AVERAGE! Eagles’ Rating In AFCON 2019 Semifinal Defeat To Algeria

AVERAGE! Eagles’ Rating In AFCON 2019 Semifinal Defeat To  Algeria

Completesports.com’s ADEBOYE AMOSU appraises the performance of Super Eagles’ players in their 2-1 defeat to the Desert Foxes of Algeria in an AFCON 2019 semifinal match at the Cairo International Stadium on Sunday July 14 2019.


Failed to keep a clean sheet for the third time in the competition. He was not at fault though for each of the two goals the Eagles conceded, but his ball distribution was not top notch.


Gave Riyad Mahrez too much space for Algeria’s first goal and looked short of confidence at times.


Struggled with the pace of Algeria’s forward Baghdad Bounedjah early in the game but recovered well to post a slightly above average performance.


Conceded an own goal in the first half and failed to raise his game to the expected standard.


Picked a needless yellow card late in the game. Awaziem defended well for the Super Eagles but didn’t offer much going forward.


The Leicester City man didn’t offer much in the game. Not one of his best games for the Super Eagles.


Worked hard as usual, but didn’t have much influence on the game like he would have love to.


Toiled hard in the game but his effort couldn’t help the Super Eagles achieve victory.

Had a couple of bright moments in the first half but fizzled out afterwards.


Made little impact in the game and was replaced by Henry Onyekuru.


Scored the Super Eagles’ only goal of the game but was quiet all through.



Took the place of Samuel Chukwueze in the 78th minute and didn’t make any positive contribution.

Photo by Ganiyu Yusuf in Cairo

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  • Mykel 2 years ago

    bad rating as usual. how did eking score up-to 5.he didn’t defend well as made countless wrong passes. Akpeyi was at fault for poor positioning for d past goal. But ndidi, musa,awaziem,ighalo,ekong,omeruo should score 3/10

  • Luck has a limit.
    Well done boys.
    Algeria remains the best team in this tournament, and Senigal the Second best.

    For all those comparing Rhor with Keshi and Westerhof,
    Keshi assembled a mixture of local and foreign based average players with self belief and confidence including Sunday Mbah , Egwueke, Ekike Uzenyi, etc.
    And they won the 2013 AFCON even though we had failed to qualify for the previous one.

    Westerhof came in 1989, failed to qualify for Italia 1990, but in 1990 in Algias, he won Afcon Silver, his team was becoming a winning team, in 1992 with Ruben Agbola and co, at Senegal 1992 he qon a selver with a very beautiful brand of Dutch football.
    In 1994 he won Afcon at Tunisia 1994, qualified the SE for our first world cup, played so confidently that even Spain, Bulgaria,and some South American nations were scared to be in our group.

    We were not just winning, we played good football.

    Weldone Rhor, pack your bag.
    Let the search for a world cup coach begin in earnest.

    • This was my question den wen the team won their game d score card was over blotted. With players scoring 7 8 9 ..properly the teacher gave a bonus mark to all d boys . Now dat they lost he is trying to defend his previous score by not failing them. It happens in private schools where dey want to sell ther scohools so dat pupils are not withdraw by their parent for failing in local exams. But no we now no who is who. Algeria are better in all departments of d game.our players did not come to d game with any tactic to win . Dey just come to play along.. did dey hold the ball throughout d game no . Did dey play hot short no . Did dey dribble pass ther opponent no . Who can head d ball . Nobody. Even penalty dat was scored . Those days kanu wil work out penalty no be so .noso. who is takin charge of d defence nobody. After d game I saw coach clapping. Naso he be in those days abi. Clapping for a big loss. .who is d assistance of dis coach sef . No input. Is lik nigeria football done enter one chance.well thank God some players are playing ther last game sha. 1 9 10 is it 4 or 5 even d second noba 1 ans d boss and his leaftanant. How can we get someone lik d white witch doctor again. Lik trouser.not d one dat wil win today and loss tomorrow. White witch doctor won all his game both home and away. But after dey say his not a world class coach. Let look for another. Now is d time.

    • Abbey 2 years ago

      Good comment bro

  • akpeyi 2\10 even a kid will know how to position himself and the defenders for mahrez fk… ekong take his worldcup phsycological problem to afcon for turnning himself towards his owngoal post with a deflect pass1\10… omerou 4\10 almost give algeria the lead with his unending mistakes… collins1\5 could not cope with mahrez dribbles, it cost ur harm for the opener. aina could have done far better… awaziem 5\10 had a torid time cope with algerian fast attack. but the lad made no mistake… ndidi 3\10 this wasn’t the ndidi i know, could not battle the midfield… etebo 6\10 battle hard in the midfield cope well with algerian fast legs… iwobi 6\10 try hard to make things happen, but like etebo unlucky to be at the lossing side… musa2\10 i still dont understand why he last the entire duration on the pitch. trashed… chukwueze5\10 could not get past his marker for once. but try hard but was totally check by 2 defenders. his subs cause us harm…ighalo 0\10 his legs were too heavy… rohr is the culprit.

  • no amazing here.. because rohr initially declared that he will only reach semi final.. he declared that over 8times and it cause problem between we the inteligent ones and the foolish ones here… when i was going against rohr for those abysmal words, they thought we hate him… have we all seen where starting akpeyi and ighalo has led us to

  • Akpeyi isn’t just a SCAREDY CAT he’s alsò very poor in GK’s POSITIONING…
    And dat was our bane in all the goals he has conceded…
    All thesame kudos @NgSuperEagles!!!
    The better team carried the day cos we showed them 2much respect & mahrez is a class act!

    • Finally Rhor is good for the job but seriously needs The ‘corrupt one’ Salisu back,better still second sia1 to him as Salisu’s replacement so he can help out during nervy moments of matches and also learn man/team management skills from the old man going forward
      Amakpakabor is too scared to suggest to rhor during matches like Salisu was doing b4 his suspension

  • Lord AMO 2 years ago

    Oga Rohr 4 – Overall, making it to the semifinal should be commended but Nigeria have done that with supposedly lessersquads and coaches. The lineup was the lineup but once again we saw a match that needed technical input late on but none was really offered by the coach.  Puzzling that only one substitution was made and even then the choice of sub can be questioned.  What this shows is either a lack of nous or trust in his bench.  Since he picked the team, the buck must stop at his desk.  Questions must be raised about why the Eagles always seem to concede when pressed by decent teams.  Argentina, cameroon, S africa and now algeria

    Akpeyi 4 – was there anytime you weren’t nervous when the ball went toward him? Made a decent stop when one on one against Bounedjah, couldn’t do anything about the own goal but was at fault in the placement of his wall on the free-kick.  This really ought to be the last time Nigerians see Akpeyi between the posts

    Collins 5.5 – in truth the lad did his job for the most part but did get abused by Mahrez leading to the first goal.  Was solid in his positioning but also seemed to tire at the end.  Didnt offer anything going forward which may have been the instructions he was given

    Omeruo 6 – it was a mixed bag for the guy.  The error prone Omeruo of old showed up when he misplayed a ball that led to a one on one between Bounedjah and Akpeyi. He was dominant in the air inside the 18 but like everyone else, tired out late

    Ekong 5.5 – Own goal aside, his was a jittery display as his passes were just abysmal at times.  He did a decent enough job staying in front if his man but the movement and speed of the Algerian forwards took its toll on him and the rest of the defensive unit as the game wore on

    Awaziem 6 – He has done a yeoman’s job throughout the competition but today the super eagles needed better than average from him to have any chance.  Although he battled well, he gave nothing offensively and was prone to quite a few needless fouls around our area.  Did well to curtail a Mahrez run at the end but was undone by his midfield giving up that freekick at the end

    Ndidi 5 – The heavy minutes this guy has been logging looked like it finally took its toll today.  His touch was heavy and his passing woefully inaccurate.  This is a side of his game that needs improvement.  Battled in the midfield to track the Algerian forwards as they made interchanging runs ahead of their midfielders but today is one of the rare times he wasn’t quite the destroyer.  Tired late

    Etebo 5 – Read above for Ndidi’s rating and you can just swap names with the same result.  Conceding that free kick in that position at that moment is inexcusable for a player of his experience but if you’ve paid any attention you’ll have seen that scenario played out on more than one occasion during this tournament (it happened at the end of the first half against south africa).  Today the Algerians had the quality to make us pay.  Moving forward we have to decide if in all of Nigeria, Etebo is the best we can produce at taking set pieces

    Iwobi 4.5 – Was by-passed for most of the first half as either the Algerians shot down his supply from Ndidi and etebo, or they were wayward with their passing or just weren’t looking for him when he showed for the ball. Something else I noticed was the lack of movement in front of him when he had the ball in promising positions.  Got more involved in the second half but nothing really seemed to come off and like everyone else he tired out.  He should have been a candidate to be subbed off except who were we going to bring in to replace him?

    Musa 3 – Look I appreciate the good things Musa has done for this team.  No one exemplifies our fighting spirit like he does.  Having said that, this guy should not be playing 90 minutes of football consistently for the Super Eagles.  I view him as a game changing type of player in a role similar to what he did in our first game against Burundi.  Bad decision making and carelessness with the ball continue to haunt him and today was just a bad game for the lad

    Chukweze 4.5 – He was marked out of this game thoroughly.  Supply to him was cutoff and the Algerians were more than ready when he did receive the ball.  I thought he was just starting to get into the game when he got subbed off.  Bright future ahead

    Ighalo 5 – What he’s asked to do is not for the faint of heart.  He battled but his balancing and touch just weren’t good enough.  It is tough to play as a lone striker and there were opportunities to maybe release a teammate that he spurned.  


    Onyekuru 3 – had once chance that was deflected over and a corner wasnt even given.  Didnt do much otherwise but again what is there to expect from a man that had not seen a single minute of football in Egypt

    At the end of the day, the better team prevailed.  Sometimes its like that in football.  I wish Algeria the best and also hope we win the third place match. Cheers

  • Pompei 2 years ago

    IF IT IS DECIDED THAT ROHR MUST GO….then we need to replace him with a proven, world class coach. No more carpenter coaches. The time has come to spend money on a world class coach. Better soup, na money kill am ooooo! What is Frank Rijkaard doing currently? Looks like the guy is unattached at the moment!!! Why not snap him up. A former Barcelona gaffer, he’s a great coach, tactically sound who can be of great benefit to the SE. Another name that comes to mind is Roberto Martinez of Belgium. Yes, let’s offer him an obscene amount of money and snatch him from the Belgians. I won’t include Jose Mourinho in my list, because I don’t like his style. And guys like Aguirre, the just sacked Egypt coach are also not ideal. That guy set Egyptian football on a backward trajectory. They would have done much better in the Afcon if they used a local coach. Why not use their legendary Hassan Shehata? Anyway, that one concern dem. For us, we should search for a world class head coach. To assist the head coach will be guys like Finidi, Amuneke, Siasia and Amokachi. These assistant coaches will be responsible for the physical conditioning of the players, and training ground stuff. They can also make suggestions to the head coach regarding tactics. The tactics will be the responsibility of the head coach. The head coach should look at the players and determine how best to use them, and what formation is optimal for them. For instance, some people think Aina was wasted as a left back. He perhaps would have been more useful as a right full back or wing back, or as a midfielder. The head coach can test these theories, and come up with the best way to deploy Aina. The head coach can come up with playing formations to suit each opponent we face. 4-4-2 may work for one, 5-3-2 may work for another.
    If Rohr is to go, then let’s bite the bullet, spend this money, and get some serious quality. Otherwise, no point in letting Rohr go and bringing in some joker that will ruin all the good work done thus far.

    • Good idea, but let’s start with FUNDING. Where will the funding come from? OR are we ready to release fund budgeted for the SE (salary of coaches and settlement of bonuses) without drawing blood from those pot-bellied NFF rogues? Those coaches you proposed, will they be ready to work in an atmosphere full of rancor – ridiculous court injunctions and counter-injunctions brought on by greedy politicians after the protection of their heavy stomachs? Can they perform in stadiums riddled with holes, and in some cases without grass?

      It’s so easy to condemn Rohr. Can we way that Algerian players trained under such conditions? The whole scenario is laughable. Go to Algeria and you’d see first class stadiums. Even when we have relatively better stadiums, bad belle politics won’t allow the NFF to take practice matches to them. We would rather go to the substandard stadium at Asaba to prove that Pinnick has arrived.

      Soccer has become very competitive. Go to Madagascar and ask questions. For Rohr to work in such a hostile environment and reach the semifinals is an excellent achievement in itself. So easy to type SACK ROHR, SACK ROHR. But if we don’t rectify these wobbly structures, we may not qualify for Cameroon ’21.

      Nigerian soccer is a big joke.

      • Pompei 2 years ago

        My brother, as you said, corruption is the bane or our existence in this our country called Nigeria. Corruption is the single biggest problem we face in everything! If we can find a way past corruption, then we can move forward. Why can’t we base our decisions on merit? Invite the very best players to camp. Get a world class coach. Get capable, experienced assistant coaches. And let’s build the structures that are necessary for success. Let’s work on improving our local league. The English premier league was once nothing to write home about. They transformed it, marketed it intelligently, and that brought the funds pouring in, which attracted the best talents in the world. Yes, talent follows money. Football is a business. For our local league to become viable, it should be competitive, compensation wise. Once the league is up and running, we will discover a multitude of quality players. The coaches can then pick and chose for the various national teams. Rome was not built in a day. We have to start from somewhere. But for now, we must not succumb to knee jerk reaction. Sacking Rohr might seem the way to go at the moment, but if we can’t replace him with someone who can continue where he left off, we would be doing ourselves a great disservice!

    • Prince 2 years ago

      You made some valid points here, my brother and I agree !

  • Sunnyb 2 years ago

    I called Ndidi three times before the game I warned the him against committing silly fouls, he did it anyway as usual, a minute to go and these dudes conceded a winning goal. Moving forward etebo should be the new captain, we need more competition in all areas.thanks Etebo for making my day.

  • Sunnyb 2 years ago

    @Lord Amo, your ratings was on point, but I disagreed with rating given to etebo. Etebo was the only shining spot today. Iwobi, Ndidi needs to improve their games.As for Rohr I just don’t understand the man sometimes I really wanted him to succeed, I just don’t think he has it in him.a midfielder was needed to beef up the midfield and helps those tired legs, Musa, Iwobi, Ndidi were tired, the man brought in onyekuru for Chukwueze just don’t understand that substitution.

  • Proudly Bafana 2 years ago

    We the Algerian Supporting Bafana Association Of Uyo say allez the Foxes.

    • Bomboy 2 years ago

      We beat your Bafana Bafana. That is all that matters between you and us. Our game with Algeria is not your business.

      Our superiorupity over you has been confirmed.

  • You cannot give what you do not have. How did we get to where we are today? We have to go back to 2013 and 2014when we “were doing good”. We won AFCON 2013 and got to the second round of the World Cup. Between then and now we dropped dramatically.

    We failed to qualify for two successive AFCON, we failed to qualify for the under 17 and under 20 world cups 2017 and Nigerians were left deflated at the 2018 World Cup.

    Between 2014 and 2019 what happened?

    Keshi was coach between 2011 and 2014 and he resigned from the job twice siting saboteurs. Every time he qualified for a competition he resorted to desperate actions in order to get support from the NFF. That was the beginning of the cracks showing. Keshi later died in 2016, but did he die of a broken heart? Or did the job he was doing somehow contribute to his demise? 

    In 2014 (or was it 2015) fifa banned Nigeria for a while from international competitions as a chasm opened up in the leadership of the NFF. Infighting in the leadership  blew the organisation wide open and this although papered over in order to escape the ban rumbled  on for 4 years.

    It was Maigari vs Pinnick vs Chris Giwa 2014 to 2018. The league eventually suspended in 2018 meaning thousands of people jobless and a loss of potential. The league hurriedly cobbled together for 2019 and the hangover continues.

    We do not know when 2019/20 season will start, we do not know when the NNL playoffs to decide who gets promoted to the NPFL will hold. The Aiteo cup which will decide the 4th continental club has not been scheduled with the CAF competitions commencing at the beginning of August (4 weeks away). When do they plan? When do they recruit, register and train players for it? Other countries finished their leagues and cups in May/June, we are two months behind.

    Also the Aiteo cup, the HiFL and the NNL plus the NPFL lack match statistics. Who made the most saves, who made the most tackles, who gave the most assists? That’s going too far self, which players played the most matches? Minutes on the pitch, injuries and form. So how then do we chose players for the national teams? 

    For the under 17, under 20, under 23 and women’s teams it’s call up 100, cut to 50, cut to 35 perm 23 train for two weeks then go to competition. That they had to go to academies and not clubs for players was instructive.

    So for those blaming the coach, the coach must go etc, you are barking up the wrong tree. The problem is far deeper, it starts with the organisation of our football, the NFF and the people that run our football. They cannot even run a league professionally. The two coaches in the final of the AFCON are local coaches, how do we develop our coaches? I would love to see an equal amount that is paid to Rohr and Dennerby being used to train up grassroots coaches, imagine around $75,000 being paid monthly to train up coaches at all levels of football in the country and the effect that would have on the quality of our players from abyoung age.

    Our best players are looking for contracts in Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, South Africa, even Libya!! But when they go for trials they require plenty of work before they fit into the teams. Junior Lokosa was going from country to country in Europe 2018 but no takers. He ended up in Esperance and they took months before he was given playing time.

    Let us not think that we can just change the coach and it will be well. We also need to produce quality players, goalkeepers, creative midfielders, deadly strikers and reliable defenders. Without a proper football structure in the country how do we do this?

    • I love your analysis
      Some people think like typical Nigerians…
      Quick fix and scape goating which has only deepened the rot in every sector of the country.
      I cry for this nation honestly

  • Prince 2 years ago

    After the Afcon, I would be happy if NFF can take these steps for the next buildup for the super eagles and the super Falcons 

    We all have seen from these two teams that there is great potentials and talents !

    The Falcons did impress at the Just concluded FIFA World Cup most especially their game against Framce.
    They just need to watch that match and continue playing their future game on that tempo and co-ordindation !
    Just a few new grid players should be injected into the team and the aging ones heading to gradual retirement !

    Same goes to the Super eagles…about four combative and grid players will make the bench rich and the first 11 a headache for the coach to select !

    How can this be achieve going forward .,, top friendly matches should be organized for both teams and new players should be gradually injected into the team 

    Four nation tornamnet should be organized by the Sport ministry and the NFF where three top national teams from Africa, Europe or even south Aftica can be invited to play with our respective national teams (Eagles & Falcons)

    I will advise we stick to the various national technical coaches but it will be a great booster if they can be given proven local coaches to work together with them as assistants !

    Algeria has proven that with adequate support and planning, there is improvement … Or are they not the same team we defeated at home and drew away Enroute to qualifying for the last FIFA WORLDCUP in Russia ?

    Let’s put hands together and make our nation a great one!!!

    Eagles … Pick your self up and go for the bronze medal !!

    God bless Nigeria !

  • Emmiluvkings 2 years ago

    Without Individual brilliance. We have a clueless coach. Eagles Woes will continue with Rohr. Nearly can not kill a bird. The boys reach the quarterfinals with a camouflage coach. Take it or leave it. With him Rohr. Our pain continues. Overall kudos to Eagles. They made us proud either way.

  • Abbey 2 years ago

    The strength of a TEAM lies in the TECHNICAL INPUT of the coach. Our performance from the beginning of the tournament to the end leaves so much to desire. Yesterday was awry for Nigeria football.There was no team work in our game yesterday. We couldn’t string one or two passes together. The defence cave in when the pressure was too much. The midfield was completely taken over by the Algerians. Good technical input by the Algerian coach. Nigeria SE did not play purposeful football yester-nite. Hence, I conclude that the best team won. May God help Nigeria football. Indeed we need a sound coach to handle the SE. During Clemens Westerhoof time we were able to play good n purposeful football.
    Nothing hurts more than not playing well n still losing. Should we have played well n later lost as it happened yesterday, I would have concluded that SE were just unlucky. But the reverse was the case yester-nite, cos we’re out played n the better team won. So, no complain should come from any quarters. Cameroon 2021 is another time. God bless us all. It’s well.

  • Agnes Liz 2 years ago

    This true coach, his assistance and some players who are over 30year of age should please kindly go. Rebuilding and rebranding our dear Eagles should start in earnest. No more mediocrity.

  • Dada Olatunde 2 years ago

    The blame goes around. So taking it on the Football Mgmt NFF is a waste of time as we all know nothing is working in Nigeria. So the responsibility of making Nigerians smile rest on the shoulder of the players but we have a Mediocre as a Coach who can’t bring the best out of a team. B4 the tournament started he said it on several ocassion that semi final was his target. Probably he didn’t know we Nigerians are tired of bronze medal at Afcon. SE were dominated in possession throughout the tournament even by the lowest ranked team @ d group stage. There marking had been very poor also, they struggle to make 2-3 passes without giving the ball away, so many blunder from Keeper,defenders and the midfielders, Etebo stretching his short legs to get a pass instead of getting closer to the ball thereby losing possession all the time. Unnecessary holding on to the ball, conceding a foul most of the times bcos of his poor marking, down to Ighalo, who has always been wasteful upfront. Hold up play had been terrible, positioning so poor, ability to create chance is very disappointing, Musa final touch will never improve despite his pace, his passes are horrible in games, he is not a technical player at all. A good Coach don’t need to be informed of all this. ROHR is so useless and his technical ability is still below 10%. Ability to read games and make good sub is very poor. Selection as well is annoying. IGHALO & MUSA aren’t good enough for eagles. When we have Osimhen and Onyekuru who can take their place supported by Iwobi and Chukwueze. Sack Rohr and all his Assistant b4 the 3rd place match and let Mikel handle the team if their is no Nigerian left in the Coaching crew, go back to our 4-4-2 pls. Osimhen and Onuachu upfront Ndidi and Iwobi midfield and Chukwueze with Henry at the wings. Aina, Omeruo, Ekong and Shehu Abdullahi/Awaziem GOD BLESS NAIJA.

  • Glory 2 years ago

    God mightily bless you Achi. You completely took words out of my mouth. Nigerians seem to underestimate how bad our system is. Let me say here that we as a nation has a huge mountain to climb regarding working system. Everything is in total shambles; a system riddled with politricks, greed, foolishness,wickedness, fetishism n many many more. I have chosen to bother less when ever Nigeria lose in a match because,yes we the better talents but we clearly lack the structure to win anything. Rohr did a miracle to carry this team through. Many other coaches would HV thrown in the towel long time ago.

  • 5 take away from the match against algeria 2 1 win over nigeria……(1)akpeyi reading of set-pieces..a free kick was well placed at the right side with a left footer. and akpeyi also instructed his block to adjust to thesame right side, and let the left side open.. when i saw that wall organisation from akpagoal i move my head to pity that angle…….(2) ndidi has caused 3 free kick goal in 3 matches…….(3)defensive error all the time. at worldcup ekong wrestle down madjukic to cause penarlty for no reason. same ekong, how can a defender see ball coming and turn himself towards his owngoal post. omeruo can never displace balogun…….(4)eagle dark green jersey had proved itself to real badluck……rohr. rohr adamant to stick with fruitless players and to make wrong sub and late sub, inabilty to read game, and no-confidence talk like my team is too young, we will try to reach semi final because we re not favourite. has all come back and hunted him down.

  • Oakfield 2 years ago

    The boys including the goalkeeper tried. Akpeyi really kept us in the game earlier on with that spectacular save in the first half. However, I believe that we were careless in the dying seconds of the game. That freekick conceeded was needless knowing fully well what the Algerians were looking for;to fall in vital areas and get spot kicks. The coach had earlier warned his players to be careful around the vital area, to avoid conceding careless freekicks but it’s very unfortunate it later happened and cost us a place in the finals. Regarding mahrez’s free kick, I think akpeyi didn’t position himself well to have a good view of the ball. His positioning was just bad, standing behind his wall instead of shifting to the side that was unblocked by tha wall to have a better view of the kick. If we had a better goalkeeper he wouldve done better to keep us in the game. Moving forward: we should start looking for a better to goalkeeper , Mr rohr should be allowed to continue the good work he’s started with the team, build for the future, the world cup is already around the corner. Up super eagles, up Mr rohr. You guys have done very well

  • Edoguy 2 years ago

    I think I the match against Algeria showed that Rohr hasn’t improved. Still unable to read games and make the right substitutions. He only changes player based on stat which I do not agree with. Rohr’s advantage has been his unpredictability and for this match he was so predictable. The Algerian coach guessed his starting lineup.

    At half time, I was expecting Rohr to battle to control that midfield more. Keep the ball more and draw bodies away from the wingers. This is happening again and same thing happened during the world cup. We needed Mikel to come in after the goal we scored. Mikel would have kept the ball better and slowed the pace of the game. I remember the 2006 world cup qualifier against Algeria, when Eguaveon was coach, Algeria had equalised in Algiers and they were leading 2-1. Eguaveon brought in Olofinjana for Aghahowa just to play with Ayila and Obodo in the midfield. They slowed down the game and kept the ball better and we won that game 5-2. Eguaveon was coach and knew what to do (he played as a defender too). This was simple tactics just like then, bring in Mikel to keep the ball in the midfield.

    My problem with Rohr is simple, he doesnt trust his players enough. Referring to the example above, Olofinjana was hated by Nigerians too. No one liked the way he played. But Eguaveon, a local coach, knew when to put him in.
    Whenever the super eagles play under Rohr, they are always under pressure and dont know what to do. Algeria is a team we all know to always huff and puff, but to beat them you need to stay cool, keep the ball and play your game.
    Why does Rohr not trust his players?

    To the start of the game, Rohr was predictable. Rohr would have started with a different 11 to remain unpredictable. Why not start with Aina in RB instead or Henry for Chukwueze and put in the latter to sure up things. Rohr didnt want to win this game.

    I dont blame the players, I blame Rohr for this. Algeria are not good enough. Senegal can take them on and win them. They play dirty. Passion is not dirty. I also do not like the attitude of Nigeria’s elite publicly promising money for goals. What kind of stupidity is that.

  • Kayode 2 years ago

    Wining a tournament like Afcon you will need a good goalkeeper, who must be above board and who can make some extra ordinary save when all hope are lost but in this tournament when the opposite team are coming our ways you will start jittering because we know we don’t have a goal keeper who play regularly for his club. There is no difference between Akeyi that is selected and ihenator that was dropped. No wonder homebody will rate him 6/10.