Chukwueze Scores As Villarreal Exit Copa Del Rey

Chukwueze Scores As Villarreal Exit Copa Del Rey

Samuel Chukwueze scored his fifth goal of the season for Villarreal who lost 3-1 to Espanyol in Thursday’s Copa del Rey round of 16, second leg clash reports Completesports.com.

Villarreal played out a 2-2 draw with Espanyol when they were at home in the first leg at the Estadio de la Cerámica.

The Yellow Submarines have failed to win a game in their last six games across all competitions.

The one-cap Nigerian international scored in the 42nd minute of the game to half the deficit for his side after strikes from Pablo Piatti and Borja Iglesias had shot Espanyol into a two goal lead.

Iglesias sealed the win for Espanyol from the spot in the 74th minute.
Chukwueze has featured in 17 matches across all competitions for the Yellow Submarines providing one assist.

Chukwueze’s compatriot, Moses Simon also started in Levante’s Copa del Rey last 16 second leg 3-0 loss away to Barcelona at the Nou Camp.

Two fortuitous Ousmane Dembele goals in the first half put Barca – cup winners in the past four seasons – ahead on aggregate at the Nou Camp.
Lionel Messi tucked in a third, his seventh goal in five games.

Simon who has made nine overall appearances (5 league matches and 4 Copa del Rey games) this term has, however, scored once for Levante in the La Liga.

The Catalan giants advanced on a 4-2 on aggregate.

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  • Jones 5 years ago

    I think chukwueze has outgrown Villarreal….they are currently 19th on the log and almost certain they will be relegated. I think he should leave at the end of the season.

    • Dr. Drey 5 years ago

      Eish….caution bro…Caution..! Sam has to be very cautious on his next step. Its best he remains in Villareal to continue his development. Lets hope villareal remains in the top flight by the end of the season. Sam needs a club where he can play his game and express himself without fear of being punished by his coach. Thats what he needs most at this stage of his career. But he must remain in the top flight anyways. I will still recomend the spanish top flight, and a club like valencia too. They are not too ambitious…not too biased and have a pedigree of grooming young talents

  • Asoko Emmanuel 5 years ago

    Great Jones,u r simply sport on,in fact u read my mind on that line especially after I watched the match and the goal he scored,(that was a world class goal by all standard).I thought it was necessary for him to move to a bigger club where he will play regularly.However caution must be taken so that his development is not hindered at this point there must not be a break in the chain of development cos he’s not the finish prop yet,otherwise he will miss it.
    In all it is trite that this guy is above Vill already.

  • Chima E Samuels 5 years ago

    I was looking out on Complete sports to publish the loss of falcons at the hands of the Chinese women with no shot attempt on goal so that we can highlight the destruction ahead of the world cup but till now they are covering that news anyway i will still insist that this foriegn coaches will leave Nigeria football still average that is all i can say because these falcon teams have the talent but it is a shame that since the appointment of this coach we have been playing lukewarm football and constantly under serious pressure from any team! France 8-0 wether we have been inactive for a year is no excuse but an indication of what teams like norway will give us in the world cup if we don’t take caution like Manchester united did! As for Chukwueze it is too early to start advicing him what to do because he is on the right path so far so good!

  • @Chima, same thing I asked yesterday. Has Pinnick asked CSN not to report this decline in the profile and quality of the Super Falcons since the arrival of Dennerby? If it were a victory or even a drae, CSN would have splashed the story on their website instantly. See my comment yesterday on the strange and deafening silence:

    ‘Super’ Falcons just got trounced 3-0 by China in the first friendly today. Why is CSN not reporting it since it ended 3pm Nigerian time? Should NFF still continue to stick with Dernerby or revert now to Omagbemi or Okon?

    Dernerby has simply brought down the profile and quality of the Falcons. The team was walloped 8-0 by France in the coach’s first match. In the WAFU female competition and AWCON 2018, the team practically limped and struggled to the final and was outplayed by Cameroun and SA.

    The CAF Awards used to be dominated by Falcons, but this year SA stole the show, winning the Woman Player of the Year and Woman coach of the year awards. Derneby is not inspiring confidence. If Pinnick and NFF needs to do something about the team’s coaching before the Women FIFA World cup in June, now’s the time. It seems Derneby doesn’t understand the African skills set enough to know how to utilize them well.

    • Chima E Samuels 5 years ago

      There is God Okon and co did not perform woeful like this even though we have always know falcons not to always get the best of treatments so this coach has no excuse! He’s not a bad coach according to records but he’s not the right man to lead an African women team!

  • Kelvin 5 years ago

    Can someone explain to me how falcons losing 3 nil to China female team a decline?

    • Chima E Samuels 5 years ago

      Falcons of a late is a shadow of itself if you watched the match you will know..Not even a shot on target

  • Chukwueze’s goal was a well tajen goal by all standards and it will no doubt boost his stocks a great deal by watchers of the Spanish league, particularly the Copa Del Rey that went down last night.
    Though I didnot see the full match as i could only manage a 3min highlights on youtube this morning. Yet, I was overly impressed with his goal technique and exquisite fashion with which he placed the ball beyond the reach of the goal keeper after beating one or two defenders.

    The strike was typical of nimble left footed players who have flair for attacking from the right side of the attack like Messi – during his early days at Barcelona, Arjen Robben, and very recently the Algerian talisman, Riyah Mahrez. Chukwueze should build on this strength and continue to work at it as resilience, persistence and striving for accuracy are the hallmarks of great players, and hopefully, he would be Africa football poster boy, like the lkkes of Saido Mane and Mo Sallah and co.

    Well done Samu.

  • Sunnyb 5 years ago

    @Chima Samuel, Bro, is not about super Falcon, is about the country called Nigeria, nothing works in that country. 2019 some fools still advocating for Atiku or Herdsmen Buhari to be their president. Bro nobody is willing to risk his or her  lives for a failed state.

    • Chima E Samuels 5 years ago

      Top notch again sunnyb they are still advocating for the two Abokis Nigeria is now been run by fulanis soon it will be a desert give naija 4 more years with these cattle leaders no wonder we still have people commenting like that Nigeria is a changed ad failed country infact its a laughing stock outside country but the people in don’t know and they keep hyping here and there when a youth of 18years is still broke and can not feed himself in a country of crude oil shake my head!

  • I think Chukwueze is in the right place at this time to aid his growth. He should see out his contract and seek to move of and when he doesn’t get regular playing time.

    Right now he is a guaranteed starter and the team is structured to his strength. He doesn’t need to be spending time on the bench.

    At the end of the season, I would suggest he moves to a team which is not perrenial relegation fodder, a team like Levante where Moses Simon plays looks like a perfect fit.

    We should remember he had only been a professional player for six months and shouldn’t rush him too much. Regular game time will see him cement his place in the SE and raise his stock even more. If Villarreal stays up, he will be seen as instrumental. Hess in a no lose position right now and needs to maintain everything to ensure he fulfills his promise this season

  • @Chima, I am bit confused.

    In the last 9 games that Dennerby has been in charge of the Falcons, they won 6, drew 0, and lost 3 with a win percentage of like 70%.

    In all 6 games that they won, they kept cleen sheets in open play. And the 3 matches lost were against credible female footballing Nations.

    They have just come out of the back of winning the Africa Cup of Nations in resolute fashion so what is all the fuss?

    Admittedly, the style of play has left a lot to be desired at times and the heavy defeat against France last year was soul-destroying but win an overall win rate of 70% in recent matches, I think the calls from some quarters for this coach to be sacked already maybe a bit premature.

    OK, they lost 3:0 to China, big deal! Is it not a friendly? Or am I missing something?

    Please enlighten me.

    • Chima E Samuels 5 years ago

      Deo let’s call a spade a spade except the 6 or 8 zero they won last minute entrant guinea at the awcon the rest is a dance of shame they where out played and only the God of soccer gave us wins via penalty against Cameroon and SA. Please wether other countries are catching up or not our play was nonsense and we were always under serious pressure! The fact is that no falcons team can be dominated like this if this coach was our ex coach assisat oshoala and co would not have played their best and be who they are today! The truth is that the coach is not fit enough for Nigeria because our brand of football is on an all time low teams dominate us and we create no chances. Deo I will see you after the World Cup if you are standing by this coach!

  • I’m enjoying all your comments. Bring it on!

  • Sunnyb 5 years ago

    @deo, bro,the team is not making any progress, still conceding nine or eight goals in 2019 common, the coach has not brought any improvements or something new to the team. We can’t continue  to celebrate mediocrity. 2019 Nigerians are celebrating one stabbed local tug from Lagos,while some smelly buffoons are busy fighting for one known jihadist and a con master to lead them. So please guys let’s call a spade a spade that country is a failed state.

  • @Chima and @Sunnyb, if Dennerby takes the Falcons beyond the group stages at the World Cup, You guys owe me £500 each!


    • Chima E Samuels 5 years ago

      I hope after paying the two of us you won’t go bankrupt just joking please don’t place a bet this coach!

  • @Suunby and @Chima E Samuels
    Please let’s mind our language on this platform, this is not a political forum, if you have any greivances or reservations for the govt of the day or any matter as regards politics of the country please do well to use appropriate political platforms to address such issues, as there are several of them.

    Let’s try to separate politics from sports as much as possible, even when it seems irresistible, else we defeat the purpose for which this forum is set up.
    And so far we all enjoy the contributions of people here on this forum and respect each other’s opinion without resentment but elements of religion, politics and ethnic background bring us division and kill the enthusiasm for sport.

    I am aware there are so many developments in our sport today that can not be divorcedw from politics,given the way they are managed by our adminstrators yet we have to show some maturity in our reaction to them so it doesn’t break us.

    • Beautiful contribution@fideleny.

    • Chima E Samuels 5 years ago

      Hahaha we have long been broken apart this is not about politics it is about common sense of a failed system hidden by ugly faces. Maturity is when you are realistic instead of playing hanky panky you know right?

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