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Amuneke: I’m Good Enough To Be Super Eagles Head Coach, Not Assistant

Amuneke: I’m Good Enough To Be Super Eagles Head Coach, Not Assistant

Emmanuel Amuneke has rejected Nigeria Football Federation’s job offer as Super Eagles Assistant coach under Franco-German gaffer, Gernot Rohr, Completesports.com reports.

The FIFA U-17 World Cup winner in Chile 2015 was emphatic when he spoke to Complete Sports from his base in Spain, querying the rationale behind the offer for him to work under anyone despite his high coaching pedigree.

A Winner of the African Cup of Nations in 1994 and Olympic Games Soccer gold in 1996, Amuneke had previously rejected NFF’s Technical Director job which is now held by his former Super Eagles teammate, Austin Eguavoen.

The 1996 Africa Footballer of the Year is currently the Sporting Director of Egyptian Premier League side, Msr El Makkasa.

“But why should I be an assistant coach to anyone with my pedigree? With what I’ve done in the game, both as a player and as a coach, I think it is normal for me to be going higher than descending to working under another coach,” Amuneke queried rather rhetorically.

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With hisses greeting Rohr’s epileptic performance with the Super Eagles in the three time African Champions’ disappointing 4-4 draw against Sierra Leone in Benin in an Africa Cup of Nations Group L qualifier and another scoreless draw with same team four days later in Freetown, Nigeria Football Federation has thus mounted the starting block in the race to bolster the Super Eagles squad ahead the next round of qualifiers next year March against Squirrels of Benin and Crocodiles of Lesotho.

“I don’t have any ambition or desire to work under any other coach either in Nigeria or elsewhere with my pedigree in the game,” the left footed winger who also played for Egyptian giants, Zamalek, during his illustrious career added.

“I did not apply to NFF to work as an assistant to Rohr and nobody, as at this moment, has approached me about the prospect of assisting Rohr in the Super Eagles.

Complete Sports would recall that Amuneke’s stoic disposition to working under Rohr could be a direct response to Rohr’s earlier refusal to work with him when the coach insisted on having Salisu Yusuf back in the team.

Yusuf is now the technical adviser of Enugu Rangers, a Nigeria Professional Football League, NPFL side.

By Sab Osuji

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  • Greenturf 6 months ago

    If Rohr wants Salisu then the NFF should grant his request.

    Apparently, Rohr had his best winning runs working with Salisu and it’s no brainer to get the duo working together again.

    The world cup qualifier starts next year but the preparation starts today.Having a team of sound professionals tinkering the super eagles is a sure way of getting our football back on track and I believe Salisu is the man Rohr needs because they have worked together with huge success.

    Meanwhile,Amunike should learn to be humble.There’s nothing wrong to work as an assistant because that’s the surest way to get the super eagles job in the nearest future.

    Patients they say is a virtue.

    • Can you mention one huge success that Rohr has achieved with SE till date. Is it nation’s cup that he won or did he qualified Nigeria for world cup quarter final.

      Rohr won’t go for Amuneke because he knows that the guy is better than him as a coach.

      Rohr has tried his best. SE has to move to the stage of winning competitions. That’s what Super Eagles is known for. Don’t forget that Nigeria is a football nation.

      I’m so sorry to say this, SE can’t win any trophy with Rohr as a coach. The guy has tried no doubt and need to be appreciated and celebrated for moving SE forward to this stage but there is a need for the next move.

      He has coached SE for four years and still Nigeria can’t boast of 1st eleven and no partten of playing up till. He is still making the same mistakes he made during the last Nation’s and world cup competitions in the area of late substitution and technical approach to games.
      I think Amuneke can take over. From his past record, Amuneke has Passion for winning trophy.

      • Dr. Drey 6 months ago

        Don’t be sorry. The truth sides no one… It stands alone

    • Olumide 6 months ago

      For starters, success is not just measured by winning trophies, but by the changes and improvements brought to the team. When Rohr was employed in 2016, Nigerian football was at it’s lowest ebb,having not qualified for back to back Nations cup (2015, 2017) despite being defending champions from 2013. He qualified Nigeria for the AFCON 2019 and finishing 3rd at his first attempt. He equally qualified us for the 2018 World cup with a game to spare despite being placed in a very tough group. What so many of us fail to realise is that the S.E is just a team of average players.
      What is so special about Amuneke and his so called pedigree?. Is it by winning the U17 world cup that so many other Nigerian coaches have done before. He couldn’t even qualify the U20 team for the next world cup. Let him first be humble and he’ll eventually get the job. Qualifying Tanzania for the AFCON 2019 notwithstanding, even though he finished dismally in the competition. He needs to rise through the ranks by coaching for instance the Olympic and U20 teams to success. Besides the Super Eagles comprises of players with larger egos and would be more difficult to manage.

      • Dr. Drey 6 months ago

        You can’t tell anybody how to live their life. If you consider working with someone who can not improve your life in any way shape or form as being “humble’ well so be it, it’s your choice, I will respect that, but not one should expect everyone to confirm to their own life’s perspective. It is not right.

  • Abeg Emmanuel I support you can handle the super eagles job , no much work the players are there . If nff relieves Rohr of his job , I prefer Emmanuel take over he can do the job , he has been head coach to some national team and club side so I believe he can handle the super eagles. 

  • OYEDELE Josiah AYOTUNDE 6 months ago

    Greentutf. I totally agree with this philosophy “Patience is a virtue.” But note, Amuneke is equally patient & that is why he HAS NOT APPLIED FOR THE JOB, HE KNOWS HIS TIME WILL COME.

    Also your opinion is not bad either. The nations cup is around the corner & all hands must be on deck to ensure our qualification for the tournament even if it means bringing Salisu back to the fold for the huge success they’ve had & tends to have.

    But I beg to disagree with your final submission on Amuneke taking the assistant job.

    It is not a matter of pride on Amuneke’s part, rather it’s a matter of putting the right peg in the right hole.

    TheNff knows what is right but will not do because of ‘maybe’ their personal interest.

    ‘You simply cannot tie the dog, tie the Lion, and give the Lion’s tale to the dog’ NEVER! It will never bode well.

    I’m one of Rohr’s advocate, but I regret to admit times & trends have passed Rohr by and it is gradually becoming evident. TheNff knows this and that is why they are HUNTING for a more than capable assistant for Rohr.

    However, that assistant CANNOT BE AMUNEKE take it or you leave it. A SPORTING DIRECTOR to say the least of His “pedigree”?.

    No way!!!


      Time has not pass Rohr by at all…..

      Allow Rohr to work just like his first tenure in office and see wonders….

      How can u be vetting coach’s list???

      How can u deserve “atleast” 4 quota for under performing below average NPFL players??

      Why must they keep interferring in what they hired somebody to do for them???
      Suggesting players to the coach when the coach already knows the players that can execute his game plans well???

      Rohr try abeg….. He does not need anybody to advocate for him…. Afterall; STATS DON’T LIE…

      They tried this same rubbish with our african quardiolas and our african quardiolas failed woefully…. After somebody would tell me “ROHR is not good”….
      Why didn’t our ex and african quardiolas survive under this conditions???

      • Simon 6 months ago

        You are not making any sense, I can’t even understand your point. You need to relax before typing to save yourself the stress of making empty or no point.

        Comparing Rohr to Renard or Belmadi does it make sense to you? I sorry for alot of people that has been successfully misled and have their ideas/mindset corrupted by the big mouthed Drey.

        Most of you had a different view of sports and life but because he has managed to outwit you guys with insults, out of weakness you then succumbed to join his badwagon of backwards thinking. This has always been life trend.

        I have sadly watched people walk in and out of this forum just because they realize some minds have been crowded with so much naive thinking and blind points.

        The NFF and Nigeria leadership is the problem of our football and sports we all forget to continue hitting this key point, instead we come here talking something else forgetting that when the head is bad the body is useless.

        • @Simon, you are the one that’s not making any sense at all.. Not even one, or let me put it this way, you level of grammar comprehend is low. Take your time again to read his submission

          • Simon 6 months ago

            Hahahaha fem there you are not making any sense. No need to add u to the list.

      • @Simon….

        I can never blame u…. I blame the the school u attended and the person u called “my english teacher”…….

        How can u read a simple statement and u don’t understand???

        I don’t use grammer in my write up…. I make it simple for all to understand….

        Point the area u don’t understand let me break it down with “pigin” English….

        @Ola thumps up….. U are my man… We’ll never relent or give up on telling them the truth…. They may hate and start calling us names, who cares?

        Afterall; “STATS DON’T LIE”…..

        We’ll buttress their lies with fact and stats ASAP…..

  • Glory 6 months ago

    Amunike my man. Abeg no be by power. We know say everything you do, na so so power power. your pass na power, your heading na power, your shots powerful, your interview na power, madam matter self, i am sure if I ask bed, na loud shout of powerful i go hear outside building etc. Sometimes make you let Grace of God see road. You and Siasia combo na my choice after baba Rohr successful tenure. God bless. You remain my man.

  • Nigerian man mentality…..
    (that is how DONAL DUKE former CROSS RIVER STATE GOVN. missed a glorius opportunity of becoming NIGERIAN president when he was approached to assist MUSA YA’ ADUA…. GEJ accepted it and the rest is history)…

    If i may ask, what has he won apart from Under age “cheat” football trophy that makes him feel he can’t work under a EUROPEAN CUP SILVER MEDALIST, “ROHR”?

    So if they call him to come and be assistant to LAMPARD, ARTETA, OLE, PIRLO, GERRARG, RODGERS he would refuse.???

    Is he better than the likes of HENRY that assisted MATINEZ? Or KOLO that is assisting RODGERS?

    What has this ones won in terms of UEFA COMPETITIONs? yet world class players still humble themselves to work under them and study some things they need to know??

    When he was given U20 he failed…. Now he want us to throw him to the fray without testing his pedigree….
    (well he might be right; after all, YOBO is there).

    As i’m talking now, somebody would mention TANZANIA in east africa….
    I laugh in peru….

    • delis 6 months ago


  • What pedigree is he talking about? To the best of my knowledge, his best achievement as a coach is qualifying Tanzania for AFCON. Does that make him a world class coach? Does that make him the world best coach? Can coaching SE be compared to coaching Tanzania?

    I agree with Greenturf, Amuneke should be humble. Instead of speaking for himself, he should allow his achievements to speak for him.

    A look at the history of SE coaches, showed that most indigenous SE coaches were assistants first. I don’t see anything wrong with Amuneke serving Rohr. If not for anything, Rohr is a lot older him. Somebody like Amokachi served his former colleagues in SE as assistant coach. So, there is no shame at all, if Amuneke serve Rohr

    • Footballfanatic 6 months ago

      Actually working with Tanzania apart from the problems we encounter in Nigeria administratively is more difficult than working with Nigeria because he didn’t have the pool of talent that the Nigerian national team or maybe like the Senegalese have(No disrespect to Tanzania) and qualified them after like 30 years or so. You can tell a good coach when he achieves success with minimal resources (both administratively and in terms of talent available).

      • Ayphillydegreat 6 months ago

        Tanzania have almost already qualified before he took over. They only needed to win their last home game. If I’m not mistaken he took over before their last two games, lost one away and won the last game at home that qualifies them for the AFCON. At the AFCON proper he couldn’t win any game. I don’t even think he drew any game. Honestly I don’t think there’s anything wrong in him being an assistant to Rohr. That could be a good opportunity for him to be next SuperEagles coach after Rohr’s tenure. 

  • pompei 6 months ago

    If they like, they should go and bring Klopp and Mourinho together. There is no magic anybody can perform on a weed infested pitch. Even Xavi will struggle to give accurate passes on our pitches. How can we expect good performances from our players on terrible surfaces? Yes, Rohr needs help. No issue with that. But the underlying problem of poor pitches should be the first on NFF’s agenda. How and why they keep ignoring this obvious issue is mindboggling to me! How can you judge a baker’s performance in a bakery, when the oven is not working properly? I don’t care how skilled the baker is, if the oven is bad, it will affect his performance negatively!
    Please address the underlying issue of piss poor pitches, NO FUTURE FOCUS NFF!

    • Footballfanatic 6 months ago

      A real Nigerian soccer fan knows that it is very difficult for a foreign coach to have a smooth working environment without clashing with the football administrators. The reason why Rohr is putting up with this BS is cuz he understands the kind of red-tapism that we have in african countries which also applies to our football administration. Most foreigners won’t last with the way our sports minister interferes and the way the NFF handle things…..they will be gone so fast. All these stupid actions interfere with the coaches plan and is beyond tactical formations on the pitch not saying that Rohr is a tactical supremo but football administrators do a significant amount of damage to our football.

  • I like personality like you UBFE you nailed it,Nigerian mentality what has he won except the u17 with cheat  Over age players parading themselves as under 17, we keep deceiving ourselves in these part of the world,why can’t he perform miracles with u 21?

  • Collins id 6 months ago

    IF Patrick cluivet can work with seedorf as an assistant coach for cameroun national team, Thierry Henry worked as assistant coach to Martinez for Belgium national team and took them to worldcup third place, so why can’t you(amunike) work as an assistant to rohr for the Nigeria national team? Are you bigger than the above mentioned assistant coaches? I won’t call it pride because I know amunike as a very humble person and a humble coach, and he have worked as an assistant to coaches like siasia and u17 level. I think amunike is reacting to gernot rohr publicly preferring salisu to him, which is normal, I will react thesame way if I were to be in his shoes. As for Rohr preferring salisu ahead of the former i am personally in support of that. I see salisu as the best coach in the country in terms of experience and victories, he can comfortably handle the supereagles if given the chance. Though he was found guilty of corruption which is the obvious in the country, he have endured his appropriate punishment and he deserves to be given his deserved chance to assist gernot Rohr and manage our chan eagles and u23 team, i hope he have learnt from his mistakes, if we use his mistakes to judge and kill his promising carea it will do us more arm than good as we don’t have alot top coaches in the country it will also be an act of hipocracy as most of us have either collected bribe or paid bribe to get through situations in our lives before in that country and non of would like to be ruined by our minor mistakes. I believe sanusi is a man who is not above mistakes, but is humble enough to learn from his past. Please let’s support him move forward and stop singing the bribe song all over him, 99 percent of both footballers coaches and even Nff members media crew plus medical assistance bribed their way into their various offices but we thank God for their lives and hope they use their offices well for the benefit of the nation. In Nigeria bibery is nolonger a case of being good or bad in ur profession, it has been normalised as a way of life. So even if you are the best in ur whatever profession you may still bribe your way in which is the bitter truth.

  • We should learn to be objective when analysing issues, no matter the topic of discourse or who is involved or the colour of their skin. If Rohr does well, praise him. If Rohr fumbles, point it out. Ditto for Keshi, Amuneke or Oliseh. The best man for the job, not the best skin colour.

    After all, Cisse and Belmadi (contemporaries of Amunike, Keshi etc) are doing fantastically well with their national teams. Why denigrating our own just because you want to perch on your clearly skewed opinion of a skin colour being superior and turn a blind eye to certain faults that are as clear as day? I like Rohr, but my opinions of him or his performances will NEVER be clouded by pro-Europe sentiments.

    And there’s a difference between pride and self-confidence. If Amunike declined to work under Rohr, so be it. He probably knows he’s as good as as Rohr – even better. He was head coach of Tanzania’s national team. And please stop disrespecting him by saying Tanzania does not have the same pedigree as Nigeria. Please, where did Rohr himself work previously before coming to Nigeria? Gabon, Burkina Faso, Niger. Which of these countries are of a higher pedigree than Tanzania (except Burkina Faso, and that’s even very marginally)?

    HOW MANY PEOPLE coach a WHOLE NATIONAL TEAM and reverse back to ASSISTANT?

    Someone is even comparing him to Yobo. Big LOL. Which of Rohr’s assistant is a ‘name’ in football? Amunike is seeking promotion, not a demotion – which lumping him together with Yobo and other Rohr’s assistants would actually feel like. he needs to be in charge, dishing out instruction, taking the flask and earning the praise for the win. Not someone else taking it when he actually did all the work.

    And about the U20 team, very typical. When Nigerians want to bring you down, they start sniffing from faults, no matter how unrelated it is. Which Nigerian team qualified for any footballing competition that year? Sudan brought men to play kids to a 4-3 win. I cannot judge him on that. Yet, the same Sudan saw so much potential in Amuknike that clubs in that country immediately snapped him up to coach their teams.

    Whi groomed the biggest stars on the SE stage today? Amunike! Abge, leave matter for Matthias.

    I’ve watched Amunike’s team. they all play exciting, attacking football (including Tanzania when he was their coach). He made history in that country, qualifying them to AFCON in 39 years! Never rubbish that with some cheap, clap-trap, denigrating talk! He’s in the exclusive list of 4 Nigerians – alongside Onigbinde, Keshi, Christian Chukwu – who has coached other NATIONAL TEAMS in Africa. Let Salisu apply to coach even Lesotho!

    It is not pride. It is knowing your self-worth. How many ‘humble’ folks here will agree to work in a post they think they are far and above and infra-dig to their current standing and experience? Would you then regard yourself as ‘proud’ in such circumstance?

    Amunike that is already applying to coach clubs in the Spanish secunda division or La Liga, you think he doesn’t know his worth? It is we that don’t know. Once he clinches one, we’ll be running to him. I clamoured that he act as assistant to Rohr, but it’s okay if he rejects it when NFF approach. He should be patient for Rohr to leave and NFF must never renew the German’s contract. Amunike is the SE coach-in-waiting. He’s supremely qualified.

    • chuks haifa 6 months ago

      The great Mario Zagallo of the 1970 Brazilian world cup winning team. One of the best teams in football was the assistant to Carlos Alberto Parreira during 1994 world cup. Amunike is just funny and placing himself above his reach. Its a national sacrifice and nothing else.Let him qualify another African team to world cup like keshi did with Togo or win African club cup like Ahmodu. He should be happy that his name was mentioned. After all multiple Nigerian coaches have won U17 world cup. It is no more a yardstick for quality in Nigeria. NFF should just ignore his ass and get another Nigerian coach to work with Rohr. He has not reached the level of Rohr at all.

  • Oakfield 6 months ago

    Yes, you are right. You deserve to be the super eagles coach only after rohr is done with his biz. If rohr has insisted on having his former assistant (salisu) back, then nff should do the needful asap! Sack yobo with immediate effect as he is a liability both financially and otherwise and give rohr what he wants. He has made it very clear to you people what he wants but you people are just so stubborn that you have refused to give him what he wants. I’m very sure that this request of his of having his former assistant back wasn’t made today but long before the fashionista cum nff boy was given a kangaroo appointment all in a bid to force rohr to resign. Shebi una dy see am, the truth don dy comot small small. Nonsense.

  • That Salisu was caught receiving bribe means a lot and should stay clear of our national events if we still have as a country the little remaining pedigree we are talking about. The nff knows the right thing like senegal and algeria are doing. Invest on our league in Nigeria, u17, u20 and u23. We need the real nigerian hard playing mentality and not foreign born mentality. Mane, Salah, Osimehen, kanye etc were all breaded here in africa. Or one day finally someone will replace Buhari from overseas.

    • kenneth 6 months ago

      Abi o, they are quick to say keshi was collecting bribe, and now salisu that took bribe is being asked to come back by some forumites. Na wa for una. One thief can be condemned and another could be welcome back

  • Simon 6 months ago

    Give Rohr the Tanzania and U20 job and see if he will get close to what Amunike has achieved not to forget add the U17 job too abi you guys forgot he won the U17 WC with Osihmen and co? can we try Rohr if Rohr will not tell you that he is building Noah’s ark after playing endless draws and losing crucial matches. People continually spit nonsense forgetting that your football administration and country leadership is the problem engulfing every progress.

    • Bentopsy 6 months ago

      Do you mean the same Rohr that reached the quarter final with Gabon and also qualified with Niger republic?

      • Simon 6 months ago

        Qualified Gabon led by Aubameyang as Host nation to quarter final and you call it achievement. Na wa for you….. Una plenty full the country no wonder Bhuari was given second term. Na me even get time answer you. Next?

    • Bentopsy 6 months ago

      Your amuneke could not secure a point at the mundial

      • Simon 6 months ago

        Yet he won a world cup what major trophy has Rohr won??? How many matches has Rohr won this year including friendlies? Kindly answer me or remain silent forever boy.

        • @Simon….

          The way u pple comment on this forum makes us to dig out fact and stats.

          We’re all nigerians & we love our own.
          But that should not blind our eyes & make us to “discredit” the effort of an innocent foreign that does no harm to us.

          Amunike played 5 games for Tanzania…. Lost 4 & won only one.
          Tanzania does not have quality players right?
          Then why must he loose to a team like kenya that’re in the same level with them?

          Tanzania needed just one home win to book their place in the tourney. which means the first coach has already done the necessary.

          What Rohr has done, Amunike has never attempted it yet.


          Let our world best Amunike handle any african team & take them to CAFCC finals first.

          Pls let’s try and give respect to whom it’s due.

          Amunike is my own, but i’m a man of integrity hence i always call a spade a spade.

          Amunike is for 2023 not now…

          Rohr till 2022 for now….

          Take it or leave it…..

          I rest my case

        • Bentopsy 6 months ago

          Won world cup with which national team? Let him lead a club to uefa/caf competition final also. We are talking national team here not under age competition boy

          • Simon 6 months ago

            Who led Osimhen and co to win the U17 world cup. SMH this is drey clone.

  • Marvelous 6 months ago

    In as much as I respect Amunike. I won’t need him as assistant to Rohr, give Salissu to Rohr. Any other person can wait and win the world cup for us after Rohr contract is due. We have a rotten NFF and a below average league, we think we should address this issue and stop focusing on Rohr. When the head is cut off the tail has no life.

  • Omo9ja 6 months ago

    What an elderly man seen when sitting if young men climbed Olumó mountain in Ogun state, they wouldn’t seen nothing out there.

    Did I not say this few days ago my people? I knew that Amunike would turned down the offer because it doesn’t make sense at all.

    Now, you all understand that NFF are playing politics game in our sports.

    Coach Amunike is over qualified for this position period. It is an insult to he, Mr. Amunike if he agrees to assist Oga Rohr as an assistant coach of the SuperEagles.

    It is a shame to all ex players if Amunike excepted the offer.

    NFF knew that Oga Rohr is an average coach and they NFF, renewed his contract? Who does that huh?

    It is better for NFF to get Amunike, Yobo on board and allow Amunike to choose one assistant coach by himself.

    NFF also should call Enyeama and Ikeme too. Let those people work together for at least 4 years with Eagles.

    Oga Rohr can’t do anything special and spectacular to move forward Super Eagles.

    NFF have their own agendas by bringing back coach Salisu Yusuf. Why recycling the same people while we have capable youth to take over from these old people? Kai, akoba gafara o.

    Chai, NFF gave Oga Rohr enough time to prove his worth but no improvement. Am I communicating ba?

    Hire Mr. Amunike and the names I mentioned above before it is too late.

    Leone star came to Nigeria to embarrassed us. Hmmm, what do you think if we meet with teams like Lesotho, Madagascar, and other smaller teams in Africa?

    It is better to pay Oga Rohr off now and work with our own people who understand the game of football much better than Oga GR.

    No hidden place for you NFF. You have to do the right thing to strengthen Super Eagles.

    Chai, I don’t want to say much about Mr. Rohr. I want to say the truth of the matter here with NFF and Oga Rohr followers.

    Is Oga Rohr driving Super Eagles forward or backward? If both parties can’t answer this simple question then we are deceiving our shelves.

    Whenever our leaders wanted to deceived our people, they would say Nigeria go better. Hmm, when? Think about it. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Simon 6 months ago

      Oga Rohr is building Noah’s Ark but Amunike can not seat under him the answer is simple nobody wants to assist an average coach. He will not add anything good to Amunike they should stay put with the Salisu he wants. This year has been a rough one for Nigeria the U20 is almost crashing out after loosing to Ghana.

      I blame NFF because Ladan Bosso was never a coach yet he is even president of Nigeria coach association LMAO. How can we ever do well?

      • kenneth 6 months ago

        Oga why are you calling a physical education teacher an average coach, he is below that. Some guys judgment has been clouded, all in the name of he got the finals of the Europa cup 24 years ago, please what other major tournament has he gone to the finals. If he was that good, he wouldn’t be spending just a year at some clubs

  • Ako Amadi 6 months ago

    Emmanuel Amuneke was one of the best I saw play for Nigeria. He however needs to remain humble with both feet on the ground and keep learning. A difficulty faced by native coaches in Nigeria is the lack of respect for them by the NFF, the Sports Ministry and even the players, all that in addition to poor pay.

  • @omo9ja…

    … Is Oga Rohr driving us forward or backward?….

    … Coach Amunike is over qualified for this position period….

    2ndly: TANZANIA IS NOT NIGERIA…. IF U CAN’T BEAT KENYA WITH TANZANIA I WONDER HOW U WOULD BEAT CAMEROUN WITH NIGERIA”. (I have other points to buttress here but i love Amunike so let me stop there)….

    …nff knows that Oga Rohr is an average coach and they, NFF still renew his contracts who does that huh?…




  • It is racism and hate speech to suggest that Amuneke should serve as assistant to Rohr. Why do we like swimming in inferiority complex?

  • One thing that is killng us in this country is being “PROUD OF NOTHING”.

    FERGUSON manage everton when their coach was sacked. a former legend at EVERTON; But currently he’s the assistant to ANCELOTI.

    Freddie LJUNGBERG once serve as ARSENAL interim coach…. He’s a bonofide legend in ARSENAL…. But presently he’s serving a “rockie” coach that never won any premier league as a player for arsenal (ARTETA).

    Is AMUNIKE in his playing days better than LJUNGBERG ???

    When will we call a spade a spade in this part of the world???

    That is how some of them said YOBO is better than ROHR…. I just sat somewhere and laugh…. Rohr has work in GERMANY, FRANCE as coach b4 moving to africa and a young man whose highest club is everton(as player)…..

    We’re just fooling ourselves….
    This is not the way the world sees us…. Those players over there knows it….

    Amunike and Toure Kolo, who play better teams in Europe most???
    Who won trophies most??

    KOLO is assisting RODGERS, let our world best EX do same first.

    • Kenneth 6 months ago

      Please get your facts right. Ljungberg is serving under no one. Are you saying Ljungberg was better than amuneke during there playing days. Hmmmmmm, that’s shocking. What spade are we calling. You have a man who has more qualification than your current coach and you saying he should relegate himself, for what reason. Its his choice to want to become an assistant or not. KOLO TOURE IS JUST FULFILLING THE REQUIREMENTS TO GET HIS UEFA LICENSE.

  • I may be wrong but my understanding is that the Assistant Coach to Gernot Rohr is a Head Coach of the Super Eagles in his own rights.

    This coach manages the Homebase Super Eagles to Wafu and Afcon for indigenous players. Both tournaments are biannual which makes the person occupying the position busier than Gernot Rohr.

    That person also manages the Under-23s making it a very busy, varied, stimulating and challenging role indeed.

    There are many milestones for that person to look forward to achieving: winning the homebased Afcon for the first time; winning the Wafu Cup of Nations and winning Olympic Gold medal.

    These can be achieved with the person’s role as Head Coach (not assistant to anyone). The only time the person is an assistant is when working with the main Super Eagles squad.

    For all intents and purposes, it is a plum job.

    If the role is sold to Amuneke this way, I will be surprised if he declines it. Even if he does, it is still his prerogative.