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I’m In Eagles Not Because Of Quota System –Sadiq

I’m In Eagles Not Because Of Quota System –Sadiq

Super Eagles striker, Sadiq Umar has condemned insinuations that he made his way to the senior national team through the quota system factor.

Recall that Sadiq made his debut for Nigeria at the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations, where he also scored his first goal for the team against Equatorial Guinea.


The Almeria star, who has been invited by Super Eagles interim coach, Austine Eguavoen for the 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifying playoff against Ghana, told a renown journalist, Oma Akatugba in a chat on his challenges with the media.

“People say I am in the national team because I am from the north. I laugh because if I truly wanted to use my connections, I would have been in the national team long ago. I scored 4 goals at the Olympics in Brazil. That’s not connection. I worked.

“I am sad that Nigerians have turned the national team to tribal war. People support players based on their tribe. It breaks my heart. Even you guys the media have caused a lot of problems. When you like a player you praise him over the others. It’s not good.

“This is why I do not like anything media. Nigerians also believes playing for bigger clubs must play ahead of others but it’s not about club but what you bring to the team.”

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  • Chibuike 9 months ago

    Oga national team football is different than club football. You are too lazy to mark and chase ball around like Osemhen. You can easily markout when you face tougher defenders

    • Solomon 9 months ago

      Sadiq, no doubt you get am for body, but you need to up your game. We have taken it that the nations cup was your debut. And for those who introducing tribalism on this platform should stop forthwith. Cheers!

  • William d conqueror 9 months ago

    Hmmmn! I reserved my comment.

  • Michel 9 months ago

    You are a decent player but u just have to make ur self strong and learn how to press so that u won’t find it difficult playing for Nigeria.

  • Solomon 9 months ago

    Sadiq, no doubt you get am for body, but you need to up your game. We have taken it that the nations cup was your debut. And for those who introducing tribalism on this platform should stop forthwith. Cheers!

  • Sadiq should come good for Nigeria. He needs 90 minutes to be at his best but he doesn’t have that luxury for this Super Eagles outfit. Osimhen, Ighalo and even Iheanacho will always be considered ahead of him.

    In retrospect, perhaps Eguavoen should have made Umar the de facto centre forward at the Afcon instead of Awoniyi. As a substitute, Umar is not as potent.

  • Chima E Samuels 9 months ago

    Wise words Sadiq but kindly finish well and use some more force to make room for your lanky slimness in order to get a clear pathway to goal. I like your Kanu like moves but you often time get isolated and the end products becoming Zero. Work on yourself and move to the next level of your promising Career.

  • I didn’t believe this Sadiq was foolish until now.

    Any small thing the next is to be talking about tribe.

    You are not the only player that Nigerian queried. Ighalo has done great exploit in the field of football for Nigeria still I heard people questioning his name on the list.

    Your performance is not up to that of Awoniyi in just concluded afcon and Awoniyi never go to press to say that his name was not included in the main list because he is a Yoruba guy nor Ighalo never mention tribe despite all the complaint from some fans about him.

    Next time if you want to justify yourself in anything that relate to Nigeria just take tribalism out of it. Your comment can poison the mind of young ones that are just coming up.

    Nigeria is one. Let us all see our nation as one.

    God bless Niger.

    • Mahmud Shuaib 9 months ago

      Nice one @GODSTATE

      I recalled even the Igbo guys on this platform were some of OKOYE’s most ardent critics while YORUBAS like Dr. Drey were in his support. That should be the spirit.

      I am a Gobir from Kebbi who was born and grew up in KADUNA and players like MOSES SIMON, JAMILU COLLINS recognize as a big brother whenever we train together during their off seasons at Fifth Chuka Polo play ground. This meanwhile has not stopped me from being critical of JAMILU’s invitation at the expense of CALVIN BASSEY or to attack DADDY…thats Moses Simon when he was playing rubbish under ROHR.

      I am always for form than anything else. That’s why even as a CORE HAUSA guy I am a big fan of a YORUBA guy AWONIYI over IGHALO or SADIQ. When Sadiq plays and scores in LA LIGA, I can then comoare him with AWONIYI.

      He shouldn’t bring tribalism here please.

      • Abdulkadir Jauro 9 months ago

        Is it a crime to call a spade,a spade?we have always been hypocritical in our analysis of eagles players and coaches.Despite the dismal performance of the eagles at afcon,the media and the NFF all gave a pass mark to eguavon,while most of the criticisms were directed at sadiq.The fact of the matter is that football has since become an identity issue in our country.If the eagles were led by salisu yusuf,the nigerian media would have crucified him and the NFF would have sacked him.Garba Lawal and Sani Kaita were equally at the receiving end of the southern media.All the eagles players are representing nigeria and not any ethno religious group. We should shun these destructive tendencies.

      • Dr. Drey 9 months ago

        Hahahahaha….You are no longer a Kogi born who grew up in Lagos…? You have mutated to a Kebbi born who grew up in Kaduna……LMAOoooo.

        Wonders shall never end. I give up.

        This dude is a legend…..LMAOoooooo

        • Dr Drey why na? This your comment weak me, walai . Warisdis? Lmao

          • Hahahah @Linkinwho you be sef FRAUD you think We don’t know, you either @MONKEY POST or @Dr Drey. you people get time sef to create new profiles to hail yourselves.

      • MONKEY POST 9 months ago

        LMFAO!! Na wa o you once claimed in this forum that you are a Yoruba guy but based in the North.

        Come @Mahmud who are you truely. Cos this your lies is really chocking us.. LMFAO!!!

        • Dr. Drey 9 months ago

          Hahahahaha…..Monkey post…..LMAOOOo.
          Someone who was in the youth national team as at 1989 still training with Jamilu Collins and Moses Simon at polo ground in Kaduna in 2021…….LMAOOoooo. The same way Jimmyball trained with Paul Onobi in 2003 and as at then he was far better than Mikel, only to summersault to “…..I played in the league alongside Paul Onobi (now circa 2015) and as at then he was the best midfielder in the league…” LMAOOooo


          Once again, I give up.

      • Greenturf 9 months ago

        You write very much like JimmyBall.

        • Dr. Drey 9 months ago

          And lies very much like Jimmyball too …….LMAOOoooo.

          Apologies for being vulgar, but if it looks like shit, has the colour of shit and smells like shit too…there’s no need tasting it….its definitely shit…..LMAOOOo.

          How desperate and pathetic can a human being be…..LMAOOoo

  • MONKEY POST 9 months ago

    LMFAO! @Dr Drey Honestly I would have left you guys alone.

    But I had to jump in cos honestly the lie choke me. LMFAO!

    I was shocked cos I witnessed here when he once said he is a Yoruba guy but based in the North. LMFAO!

    • Dr. Drey 9 months ago

      I’m just waiting patiently for the Devil to punish him and tell him to deny it the way he always comes up with the stupidest denials to lies a human being can ever come up with, before I go and exhume where he made that bold declaration in December last year…..LMAOooooo.

      The devil has opened some people’s file these days….LMAOOoooo. We apparently dont need phantom IP filtering and Quantum Data search softwares to expose their filthiness…..LMAOOOO

      • MONKEY POST 9 months ago

        LMFAO! He is arranging some lies.

        Or probably short of lies.LMFAO!

        Or just maybe checking the internet to see new ways of lying cos we are already use to his old antics… LMFAO!!!

  • MONKEY POST 9 months ago

    LMFAO! More witness are beginning to step in.

    LMFAO! @JimmyBall you have used your hands to end your commenting and analysing career.

    As nobody will want to believe you from henceforth.. LMFAO!!!

  • MONKEY POST 9 months ago

    LMFAO! MIKEL OBI is probably driving round town now in his 25 MILLION NAIRA E CLASS.

    LMFAO! And JIMMYBALL that said he was better than him during his playing days(When they played together) is joblessly always chilling in this forum with his cheap lies and comments… LMFAO!!!

    Chai! This life no balance atall!!!! LMFAO!!!!

    • JimmyBall 9 months ago

      @MONKEY POST… are your a drunkard? This is @JimmyBall. Yes I said it Paul Onobi is my junior… We are all North-Bank Makurdi boys. My mate is Louis Otanwa… go to Facebook and chat him up if he will answer you. He is a UEFA licenced early coach with a youth side in Kazakhstan. Go back to 2007 and watch Enyimba vs Hearts of Oak. Otanwa scored from centre cirle… go and ask him of me. Don’t come here like @Dr.Drey peddling lies on my person… because Mikel Obi used the platform of U-17 to Lyn Oslo and later Chelsea does not mean ballwise he is untouchable… Sunday Oliseh played my boy Paul Onobi then the best midfielder in the NPFL ahead of the almighty Mikel Obi against Tanzania in 2015. Nobody needs a hundred cap to make his mark in football. Paul Onobi has made his… football is full of God’s favour and mercy… twists and intrigues… if not even Ronaldinho elder brother Roberto de Assis according to Ronaldinho himself was more talented than he (Rinaldinho) was… na so life be. No be everybody go show under spotlight if not Jide Oguntuase of Player United back in the days was a far better player than Nwankwo Kanu… facts!!! The best footballer I had witness in my life is a certain Ikenna”Keke” of Hudco Quarters, North-Bank, Makurdi… he was a 6foot4inches alien from another planet… Ikenna”keke” was a guy who perfected the snake-bite dribble Ronaldinho later made a trademark from as far back as 1996/1997 when we teenagers playing state league makurdi… I no need to shout. The world did not hear of Ikenna because his father a professor wanted him to quit football and turn to academics… the family later moved to USA on greencard… what happened to Ikenna a.k.a “Keke” is what we his friends are still trying to know till date… he is not on Facebook neither is he on any of the popular social media… He is the only player to this day in my life that I will ascribe the word “genius and finesse” to… Some of have been there and done that… THINK WHAT YOU WANT!!! One love…

      • MONKEY POST 9 months ago

        LMFAO! I don’t have time to check up on all this rubbish.

        You have been bursted. LMFAO!!

        My advice: Stop living a fake life.. LMFAO!!

      • Dr. Drey 9 months ago

        Hahahahaha….I knew you would one day give us another version of your lie that Otanwa scored from centre cirle for Enyimba vs Hearts of Oak….LMAOOooo.

        The first time you told that lie, you claimed it was scored in the first half and that you called him at half time from your base in Lagos where you were a banker to congratulate him…..LMAOOooo, I searched up the video to see the Nigerian who scored all the way from the centre circle and the whole nation didnt go gaga about it.

        The video is here below. How a goal scored so close to the edge of the 6-yard box became “from the centre cirle” beats imagination……LMAOOoo. I guess when one is born a liar, nothing can cure such individual of that ailment…..LMAOOooo

        Woe betide any man born of a woman who believes any word that proceeds from your mouth…….LMAOOooo


        • Ako AMADI 9 months ago

          Sadie is tg5ere as of merit! But he should not brag that had he wanted he could have used influence to be in the Super Eagles. He contradicts his case

      • KENNETH 9 months ago

        Jimmy you get time to dey explain yourself. We have all gone to Facebook to see that you are real. Not all this imposters, like the parrot himself, who is commenting has Monkey post, thinking he can fool some of us. We know people who have played the game and when they comment you know, not this fool that all he does is come here and write epistle. Thank God we having peace now, since he has no white ass to lick. Oga abeg continue to comment, we enjoy it.

        • Dr. Drey 9 months ago

          Hahahaha…birds of the same feathers sure fly together…..LMAOOo. Another filthy liar who enjoy filthy lies from the filthiest liar of them all….LMAOOoo. I’ll rather lick a white ass than lick the ass of a filthy black lying wannabe and impersonator…..LMAOoo. Filthy liars enjoying filthy comments laced with lies all around…LMAOOo.

          Dr.Drey is commenting as Monkey post indeed….LMAOOoooo. Abi you too have done IP filtering and used Quantum Data search like you liar of a master and it returned Monkey Post and Dr.Drey and 10 other people as one and the same persons…..LMAOOOo…???? Complete fool has nothing to say to this latest lie of Otanwa scored from the center circle after video evidence has slapped his mouth to pieces…..LMAOOooo.

          You better join your master in switching names from Ade to Kingsley to Kenneth as you always did before.

          Useless pig.

          • KENNETH 9 months ago

            Oga parrot who is a liar here, you free to call out names of those you felt you chased away, keep making up names, we still waiting for the cup Rorh won has a coach in switzerland, and ball pass during train is not the coaches job. Liar of the highest order, you run to google just to increase your ego. No be so you mention that frank bercanbaur was player coach. Till date we havent seen any proof. It is only gullible people that will be giving you undeserved attention

          • Dr. Drey 9 months ago

            Hahahahaha….look at this long-snouted pig….LMAOOoo. He wants to deny he has not been following the footsteps of his master in running around the forum naked under the guise of multiple names, after he has been caught red, blue and black handed severally…..LMAOOO. Are you done…..? You still carry your inability to understand simple english up and down….LMAOoo…that is why finalist medal winner still means cup winner to you till today…LMAOoo…I thought you would have upgraded your IQ and ability to comprehend non-complex English by now…LMAOoo. Bloody illiterate. So it is in the national team players are taught to pass ball abi…..when you watch SE trainings these days you see the coaches teaching them how to trap and pass balls…..LMAOoo. Useless fool. Go and kill the person that wrote an entire autobiography and said Frank Beckenbeur was their player coach Na….LMAOooo. Because I’ve pasted the link to the book here severally for an idiot like you, yet your brain has been too lazy till today to click on it and read. No wonder they say when you want to hide anything from a black man, write it in a book…..LMAOoo.

            Wait why am I even replying an imbecile…? Pls go and lick the sores of your master jimmylie who is still regaling in the humiliation the devil has bestowed on him for the 2nd time in a matter of days…..LMAOOoo

      • JimmyBall 9 months ago

        …yea. @Dr.Drey Mr morphing Murphy. You think I back down from challenge like you. 2007 was over 15years ago… He scored a lot of goals for Enyimba and probably I may have mixed it up with one particular one he scored from about center circle…

        I am not a super computer who lives on Google like you finding lame videos always to either insults our ex-internationals or have to win argument while ribbing your musty balls like the frosty jobless you are…

        A so-called PhD holder who has no verifiable social media account ranging from Facebook to Twitter in 2022 that every kid 15years above in the modern world has, hiding behind keyboard so that we won’t know you are just a motor park tout in Alimosho like your uncultured attitude always give you away here…

        If you not that you lied you have no Facebook account yet went to Facebook to search my real identity long ago like then ferret rodent you are… go to Paul Onobi, Louis Otanwa or Kingsley Elvis to ask about me…

        Instead shouting on this forum for people to help you and give you a job as most are on nairaland also. You are here idling looking for great men whose shoes you can never clean to insult.

        A fake football fan who said Ahmed Musa needs no club to play for Nigeria of today because you were just loving a whiteman who was only a football agent but a deadbeat 3rd rate spent coach.

        Jealousy go kill you… the day you have transport to cross seme border through Badagry to have that your bruised ego caressed a bit, come back and talk to me.

        I dropped you a challenge to come on whatsapp and Facebook video or Skype long ago to backup your lies but the spineless loud cow that is yourself can never backup claims… Come and sniff your anus because I said Otanwa scored for Enyimba against Accra Heats of Oak from centre circle… Otondo!

        • JimmyBall 9 months ago

          I am not surprised about otanwa… But don’t worry I will ask him for video of the game he scored almost from centre circle… if it’s not on YouTube. I will advised to go and digup Paul Onobi video where he sat almighty Mikel Obi on the bench also… that’s my boy. Nig vs Tanzania… 2015.

        • Dr. Drey 9 months ago

          Hahahaha…ramblings of a FAT liar who has been busted once again and is beginning to tremble in humiliation as usual….LMAOOo…see another round of flimsy excuses….LMAOOOo. 2007 was a long time ago indeed. So long a time that you remembered the team against whom Otanwa scored from the centre circle close that is to the 6 yard box…..LMAOOoo…and even remembered you called him at halftime to congratulate him for a goal he scored in the 2nd half of a game…..LMAOooo

          Filthy lying pig….LMAOooo.

          Crossing seme boarder must be the biggest achievement of your life…..LMAOooo…that’s why its your biggest punchline whenever you think you are denigrating any person…..LMAOoo. Am I not the same person as AYPhilly, Dr Banks etc who are all living outside seme boarder anymore……LMAOOooo. Or you dont believe your own lies anymore too…? I thought your IP filtering and Quantum Data search proved that already…..LMAOOoo. Talk about a cheap fool who gets fooled by his own lies…..LMAOOoooo

          Go and hang yourself because I dont do social media anymore….LMAOoooo….or because this will be my 20th anniversary of bagging the highest qualification in education….please do well to hang yourself in a very conspicous place. I thought you claimed you will fly to the Netherlands to go verify…..LMAOOoo. Filthy pauper that cannot afford decent housing yet in life…..LMAOooo.

          Common criminal is seriously pained that he cant go sniffing around into people’s private lives….LMAOooo. Its because of criminals like you some of us chose to protect ourselves and our families by keeping privacy private.

          See who thinks people are jealous of him….LMAOooo. Cheap wannabe who went green with envy just days ago because he wasn’t mentioned in the “elite class” of Deo, Dr.Drey and Greeturf……LMAOOoo

          Really…..who one earth wants to be like a filthy liar who keeps getting stripped naked on weekly basis…..???

          I didnt need to go anywhere to search your identity….a bit of knowledge of human psychology (especially psychology of chronic pathological liars and kleptomaniacs) and information retrieval does the job in taking care of small rodents with leaky mouths like you. Just piecing your tales by moonlight stories and verifying with records and contacts on ground are always enough to reveal what a fraud your types are……LMAOOoo. I busted your lies of playing football to the highest level long before you started vomiting all your personal details in public to get validity…..LMAOooo.

          You are too terrible a liar for anyone to dig to that extent before unravelling you….LMAOooo. Your lies and contradictions are enough to always give you away, coupled with the fact that people like you are all over the streets….we have had encounters with many like you before….LMAOOo. We know your type. Your dead brain doesnt have enough memory to store your cock and bull stories of yourself which eventually always gives you out….LMAOoooo

          I’ll be damned to be controlled by you or satisfy your any of your urges for any reason….LMAOoo. You would have to be the World bank president or the Queen to have be lift my finger for a nitwit like you…..LMAOoooo.

          And yes, I repeat emphatically again that Ahmed musa, the SE captain can be without club and still get invited to the SE….he will not be the first and last of such. We have had clubless captains and players taken to competitions and heaven did not fall. Even the current SE coach Austin Eguaoven shares the same sentiment…..LMAOOooo….so sorry ehn…you lost…..LMAOOOoo

          Filthy pathetic liar….ahaannnn. When you are not cursed…..LMAOooo. Still lying cho cho cho cho all over the place to gain validity when your mates have already produced college graduates…..LMAOOooo.

          Otanwa scored from the centre circle against heart of oak indeed….LMAOoooo….coming from the same cheap liar who watched Thomson Usiyen while still in his mother’s womb….LMAOooo

          The devil will have to become a Christian for one word of truth to ever come out of your filthy gutters…..LMAOoooo

          • JimmyBall 9 months ago

            Go get a job @Dr.Drey… egoistic Margot. Come and beat me… OTANWA SCORED FROM CENTRE CIRCLE AGIANT Enyimba… be there rubbing on your small balls. Mr 32 x 32 square matrix ground quaking missile propulsion calculator…. hahahaha. PhD wannabe fraud… nobody needs a 32×32 square state matrix to calculate anything from this world to jupiter… Mongo Park of an Idiot. You think say people be fools here… “My social media account was hacked in the past… so at the moment I suspended all my accounts” when a lying Toad like @Dr.Drey gets cornered by a fox like me to validate his bragging and grand-quaking false identity claims… He comes up with social media lies… as if CSN forum is not social media. Iberibe bend your mouth there… Which school employ you make we send delegated after ASUU strike come upend your lies. Jobless mofo idiot claiming PhD from Netherlands 22years ago… Publishing a deseetation where he analyzed and solved a 32 x 32 state matrix for rocket propulsion… hahahaha. Even a ghost won’t make up a lie like that… You solve rocket propulsion problem naim you dey Alimosho the dig pit latrines and suckaway and NASA no hire you? Continue to stay in that suckaway you dig for day job bending over and sniffing your anus… Monkey. I am here preparing tools precision Tools for NATO to use check Russia on Eastern flank… making money while you are there wasting away on Google. Every dude I played football with have retired and some even have to ask me for support these… so. You know why you did not sit in your viewing centre to watch JimmyBall play football with serious brainwork like Android… I played football with 75% brain you will know I conjured up effect to daze my markers before ball reach me… I am where I am today because I never got carried away with football… While enjoying the art of it… I dug into my books like crowbar on nails to the advice of my late dad and today I have his vision to thank… @Dr.Drey you a loud empty barrel that will never amount to anything in life… I will be praying for you so that you don’t end like a skull mining head-hunter in South West Nigeria as is the case of Ogun state today… hahahahaha. Skullmining playerheatingdrey(PhD)

          • Dr. Drey 9 months ago

            Hahahaha…are these your usual lies all you have to offer….LMAoooo.

            Are these the reasons why you are a cheap filthy liar still telling white lies all over the place and getting busted with minimum fuss on weekly billing….LMAOoo.

            Even people who are illiterate can tell more sensible and believable lies than you……LMAOOOoo.

            A fool who was a 6 year old at Abidjan 84 still telling cheap lies all over the place in 2022….LMAOOoo.

            Please keep your prayers to yourself…..LMAOOoo…If your god answers your prayers you wouldnt be on CSN in 2022 begging for clout and lying and impersonating your way to getting validated, when your mates have already produced college graduates…..LMAOooo.

            I can see you belong to a caucus of poverty stricken people who lick your feet to get daily bred, and is the one-eyed king in the land of the blind that’s why you crave so much for those feet to be licked here on CSN too, with plenty of lies and fakery…LMAOOo…….not knowing there are people like Dr.Drey who are far advanced in everything in life than you here….LMAOooo. No wonder getting an entry visa into Norway is a big lifetime achievement worth announcing to the public in your eyes…..LMAOooo. Useless village boy……LMAOOoo.

            Indeed you can take a man out of the village but you cannot take the village out of him….LMAOooo. I can see the traumatic disorder of scavenging for food for years after being trafficked to Europe has still not left you….LMAOooo

            Bloody overgrown imbecile thinks he can fool people will fables…..LMAOooo. Go back and tell your fable god that some creatures here are stronger and more power than it….LMOOoo

            Go and hang yourself if it pains you that Dr.Drey became Dr.Drey when you were still eating insects in your father’s farm for food……LMAOOoooo. No man who is aware of what he carries seeks to be validated by those who are meant to be subservient to him.

  • SD Special Delivery Jones 9 months ago

    Sadiq Umar should work on his finishing.

  • Mahmud Shuaib 9 months ago

    Lol…@Dr Drey, for once am hsppy that instead of the abusuve tirade it was a mild response. That should be the spirit here. Its our passion for the game that makes us disagree on this platform. No one gets paid and so no need for bad blood especially when we haven’t met ourselves. We dont share in the players bonuses neither do we hang their medals on our necks. I sypport healthy banters.

    Btw, I never ever claimed KOGI born @Drey. Check through all my posts, I never claimed to play SCOTLAND 89. I only said I was screened in the NORTH ZONE with players like PATRICK MANCHA, BALA BOYI, JOHN AGOM, JOHN ZAKI, LEMMY ISAH, PRECIOUS MONYE ONYEABOR etc. I couldn’t make the cut of course and later got admitted at ABU ZARIA where I graduated from. Training at FIFTH CHUKA in KADUNA is not rigorous as am currently 52. I only do light work outs. GARBA LAWAL, DANIEL AMOKACHIE, TAJUDEEN OYEKANMI, DAHIRU SADI etc do join for light work outs. Most times we do RANCHERS BEES Stadium.

    @GREENTURF…that OAKFIELD and Dr. DREY write similar, should we start thinking something else? What about HUSH and you GREENTURF? Very similar. Also UGO IWUNZE and CHIMA DANIELS have similar styles. DE STAR and LARRY are also similar. My grammar is distict from JIMMYBALL. Pls go compare at least 3 different posts. Also I dont agree with him on MADUKA OKOYE, TROOST EKONG, JUNIOR AJAYI (until his LIBYA transfer), FRANK ONYEKA, NWAEKEME, etc

    @MONKEY NYANSH….ooops MONKEY POST if I claimed YORUBA, must be a FREUDIAN SLIP. Cant remember saying that.

    • MONKEY POST 9 months ago

      LMFAO! And to you @Mahmud even though I now know am talking to same person all thanks to @Dr Drey. My advice for you is: next time try and remember all your lies so you don’t get to mix it up.

      Thanks. One love!

      • Dr. Drey 9 months ago

        The best way to catch a liar is to just cause him to always talk or to keep talking. They never remember their lies….LMAOoo. The pathetic liar has forgotten he was here doing everything to convince his foolish self that he was a yoruba man, completely different from jimmylie who is idoma….LMAOooo.

        In his mind he had succeeded in fooling everyone on CSN…..LMAOOoo.

        What a cheap fool of a human being…..LMAOoo

        A fool at 40 is indeed a fool forever…..LMAOOOoo

    • Dr. Drey 9 months ago

      Hahahaha……pathetic lying pig. So all your desperate attempts to prove you are yoruba (with all that google translate yoruba you were using to reply me when I tested your proficiency) were all also “…FREUDIAN SLIP…”. Who on earth forgets his tribal origins only to claim it was a mistake after being busted….???

      I guess forgetting to change your name from Mahmud Shaibu to Musa Yahaya only to go and own up to a question posed with the name Mahmud Shuaib was also a freudian slip too……LMAOOoooo

      May you continue to freudian-slip until you slip into hell fire and burn.

      Typical Jimmyball summersalting into another episode of his story after being caught in his web of lies….LMAOooo. From being a member of the 89 squad, he has summersaulted to being a trialist…..LMAOooo…..Same way he summersaulted from playing at the HIGHEST LEVEL of football to being a Lobi Stars trialist alongside (Inalegwu and Atsaka) after impressing at NUGA games as a 500 level student….LMAOOooo….only to summersalt to playing for Lobis stars from 200 level to 500 level….LMAOooo

      You cannot even change your filthy ways to save your own life. The same rashness, the same lack of emotional intelligence, the same inability to think properly before talking, the same short memory that cannot recall his previous lies, the same emptiness and vain cockiness……LMAOOooo…..you think its only your lies and bloopers that are giving you out…??? Your entire personality is giving you out….LMAOOoo

      Only a fool will claim iwunze and chima have similar styles, and only a dumb numskull will claim destar and larry write the same way….All of them are district in writing and character. Only born-liar-at-birth will claim Greenturf, Oakfield and Dr.Drey write in similar ways…..even right from the days of KON…..LMAOOoo. All very distinct personalities.

      The only person who has had those senseless views on this forum is you….and its not a surprise that despite swapping names, you have not be able to swap your senselessness…….LMAOOOooo

      How someone can summersault from being Yoruba to being Hausa/Fulani within week s and still want to lie his way out of his own net by claiming it was an unintentional error beat imagination….LMAOOo…FREUDIAN SLIP indeed…..LMAOOoo

      Some people are just pure shameless and pathetic.

      You should listen to your own advise that “…No one gets paid here…”and quit your desperation to be who and what you are not and will never be.

      The devil seems to be attending to your file these days ey……LMAOOOoo.

    • Dr. Drey 9 months ago

      You forgot to include Tamuno Offialli in your 89 squad..LMAOooo…or have you forgotten he too was part of that squad as he has severally claimed on this forum…LMAOOooo.

      2 so-called ex scotland 89 squad members on CSN forum, yet they dont know nor acknowledge each other as team mates….LMAOoooo

      Filthy patethic pathological liar…!

      How lower can a man descend…?

      • Mahmud Shuaib 9 months ago

        You are truly pathetic. Did I tell you I played in SCOTLAND 89?

        You and your MONKEY friend are truly retards!

        Say anything you want its your cup of tea.

        For your stupidity sake Prof. Tamuno claimed to play SCOTLAND 89. I didn’t and I dont know him. Go ask VICTOR IKPEBA who played in 89 who PROF (must be a PSEUDO name, you fools) is. Okay?

        Since in your foolish desperation you believe am JIMMYBALL, so be it!

        Sebi dem dey pay money for people with MULTIPLE IDs. May Your pride not destroy you.

        JIMMYBALL threw a simple challenge..reveal yourself just like he did. Every important and less important people in life have one or more of this; LINKEDIN, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM etc…you only hide here to spew rubbish and disrespect people YOU haven’t met.

        Who your yeye Dr epp?? Who knows your shitting proud ass??

        Am JIMMYBALL..OK? You can go hug transformer like you always say. Mumu

  • MONKEY POST 9 months ago

    LMFAO! I don’t have time to check up on all this rubbish.

    You have been bursted. LMFAO!!

    My advice: Stop living a fake life.. LMFAO!!

  • Sadiq Umar Sadiq Umar how many times have I called your Name this was a terrible time to come out with this. I for one was going to give you benefit if the doubt as your performances in Spain have caught the eyes of some LA Liga Giants like Sevilla.. but for you to say Quote “if I had used my connections I would have been in National team long ago” Unquote. Is sad and paint a picture to me of Ahmed Musa anyway all us well. But you need to keep your head down and keep pushing I believe you have quality to make it in LA Liga but do not I repeat do not make such utterances again.

    Mind you Leon Balogun what a great header. @MONKEY POST can you see what experience is and what we were missing in AFCON that is just one player and we were missing 6 players of big qualities. Let us see Ghana is in Trouble..

  • MONKEY POST 9 months ago


    so why did TUNISIA who missed almost ALL THEIR FIRST TEAM QUALITY PLAYERS (11) to COVID 19 ended up beating you guys?? LMFAO!!!

  • You get invited ahead of dessers and you think it’s not quota system
    Give me your weed dealer

  • MONKEY POST 9 months ago

    LMFAO! How people think am Dr Drey beats my imagination.. How na?

    Can’t you see the difference from the write up?

    Can’t you see the difference in the outpour of emotions?

    I mean during the Just concluded Afcon, Dr Drey’s support was a two side coin thing. That is he is pleased with whatever outcome the SE came up with. He even congratulated the SE after their 1st game..

    But me I was one sided because of the sack of GENERAL ROAH. I was never in support.. And never congratulated the SE in any of their victory..

    So people the difference in the opinions are there. Though I have never directly counter his opinion.. because he is always accurate with his analysis..

  • Gbadebo 9 months ago

    Just because he is a Northerner doesn’t mean he should be abused, look at the comments so far and that is quite unfair on Sadiq Umar. This hate against the North must not be taken to football because despite all odds, it is only football that brings us together. Every good player has his day, please let’s take it easy with our comments against the Northern players which includes Ahmed Musa.

    • Then the North must stop the fucking Oppression in this country… You gerrit. We don’t hate the North but seeing as though you have brough it up.. Then let us talk about it. What sort of shit is this he said “if I had used my connections I would have been in National team long ago” unquote:.. Can you see the Level of Nerv of how he exposed the behind the scene’s dealings when it comes to the treatment of Northern players. Let us take it even 1 further everyone knows of late that Chidozie Awaziem is 100X better than Shehu now but No they must Quota everything. What of Ejuke we all know he is better than Musa but No they must Quota things up in this country.. I did not mention Zaidu sanusi because his place is merited and he deserves to be there. But my man this Northers are the Bane of Nigeria’s existence take it or leave it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • IMOHO I think Sodiq made a very big mistake here by bringing up this statement, sometimes players need to be very wise else this media people would get them into big issues.

    Out of every 100 people, don’t ever expect more than 25 to appreciate your efforts, it’s just by virtue of Chance that it goes beyond.
    75 or less are out there to paint or tarnish your image…. why not go with the 25 which is one-fourth(¼) of the people and forget about the rest who’re not ready to pitch their tent with you.

    This statement to me is so sensitive and aught not to proceed out of a footballer’s mouth.

    I’m from the south and I love the northerners and the westerners. Time without numbers here I criticise Amaju Pinnick who’s also a southerner like me.

    I remember when Musa was invited, there were some people that criticised his inclusion but I was here defending that young man and I even went ahead to make some pronouncements like (the prayers of the windows and ophans Musa is taking care of would be on anyone fighting against his invitation).

    I never reason that Musa is a northerner and I’m a southerner.

    If you check most of our national teams, Igbos seems to be the dominant tribe followed by the Yorubas, but we don’t care. All we want is victory whether all the players are Hausa who cares, we want the best for the country.

    I’ve been seeing one Igbo guy @ Ugo Iwunse (base on his name) criticising some Igbo players…. This shows that the national pride is more important.

    @Dr Drey, a Yoruba by nature always in defence of Akpeyi over Adeleke (that guy that keeps in Israeli leagues) speaks volume.

    How about @Omo9ja that keeps dropping the names of players (though some of them are outdated & gag) to be invited and yet these players aren’t from Yoruba.

    When it comes to football in naija, whether you’re from Igbo, Hausa, Fulani, Yoruba, Ibibio, Efik, Ijaw, Nupe, Igala, Tiv, Igede, Itilo, Idoma, IKWERE, Angas, Itsekiri etc, who cares…. We’re all after the national pride.
    Football is one of the activities that unite Nigerians most.

    You’ll see a Muslim hugging and dancing with a Christian….

    A religious man mixing with a pagan.

    An herbalist or a traditional worshiper shaking the hand of a pastor or an imam.

    Pls Nigerians let’s throw this statement into a waste bin and move on.
    Let’s forgive him, I suggest Sodiq is under some pressure to impress us not knowing that there are some of us that are already in love with him and are expectant of his exploits in the near future.

  • Iheanacho Kelechi is the best finisher in the EPL’s Leicester City! … Deal with it!