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WAFU B Tourney: Onigbinde Blames Golden Eaglets’ Defeat By Ivory Coast On NFF

WAFU B Tourney: Onigbinde Blames Golden Eaglets’ Defeat  By Ivory Coast On NFF

Former FIFA/CAF instructor Adegboye Onigbinde has blamed the Nigeria Football Federation for the Golden Eaglets failure to defend their title at the just concluded
WAFU B tournament in Togo, reports Completesports.com.

The Golden Eaglets lost 3-2 to the Baby Elephants of Cote d’l voire in the final on Monday.

Onigbinde identified lack of proper football development programme (FDP) as major factor hindering soccer development in the country.

The former Super Eagles coach commended the Golden Eaglets for their display in the competition , but noted that their best wasn’t good enough to remain on top.

“Did the team deliberately allow three goals to be scored against them before coming from behind to score their two goals?, Onigbinde told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN).

“We are talking about football. Some few months ago, we (Super Eagles) were leading a team (Sierra Leone) 4-0 and the team came and levelled up.

“We have a major problem in the country and it is lack of proper football development programme.

“This is a country greatly endowed with football talents but we are not even identifying the talents, not to talk of developing them.

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“So, how can you build something on nothing? What is our national strategy on football system? What system are we playing? If none, then it means we are not serious with football.

“For this reason, we have to accept any result that comes our way because we are going into matches and competitions with open chances rather than deliberate efforts to make a mark,” Onigbinde said.

According to him, the continuous losses recorded in the country’s football means that all is not well with the system, especially the inability to have grassroots sport programmes.

He explained that the country was able to conquer the world, even when there was no MRI testing for players.

“Scrutiny at those times we won under-17 championships was not as serious as it is now; there was no MRI then.

“We know the type of players we were fielding those days. The systems we had then were completely different from what we have now,” Onigbinde said.

He stated that he had visited more than 40 African countries analyzing and developing football with FIFA and CAF but that he had not seen a country well-endowed like Nigeria.

Onigbinde, therefore, urged football administrators in the countryto wake up and re-strategise to avoid making mockery of our football system, which had produced quality players in the past.

“If a team in position one before suddenly moved to position three, such a team is definitely down.

“There is nothing bad for someone to be down; what matters is how determined you are to come up again. This is what I have been talking about for decades now,” Onigbinde added.

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  • JimmyBall 3 years ago

    This one no be news…

  • Mr onigbinde what do you achieve during your time u are one of our problems today

  • SAMUEL 3 years ago

    Baba please tell them.They are blaming fatai Amoo as the main problem to U17 eaglets.

  • I believe Mr. Fatai Amao technical ability has been called to question with the way he lost to the same team twice and the way the team played even though the Nff also should share in the overall poor results. There was no pattern at all it was just like kick and follow pattern of 1970 unlike the the type of style play exhibited during Manu Gaba and Ugbade era. However, I will reserve my comments until after the U17 Nation Cup in Morocco in March 2021 because he would have been given more time.

  • Omo9ja 3 years ago

    That is the truth. NFF should be blamed for this not coach Amoo.

    Same thing applies to coach Rohr. He doesn’t have what it takes to be there.

    Because NFF are milking from him, they decided to leave him there. They say we qualify to tournaments easily under Oga Rohr no doubt but nothing to show for it.

    Same thing in our environments today. Our leaders are not serving the nation very well.

    US for example. Trump messed up and they replaced him while all the leads of our country already failed and we keep celebrating them.

    The citizens not helping the situation as well.

    I hope football will reunite Nigeria one day.

    Hmmm. Well, truth is bitter. It is well. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Oakfield 3 years ago

      “The nff are milking from him”… You see how foolish and stupid u are. Is it the peanuts that they are paying him, from which he pays his assistants or the depleted, useless and valueless Nigerian currency that that are paying him in is what their milking??? Sometimes I wonder if you reason with your anus or pen…..is. Your fatai amoo lost to the same team in quick sussession and failed to read his opponents as some of you people categorized him as African guardiola that reads his opponents and devisies strategems to outwit them. I just wonder what Mr game reader was thinking when he went 3 goals down. At least, rohr didn’t need a team to boot him back into action but did that in grand style with a game to spare after our miserable long trip in the wilderness. Don’t worry, continue with your rohr obsession eh, u hear. U are beginning to run mad small small. Very soon u go comot all of your clothes are start walking the streets of Lagos naked.

    • Oakfield 3 years ago

      Lol…maybe he lost his reading glasses and compass….

    • chinedu 3 years ago

      Abeg keep quiet, since your rorh has been calling your so called professionals what have they fetched us. Bronze so far. And that’s achievement in your own view. Pleass apart from the bronze what else has he won has an individual. At least those that were calling Alaba materials gave us the nations cup, went to the second round of the world cup. So please until he starts winning something worthy, he is still an ordinary coach

  • Well, Mr Onigbinde has a point: the country still has a lot of untapped potentials. There has to be a joined up development programme to harness the talents and help them fulfil their potentials.

    The recently concluded wafu cup of nations for under 20 and the under 17 showed that much success can be achieved with early preparations, nurturing and providing the players with capable coaching crews.

    Bosso did his best but he was desperately unlucky whilst Amoo rode his luck as far as it got him.

    While both appointments generated widespread condemnation among a body fans, the late timing of their engagements was in itself a debilitating factor.

    Only the NFF would know why they left it so late.

    Little wonder why a stakeholder like Onigbinde is placing the blame of the tepid performances of both teams squarely at Glass House’s door.

    But it is the same thing that we have all been saying all along that the porous management of football is what is holding Nigeria back.

    Anyway, the Under-20s are out but the Under-17s live to fight another day.

    This time, hopefully the NFF will do the needful.

  • Baba Onigbinde, leave them alone. They won’t listen.

  • daniel 3 years ago

    really talented boyz dont have money for bribing, so rich men pikin them took over under17 and 20. weldon zoo

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