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‘Ghana Have Good Technical Team To Beat Nigeria’ –Insists Former GFA VP, Afriyie

‘Ghana Have Good Technical Team To Beat Nigeria’  –Insists Former GFA VP, Afriyie

Former Ghana FA Vice President, George Afriyie believes that the Football Association have assembled a good technical team to beat Nigeria in the 2022 World Cup African qualifiers playoffs.

Ghana and Nigeria battle it out for a place in the 2022 World Cup to be staged in Qatar in November.


The first leg encounter comes off at the Baba Yara Sports Stadium in Kumasi on Friday while the second leg will be played four days time at the Moshood Abiola National Stadium in Abuja.

The Ghana FA, after the 2021 AFCON disappointing campaign, appointed a new technical team led by Borussia Dortmund assistant coach, Otto Addo with former Asante Kotoko coach, Didi Dramani, George Boateng of Aston Villa U-23 team as assistants.

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Former Newcastle United and Brighton & Hove Albion boss, Chris Houghton was appointed Technical Advisor to handle the Black Stars for this encounter.

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According to Afriyie, this is the best technical team ever assembled by the Ghana FA. “If you look at the blend of the technical team, they have both coached and played at the highest level,” Afriyie told Happy FM on a monitored sports program on Wednesday.

“This is the best technical team assembled by the Ghana Football Association. This will help a lot.”

Afriyie further called on the Government to maintain the technical team even after the World Cup.

“I hope the government has the money, so, we can retain them for a longer period,” he remarked.

“Even the technical team put together has made the work easy. If you look at the blend, Otto Addo apart from being born in Germany is also a former player and now a German-trained coach.

“George Boateng is also a Ghanaian and has German and Dutch training. No doubt about Chris Hughton’s coaching expertise and Mas-Ud Didi Dramani needs no introduction in Ghanaian football.

“For the four to agree to work, we must commend the Ghana FA. We are far more advanced in terms of the technical area than the Nigerians,” Afriyie stated.

By Oluyemi Ogunseyin in Kumasi

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  • Selfmade KING 8 months ago

    Eguaveon is one dimensional coach who only relies on wing play lol

    If he is versatile, I want him to spread his team structure in a way that they can dominate the Ghanaian midfield and I ll give it to him

    He can’t!! He ll ask his team to spread the ball to the wingers hoping for smash and grab but we are up for it

    We ll DOMINATE the midfield like nobody’s business and we ll go in for every tackle becasue GHANA IS KNOWN FOR ITS MERCURIAL MIDFIELDERS and not strikers

    Every Ghanaian footballer was once a midfielder and we ll teach how the midfield is the engine room of football

    We beating hands down and not only that, u ll see some talented Ghanaian players on display

    We GHANA AND WE WARRIORS. …. We never say die until the bones are totally ROTTEN


    Not even the old ladies in ghana thinks that Nigeria is beating us in ghana!! NEVER!!

    • josiah Ndugbe 8 months ago

      Selfmadeking I see fear in your words but don’t worry 2-0 against Ghana will be enough not to cause heart attack for you

      • Selfmade KING 8 months ago

        Fear? Lol

        U funny tho!! I have no illusion that Nigeria can’t beat us

        We winning this match

    • Anytime you post, I just laugh . You should start a trade in the comedy industry.

      Many Ghanaians don’t even believe they’ll win this, they are only hoping. It’s only fear that will make Ghanaians to be monitoring a Nigerian forum.

      Since this playoff was announced, I haven’t even visited a Ghanaian website to see what’s going on.

    • Precious 8 months ago

      The only part where Ghana is at best above average is the midfield.

      After dominating the midfield, who will score the goals, who will defend, who will save the shots from going into the net?

      Which talented players are you planning to unleash? Those foreign born players that would be playing their first game on African soil?

      You really need to go ask other foreign born players how long it took them to adjust to African football.

      See you on Friday.

      • Selfmade KING 8 months ago

        This is where ur mistakes comes from!!

        Osihmen is ur leading striker and what happens if he is mark out

        For us, everyone is tasked with the responsibility of scoring when the opportunity presents itself

        The most dangerous team is the one WITHOUT A KNOWN STRIKER…..

        Again when the Nigerian midfield is canceled out, how can osi get the supplies then?

        The only option left for him is to drop deep to search for the ball which ll render him TIRED, BRUISED AND OUT OF BREADTH and remember this, this is how he is going to be on Friday!!

        Bruised,battered and tired!!

    • Dondada 8 months ago

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    • Donbenie 8 months ago

      That when you leave your team and start giving a sermon about a Technical Team that have done shit.
      Guess it’s their technical know how that made them to hide their team list?
      Bunch of Clowns..

      • Yaw opare 8 months ago

        We were under no obligation to release our team list. We invited the players we needed. You can even release your useless tactics to the press. Who cares?!

        • Lol you released a list 3 days to the match as if you were realeasing a team of Top players Lol HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! see your squad so weak no good quality there apart from Partey even Armatey who is Ndidi team mate Ndidi is the top player in Leicester City the most relied upon to the point if they put him on CB he will play it better than Amartey. Yes Ndidi is injured but still our squad is levels above yours. Iheanacho and Lookman also regarded higher than Armatey at Leicester City. then we have the best No 9 in Africa Osimhen, we have Dennis, Chukwueze playing Champions League football for villareal and back to his best not a bench warmer like most of your team. Then we have the next Koulibaly in Africa Calvin Bassey who will show you guys something Lol.

          I read Ghanaians saying Nigeria came with the same squad that went to Africa Cup of Nations, I laugh in Spanish because we have included 7 top players to the squad. Ghana coach is saying he will approcah the game like Tunisia did cutting Moses Simon and Chukwueze off the ball, wow you people are in for a culture shock because by the time Osimhen, Lookman, Dennis, Bassey Etebo Balogun show you what we were missing in AFCON you will be cooking Banku on the streets of Kumasi Ghana for the rest of your miserable existence LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Abbey 8 months ago

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  • pompei 8 months ago

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    What happened to your MERCURIAL MIDFIELD against Comoros?
    Oh, they were on holiday, abi? Or they were absent without leave?
    You never say die until your bones are totally rotten?
    But you said die real quick against Comoros?
    Comoros totally dominated the midfield when you met them, and even went ahead to teach you a few football lessons. Looooool!
    Friday is almost here. Do you know what weeeeeeeen is?
    You will hear it loud and clear on match day.

    • Selfmade KING 8 months ago

      Did u watch 10 men Ghana against the comos?

      We had problem during the afcon but we have rectified it now and these young, fresh blood Ghanaians ll teach these overrated Nigerians a football lesson in ghana mark

      This match is going to be fought from the bench and Eguavoen can’t change his spots haha

      One dimensional African coach lol

      • pompei 8 months ago

        Osimhen, Lookman, Dennis, Simon, Chukwueze, Iheanacho, Sadiq Umar, Ighalo.
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    • Yaw opare 8 months ago

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    • Selfmade KING 8 months ago

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        • Selfmade KING 8 months ago

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      • Yaw opare 8 months ago

        Nigeria anthem is like a Sunday school song…lol
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      • This guy has really been having sleepless night over this match to the point that he had to dig out our National anthem and start comparing with theirs.

        How is this our business? Anyway that’s your problem.

        I want to ask though, is your National anthem a church hymn? And what happened to the lyrics, Mr Busy body?

  • KangA 8 months ago

    This unremitting ranting will soon end . . . a matter of hours.