African Games 2023: Falconets Lose To Ghana In Final

African Games 2023: Falconets Lose To Ghana In Final

Ghana’s Black Princesses came from a goal down to beat Nigeria’s Falconets 2-1 after extra-time, in the African Games 2023 football event on Thursday night.

The defeat means the Falconets’ reign as African Games champions has ended.

Loveth Edeh put the Falconets 1-0 ahead in the 23rd minute, slotting the ball home after the Ghanaian keeper spilled the ball.

With 12 minutes left Ghana equalised through Tracy Twum.

In the 99th minute of extra-time Mukarama Abdullai scored the winner as her low shot on the edge of the box beat the Falconets keeper.

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  • Sslmdade KING 3 weeks ago

    As usual lol!

    Nigeria our wives lol 

    Better luck next time omo naija 

    • John-1 3 weeks ago

      Your wife in Female football? You can brag about Men football, not women please. Don’t even go there

      • Chima E Samuels 3 weeks ago

        He can brag about nothing Nigeria is just less fortunate to having dubious officiating go against us every time in the name of we are criminals. In Africa we have lost most final than any country due to this fact. If officials were honest we will have the most gold than any African country but dumbass NFA and now NFF officials will never petition these Haters.

  • Selfmade KING 3 weeks ago

    We chew our daily bread lol

    • Not for women football sha. When Ghana scored the second, I knew it was over because if for 90 minutes, howler from keeper is the best way to score, then no miracle will occur. Imagine coming from a goal down to win, ah, falconets crew should go. World cup ticket or not, losing two finals to Ghana back to back no be wetin we suppose gist. In women football!

  • osaretin 3 weeks ago

    congrats to the black queens (or princesses) they deserved the win. But African refereeing is terrible. I to some extent understand why African teams do not do well in international football particularly in the women game. yes on the strength of the game. the Ghanian team had strikers that could shoot, the Falconets were just after to walk the ball into the opponent goal.

  • Chudynak 3 weeks ago

    I don’t know what is wrong with all the Nigerian teams these days. This is the second championship match we are losing after taking the lead in the first half. Maybe this is the “luck” the Tinubu presidency has brought to Nigeria.

  • ..”Maybe this is the “luck” the Tinubu presidency has brought to Nigeria.”…..Hear your self…Mumu….

  • Nigerian coaches must learn how Not To Play Against Ghana.

    If Danjuma plays against Ghana 20 times he will lose each time.

    Earlier in the game, Nigeria saw a lot of the ball, looking particularly comfortable in midfield. But, going forward, their attacking routines were tailor made to be effectively dealt with by Ghana. Yes, it caused Ghana problems initially, even forcing the mistake that led to Nigeria’s goal.

    But after Ghana caught on to Nigeria’s strategy, they were better positioned to foil Nigeria and Danjuma had no other tricks up his sleeves.

    Once Ghana were able to effectively curtail Nigeria, they now started to launch their own attacks, which led to 2 fabulously well worked tactical goals – the first goal saw the Ghana striker effectively peel off Nigerian defence before finishing with aplomb with the second goal seeing Nigerian defence dispelled to create space for that beautiful, world class number 8 to launch a screamed past Nigerian substitute goalkeeper.

    Ghana goals were well worked and they could easily have scored 2 extra.

    I am bitterly disappointed in Danjuma. He was soundly beaten by Ghana in consecutive finals despite having some decent players.

    I think he should go. Danjuma has nothing to offer. He has really really offended me by the manner of his back to back loses to Ghana.

    It is not rocket science to defeat Ghana. Midfield organisation (which Nigeria displayed effectively yesterday), defensive discipline (which Danjuma failed to orchestrate) and intricate methodical build up in attack devoid of cliché crosses and unimaginative Bulldozing movements will do the trick.

    The Falconets attacking initiatives were exactly what Ghana prepared for which made it easier for them to thwart dismantle effectively.

    As the match wore on, Nigeria never looked like seriously hurting Ghana unless Ghana made the same sort of mistake that gifted Nigeria a goal in the Wafu Zone B U-20 final last year and in this final too.

    Danjuma ought to be disappointed in himself that his attacking routines could not yield a single clearcut clean-cut goal against Ghana across 210 minutes of football. Even in penalty Shootouts, Ghana took him to the cleaners last year.

    Forget Belmadi’s boys, Danjuma is Ghana’s Damsel in distress.

    • It’s disappointing to continue to repeat the same thing nothing learnt nothing gained.
      Only Samson Siasia has shown how to beat Ghana so far, he understands their antics and tactics

    • @deo, watching the match, it was clear this was match that should have been wrapped up in the first one hour. What is wrong with Nigerian teams when it comes to Ghana? This same Ghana team that drew 1 -1 with Uganda, who we comfortably beat 2 – 0. The Ghanaians were there for the taking cos I watched the match. They had a few sparks here and there but overall, the Falconets were a more talented, tactical team. Ghana was mostly brawn with rivalry-fuelled energy like they also do whenever Nigeria is an opponent.

      Look the way Mozambique and Comoros made mincemeat of their male team, but it becomes different with the SE. I think it’s psychological – and of course, the coach is deficient here. One particular defender kept the header ball back to the Ghana forwards, fidgeting, and misplacing passes like they were playing Brazil. Common, it’s just a normal team like Uganda and Senegal! The Falcons have imbibed this already. They don’t count Ghana as a main rival. But this U20 do! It was pathetic. A normal team will gaps here and there to explore.

      Congrats to Ghana, but if I’m the coach, I’ll drill it into my team that they’re a far more talented side and should go, relax and play their game like they were playing Uganda whom Ghana could not beat.

      • Selfmade KING 3 weeks ago

        Your falconets were poor !!

        Nigeria is good in women football but Ghana outplayed u guys ystday 

        • @Selfmade, I won’t say poor particularly. I’ll say composure. They were fidgeting and misplacing passes in the final third. This same thing didn’t lose or even draw a single match prior. They comfortably beat their previous opponents. That surely can’t be a poor team. Granted, Ghana was a tougher opponent, but our team was less gritty, composed, and focused. I think that was all the difference, which is why I said it’s mostly psychology.

          Only the midfield was good. One girl was particularly gifting Ghana the balls. Look at the one that let the first equalizer in, she could have booted the ball away. Then our first-choice goalkeeper got injured.

          It was a game of fine margins and Ghana showed greater determination. I’m gutted, not for the loss, but over the manner it was done. When you lose, do it gracefully.

  • A word of advice for Ghanaian administrators: please take good care of that number 8 Mukarama Abdullahi.

    She is pure Gold and her winning goal yesterday was the jewel in the crown of an overall fabulous performance. She was an absolute joy to watch and seeing her decimate Nigerian defence with silky and smooth footwork drew applause from me.

    Great girl, great game, great goal.

    Ghana potentially have their own Agba Baller in the making in that girl.

    I pray she takes the U-20 world cup by storm later in the year.

    A huge thank you and well done to Ghana fans who packed the stadium to support their future generation girls. They as well as the players deserve the goal.

    Thumbs up to the Ghana fans they stayed patient and buoyant even when their girls were trying to figure out Nigeria. That’s how to encourage young women.

    • @deo, good observation. That lady has always been a talisman right from the u17. She needs little polishing and she will do great things. Nigeria could have won this game with a little bit of focus, especially the first half. They really put ghana under pressure and gave us a lot of scary moments. Your team is not bad. Keep and encourage them.

  • Chima E Samuels 3 weeks ago

    It will be hard for Nigeria to win a final in Africa if the dumbass NFF does not sit down with the football bodies in Africa and demand equal respect from the Referees. I witnessed a Possessed and Manipulative Ivorien Ref yesterday who was bent on making our girl feel less of themselves by issuing cards at any turn and lots of questionable calls just to dampen their spirited play and she succeeded in doing so no wonder the girls lost it and couldn’t play anything meaningful at the latter stage of the match. 

    Our goalkeeper was cautioned for time wasting but when Ghanaian goalie did same and our captain prompted the Ref she instantly cautioned our captain, that was when I stopped watching the match. I don’t know what else to say but Nigeria as country at this point is the most hated nation because both Caf and Fifa are guilty of terrible officiating against Nigeria for such a long time.

    I will name some of the matches I can remember where we were frauded and any doubter can go on YouTube and check them out. Nigeria vs Argentina u20 WC final, Nigeria vs Argentina Olympic final, Nigeria vs Cameroon Afcon final, Nigeria vs CIV afcon final, Nigeria vs Ghana Wafu final, Nigeria vs Ghana Chan final and yesterday’s AAG final. The list is long but an incompetent NFF will never take note but looking out for money to siphone on a daily basis.

    • Selfamde KING 3 weeks ago

      Ghana had a penalty that the referee ignored!

      U were beaten fair and square 

    • okponku 3 weeks ago

      With this current Caf helm, Naija should forget to win any trophy in Africa. The hatred is obvious, how he selects the match officials in any Naija matches is horrible. Naija was playing cote de voire in the Afcon final, where Ghana,Cameroon and SA were the great supporters of the Ivory against Naija. Now to pay the Ghana back ,he picked an Ivorian to officiate that yesterdays final. The referee from yesterdays game was just bound to frustrate Naija team. She was just issuing yellow cards to Naija girls, when a Naija player been injured, she calls for quick out stretching without the medical team approach. But a reverse case on the Ghana team. If you doubt my point, just go and re watch the match. Naija players were issued 4 yellow cards while Ghana had none, at least yellow supposed have been issued to that Ghana girl , who refused to pick up the ball for a throwing. The game could have been a world class final but the bias referee spoiled the whole facts.I wait to see effects of both team in August U20 Fifa world cup in Colombia.

      • Chima E Samuels 3 weeks ago

        Well put for me the Ref was like slave master dishing out hate towards our girls and nobody speaks else they’ll be carded. 

  • A lot of us are not looking at the real reason why Falconet lost against Ghana. Just look at the team Danjuma is parading. Most of them have serious shortcomings. Rather than for Danjuma to integrate majority of the Flamingos players that won Bronze at under 17 world cup, he discarded almost all of them for players who are not good enough. Imagine Danjuma’s players finding it difficult to trap or break ball. They were not even fit enough. The fact that Danjuma lost 2 times against the same team is enough for people to critique him and see that he is not good enough.
    If Danjuma’s falconet plays with the current flamingos, they will lose. The under 17 female coach – Olowokere will produce good players, rather than for Danjuma to continue with them and integrate only good players with them, he will discard all of them and select players that are not even good.
    If NFF don’t remove Danjuma as the coach of falconet, they are just waiting to be embarrassed at the world cup.

  • Let’s stop making s big deal about this match. Match is gone. We lost. That’s it. What about many times we have beaten Ghana in women’s football. What about what our under 17 male did in WAFU b in Ghana the last time.

    When you continue to engage yaw and selfmade King in discussion any time they beat us you are giving them the power to boast.

    Overall football record make and female Ghana is not near Nigeria and they can’t be near. Even look at the all African games table. Difference is clear. So stop getting disappointed when they beat us.

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