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Live Blogging: Algeria’s Fennec Foxes vs Nigeria’s Super Eagles – Int’l Friendly

Live Blogging: Algeria’s Fennec Foxes vs Nigeria’s Super Eagles  – Int’l Friendly

Completesports.com’s Live Blogging of the Intenational Friendly match between the Fennec Foxes of Algeria and the Super Eagles of Nigeria at the Miloud-Hadefi Stadium [Oran Olympic Stadium], in Oran, Algeria.

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  • Dr. Ty Edmund 2 years ago

    Algeria vs Nigeria on Algerie 6 via hesgoal.com

  • Dr. Ty Edmund 2 years ago

    Algeria vs Nigeria on Algerie 6 via hesgoal.com; Brazil vs Tunisia on Bein Sports English (Commentator: Dave Farah)

  • Sammie 01 2 years ago

    Any link please?

  • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

    Omo this jersey fine die. 

  • 1-0 to naija

  • Nigeria is really playing well. They should have allowed this man to execute the nation cup and world cup.

    • Jide Dola 2 years ago

      Na so, anytime Nigeria is leading is playing well. Is there anything we are playing well in this match apart from the goal. It was very glaring that Algeria will score

      • Don’t mind him playing well indeed when it is Algeria everywhere

  • Omo9ja 2 years ago

    You guys can watch the match on YouTube THENFF. Good luck Super Eagles. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Godsate 2 years ago

    Can’t Fifa do something about Algerians using laser light on their opponents?

    They did same on our girls and nff did nothing and they are doing same thing this night.

    can’t fifa do anything about this barbaric behaviour?

  • Adelami Michael 2 years ago

    Officiating is becoming the bane of this game

  • onwajunior 2 years ago

    Ref has killed this game. Disallowed our goal, made some questionable calls and now awarded a penalty

  • In the whole, nff can’t get a country to play with than Algeria. What a shame.

    I still don’t know why Fifa has not done anything about the Algerians using lase light on their opponents.

    They always fix their matches to night for them to be able to use laser touch on opponent.

    They did it to our girls and nff didn’t report them. They are doing same thing this night.

    Algeria will do everything possible to rob Nigeria in this match. That’s their way.

    It’s so funny that nff couldn’t get a better country for this friendly.

  • Golden Child 2 years ago

    Poor officiating so far. The boys have played well so far.

  • Tristan 2 years ago

    The Algerians are ‘ojoro’, they disallowed a good goal as offside then they awarded a penalty even though the player had shot the ball before he was tackled. Algeria does not play honest football, but trick and dive all the time.

  • It is ref that will kill this game for us.

  • Sean T 2 years ago

    Ihaenacho have been selfish in this match. Just shooting on sight when it will have been better to assist the player in best position to score. Abeg we don’t want someone like Insigne in the SE team o

    • John-I 2 years ago

      I agree. Although he had every right to take the first shot but he should’ve passed the second ball.

    • Jide Dola 2 years ago

      Is his two shots that resulted in the two goal while one was picked for offside

  • John-I 2 years ago

    1-1. Good first half. The guy who gave away that penalty to Algeria was just clumsy and naive. I think Nigeria’s disallowed goal was legitimate

  • Jide Dola 2 years ago

    Paseiro need to use 3 midfielders, algerians are too free, the midfield is to open and moreover why is it that we don’t fight ones we are one goal ahead and we as well loose concentration anytime we are leading and SE has been like that for a very long time, generation to generation.

    • It’s the reffree that makes it look like that,he blow for every contact Nigeria makes so yhe boys are naturally too careful on that front.

  • Africa and wuruwuru be like 5/6,Lol, disallowed a clean goal then awarded a questionable penalty,the officiating IA so laughable, how the Nigeria players still able to maintain a level headed still amaze me indeed.

  • Ololo 2 years ago

    Algeria are diving to get free kick.. very poor officiating, but I agree it was a penalty, it was dangerous play by onyeka and deservedly got a yellow card.. that was a goal by lookman how was that offside..

    I don’t like the 4-4-2 formation it makes our opponent get more of the ball but Nigeria looks dangerous on the counter,I will be surprise if we don’t beat this cheating Algeria in the second half.. iheancho pls pass to your fellow player..

  • Glory 2 years ago

    Shameful refering. Reason these north African teams always never do well in biggest stage. SE Far better than them, irrespective of whatever outcome. Algeria ala north African teams always applying all kinds of antics to win games even friendlies? DISGRACEFUL

    • Ololo 2 years ago

      Exactly why they don’t do well in bigger competition Esp with VAR.. in the last friendly with their team B they got a fake penalty. I wonder why someone like Dr Drey will supposed such dubious penalty.. player diving like they are in the swimming pool.. a well.known north African pattern

  • Greenturf 2 years ago

    When playing two strikers is best to play with one winger instead of two because an extra hand is needed in the midfield where we have being outran by the fluid passing Algerians.
    We should also adopt a high pressing system,we allow the Algerians too much space to cause damage,the fenecs so far have succeeded in stopping us playing our game by pressing us high up the field.
    Onyeka with one yellow card needs to be replaced by Onyedika,with the way officiating is going he could get a second yellow which will ruin any chances of us getting a result in this highly tensed game.

  • Papafem 2 years ago

    I’m appaled by how Nigeria turned over possession. We allowed them too much time on the ball. I wish we could play a high pressing game to at least make them a bit uncomfortable when in possession. These Algerians have the whole time in the world to plan how to play when they have the ball. Any team that has possession will always have the chance to score. Peseiro still has a lot of work to do o.

    Iheanacho isnt contributing much. He makes it look like they are more than us on the field. The coach can try a double pivot by bringibg Ralph in for Iheanzcho and push Iwobi farther afield.

    We look quite dangerous on the counter though and im particularly delighted with Iwobi Moffi’s input so far.

    Can someone please tell me whats wrong with Lookman’s goal?

  • Adelami Michael 2 years ago

    What kind of officiating is this???????

  • Lord AMO 2 years ago

    Its way too much space in midfield na

  • Footballfanatic 2 years ago

    too much space for the Algerians to operate and Goalkeeper could have done better

  • Dr Drey 2 years ago

    Hope una don open your eyes to see that we have no goal keeper. Maybe am free to say that ino keepers have been useless playing for the national team. But no be ibo coach select this team.

    • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

      Hahahahaha….useless impersonator is back again….LLMAOooo…only that this time he forgot the dot after the Dr.

      Useless fool.

      • Agbo Maxwell 2 years ago

        My candid observation, lack experience defender at the back honestly Calvin don’t deserve to be our defender yet he still have a long way to go,zaidu is a joke, Moses Simon should be second half sub, iwobi lacks support, finally Calvin don’t know how to mark ball committing too many unnecessary costly fouls

  • Dr Banks 2 years ago

    We surely don’t have any quality GK yet for SE

  • Sammy 2 years ago

    How is it possible that a country of over 200m people has no keeper better than the terrible Uzoho and Maduka Okoye. It’s so sad honestly. A long ball from over 30 yards for God’s sake; what is this rubbish?

    All the scouts and goalkeeper coaches in our local league should bow their heads in shame please. There has been no decent keeper from the local league since Vincent Enyeama over over 20 years ago. They should all find better jobs to do, since they’re all useless.


  • Chudynak 2 years ago

    This Nigerian team is just a joke!

  • Uzoho should have done better to prevent that second Algeria gaol. Nigeria still has serious goalkeeping problems. Okoye and Maduka are seriously not up to par yet. Onyeka was also a bit clumsy with his tackle to concede a cheap penalty.


    • Golden Child 2 years ago

      The words of an elder will always come true at the end. Insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different outcome. As long as they continue to use the same goal keepers then the result will continue to be same. If I were shorunmu, I will start scouting for good goal keepers but knowing NFF, it would not happen. Fans should brace up for many heart breaks.

  • onwajunior 2 years ago

    What does Dessers have to do to play?

  • Footballfanatic 2 years ago

    No lie apart from the referee…. We deserve to lose this game we can’t hold on to possession, we let the Algerians roam around freely…. just too much to mention.

  • Lord AMO 2 years ago

    There’s no fight in us even.  It’s been a poor second half in all honesty

  • onwajunior 2 years ago

    We don lose we don..Coach abeg make changes. This is a friendly match

  • Dr Banks 2 years ago

    Truth be told, the SE play in this second half is nauseating

  • We all can see that we really don’t deserve to go to the world cup. Certainly not these bunch of players.
    Even if you bring Guardiola, Mourinho, or Ancelotti, these players will mess them up.
    How can a team without a decent goalkeeper, dependable midfielders or attackers qualify for world cup, win nations cup, or make Nigerians happy.
    We have not yet started to get anything that is in the semblance of a national team

    • Adelami Michael 2 years ago

      You guys should be calming down, they lost because of the following:
      1. Officiating errors
      2. Mix of new personnel
      3. The formation which allowed the opponent a great freedom.

      They will gel.

    • Dem say dem better pass Ghana. Make I pass jorr…hahahahahahaha

      • Tristan 2 years ago

        What was the score when you faced Algeria last January? 3-0 and it wasn’t for Ghana.

    • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

      Hahahaha….what happened to “We have the best players in Africa”…?
      what happened to “Any coach can win AFCON with these players in 2 week”….?
      what happened to “We can reach WC Qfinals with these team”…?

      We really need to learn to face reality even when it isnt staring at us.

  • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

    It will be surprising if Nigerians do not scapegoat Uzoho for this loss.

    • Nelson 2 years ago

      Who else should be scape goated. It is high time all this Igbo players need to be scrapped from the national team. Times up for Uzoho, Ihenacho, Maduka, Onyeka etc. Time for coach to look for better players in other tribes since that we prefer now in the country

    • Ololo 2 years ago

      Sad part is we don’t have any goal keeper to replace him.. maduka has lost confidence.. that’s a positional error from uzoho.. he lost concentration after hitting the ball with his hands , there was enough time for him to regain position and stop the shot but I wonder what he was thinking of..the earlier we start to beg okonkwo of arsenal to play for us the better for us

      • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

        Why will all your goalkeepers not lose confidence when you crucify them for every goal that goes in…???

        These are young goalkeepers for heavens sake. They will make mistakes. But the problem is that are we going to allow them learn from it and make amends……?? NO.

        We go yuen yuen yuen all about, castigating them and insulting their families, expecting them to be Vincent Enyeama within their 1st 20 caps, and you expect them to be confident when wearing our national colours…??

        Talk is truly cheap these days.
        When a serving, dipping shot beat Okoye at AFCON it was as if only Okoye can conceed such a goal. “….if na Uzoho he for catch that ball….”. Ngwa see now.

        Ive said it several times and will say it again, if we are not ready to be patient with the boys, we will continue to search for GKs and we will never find.

        Mark my words.

        • Ololo 2 years ago

          How many years will uzoho need to grow and mature.. the shot maduka let in in the afcon was a difficult shot that bounce above him but uzoho has been poor.. I remember when uzoho came in newly to the team, he was active in his Spanish club and was very solid but after that injury in the Brazil game he has not remained the same.. lets admit it, uzoho has been disappointing and deserved to be critised.. I pray the new coach at Watford gives maduka some game Time, we need options badly

          • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

            Hahahaha….now y’all know the shot maduka let in was difficult. But the poor boy is still traumatized till today by the aftermath of the abuse that followed…..all because he conceeded a difficult shot…?

            You keep chopping and changing goalkeepers and you expect them to grow…??

            Now that Uzoho is beginning to get a good run of games in goal under peserio, yáll will call for his removal because he conceded a swerving, dipping shot….and you expect growth…???? LMAOoooo

            Its Arsenal’s U23s GK y’all are clamouring for again now right…?? Goodluck to yall.

            Una Weldone ehn. Keep it up. I wish yall good luck chopping and changing goalkeepers in your search for Vincent Enyeama with less than 20 caps.

            Ezenwa was not good.
            Akpeyi was not good.
            Uzoho is not good.
            Okoye too is not good.

            All of them hovering around 20 caps or less. These are all professional goalkeepers o.

            Maybe its time to ask many of these armchair critics if they are OK at all.

          • Ololo 2 years ago

            Dr Drey I didn’t critised maduka in the last afcon.. I don’t Rush to criticize players. the shot that went in with maduka was a difficult ball when you take a closer look at it.. I have observed maduka closely he has a better football education than uzoho that was why rohn preferred him to uzoho.. maduka is not the best and makes mistakes but he knows the basics of goalkeeping which requires quick positioning and alertness.. what most of our current goalkeeper ( maduka or uzoho) need is to play regularly in their club ,they are just match rusty and that is why they keep conceding cheap goals

  • Greenturf 2 years ago

    It was a poor display from the super eagles.We were outran,outwitted,outmuscled lost all second balls.We were just pathetic!

    • Footballfanatic 2 years ago

      We were so outplayed the bad officiating doesn’t even matter anymore lol….Lookman and Onyekachi fumbled today

      • Footballfanatic 2 years ago

        Frank Onyeka* I’m not convinced about that guy at all

        We need GKs but we have to remember we are missing like 4 regular players, but we were outplayed. The refereeing could have just weighed the boys down.

  • We need to see what Alhassan and Nwobodo can bring to the table next friendly. Again 442 always expose us in the midfield and it show’s again today. Hooe the team learnt from tge match

  • Sean T 2 years ago

    What a horrible performance from the Eagles. I thought their will be a better performance at the 2nd half if the Coach will make adjustment to his formation and make positive changes but hell no. 2nd half was even worst. Simon, Lookman, Onyeka & Ihaenacho were just there to make the numbers. These 4 performed woefully yet the coach leave them on till about 75 & 84 mins for Dessers & Awoniyi to come and perform magic. Is it that the Coach is blind that we were completely outplayed in the midfield cuz I don’t just understand. Even Aina and Sanusi were just playing like headless chicken. Intact am short of words.

    • Davido 2 years ago

      The Good old days have gone, we not super again. We sha enjoy bringing foreign-borns to play for us, and neglecting the natural borns. Imagine the best we can get is from Cyprus. And i advised IKE when he was in the states that he needs to cast his net wide and not allow sentiments to becloud his judgement. Same long range shot, that many made an excuse for him. There is no difference between this coach and Rorh.

    • Sean T 2 years ago

      In addition, all the current SE goalkeepers should be sent on exile except this Adeleye bcos I haven’t see him play. How can a senior goal keeper let that long range shot in. I just can’t stop laughing i swear. Right from AFCON 2019 we have been suffering. Abeg GK trainer should be sacked as well. From Akpeyi,to Okoye to Uzoho. Abeg wetin be Nigerian offense. Pls NFF should hire a scout to go round Lagos and Eastern part of Nigeria where you can find street football to search for a young GK and groom him. From Mahrez last minute FK, to Okoye blunder in the last AFCON and recently Uzoho blunder against Ghana. Now this!!!! Haba seems GK problem has become a curse for the NATIONAL TEAM OOO

      • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

        The same Adeleye that flapped a wayward harmless cross on the edge of the 6 yard box onto the feet of an opponent save for the split-second goal-saving intervention of a defender…?

        I give him too 5-10 caps, y’all will be running helter-skelter looking for yet another keeper.

        Y’all think national team GKs are made overnight right…LMAOoooo?

        Shebi una no wan get patience…. Patience go locate una by force.

        • Footballfanatic 2 years ago

          How can your criticize Adeleye with 1 game not even 1 game let’s say half a game cuz he was only there for the second half but yet you still advocate for Maduka and Uzoho to be given time to grow isn’t that contradictory? Atleast we have seen Uzoho and Maduke in a few games they kept a whole 90 mins.

          • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

            No, Its not in anyway contradictory. It only buttresses the point I’ve made here for years that there is no young goalkeeping messiah anywhere

            Which one is “just 1 game”…Does it take 2 games to make 1 blunder…??? A type of blunder we’ve not ever seen from even the so-called worst of them all..? He should thank his stars a defender was on hand to save that moment of insanity…otherwise it would have been ciao to the SE for him.

            Adeleye was supposed to be y’all’s messaih right…?
            He was the reason why we should discard all that had been invested in Uzoho and Okoye…he was supposed to be the one immune to making mistakes.

            It didnt even take 1 match…in your words….half a game. Yes…half a game was all it took to produce a howler….LMAOoo. Eni ti a n wo, to n woran. Friday wey go good nor be from Monday we dey know am. And you say we shouldnt say anything about it…?? No, we will talk about it, even if its just 5 minutes he was given.

            That said, the biggest goalkeeping problems we have is the yeun yeun yeun of armchair critics who are looking for a peak Vincent Enyeama in these young goalkeepers we have now. Please what is wrong with the goals they are conceding…? Do they go on the pitch with intentions of conceding…? After AFCON Uzoho was the best….1 good game away in Kumasi and he was an angel….now the same Uzoho is a valiant, simply because a 90km/hr shot initially coming in his direction took an unexpected swerve…???

            Congratulations to y’all on your search for your imaginary super-goalkeeper. I wish y’all the best. Ive said enough on this already….to the point where I’ve almost become a prophet of doom.

            It would have even been better if we had one 29-33 year old hand somewhere (like a carl ikeme) with vast experience at club level that can come in and just slot in. But for jack’s sake, these are all 23 year olds and younger…and we are expecting them to become Enyeama overnight…???

            We keep demanding for the chopping and changing goalkeepers and we expect them to grow….?? Now all our goalkeepers are a bag of jitters when they put on the SE shirt because of the trauma millions of ignorant fans have put them through…???? Uzoho could hardly play a good pass from the back because he was scared of a Maduka repeat.

            All the best in that endeavor o.

            If we weren’t patient with Enyeama in the SE for a long time, while giving the guy consistent run of games for years, I wonder what could have become of his legend.

            Thank God those werent days when plenty of uncouth Jack and Harry had access to internet to rain abuse on National team players.

          • Footballfanatic 2 years ago

            Dr. Dre no one is looking for messiah we as fans are looking for capable hands hence the reason why fans say try this one try that one. The mistakes from these two has become a regular occurrence. I guess the coaches will decide the best way forward concerning this GK issue.

          • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

            Yea…try this, try that, try this, try that….that is why we cant achieve stability with any of our goalkeepers yet.
            2018 WC – Uzoho
            2018 CHAN – Ezenwa
            2019 AFCON – Akpeyi
            2022 AFCON – Okoye

            4 tournaments, 4 different goalkeepers

            All of them have become bad goalkeepers. We’ve used our impatience to stunt the growth of the goalkeepers and even added poisonous verbal abuses towards them to it all…to the point that everyone manning the posts becomes visibly jittery and under duress for the whole game nowadays.

            Y’all think Enyeama was the best goalkeeper in Nigeria between 2002 and 2005 when he left the league for Israel…?? Far from it….Infact according to Duke Udi, Enyeama’s teammate at Enyimba back then in 2002, Vincent was 4th choice at the club when he was called up to the SE in 2002. The season end 2001/02 season, Greg Etafia won the Goalkeeper of the season award in the league which earned him a transfer to South Africa

            Onigbinde called 5 Gks then….Ike Shorunmu, Rotimi Sunday, Chijioke Ejiogu (Arugo Monkey), Austine Ejide and Vincent Enyeama. On a good day the former 3 names should pick itself as they were older and more experienced. Rotimi Sunday and Chijioke Ejoigu were already fringe members of the SE right from the Bonfrere Jo era in 2002 WC and AFCON qualifiers. Ejide and Vincent were barely 18 years old.

            But The wise old man Onigbinde rather chose to go to the world cup with 1 experienced 30 something yr old first choice and 2 inexperienced teenagers as back ups, with the foresight that if they are allowed to grow, they will become greats. And thanks to him…with some patience, for close to 15 years later we could go to sleep with any of them in goal.

            In the next few seasons after the world cup, the likes of Ejiogu, Sam Okoye and Sunday Makama where the Gks that ruled the league while Vincent was busy pilling up mistakes in SE colours…but guess what, there was no try this, try that, try this nonsense, because we didnt have the magnitude of ignorance we have now dominating the airwaves and the internet, putting unnecessary pressure on coaches to make knee jerk reactions that will stall the process.

            A wise man once said if you chase 2 rats at the same time, you are most likely to lose both. Likewise if you want to knock down a wall and you keep knocking different spots, you will definitely take longer to achieve your goal than when you hit one spot consistently.

            You bring in another guy now…..after 10 games when the pressure is beginning to build up on him and he concedes these kinds of goals too, which are very very normal and nothing unusual in football, you throw him away and get another one…??? And you give that one another 10 games and continue that cycle of try this, try that, try this…?? I bet you 10 years will pass and you’ll still be looking for a number 1 goalie. Whereas those 10 games here, 10 games there, 10 games here with consistency would have built up one of Uzoho or Okoye whose confidence y’all have butchered.

            Once again, like a broken record…I wish y’all well in this your search. That was my parting statement in early 2019 when everyone was calling for Uzoho’s head for a misjudged clearance vs Seychelles. Almost 4 years later and I am still wishing y’all well in your search for what isnt lost ab initio.

          • Uzoho who could not hold a regular shirt in a lowly Cyprus club need another club to be active abeg which club, is it in EPL? When Maduka was playing day in day out in Netherland some of you are complaining that Uzoho should have been the first choice that club form doesn’t mean. Some were even castigating Rohr that he could not get a good goalkeeper for super eagles. Fast forward the same sets of goalkeepers were used during Eguavon and now the new Messiah and yet the same issue is still happening. If it were to be Rohr in charge and eagles lost or play like they did yesterday people would have been saying series of negative things about him. The current super eagles players are average take it or leave it and even if Guardiola,Klop or Mourinho coach them the result wouldn’t have been different except we are patient and give them time. No coach is a magician. If Nigerian really want to get out of the goal keeping problem I think the best person to be patient with is Okoye with time he will come good my opinion though. You don’t get signed by an English team if the charisma is not there. Even Degea made series of school boy error when he first came to Man u before he comes off it.

          • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

            Thank you Tayo for that De Gea example.

            I can still remember vividly, and any follower of Man utd will also bear witness, how the British press called him a waste of money for his serious of blunders in his 1st seasons at Man U after Sir Ferguson paid a British record transfer fee to sign the then 21 yr old GK. All the old man kept telling them is that the young lad is only passing through “a learning process” despite arriving as Atletico Madrid 1st choice for about 2 seasons. At a point the boy himself appealed in a press conference the “all keepers make mistakes once in a while and none of us like it when we do”

            2 seasons later the boy was Man Utd’s PLAYER of the SEASON back to back. I mean BACK-to-BACK….A goalkeeper. 2 straight seasons. Best player in a club like man utd where world class stars are never in short supply. The boy who was a waste of money because of his first 2 torrid seasons has won player of the season almost 5 times in 10 years for the same club.

            A swerving, dipping shot beats a goalkeeper, it that enough reason to declare him persona non grata…???

            If every “perceived” mistake will mean another goalkeeper in goal come the next match, Mark my words…10 years from now, we’ll still be looking for a No 1.

            These boys have done well in their careers as African/Black goalkeepers to get to where they are at this young age, which brews hope for the future. It can only get better from here.

            When you are dealing with young goalkeepers, Patience because a virtue.

            Kill am today, kill am tomorrow, we go see who go reaming by the return of the new moon.

  • This is a one-sided game. Algeria completely dominated the game

  • Glory 2 years ago

    It takes bad officiating to destabilise a good team. Even worse with such intimidating crowd. The SE have done well. On a neutral ground with fare officiating, I 100% will put a bet that SE will beat these Algeria wella.

    • Chudynak 2 years ago

      Please stop consoling yourself. Just admit that we do not have a team. These players are simply overrated as they are below average. Almost all national teams are struggling at this time. Very terrible!

    • @ Glory, God bless you

  • Tristan 2 years ago

    Nigeria played well and we have a lot of positives to take away from the match. The Algerian officiating without VAR was bad and the Algerian players came with their usual diving and feigning injuries.

    The centre-back pairing of Bassey with Akpoguma looks solid; Sanusi and Aina were also good, the defence scored highly in my estimation. Midfield Iwobi took charge and was commanding; Onyeka was not match-fit and Iheanacho lacked hunger and initiative. Lookman was impressive, Moses Simon did not find much penetration on the left, and Moffi, he is no Osimhen. The subs, Onyedika did not get much time but with international experience, he would become effective. The number 10 guy Saviour Godwin that replaced Lookman was useless, Awoniyi unimpressive and Dessers didn’t have enough time to make an impact.

    Goalkeepers have become our biggest problem, a shot taken from outside the penalty box beat Uzoho. This was farther away than the one that beat Okoye at AFCON.

    • Footballfanatic 2 years ago

      It was even farther than the one that beat him during the WCQ lol………Bad officiating can really unsettle a team but you would think the second half would be better, but it was worse,

  • Larry 2 years ago

    Something must be wrong with these GK’s. The same GKs are responsible for 4 school boy errors in SE last 6 matches..
    Okoye against Tunisia
    Uzoho against Ghana
    Okoye again Algeria B and
    Now Uzoho against Algeria A..
    This is a serious matter..
    The 2 GKs should be given a break to sort out their lack of playing time in their respective clubsides..

    • george o 2 years ago

      Great point. We need goalies like yesterday. It is a shame that no goalie from Naija is a consistent performer in any good league. We have work to do.

  • Greenturf 2 years ago

    Algeria pressed like Manchester city.They are clever on the ball hence werent losing possession which put pressure on us thereby committing needless fouls.
    Our football has gone downhill we were second best for greater part bof the game.
    We missed Etebo and Ndidi,i doubt both players would have made much difference anyways.

  • Ololo 2 years ago

    Very disappointing game.

    Second half was so poor , no hunger in their play.. what did we do uzoyo , Any shot at goal from range is almost certain to entert the net no matter the distance.. we should stop playing players who don’t play for their club.. our full backs were very poor , no good crosses, how will our striker score when the full backs don’t know how to cross the ball.. I remember the Cross from bassey that lead to deseer first goal for Nigeria, sanusi is a very poor left back, we need more options..

    Our midfield is very disappointing. Onyeka just showed us why he should remain on the bench when ndidi is fit, I don’t think onyedika is ripe enough for the super eagles, I really miss Etebo, Etebo will not allow this Algeria dominate the game like they did if he was there.. the sad truth is that aside ndidi and iwobi we are useless in the middle and when they are injured we must suffer from it..

    So so tired of this team

  • george o 2 years ago

    Great point. We need goalies like yesterday. It is a shame that no goalie from Naija is a consistent performer in any good league. We have work to do.

  • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 2 years ago

    So, yes the ref was a bit sketchy, mostly in the first half, the second half was a different story – the boys let us down and by the boys I mean Uzoho – Maybe an unpopular view but I have never actually rated him and I am still not sure when, why or how he became first choice, he let the boys down BIG TIME tonight and as for the rest, a few let their heads drop in the second half and that affected our application against a wily old foe like Algeria- renowned to be some of the most skilful if diminutive of Africans, Uzoho was jittery and looked very unsure, from tonight’s showing he is also rubbish with long shots! I mean how can he have been beaten by that shot??
    Finally, I like the coach, but I think tonight hasn’t been his best night so far, he did not read the game sufficiently and was caught reacting rather than being pro active, by the time he realised and tried to shuffle the pack the Algerians had dug in deep and time was against the boys, combine that with the hysterics from the Algerians – players and crowd and by 75 minutes in, it was game over!
    They have beaten us 3 on the bounce now and these for sure have the bragging rights over Nigeria for now – that’s for sure, I just pray they haven’t also got our number.
    Siddon look mode activated:

  • Baba Agba 2 years ago

    The team generally didn’t do well but the goal keeper could do better



    • Portugal will drive the final nail in your coffin. This team wants to play in the world cup…yeye team. Lol

  • Papafem 2 years ago

    I always have a problem with our players pulling out of friendly matches. Its always affecting the building process of this team. Why is it that anytime we are have a friendly match, our key players will be dropping off for differebt reasons. But when we have a competitive match, everybody shows face. How exactly will the coach build a team that way? Its appaling. Why i know some of these players actually have genine reasons to stay off, the coinciendence of these circustances are just too hard to process. Ndidi, Balogun, Ekong, Musa, Dennis, Onyekuru, Chukwueze, Osimhen, Aribo. This is just too much. Honestly, I wasnt too expectant in this match. And I think Ive been proven right.

    Peseiro’s tactics to me is faulty. We cant continue using 4-4-2 against a team that loves to keep possession. It has never worked from the time of Eguaveon. Whuch country still uses this system, for crying out loud?

    Our midfield was non existent today. The urge to recover the ball when out of possession is zero. A lot of misplaced passes and very poor positional play. What exactly has he been teaching these lads? Hes been racking up losses upon loses. This guy has played 7 matches, lost 3, drew 2, and won just 2! The two he won were against Serra Leo e and Sao Tome. Where are we heading to with this man? We will probably lose again agzibst Portugal. Hmmmmm.. Go help us o

  • My only joy is each time we break we tend to give hope of scoring, let’s take solace from the fact we didn’t play half of our regulars here even though we actually didn’t have non lolll, but a fit VO and ndidi would have make a diff. Las las we still need a good GK badly, like seriously uzoho you let that shot from 30yd beat you?

    • Golden Child 2 years ago

      Half of your regulars? The only players who would have made a difference is VO and Ndidi.Even Ndidi has lost form.

      Please do tell me calamity Ekong and etebo would make a difference because they won’t.

      How do they let a problem to linger for this long. The team needs a good goal keeper urgently and a play maker to deliver the final ball. Fix that and you have some team on your hands but these clueless lot, starting from the NFF president
      To the Technical director to the goal keeper trainer all appear to be bereft of how to build a solid team. Unfortunately, they keep repeating their errors and never learn.

  • respect is reciprocal 2 years ago

    Africa is behind in football except maybe Senegal. the Tunisia that knocked us out from Nations cup were rounded up 5 to 1 by Brazil, Ghana that denied us the World Cup was humiliated by same Brazil, Cameroun was beaten by Korea Republic, even Senegal could only mange a draw with Iran . this Nigeria team or Algeria team would have been beaten by Brazil with at least 3 goals.  what is wrong with us in Africa ?

    Back to the game against Algeria my conclusion is corruption has finished us and as a matter of fact this country need to break up. let Igbos control their destiny themselves , Yorubas too should take charge of their destinies . this kind of settings would make it difficult for corruption to run free. This idea of some people sitting in Abuja and deciding the fate of several millions of people is catastrophic. 
    a country of over 200 million find it difficult to get 3 solid keepers , its a shame.

  • South 2 years ago

    Firstly, SE played against a more confident and organized team, backed with some passionate fans! From the moment Moffi scored till the Algerians scored their second, they kept their composure. Then, Our GK dept is still not solid, we need to keep search for the best until then.

    Few positives from the SE,the counter attack were good and some individuals quality, didn’t make us look ordinary.

    hopefully we get injury free in the next fixture!

  • FatherJP 2 years ago

    This man is no different from ROHR…Little wonder he has no RECORDS to show for his over 20 years in the dug out!

    I watched Portugal lost to Spain after being dominated 61% to 39% and I concluded that SE major problem is not PERSONNEL but COACHING!

    What Serious football nation with pedigree plays 4-4-2 in this modern age? When was the last time any serious coach worth his salt deployed 2 LAZY left footers as his two main strkers?

    Why did he not feature ADELEYE who among the 3 keepers is the most active?? Competent and quality coaches select their players based on current form. How do you keep an informed ONYEDIKA, ADELEYE, DESSERS, AWONIYI (yes, he’s played more than IHEANACHO this season) on the bench for ONYEKA, UZOHO, IHEANACHO???

    Why not deploy ONYEDIKA and ONYEKA (if he must start) as DOUBLE PIVOTS with Iwobi further up all playing behind MOFFI or DESSERS or AWONIYI to be flanked by SIMON and LOOKMAN??

    Why go with all those strikers and leaving out someone like ALHASSAN YUSUF if you would not trust the STRIKERS?? Imagine in an ordinary friendly, he brought on DESSERS and AWONIYI when the game was almost over.

    Clueless NFF with their clueless coaches!

    A good and sound tactician will do better with the players we have

  • Selfmade KING 2 years ago

    Africa wotwofication going on





    Africa is going backwards in terms of football due to corruption and a silly organization called CAF!!

    The real wotowotofication ll HAPPEN IN QATAR! Lol

  • 1. Let us take all the disappointment and emotion away now.

    Let us look at areas where we have issues.

    We should have beaten Tunisia at afcon. Goal keeping error let us in.

    We should have beaten Ghana and qualify for world cup. Again another goalkeeping error.

    We should have beaten Algeria B. Again another goalkeeping error.

    We should have drawn the match yesterday. Again another goalkeeping error..

    A team can have a bad day but still win a match. This is where a great goalkeeper comes in.

    This shows we have a big problem in this area.

    Okoye is not for now. He lacks confidence. Uzoho needs a club where he can play regularly to be fit. We need to declare state of emergency here.

    Those who defeated us are not great. That area let us down. How to fix this. I don’t know.

    Another issue is ekong. A story for another day.

  • Mercy 2 years ago

    One major factor that constitutes to the goal keeping crisis we have in SE is the bad state of our league. Our league is practically dead. Enyeama and Ejide are product of the Nigerian League. Enyeama was CAF champion league winner. They enjoyed enough playing time in their club that helped build their confidence. A player who hardly plays for his club will lose confidence and SE is not where you want to build your confidence.

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