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Flying Eagles Tackle Ghana As WAFU B Tourney Begins In Niamey

Flying Eagles Tackle Ghana As WAFU B Tourney Begins In Niamey

Nigeria’s Flying Eagles will begin their campaign at the WAFU B U20 Championship in Niamey against the Black Satellites on Sunday.

The Flying Eagles and Black Satellites will flex muscles at the Stade General Seyni Kountché in the Nigerien capital as from 5pm, with the winner certain to be on firm footing for a place in the semi finals from a pool boasting only three teams.

Burkina Faso is the other team in the group, and they will take on the Flying Eagles on Wednesday next week.

Ghana are the defending champions of both the WAFU B U20 Championship and the Africa U20 Cup of Nations. In Porto Novo at the end of year 2020, the Black Satellites defeated their counterparts from Burkina Faso 2-1 in the final to lift the trophy, and then went ahead to defeat Uganda 2-0 in the final of the Africa U20 Cup of Nations in Mauritania few months later.

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However, the global coronavirus pandemic obliterated the global finals that were slated for Indonesia.

Flying Eagles head coach Ladan Bosso returned to Niamey on Friday after attending the third-day fidau prayers for his late mother. Bosso believes his boys are in good spirit following a 1-0 win over the Niger Republic U20 team and another 4-0 win over a Nigerien top League team in their last two preparatory matches in Niamey.

Team Secretary Aliyu Ibrahim Lawal told thenff.com that officials of the Nigeria Embassy in Niamey have been very supportive of the team and are making efforts to mobilize Nigerians living in the Nigerien capital to come and support the Flying Eagles at the big match.

The tournament opens on Saturday with hosts Niger Republic slugging it out with the U20 boys of Cote d’Ivoire as from 5pm, while Togo and Benin Republic clash as from 8pm. Both matches come up at the Stade General Seyni Kountché.

Only the two finalists will qualify to represent WAFU B at next year’s Africa U20 Cup of Nations to be hosted by Egypt. Indonesia will host the 2023 FIFA World Cup finals.

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  • Obaiy 2 years ago

    Will this tounmament be live on TV ???

  • They have started talking again…lol

    • So complete sports- a Nigerian Sports daily news should not report on a match relating to our Super Eagles due tomorrow to Nigerians because Ghana drew 1-1 aggregate with Super Eagles and adjudged by CAF to get WC ticket?

      What a people suffering from chronic inferiority compleex, these Ghanaians!

      @ Yaw and co, may I remind you that it is just game in which there must be a winner and loser, sometimes by stroke of luck and you don’t have to be swollen headed when you win! You want to flex with Nigeria and don’t care if Comoros Island or Djibuti beat you in Football!
      Where is the superiority you claim when in 7 matches in this 2022 you have not won a single match, losing 3 and drawing 3?

      Go to your Ghana websites and stop disturbing our peace here. CSN has not told you in this report that Nigeria’s flying Eagles was going to beat their Ghana counterpart, no has any Nigerian commentator here said anything to warrant your rant of ” They have started talking again ooo, Lol!”

      • @Tony, you wan cry? Hahahahaha. Masa shut up! You lost against CAR at home. What is more disgraceful than that? We won’t go anywhere. CSN, na your papa dey own am? And what do you mean by “adjudged by CAF”? Did caf set the rules yesterday? and hasn’t any Nigerian team benefited from the away goals rule? Pls blame your useless team and coach and not caf. Must rules change because of you? We will not stop hauting u because of all the bragging and tough talking from you and your people before the game. What happened to the “wotowoto” scoreline and all the nonsense? If you want peace pls exit this platform because we have the bragging right the whole year. You can call it whatever you want, we care less. E go pain you…lol.

      • Selfmade KING 2 years ago

        What’s inferior complex? 

        an unrealistic feeling of general inadequacy caused by actual or supposed inferiority in one sphere, sometimes marked by aggressive behavior in compensation.

        This is the true definition of inferiority complex and this definition definitely fits Nigerians all over the world 

        The world scorned at these criminals because of their inferior filled and aggressive behavior which of course shows how hollow and empty they are!!

        If 200 million population cannot get anything right, then it shows what’s inside of them … inferiority complex 

    • Chima E Samuels 2 years ago

      Animals are back. Amaju Pinnick is the cause!

      • Look into the mirror again. You will see the real animal…gyimii!

      • Selfmade KING 2 years ago

        The only zoo in the world is of course Nigeria!! 

        Is only animals who can do this nasty shit  to their own stadium 


        And this isn’t peculiar to those in the stadium alone, it cuts across all spheres of BOKOM LIFE 

  • Yeboah 2 years ago

    Tomorrow, the Black Satellites of my great country will be having dinner. Guess what’s on the menu? The Junior Chickens (sorry, eagles) of Nigeria will be roasted and served with hot sauce.

    We did it against their so called Super Eagles in Kumasi; we can also do it against their Junior Eagles (or is it chickens?) in Niamey tomorrow. I am salivating at the prospect.

    As usual, I will be back tomorrow after the game to read your Lamentations. What a great season for Ghana!

  • Yeboah 2 years ago

    The good thing is that you will not have any white men playing for you with the pretext that their ancestors were from Nigeria.

    And, by the way, I just heard that your Super Chickens Caotain who is a white man will be playing in the Championship with Watford next season. Ha ha ha!

  • Yeboah 2 years ago

    Black Satellites 4:0 Junior Eagles

    • @Yeboah, Selfmade diarhoea mouth, and @Yawning, where are you now? “Pride goes before a fall.”

      Where is your meal and toast gonna come from? Where is you Ghana 4, Nigeria 0. Your teams, whether male or female are never a match to our Eagles and Falcons!

  • pompei 2 years ago

    These Ghanaians LOVE all things Nigerian so much.
    It’s Sunday morning in Ghana, but never too early for Ghanaians to come running after Nigeria on a Nigerian website.
    Whether we like it or not, these Ghanaians will keep coming here. They will keep pursuing Nigerians up and down.
    Like a squirrel helplessly attracted to nuts, their attraction to all Nigerian things has completely overwhelmed them. They are powerless to resist the Nigerian attraction.

  • pompei 2 years ago

    Ghanaman dem like to come fi area.
    Run Ghanaman, RUN!

  • *Bosso In Buoyant Mood Ahead Of Ghana Showdown*

    As the Flying Eagles of Nigeria prepare to lock horns against their Ghanaian Under-20 counterparts in today’s WAFU B group match, controversial coach Ladan Bosso is in a buoyant mood.

    In what has become a staple under this NFF administration, Nigeria left it characteristically late to prepare for this tournament. Whereas other teams had been camped for over 12 months ahead of this tournament, Bosso was only re- appointed less than 12 weeks ago to gather a team and then prepare them for this tournament.

    I noticed that this same shortsighted, short term and disjointed preparations contributed to Bosso’s failure in the same tournament 2 years ago.

    However, Bosso appears to have an air of positivity around this campaign as he expects his team to go far in the Niger Republic.

    “We will strive to give our best to win our first match and the subsequent ones in order to progress. I think the team is improving every day. We plan to have more blending and bonding in Niamey, as the tournament is fast approaching.” Said Bosso.

    Already in Niger, Bosso’s boys have played 3 tune up matches, winning 2 and drawing 1. Bosso said despite the late preparations, his team was improving tactically with each friendly match played.

    But many fans remain unconvinced. Late preparations is one thing, Bosso’s competence is quite another – many fans simply believe that Ladan Bosso is the wrong man for the Flying Eagles job because he is a serial failure (despite NFF’s late planning and preparations).

    But I am not too sure about that.

    To be a failure, a coach has to have failed in key milestones. Bosso’s milestones with the Flying Eagles are as follows:

    1: Qualifying a team for the World Cup.
    2: Navigating the group stage of the World Cup.
    3: Going beyond the second round of the World Cup.

    The NFF has always shot itself in the foot. In 2009, Ladan Bosso qualified the Flying Eagles for the Under-20 World Cup by coming 3rd in the Under-20 Afcon. However, he was sacked and replaced with Samson Siasia because “Bosso’s brand of football was neither entertaining nor compelling”.

    Does that sound familiar? The NFF will always sack a coach perilously close to a major tournament only to get their fingers badly burnt.

    All the hard work Bosso did to mould the team in 2 years went to waste as Samson Siasia rejigged the team and took them to the world cup in Egypt. They unsurprisingly crashed out in the round of 16 (which was worse than 2 years before when Bosso actually guided the team to the quarter final).

    In 2007, a very young 35 year old Bosso led the Under-20 to the Canada world cup quarter final against Alexis Sanchez’ Chile. Though Chile was better drilled with quality strikers, Bosso’s boys were resolute, disciplined, focused and sturdy in holding them to 0:0 in 90 minutes.

    Goalkeeper Ikechukwu Ezenwa had the game of his life.

    When Chile scored 1 goal in the first half of extra time, the Flying Eagles still maintained their composure. However, as the second half of extra time began, the huge weight of expectations on the young shoulders of coach Bosso caused him to buckle.

    With thoughts like being labelled a failure, disappointing his NFF officials, proving doubters right and feeding critics with justification, all over-flowing in his mind, Bosso gestured to his team to carelessly pour forward in search of an equaliser.

    What a monumental mistake!

    The same Flying Eagles team that held the brilliant Chile to 0:0 in 90 minutes conceded 3 goals in just 15 minutes to end the match 4:0.

    For me, that match ended 1:0 as that was a fair result. Desperation and fear of failure and his critics led Bosso to become desperate with degraded mental capacity thereby issuing careless instructions to his team in the last 15 minutes that compounded his misery and even enhanced the perception of him that he was desperately trying to avoid.

    That was 15 years ago; Bosso was young and naive, he will only get better.

    Yes he fell short in the last Under-20 WAFU B tournament, but there were contributory factors which include: 1) NFF’s late preparations, 2) Nigeria’s group having only 3 teams, 3) poor pitch, and 4) poor officiating.

    Bosso’s boys actually played well.

    This time around, some of those factors are already also playing out here. But Bosso somehow believes that he can surmount them this time around.

    Will he actually be able to do that? We will soon find out.

  • Chibuike 2 years ago

    Flying Eagles please help me beat Ghana so that they will close they mouth. Since they beat super Eagles , they no dey gree me hear word again. I go pray for una sha.

    • Keep dreaming. We will hammer you again. You are our wives…Happy mothers day to our wives…hahahahahaha

      • @Yaw, where are you hiding? Come with your prediction of today’s match again!

    • Greenturf 2 years ago

      They didn’t beat the super eagles,rather it was a 1-1 aggregate scoreline.
      FIFA decided on sticking to the absurd and crappy away goal rules,a system Europe have scrapped,a team should claim superiority by outscoring the other,but in our case we weren’t outscored it was drawn only exited on technical grounds.Rules which could be abolished tomorrow.
      I’m of the opinion that Africa are not doing there chances any justice by the system used for the world cup playoffs,I think we are better off playing in a league format to determine the best 5 teams to represent the continent.
      10 best African sides playing one another will improve the strength of the ones qualified to represent the continent.

      • And you think you would’ve qualified with those useless chickens? Lol

  • JimmyBall 2 years ago

    @Proudly9ja… do you have the link for this game? Anyone with the link for streaming the Nigeria U-20 vs U-20 Ghana live later today? Please share…

  • flying eagles won 2 to 0.

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