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Done Deal : Joel Obi Joins Serie A Newcomers Salernitina

Done Deal : Joel Obi Joins Serie A Newcomers Salernitina

Nigeria midfielder Joel Obi has joined Serie A newcomers Salernitana on a one-year contract, Completesports.com reports.

Salernitana have the option to extend it for a further year, which becomes automatic if they stay in Serie A.

Obi had long been linked with Salernitana after his contract with Chievo Verona expired last season, but some issues emerged in negotiations.

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Those were resolved and Obi officially signed for Salernitana on Wednesday.

The 31-year-old previously played for Italian clubs Inter Milan, Parma and Torino.

He also enjoyed a short stint at Turkish club Alanyaspor.

Salernitana finished second in Serie B last season, behind title winners Empoli, and gained their spot in Serie A along with play-off victors Venezia.

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  • They will soon jump here and start calling for his invitation to national team now.

  • JimmyBall 3 years ago

    … Why won’t we clamour for him? He is just 30yrs… went to Italy at a very young age… So he is properly documented, So unlike those oldies who are over 35yrs still claiming 28yrs, some with multiple women to shag at that 28yrs sef, lol, we know we are dealing with a guy whose age we can truly vouch for… not age frauds who are past their prime. Joel Obi is still very relevant, forget the poor game he and Onazi hard pairing each other against England in 2018 pre-world-cup friendly as defensive midfield double pivot especially during the first half… Players were still trying to understand Rohr’s ineffective defensive setup… We lost all friendlies except against Poland and Argentina… ask yourself without sentiments if Super Eagles have truly improved since then… We are not talking minnows like Lesotho and Benin Republic… We lack real experience and trusted defensive midfield players except just Wilfred Ndidi… So a wise coach won’t cast off Joel Obi now back in Serie A, especially if he is fit and playing regularly. Italy still has oldies like Bonucci and Chielini… so we no even suppose the open mouth castigate any player doing his thing well in Serie A. That’s where football is thick without hype.

    • Nigerians judge players by their past Glory alot…. Because armed Musa scored world cup goals he is entitled to the national team forever even if he can no longer run again….. Nigerians don’t consider club form…. Nigerians don’t consider club Pedigree….When armed Musa scored those goals he was in his youthful age coupled with the EPL experience he had with Leceister and the impact he made in VVvenlo and CSKA….. Football has moved on since then and the elite players are in mainstream European leagues….elite players are young and energetic with unbelievable pace to cope with the top5 league of today….In football past Glory does not count,that is why players always work hard to remain at a higher level of fitness….In football it’s what you do today that counts…..If not for the national backlash and fringe SE players moving to the top leagues,Musa is ready to remain in Kano there,shag numerous mistresses and always walk into any SE camp during international break and collect his starting shirt…..I don’t blame Rhor Because he is trying to give the powers that be what They want and also trying to be deplomatic…..That is why you see him keep reminding us that we don’t have the team to make an impact yet on the world stage so that we won’t break his back with expectations knowing fully well that he doesn’t have access to the best materials to use…. Nigerians like to eat their cakes and also have it.

      • JimmyBall 3 years ago

        …@Akp… Bro Exactly! “Powers that be” one thing I like Rohr for is that… he has read the Nigeria playbook. He understands the politics… recall 2019 U-17 World Cup list Nigeria submitted… a certain late entrant named Malcolm Ebiowei, was invited to camp late but was said to be the most technical player in that group… then with Arsenal youths… I think he is at Rangers of Scotland now… that boy was dropped for the son of the DSS director Bichi… all for a need for federal character… You can imagine sacrificing true talent for for unsportsmanlike sentiments of quota representation… I have always acknowledged that Northern Nigeria has more football passion than Southern Nigeria… but the South trump the North with organization and business of sports… I tell you, if you have a chance to visit Jos, Gombe, Zaria, Kaduna, Jigawa, and even Zamfara to mention a few northern States… go to popular grassroots football fields… You will be shocked to see the quality of young talented players littered everywhere… real clean ballers… I have witnessed these myself… the problem is that often those very good players don’t have who to properly push them forward… there was a guy, Mamuda Isa from one secondary school in either Kano or Katsina… I think around 1999 or 2000 thereabout, Secondary School Academucals Cup was players across Nigeria and players were selected from the top performing schools… Nigeria formed an academical team versu Ghana Academucals in that year… it was home and away against Ghana, what you will call true U-17 of Nigeria vs Ghana drawn from secondary schools in the two nations… I will never forget that match in my life… now this guy Mamuda Isa was the undoubted star of the Nigerian side but he was not fielded until 15minuted to the end… Nigeria was leading Ghana 2 – 0, the commentator kept mentioning his name that he was the standout player from the school competitions… O boy!… when at last guy was introduced… his first 3 touched you could tell this guy was an unbelievably super talented kid… he could not have been anything more than a true 18yrs at most… within 5 minutes on the field you would wonder if it was not Jay Jay incarnate in the pitch… in less than just five minutes he struck the crossbar from the centre circle after swaths of mesmerizing plays… before the game ended, he gave a goal assist and scored one himself… In my whole life… I have never seen a footballer leave such a dazzling effect on me… that guy if he had been properly managed will have dwarfed Austin Okochas playing style… till this day, there is no day in don’t remember his name… It was to come to me as very strange when I did not see that guy in Nigerians U-17 squad of 2001… What irony. I believe he went on to play for Jigawa Golden Stars later in life… Talents abound everywhere but only real talents when they are still useful should be picked… It will be good to have a composition of ANY Nigeria team to be a good spread of talented players from around that country but where that is not possible… we can even decide to pick eleven brothers as far as they will measure up… One love!

      • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

        Hehehehe……maybe it is the shagging of numerous mistresses that earned the “finished” Ahmed Musa a move worth over €2m annually back to Europe. He even had the luxury of choosing a highest bidder from a host of clubs in Europe. Later they will claim they dont hate anybody…..LMAOOOoo.

        We are still waiting for 10 years now for the MANY TALENTS in your league (over 1000 players over the years) and your clients who are stuck in North Africa to make such a move.

        • JimmyBall 3 years ago

          …hahahaha. Brother Drey has found his lost trumpet again to drum support for our captain fantastic… It’s good that Musa atleast has waken up and accepted an Ottoman challenge make small boys for no eat him “akara” and drink his “milkshake”. @Drey… this is what we want… Criticize our players constructively hard and push them to move away from comfort zones… With Musa Ahmed declining football fortunes culminating to a woeful 4/10 worst rating over 90minutes recently against Cameroun… he needed to leave NPFL fast… hahahaha… them no the tell man say rain the fall! If Musa starts churning out top performances again for Fatih his new club we definitely release the heat a bit from his back… Captain of Super Eagles no give anyone room to dey Kano easy just to the empty his sacks vigorously every night… hahahaha. Mallam wey lose him kettle must buy new one… Lol. We must never forget Top 5 league remains the first criteria… followed by a man playing regularly for his club… Musa Ahmed congrats on your new Ottoman challenge… We fit the watch you well now! Onazi is playing in Lithuania so I will not push his case for now except his club makes it to group stage of Champions League… We must clamour for old guards wey still the hold their own down for areas wey our personnel no strong for Super Eagles… We need good and quality cover to help Ndidi in that key area… Shehu has not been allowed to play with Ndidi and Etebo is clearly not what we need in DM position as double pivot… One love! Anybody wey no announce retirement dey allowed to ring our coach say him wan still play… We don’t need Arab contractor especially Odion Ighalo… we have seen him enough. Victor Moses is welcomed if he wants to come back and help…

          • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

            Mr shift with your hypocrisy make we see road pass.
            It wasnt your “constructive criticism” of invading his private life that got him a move to Europe. It was his performances on the pitch. Captain fantastic was earning a cool $200k per week when he single handedly took a decision to leave cancel such huge pay in Saudi to Europe in order to remain relevant. He worked hard to keep fit by returning to boyhood club Kano pillars, refusing to pocket a dime from the club. He contributed meaningfully in ALL the matches he played while at Pillars….when he’s not giving direct assists, he his giving the key pass leading to the assists….his highlights are there on youtube for the entire world to see. Dont even dare try to associate yourself with any success Musa is recording at the moment……LMAOOoo. Within 3 months of playing for Kano Pillars, the man you called dead and buried secured a deal none of the MANY TALENTS in your league have secured in the last 10 solid years or more.

            Shuo….See them o….hatred filled enemies wey wan claim glory of a man they failed to defeat….LMAOOo. I no know wetin concern them with the number of wives wey person get. Pokenose people, when person marry oyinbo dem go pokenose insult am (evn though dem sef dey claim to be oyinbo inlaw)….when person marry black woman dem go pokenose insult am…as if Musa is going to be the 1st polygamous footballer ever…..as if na their money he wan use take care of in family. The great goals father Rasheedi Yekini had 2 wives in his prime. Cheik tiote had 4 wives, Demba Ba abi na Pappis Cisse had 3 wives or thereabout, Even Sadio Mane currently has 2. Others wey claim say dem get 1 wife get baby mamas for every where. Musa legitimately marry wife dem carry dia amebo mouth enter street begin gossip persin wen earn $200k every week for TWO solid years nd wey go earn another further €2m plus annually for a couple of years…..LMAOOoo…Chai poverty no good o. Na so poverty stricken men dey always gossip rich man. Dem wan dictate to rich man how to spend in money…..Hey bana..?!

            Dont worry, when Ighalo returns from retirement and scores 2 goals in his first start when you goal demon still learn how to hold up play and dey look for cross from finidi, make you soak you TV inside water. We go see whether you go go use Gun pursue Odion commot for SE camp.

        • JimmyBall 3 years ago

          Nobody criticize Musa… We just surprise say the guy career wey been dey on reverse gear come tally with him propensity for multiplying his harem… Some of us wey the hail Musa say na him money the work for am forget say most Muslims get just one wife including our president and even Dangote sef, na low key… if we go by money Dangote suppose get atleast sixteen… The argument in favour of marrying multiple women is just for men to justify insatiable lust! A competitive country like Nigeria in football should not have its captain at 28yrs being celebrated for marrying three wives, especially
          when it appears his career was taking a hit… there is no way it won’t tell on your peace of mind and ultimately your football. You can quote every non-plausible reason all you want… Again, it
          is not true Musa voluntarily left Al Nassr. He was
          deemed overrated regarding pay versus performance… Them use gentleman agreement
          pursue am comot… Hahahaha.

          • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

            Nobody criticize Musa…..LMAOOoo…..somepeople need us to go copy and paste their unsavory hatred filled and racist/bigotry fuelled insults….sorry comments against the young man.

            Pls What is your goddamn business with the number of wives someone else marries…? How is that your goddamn business. Even if anybody wants to satisfy his lust, is it your lust…? Is he using your wife, daughter or sister to do so…? Has he come to loan money from you to marry the wife…? Is it not better to marry multiple women legally to satisfy lust rather than the baby mama baby daddy thing your generation has polluted this world with nowadays…? Is it not better to raise children under the roof of a father and mother than raise bastards…? So many bastard children roaming around everywhere, including here on CSN just because some men want to be holier-than-thou and deceive themselves and others under the illusion of having one wife, yet being erotically attached to many outside.

            If person marry white you pokenose and insult am (yet you claimed to also be married to a white o), If person marry black you pokenose and insult am too. Oga respect your own marriage (if at all you are married) and stop poking nose into other people’s marriages. No responsible married man goes about poking his nose like jobless village women in other people’s marital affairs. Dem nor beg you money to feed their lives. Respect your own home, your own wife and respect yourself too and get you damn nose off other people’s butts.

            “…Again, it is not true Musa voluntarily left Al Nassr. He was deemed overrated regarding pay versus performance…”….another FAT LIE. EVERY media outlet out there including BBC reports Musa expressed interest to cancel his contract in other to move to Europe, People wey tortoise chop their placenta for wia dem bury am want to give us their own hatred fueled figment of their imaginations….and they claim they dont hate him. 25 goal contributions in 51 games from a winger has never been and will NEVER be poor performance. If you want to see poor performance go and read why dem pursue your benue brother from sonderjesk and wetin the the club name again sef….that was after been kicked out of 2 different clubs before via termination of contract o. Go and see poor performance there. Now na Lithuania e dey while in mate dey earn multi-million euro deal for turkey. Al Nassr even hailed Musa as a FALCON for how he carried them to their first league title in years. Oga @Jimmylie pls find another lie to tell in public…this one no just enter at all

  • GLORY 3 years ago

    True talk @ Jimmyball. Emphasis should be on ability n fitness. It’s eventually coming to be ” THE SURVIVAL OF THE FITTESTt” thing, as many more players are gearing up. If Musa who to me has been totally incompetent in his last few games for Nigeria can start shunning exceptional performances for his new club, then why won’t he be invited?,so is Victor Moses, if he chooses to return. We should disregard the toga of old guard and just go for those that are fit, capable m ready.

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      No o @glory, mmaka gini…? Old guard and retired players should stay retired and away from the National team. “They are blocking the progress of the younger ones”….LMAO. Same people who said so are now clamoring for the return of Onazi, Obi and Moses…..LMAOooo…..even begging Moses with captaincy he never held in his prime….LMAOOOo. That’s what you get when hatred and sentiments guide your thought processes….you end up eating your own vomit many times over….LMAOoo. Rohr has said it before, 3 caveats; be fit, be playing and be ready and any old guard will be welcome back. For the young ones….move to the top leagues and test your “Talent” against the big guns, because that is where the people you want to come and displace in the SE play….go and prove yourself there and you will join them in the national team. Simple and straight forward. LOl

      • GLORY 3 years ago

        Brodaman Dr Drey. Abeg left Jimmyballer alone. Home based shock am no be small for that Mexico match. Lolzzz. Even me too, d headache dey give me broda. Shuooo.. I still dey recover. Abeg make we just allow Rohr do em work. Anything wey happen final final, we take am from there. Everytime I wan praise my baller Iwuala amongst SE fans here, I dey use corner eye look around, make someone nor come slap me into thinking say dem use sledge hammer hit me.

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