man did well. He was unfortunate not to be crowned the champion of the tournament.

    Note: the man showed us what our local coaches capable of doing.

    In the semis, he read the game and won the match.

    At the final, he did the same thing by reading the game and came back from 3:0 to 3:2.

    Let’s compare that to Super Eagles that were leading 4:0 and from 4:0 to 4:4 but why the gaffer of the Eagles couldn’t do something to prevent that result to 4:3 instead of 4:4?

    Still, they are putting coach Amoo down for no reasons. Hmm. Nigerians are the problems of Nigeria indeed.

    A big lesson to be learned. NFF should treat our local coaches like foriegn coach.

    If our local coaches can be properly managed by the NFF, they will achieve more the foriegn coach.

    No4. Upon owing the man his salary, he squeezed in to qualified Nigeria to another tournament.

    If I may ask, how many months it took Super Eagles managers to get their strikers and goalies?

    Do they have a complete team yet Upon have foriegn based players? What is their achievements so far? Bronze medals ba?

    I am try to take Nigerians back from our carbals and oppressors but still, you people think NFF care about you? Chai, are you guys kidding me?

    Blame Mr. Pinnick and leave Mr. Amoo out of this period.

    I will advise NFF to pay coach Amoo his money and let him go.

    If they want to do the right thing at the right time, it is now not tomorrow.

    NFF should start early preparations.

    NFF should give Finidi George this opportunity to excel and develop this Eaglets for the up coming tournament.

    In one word, our indigenous coaches deserves a class period. Am I communicating ba? If so, ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • @Omo9ja…..

      Pls oga come back & read this shit u call a comment u just droped here to see if u can correct ‘some’ of the childish error u made…..

      Omo9ja can u convince me that u were not under the influence of “expired” BRUKUTU & OGOGORO when u posted this shit????

      How can somebody get up from whether na OGOGORO JOINT or one UTASI JOINT like that, boom he start spewing thrash….

    • Even those ur “asslickers”…. The “SANE” ones in that your comic & short sighted company of yours cannever support this OGOGORO TALK….

    • Omo9ja abeg just shut up that your mouth there… Its very obvious you’re very sentimental in all your judgement which are always lopsided…you are a perfect example of typical Nigerian elders who have ran this nation aground and still blame others for their failures…

      Even your fellow regressives are ashamed of you

    • Omo9ja abeg just shut up that your mouth there… Its very obvious you’re very sentimental in all your judgement which are always lopsided…you are a perfect example of typical Nigerian elders who ran this nation aground and still blame others for their failures… Ewobi

      Even your fellow regressives are ashamed of you

  • Okponku 2 years ago

    Naija still on Reverse Gear Ewoooooo! Just keen seeing Naija on Drive Motion again.

  • Larry 2 years ago

    @JimmyBall, don’t mind Belmadi’s boy fans.
    They tend to forget the great records of their best coach in the world; the only SE coach to spend a year without a win; the only SE coach to loose a four goal lead. At least Amoo got to the finals and lost narrowly.
    They are quick to attack Nigerian coaches or teams when things are not going too well but tend to look for excuses when it is obvious that their technically inept Belmadi’s boy is yet to put a reliable team together after 4yeaes at the helms of affair. The last 4 matches managed by GR tell much about GR’s deficiencies.
    Under the circumstances this Eaglet team found themselves, GR would do worse than Amoo.

  • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

    Comparing Amoo and Rohr is quite laughable and unnecessary in my view. Since there’s no U17 WorldCup this year I think it’s better to leave Amoo to lead the team to the U17 AFCON. Let’s see how he can improve the boys with more time camping and scouting more players. GolderEaglets and the SuperEagles is like comparing night and day. If playing with the SuperEagles is as easy as playing with the GoldenEaglets the likes of Nwakali, Success, Awoniyi, Ajagun, Kayode even Nacho are supposed to be the first names in the SuperEagles first 11 by now. While a myriads of their U17 set from 09,13 and 15 have all fled to oblivion. Thanks to the addition of some foreign born quality players persuaded by the so called gaffer I wonder what the state of our SuperEagles could’ve deteriorated into. They can be quick to celebrate fluke results, but they can’t recollect where we were to get to that point. LMAO!! They’ve become so obsessed that a draw is like a loss to them even when the team is top of the group and certainly have qualified for a third successive major tournament with games to spare.. 

  • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

    Hehehehehe…….they are crawling out of their holes one after the other 24 hrs later after watching 4 matches of the worst kind of football played by any Nigerian team in decades, coached by their so-called master stratagist who only has the CIV U17 to thank for still having a job….LMAO. John Obuh raised a new team 2 weeks to the 2009 U17 WC and still got to the final, playing sumptuous football, losing narrowly to Switzerland. Pls find another lame excuse for your master strategists who was ran ragged technically and tactically by that wonderful CIV team.

    Odegbami’s boys dem….LMAO…..Pls how is your sinking and sinking going…..LMAO. Hope yáll are enjoying it…..LMAO.

    We’ll rather stick with our PE teacher who has taken us from the Amoo-esque type of SE we used to have to a SE which is respected and feared all over the world now, than go back to the days when Brazil has to beat Man Utd so that Chicago bulls can have better goal difference than Roger Federer for us to qualify for tournaments…..LMAO

    • JimmyBall 2 years ago

      @Dr.Drey… Lol. I remember once Christian chukwu almost lost in Benin to Angola in one Nations Cup qualifiers. He fielded the likes of Robert Akaruye as our top 9, because Akaruye was hot in local league then and people like Kingsley Elvis. Before game settle Fabrice Akwa don net one and later Angola netted another… We were losing like 10minutes to go by 2-0 to Angola before Referee help us manufacture two Abracadabra goals we come tie the match. Those Local coaches then na nightmare at a time nobody was watching Super Eagles with any interest… Ghanaians beat us 4 – 1 in a friendly in London come begin tag Eagles as Super Chickens… Kai those days ehn! However… I feel we should try Manu, Egbo or Amuneke after Rohrs time is up. One love..

      • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

        Hahahaha…I still remember that game like yesterday. Every one who watched that game almost peed in their pants b4 the final whistle. Even the late Taiwo Ogunjobi nearly had a heart attack where he was sitting. Chukwu too was giving us plenty of homebased nonsense back then lining up the likes of Ejike Izuagha, Chudi Nworgu, Oge Ileagu etc all in the name of building a “standing home-based team” that never stood…..LMAO. If not for the abracadabric referee, we wouldn’t have qualified for 2004 AFCON. That penalty he manufactured for us was our saving grace. Never again will we go back to that kind of life.

        • JimmyBall 2 years ago

          Lol… Kai. We are our own problems. Sometimes we see black and call it blue even with knife on our throat. The reality is that most local coaches have used National team positions to profit in the past… I heard someone who is close to late Stephen Keshi (May His Soul Continue to rest in peace) said Big Boss philosophy is that every tournament does not need more than 15 key players. That normally as a coach who knows how to deal players abroad… The remaining slots can be gambled on unpopular players for gains… Sometimes it worked for Keshi but other times it landed him in trouble and controversy. His greatest undoing was that he always doubled as a player agent of some sort even while being captain of Super Eagles!

          • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

            JimmyBall. Are you sure your account hasn’t been hacked?? The JimmyBall I know will always advocate for local coaches and more home based players. What has changed?? Anyway na New year we dey. Maybe that’s why they couldn’t comprehend your earlier post LMAO!!! 

          • JimmyBall 2 years ago

            @Ayphillydegreat… We are Nigerians and know ourselves. We have people who know a thing or two about football and coaching that can do a. decent job, but the problem is that once they take charge then they begin to veer of norms by allowing sentiments to cloud their judgement. They begin to allow people manipulate them especially if a gain is in for them. While Rohr can do better, atleast he won’t be easily influenced unlike one of us and that’s why a Whiteman will cross the mediterrenean and grab the job in their stead. The problem is on us Africans… Cameroun with great ex-internationals always often have white coaches and it is due to favoritism also… With a foreigner that part of the problem is gone. See Ghana… With Kwesi Appiah in charge, they were always faced with trivial captaincy issue… the moment Oliseh was given the job… He brought Sylvester Igboun who passed through FC Ebedei and we know how that setup links to Churchill. My only bet is that Rohr be allowed to see out his contract then we can try Egbo or Amuneke or Manu Garba. For me, I will even tip Manu Garba and Nduka Ugbade working together… those two seem to be very practical and ones who will not only do a good job but also oversee functions like popping by future U-20 and U-17 camps for words of wisdom and advice like Rohr does every now and then… It makes sense for Rohr to quit only after a second world cup. One thing I know of Germans is that they are pragmatic people and get the job done… I applaud Rohrs foresight in prosecuting qualifiers especially seeing off Cameroun, Algeria and Zambia like last time… It may even be tougher this term for 2022. We have to qualify before talking of participating first…

      • How can I forget how my Ghanaian friends taunted me all over Milano…

      • I hope ‘JIMMYBALL’ isn’t impersonated here???

        The Jimmyball we all know on this forum would never talk this way….

        Has he seen the light so quick???

        Hmmmm….. Can this be real???
        Or is it A NEW YEAR RESSOLUTION??…. I pray its shouldn’t end on 31st january……

        If this is true then i have hope that one day adent anthagonist “against the good will” of our only SE like Omo9ja with his comic bathalion would one day see and accept the light….

        Kudos to u if this’s the real JIMMYBALL.

    • My brother nor mind dem… Evil men

  • We failed to qualify for the olympics, the U20, and barely made out of this wafu U17 tournament. This is not the time to blame only our coaches for all that is happening to our football. We have to go back to our school/ grassroot development otherwise the embarrassment will continue to mount year after year. All you need to do is watch how our young players fumbles with their passes, crossess and even ordinary trapping. Infact, it is horrifying to watch our young players run around on the pitch with no ball sense. I don’t blame them because they ought to have been introduced to organised football competitions at their primary to Secondary school levels. Our frustrations should be directed at those embezzling money meant for the development of our school/grassroot football at the Ministry of sports.

  • SAMUEL 2 years ago

    A proper look at the U17 team should be boys in JSS3 -SS3 in secondary schools.I dont expect an U17 football player to play like a standard professional player.Before 2015 U17 world Cup in Chile,Coach Emmanuel Amunike had been with his boys more than 2yrs preparing and playing more than 40 matches both friendlies and tournaments before the proper world cup.Dont forget Amunike was assistant to Manu Garba at 2013 U17 edition.Now ask yourself the U17 team of both 2013 and 2015 where are they,apart from players like iheanacho,isaac success?awoniyi and francis uzoho all 2013 U17 team members and osimhen,chukwueze and nwakali all 2015 team members.Where are the others !!!! They all exhibited good football skills during the competition and we were all happy.Are they real U17 during those days !!!.

    Now,fatai amoo was given this job under 3wks to tutor U17 team for a tournament that was so close and you want him to do magic with the team,when MRI had bad impact on his best legs on that short notice.Please sometimes lets reason and fear GOD.Even if Finidi George was appointed as the U17 coach,he will not do anything.The whole blame is NFF