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Dare Hosts Super Eagles After Arrival From Cameroon

Dare Hosts Super Eagles After Arrival From Cameroon

The Super Eagles were hosted at breakfast by the Minister of Youth and Sports Sunday Dare on Tuesday morning following their arrival from Cameroon, reports Completesports.com.

Central Bank Governor, Godwin Emefiele, Ist Vice-President of the Nigeria Football Federation, Shehu Dikko, Chairperson of the Nigeria Women Football League, Aisha Falode and all other important dignatories also graced the occasion.

Dare in his speech commended the Super Eagles despite the team’s early exit from the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations in Cameroon.

“From all indications, Nigeria believes in them. President Muhammadu Buhari believes in them and I, as Minister, also have full belief in them.

“They will in fact be encouraged and supported to qualify for the Qatar 2022 World Cup finals later this year and the 2023 African Cup of Nations Tournament in Cote’d Voire next year. This Super Eagles team will show the world the great heights to which truly they can soar”, Sunday Dare remarked.

He commended Austin Eguavoen and the coaching staff and concluded that they gave a strong performance.

“They faced the challenge bravely and gave a good account of themselves. They did their very best and that is all we can ask of them.”

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Continuing, the minister remarked “We will lift the spirit of our boys and as professionals they will look beyond AFCON and continue to work with their technical team to ensure continuous improvement.

“The overall performance of the team during this tournament shows we have regained our better footing and are heading in the proper direction.

“Our football, once again was fluid, purposeful and beautiful to watch. We have a good team and Nigeria will help them to get better.

“I also want to use this opportunity to thank soccer-loving Nigerians who followed the team’s participation at the competition. I thank the Nigeria Football Federation(NFF) for rising up to the task and for rising up to the task and for its commitment to ensuring that every support was given to the team.”

The Super Eagles were eliminated from the 2021 AFCON finals after going gown to a 1-0 defeat against Tunisia in the second round.

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  • Everybody 2 years ago

    Welcome back home our gallant representatives, we, your fans are glad. The World witnessed your exploits in Cameroon despite your limited preparations of only two weeks. We move onto World cup playoff. Good luck.

  • JimmyBall 2 years ago

    It’s this foolish Dare man that set up that conference call with Buhari… To do what I don’t know. Did Tunisia president call their own players? Politicians always wanting to score cheap points… Amaju and Dare were the brain behind that useless presidential call… If were playing finals it would have been understandable but just second round for a tournament still with a long way to go… Brainless people.

    • I completely share in your sentiments《but not curse words though》. The idea of calling these boys at R16 was just not good.

    • benakay 2 years ago

      Dare WAS the person who put Nigeria in this mess in the first place, by forcing Pinnick and the NFF to fire Rohr. Now he is trying to act like a goodie-two-shoes.
      How many times is he going to be allowed to RUIN Nigerian Sports? Olympics mess (worst performance ever), Ladies Basketball (not paying their remunerations), Super Eagles (getting rid of Rohr, which has led to Nigeria’s worst AFCON performance in 40 years!!).
      Everything he touches goes to ruin. He has failed in ALL his deliverables and has set Nigerian sports backwards. GET RID OF THIS JACKASS!!!

    • Khalil 2 years ago

      @Jummyball,are some of you that daft?
      How gas a call got to do with performance of players in the pitch?
      This is how archaic some of you are in your thinking.
      If there was some kind of one in football as some of you easily portray, Africa should be winning every world cup.

      There was nothing absolutely wrong with the call,it was simply meant to show supoort.

      I wonder how some of you reason.

    • If for once in your life you are civil and stop bandying insult, will it kill you?
      You and other low lifes like you just find it convenient to call people names and insult people who are better than you.
      You will curse players and coaches who sacrifice everything to serve this country, even administrators at will for no just reason.
      Just because you are small minded and uncut, your low self esteem won’t allow you see what is wrong in fooling around like this online.
      These are people whom you are not even fit to carry thier slippers , you jump in here insulting them and ranting like a rabid dog. I don’t blame you, I blame the management of csn who have reduced thier platform to a forum for low lives like you.
      My respect to all those who tower above the nonsense that people like you bring online.
      Kudos to those of you who are objective and civil. Kudos to those who realise that in the end football is just a game. Grow up young man and learn basic responsibility.
      Just because you have access to a smart phone or a computer and you can afford to buy data doesn’t give you the right to toy with other people’s feelings.
      These boys are human, they have friends and family who read the nonsense some of you write. Some of you even go as far as threatening these players on twitter and Co.
      I feel sorry for you

      • Sun tzu 2 years ago

        @Ken you are a fool and a bastard. You castigate someone for using words but did you read yours before posting?? Na God go punish that your mouth. Stupid fool

  • Dr Banks 2 years ago

    @JimmyBall my friend which one be Ugbade/Finidi or Amunike/Manu again o? Your eyes never clear say none of our Local coaches has the pedigree to coach SE after this mishap?

    Which club has Ugbade ever coached after assisting Manu? What has been Manu’s antecedents post 2013 U-17 WC……….he failed woefully with the 2015 U-20 and failed again with 2019 U-17 WC and hasn’t coached any team again since then.

    Amunike as you know has been a failure in any senior team he coached ever since he won 2015 U-17 WC, failed woefully with the 2017 U-20, Sacked in Tanzania after losing all 3 matches at AFCON 2019, failed at Sudan club, demoted to academy scout in an Egypt league modest club.

    Finidi only recently started coaching Eyimba and so far has not been convincing so far, languishing at 11th position in the NPFL with only 3 wins and 3 losses 1 draw, so what pedigree does he have to coach SE.

    With all the above profiles, do you still believe these four coaches can achieve anything with the great SE of Nigeria? Let’s be real for once in your life and stop being blinded by Racism or Nepotism bro, we just don’t have any capable local / indigenous coach to tinker our dear SE to greater heights my brother

    Just after Ogunefon was appointed, I raised the issues of how Ogunefon doest’t have the credentials of leading SE to success in the current AFCON but no one believed me, I sighted in particular how he failed to win a single Knockout stage match in 2006 AFCON with the most talented group of players after the ’94 set plus how he failed with the U-20, U-23, and the various club side he has ever handled in NPFL to date.

    Now we saw the result, he blinded our eyes in the group stage by becoming a motivation speaker to the boys instead of being a coach with tactical input, ‘guys go out there and express yourselves, play with so much freedom and give us 9ja flavour, I even dey surprised that the musician FLAVOUR wasn’t in the squad lol.

    Make anybody no tell me again say he tried o, no be group matches we dey take know a good coach because you still get another chance to progress. Na knockout stages the tactics begin decos once you mess up you are out and dry.

    Rohr lost an inconsequential match to Madagascar but matches on to beat Cameroon, South Africa and Tunisia to win Bronze but hey nobody hail GR but someone dropped out in the round of 16 in AFCON, them come say he tried…… Nawa for you guys o

    • JimmyBall 2 years ago

      Nigeria no get money to pay better foreign coach… Even if we get one he will become a politician after a while… He will be corrupted. Eguaveon isnt bad but he failed on the day… That aside our boys approach to the game was also underwhelming… What did they do the entire first half. Abi them no Sabi take shots also? Our team dey average and we have a lot of deadwood in the team… Ekong Still has not improved. I believe Ekong is not better than Semi Ajayi just a bunch of overrated players… Egypt game was the only we approached with the right attitude.

  • MuYiwa 2 years ago

    All of them are trying to cover for their errors by sacking Rohr 2 weeks before the afcon. Rather than resign gallantly for taking such a rash decision they are there speaking grammar. Black man, black sense. Since I’ve been watching African football, I’ve never seen Nigeria this low. Imagine celebrating R 16 exit for a team that is ranked 5th in Africa. Gambia are in the Qfinals yet their president is not organizing any zoom call for the players.

  • Oakfield 2 years ago

    What are they doing??? Celebrating round of 16 exit? Hahahaha What is the essence of this god forsaken party? Useless bunch of idiots! Would u have hosted them if it were rohr that got knocked out in the round of 16??? Everybody was happy when we came third at the last afcon but some nay sayers, evil minded idiots, witches/wizards/lizards of the highest order said that bronze wasn’t worth celebrating, that we should be celebrating gold not bronze. Now, same people are now celebrating the round of 16 exit. Shameless people. Why wouldn’t u people throw a party? You got what u wanted and hence deemed it worthy to throw a party to cushion the far reaching effects and consequences of your mistakes. God will punish all of you that are playing cards with the happiness of nigerians. Those of you who sacrifice merit and rational thinking for their own selfish gains, God will punish you and it will start with u, mr Dare and Odegbami. The latter has suddenly lost his voice and ink do finish for him pen. Miserable wicked bunch. Shame on all of u @dare, @jimmyball, @ugwunze, @destar, @ omo9ja, @odegbami….may u continue to fail with your own… Ndi ara

    • Kenny 2 years ago

      People will almost conclude that you are a sadbeast.

    • JimmyBall 2 years ago

      @Oakfield you always negative… What is the Guarantee that Rohr could have defeated Tunisia? Let us stop all these sentiments… there is nothing like playing an undertstrength Tunisia… it was still 11 vs 11… see Comoros, Cape Verde and Nigeria… those were the nations who have played understrength… we really need a better midfield and defence… our players cant cross the ball, cant shoot and can pass well… in this tournament… I have seen teams far lower than us in ranking using the ball better than Nigeria… we really need to start giving talent opportunities… teams like Burkina Faso, Gambia and lots more have a lot of 19yrs and 20yrs in their team… Eguaveon has never been popular with Nigerians… the only game I applaud him for is against Egypt… after that game he felt like king kong… when I saw 424 against Sudan… I ask myself what his plans were… any good team starts with a solid defence first and a very tightly woven midfield because on the your attackers cant score… it is your defence and midfield that will rescue you… we must move on and look to the Ghana game now… but like always… NFF headed by Pinnick is still sleeping… I know they are scored of engaging Peseiro now… Pinnick only conviction was that Peseiro was a Mourinho protege in coaching… as if na Mourinho the come coach us…

      • Yes Rohr win against Tunisia with half medifild. No arybo, the truth is no world cup

        • JimmyBall 2 years ago

          Who cares about their place… Eguaveon did that before. Third place has no spirit to it… no hunger except playing for pride.

    • MONKEY POST 2 years ago

      Shame no dey catch you? You still have the guts to talk? You and that especially @JimmyBall needs to be flogged.Can’t you take a cue from mature people like @Mahmud Shuiabu? Since after the Tunisia game have you seen him here? It shows he has realize his mistake by following the block headed Eguavon and is embarrassed and ashamed of his own.

  • Kenny 2 years ago

    @Everybody, that was a cushion. In fact, nothing to add.

  • Abdul 2 years ago

    Jimmyball and his crew, you guys should personally know you contributed to eagle’s failure in this AFCON. Common sense is not always common. You guys were everyday here crying for Rohr’s sack. No disrespect to Equavoen, but with Rohr, this team wouldn’t have been eliminated in the round of 16.

    • @Abdul, this isn’t meant as an attack, but with all due respect, you can’t be certain, Mr. Rohr’s team wouldn’t have been eliminated in the round of 16. If you watched his last game in charge of the Eagles, you would have seen in his body language that he didn’t have it anymore. Keeping him any longer would have been unfair to his mental health. And despite all the short comings of our home-grown coaches, I still believe that ultimately, that is where the solution to our coaching problem lies. JimmyBall gets majority of his analysis right, in my humble opinion.

  • Marvelous 2 years ago

    @jimmyball ROHR defeated Tunisia in third position game that is almost like the final. And he would have defeated them again. Rohr wouldn’t have been foolish like Equavon.

    Rohr have never lost a crucial match on African soil with Nigeria exception of losing to Algeria at the die minutes of AFCON semi final and not round of 16. The match against carpe Verde was inconsiquential because we were still leading in the qualifying group. I repeat ROHR never lost a crucial game on the African soil.

    In life be careful what you wish for. You said, and I quote. “Let us fail with our own”

    • I disagree with you. We need to move on already. Mr. Rohr have moved on.

  • DeSTAR 2 years ago

    @JimmyBall ; point of correction, you said what is the guarantee that SE coach Rohr could defeat Tunisia; I can bet it if Belmadi’s trainee Rohr we the one that took SE to Afcon, he would have crashed in the group stage of this tournament.

    When Rohr had 2 years to prepare SE with Mikel , Victor Mosses , Igahalo in his prime time and great Musa with Osimeh and the combo of the Oyinbo wall of Ekong and Balogun ; including his 2 years uninterrupted salary ( what could Rohr gave us other than bronze that Eguafon had given us in the past with a little time of preparation and also with unpaid salary).

    Our players deserved to be hosted by Sports Minster; this was the first time we have witnessed great football from the team , Mosses becoming a super revelation and all the players were getting high rating . Minus il luck and poor officiating to eliminate SE , with the fact that we don’t have bench due to game plan of the Amaju Fraud-Pinnick and forcing undeserved players on Eguafon as done with Rohr , as well as Eguafon himself wasting valuable time on the retired Igahalo because of his Saudi oil rich money , as Amaju Fraud Pinick have told Eguafon that, even 10% of Rohr Salary would not be given to him other than mere comical allowances ( I can bet it were Eguafon to be paid half of clueless Rohr Salary; he wouldn’t have been looking towards retired Igahalo as Rohr did too when NFF could not pay him for several months; he would have instead called Amoo and Dessers who could have made differences).

    Those guys are gallant ; it is better to loose honourably than loosing in an uninspiring.

    The team is super great with Balogun, Osimeh coming back , and inclusion of Dessers , Amoo , Lookman and another reliable goalkeeper; SE would be too hot for any team not only in Africa but at the world stage .

    But enough of average foreign coaches like the clueless Rohr . If we can’t afford quality foreign coach with pedigree; let us stick with our own ; Eguafon have been able to prove that our SE can be super again ; Amaju Fraud-Pinick is the major problem with our football

    • Oakfield 2 years ago

      Hahaha….. Witness great football without progress. Ngwa, Let nigeria go and play great footbal against ghana and get knocked out. That is when u shall know the difference. You are so retarded in your judgement and so short sighted in your analysis. Too bad for a fellow like u whom i hold in high esteem as being literate and modern. It is this same irrational reason that has brought this mess. Sacking a coach just few weeks to the start of an important mundial bcs he wanst playing tiki taka football and not bamboolzing the teams that come their way. I wonder how far our tiki taka football has brought us withing a very short period of time of test run. This is just the begining. You people re already reaping what you sow.

      • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

        Don’t mind that one @oakfield, he only come here to rant without facts. Rohr can never lose to a depleted team coached by their unknown assistant. This is a tournament we’re primed to win if Rohr took this team to Cameroon. Alas they got their wish and thereby took our football back to 1982. I wasn’t even born then. I grew up seeing the SuperEagles always competing at the podium of African football at almost every AFCON they attended. Na Ogun go kill all those who have taken our football back to 1982. Let them continue to play TikiTaka and get knocked out against Ghana. They played TikiTaka and get knocked out in the round of 16. Lmao!! Bunch of underachievers.

    • JimmyBall 2 years ago

      @DeStar… God bless you. People are just angry and have stopped thinking properly now. Certain teams were marked to be stopped at second round… Nigeria included. Cameroon would not have loved for us to progress and somehow a dirty and whistle-happy referee with a history of questionable officiating from a likely later-round match-up opponent(Senegal) was pushed by CAF to see to our exit…

      How are red cards even judged these days? In this AFCON, officiating has been poor, somehow Tunisia had it better probably to appease them after a referee disgraced CAF ending their first game on 89minutes to the shame of the whole continent.

      Yes… Eguaveon could have done things a bit differently but the team showed strength and character before politicians stepped in to promise them heaven and earth and they setup that presidential video call as if it’s the final we were playing!

      It’s a lesson learn for football followers in Nigeria and the team, atleast now Eguaveon knows to talk less in a tournament, keep your strength and strategy to your chest. Somehow we lost that match once we were trailing against a tricky opponent and Iwobi who is actually a Fairplay soccer player got carded out… the question we must answer is… had Iwobi been a cameroonian in a crucial game as that… Would he have been redcarded? Generally I think this AFCON has been disgraceful because of VAR and its application… football has always been a contact game but if a foul is not intentional the referee’s decision become critical.

      Nigeria has never been a team know for unfair play. But we accept the loss and can build from it. Nations Cup is next year and hope we will have our full house of players then. But critically we need to stop taking some evident dead weights to tournament. Samuel Eto’o and Dicatator Paul Biya did not host for Nigeria to come and raise the cup… they would do anything, pull whatever strings that needs pulling to avoid it.

      Super Eagles is still stronger than lots of the team that have progressed but we live to fight another day. Our players should. Just take it up on themselves to improve at their clubs so they can serve us better.

      Where I have to give Eguaveon stick is where he started by talking about Silas Nwankwo of Nasarawa United instead of Dessers. We will need to inject some key players back and should be good against Ghana. It will be a thrilling and exiting one versus Ghana. One love all and goodmorning… Please let’s stop fighting and start with possible contribution to better and improve our team. World cup playoffs is here… Eguaveon himself has learnt a thing or two and now knows yes… You can and should actually switch between tactics depending on your opponeny during tourneys. If he remains in charge and can see off Ghana… I will forgive his mistake in AFCON.

      • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

        You’re just consoling yourself. Our players are not in the level of Morocco and Ivory Coast despite the fact that Vahid dropped Ziyech and the Ajax boy Masrouoi. Egypt and Cameroon are on upward trajectory than us. Not to talk of Senegal. Even if we have a full house if we don’t have a tactically sound head on our technical bench against Ghana just be ready that Nigeria will be watching the WorldCup on their TVs without their flag in Qatar. Of course I’ll take a WorldCup ticket ahead of the AFCON trophy anytime, but why do we have to lose our bragging right of at least a podium finish because of bone head decisions???

        • JimmyBall 2 years ago

          Make we hear word at @Ayphilkydegreat… Maybe we should wait until Morocco, Senegal, Tunisia and Egypt play 10 vs 11 against a strong rival.

          You all talking as if it’s a joke playing a man down and chasing the game in a high intensity match. You can’t know whether Nigeria is on levels of those counties or not except they face each other.

          March is not far let’s cool our blood… March versus Ghana no far. We played better football under Eguaveona and I repeat instead of winning bronze let us exit when we did. No pride in bronze. I am not consoling myself because I don’t get paid supporting Super Eagles…

          Rohr was not a messiah. We were being humiliated too under him. Defeat against Tunisia was no humiliation. The team was retrogressing under Rohr. If it’s a white foreign coach we need let’s break bank and get a sound one. We saw enough of Rohr’s hiatus.

          • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

            We played good football under Eguavoen but crash out in the knockout stage??? Lmao!!!! Egudiola TikiTaka knock us out of the AFCON in the round of 16!!! The worst since 1982!!!! My Ghanaian friends are already mocking me that if they can just get a 1-0 win in Ghana we should forget about a win in Abuja. I just pray silently that we should get a good result in Kumasi to take back home. Lmao!! Bronze is nothing but your joke of a minister can celebrate failure in the round of 16??? Lmao!! You better start praying that Nigeria don’t watch the WorldCup on their TVs without their flag in Qatar.

        • Politicians involving in our sports causing too much problems cus they only involved because of their personal benefit noting else.

  • So you are celebrating good football that no one has ever played before? Did you watch Morocco Vs Comoros match today? Common you had better keep quiet than consoling yourself with all this excuses. To you and that yeye minister round of 16 exit worth celebrating? If it was Rohr would they have done the same in fact they would have sacked him. The world cup that you guys were shouting till today didn’t Nigeria play good football against Croatia,Iceland and that Argentina match which was ranked as one of the best in fact lots of pundits confirmed that Nigeria were robbed because they FIFA want Argentina to progress by all means. But was the team hosted after the competition? No, but now because it is our own continue. SEBI some of you are boasting now that you will beat Ghana home and away? Match is almost noaround the corner your eyes go clear.

  • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

    Don’t mind the joke of a minister they’re now celebrating failure Lmao!! That’s what Nigeria is all about now. Shebi during Rohr’s time they said we’re celebrating mediocrity when we qualify for tournaments with games to spare Abi?? Now they’re all celebrating failure with TikiTaka football thereby creating pains in SuperEagles true fans. Na Ayelala go kill all the people involved in taking my darling SuperEagles back to 1982. Anybody wey Ṣọpọna go kill make dem follow them failing there own. Thank god Amaju Pinnick tenure go soon end. We will start all over again with a new administration we can only hope they’re better. I weep for my country.

    • onwajunior 2 years ago

      We are just starting. It would sink in by the time we miss 2 major tournaments. Na round 1 we dey, next level dey come.

  • Greenturf 2 years ago

    I wonder when pinnicks tenure will elapse? Though sadly I read he was considering contesting for a further tenure but would seek his family’s consent before making a decision I hope the family advise him against it.
    Another tenure with Pinnick is a disaster.

    Meanwhile,the sports minister shouldn’t be an ostrich and bury his head in the sand.
    Is he pretending not to see Eguavoen’s tactical defeciencies when he couldn’t claw back against a depleted Tunisian side mainly local based without a technical adviser what a shame.
    He was beaten hands down tactically by a rookie coach yet getting a red carpet from the sports minister wow! Unbelievable!
    Sunday Dare a disaster of a minister I just don’t know this man’s problem with Rohr I don’t know the demon that possessed him to fight against someone making Nigerians happy with victory’s at least when it matters.Now Dare is celebrating failure because he was the architect of it.
    Mr sports minister you can fool those you can but not my likes you should hang your head in shame you brought pain to millions of Nigerians for your selfish reasons you should honourably resign and let a competent professional takes over the helms of our sports your likes are not need pls vacate your office and please take your companion Pinnick with you otherwise more disaster awaits our football/sports.

    • No you know he has always been advocating for local contents. He is happy that we failed with our own. You know on a normal thing the players should move to their clubs directly after the shambolic display but the yeye minister and the coconut FA chairman have to move them down to Nigeria first to curry the favour some idiots fans that they are working where the racists minister has to tell them that Nigeria believe in them. Abeg which Nigeria, may him and his family plus the corrupt NFF? I just hope we learn from pressing the panick button when it is not necessary. Seeing Senegal playing and getting results not minding there good football which hasn’t giving them anything since all these years.

  • DeSTAR 2 years ago

    Given Rohr another 10 years he can’t give what he does not have.

    Except corrupt laden football federation no any country can tolerate Oga Rohr mediocrity up to 2 years , as he was sacked in all his previous 3 African countries he coached without a single medal until his business partner Amaju Fraud-Pinnick packed him fraudulently on us .

    He had 2 years to prepare SE with 2 years uninterrupted salary, with quality players Mikel, Victor Moses & Igahalo, Osimeh & co what was he able to achieve, other than been tutored by a local coach that assembled his Algerian team just 12 months , and same thing that equally failed to qualify qualified for previous Afcon .

    Belmadi that the so called mechanic Coach could not draw for 3 solid years was himself well beaten in this Afcon by the coaches that have studied his style of play .

    If Oga Rohr were to lead SE to this Afcon, he wouldn’t have gone beyond group stage .

    No matter how bad Eguafon is , technically he is far better than the clueless Rohr.

    I am not Eguafon fan , and when he was employed I did declared severally that he was an upgraded local version of Oga Rohr ; but his performance in this Afcon where many of his players played the best football that we couldn’t witnessed in years back ; he is 100 times better than your clueless Rohr

    2 weeks to prepare for major tournament, the best player withdrew , injury to the reliable Balogun, no friendly games ( unlike the ones Rohr had and yet could only settled down for bronze ; if he were to be in the same position with Eguafon and without salary Rohr wouldn’t have bothered to his team against Egypt, as in his words SE does not have players in LiV, Man City etc .

    @Oakfield , I am sorry I am not a white worshipper , where I see a quality whites like Pep , Kloop , JM , Zaidan etc I acknowledged, not that quack mechanic Rohr a.k.a Belmadi’s trainee; only a man that is suffering from inferiority complex would rate Rohr equal with Eguafon let alone rating him higher.

    Rohr is a liability, as his technical deficiencies have been exposed in four African countries he had coached ; no one would ever allowed him near their technical bench again ( mark my words)

    • Oakfield 2 years ago

      Your thin god belmadi is already in Algeria cooling off his heels. Defending champions that could not even qualify from their group, got booted out by lowly placed countries. Went home with a point. Last time I checked, rohr won his group with a game to spare and got to the semis un his first attempt after we spent a long time in the wilderness before he came. I thought u said belmadi was the best. Where is he now??? . he’s back home biting his miserable dirty finger nails . I bet u mr, rohr would’ve gone beyond the semi finals but you people’s wickedness, hatred, foolishness and shallow mindedness never allowed him to achieve that feat. U wanted him to play tiki taka football like Brazil. I said it here before that today’s football is business. It’s results that matter and not beauty. You people chose beauty over results and here we are. Celebrating round of 16 feat as if we won the cup. Hahahaha… How absurd.

  • SD Special Delivery Jones 2 years ago

    All you pathetic Rohr haters who are now celebrating round 16 instead of bronze. You all make me sick. You are pathetic. Wind don blow so we don see una yansh and so so craw craw dey una yansh. Una go continue to dey scratch dat craw craw for long time until they reinstall Rohr. Shame don become the piss wey una dey urinate from una blokos. See your life. Dare is celebrating mediocrity. Una go continue to drink that mediocrity like ogogoro. Shameless People.

  • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

    @Greenturf. I was in a space hangout with uncle Calvin Onwuka recently and some other Nigerians in diaspora including Sulaimon Folarin of Bein Sports. One of our basketball player Chimezie Métu of D’Tigers was in that hangout. Chimezie said on their way to the Olympics in Tokyo, a day before the Olympics they don’t know what flight will take them to Tokyo. Lmao!! But that said, something that inspired me. He said by the time they rough it to Tokyo with a lot of madness along the way. The joy of representing Nigeria was all that matters to him. This is boy born and raised in the US by Nigerian parents.

    Wether we like it or not. Wether we accept it or not homegrown talents can never be better than foreign grown talents of Nigerians in diaspora. You know why? The homegrown talents don’t have the infrastructures because of failures like Dare and co running our sports. Imagine how can a journalist or a media man be made a minister of sports??? Very biased individuals I have a lot of them as friends. It’s just unfortunate that they only worry about their pockets.

    Until we can build the infrastructures that will attract talented Nigerian youngsters in diaspora to come home and compete with their contemporaries in the development years without bribery and agents influences, my people we still have a long way to go.

    • Greenturf 2 years ago

      It’s obvious the foreign talents are better nurtured or developed to become amazing talents with a top-of-the-range facilities.
      Though we can’t deny the fact we are blessed with quality raw homegrown talents with great potentials to becoming a star player just like you rightly said @Ayphillydegreat failures like Dare and his cohorts will stunt any developments because of their poor management poor developmental structures and other vices which makes it impossible for any growth in the sports sector hence the clamour for foreign talents who have proved to be better than their local counterparts.
      Amazing you have to give credit to the likes of Chimezie Metu for their patriotism.It takes a lot for a foreign born Nigerian who is used to a system that works to put up and turn a blind eye to the shameful management and logistics of the sports authorities in Nigeria.

  • Fidel 2 years ago



  • All this Yeye Sports Minister and Stupid Pinnick need to do is stay the hell away from our list and make damn sure that our player best legs are there.


    Peter Etebo
    Victor Osimhen
    Ademola Lookman
    Emmanuel Dennis
    Leon Balogun
    Calvin Bassey
    Victor Moses
    Cyril Dessers (debatable as I still think Awoniyi can come good) this one is in the balance.
    Hate to say but we may actually need Odion Ighalo (on the bench).

    Sadiq Umar
    Peter Olayinka
    Olisa Ndah
    Henry Onyekuru
    Ahmed Musa
    Collins Jamilu

    We need to do the need full and take the bull by the horns no more rubbish.

    • Mind you I also believe Isaac Success deserves another Call up for his fight to getting back into shape and reckoning. for me he will even prove better than Moses Simon just wtach the space!

      • Oakfield 2 years ago

        Even the same ighalo u accused rohr for collecting bribe from him is now on your list. Hahahaha…. God of justice. I thought u said rohr was corrupt? I thought u said ighalo was too old and should give our young strikers (awonyi, sadiq and olayinka) a chance, that they are better????? Now, you are now shamefully eating ur disgusting smelly gooey vomit. Shame on you. Na so God go dy expose una one by one…. Hahaha

      • MuYiwa 2 years ago

        Ehen!!! So Ighalo should be invited. Are my eyes deceiving me?? Collins and Sadiq should be dropped? Wow, I gbedi for your oversabi

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