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Euro 2024: Nigerian Forward Makes England’s Provisional Squad

Euro 2024: Nigerian Forward Makes England’s Provisional Squad

Eberechi Eze has been included in England’s provisional squad for the Euro 2024 in Germany, according to ESPN

It is gathered that Eze alongside his Crystal Palace teammate Marc Guehi and have made Gareth Southgate’s 30-plus man squad.
Eberechi Eze

Eze has never represented the Three Lions at any major tournament before.

In May 2021, Eze was called up to the senior England squad for the first time, as part of Gareth Southgate’s 33-man provisional squad for Euro 2020, but on the same day was injured during a training session.

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In May 2023, Southgate again called Eze up to the England squad. He made his senior debut on 16 June, appearing as a 70th-minute substitute for James Maddison in a 4–0 UEFA Euro 2024 qualifying win against Malta.

This appearance meant he could no longer represent Nigeria after this point.

He was immense for Palace in the just concluded Premier League season, scoring 11 goals, providing four assists in 27 games.

Meanwhile, former Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson will miss out on England’s provisional Euro 2024 squad,

The 32-year-old has been a regular inclusion in the England set-up for over a decade, though questions over his Three Lions future will now be raised as Gareth Southgate has appeared to look to alternative options.

It comes after Henderson’s controversial move to Al-Ettifaq last summer, in a move that lasted just five months, before the former Liverpool skipper moved to Ajax in January.

The move to the Dutch giants was seen to boost his hopes of making the Euro 2024 squad, however it appears he will be left out of the expanded squad which is to be announced this afternoon.

His former Liverpool team-mate Curtis Jones is set to benefit from Henderson’s exclusion, with the midfielder appearing to be on the verge of winning his first senior cap.

Chelsea defender Levi Colwill is set to make the provisional squad despite not playing in the final months of the season due to injury.

Luke Shaw, who has struggled throughout the season for fitness at Manchester United, is set to be included despite not playing since the Red Devils faced Luton on Februar 18.

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  • pompei 4 weeks ago

    Northgate strikes again.
    The SERIAL CAPPER will cap tie Eze, and then likely dump him again. But maybe this is better for Eze. The alternative is to come play for Nigeria, and be owed bonuses by NFF ONIGBESE. Of course, they won’t pay him.
    Bye bye Eze.
    Our coach should look around the planet and invite only the best of the best. This is how you will maximize your chances of success. When your tactical well runs dry, it is the quality of your players that will bail you out.
    Remember, your supporters today will turn against you if you fail. You will go from OUR OWN to ON YOUR OWN.

    • I wish someone could advise Eze at this 11th hour or show him contemporary examples of Tammy Abraham and Fikayo Tomori, who have been left out again and can no longer play international football.

      Except you’re an exceptional talent talent like Saka, Northgate will captie and dump you. Iwobi, Aiuna, Lookman etc will enjoy international football careers playing at the World Cup, while Tomo, Tammy and likely Eze would have to concentrate in their club careers.

      • Onwajunior 4 weeks ago

        @Kel if you were in his position and had the opportunity of playing for both Nigeria and England, who would you have chosen? Looking at the way our football is in naija it’s not even guaranteed that Lookman and Aina would play at any World Cup.

  • Respect is reciprocal 4 weeks ago

    Eze will be missed by Super Eagles no doubt.The guy is just too good . Let’s see if he can sustain and upgrade the tempo for 6 years. One thing about Englosh players thay have to be consistent for them to be called up each time unlike African players that are inconsistent.

  • agbo chimezie 4 weeks ago

    If Eze is your brother will you advise him to play for Nigeria?

    • pompei 4 weeks ago

      My brother, this your question dey heavy. Na real food for thought.
      Honestly, if Eze was my brother or son, e go hard for me to advise him to come and play for NFF ONIGBESE. E go dey really hard. Make unu no vex abeg.
      Yes, I love my country, but patriotism doesn’t pay bills! Football is a business!

      • pompei 4 weeks ago

        Why should it be only players that are expected to be patriotic?
        NFF ONIGBESE too, can they not also be patriotic by paying players bonuses, and discharging their numerous other financial duties responsibly?

      • So is he coming to play for only nff. So those who played or are still playing for Nigeria are poor today. If nff is owning them, does that mean they don’t end up paying them at the end of the day.

        While I am not making any case for those irresponsible people at nff ( don’t forget that it’s ba reflection of the general society of Nigeria), I believe to some players it is more than money. It’s about the heart they have for their roots

        People like iwobi and aina and Victor Moses would have tried to wait for his time with
        England. They may not get the chance but they would have preferred to forgo international football instead of playing for Nigeria.

        But they have that heart for their roots and they chose to go with their hearts.

        After all England will not win the world cup (I believe it will take long years before sn English team will win the world cup )

        So what is the big deal..

        I just don’t like how we overhype these players as if they will come and win us the world cup..

        Their hearts are not with Nigeria so we should just leave them alone.

    • And what is bad about playing for Nigeria when your only chance of excelling at international level is through playing for Nigeria.

      What about others who chose to play for Nigeria. If Tammy and tomori and agbolahan etc are your brothers what would have said to them today.

  • Ololo 4 weeks ago

    I’m surprised everyone is still talking about Eze.. his case is just like that of adeyemi of Germany.. they are no longer eligible to play for Nigeria.. and it doesn’t matter if they made the squad to the euro or not. We should wish Eze the best, but it would be difficult for him to make the final list to the euro as 7 players will be dropped from thks present squad..

    The player I wish to be dropped is Curtis Jones so he can consider other options which Nigeria is part of..

    Eze is no longer eligible and we should forget him.

    • Ipetu Madu 4 weeks ago

      Eze na akara. The guy no sabi.

      • pompei 4 weeks ago

        Eze na spicy moimoi. His game sweet die. Person wey get skills, with end product yafun yafun. Me I like am ooo.

        • Pompeii why are the big clubs not coming for him then if he is the next maradona. And he didn’t help his club to win anything. Yes he si good but he still has to show it with bigger performances. Forget him and let us move on.

          Nigeria is our own. It’s not only nff that is Nigeria.

          Football gives hope and happiness to many Nigerians.

          S player can choose to wearn the nations color and be fulfilled putting laughter in the mouth of many.

          Our own na our own

          I won’t sell my country cheap because of some fools in nff.

          Then can someone tell us how many bonuses are still outsnsyfrom.nff.

          It may come late but they always pay to the best of my knowledge.

  • pompei 4 weeks ago

    No wonder. Whenever Eze scores nowadays, he celebrates with a cross sign. The red cross of the England flag. That’s him sending a message to Northgate – “BABA, COME AND GET ME”.
    Northgate obviously got the message.

  • Gen. JohnB (Field Marshal) 4 weeks ago

    “Nigerian Forward” lol!

    The guy is English by birth, holds a British passport and not a Nigerian passport and I am sure you couldn’t even give him a Nigerian passport because he’ll probably refuse lool

    Funny people, and you are supposed to be “sports reporters right?” teehehehe

    Yeye dey smell!

    • Arara Kumbie 4 weeks ago

      The yeye begin smell the minute you show your military face. Field my armpit. Go back to your barracks, boy.

  • pompei 4 weeks ago

    Christian Ministries, this is what I’m saying.
    We are quick to condemn these foreign born players as being unpatriotic and not having love of Nigeria at heart. But last time I checked, patriotism doesn’t pay bills. Abi can you cook and eat patriotism?
    If you as a player choose to leave your match bonus for NFF ONIGBESE to share, that’s fine. But if I insist on collecting mine, why do you have a problem with that? If I have dual nationality, and I decide to play for a country that offers me better welfare and pays my bonus promptly, IS THAT A CRIME?
    You Christian Ministries, if someone offers you another job that pays you $10k more than your present salary, will you remain in your old job because of patriotism? Even if na your relative get the company, will you remain there?
    Bible sef talk am for Proverbs 22:29. Person wey sabi em work no go stand in front of yeye customers. He will stand in front of people that can afford his services. MONEY FOLLOWS TALENT, TALENT FOLLOWS MONEY. If a player choses to forego his right to collect bonus out of love for Nigeria, that’s ok. But a player who insists on his right must not be condemned. IT IS HIS RIGHT!
    Yes, our players are rich. Some of them are even richer than Elon Musk. So they don’t need the bonus. But it is the principle that is the issue. The players HAVE EARNED their bonuses. They should be paid.
    Even if they don’t need the money, they can donate it to charity, or they can gift it to friends and family members. The point is, give them their money, and let them do whatever they like with it. That money should not end up in the pockets of NFF officials!
    If you read my post, you will see that I have already moved on from Eze. But the fact that he rejected us does not mean I am going to start hating him. He made a decision that he feels is best for him business wise, and given NFF shenanigans which you yourself are well aware of, it is hard to blame him.
    Point blank, if NFF had a better track record, Eze, Saka and many others would be Nigeria players today.
    Have you forgotten how David Alaba was frustrated? They were asking him for bribes. Alaba could still be playing for us today!
    Man, let’s leave that thing. If you feel it is ok for players to come and suffer and not get compensated, you are entitled to your opinion. But I must disagree. Not only players should be patriotic. Nff should also be patriotic and demonstrate love for Nigeria by doing their jobs to the best of their ability. This includes player welfare, prompt payment of bonuses, and other necessary things.

  • pompei 4 weeks ago

    Are Nigeria players the richest players on earth? Players much richer than ours are collecting their match bonuses from their countries.
    Messi, CR7, Mbappe, etc all collect their match bonuses. So why should our players experience be different?
    Eze and others likely chose England because they are aware of NFF incompetence and lack of professionalism. Even though Eze is 100% English, he could have chosen Nigeria if NFF was run better. He willingly met with Pinnick, and according to reports, was seriously considering Nigeria back them. So what happened? Did someone ask him for bribe?
    This guy was there for the taking, but NFF dropped the ball. We all know this is the truth.
    Iwobi, Aina, Lookman and co. all knew what they were getting into, but they CHOSE to do it anyway. We appreciate them for that. But if the had all chosen to wait for England who will take much better care of them, CAN YOU IN GOOD CONSCIENCE BLAME THEM?
    Instead of attacking these players, why not attack the real problem – NFF ONIGBESE?
    Christian Ministries, it is NFF you should be furious with. It is their behaviour that is the main reason why players like Eze, Saka, Abraham, Tomori, Musiala, Adeyemi, and many other talented players with Nigerian connections are reluctant to come play for Nigeria. IT IS NOT LACK OF LOVE FOR NIGERIA. These guys are not fools, and they have competent professionals on their payroll, giving them business advice. They do their due diligence, and they know how corrupt and incompetent NFF is. That is the main reason they are reluctant to commit to Nigeria. The buck stops with NFF. The lion share of the blame rests on them.

    • Douglas John Ufuoma 4 weeks ago

      My oga is it only the profit that motivate one to bring out his or best, if that is the case people like Balogun, Ekongo, Ebuchi, Victor Moses, and others would have play for Nigeria.
      There is one George wale that uses his own money to sponsor his own country to different tournaments, is he less human? So the foreign born trooping to play for the falcons are now stupid. Mikel once sponsor/ pick the bill of the u23 to Olympics, and others that are doing are they stupid. Two wrong cannot never make one right. Will you abandon your family lineage because your kinsmen always embezzle money meant for the development of the family compound?
      Where is Abraham, tomori, Danjuma and others that turn down the offer to play for Nigeria today, what of Adele Ali?
      I am not trying to give excuse for the failure of the unserious NFF, but for the sake of the happiness of Nigeria. Drogba used football to unit Ivory Coast, is less human? Like what one analyst said here, we need many of the rejected foreign born to move forward.
      As for Eze, we know the true. He can’t make more than five or six call up to lions squad, I am not wishing bad, but that is just reality. Nigeria is our own, we inherited that never die spirit from our forefathers, that spirit of never say never. So it will be unfair to stereotype the country just because of the greediness of few. The labour of our hire past shall never be in vain  

      • pompei 4 weeks ago

        Douglas, I tried to post a reply to your comment, but the website no gree. Abi na my village pipo sef?
        Anyway, I tried.

  • pompei 4 weeks ago

    Douglas, I will try to reply your post on another thread.
    CSN, please simplify your site. Too many ads. Makes it more and more tedious to read or post comments!

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