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Yobo: Rohr Will Decide My Super Eagles Role

Yobo: Rohr Will  Decide  My Super Eagles Role

Nigeria’s assistant coach Joseph Yobo says head coach Gernot Rohr would decide his role in the Super Eagles.

Yobo was appointed by the Nigeria Football Federation as replacement for Imama Amapakabo in February.

“With the level of our discussions, I believe we will have a cordial working relationship. I have not meet the Eagles coach personally, but I believe he is a good coach,”Yobo said during a radio programme.

“Every national team has five assistants working with the team, but in our case Rohr will determine the role he wants me to play in the team.

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Yobo, who represented his country at the 1999 Under-20 World Cup, skippered the Super Eagles to Africa Cup of Nations success in South Africa in 2013.

The former Everton, Fenerbahce and Norwich City defender played in six Africa Cup of Nations tournaments between 2002 and 2013 in a 14-year career.

He featured in three World Cup tournaments in 2002, 2010 and 2014, playing ten matches at the World Cup finals in total – the most appearances for the West African nation on the biggest stage.

Yobo became the first African to captain Everton in October 2007 and made more than 250 appearances for the Toffees, helping them qualify for the Champions League in 2005 and playing in the side that lost the 2009 FA Cup final to Chelsea.

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  • There’s no job description in the contract you signed with NFF? Anyway, try as much as possible to upgrade yourself

    • Oakfield 4 years ago

      Lol@ ola, it’s really a terrible thing . So, the NFF (a big corporate body with administrative laid down official recruitment procedures) just said to him “hey,as an ex international with 100 caps, come and resume duties as an assistant coach, congratulations”, without any job description…..lol!!! Maybe,he’s being seen as a jobman labourers that doesn’t need a job description, lol! so,the people who schemed and employed him had no roles carved out for him initially before throwing him into the fire??..Chai. Naija I salute u!!!!!

    • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

      @Ola…Did you even hear that an interview process was conducted….?? Talk more of signing contracts…???
      This one na 100% audio job na….LMAO.
      That’s the type of jobs people without any qualifications get…..”…hey you, just come and be standing here and join them to do whatever they are doing…”Lolz

      Someone wants to learn coaching, he’s starting with national team football….LMAO. A national team that hardly has more than 10 substantial trainings and hardly plays 10matches in a year. He will learn coaching very well…infact better than Guadiola sef. His mates are learning coaching by starting from clubsides where training, planning and analyses are done on daily basis and between 30-50 matches are played in a year.

      By the time he buys rice and ewa agoyin for his bosses for 1 year like a typical apprentice, nobody till tell him before he walks out of the ridicule his masters are dragging him into.

      One of the worst things a man can experience is to be employed without clear cut responsibilities…unless you are the naturally lazy type, you will hate yourself. He should ask Dan Amokachi why he resigned from the Super eagles during the days of Berti Vogts. The dude was mostly used as ball boy or referee during training matches….LMAO

      Our people say even the teary eyes still sees. How Yobo doesn’t see a bitter end to this game NFF is using him to play beats imagination. Just imagine….the Asst Manager of the SE doesn’t know what he is going into the team to do.

      Abeg….na who go coach our CHAN team o. Someone should please tell me it’s not Yobo o.

      • U fall my hand sha drey……so, I need to tell u say na Rohr go still do dat 1.
        Na Rohr go find players for dead local lead, go search and find better FA for us after dis regeem, na him go still teach calamity yobo d work he go do….

        • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

          Abi o. 20 NPFL club coaches, 40 NNL club coaches, NFF department of Youth development, YSFON, NFF Technical Department, 3 Nigerian coaches in U17, 3 Nigerian coaches in U20, 3 Nigerian coaches in U23, 3 Nigerian coaches in CHAN eagles, 3 NNF political employee assistant coaches in the SE, but na rohr go still come epp dem discover home-grown talent…..LMAO.
          Infact, na Rohr go elect the next NFF board sef…….LMAO
          Commonsense is indeed not common my brother.

      • Am only trying hard to make his appointment looks professional… Lol @Drey

  • dr drey and his boys go coach our chan team.

    • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

      I swear I will perform better than Yobo. LMAO. Wahlahi…!!! LMAO

      As least, I’ve been rolling with my ex-footballer friends as a freelance scout, conducting coaching clinics for high school boys along with the few who are into scouting and player representation whenever I’m on holidays and I’ve even been commenting and analyzing football for years on KON, CSN and other reputable sports sites across the globe. That is in addition to my executive diplomas in management (Projects and Development Management).

      Which one of all these does Yobo have apart from 100caps and regular front seat at Night of Thousand Laughs (abi wetin una dey call am again sef)…? LMAO.

      Without mincing words Let Me and Yobo sit down in front of any interview panel outside Nigeria, I’m giving you guarantees I will beat him to a coaching job. …LMAO. You think say dem send 100caps outside NFF headquarters…??? LMAO

      • Edoman 4 years ago

        With all your educative articles herein, l do rest my case. Nigerians appreciates what you so articulately presents to them. Don’t stop. Thank you.
        Dr Drey.

  • Chairmanfemi 4 years ago

    As for one mugu like that…that was saying sh*t the other day that Rohr is appointed and should have only one Assistant in his team and that’s Yobo. Therefore, payment of Rohr’s imported assistant should not be paid. Hope you can hear Yobo himself now saying “Every national team has five assistants working with the team…”

    Yeye dey smell

  • Emecco 4 years ago


  • Emecco 4 years ago

    Please you guys should allow Yobo be, let him be given a chance to prove himself, its unfair to write off someone even before starting off a task.

    • Phynum 4 years ago

      Oga that doesn’t take away the fact that he’s not qualified for that big position, he’s far far behind the pecking order, if you fail to acknowledge this, then you’re part of our problem as a nation . little drops like dz makes an oceans, can Nigeria ever be better ???

  • Emecco 4 years ago

    @Dr Dre, you tried so hard to justify Rohrs appointment as Eagle’s Coach,This is from the results he has gotten so far as SE coach which I quite agree with you and not based on how many coaching certifications he has gotten, Your only point you are using to deem Yobo unfit is just that he got no certicate, he can always get that while on the job, it’s not a taboo in FIFA,his huge football experience, (101 caps) etc which you continually mock is an added advantage to him and is no mean feat.He is also into Show biz, that’s his personal life and is nobody’s bizness.It doesn’t disqualify from being a coach.He is just an Assistant Manager to Rohr, he will cover up in areas his boss wants him to ,he has even started working for Rohr already by helping him to keep in touch with some home based SE players, Let him be given a chance to prove himself,he can only be appraised by his output and not by his certificates, if he fails he will be kicked out. Coaches come and go.Even Rohr will be kicked out if he is no longer getting the results.No time !!!

    • Dr. Drey 4 years ago


      Don’t get things wrong, My “only point im are using to deem Yobo unfit is just that he got no certificate”.
      No…far from it. For heaven’s sake…Joseph Yobo is NOT EVEN A COACH. And this is 6 WHOLE YEARS AFTER RETIREMENT FROM FOOTBALL…he has not even coached his own grassroots team Yobo FC….he has not even conducted football clinics for kids. He has ZERO coaching experience at ANY level…and that is just the plain truth. The SE are just one illness or one suspension away from having a coachless Assistant Coach as their coach.
      You talk about 100 caps….does Yobo have more international caps or played for better clubs and coaches or at bigger levels than the likes of his contemporaries like Gerrard, Lampard, Terry, or even Kolo Toure our African brother. Even his Everton Colleague who is now Arsenal Manager. Go and check all the profiles of all of them and one thing is common….they all were still actively playing football when they started helping out at their club’s academies as volunteers, from there they went for training, despite being world class exinternationals, spending almost 4 years in training to obtain certification as professional coaches….they still didn’t go and start from the top, they started from being clubs U17, U18, U19 coaches, then as assistant coaches and then managers in lower divisions and less competitive leagues before taking the big jobs. Our own Kolo Toure started with volunteering at Celtic…today he is Asst Manager at Leicester city and is on his way to completing his training as a professional coach…Toure had 120caps as a CIV international…was it his 120caps that made him an Asst Manager at EPL level…??? Not to talk of senior national team level. Even if you want to learn coaching as a serious human being, what will you learn in national team football where players arrive on Tuesday, recover on Wednesday, do 1 physical training on Thursday, 1 tactical training on Friday, play on Saturday and disappear to wherever by Sunday till the next FIFA window. We were lucky to play 11 or 12 matches in 2019 and that was because of AFCON where we played 7 games. Remove the 7 AFCON matches and we probably don’t play more than 7-8 matches per year….is that what serious minded ones like Zidane, Someone, Gerrard et al used in learning or growing to become the coaches they are today…???

      Was Yobo not a former captain of Everton…? Why didn’t they make him an assistant coach at Everton since his over 300matches for the club are good enough for him to be a coach.

      Do you know an assistant coach is as good as being the head coach himself…?

      Do you know Mario Zagallo was Periera’s assistant at USA 94…? Lemere was Jacquet’s assistant in France 98, Loew was Klismann’s assistant in 2006, AVB and Aitor Karanka have been assistants to Mourinho…even Westerhof had Bonfrere Jo as his assistant. The Asst Manager position is not for just any figure head.

      Has Yobo ever played a football match on paper before..?

      Has drawn a match plan ever before…?

      How many opposition scouting mission has Yobo undertaken before…?

      Does he know how to write a scouting report…???

      What is his coaching philosophy…???

      How many matches has he used to develop such philosophy….???

      These are some of the jobs of an assistant coach. At national team level if the Asst Coach is the one contacting players, pls what is the job of the team secretary and the team manager…???

      Have most of you not noticed that in many of these top clubs or national teams, most time when a substitution is about being made, it’s mostly the assistant coach that gives to the substitute the instructions he should implemented when he gets to the pitch.

      Is it the person whom we are still teaching how to make calls like a typical intern that we will give our CHAN Eagles to lead….???

      Issokay o….I rest my case.

      If he likes he should not quit the “stylish errand boy” role the NFF is foisting on him and go and face real coaching training in Europe and start with U17 and U18 teams of clubs like standard Liege, Marseille, fernerbache and Everton where he made name. He should ask Amokachi what pushed him to quit a similar role in 2007/2008 under Berti Vogts.

      • Dennis 4 years ago

        Very apt Dr drey. You’ve hut the nail on the head without mincing words. When yobo got the job, I asked myself ‘what criteria was used to select him as the best candidate for the position of an assistant coach? What irks me the most is that we love to do the wrong things in this country. When Rooney retires from football, despite being Manchester united and England’s highest goal scorer, he won’t just get the job of a coach without going to a coaching school.
        I’ve watched matches were the head coach is out for some period of time and his assistant has to fill in. So you mean a guy with no coaching certificate will be able to put up tactics to give us victory? NFF might as well given the job to majek fashek since no coaching certificate was required to get the job. Nonsense!!!

      • Edoman 4 years ago

        Could some of those Yobo’s supporters/employers answer those basic questions posed by Dr Grey and lets put this Yobo issues to rest? Nigerians everywhere demands these answers. NFF oyea.

        • KangA 4 years ago

          @ Edoman
          My gut feeling is that NFF will play deaf and not give answers to the questions possed by @ Dr. Drey. They don’t want to subject their actions to public scrutiny. We can surmise that the appointment was given to a “yes man” to cover their dirty tracts, not out of genuine interest to develop Nigerian soccer.

          We’ve given potent reasons why the NFF should retrace its steps, retain Yobo as backroom staff, and offer the job to someone who merits it, but they are hell-bent on towing their ignoble line. For sure Yobo has bribed himself into disrepute, and will take his place in the Nigerian soccer history.

          • Edoman 4 years ago

            Nigerians appreciates your attempted puzzles why the NFF even employed the untested, unqualified, uncertified Yobo as the National assistant coach to this critical position at this time.

      • Oakfield 4 years ago

        I wish I could just like this more than a hundred times! Wonderful and expository. Weldone. Mr drey, may your days be longer than that of methuselah. How could someone say or think otherwise after being presented with irrefutable facts? After now, they’d start telling us they are rocket engineers and “great minds” with absolutely nothing to show for it except for sheer wickedness, jealousy and racism.

      • Michael 4 years ago

        @Dr Drey Man you’re too good. I prostrate for you man. Full respect man. I think you have incredible potential in sports journalism. I think you can contribute a lot in Nigerian sports industry (football specifically) via sports journalism. You’re always objective with your argument. Always informative and educative. My Respect Man

      • drey you re too good,and god will continue to protect you i greet you men

  • I always love your comments . You are always on point thanks Dr.Drey. urs biggest fans.

  • @ Dr. Drey…
    I’m always happy for this young, vibrant, intellent, smart, educated, unbias, incorruptible in assessing issues, very plain and direct in analyses irrespective of who is affected, always sincere in exposing the hiden truth going on in the GLASS HOUSE, very stern and resolute in admornishing or addressing matters.
    I just lack words to use and describe this noble young man named @ Dr. Drey.

    Keep it up.
    Don’t mind the pple, dont mind the hypocrytes, don’t mind the unpatroitic wolfs in sheep’s clothing.

    Keep calling a spade a spade by Giving respect to whom it’s due & so shall the ALMIGHTY GOD reward u in ur life endeavors.

    As for those that toe the same line with hime God bless u all.

    Let’s surport our super eagles and the man that God is using to block those loop holes & cause many greedy football agent to cry and weep and gnarsh their teeth.

    In person of OGA BABA GERNOT ROHR.


  • Very funny at some of the attacks on Yobo, all because he stated that rohr will assign him his role in the team. Come to think of it, if he went to camp and began to assume the role not assigned to him, this are the same people that will be screaming for his head. What is wrong in him awaiting his role from the coach. Abi in this day and age, you start a new job, definitely you will be told what and what is required of the position. So i don’t get all the grammer being blown here. Yes the NFF went about his appointment the wrong way. But there is nothing wrong with him learning on the job.

  • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

    You are all appreciated folks. One love and lets keep supporting our Eagles with the truth and objectivity, devoid of parochial sentiments and interest…..nothing more nothing less.

    • Prince 4 years ago

      @Dr Drey,
      A man that say things the way they are!
      Plain and simple true statements!!
      One luv, bro !

      I Duff my hat for you and all the Great minds that grace this platform For saying what is truly just and right !

      My dad always tell me; “Always say things exactly the way they are and you will never have any trouble thinking twice when you are ask to speak on the same topic another day!!!”

      Yobo served us so well and I love him so much just like I do to every Nigerian soccer players that have represented us positively both past and present !!

      Yobo captained a foreign club and if I am not mistaken; starred every minutes of every match in an entire season for Everton FC in a tough league such as the EPL…awesome !!!
      He was a captain of the national team and was part of a team that won the continent most prestigious competition !!

      These are sheer stats that shows that Yobo has a blessed head for greatness.

      If Yobo is reading this, he should realized that a brother in Dr Drey is giving him a sheer noble advise (free of charge, in this platform) on the standard requirements and basis of what to do towards a good path of becoming a reputable coach in the future !!!
      He must feel blessed having good men as noble kinsmen who have basic knowledge and great advisory hints for him to commenced a great path in his quest to succeed and become a great coach in future !!
      And this example and wise statements should also be accepted and digested by any other ex-internationals who quest and aspire to become a coach as the future unfolds !!!

      THIS IS THE TRUTH … And there is No shortcuts to success in life !!!

      The truth is bitter but it is better be said no matter what !!

      To all the noble brothers and true friends of Truth!
      I salute you all.

      I hail ooo

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