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Ex-Eagles Midfielder Fuludu: Rohr Is Not A Good Coach

Ex-Eagles Midfielder Fuludu: Rohr Is  Not A Good Coach

Former Super Eagles midfielder Edema Fuludu says current head coach of the side Gernot Rohr is not good enough for the position.

Rohr recently came under criticism after the Super Eagles shocking 1-0 defeat to the Wild Beasts of Central African Republic at the Teslim Balogun Stadium, Lagos.

The Super Eagles atoned for that defeat on Sunday in Douala edging out Raoul Savoy’s men 2-0.

Fuludu is however not convinced and insists the Super Eagles need a better coach.

“Personally, I have said it repeatedly (that) Gernot Rohr is not responsible for our victory. It is the players, who have put in so much individual and collective efforts,”Fuludu told NAN.

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“So, it has been luck all along. For five years, he (Rohr) hasn’t been able to impact as a coach should. He has no tactics at all.

“He has just been cruising, and we don’t have a team. He just brings them (players) together, and that it is because Nigeria has quality players. It is the players’ efforts and nothing else.”

Fuludu further said that the focus of a good coach should be to build a team which would not be giving their fans’ palpitations.

“When these players get onto the pitch, even as a former footballer, I find it difficult to understand their game. No tactics. What you see are diligent players trying not to fail their country.

“Trial and error are for coaches who do not know the game,” the ex-international said.

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  • When the team wins, it’s the player, but when they loose, it’s the coach… Oga Fuludu what is your achievement in your career? Omo9ja senior broda

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      Hahahahahaha….LMAOOoo…dont mind these overated “94” squad people. They just want to do everything to make sure Rohr is forced out and replaced by one of their own.

      22 wins, 6 draws and 6 losses in 34 competitive matches.

      All the wins and draws are due to “…luck, Zero impact as a coach and no tactics…” LMAOooo. Does that even make any sense….??? LMAOOooo

      “…Gernot Rohr is not responsible for our victory…It is the players, who have put in so much individual and collective efforts….”

      Fuludu should please explain to us if tactics will ever work if players dont put in INDIVIDUAL AND COLLECTIVE EFFORTS together with it….lmaoOOOO….and why PSG is not Whipping everyone in the French league by 4-5 goals per match despite having the best Individual talents in the leagues and in Europe at the moment

      Abeg, Did INDIVIDUAL AND COLLECTIVE EFFORTS suffered an accident and was hospitalized when his colleagues who had “maximum impact and tactics” joined hands together to fail to qualify for 3 out of 4 consecutive AFCONs…???

      Because the last time I checked, it was the same team that couldn’t qualify for 2 consecutive AFCONs Rohr inherited and qualified for WC with 5 points lead, in a group that contained the then AFCON defending champions Cameroon, Algeria and Zambia. So what happened to the superior tactics of his colleagues

      22 wins, 6 draws and 6 losses in 34 competitive matches and someone who calls himself an exinternational says its all by “LUCK”….LMAOOoo. Na so the luck dey work…??? LMAOOoooo

      A horrible coach can escape a loss in 1 match or 2 or 3, by luck…..BUT TO ESCAPE LOSSES IN 28 OUT OF 34 MATCHES ALL BY LUCK..??? Haba. Make una dey use una brain once in a while na. Your common hatred for Rohr should block proper functioning of your reasoning.

      Some other myopic people will say Rohr is only doing well now because we have “quality” players now…..LMAOOOoo….as if there has been anytime since the 90s when Nigeria ran out of producing quality players….LMAOOOoo

      Just as someone on this forum always says, it seems some of these so-called ex-internationals hanged their brains along with their boots when they retired.

      And if NFF chooses to employ a local coach for the SE in future, for the good of our football, they should better overlook these overated 94 squad people, because they have nothing to offer. That’s why most of them have nothing substantial in their coaching profiles.

      • JimmyBall 3 years ago

        @Dr.Drey… I am trying to thumbdown your comment and it will not just effect! Hahaha… you are one of the masquerades at the backend of CSN editorials and database… from being able to automate thumbsdown like 24dislikes in a minute to any comment you do not like on this forum… you have graduated to setting up your profile so that no one is able to thumbdown your comment… hahaha. I always knew you were the one deleting my comments from the backend on this forum!Very funny… I know you will soon release your settings for your comments to be able to register thumbsdown after this post… Lol.

        • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

          Whom God has blessed no man can curse. Whom God likes, no one can dislike. Whom God has not killed, no man can kill.

          He hath prepared a table before me in the presence of my enenmies.

          Even God knows I have no extraordinary connection with CSN than any other person on this forum has.

          What you should ask yourself is that “why always you” and “why is this Dr.Drey this favoured by God and by Men”

        • David 3 years ago

          But he’s not a good coach
          Believe it or leave it. He’s just there and the NFF knows that. He’s just there cos they share the national cake. We need a good coach with tactics like pep,Zidane why not,if our senators are the best paid worldwide why not also our coach.

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      I’d have been very surprised if you had made an intelligent post.

      • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

        There will be nothing more surprising for CSN readers to read your posts and not detect from 1000 miles away that you are just a cheap impersonator, craving clout and wanting to be heard at all cost, whose mission and intentions fortunately has failed woefully…..LMAOOooo

        • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

          Midwife Drey, I feel nothing but pity for you – It’s a shame how lowly one can stoop just to make a living.

          God bless.

  • MONKEY POST 3 years ago

    Everybody don turn ex player. Even non/under achievers. Even those wey touch ball three times in their whole career. Which one be fuludu again? Is like me too go dey form ex eagles player o

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      Lol… “Animal talk don start again”…

      It would be surprising for a monkey to post anything more intelligent.

      • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

        And it will be surprising for you to post anything sensible even when you impersonate Dr.Drey.

    • Edema fuludu was was a good midfielder in his days with the BCC LIONS OF GBOKO.most of the home based players westerhof used for Algeria’90 and Senegal 92 nations cup including Moses kpakor,Benedict ugwu etc all came from this BCC LIONS.So edema is well known

  • Let him dust his booth and come and coach now. All these yeye ex footballer that complete do interview around. Don’t even know his achievements as ex footballer. Fuludu my foot mtcheeeeew

  • JimmyBall 3 years ago

    @MONKEY POST go and ask who Edema Fuludu is? A great midfielder in his time… these guys came through when it was very hard to get a contract abroad… yet, he played three solid years in Turkey in the mid 90s! He was a member of Super Eagles for a period from 1991 – 1995. When we say most of you here are Ronaldo and Messi generation of football aficionados una go wan measure height with us… Did you know that he played for BCC Lions of Gboko at a time that BCC Lions was like the go-to club in Nigeria top football division? Go learn football history before you come here to mock top ex-footballers who did the nation proud… have you ever traveled in a plane to know the risks involved in always risking your life that much to play for Nigeria in international away games? It is only an imbeciled slave that will think Rohr is not quack… but it is no surprise because to the average blackmind… a white fool who grows his hair in a flowing strand with blue eyes in an almanac calender is Jesus Christ! Hahahaaha…

    • Knock out to Moroons. Well said my friend.

    • @JimmyBall please go and sit down. Where is Altay FC in the scheme of the Turkish league. He belongs to the generation of Super Eagles players going to obscure teams in football and dying there.
      What did he do after playing for Altay FC in Turkey. Let’s not forget that is the same league’s as Besiktas.
      Just commenting with passion and no reason or logic behind your thoughts.
      Many of the fan base here just do the same. No logical reason behind their thinking.
      How do you get to play a pattern of football when you don’t confidently have a good set of 22 players in your team that are great in their positions.

      We know we have a first eleven, now we are trying to build a second eleven.

      • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

        HAhahahaha Ben…what Fuludu is trying to tell us is that for all the 5 years his tactically prolific 94 squad collogues were struggling to qualify for ordinary AFCON without success, there was no LUCK in Nigeria…LMAOOooo…..but immediately Rohr took over and for 5 years now, LUCK has suddenly become a Nigerian Citizen….LMAOOooo.

        Before Rohr came, our players were not playing with INDIVIDUAL AND COLLECTIVE EFFORTS, his colleagues were the ones running around the pitch and playing and coaching at the same time…..LMAOOooo….but the moment Rohr was appointed and for 5 straight years, our players now play INDIVIDUAL AND COLLECTIVE EFFORTS. (KUDOS SHOULD BE GIVEN TO ROHR NOW FOR THAT IF THAT IS NOW THE CASE….ABI???)

        Before Rohr took over, we didnt have quality players…..all our players were playing in 3rd division clubs in Latvia so his mates didnt have any access to quality tools to work with. But by 2016 when Rohr arrived all our players were already playing for top 4 teams in the top 5 leagues in europe….LMAOoooo

        Some of these ex-internationals need to stop spending too much time in beer parlours……LMAOOooo. The reason why they have all failed in their gang up against Rohr thus far is because their criticisms have always lacked merit, lacked basis and cannot be substantiated.

        You cant fight a man with lies and spineless innuendos…you will FAIL.

        A man has amassed 72 out of a possible 102 points (70.59%) from all the competitive games he has contested and one person who was a failure as coach of Warri Wolves says its by LUCK all along…..LMAOOooo….???

        I am not in a bad mood today, otherwise I would have said that statement is a stupid statement.

        If na so Luck they win matches why luck no win league or FA cup or promotion for am when e dey coach Warri wolves….LMAOOoooo…why did he run away from coaching to politics….LMAOooo.

      • Abdul 3 years ago

        Exactly…you said it all.

    • Tobore 3 years ago

      Don’t mind the tribal bigot. So long as Fuludu is not Iheanachor, he can’t be commended, e-diat mentality. Tell him this is Nigeria commentary where honor is given to whom is due and where there are no fake supreme leader. Fuludu made the Super Eagles team while still playing in the domestic league at a time many Europe based players could not get a foot in the door, so he knows his onions.

      • See this one again, even Julius Aghahowa made the Super Eagles team playing from the local league and went on to play abroad. But even when he played from the local league or from his foreign club, he was a livewire of an attacker.

        Quality pass quality. He is not even making noise compared to this one that was warming bench.

        • JimmyBall 3 years ago

          @Ben… get your facts right and stop cooking up fallacies! This is how some of you just post from emotions…

          Aghahowa was already in Esperence of Tunis before he made he debut in 2000 for Super Eagles… guy check yourself well!

          Even if Aghahowa had made his debut from our league… did Aghahowa play in the mid 90s? Do you know how tough it was to get into Eagles during Westerhoff and his squad?

          • You see yourself again. Did I mention that Aghahowa was part of 1994 Super Eagles. I said he grew from playing in the local league to a foreign based pro with impact.
            Na me dey post from emotions. Na wa for you o.

          • JimmyBall 3 years ago

            @Ben… except you dont understand yourself! Perhaps someone is typing for you… your comment was this :

            “See this one again, even Julius Aghahowa made the Super Eagles team playing from the local league…”

            No he did not make the Super Eagles team playing from the local league unlike Edema Fuludu… he was already at Esperence of Tunis… again check yourself!

        • Tobore 3 years ago

          You mean Aghaghowa from an imaginary country or the one from Nigeria? They are saying God bless Nigeria.

          • Go and Google Julius Aghahowa my friend, he played 1 year in Handel Insurance, 1 year in Esperance of Tunisia and then 7 years in Shaktar Donestk. So yes, he made the Super Eagles team from playing in the local league’s. How many other players have had that sane kind of progress.

          • Bendel Insurance, I meant. In fact his youth days were at Police Machines and Bendel Insurance before going to Esperance of Tunisia.
            So his growth into playing for the Super Eagles started from playing in the local league. I must also add, he is the best case of a local player growing to become an international player. The same type Amaju Pinnick refers to

    • Dr Banks 3 years ago

      Edema Fuludu was a former coach of Warri Wolves, let’s ask him what was his achievement when he was the head coach there and why hasn’t he been able to find another team to coach since then? But now he thinks he nows better than a coach with vast knowledge and experience both in Europe and Africa.

      He has only 8 caps for Nigeria spanning 4 years from 1991 – 1995, mostly as substitute and though he was in AFCON winning squad of 1994 but never kicked a ball for 1 minute in the Tournament.

      So @JimmyBall my guy, don’t blame people who couldn’t remember his name in Nigeria soccer history, he didn’t particularly strike any cord in people’s memories.

      Fuludu’s statement reads: “So, it has been luck all along. For five years, he (Rohr) hasn’t been able to impact as a coach should. He has no tactics at all”.
      “He has just been cruising, and we don’t have a team. He just brings them (players) together, and that it is because Nigeria has quality players. It is the players’ efforts and nothing else.”

      This can only come out of the mouth of someone like Omo9ja, even you @JimmyBall cannot say such words not to talk of someone who played the game for 11 years in total and coached an NPFL Team………………it’s appalling to say the least.

      • JimmyBall 3 years ago

        @Dr.Banks… appearances for Super Eagles dont mean someone is good or not good. Back in the days, these things depend on who was in the coach good books or not… for Edema Fuludu to be a part of the Tunisia 1994 squad should tell you the level of player he was despite being in our domestic league… I knew him in person from appearing for BCC Lions of Gboko at a time which they were the best in the domestic league and went to back-back Mandela Cup finals in Africa winning the first around 1988/89 or so. Edema Fuludu with Friday Ekpo were the best midfielders in the Nigeria league when they both played… he was about the best player in BCC Lions with John Ene Okon… make we respect who deserve respect!

        @Dr.Banks… at the level Rohr is, confirmed from NFF statements advising him to go for refresher course after AFCON 2019 debacle and fallouts… will you in all honesty be confident for Rohr to lead us to another AFCON and perhaps World Cup? With the level of Coaches you see shepherding Italy, France, Argentina, Egypt, Belgium and Brazil? Make we no the deceive ourselves… coach Rohr psyche-up his teams to fear opponents and he himself has a fear for other coaches he sees as betters… Lol.

        • You see again, where is Psychology not part of football. Have you ever seen Mourinho’s training session on and off the pitch.
          60% of what he teaches his players are psychological and regimental battles.
          There is no coach today that doesn’t use psychology to coach his players.

          Go do your research.

      • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

        Epic…Dr Banks. A standing ovation for you. I hadnt even read your comments when I was posting mine above.

        I laughed hard when I read this interview…infact I was still laughing by the time I was posting comments.

        EDEMA FULUDU….of all people….LMAOOOO. Who e be…? Where e dey come from…? LMAOooooo.

        I hope he will like Oliseh come out to refute saying all these things after he must have realized the senselessness in his comments ascribed to him above….LMAOOooo.

        People like Kadiri Ikhana, Fanny Amun, Okey Emordi, Lawrence Akpokona, Fatai Amoo, Gbenga Ogunbote, etc who have something to point to as achievements in the field of coaching have not come out to undermine Rohr, if this coaching failure at warri wolves that is opening his mouth to claim 70% scorecard is by LUCK….LMAOooo.

        He should show us his own score card as coach of Warri Wolves first…LMAOooo…lets see how much “impact”, “luck” and “tactical prowess” he exhibited in his coaching career that died even before it started….LMAOoooo.

        Coaching easy naim he run go dey do politics…??? Why him too no use luck win 70% of possible matches as a coach

    • Prof. Tamuno Offiali 3 years ago

      His name is monkey post, so he posts like one. Edema Fuludu till date is credited with scoring one of the best individual goals ever scored by any player; Nigerian or foreigner in the hallowed grounds of the National Stadium in S/Lere when he left over 6 players of Diables Noire (The Red Devils) Fc of Congro Brazaville including the great Brice Samba for death whilst playing for Julius Berger in the Quarter Finals of the 1992’African Champions Cup. That team that day included Taribo West, Ayo Ogunlana, Salisu Yusuf, Omale Aimunwonsa (died in a plane crash playing for Iwuanyanwu Nationale), Sylvester Ibiale, Liberian Oliver Makor, Bethel Orji (captain), GK Chris Obi. Dosu Joseph was among the substitutes.

      Truth is who are the quality teams GR defeated in his 34 matches? No good coach, and I repeat, Burkinafaso and Niger can NEVER EVER afford any quality coach.

      GR is only here because of corruption. Check the names and pedigrees of the coaches handling Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, South Africa etal and compare them to Rohr. In his over 25 years managerial career, what has he won? If he was that good as people here (who claim to know more than us who played for this country) wants us to believe, what the hell was he doing in backwater Niger????? Lol.

      Some of you asking what Edema Fuludu has achieved, I wonder if you have ever worn a NIGERIAN jersey and sang the National anthem before the watching world before. You think its moi moi out of millions of Nigerians?

      Do you know how many people qho have football boots but have never laced it in a State Stadium let alone the National Stadium?

      You come here and disparage and disrespect people because you dont agree with their views. People that in your lifetime you may only see on TV or pages of Newspapers but never be able to sit close to or come close to. Respect is reciprocal pls.

      • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

        The historian of our time….pls what had Westerhof won before coming to Nigeria…? Pls what had Bonfrere won before coming to Nigeria…? What had Keshi won before he became SE coach…? What had Oliseh Won before he handled the SE…?

        The last time I checked Rohr has led a lowly club Bordeaux as far as the Final of a major European competition and also has a Swiss cup final medal hanging somewhere in his closet.

        On the basis of that alone he qualifies to lead Nigeria ahead of those I listed above who were appointed having NEVER reached any sort of FINAL in their coaching careers.

        Every coach always has his breakthrough team. Maurizio Sarri had not won even a spoon when he was employed by Chelsea, his first trophy ever was an European trophy. Keshi had won only 1 AFCON match in 8 by the we faced Ethiopia at the 2013 AFCON. It was about to become 1 win in 9 AFCON matches when V.Moses used this same INDIVIUAL EFFORT that has now become a Crime for Rohr to use (going by the insinuation of this your superstar Ex-SE benchwarmer and failed coach) to bail us out in the last 10 minutes of the game. The same Keshi came back home with the trophy. So if God says the SE will be his breakthrough team, then it surely will be come February 2022. He was seconds away from the showpiece in 2019 and will go a step further in 2022 all things being equal.

        The Backwater Niger where Rohr was, is where none of your current local coaches and Guadiolas currently cant secure a job….LMAOOooo….siting in their parlours in europe and begging for rehabilitation with national team jobs by the NFF. So if Rohr is a bad coach for Coaching in Niger, your local coaches arent even coaches yet….LMAOOooo.

        Let me just remind you that the last time Niger played in the AFCON was close to a decade ago and guess who qualified them for that AFCON…? Very Good…..LMAOOooo

        Burkina Faso can never afford a quality coach you claimed…? So how did they get Philip Troussier the “white witch doctor” that led them to their first ever AFCON semifinals in 1998, After Nigeria sacked him (for the same flimsy excuses myopic cahoots like you are bandying now for the sack of Rohr), despite him qualifying us for France 98 unbeaten and with a game to spare…??? The same Troussier who wasnt good enough, the same Troussier who wasnt playing any “discernable pattern” the same Troussier whose 3-5-2 system was archaic has statues of himself in Japan today.

        You remembered to remind us of the places where the experiences were not too pleasant but surprising forgot to remind us the Gabon has not remained the same again since he left them in 2012 after leading them to their best ever AFCON placing. For a “great” historian like you to forget that calls for concern.

        You rolled out Fuludu’s exploits as a player during his playing days as if that validates his baseless assertion that Luck is the reason Rohr’s scorecard reads 70%….LMAOOoooo(what a stupid assertion)… but you forgot to reel out his exploits as a coach to have the effrontery to tell such white lies he just told above, to the shame of anyvody associated with his name. You and him should please tell us what he has achieved in coaching to open his mouth to call another coach BAD…if he (fuludu) was/is a good coach what is he doing fighting over State FA elections up and down today……LMAOOOooo. Is it not Pitso Mosimane his 94 contemporary who is leading the biggest club in Africa today, the first BLACK MAN to occupy such an exalted seat, with back to back CAF CL trophies to show for it…? Fuludu’s mates are out there making exploits in coaching, he is at home arming thugs for political gamesmanship and opening his mouth in public to tell a coach with a 70% scorecard has relied on LUCK to earn such score…..LMAOOoooo

        As a Prof, I guess your students score 70% by luck too right…?? LMAOOoo. As a Prof you assess PhD dissertations and assign 70% to a research-works that relied on LUCK and stumbled-on research findings right…??? LMAOOOooo.

        By their fruits, ye shall know them. LMAOooooo. By the words that proceed from their mouths, ye shall know the “REALBEES” from the wanabees…..LMAOOOOo

        • I sometimes wonder if some of you here are truely Nigerians, haba, in the face of deteriorating fortunes of our National soccer team we shamelessly come here to insult our National heros for stating the obvious. Any coach that has the luck to handle super eagles for about five years and still cannot form a crack team out of all the TALENTS we have today does not deserve the praise of any TRUE/PATRIOTIC NIGERIAN. You guys call Finidi, Amuneke, Akpoborire now Fuludu unprintable names for saying the truth. It was in this country Smason Siasia was sacked for playing a 1-1 drw with Guinea, The late Amodu Shuaibu qualified Nigeria Twice for World Cup and was denied the opportunity to lead the teams to the tournaments because he could only win bronze in the AFCON that preceeded the World cup after each qualification.Then came the late Stephen Keshi in a period when a lot of our regulars in the team either quit or retired , yet he was not afraid to recruit local players into the team, he didn’t just recruit them as training materials but he made them regular players. Keshi went on to win the AFCON cup in SA, qualified us for the World cup and got to second round of the Mundial. Let us be Nigerian enough to tell ourselves the truth Rohr na bad market, Besides this page is online for the whole World to read imagine what other Nationals will be saying about us when the read how we rubbish our ex internationals just because they are patriotic enough to say our National team is gradually becoming a laughing stock in the football World

          • Our regulars didn’t quit or retire from Super Eagles. They just weren’t doing well at their clubs to be in good position as this current crop of players. By the way, the same Keshi and Amokachi led Super Eagles were in jeopardy for not qualifying for AFCON after disbanding Mikel John Obi from the team.
            It was in dire moments of the AFCON qualification that Mikel was recalled into the Team and Mikel helped Keshi build a solid pattern of play.

          • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

            Hahahahaha….Siasia was not sacked for playing a draw with Guinea. He was sacked for not qualifying for ordinary AFCON. If Siasia had qualified for AFCON even with the draw he wouldnt have been sacked. God will help you all to be literate enough to understand what “terms of contract” means.

            That’s is where Rohr towers above your guadiolas. Rohr will drop 3-4 points in a qualifying series but will still be leading his group with the nearest team kilometers away. You will all tell us if it was Brazil and Germany we had in our group when we will chase qualification till the very last day of qualifier and still wouldnt get it, that Rohr will seat comfortably and still be dropping points along the way, yet the closest team will not even be close enough even if we suffer points deduction…..LMAOOoooo

            It was wicked fellows like you and your cohort that called for Amodu’s sack, TWICE. This same excuse of “we have no discernable pattern” was what was used as gang up against Amodu on both occasions. The same people who will claim we have no “discernable pattern” will be the ones to in the same sentence say we are “predictable in using the wings”….now how that is not a “discernable pattern beats reasoning. If not for the fact that this is information age where people can cry out more unlike before, Rohr would have been a goner too for all the flimsy excuses and fat lies that you all have NEVER been able to substantiate that you all cook up against him

            Keshi would have been sent packing before he even won AFCON, no thanks to loudmouths who also complained of “no discernable pattern” back then. Some of his enemies back then who now praise him today are still here in this group – a la omo9ja and the one who calls himself coachee but doesnt know what a setpiece is in football. As a matter of fact, those who praise keshi the most today were the demons who didnt was to see him alive back then, the same way they dont want to see Rohr alive today. NFF even book the team’s flight back home before the match against CIV was played. God purposely used that sort of wickedness to uplift the man Keshi.

            Rohr na bad market, rohr na bad market, its this same bad market that lifted us from the pits where Fuludu and his overated teammates dumped us. This same bad market will lead his group and qualify with games to spare where your guadiolas will not even if they should just play a draw. This same bad market is the first SE coach to be owed for 8 months and this team is the first set of SE to be owed bonuses for 2 years…..Yet his scorecard reads 70%.

            What are you still waiting for, go and bring your own good market na, like the ones that came masqurading as guadiola but struggled with teams like Tanzania and Swaziland, yet never came near qualifying for ORDINARY afcon

            When oliseh called us all lunatics, he targeted some of his ex-colleagues and called them benchwarmers as players who are still warming benches till today, with failed coaching careers and resorting to NFF and looted funds from football management for survival. FULUDU is clearly one of those Oliseh was referring to.

            Is Fuludu too not a coach…? He should show us his own coaching dossier and lets see what being a “bad coach” really is.

            A bad child is not completely useless, he can still be used as a “bad example” to warn other innocent ones. That adage fits Fuludu perfectly.

    • Bobby 3 years ago

      Tell them. They don’t know. He was a great midfielder and was coached by Clemens Westerhof. It’s quite unfortunate NFF employed someone like Rohr when there are great coaches out there. Someone who has been coaching for over 20 years, yet has never won trophy in his coaching career.

      • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

        Let me remind you “great coaches” like Paul le Guen (former Olympic Lyon coach and multiple French lig 1 winner) RAN AWAY when NFF gave him the targets of Qualifying to 2018 World cup and Semifinals of 2019 AFCON…..LMAOOoooo…he claimed it was IMPOSSIBLE FOR A TEAM RANKED 70TH IN THE WORLD TO ACHEIEVE THOSE WITHIN 3 YEARS….lmaoOOO

        Do I need also still remind you that Rohr took up the challenge and made it look easy…or will your memory reboot itself back to normal now???

        Pls tell us the “trophies” other SE coaches (apart from Berti Vogt and Amodu) had won before they were employed as SE coaches…..LMAOOoooo

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      Well said @Jimmyball. It is Unfortunate that these e-rats don’t care or know anything about anything. Their only interest is to come here and heap insults on people 1000% more successful than they’d ever be.

      • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

        HAhahahaha…..there is no bigger e-rat than your useless self impersonating people all over the place….LMAOOoooo.

        The fact that you are even impersonating me shows how many 1000% times I am more successful than you.

        You’d love to be Dr.Drey, and crave the clout that comes with the name, but you never can and never will.

        Sorry ehn…LMAOooooo

  • JimmyBall 3 years ago

    @Ben… people like you needs to be checked otherwise you begin to think you are some authority like the famous double standards Zeus here on CSN who says Musa does not even need a club to play for SE…

    You asked where Altay FC was in the scheme of things in Turkish football? That one no concern me, all I can say is that when Edema Fuludu played there, they were in the Turkish Superliga competing with the likes of Fernabache, Besiktas and Galatasaray! Mabe the link below will quiet your rebellious spirit down!

    Help yourself… https://www.scorespro.com/soccer/turkey/super-lig/1995-1996/teams/

    • Dr Banks 3 years ago

      If Rohr is a quack coach bro, what will you call your African Gardiolas?

    • @JimmyBall You see when I say there is no logic or reason to what you write. Every player playing in foreign clubs na Super Eagles material???
      If we don’t push our current players to top quality teams, how are we going to be a better footballing nation.

      This is the same thing Amaju Pinnick was telling the home based Super Eagles the other time, That the NFF want to see the home based Eagles going to good clubs and not obscure teams. It is people like you that would say Amaju Pinnick is corrupt and should be removed from NFF.

      A player goes to a team like Altay FC at either the beginning of his career or the death of it.

  • Ndubest 3 years ago

    We have heard you come and apply for his Job

  • Ndubest 3 years ago

    Thanks for those analysis @Dr Banks a bench warner and a failure as a coach is condemning someone far better than him. He should not be critisizing simply because others are doing same. You are judged based on what you can offer. As far as am concern he is inconsequential and has no moral justification to condemn someone better than him 100 times.

  • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

    @JimmyBall I will advice you to channel your energy in doing other things than waste your time and peace with these guys. The country is flooded with mediocre minds and this forum is not an exception. It will do you more good to avoid this many lots after you chip in your simple idea instead of going back and forth and before you know it the day is gone. These guys are not productive so they have nothing to loose especially drey.

    • JimmyBall 3 years ago

      @Chima E Samuels… very well my brother! I forgot I was dealing with the usual unreasonable wolfpack! Lol…

      • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

        Hahahahaha…your Fuludu claiming 22 wins 6 draws in 34 outings is all by LUCK, while himself being a coaching failure, and you his “balls licker” are the ones that are reasonable….LMAOOooo.

        Congratulations. I doff my hat for you both. You both deserve a Nobel prize in “Reasonabi-ology”

      • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

        Just to remind you, your super star Nwakali who is the messaih the Eagles need to be no 1 in the world is once again rooted to SD HUESCA’s bench for tonight’s match up against Real Zaragoza o….LMAOOooo.

        I bet he will be offloaded on another loan spell by January, maybe to the 3rd division this time around….LMAOOoo.

        That is the person against whom Iwobi will not “see ball play” if their teams meet…..LMAOOooo.

        I am sure he is not getting game time because he is black (as ususal)….LMAOOoooo

        Mr. most reasonable man on CSN…..LMAOoooo. Epitome of Reasonability….LMAOOoooo

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      Hahahahaha…I know Dr.Drey is the source of your life problems….LMAOOoo.

      Dr.Drey is the reason why you have not been able to spread your empty arrogance all over this forum as you would love to. Dr.drey is the reason why you are not respected and worshipped on this forum like you crave for even with the last drop of your blood. Dr.Drey is the reason why you have not been able to play Lord over anyone on this forum. Dr.Drey is the reason you are known to be the chronic liar that you are.

      Your productivity is the reason why you are still using a car that consumes upwards of $100 worth of fuel before a week runs out. Your productivity is the reason all you can boast of in life are 4 phantom forex accounts and nothing more.

      Cant you see how productive you are, going to borrow time in internet cafes to be able to visit CSN website…???

      Useless suffer-head slave.

      • Leaderless 3 years ago

        Is anything the matter? Don’t mind them they will get you angry. Fuludu is not locked down in Nigeria so very normal to express himself. What I do know is, Rohr is a good SE coach.

    • You see again, many people here are so presumptuous. You dont know that this CSN forum is a place to expunge mediocrity from the minds of people like Chima E Samuels and JimmyBall.

      When we have ego driven, presumptuous people who can’t defend their views without assuming you are better than the other person, how can our football move forward or even the nation.

      I am sorry to say, that is a very low blow you passed and it just shows that you are a sore loser and everything Dr.Drey has described you to be is true.

  • Chibuike 3 years ago

    I have said it many times, Rohr is a good coach but the mejor problem is corupt NFF and politicians and all the sports family in Nigeria. Even if NFF Emplore klopp or Zidan without Good FA, he can’t do well. Yes they are some coach’s that’s better than Rohr but can we afford them? Make una listen, NFF can’t afford younger world class coach’s with new morden football tactics. You can’t own them three months salary, talkless of 8months salary. Some younger world class coach’s will not accept corupt system. So Faludu , abi your name na ewedu, go and seat down, you no get levels.

  • While sometimes I get the point of the pro-Rohr gang about the cost of hiring another top coach, if it’s a good timing now and some stats (stats sometimes are just numbers and 6 losses to teams like Madagascar and CAR & SL draw is bad record for an SE coach)…

    What is baffling is how this standard of Rohr’s team play is ‘standard’ enough for some people. Like what I saw on Thursday and Sunday is ‘standard’? Wow. Certainly not to me.

    No doubt, like Edema Fuludu (I remember that name so well, along with other SE fringe players back then like Barnabas Imenger) said, the current SE team is made up of brilliant players who work hard on the pitch to defend the pride and history of SE and Nigeria.

    But any clear cut, discernable tactics? Fluid play and movement from back to goal post? Very difficult to pick out. Just predictable dashes from the wings by intelligent players properly coached by their club gaffers. Even Pinnick told the players they’re their own coaches and Rohr more or less just gathers them.

    I really would love to see an active SE training session with Rohr feverishly dishing out instructions and tactics and running with the team like Westerhof used to do in those days. Not standing still and folding hands behind his back while players do 5-a-sides.

    Rohr is not totally bad. But excellent? Iffahear. It’s just like Abtahamovic and Chelsea fans digging up every reason why Lampard is untouchable by reeling out numbers. But the board knew this ‘standard’ was average for a team of the status and history of Chelsea. Now everybody sees the difference between Tuchel and Lampard.

    Lampard was good, Tuchel is fantastic. We want a Tuchel. Not literally, just an analogy. That’s the point. But if we should continue with a Lampard, no wahala. We’ll try to be grinding out wins against Djibouti, CAR, Liberia, Lesotho, SL and pray when we come up against Senegal,Egypt and Algeria.

    • Omo9ja 3 years ago

      Wow. Is this Kel? I don’t believe my eyes kę. Mba, it can’t be you Kel.

      I hope other Oga Rohr followers are reading this your comment today.

      I must confess that it took you so long to face the truth. You knew that I have bn saying this over the five years and nothing has been changed.

      I must tell you today Kel, you won my heart for the very first time since the days of Kickoffnigeria.com

      My point here is simple. We have the cable replacement for Oga Rohr and Mr. Agu.

      I believe that Amunike, Egbo, Manu Garba, Enyeama and Ikeme will do much better than Oga Rohr and coach Agu.

      We just have to believe in them. We have to give them the opportunity to do the job for us.

      Wow. This is incredible from you Kel.

      I am urging Edoman, Sean, Chairmanfemi and others to be patient.

      We will get this right before the Afcon tournament in Cameroon. So many people are waking up now.

      Let’s be patient Nigerians. The good thing is that Amunike and others that I mentioned above are available to work for their fatherland. NFF should do something before something do them. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Ndubest 3 years ago

      May i ask is it not the same team that played brazil, Ukraine and Argentina brilliantly and with great attacking football. Is it not the same team that beat Cameroon, Algeria and zambia on their way to last world cup. All this fair-weather supporters i dont understand again. We have seen great teams lose to lesser teams sometimes. Next nation cup will determine if we had made progress or not. For now everyone is entitled to his opinion. If we must sack Rohr we should not go for less or Omo9ja so called great coaches.

      • Omo9ja 3 years ago

        @Ndubest, if you can not understand and digest why Super Eagles is struggling to win against strong opponents then read this Kel comment and other comments on this platform and it will be more clearer to you that those questions you asked below should tell you that Super Eagles then has more experienced players to the present SuperEagles.

        Mikel was the part of the success you mentioned. He even fought the gaffer at the last Afcon in Egypt that Super Eagles did not play as a team. According to the news I read.

        The efforts of the most experienced players like Ighalo, Mikel and Balogun won Nigeria matches during the time you mentioned.

        Now that we don’t have these players available, Oga Rohr and coach Agu have no solution to the problem.

        If you don’t believe me, why Oga Rohr decided to bring back Ighalo?

        Why coach Agu invited Akpeyi again?

        Then you should understand now that we don’t have a coach yet.

        It is your choice to support whatever you like but Nigeria should come first.

        I also love Oga Rohr during the last world cup qualifiers but after the last Afcon and world cup tournaments, I turned my back. I still love Oga Rohr as a person.

        Even the gaffer invited Bassey and put him on the bench.

        Dessers could have rescue Super Eagles in Lagos during the first leg of the match against CAR because he knows how to unlock any defense.

        Why having three the same set of strikers in the team?

        Osimhen, Onuachu and Awoniyi?
        While we have Dennis, Kayode, Dessers and Sodiq?

        Instead of having one of Osimhen, Dessers and adding one to the two from the rest of the strikers?

        You see where am coming from sir?

        We don’t hates Oga Rohr. I appreciate the gaffer so much but I can’t lie to myself and Nigerians. We have to move forward from here my people if we have to win something spectacular in Cameroon and rule the world at the world cup.

        Think more and digest our points here bro. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Dr Banks 3 years ago

      @Kel I get your point but nobody amongst the Progressives says GR is the best coach in the World for SE, what we are saying is that GR has done an admirable job since he started coaching SE.

      You mentioned that the players are “intelligent enough and properly coached by their club coaches”,where were those intelligence and proper coaching from their club coaches when they lost to CAR whose best player on the pitch plays for a 4th division team in Germany? I don’t think you ever played this soccer before, if you did you will know that no matter the talents and skill a player has, without the tactical input and direction of a coach they cannot consistently perform at the level SE are performing now.

      Let’s appreciate what we have and give him more support and ammunition to succeed because we all will be the happiest as Nigerians for the team success.

      If you think GR is the worst coach ever, please do give us alternative options that you think will win us the AFCON and reach the semi-finals in Qatar and be ready to organise a fund raising to pay his salary and bonuses promptly and regularly

      • @DrBanks, I’m certainly not saying Rohr is the worst coach of the SE ever. No .For one, I rate him better than Oliseh. But I look back at the ’94 eagles with nostalgia – and I’m sure you do too. Why comparing with that set? Cos the abundance of talents today is similar to that period, except – in my opinion – a golden engine oil that lubricates and the wheel and gels the parts into a formidable machine unit.

        This set has given us a few memorable matches like the friendly win over Argentina (although admittedly Messi, Aguero and DiMaria were absent or injured) and the gutsy win over Cameroun (with some heart-stopping moments). But I strongly feel this team is not living up to its potential and they need an external X factor to really get things going.

        It’s great you mentioned CAR and their French 4th division players. Man to man, they were no match for our boys in skills, exposure and experience. So how did they match up? What made far less skilled, less experienced, less exposed players stand up to the SE, blocking every goal-bound shot, heading out every corner kick and even getting the better of our defenders? There was a factor that made a collection of less gifted parts into a competitive unit. Yes, we got the better of them in Doula, but that was expected. Pride and ticket were seriously at stake. Not taking anything away from Rohr. He’s okay. But not excellent. Not fantastic. Not exceptional.

        Hehehehe @Ndubest @Dr.Drey, I know say you go fire response. I dey enjoy your analysis, just like Jimmyball’s feisty comebacks, but mheeen this time I’m on the opposite table o. I think we have a couple of indigenous ‘Tuchels’ that won’t cost us more than $50K monthy – if we look closely

        • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

          HAhahahaha….Indigenous Tuchels like Fuludu…? Or like Yobo…? Or like Amunike who won only 2 official matches out of 9 as coach of Tanzania and got demoted to academy coach at a small team like Al-Maqqassa….(Im even imagining what sort of academy Al-maqqassa has)…? Or Sia 1 who has failed twice already and only seems to be good with any team with a U- in front of it…?(Of course we know what goes on with U- teams in Nigeria)

          Please kindly introduce us to this Indigenous Tuchel and let us see his track record in the field of coaching. If he can boast a better track record than Rohr, Ill be the one to lead a campaign for his immediate appointment. But NEVER again will we hand our SE to people who have no track record in coaching.

          Amodu had won several Cups in the local league before he was handed the SE the first time. He merited it. Keshi had proven himself as coach of 2 national teams in Africa after assisting in the SE for 4 years and coaching our Flying Eagles to the U20 AFCON in Ethiopia in 2001. If keshi and Amodu had CVs to get them jobs outside Nigeria, I wonder what these generation of failed ex-internationals are doing sitting their lazy asses down in the parlors and complaining about another man’s job.

          The Belmadi we celebrate all the time wasnt carrying exinternational tag up and down. He had won trophies in the Qatar of wherever and coached a national team before, before being employed by Algeria, and we all saw how he slotted in and took control of the position like fish in water.

          Once again, that indigenous Tuchel had better be a Belmadi or a Pitso Mosimane, not some blank A4 paper CV, X-number of caps wielding, overated 94 sqaud referred, indigenous Tuchel. Or you think any of your loud mouthed ex-internationals, especially your overated 94 squad can beat Mr Mosimane to any job on this continent including the SE job in a fair selection process…???? No even Oliseh with all his Ex-FIFA technical study group braggado and queens English can.

          No intern will be hired to coach the SE ever again. God forbid.

          Kindly quickly introduce this indigenous hypothetical tuchel to us please

          • Prof. Tamuno Offiali 3 years ago

            Amunike has better records than Rohr @Dre. He won an U17 WC, qualified unfancied Tanzania to its first Afcon.

            Other than that 96 Uefa (now Europa cup) final against Bayern Munich (he lost home and away), pls point out any notable managerial success of Rohr.

            1. Was sacked by a second division Nantes

            2. Was fired by Etoile du Sahel of Sudan (Sudan fa) for finishing 3rd after the club previously won back to back league titles

            3. Was fired by ordinary Niger where his winning % was 13% lol

            4. Sacked by Gabon for failure to qualify them for Afcon. Gabon has made Afcons since then

            5. Sacked by Burkinafaso and his successor Havard Renard immediately won the country’s first ever Afcon!

            With the talent pool available to Nigeria every coach who makes it to Afcon (barring self-inflicted losses) will return with atleast a Bronze medal.

            A coach who was fired by lowly Nantes, Etoile Du Sahel, Niger, Gabon and Burkinafaso and who was humiliated by lowly Guinea (shortlisted and later denied) is now the best thing to happen to Giant of African football; Nigeria. Lol.

            In 113 or so managerial career (international), his scirecard is a pass mark; 40something percent.

            Infact his best is 54% for Nigeria in 62 or so matches.

            But for Keshi’s loggerheads with NFF which culminated in him trying to help HIMSELF by involving in players business (inviting and playing players who offered financial gratification) and Oliseh’s arrogance (fighting his players) there was no way we would miss 2015 and 2019 Afcons.

            I still insist and maintain that with the present crop of players we have, any coach will qualify for Afcons and make at least FIRST round of WC qualifiers.

            Any good Oyinbo coach will always be in high demand and will not be found coaching a clubside in Sudan! Never!

            Till date, Nigeria is Rohr’s biggest coaching Job and its due to corruption in NFF.

            How can a rich country; financially and football wise hire a coach sacked by Niger if not corruption???????

          • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

            Hahahaha…Prof Prof. Rohr was sacked for not qualifying Gabon for Afcon….LMAOOoooo. You dont have to tell lies because you want to make a point…..LMAOOoo

            Rohr quit Gabon after leading them to their best ever AFCON performance (5th Position). I dont think he has returned there ever again. Some nay-sayers said it was because Gabon was co-host. The same Gabon hosted the AFCON as SOLE HOSTS in 2017 and never made it out of the group phase….till today Gabon still struggles to qualify for major tournaments

            Rohr’s Successor at Burkina Faso, Herve Renhard won AFCON Burkina faso’s first ever AFCON…..LMAOoooo. Please go and sleep of your hangover. When you have fully recovered come back and we’ll talk.

            Rohr qualified and took lowly Niger to their last AFCON, knocking out the same Guinea who taught the combination of your Guadiolas lessons in football only a year earlier…..LMAOoooo, and even grabbed a precious point at the tournament…the only point Niger has ever recorded in an AFCON competition……they’ve not smelt another AFCON ever since he left.

            With the talent pool Nigeria has EVERY coach should make it to AFCON……..HAHAHAHAHAHA……We didnt have talent pool between 2011 and 2016 when we missed 3 out of 4 AFCONS abi…LMAOOOoo. Maybe I need to remind you we won the 2007 U17 WC, won Silver at 2008 olympics, won silver at 2009 U17 WC, won the 2011 U20 AFCON, won the 2013 U17 WC, won the 2015 U20 Afcon and won the 2015 U17 WC. Anybody who claims we didnt have “TALENT POOL” then is a FAT LIAR……LMAOoooo

            The same players the combination of Oliseh and Siasia could not use to qualify for ordinary AFCON is the same players Rohr qualified for the 2018 WC with 5 points gap in a group that had AFCON defending champs, Algeria and Former defending champs Zambia. I guess our “Talent Pool” Started overflowing immediately Rohr came over…..LMAOOoo….the same way LUCK suddenly became a Nigerian Citizen immediately Rohr took over according to your failed superstar coach Fuludu……LMAOooo. Everything, Luck, talent pool, Individual Efforts, Collective efforts, seemed to fall in place when Rohr came on board….LMAOOoo.

            If not for Keshi’s this this this……If not for Oliseh’s that that that….continue cooking up excuses….LMAOOoo. That is what liars are good at.

            There is no coach who have never been fired from his job. So Rohr getting fired by Nantes or Etoile or any other team isnt news….LMAOOoo…its the nature of coaching. But just take a look at all the teams you are lined up in his profile…..how many of your guadiolas can boast of such CV…..LMAOOooo. How many had led any team to a continental cup final or a domestic cup final in their entire careers, like Rohr did with lowly Bordeaux and Young boys in Switzerland respectively. The biggest of them all was fired by Tanzania for not even being able to play a draw with Kenya….LMAoo and demoted to academy coach of a village club in Egypt. I am still wondering what sort of structures are on ground for a club like Al-maqqassa to have an academy…..LMAOOoooo.

            It was lowly Guinea that shortlisted Rohr and denied him, Why has your own guadiolas like fuludu not been shortlisted by Guinea yet if they are anywhere near Rohr…..LMAOOoo. It was ordinary Kano pillars that humiliated Amunike when he couldnt pass the interview to secure the job of Pillars coach. I wonder why he applied for the pillars job if he had any sensible job he was doing in Egypt in the first place.

            Rohr is the one the bailed Nigeria out after Worldclass coaches RAN AWAY when they were given the simple task of qualifying for World cup and AFCON Semi finals. The claimed it was IMPOSSIBLE for a country ranked 70th in the world to achieve those targets in 3 years……LMAOOooooo

            Rohr acheived both with games to spare with the same set of players and “lack of talent pool” that your Guadiolas failed woefully with.

            Your rich country cannot even afford the paltry $45k Rohr earns, your rich country is owing the coach 8 months and the players 2 years…..what a rich country.

            Till date, Nigeria is Westerhoff’s biggest job, till date, Nigeria is Bonfrere Jos’s biggest job, till date, Nigeria is Amodu’s biggest job, till date Nigeria is Keshi’s biggest job, till date Nigeria is Siasia’s biggest job, till date Nigeria is Oliseg’s biggest job…..that Nigeria’s Rohr’s biggest job is not news…what is news is that none of your current local coaches and your guadiolas has half the profile he has….none has been to a continenatal cup final nor a domestic cup final, so he is still head and shoulders ahead of them.

            I”…. still insist and maintain that with the present crop of players we have, any coach will qualify for Afcons and make at least FIRST round of WC qualifiers….”

            Vinent Enyeama
            Efe Ambrose, Joseph Yobo, Taye Taiwo
            , Chidi Odiah, John Mikel Obi, Joel Obi
            ,Peter Odemwingie, Victor Obinna, Emmanuel Emenike, Chinedu Obasi
            , Kalu Uche, Ike Uche, etc….these ones were not talented enough in 2012 right…..LMAOOOo

            Karl ikeme, Oboabona, Ambrosew, Echiejile Ndidi, Onazi, Mikel Obi, Iheanachio, Obafemi martins, Ighalo, Musa, Moses Simon, Omeruo, Troost-Ekong, Emenike, Ujah….these one were not talented enough in 2015….LMAOOooo

            Most of these guys wwherethe foundation of the team Rohr met on ground and is stil using till tomorrow……LMAOOoo
            . Most of them

            Your gaudiolas needed 11 ballon dor winners to qualify for ordinary AFCON…..LMAOOOOo.

            with the present crop of players we have, any coach will qualify for Afcons and make at least FIRST round of WC qualifiers….LMAOOooo” Give us more excuses for why ANY COACH didnt qualify us for 3 out of 4 afcons in the space of five years despited all the talents we churned out for 8 years at youth level….LMAOOOO

            If we have a large pool of talents tofay, it is stil as a result of the hard work rohr has put in place in scouting and management of our players. Hee was the one who challenged most of them to aim for the top leagues in europe rather than being comfortable in backwater leagues. The man is eating from the fruits of his labour

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      Hehehehehe….so why is it taking you so long to get this your Tuchel…? Why is it so so difficult to sack this ‘Lampard’?

      If wishes were horses beggars will ride.

      I guess you didnt have “…intelligent players properly coached by their club gaffers….” when ‘Guadiolas’ were in charge and you were wining Brazil and Germany but still not qualifying for ordinary AFCON even as best loosers….LMAOOooo.

      You claimed the team has no discernable pattern…..and in one fell swoop, less than a minute later claimed the team plays “…just predictable dashes from the wings….”….LMAOOoooo….Please how did you “discern” that…??? Secondly, the last time I checked, “wing play” is a pattern of play in the game of soccer.

      Your use of the words ‘discernable’ and ‘predictable’ in one sentence just made my night….LMAOOOOo.

      I didnt want to reply you initially but I just said I should call your attention to these few points…..LMAOOoooo.

      No wonder Rohr has lasted this long as SE coach….LMAOOoo. Weeds that have no roots die at the very first blast of the morning sun.

      Please while you are trying to get your “Tuchel” remember to first offset this “Lampard’s” 8 months salaries and the 2 years worth bonuses owed the entire team.

      Kindly wake us up when you have found your “Tuchel” and agreed terms with him.

      But till then we will stick with our Lampard who has won 70% of his competitive points by LUCK and “intelligent players properly coached by their club gaffers”. Afterall there has never been anytime when previous coaches were denied their rights of deploying any of the former or the latter or both.

      Hopefully, the LUCK and intelligent players properly coached by their club gaffers of this coach will take us 5 minutes better than it took us in 2018 and 30 seconds better than it took us in 2019.

      The last time I checked, 80-100k per month earning Tactically Savvy Tuchels that the likes of Cameroon, Egypt and Morocco brought to the last AFCON didnt get anywhere near where this 45k (shared with 4 assistants and owed an average of 6 months annually) Lampard who depends on luck got to

  • Omo9ja 3 years ago

    Did I not say this yesterday on this platform?

    “Personally, I have said it repeatedly (that) Gernot Rohr is not responsible for our victory. It is the players, who have put in so much individual and collective efforts,”Fuludu told NAN.

    “So, it has been luck all along. For five years, he (Rohr) hasn’t been able to impact as a coach should. He has no tactics at all.

    “He has just been cruising, and we don’t have a team. He just brings them (players) together, and that it is because Nigeria has quality players. It is the players’ efforts and nothing else.”

    We don’t have a coach yet my people. NFF are doing a business with oga Rohr which will end next year but before then, Nigerians have a role to play if Nigeria have to qualify to the next world cup.

    Super Eagles have no pattern of play. They just learned from CAR in Lagos how to win set piece and we saw that we won so many freekicks that bn wasted because the team hadn’t no one for that role that I have bn warning the gaffer of over a year ago.

    This is very disturbing. We have to wake up Nigerians. Mr. Gernot Rohr is not up to the task. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Abdul Handsy 3 years ago

    May God in His infinite mercy expose and punish Pinnick if he continues leading Nigerian football for personal gains…Amaju is the 70% of Nigeria super eagles problem and not gernot Rohr guys.

    1. Amaju refuses to pay super eagles coach because of selfish gain.

    2. Pinnick will take money from FIFA and still went ahead to solicit from Nigerian governor’s to host the super eagles matches in order that the governor take over financial responsibilities for the match.

    3. Melvin will not pay the owing super eagles match bonuses completely but goes to the press shamelessly and announced that “we are owing nobody”.

    4.Pinnick never take gernot Rohr’s humble objection seriously when choosing stadium to host Nigerian matches thinking that he can do whatever he likes while toying with my feelings and happiness. Remember guys, Rohr and the super eagles players had always complained about the size of the pitches the Super eagles play their matches eg:Stephen keshi stadium.(Asaba), Samuel ogbemudia stadium (Benin) and this nonsense Teslim Balogun Stadium (surulere) but Melvin will never listened and do the needful…

    5. This same Amaju is not matured enough to understand on how to handle administrative issue eg: going to talk up Tammy and eze to play for Nigeria and quickly started posting pictures he took with the aforementioned players on social media knowing full well the implications it will attract from the English press. He made us loss them to lack of maturity guys!

    The same Melvin asked Rohr to take a pay-cut downward and be paid in naira instead of the initial dollars…

    Comes one day nemesis will surely catch up with Pinnick if he continues in this corrupt pattern of selfish Administration of Nigerian football and for toying with my happiness….I don’t support any club wholeheartedly but super eagles is my joy…

  • OmoEsan 3 years ago

    I am not surprised at the shameless utterances of Fuludu and his likes.

    Of course it is sad that we lost to CAR, but this is soccer and the unexpected happens in the game.

    Of course Rohr should be blamed for the loss just like any other coach will be blamed, but using that opportunity to rubbish the gaffer and his achievements in the manner Fuludu has done is totally uncalled for to say the least.

    The dream team with Bonfrere Jo also lost a friendly to Togo enroute Atlanta ’96, but heaven did not fall.

    Of a truth, some losses are embarrassing and our losses under Rohr to South-Africa, Madagascar and recently CAR falls in this category. However, these losses did not knock us out of the respective competitions concerned and Rohr has always rejuvenated his team to move on from the losses.

    No one here has said that Rohr is the best or he’s a super fantastic gaffer, NO, far from it, but Rohr has proved to be much better than most, if not all the coaches we’ve hired in the last 15 or even 20years. From Onigbinde to Christian Chukwu, Berti Vogts to Largaback, SiaOne to Keshi and from Amodu to Oliseh, Rohr has proved to be better than them. Yes, his facts and figures prove it.

    People talk like it’s easy to work with the NFF. Those coaches whose profile are better than Rohr actually turn down NFF whenever they’re called upon and the reason is obvious, ask Carlos Alberto and Paul Leguen.

    Oliseh’s attitude on the job was the height of it for me as far as our local coaches are concerned. Ex internationals that failed to qualify is for 3 out of 4 consecutive AFCONs. Their result is the most embarrassing in NFF’s history.

    Fuludu”s statement even shows how tactically, administratively and verbally inept he is in the scheme of things, attributing victories recorded under Rohr to luck and determination of the boys. No wonder he failed in his coaching assignment like his other jobless colleagues whose only occupation at the moment is to grant silly and stupid interviews. Since Finidi George got a job, has anyone heard him criticizing? His scorecard will be out in due course, so we dey wait, but we wish him well and we sincerely do.

    Rohr is obviously not the best, but Rohr is the best that we can afford at the moment, so Rohr haters may go ahead and break their TVs whenever Nigeria is playing under the tutelage of Rohr.

    • Prof. Tamuno Offiali 3 years ago

      Rohr better than Onigbinde, Amodu and Keshi? Kai mana. Haba.

      Amodu was an FA Cup and African Winners Cup winner (Bcc Lions), qualified Eagles to 2 WCs and won a Bronze at an Afcon.

      ONIGBINDE was a Nigerian league winner, Sekou Toire cup (now African Champions league) runners up with IICC (3sc) and an Afcon Silver medallist

      Keshi qualified both Nigeria and Togo (of all nations fa), made it to WC second round and won an Afcon

      Pls @Omoesan, tell us here how and where (with) evidences how Rohr measures to them let alone bettered them.

      Tell us what trophy Rohr ever won in his nomadic career or better records in Afcon or Euros he ever hard for to shamelessly insult these coaching legends of the Nigerian game.

  • pompei 3 years ago


    • OmoEsan 3 years ago

      @Pompei, lol @ Son of Vengeance.
      Thanks for your comment.

  • Bobo Colorado Springs 3 years ago

    Many people here got it all wrong. Edema Fuludu made a point that is true, Rohr has no tactics; but i don’t quite see him as a complete bad coach, i will give him 70% mark. He just need to improve on his tactics and sustitutions. Edema Fuludu was a great player for Nigera and his clubs during his playing days, ( BCC lions of Gboko, and New Nigerian bank of Benin, NNB). I does not matter if someone was a bad player or coach in the past, but his or her observation as a Nigerian matters. If our team or the coach is not doing well as expected, any Nigerian can criticise or point it out period. We want the best for our Country and opinion should be respected without insults. Personally, i believe we will qualify for world cup and also do well. I also believe that we will win the AFCON in Cameroun and beating Cameroun enroute to the cup. Rohr is not a bad coach or a falure, he just need to improve in some area.

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      Hahahaha…Rohr has “no tactics”…LMAOOoo…but his scorecard reads 70%. Pls show us the scorecard of the coaches who had tactics, including Fuludu.

      • Bobo Colorado Springs 3 years ago

        Please Dr Drey, It does not matter if Fuludu is or was a good coach, he has the right to express his opinion. Be truthful Dr, do you actually believe that super Eagles is playing with a pattern or with good tactics?. Read my post above, i am not saying coach Rohr is a bad coach, but he need to improve on his substitutions and tactics. He will be at least 90% rating if can change those things i pointed out. The team may be winning, but flatters when they meet a more tactical team, have ever wondered why?

        • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

          An olodo who couldnt pass primary school leaving certificate exam has no moral justification to call someone who is about graduating from varsity with 2:1 a bad student.

          Most of you will claim he has no “discernable pattern” in one sentence, and in the next sentence contradict yourself by saying he relies no “predictable wing play”. If that is not a pattern I wonder what else is

  • GLORY 3 years ago

    If all had been well with Nigeria, where moral values, honest/ strict protocols are religiously followed, the calibre of coaches like Rohr would not have been employed in the first place. They say a house in total disarray is always been managed by foreigner of whatever class. This is the situation of Nigeria today. So until we put our house together, Rohr remains the best for us. If you can’t accept that go and do the needful by first putting your immediate family life together. And if just over half the population of nigerians do that, Rohr will automatically find Nigeria standard too high to toil with and will simply admit and resign. But for now we are at beggars kneel wether we like it or not. Rohr definitely has his short comings which admittedly can irritate, such as his seemingly favourable desposition to certain players . I personally see this as his hoodoo. This single action is impacting negatively on all his huge sacrifice to roll out a solid team for Nigeria,as these set of players just seem not bothering to improve their performances for SE anymore knowing fully well their invitation is sure at any given time. I am a die hard fan of Rohr but he must understand that the Nigeria opportunity presents him the chance to etch his name big time in the history of African football, being in charge this generation of Nigeria team, brimming with good talents all over. He must not limit himself by continued yet stagnating loyalty to certain players. Having said that, criticising Rohr especially on pages of paper or public forum will do more harm than good. I plead that we allow him finish his job, while giving him the needed support. His performance after AFCON SHOULD JUSTIFY ANY ACTION TO BE TAKEN GOING FORWARD.

    • Prof. Tamuno Offiali 3 years ago

      @Glory…enough said. **claps**
      Nothing can be as brutally honest as this your brilliant piece.

      I promised myself never to join issues with anyone on this Rohr matter seeing its our chronic corruption as a nation that foisted him on us in the first place. Se iru won lo n so ni?

      But my angst is when people come here trying to ridicule some respectable coaches (with verifiable evidences of achievemen s/performances) in favour of GR. A coach whose style of invitations is SAFETY FIRST.

      Coaches invite players based on form per time but he does based on past relationship always making tye excuses of no time to assess a player. What about other coaches who invite new players every other day.

      France brought in Tchuameni, Kounde, Theo Hernandez

      Germamy invited Adeyemi, kehrer,

      PORTUGAL..Raphael Leao, Palinha, PSG left back (forgotten his name)

      Even England went back to Tomori, Abraham…form

      What stopped Emmanuel Dennis being giving another look in seeing Samuel Kalu was just coming back

      What stopped Bassey getting 5mins run out?
      What stops Amoo being invited seeing he’s in hot form and may offer something different since we didn’t have Iwobi or Chukwueze?

      Like you said sir, at this rate, unless we can afford a better coach, we are stuck with this journeyman hotelier as Gaffer

  • HASSAN Tia 3 years ago

    I think the cause of Super Eagles decline in this time is not coaches foriegn or local coaches the cause is SE have not clear pattern or style of playing and howvto select a suitable players to do this pattern or style; drastic and rigorous defensive playing with pressing and combating and keeping the ball will enhance and develop SE playing then the team will be an incredible one in Africa and the World; If Rhor like to solve this problem in other tasks,he must select strong defensive midfielders like Obinna Nwabodo,Azbiuke Ikechukwu,Nwankwo Oboria,Joel Obi to assist Ndidi or to be a subistitute for him if he injures or injured,Rhor must make a creativity in attackting midfied with recalling number 10 like Ovie Ejaria, Nwakali, Michael Oliseh to assit Iwobi and Iheanchu if they enjure or injured.NFF must hire Amunike and Egbo to assit Oga Rhor in residual matches also to prepare them to merger with thier colligues in the team;NFF technical committe must held a technical congress to slove SE techincal problems,the recommendations must be apllied on land,this congress should recall Nigeria football experts and ex players and coaches to rethink in how the best pattern of play to apply for SE,Brasil 24 year has not won the World cup this cause of individual playing and displaying football than tactical one,but they have held a congress to know what’s problem of football;the have discovered that indidual and diplaying football has lost more and more for them;then they have presented the solution is drastic and rigorous defensive on midfield and center defence after tha the had won the World Cup in 1994 and 2002…

  • I just have two questions for Rohr supporters… Is your only excuse for him remaining as coach ,that of how he qualified us for AFCON and WC? And secondly is that the only benchmark that was given to him when he was hired??? Someone posted Rohr’s record as coach so far, although it’s in a winning record it is merely a mirage. Rohr has survived purely because Nigeria has a deep pool of talented footballers shikena. He has survived on the talent of the players just a Mr Fuludu has pointed out. Rohr is not a tactically sound coach ATAAAALLL.. This present team has SOOOO MUCCCCH potential to be world beaters and right now Rohr is suppressing that potential with his POOR coaching and decision making. If he was such a good coach why is Niger republic and all the other places he has coached still as terrible in football as they were before he arrived and after he left??? He has landed in very deep pool of talent in Nigeria and he is now hiding behind that, those other places lacked talent hence his poor tactical skills showed immediately and clearly.

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      Vinent Enyeama, Efe Ambrose, Joseph Yobo, Taye Taiwo, Chidi Odiah, John Mikel Obi, Joel Obi,Peter Odemwingie, Victor Obinna, Emmanuel Emenike, Chinedu Obasi, Kalu Uche, Ike Uche, etc…..these ones were not talented enough in 2012 right…..LMAOOOo. How many players in our current SE can make this team…???

      Karl ikeme, Oboabona, Ambrosew, Echiejile Ndidi, Onazi, Mikel Obi, Iheanachio, Obafemi martins, Ighalo, Musa, Moses Simon, Omeruo, Troost-Ekong, Emenike, Ujah etc, these one were not talented enough in 2015….LMAOOooo. Most of these guys above were the foundation of the team Rohr met on ground and is still using till tomorrow…..LMAOOoo. The team guadiolas could not use to qualify for AFCON was the same team he used to qualify for the world cup with a 5 point gap.

      Your gaudiolas needed 11 ballon dor winners to qualify for ordinary AFCON Abi…..LMAOOOOo.

      Please tell us at anytime between 1994 and 2016 when Nigeria stopped producing talents or exporting players to Europe?

      Between 2007 and 2017 (10 years) we won the 2007 U17 WC, won Silver at 2008 olympics, won silver at 2009 U17 WC, won the 2011 U20 AFCON, won the 2013 U17 WC, won the 2015 U20 Afcon and won the 2015 U17 WC.

      Anybody who claims we didnt have “TALENT POOL” then is a FAT LIAR……LMAOoooo.

      You are asking if he was such a good coach why is Niger republic and all the other places he has coached still as terrible in football as they were before he arrived and after he left??? Please tell us how is that his business…??? He came, did is job, gave 2 minnow nations their best ever AFCON placings and left……what is his business with how those countries chose to run their football afterwards…? What is his business if their FAs failed to build on the successes he achieved…?

      The excuse for Rohr remaining as coach is not how he qualified us for AFCON and WC…The excuse for him remaining as a coach 1. His scorecard 2. He has met ALL the deliverables given to him by his employers.

      That Rohr is doing well because of LUCK or Large talent pool is a FAT LIE. There was never a time we didnt have talents scattered across the world in recent years. Nobody barred any of his previous coaches who failed woefully in meeting the targets given to them by the FA from using their own LUCK or leveraging on using THE BEST NIGERIAN PLAYERS available during their time.

      If we have a “large pool of talents today”, it is stil as a result of the hard work Rohr has put in place in scouting and management of our players. He was the one who challenged most of them to aim for the top leagues in Europe rather than being comfortable in backwater leagues. The man is eating from the fruits of his labor.

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