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WAFU B Tourney: Pinnick Charges Golden Eaglets To Go For Victory Against Ghana

WAFU B Tourney: Pinnick Charges Golden Eaglets To Go For Victory Against Ghana

Ahead of the make or mar clash with the Black Starlets of Ghana on Saturday, President of the Nigeria Football Federation, Amaju Melvin Pinnick has charged Nigeria’s U17 Boys, Golden Eaglets to show robust winning mentality against their opponents.

Pinnick charged the players to believe in themselves and go for victory when he visited the team’s camp at the Hotel Novella Star in Lome, Togo, while admonishing the players to remain focused in the task of representing Nigeria very well at the tournament.

“Nigerians don’t want to know about tactics, just go, play and win the game. The mentality of Nigerians is winning, they don’t care how you win, just win. Winning gives Nigerians a lot of joy,” Pinnick said.

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“So, I just want to crave your indulgence to represent Nigeria well. I’m happy that I can see all the players in this U 17 team, I can see that we have the youngest team in this tournament, which of course, I’m very proud of.

“It is a developmental football af this level. It does not mean that we do not want to win. Nigerians wants you to win so that you will be celebrated. We want you to be celebrated, it is very important that we must win. Just work hard and ensure we beat Ghana. The attitude we always display is that we can do it. That is the spirit under my leadership in the Nigeria Football Federation and that is what we expect from you.

“Your coach will tell you the technical and tactical way to achieve winning, but what I will tell you is that you are Nigerians and for you to be a Nigerian, you must be positively rugged to achieve your dream,” he said.

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  • What a news report! 85% quote (which means little or no actual report) and no background information – What was the scoreline in the last match? How many points does the team have? How many do they need to qualify? What did Ghana play in the last match? What is at stake? etc.

    No valid questions answered. This is so half-baked!

  • Marvelous 3 years ago

    I quote the NFF presidio,”Nigerians don’t want to know about tactics”. Is he for real? How can a team play and win a match or even draw without tactics? After you guys will come questioning Rohrs tactics lol. I wish you guys can hand over our dead under age teams for Rohr to revive also. That section of Nigerian football needs revival and local coaches have proven that they are no longer the trusted prophet to do that.

  • Oakfield 3 years ago

    Make I ask one question. Shebi na our home grown coaches dy handle our cadet teams now and we are getting these heart breaking, heart wrenching, heart scattering results???? Those clamoring for home based coaches and ex internationals to handle our teams, ngwa over to una. Shebi una dy see am?? Ordinary qualify for ordinary junior afcon competitions has become a problem. The other day it was the u20 and now it’s the u17. Make una kukuma come support una home based coaches o. Yes, They can do better than foreign coaches. Lol. Nonsense. They are coming back on Saturday if care is not taken. Those who sabi speak queens English, those who sabi writing long Epistles of garbage have all suddenly gone mute like a church rat. What a shame!

  • JimmyBall 3 years ago

    @Oakfield… I think Amaju Pinnick can help with your questions better. Were Manu Garba and Amuneke not howe grown coaches? What about Ugbade, Finidi who applied for U-17 category? Cadet team is not the same as Super Eagles… the cadet teams of the past in the glory days of late 80s used to have products from Benue, Jos and Bendel (now Edo & Delta) as well as other parts of the country… some were selected from shell cup, Nigeria vs Ghana academicals then played yearly, principals cup and various YSFON programmes, they were always very enterprising because the best were chosen from all over, often amateur club players mostly spotted on talent not now that they are all affiliated to clubside and academies own by NFF officials. Now it is often only Hausa/Fulani, Ibo and Yoruba boys being almost solely selected… minority tribes have it the worst often excluded nowadays in all aspects of Nigerian life. Shame on nepotism in spheres of our national lives.

    • Doctor Koyemi Oderinde 3 years ago

      Homegrown coaches are far better than Gernot Rohr aka Belmadi’s boy. Belmadi’s brats will like us to think otherwise.

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      Shallow minded people never think beyond tribe and race…..everything to them is always about tribe and race. I go through the GE list again and I see players from SS, Middle belt, SE, SW, North etc

      Saheed Jimoh
      Destiny Emuwahen
      Abdulbasit Abbas
      Abdullahi Bewene
      Victor Udoh
      Emmanuel Chukwu
      Joseph Kuteyi
      Vince Osuji
      Emmanuel John
      Oludapo Akintola
      Oluwatomiwa Kolawole
      Chukwuemeka Egbu
      Samuel Akere
      Haruna Hassan
      Rabiu Ahmed
      Gideon Atoyebi
      Benjamin Mustapha
      Basheet Hamzat
      Samson Ogunmola
      Joseph Arumala
      Christian Nwachukwu
      Peter Asuquo
      Michael Emmanuel
      Stanley Iheanacho
      Ahmed Abdullahi

      Everything about you always revolves around race, colour or ethnicity. That is the reason why Lookman was not getting gametime at RB Leipzig because he was black, Yet other black players in the club were playing week-in, week-out. And why Paul Onobi and Ogenyi Onazi are better than Mikel.

      Anyone who trusts your sense of judgment does so at his own peril.

      • JimmyBall 3 years ago

        Confusion is knowing the truth and yet pretending is not… football is played everywhere in Nigeria. How comes a coach just just stay in Lagos and visit Abuja and pick players who will in the end flop. Screening and selection has better spread in the years of fore… Let’s have a standard way like it used to be where there are structured ways to picking cadet players often reflective of a better geographical spread… We know what has been happening because it is evident. You see names from Middle Belt yet you are not from middle Belt. What are the middle Belt names you see on that list? Jos and Makurdi are places in middle belt that have blessed Nigeria with quality youth players in the past… from Lemmy Isah, Jide Oguntuase, Sambo Choji, Peter Ogaba, John Zaki, Patrick Mancha, Sam Pam, Edward Ayamkegh, Victor Brown, Onazi Ogenyi, Mikel Obi, Ahmed Musa, David Abwo, Segun Odegbami, James Obiorah, Obinna Nsofor, David Enogela. Coaches now sit in Lagos and pick players from Giant Brillers, 36lions and another Lagos based amateur clubs and go to tournaments to fail. @Dr.Drey point the names from Edo, Delta, Benue or Plateau you see on that list… What are the modities for the selection because it’s often poor boys who play good football and most don’t have transport to make it to Lagos and Abuja where camps are usually only fraudulently opened to select those who are affiliated to NFF officials-owned academies… You must not comment for sake of commenting. Nigeria cadet teams are often dominated by Hausa/Fulani, Igbo and Yoruba to 90%… It’s still largely a wazobia thing! I am from Makurdi, we have Lobi Stars, BCC Lions all with feeder teams as most other clubs in Nigeria though in the lower league now but Makurdi, Otukpo and Gboko always have amazing football talents at cadet levels… Jos, Kaduna and Gombe also. I served in Gombe and know the quality of youth football in that place… I know Jos, Kaduna, Makurdi, Benin and Warri also. Let’s keep lying to ourselves as a country… I may be shallow-minded to you but I know football more than you. It’s not about embedding yourself in Google and whipping out football news snippets at the slightest impulse.

        • Collins id 3 years ago

          @Dr.drey, I was right when I said you where raised in the street, it’s a pity you wheren’t accepted in any orphanage home, anyway, may your mum’s gentle soul rest in peace in the bossom of almighty God, I don’t like talking down on the dead. As for you don’t drag us to this corner of parental or tribal insults anymore if you want to debate football as usual you can go on without making trouble. My parents both mum and dad are verymuch alive and we all including my siblings lives in Europe so you didn’t score any point either. Stay in your goalpost and stop cosing own goal.

        • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

          Hahahahaha…….Congratulations for living in Europe. What a big ACHIEVEMENT…! Its only on CSN I see people coming to brag about living in EUROPE…..LMAO. I shouldn’t drag you into parental insults when you where the one that started it with….””….go and tell your mother to stop bewitching your miserable life…”” ……LMAO. Congratulations, you who was raised in the Buckingham Palace……LMAO. I’l rather be raised in the streets than be raised in the coven of witches.

      • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

        Hahahahaha…FYI….My mothr has been in heaven sitting at the bossom of her creator for over 2 decades now…..LMAO. So your useless rant nor score any point….LMAO. Go and beg your witch of a mother to untie your destiny from that banana tree she nailed it so that you can stop being a frustrated public dog….LMAO. The little of what is left of your senses is what she has pounded into the black soap they use in their coven. Bastard.

  • Igbekun Abo 3 years ago

    Nigeria should be able to defeat Ghana. I believe in the Eaglets.

    • Oakfield 3 years ago

      @igbekun, I hope they don’t give u heart break tomorrow. I’m just sick and tired of what is happening with our cadet teams. And the fool of a minister does not deem it necessary to revamp this particular area of our football through the nff. If na super eagles now him go go find his dictionary of nonsense queens English and begin to blow wayo grammar

      • Omo9ja 3 years ago

        @Oakfield, the solution to this problem is quite simple. NFF should hire competent managers for all the national teams.

        NFF should create good employment for all the national coaches so that they can give their very best for Nigeria.

        Finidi was begging NFF to be one of the national coaches of ours but NFF manipulated everything and ignored the innocent man for nothing.

        You didn’t talk then.

        Listen to me Oakfield, Rome was not built in a day.

        NFF should making sure all the national team coaches are getting adequate and early preparations before going to any tournament from now on otherwise, this is the result we will be getting.

        NFF should make it known to all the national coaches that if they fail to select the best squad to represent our Country, there will be punishment for them.

        You are talking now because you are not in his shoes but when Super Eagles were beaten inside out by Madagascar, you didn’t say a single word.

        When Leone star disgraced Super Eagles from 4-0 to 4-4, you ran away.

        Even your partner Dr.Drey my pikin screemed out that Oga Rohr didn’t deserve to be praised for his performance against Leone star.

        Sean also in support of we patriotic Nigerians that we can convince to change his mind.

        Mr. Edoman were so angry to the extent that I had to begged him to forgive Oga Rohr.

        Hmmm. How come you didn’t talk then?

        Who knows if the team has been selected by the NFF like they did to coach Manu Garba?

        You should understand that our system is very corrupt and no transparency in NFF Callender.

        I won’t be surprised if NFF failed to pay the coach his salary in the end.

        At the end if the day, NFF will lie to us by saying they will send the coach for a refresher course. Who deceiving who?

        So my pikin, when I’m talking you listen.

        What we need now is totall restructuring period.

        Instead of you and your company to appreciate Mr. sports minister but you people keep hating the gentleman because he doesn’t support Oga Rohr to continue huh?

        Be careful Oakfield. We patriotic Nigerians are here to liberate you people from our oppressors and carbals.

        I will keep telling you and your type the bitter truth on this forum. Wether you guys like it or not the truth shall set our country free. God bless Nigeria!!!

        • Oakfield 3 years ago

          Why do U always mention the Madagascar match we played ages ago? Why have u forgotten to mention the games we lost against Angola, Rwanda on home soil that made us not to qualify for afcons 3 consecutive times under the tutelage of your so called messiah coaches??? That was the beginning of our downfall before rohr came around, revamped the team and made qualification or afcons and world cup ordinary. U need to be unbiased with your judgment mr man. But the point is, you have an innate hatred for rohr hence your unflinching attacks against him. This na new year, u need to change.

        • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

          Clown…..Madagascar beat SE inside out(after SE had already qualified from their group), did the SE still not qualify from their group….??? Did they still not finish ahead of the same Madagascar in the same AFCON…???
          SE played a draw with SL….are the SE still not topping their group…??? Are we still not 1-leg in the next AFCON already…?? It has become a taboo for Rohr to play a draw or loose a match but your local coaches cannot even compete at WAFU levels….LMAO. Did Rohr still not select our best players into the National team despite pressures for NFF officials and football agents…??? Is it just mere coincidence that all those who have been using the media against the man are all player agency owners…???? You never cease to talk like a drunkard.
          You want local coaches you want local coaches….Ngwa see your local coaches na….LMAO U23, WAFU, CHAN, U20, U17 nothing to write home about with the same local coaches…..LMAO. Yet the only coach doing something tangible and getting results is the one racist hungry foxes like you have made your No 1 enemy….LMAO.
          There are talents in Nigeria, there are talents in Nigeria, there are homebased players who are better than Europe based players, CHAN team will play we wont see any talent, U23 will play we wont see any, U20 and U17 will play we wont see anything, Even our Clubs will play on the continent even against nameless teams yet we will not see these so-called talents that can displace the ones we have in the SE at the moment, yet you want 4 starting shirts for home-based players in the SE……LMAO. Maybe we will call SHELL petroleum dev company to come and help us drill these so-called talents from Atlantic ocean bcos that must be where they are hidden….LMAO

          • Doctor Koyemi Oderinde 3 years ago

            Madagascar coach provided that on a 1 v 1 situation, he is far better than Gernot Rohr aka Belmadi’s belt. This is what omo9ja was trying to say. Don’t bring out too many data to dilute his message. We will not be initiated by Belmadi’s brats.

          • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

            Belmadi’s slave, So why didnt the the same Madagascar coach get to the semifinals of the tournament…LMAO? I shouldnt bring out too many data….And why are you afraid of data…LMAO….you are afraid facts and figures and realities on ground will once again prove what fat lairs you and your gang of thugs are…..LMAO. Finland defeated France, that means the Finland coach is better than Deschamps…..LMAO. What a way of thinking….LMAO. Birds of the same feather truly flock together….LMAO

          • JimmyBall 3 years ago

            Dr. Drey… Now singing another tone. You were the same individual who applauded Ladan Bosso and Fatai Amoo appointment here when some of us questioned NFF’s logic that Finidi did not get U-17 because he does not understand the Nigeria system (bribes and accepting player imposition). You hailed the appointment of these dead local coaches here but you are now the loud one using them as examples of nothing good that can come from local coaches… please stop shifting goal post.

          • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

            Hahahahhaha @ Jimmy……its either you have been drinking or your are just plain blind. Pls go and copy where I ever applauded the appointment of Bosso and Amoo even till date….LMAO.
            I was the one that even broke the news of the appointment here on CSN, my views are well documented here…CSN does not delete posts. Bloody Lair…..that was how you lied I had an arguement with you over Ademola lookman…..I have asked you to go and copy and paste the so called arguement till date you havent.
            Mr man you are too old to be a pathetic liar…this is 2021….change.

          • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

            @Jimmy…LMAO…..if you are going to tell lies, pls let it not be on CSN….LMAO. Here were my views months ago when Bosso and Ammo where hired. Learn to out your emotions aside when commenting in public and talk based on facts and common sense. Even people who didnt go to school know that.
            Dr. Drey 2 months ago
            U17 coach Fatai Amoo……U20 coach Ladan Bosso… 2 coaches who have been out of job even in the local league for a while now…LMAO. Seriously, I still dey laugh o. Whatever happened to young coaches in the likes of Fidelis Ilechukwu who took MFM from amateur league to CAF champion league, Kenedy Boboye, Henry Makinwa, Fatai Osho, Ben iroha, Nduka Ugbade (who has assisted 2 or 3 times), Finidi and other consistent coaches like Abdu Maikaba, the Guy who is presently coaching is Sudan and other fresh minds. And they said it was Phillips consulting abi na PWC that select coaches…Lolz. I wont be surprised if Ismaila Mabo is named the next Falcons Coach and Adegboye Onigbinde is named our next CHAN coach. NFF of backwardness.

            With just 22 days to the U17 AFCON qualifying tournament, common sense should tell that at least Manu Garba be retained so that having had a dossier of hundreds of sub 17 players he has worked with in the last 2 years, it will be easier for him to quickly assemble a team for the tournament. This is a winner-takes-all tournament in which only the winners will proceed to the main U17 AFCON.

            Most of us who have been labeled “Rohr fans” have never been scared of Rohr leaving the SE…afterall the SE is not his property…it is whomever he will be replaced with by this NFF we have always been scared of (because it has always been where their bread is buttered, hence their battle for control of the team so that can dictate what is what…competence and merit would definitely not be involve both in selecting the coaches as well as in selecting the players)…and they have not disappointed us in any way with the names rolled out for the junior national teams after more than a year of “screening” coaches. Even without being employed yet, Bosso was already supporting NFF’s decision to hire someone who isnt a coach as SE Asst coach….imagine what will be happening in the U20 camp now that he is their employee.
            Dr. Drey 2 months ago
            Hahahahaha….I still dey laugh o. These are the coaches PWC and Philips Consulting got us after 1 year of screening….LMAO. NFF na una biko o.
            Thank God we cried out when the were hatching their plans to get rid of Rohr.
            Dr. Drey 2 months ago
            Later they will say youths are leaders of tomorrow. People who have served as coach and asst coach 13-15 years ago still coming back to be appointed as U17 and U20 coaches when they’ve not done or achieved anything tangible in the last decade, whereas there are young, fresh minds who are active and “on form”. Its like these people dont know coaches also have “form”…..Once upon a time anything the likes of Mourinho, Capello, Hiddink, Ancelotti or Benitez touches turns to gold….now it is the likes of Klopp, Pep, Zidane, but it wont be so forever. By the next decade these ones too will be begging for jobs at Newcastle, Everton and give way to the likes of Tuchel, Nagelsman, Arteta etc
            Dr. Drey 2 months ago
            “…Waldrum was one of over forty coaches interviewed by our consultants, Phillips Consulting, with that list pruned to four and Waldrum getting the job…”

            My question is, who are the so-called coaches who were shortlisted….do they not have names….? Why is the process of appointing coaches in Nigeria shrouded in so much secrecy…?

            If all we can get is a part-time coach who is the coaching a university team, ahead of the likes of Maureen Mmadu and Perpetua Nkwocha who are professional league coaches in Scandinavia…..then I am speechless. I’ve checked this Randy guys profile and there is nothing in it that looks better than what the likes of Mmadu, Akide-Udoh and Nkwocha have.

            Pinnick Consul….sorry…Phillips consulting……una wehdon o..!

            And some people will be raising filthy fists and kneeling aimlessly in the name of black lives matter as if black emancipation is by racing fists….Rubbish..
            When we talk against these things, even with hard facts, figures and statistics, useless fellows like you and your cohort will say we are destroying Nigerian football….we are beginning to see now those who are really hellbent on killing our football with deluded opinions and sentiments..!!!

        • @Omo9ja, this is 2021 and you are still the same? Nawa o!

      • JimmyBall 3 years ago

        @Dr.Drey… You cherry-pick your reference. On this same forum you hailed Ladan Bosso and Fatai Amoo as coaches whose records shows they will do better than the likes of Finidi.

        • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

          Fat Lair…..Simple….go and copy where I said so. Simple and clear..! I have showed you my comments up there about the 2 coaches from the very day they were appointed. I even mentioned Finidi’s name as one of those who would have been preferable to the two

          “….Whatever happened to young coaches in the likes of Fidelis Ilechukwu who took MFM from amateur league to CAF champion league, Kenedy Boboye, Henry Makinwa, Fatai Osho, Ben iroha, Nduka Ugbade (who has assisted 2 or 3 times), “FINIDI and other consistent coaches like Abdu Maikaba, the Guy who is presently coaching is Sudan and other fresh minds….”

          You said I cherry pick reference….you that doesnt cherry pick reference go and copy and paste where I ever hailed the appointment of Bosso and Fatai and where I ever said they will do better than Finidi and stop being a pathetic lair.
          I have asked you to show me where you and I ever argued about Ademola Lookman…till today you have not found it…..now you have found another piece of lie to cook up. He who asserts my prove. Go and copy it and paste for the world to see and at least shame me for once. At least whatever I have said must have been within the last 2 months…it shouldn’t be so hard for you to find. CSN broke the news of the appointment on the 25th of september so go and copy and paste where I hailed their appointment and stop being a shameless liar.

          Learn to talk based on facts…verifiable facts. Not based on hatred, emotions or mood swings

          You rant too much on this forum, that is why your memory is so short that you even forget what you yourself say.

        • Ayphillydegreat 3 years ago

          Oga Jimmy. That is a blatant lie coming from you. Drey never supported the appointments of Bosso and Amoo. I was the one that gave them a benefit of a doubt maybe they can make something out of the ordinary, but they’ve both failed spectacularly. You guys are just deceiving yourselves or basically stuck on. No local coach can take the SuperEagles from where Rohr met them and succeed. You guys can be sentimental for all I care. The truth is SuperEagles are better off where they were 6 years ago. From failure to qualify for back to back AFCONS to making it look ordinary that even when he draws an opponent it’s like a loss. Lmao!!! 

          • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

            Hehehehehe….leave am…..he argues with Dr.Drey in his dreams…LMAO. The same way he argued we someone else about Ademola Lookman but insists it was me….LMAO. He wants to beat Dr.Drey to CSN’s best analyst award….LMAO…that is his biggest life priority. That’s why any small thing he will claim he knows football more than everybody and start telling us stories that never add up….LMAO.
            What desperation….!!!

          • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

            This was the link of the article where the racist was arguing that Lookman wasnt getting gametime because he is black. I have told him to go copy and paste it here severally but he’s too mentally lazy to do so. He even insulted me that I have short memory that was why I couldnt remember when had the argument with him as if he himself has a better memory than that of a kindergarten. Apprently it was Mr. Hush who engaged him on that, citing other black players who are in that same team but playing regularly. But his long-burning desire to get the better of Dr.Drey always makes Dr.Drey’s name stick aroung every arguments he thinks he won….LMAO


            @Jimmy….I still challenge you today……go and copy where I had such argument with you about Ademola lookman. Go and also copy and paste where I ever commended Bosso and Amoo’s appointments. Otherwise humble yourself and shamefully apologize in public for all your lies against me told in public.
            You that does not cherry pick references….LMAO. I’ll rather cherry-pick references so far they are saying the truth than always speak from the figment of my imagination and tell lies and claim I know football……LMAO

  • Doctor Koyemi Oderinde 3 years ago

    @Dr. Drey. Yes, on the night, history will record Finland coach as being far better than the France coach for that particular encounter. No other records can take away that fact. History will record that Sierra Leone coach brought his team and his nation the sort of joy, happiness and lift that Gernot Rohr aka Belmadi’s boy failed to bring Super Eagles fans across 2 legs. Even if Sierra Leone fail to qualify for next year’s Afcon, this will not diminish the coach’s efforts against a more illustrious coach and country. Like you yourself once said, every game matters. I agree with you. In that vein, every game should be celebrated in its own merit just like we celebrate the 4 to 2 win against Argentina in a friendly despite losing to them severally.

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      Hahahahaha…..Good for Finland coach and Congratulations to S/L coach too. They should go and hang the medals they got for their respective feats in their bedroom and watch Deschamps and Belmadi’s boy push for higher achievements from the comfort of their parlours…LMAO. Anybody who defeats Jurgen Klopp today is also the FIFA coach of the year for today….LMAO. Om9ja biko come and carry your junior brother.

      • Doctor Koyemi Oderinde 3 years ago

        @Drey,your sarcasm does nothing to deflect from the scope of my argument. I never said winning one match against a superpower gives medals to underdogs. Anybody who defeats Jurgen Klopp will have a famous victory that will be celebrated for decades to come by the fans of such a team. Stay within the scope of an argument rather than hide under sarcasm.

  • JimmyBall 3 years ago

    Gernot Rohr went to beg Akinola and Daryl Dike to play for Super Eagles… Yet you had a certain Fernando Adi that has been the best Nigeria player other than Obafemi Martins in the MLS for long and yet you never invited him to Super Eagles because he is a Tiv boy and not yoruba or Igbo. Nigeria last time I checked is for everyone whose home state is a constituent part. It will always be high-sounding truth that your appeal is better to wear Nigerias colours if you are from a major tribe because majority of those who work at the glasshouse influencing decisions are largely from the 3 major tribes we have in Nigeria it happens in the Super Eagles down to all our cadet teams… Argue with your shadow if you think otherwise.

    • NA ME TALK AM 3 years ago

      @JimmyBall .. You just shot yourself because it’s certain and obvious that if you are the coach of SE , you’ll certainly ruin the team to the ground . Below are the stats of the players you mentioned .

      Please detest from abusing any coach on this forum because your post just showed that you’ll make a BAD COACH and BAD DECISION when it comes to player selection as a coach .

      MLS 2020 :

      Ayo Akinola ( 20 years ) .
      League Matches : 16
      Goals : 9

      Daryl Dike ( 20 years )

      League Matches : 22
      Goals : 8
      Assists : 2

      Fanendo Adi ( 30 years )

      League Matches : 12
      Goals : 0

      God bless Nigeria

      • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

        Hahahahaha…na me talk am. That’s a bloody tribalist speaking. Leave him with his tribal bigotry. 30 year old fanendo adi who is almost being released by his club is the one Rohr should go and be begging because a Benue state player MUST be in the SE by fire by force…..LMAO. The same Fanendo Adi who was giving Rohr conditions to hounour SE matches in 2016 or so….LMAO. No wonder Onazi is better than Mikel. They will tell all sorts of lies to have their way. Beta strikers are scoring in Europe week in week out we never get space for them, na Fanendo CR7 Adi naim we go go beg…..Nonsense…..Federal character people….thank God they are no where near the SE. You can all see the reasons why the hate Rohr…and its not for footballing reasons.

        Biko leave that tribal bigot with his nonsense…the dude is begining to lose it….LMAO. Nor be only Fanendo Adi

        • JimmyBall 3 years ago

          Is it today you started hearing of Fernando Adi? He has been in MLS since he was 23years and doing so well every season. Is it now you want to use his age against him? All. The coaches ignored him even Siasia… How long has GR been coach of Super Eagles? 4 years now… So even then Adi was 26yrs and was clearly better than a lot who were getting invites. You all are just reinforcing my thoughts… If Adi was an Igbo or Yoruba or Hausa/Fulani he will long have gotten atleast 10 caps. That’s irrefutable truth. Adi is 30years and you think the likes of Samuel Kalu, Simmy Nwankwo, and Umeruo are less than 34 years in reality? Let’s keep deceiving ourselves…

          • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

            Mr tribal bigot, So Rohr has been the SE since he was 23 years old right…? Your Adi was part of our U23 squad at a point yet couldnt tie down a place in the team. He was called up by Siasia to the S.Eagles 2 times but couldn’t even make the SE bench…..So whose fault is that….? Rohr called him up in 2016 but he was giving Rohr conditions of a guaranteed starting shirt before he can honour the call…..so Why are you now on Rohr’s case….??? You have no case here…you are just pushing a tribal and racist agenda. Adi is using football age just like others so his 30 years age is almost 40 years in reality. Leave our Sam Kalu and Omeruo for us like that. Tell your tribe boy to go and look for a club now that he is being kicked out by his club b4 pushing his agenda for a SE call up.
            Adi has NEVER been better than any of the strikers in the SE. Thank God you are nowhere near our National team. It is not a surprise that you are always pushing for invitation of players whose contracts are about to end into the SE and tagging them as better than the ones in the SE. Its all about helping them to get international caps so they can get better deals……your hunger at rohr’s insistence on the best players for the SE always, is what is fueling your hatred and anger towards him. Sorry you cant hide it anymore.
            Go and sleep so that your mind will reset……you are becoming more ridiculous with every comment you make. Your Bigotry is taking over you and you are not making common sense anymore

          • JimmyBall 3 years ago

            If I was Fernando Adi… I will also give the same conditions. Why will they make him fly 32hours and not even field him in any match day squad. He was not even on the bench where mediocre players like Aminu Umar and then Etebo (in supporting attack) were being fielded. Nobody should blame the young man… not everybody can take the favoritism shit that happens in Super Eagles squad selection… Someone is coming to compare Daryl Dike and Ayo Akinola who are just sucklings in MLS to Adi who is already an MLS ambassador and veteran. Make we rest joor… That’s why Wilson Oruma almost slapped coach Christian Chukwu after the WC qualifier against Angola in 2006 where he was in top form for his club and invited only to come and sit on bench for an effective and unfit Okocha as well a sluggish Aiyegbeni in a game that we needed to win but Angola came and shamed us to a draw. Even when Okocha could no longer function properly, the likes of Christian Chukwu kept playing him in full 90minutes… You wonder why when the likes of Amuneke, Oliseh and Amokachi left… Okocha and kanu could never inspire Nigeria to win anything… Facts! We became bronze medal Super Champions…

        • JimmyBall 3 years ago

          @Dr.Drey… see how you confuse your argument and logic. If according to you, Fernando Adi was not good enough for U-23 without even caring to know how that U-23 was constituted. Adi was not involved in Rio 2016 beforré you compare him to Aminu Umar or Etebo… Adi was involved in U-23 of 2011/2012 to qualify for London 2012 which was handled by Eguaveon and we did not even qualify. He was not even among those called up for the tournament in Morocco… we failed in that tournament and did not qualify eventually. So if those who went to the tournament were really good… why did they not qualify. Oga Drey… just go sidon. Some natuional team coaches have unjustly in the past ignored good players because of a prefrence for certian ones… everyone knew how good Adi was between 2014 and 2017 in MLS… only Obafemi martins did as good in MLS in the history of Nigerians who graced that championship. Again you lied… in AFCON 2006.. Oruma started and completed the game against black starts of Ghana and won the man of the match… Okocha started the tourney injured and unfit, after that game agaionst Ghana… Eguaveon lied that Oruma got injured and he was relegated to the bench. Oruma later refuted the claim after the tournament that Okocha expressed concern of Oruma taking his place because of how good he played aginst Ghana and was rushed back to the starting line-up albeit unfit and ineffective.

  • JimmyBall 3 years ago

    In another news, the much talked-about MICHAEL OLISE has turned down a chance to play for Super Eagles in AFCON qualifiers in March 2021. Like Eberechi Eze, he has asked for more time as he is unsure of committing his future to Nigeria at the moment. Is he better than Ejaria or Aribo? Is he even better than Iwobi? Can that guy play against Senegal or even Cameroun? Let’s stop disgracing ourselves before these foreign borns… Super Eagles should not be cheap even though we have players that we are courting!

    • JimmyBall 3 years ago

      This guy has being doing good business in MLS since 2013. Coaches just ignored him… Nigeria my country.

      • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

        Even the USMNT coaches select Eurpoe based players ahead of the MLS players. Go to blazes with your homeboy….we have always had better strikers than in painting top leagues in Europe red with goals. He couldn’t make our U23 national team and even make the matchday squad on the SE 2 occasions he was invited. Go and look for somewhere else to peddle your tribalism.
        #The BEST players for the National team always

        • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

          So was Amokachi’s lasting stay in the national team as a result of his tribe or as a result of his consistency and continual top performances…? Was Onazi’s continued stay too also as a result of being an Ibo or yoruba…?? Mr English teacher go to blazes once again. Were it not for injuries would we still not have seen more of Amokachi and Onazi in the SE…??? Were it not for Injuries would we not have seem more of the Kpakor brothers, Iorfa and Imenger in the Green Eagles…??? No, maybe we should have continued inviting them even when they were injured. We should have called them up even with their crutches becasue someone from Benue State must be in the national team. In all honesty, was Imenger and Iorfa even better than the likes of Yekini, Siasia, Ikpeba and Amokachi in the national team……LMAO. Whatever it is you smoke must be the one with side effects. Its so shocking you are even putting Okpotu and Paul Onobi in the mix….LMAO. If Okpotu is are such superstars why have they been loitering around arab football when their mates in our CHAN teams are cracking it big in europe….LMAO…..nor be only Okpotu and Onobi….we go invite Agbo and Adah too. Why not just say Rohr should just turn Lobi stars into our SE. Nonsense. We must reserve a place in the SE for only Benue born players.

          #The BEST for the SE always…!!!

        • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

          @chux…leave that liar abeg….let him continue to peddle tribal conspiracy theories that doesn’t exist.
          You can read in that article that “Westerhof used about a hundred and forty something players before he finally got his formidable team” after 5 years, meaning he settled for the very best (which included a certain Dan Amokachi from Benue state who played in the national team for almost decade) eventually and we all saw where our football eventually got to. But one bigot comes here and starts ranting all over the place cooking up useless stories and excuses for useless players.

  • JimmyBall 3 years ago

    … Dr. Drey… I am a tribal bigot like you and all Nigerians. We minorities are just clamouring for fairness and merit. To even think that we have had mediocre players like Tosin Dosunmu, Ifeanyi Ekwueme and Danny Shittu play several times for Nigeria at the senior level and players like Fernando Adi, Michael Eneramo and Anthony Ujah ignored even when they were doing so well begs explanation. Anthony Ujah was only tried by Keshi at Confed Cup 2013 and because the young man had a terrible game probably for stage fright he was casted away never to be thought of again. Yet we saw how the likes of Ighalo were tolerated and allowed to come into their element and even now same is being tolerated of Paul Onuachu… Anthony Ujah has played Werder Bremen, Cologne, Mainz and now Union Berlin (though out injured at the moment)… Well, we still have Moses Simon though, but I keep seeing some Nigerian Sports Website trying to kill that young man as being a fraud and an age cheat… allnigeriasoccer.com once pure merit is allowed to be the norm, Nigeria national teams will be better composed of quality and diversity. Football talents abide everywhere and not just in Lagos, Ibadan, Owerri, Enugu and Kano alone. That’s my point…

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      Your argument is directionless. Fairness and Merit is calling up the BEST players to represent the nation and not based on the state where they come from. Fairness and Merit is getting into the national team and performing better than whoever is there and earning your stripes. Its the same national team where Daniel Amokachi was once a captain and Ogenyi Onazi also was a vice captain. Tosin Dosumu was called up when he was at his peak in Belgium but was dropped when he no longer measured up, Danny shittu was at his peak in England when he was called up, he was one of our best defenders available at that time and did a yeoman’s job during his brief stay in the SE but was also dropped when a better defender arrived. Ifeanyi Ekwueme was also at his peak in Poland in the few years he spent in the National team but was also dropped when we got better players than him. That is the national team for you. Consistency is key for any footballer in the national team. Players get picked and get dropped. Ighalo sat on the bench for better strikers when Rohr first started…when those ones started struggling he took his place and when he was not scoring, he was assisting and giving opposition defenses a hard day in office. The same you who claim Rohr doesnt give players a chance is now complaining about him giving onuachu a chance. You switch your mouth from left to right when it pleases you.

      Your Adi couldnt tie down a place U23 sqaud, couldnt match SE matchday squad 2ce and was giving Rohr CONDITIONS TO HONOUR SE INVITATION (imagine…just bcos he was MLS top scorer….LMAO….giving the national team coaches conditions as if Nigeria is tahiti….LMAO…..HE BLEW HIS CHANCES. Enemaro played for the SE when at his peak but lost out when injuries and better strikers came into the SE. Eneramo was not better than the Uche brothers or Nsofor or Kanu or Osaze or Martins. Ujah was even the most useless of them all…you are even making excuses for him for his uselessness…..stage fright….LMAO…what an excuse. So he also had stage fright when he played against the likes of Kenya, Namibia under keshi and then under oliseh when he played vs Niger republic, Tanzania, Uganda etc….???? He couldn’t make any impact under these coaches and you expect Rohr to call him up based on who you be abi…..LMAO. Weldone…clap for yourself. You have put up a wonderful defence for your tribe boys. We can see they were fantastic footballers for the SE and we should have discarded better strikers for them just because we wanted a representative of benue state in the SE. We can see you are an epitome of merit and fairness.
      You have once again reinforced the fact that you are a racist tribal bigot who shouldnt be take seriously.

      • @Dr.drey, Jimmyball is not a tribal bigot after all, he has been clamouring for the inclusion of Junior Ajayi since the guy has been inform scoring 11 goals in 4 seasons.

      • JimmyBall 3 years ago

        Get your facts right… The only time Ujah played for Nigeria was against Tahiti in confed cup 2013. What was the condition Adi gave to Rohr? Why don’t you mention it… Anthony Okpotu won NPFL top scorer award back-to-back, he only ever got called up to CHAN Eagles. You call me racist for calling out Coach Rohr who has actually never won anything as a coach. The only time Fernando Adi was called up, he was given maybe 3 minutes after 90minjtes or so… Why don’t you @Dr.Drey provide the condition he gave to Rohr… before he could play. Onazi was dropped from starting games because he openly stated that Mikel Obi does not chase after ball and mark during games… Mikel used his position in the team to tell Rohr he can’t play with Onazi… Mikel also picked serious offence with Onazi when after 2014 world cup Nigerians said be was ineffective because our midfield collapsed against France after Onazi got injured… The whole thing came out in the open when Mikel Obi. Was bullied in midfield in Afcon 2019 and clearly was dead weight as far as our midfield in that tournament was concerned. This is not saying that he was not or has not been a great player… The combination of Mikel, Ndidi and Etebo in WC 2018 was a disaster against all our opponents except Minnows Iceland… @Dr.Drey always feel he has the final analyzes on how good players are… That’s why in his eyes despite Onuachu being our best player at the moment in Europe… to him, he is not good enough.

  • JimmyBall 3 years ago

    Emmanuel Olisadebe opting to play for Poland is the evident result of favoritism and disrespect that some players get from national team handlers. You were inviting an Ifeanyi Ekwueme to Super Eagles when clearly, a certain Emmanuel Olisadebe towers above him at that moment… Olisadebe kept getting ignored by Christian Chukwu, Amodu Shuaibi and Keshi when they were in-charge until he opted to play for poland… yet some arm-chair e-analyst will say Ekwueme was doing so well at the time… with these below very poor stats.

    Senior career: Ifeanyi Ekwueme*
    Years Team Apps (Gls)
    1996–1997 NEPA Lagos (-)
    1997–1999 Jasper United FC – (-)
    1999–2002 Polonia Warszawa 61 (1)
    2002 Widzew Łódź 7 (2)
    2002–2003 Polonia Warszawa 14 (1)
    2003–2004 Wisła Płock 21 (1)
    2004–2005 Aris Saloniki 8 (1)
    2005–2006 AS Veria 18 (0)
    2007 Unia Janikowo 0 (0)
    2007–2008 Warta Poznań 6 (0)
    2008–2009 Znicz Pruszków 18 (0)
    2010-2015 LZS Piotrówka 0 (0)

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      Hahahahaha…fat liar…he has come again. Emmanuel Olisadebe debuted for poland in 2000 and even played for them at 2002 World cup. Christian Chukwu wasnt even Nigeria’s coach yet. Ifeanyi Ekuweme only got his SE bow in 2003 under Christian chukwu. How you expect an Olisadebe who had already played in the world cup for another country to still be invited in 2003 beats imagination. Circa 2000 Bonfere was coach…we had Kanu, Amokachi, Ikpeba, Babangida, Agoye, Boboye etc and we werent even playing many matches because we were still under CAF ban. Olisadebe was just one of many Nigeria players who wasnt in the National team then because of the glut of stirkers we had. We had so many of them in different parts of Europe at that time, especially in Poland, Ukraine, and Scandinavia….the likes of Digger Okonkwo, Ibrahim Sunday, the Idahor brothers…many of them. Most of them ended up playing for their adopted countries too. But we also had a bulk of our 94 and 96 squad too still firing in the top 5 leagues in Europe….whose fault was it that Olisadebe existed in that era too. Or is Olisadebe too from Benue state…??? LMAO

      Its like you are beginning to lose it….LMAO. If even funnier that you are even comparing an out and out striker (a no 9) to a midfielder who played mostly as a DM or CM…LMAO. Your hatred and bigotry has blocked your reasoning. And later you will come and tell us you know football….LMAO. Mr Ominscient footballer go dey copy stats of defensive midfielder from wikipedia to prove point……LMAO.

      Mr Man go and take a shower…your are losing it…..LMAO

      Call me an arm-cahir analyst all you can….call me a video game analyst all you can…..you can never make 10% of the sense I make on this forum…..LMAO. Fake ex-footballer….LMAO. At least i know better than “…Nwakali is better than all SE midfielders..”…LMAO

  • JimmyBall 3 years ago

    @Dr.Drey… everyone to you is a liar, do you know how long it takes to even fly in-between some US states from coast tio coast? Do you know that sometimes during flights you have to connect flights and spend some lengthy hours just waiting for that? The youngman told you his experience and here you are as egoistic as ever calling him also a liar… you are very funny.

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      A footballer playing in the MLS earns enough to fly from anywhere in the US to Nigeria in record time…….he didnt need to go fly bolekaja flights wey go go around the world in 80 days. He was playing in portland in 2016/2017, there are flights from portland straight to Lagos that will land in 20 hrs despite 2 stopovers. Tell your kinsman to give us better excuses. Bright Dike was playing in the same Portland Timbers when Keshi brought him into the SE….he never complained or gave us Silly excuses….till today bright still says he feels honoured to wear the SE jersey even if it was for just 1 time. A certain Aaron Samuel was flying all the way from china because he wanted to be in the SE. At a point in time the likes of Ideye and Ighalo were coming all the way from China because they wanted to a place in the SE. Even the captain Mikel was flying China to honour SE call ups. Your arrogant kinsboy who could not make any of our previous national teams was giving the coach conditions of guaranteed shirt…..at a time when we had striker from even EPL battling for shirts. He hadnt even made is debut for Nigeria yet but was giving us conditions of guaranteed shirt….God punish devil…..He should stay back in his MLS where he is a tingod. LMAO. Blame him for his arrogance, not anybody else.

    • Omo9ja 3 years ago

      @JimmyBall, Adi still available and willing to play for Nigeria. Adi is what we needed in Super Eagles.

      This is why I said not every player would play for Madrid or big teams because everything is about time and lucky.

      Mr. Rohr is making excuses and a lot of mistakes by ignoring quality players because they play in MLS or unrecognized leagues.

      When you see a talent you will know that this is a talent.

      I understand Adi situation but it is good to educate ourselves and I appreciate the way you explained it to Dr.Drey.

      Even, if Oga Rohr considered Adi today, is any assurance that he will letting him play?

      How many minutes did the players Oga Rohr invited have played?


      And so on.

      Oga Rohr is killing Super Eagles players period.

      This is 2021, this is the time to speak up.

      We all have to sórósoke kę.

      As it is now, we don’t have permanent strikers.

      Instead of Oga Rohr to considered Adi, Sadiq, Onuachu and other new strikers, he will be waiting for Osimeh who is still new to the Italian league football to come and score goals for Nigeria. Isn’t that funny?

      He did that to Ighalo when we had other strikers available for selection.

      This is why I keep shaking my head for NFF and Oga Rohr fans.

      We don’t have coach for Super Eagles yet. All we have now can’t take us to the promised land.

      Thanks @JimmyBall. I hope we see new Super Eagles under Oga Rohr this year.

      Hmmm. What do I know. Truth is bitter. It is well. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

      • JimmyBall 3 years ago

        Thanks @Omo9ja… Dr. Drey… Was cursing Anthony Okpotu who went to finals with CHAN Eagles a few years back only for the team to be muscled by referee to lose the final to Morocco. Okpotu conquered Nigeria league twice back to back, went to Tunisia and conquered Tunisia and have been snapped up for 1.2million Dollars to Qatari league and Mr football oracle @Dr.Drey is saying he is a slack player… no be everybody go play for Europe… Even the great Xavi Hernandez and Okocha did play in Qatar. That’s how Dr. Drey rubbish Junior Ajayi as being useless during last year CAF champions league finals when it was obvious he cropped a bad ankle injury at some point in the match and could not continue and had to be subbed. It came out truthfully that Ajayi picked up an ankle injury. Which will keep him out for 3months and as such he is not expected back in action before mid March 2021. Get facts before you begin to argue.

        • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

          Hahahahahah see who is telling someone to get facts before arguing…..Fat liar….okpotu only won topscorer in 2017. he didnt win it back to back…Lokosa won it in 2018. Nobody has ever won NPFL top scorere back to back in this millenium. Infact only 1 person has won on 2 different occasions….an it not okpotu. Can you pls stop coming here to tell us lies.

          And dont dare compare Okocha and Xavi playing in qatar to Okpotu. Qatar is where players whose legs cannot carry them again go to play to make money. Your Okpotu is playing agaisnt people who cannot run anymore….LMAO. Tell him to go and play in Europe where his mates are playing. Okocha and Xavi distinguished themselves in the best leagues in the world. By the time Okocha and Xavi were playing in Qatar, they were not in their national teams again. So why should we bring Okpotu into the SE when a certain Sadiq Umar is yet to get his chance and a certain Awoniyi is hot in the bundesliga. So we shhoul invite okpotu to come and bench who…..Osimhen..??? We are still begging God for Onuachu who is scoring in belgium to untie his legs in the SE now you are talking about Okpotu…nor be only Okpotu na Timothy Anjembe and David tyavkase we go call back. Tell your okpotu go and play where football is competitive and not in libya or Qatar or Tunisia.

          Hahahahaha now you are making excuses for another of your useless superstars (Ajayi) again…LMAO. For Ujah it was stage fright….for Ajayi it is now Ankle Injury….LMAO. So he had ankle injury in the CAF CL quarter finals 1st and 2nd legs, semi finals 1st and 2nd legs too abi…..LMAO. He also had injury in the first 45 minutes of the final where he was plain useless….LMAO. Continue cooking more lies. Keep it up….LMAO.
          Thank God you are no where near our national team…otherwise Okpotu/Ajayi must have been what our strike force be looking like. When we have all the beta players he have in Europe flying our national flag every match week. Okpotu kor…..Otukpo ni….LMAO

    • kenneth 3 years ago

      Loool. abeg jimmmy let this guy go and rest, he knows it all. Adi was based in seattle, which is a 5 hours flight from west coast to east coast. And he probably has to wait another 3 hours to get a connecting flight to Europe. and then fly another 8 hours depending on which airport and wait another 2 or 3 hours and then fly to nigeria for another 6 hours. Only for him to come and sit on the bench. So is his comment suggesting he charter a flight to Nigeria because he wants to honor the national team call

      • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

        Hahahahaha…Ngwa add up all the hours…..it equals 32 hours abi….LMAO. Your maths teacher try well well. Clap for yourself.

        Players coming from Russia and Scadinavia too always fly directly from there to Lagos abi…..those from china always fly jumbo jet and arrive directly in Abuja after 5 hours. It is only a player who is yet to make his debut in the national team that has flight problems and hence must give the coach conditions of guaranteed a starting shirt to honour the invitation……LMAO. The remaining invited players fly chartered flights to Nigeria. Nonesense.

        Bright Dike was playing in the same Portland timbers where CR& Adi played in 2016/2017, when he got called up to the national team….he never complained for once….he always pitched up…including times when he sat on the bench in our WCQ matches under Keshi. One yeye 16 goals MLS striker who has never made any of our national teams b4 wants a guaranteed shirt before honouring national team call ups….becuase na him papa donate the land where dem build national stadium. Na the thunder wey wan fire in career naim dey follow am…..LMAO. If every player gives conditions to the coach to honour callups lets see if we will have a national team that will make any progress.

        Oga google Portland to Lagos and see results….before you join your twin brother in blind arguments. Nobody said he should charter flights. Most times, its those who cannot afford flying directly or those who do so improptu that have to go nasty flight itineraries that sometimes take them even to dubai before connecting to Nigeria. Anybody who is not ready to fly to Nigeria to sit on the bench is not ready to play for Nigeria. If you dont buy the ticket you dont win the lottery. It is from sitting on the bench that one day you get your chance to be a starter. And if you dont want to sit on the bench, perform better than your rivals in training and earn your starting shirt. There is not striker in our current SE who has never set on the bench at a point in time. Anybody wey devil wan punish make e dey give Rohr conditions to honour SE call ups.

        The fact is that we made progress without Adi in our SE….he was never able to make any of our national teams, he was that mediocre. He isnt better or more productive that those we have called up since 2016. The last time he scored 10 league goals or more in the MLS was in 2017 (4 years ago)…..we never needed him and we never missed him….END OF STORY

        • kenneth 3 years ago

          No need to argue needless with you, please let us know how many hours it is to fly from Seattle to lagos. Since you know more than us. Don’t come and rant here without proof bro. Average you have to fly over 24 hours including layover. So stop comparing players already based in Europe who can get flights to a major hub without layovers.

          • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

            Hahahaha…you who is arguing blindly, you cant go to travel sites to go check for yourself….? Maybe your eyes were at the back of your head where i wrote up there that even with 2 stops you can still fly from Portland where Adi was playing and get to Nigeria within 20 hrs…max 24 hrs. They want to lie to us about 32hrs…..lmao. As if its in all part of Europe players get such smooth flight itineraries. What of those who were coming from china….did they have 2 heads….???

            When leon balogun got his first callup, he said if he could swim across the atlantic….he would do so just to be in the national team. Bright Dike was flying from same Portland when he was still in the Se with no complaint. Arrogant mediocre how has never made any of our national teams was giving new coach conditions to honour invites wen strikers boku for europe…..LMAO…..make e rot for in MLS na….LMAO. Village people can be wicked….LMAO

          • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

            If not anyone else, Delta Airlines will fly you from Portland to Lagos in 24 hrs

            Tell your arrogant player to rot in the MLS….we never needed him.

            No serious minded player dumps an opportunity to play for the national team because of flight itinerary.

            Bright Dike plaing in the same portland timbers grabbed his own opportunity with both hands and always showed up without complaint even if he was placed on the bench…..your arrogant brother had not even been called twice before giving conditions……that his own cup of tea…..he should blame his arrogance.


      • JimmyBall 3 years ago

        Don’t mind Dr. Drey… Some. Players get callups and official invite merely days and often less than a week to qualifiers. Seattle to Lagos can something involve stopovers of up to 21hours at some connecting routes… You could not invite a player of Olisadebe quality but you rather invite Chukwu Ndukwe a giant sluggish attacker and later Ifeanyi Ekwueme… Let’s continue deceiving ourselves. That was how they wasted Richard Nwobuokiri and said he did not fit Eagles style of play meanwhile that guy said Stephen Keshi and even westerhoff were playing politics with him… That guy was not any less in quality than Yekini… He. Was playing Portugal Elite Division and Yekini was in the lower division. He just was not tolerated much because he was already an established star that wont grease palms… Imagine if westerhoff had found a way to combine Nwobuokiri and Yekini in an effective way in 4-4-2… Westerhoff was more interested in players he discovered himself and helped abroad. He too was into clandestine player transfer business like Rohr.

        • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

          Hahahahahahaha…another fat lie….players get callups days before a qualifier…LMAO. Jimmybaallluuuuuuuu…… and you claim you are an ex-footballer….LMAO. When even CSN go publish the list of called up players 2 weeks or more before the matchday…..LMAO. So NFF will release list to CSN before contacting and officially writing the clubs the players play for abi….LMAO
          Now you are complaining the Chkuwu Ndukwe was invited ahead of Olisadebe, but the same you want us to invite Okpotu and Ajayi ahead of Sadiq Umar, Dessers and Osimhen……LMAO.
          Now you cook up another story about the same Owubokiri that we all watched and all saw was no match with Yekini and other stikers we had then in the SE…..LMAO. Mr man you are someone’s father, you cannot continue to be a pathological liar like this.
          Your problem is that you dont stand for anything so you fall for anything…that is why you keep switching your mouth from left to right and contradicting your positions.

          • JimmyBall 3 years ago

            Clubs have to receive official invite on behalf of players oga… You publish list without informing the clubs where the players ply their trade no be invitation… It has be officially communicated clubs. Whatever is the case is that Adi traveled and came to honour invite and did not even appear on sub list for the match. He has a right to shun Rohr who would have done same or at best given 2 minutes after 90th minute to win Super Eagles fans over… We know Rohr. Go sleep… We no get argument. U-17 and U-20 coaches can use better talents in warri, Benin, Jos and Makurdi not limit cadet team trialists to Lagos, owerri, kano and Abuja alone… Coach Udemezie of Blessed memory who was part of Saudi 89 team build was residing in Makurdi and working at the state sports council and with NFA then as grassroot coach… that was how he saw Peter Ogaba in principal cap tournament in Makurdi. I played youth teams with Emmanuel Ogaba and Eddy Ogaba his brothers…

          • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

            Hahahahah once again you played with Peter Ogaba again….LMAO. So if you were 16 years old in 1995 when you claimed you were in the national U17 camp so you played with Peter Ogaba while you were still 10 years old…In Nigeria of that time??? Weldone…you do well. Continue with these your sweet stories ehn…One day you will still tell us you played with Terfa Kpakor….LMAO.
            Oga….stop arguing aimlessly. Invites are sent to clubs and confirmed by the FA before they are made public…go and get your facts rights. Some sports websites often contact the clubs directly to confirm invitation has been sent even before NFF releases it. Sites like allnigeriasoccer and owngoal do that a lot. B4 NFF makes SE list public…they contact clubs individualy to find out if they have recieved any invites for their player. That is what they use a their own exclusive reports. And its done sometimes even 3 weeks to the match. Dont give us this your crap of players get invited few days before a qualifier.
            Your Adi shunned invitation of a new coach and hence a chance to even stake a claim for a shirt. A new coach often comes in with a clean mind to see who is gonna be good enough for him. Blame him for his stupidity. he was just a coward who didnt believe he could make it. A certain Aaron Samuel was coming from china to try his luck….a certain Bright Dike was coming from the same city and club where Adi played and he never complained and waited patiently for his time. Arrogant local champion wanted instant ticket to 1st team straight as if he is Zlatan Ibrahimovic…LMAO….which coach does that. Person wey dey bench today go start tomorrow….ighalo and ahmed musa where bench players when rohr first came, not they are 1st teamers. Osimhen was a bench player when i came in…now he is the main man. Blame your homeboy for his arrogance.

            Once again, your grouse is not about the fact that the coaches did not visit all the 36 states to scout for players for a team that needed to be ready in few weeks…your grouse is that your tribes person was not among the selected player…..as must as youve tried to camouflage it…its still evident. U17 and U20 can do better scouting when they know WAFU qualifiers is next year, not next month. Its even worse for an U17 coach because he MUST select players who MUST pass MRI. Did the transformer in your street blow when they were appointed few weeks to the respective tournaments, or didn’t you hear when the Covid task force in Nigeria allowed contact sports to resume…??? Was it Amoo that would have organized academicals or YSFON competitions after then……? Let to use you football sense sometimes before ranting. It will do you a whole world of good.
            Direct you anger to NFF who waited till October of appoint coaches for non existing teams that will play qualifiers in November and December. The magic you expect such coaches to do to visit all the 36 states in Nigeria beats my imagination……even if dey do 1 state per day which is 100% impossible, they couldnt have completed their scouting in the 1st 4 weeks. So what the hell are you all about, disgracing yourself in public and telling so much lies in a single day just because you want to prove a point.

  • kenneth 3 years ago

    Thank God the tournament is cancelled by FIFA. This team is crap. Blowing away begging chances. Na we need a better way to select this youth teams. This team was crap today.

    • Clementoke 3 years ago

      Please, what’s the scores?

    • JimmyBall 3 years ago

      @Kenneth… When we asked for better casting of net to get sound and talented boys from all over they will say we are tribal bigots. You call yourself Fatai Amoo… You get Odegbami to write sweet epistles about how good a coach you are… You sit in Lagos pick cadet players from Giant Brillers, 36 lions, Mushin Tigers, you call a few referrals from cronies in Owerri and kano and you tell Nigerians you have done screening and pick a national cadet team for Nigeria and you go to tournament and flop. When people say visit Makurdi, Warri, Benin, Gombe, Kano and Jos and other pockets where youth football is strong… A certain Dr. Drey will come and say JimmyBall is a tribal bigot. Why is it that we were having youth players from those corners of Nigeria in the past but not anymore? It’s simple… everything has become connection because of overseas contracts for these boys after a few years for dubious actors to pocket percentages.

      • kenneth 3 years ago

        My brother na you dey get time to dey reply am. Since we no sabi anything no wahala, let him continue to rant. I believe in continuity, manu is well equipped to unearth young players. the few times he had handled the youth teams, he has selected merited players, not those that were shoved down his throat. Abeg go enjoy your weekend na new year, look at person wey dey Austria dey compare travelling from North America to person wey fly from Europe. Even his cohorts that are based in the US will tell him he choked.

      • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

        Oga….you are a tribalist…..your grouse is simply bcos there are no players from your state. Dr.Drey has always and will always insist that the BEST PLAYERS AVAILABLE AT ALL TIMES BE SUITED UP TO PLAY FOR NIGERIA, even if all of them are from Zamfara state. A coach who has few weeks to raise an u17 team that MUST pass MRI test deosnt have a choice but to depend on open screenings and direct referals. You claim you played football…..use your football senses once in a while. Stop hiding under ‘geographical spread’ to push a tribal agenda bcos your own player was dropped. You have pushed your tribal agenda the whole of today telling us lies after lies….even telling us okpotu won npfl top scorer back to back just because you wanted to prove what a damn good striker he was…lmao.
        Your brother is even stylishly begging you to drop your baseless argument since many people have come here to trash many of your lies.

  • ovie enakeyarhe 3 years ago

    I have been following discussions here for years now without being an active participant. I have learnt a lot from quality analyses and I have also observed a lot of unpleasant things. There’s no need to wash your dirty linen in public. No one has monopoly of ideas so everyone’s opinions should be respected.


    @Jimmyball,i really like your expressions without insulting anyone no matter the level.Its shows maturity to a higher level.You don’t need to insult anyone in a forum like this of which you dont know the individual.Well,Rohr to me needs to wake up because there is a way i personally access my team.This present super eagles players,individually,will hardly make Tunisia/USA 94 team or year 2000 super eagles team !!!.Just my humble opinion.

  • Larry 3 years ago

    I think people need to direct blames in the right direction. Rather than unnecessary accusations, Bosso and Amoo may not be the best in the country,but their efforts with the U-20 & U-17 sides deserve some praises. Based on my assessment,considering the level of preparedness and short time notice, the teams did well.
    The nff must improve the way they treat age-grades competition.

  • @Dr Drey why are u wasting your precious time and energy argueing with this pple?

    Can’t u see this arguement is directionless?

    They keep jumping from one point to the other…. Haba!!!

    Very soon they’ll come up with another arguement…..

    Pls Dr Drey try and end this baseless arguement biko…

    Unless u want them to start telling us how 2FACE IDIBIA was denied the opportunity of being the president of Nigeria bcos he’s from Benue…

    Who’s this Adi sef that they would not allow us hear word in CSN?

    Now their mentor (omo9ja) has come up to support him with a baseless suggestion…

    “…Adi still available and willing to play for Nigeria. Adi is what we needed in Super Eagles…” (says omo9ja)….

    But wait o!… Joke apart….
    Does this humble young man called omo9ja reason atall???

    How can u say that a 30years old man is what we needed in SE?

    How about ANTHONY NWAKAEME that is playing in a more competitve league in EUROPE?

    This is not funny again…. Let’s stop all this rubbish….

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      Abeg UBFE….leave them make dem dey argue dey go. Na lies full their mouth and I dey ready to dey bust their lies one by one. Shey dem say i commend Bosso and Amoo….make dem go find that comment where I commend them come….LMAO.

      30yr Adi wey in club don release am naim we need for SE…..person wey be say the last time wey he score reach 10 goals for league like MLS na 2017 naim we need for SE for 2021…….that na to show you say the sickness wey dey worry some people na the type wey even arusi abakaliki nor go fit cure.

      Biko let me waste my energy dey go….I get the time and the energy…..na weekend we dey. Make dem continue to cook many tales by moonlight give us here…no be today dem don dey tell us lies for this forum.

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