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Ex-Everton Star Ball: Iwobi Not Good Enough To Play For Toffees

Ex-Everton Star Ball: Iwobi Not Good Enough To Play  For Toffees

Former Everton star Michael Ball says Nigeria winger Alex Iwobi is not good enough to play for the club, reports Completesports.com.

Iwobi linked up with the Merseysiders in 2019 and has failed to nail down a consistent position.

The 25-year-old has featured on the right-wing, the left-wing and in attacking midfield throughout his time with the Toffees.

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The former Arsenal player has scored just four goals and recorded five assists in 66 appearances across all competitions for Everton.

Ball eulogises Iwobi for his work ethic, but insists he is not good enough tactically to play for the club.

“He’s complained in the past that he’s not playing in his favourite position. What position that is, I’m not too sure,” Ball was quoted by Football Fancast.

“Desire and effort he’s got, he shows it, when he’s playing out of position he does work hard so you can’t fault him on that but I just think his ability, especially under Rafa and under Carlo, tactical wise, lets him down a little bit.”

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  • Footballfanatic 3 years ago

    I’m quite sure all these hate is cuz he decided to play for Nigeria. Ironically is not the worst players in Everton why the criticism week in week out. Why now?

    • Lord AMO 3 years ago

      Because he was a record club signing

      • Footballfanatic 3 years ago

        No he’s not Sigurdsson and Richarlison were bought at a higher price than Iwobi

        • Lord AMO 3 years ago

          You are correct.

          What he was was a record sale for Arsenal at the time and also a record for most expensive nigerian or african or something like that. Either way the point i was trying to make was that he’s being criticized a lot cos he was signed for a lot and hasnt really delivered on that amount

  • Kingston 3 years ago

    This is disturbing…
    Do I disagree? The truth, not totally.
    I sincerely think Iwobi has to improve, but on what aspect of his game specifically? The simple and easy answer is his productivity. Scoring one or two goals in a full season with over 15 starts (often) is not encouraging.
    Here’s the flip side: Why, regardless of the manager, Iwobi always find a way to the starting eleven? And if unproductivity at the opponents half is the source of Iwobi’s ineffectiveness, why is he doing well under Rohr? Why have the managers at his club side refused to play him in his preferred position? I really can’t wrap my head around the “Iwobi” debacle. And am a coach!
    You see, this Iwobi-kind of case often plague coaches. Often so there’s this guy with incredible professionalism, terrific work ethic and superb attitude – in short, you like him. So you keep starting him because for one thing, he models the character you demand from your players. The drawback? He (in all honesty) lacks talent compared to others. I believe strongly that this is the dilemma Rohr is facing with Moses Simon in super eagles. Simon has arguably the best work ethics in super eagles. I dare say above Ndidi and Ekong. But even the blind can’t deny that Simon is among the least wingers with flair- that subtle touch of this “God-given” talent. So as a coach what do you do? Like any manager (including Rohr and all Everton coaches) you keep playing the player, hoping one day, just one day, that he clicks.
    Truly, I like Iwobi – a big fan. I just pray he gets better and fulfill his potential.

  • Kingston 3 years ago

    @footballfanatic, I disagree with your view. You see, these criticisms are not from our ex- internationals that speak blindly with no construction whatsoever. This guy above talk about the good and bad part of Iwobi’s game.
    And when teams want to grow, they don’t ask “who is the most untalented” first – that can be easily be handled by giving younger academy prospect game time and chance to prove themselves. They ask “who is the most unproductivity in the context of regular playing time” – that’s how they decide who to buy, sell and offload.

    • Footballfanatic 3 years ago

      James Rodriguez hasn’t impressed either but I don’t see as much criticisms towards him.

      • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

        6 goals and 9 assists in 26 matches in just his 1st season in the EPL…that’s 15 goal contributions in 26 games…1 every 2 games….and you say he hasn’t impressed…? You wan kill am….??

        • Footballfanatic 3 years ago

          lmaoo to be honest I didn’t check James stats…… Yeah that record outweighs Iwobi’s contribution. Iwobi needs to leave the premiership if need be and push himself too.

  • Has Benitez ever complained? It is only jobless people who doesn’t do any meaningful things during their playing days criticize unfairly like this. Why can’t he criticize some of their English players there? Dungan Ferguson is an Everton Legend and can’t say anything like this about Iwobi

  • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

    Iwobi is the victim of his own versatility. He has systematically become a jack of many trades and master of none. If you want to be a winger…be a winger and stand by it. If you want to be a 10….be a 10 and stand by it. And if they’re not ready to play you in these positions seek transfer to where they will.

    I would rather prefer Iwobi playing 10 every week for Lille or Marseille or even PSV Eindhoven in Netherlands to seeing him struggle for shirt and settle for all sorts of positions including left wing back at Everton.

    Even in most of the times he has featured, he has failed to really give the Everton midfield that stamp of authority that his talent and potentials carry. Everton can as well go an entire season without featuring Iwobi and he wouldn’t be missed.

    I would love to see him become more forceful in that no 10 position, more decisive and also start getting hungrier for goals. And why not..why cant he add pin-point shooting and set pieces to his game too…? In anywhere you have competition for your space, you need to stand out…have a comparative advantage that you can leavrage on as your own competitive edge…otherwise you will be edged out. For a player that was bought for a whooping 30m, 4 goals and 5 assists in ALL COMPETITIONS since 2019 isnt just the right figure to present to the public.

    Iwobi…dem nor tie your umbilically cord put for England o. Go to where the classic No 10 is appreciated and implemented.

  • Chibuike 3 years ago

    Alex Iwobi need to go to Italian league, his not inform now and he need to shave off his head, work hard, avoid woman and party

  • Whatever we love him like that Mr basketball abi Na soccer all.

  • JimmyBall 3 years ago

    I don’t even know why footballers these days carry funny hairstyles… Some are very funny. In the good old days… We saw Jules Pagal, Sam Okwaraji, Cyril Makanacky, Jules Bocande and Ruud Gullit with dread locks and it was symbolic of finesse and African power like it was on Samson in Bible times… these days you see players with what Can neither be recognized as locks nor braids… that Iwobi’s hairstyle is part of his problem… Let him wear clean short locks or cut it. Moses Simon also has an ugly hairstyle likewise Aribo and Ebuehi… See how nice it fits Michael Olise. All these things they tie into a knot on their heads really sits ugly. Part of Iwobi’s problem is also stamina… Let him train on endurance… as a no. 10 you must have the push of a turbo engine work rate… he tires out easily. There is no way that guy Dacoure will be eased aside for Iwobi to play more central… the guy has better workrate and game authority… It’s not enough to be skillful… Be seen to put in real and tireless work with end product… Iwobi loves to play in the final third… his talent is evident but everything comes short because he does not back it up with productivity in decent goal ratio…

    • If Calvin lewin have converted that wonderful pass from iwobi, we would be singing another song right now, the young man can’t come and kill himself I beg, Everton is too average a team for me, they should play him centrally or he should just seek another club, preferably la liga where soccer is really played the way it should, on the ground, watch the levante vs Real Madrid and see soccer, even if it’s either valencia, Villarreal or real Betis, this are average team in laliga that will dust Everton anytime anyday.

  • Kingston 3 years ago

    Wonderful analysis @jimmyball, (but what’s it with you and their hairstyle, lol!)
    Anyway, just came to announce that Iheanacho is on the bench again. Rodgers is a funny man. His darlings have returned from injury – maddison and Barnes. Truly speaking, if I’m Iheanacho I will consider leaving. Especially when the world saw what I can do last season. Just my opinion though.

    • JimmyBall 3 years ago

      Brendan Roger’s does not like Iheancaho… That guy needs to leave Leicester since the coach is sitting him out for inferior players… See that small boy Barnes and Perez… Let Iheanacho take a good offer to Bundesliga or any other team where he can be starting… How can one accept sitting on the bench for players you know you are better than… This means all his work last season is nothing… It’s like Rogers see Patson Daka ahead of Iheanacho even… Soon he will lose his confidence again! Sad… Sad… Sad!!!

    • JimmyBall 3 years ago

      @Kingston… I hate players wanting to compete with ladies for fancy hairstyle. An African mature player should be on traditional locks, Braids like Kanu and Okocha had… or clean cut, even level punk is ok… Try and check how Moses Simon hairstyle looks dirty atimes… Sorry that I have this sort of feeling towards their hairstyle… Dennis and Onuachu look crisp and cute with theirs…

  • Dr Banks 3 years ago

    I am actually more worried about Rodgers’ love for Ayoze Perez ahead of Iheanacho, agreed Barnes and Maddison are English darling hence sentimentally picked ahead of Iheanacho but what about the less productive Ayoze? Iheanacho will definitely benefit from a move away from that club in my own opinion

  • Some of us are too quick to join these haters in UK who always pick on our darling players especially those that choose to play for Nigeria ahead of England. I remember the fight some English coaches had when Moses decided to play for Nigeria and as soon as they got over it came the attacks and claims of how Moses was so untalented, not good enough etc just like they are saying about Iwobi now. Please my Fellow Nigerians let us desist from tearing our players apart , they read our comments too, if the English are hating on them and we do the same it will affect their confidence. Our players need our support and prayers. Anyone that says Iwobi is not good enough should go and ask ARSENE WENGER, he promoted Iwobi to the senior team at arsenal and this guy was on fire for him. When arsenal was not doing well after Wenger’s departure they blamed Iwobi, since he left how many premiership titles have they won?

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