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Live Blogging: Burkina Faso Vs Senegal – AFCON 2021 Semi-final Match

Live Blogging: Burkina Faso Vs  Senegal – AFCON 2021 Semi-final Match

Completesports.com’s Live Blogging of the AFCON 2021 Semi-final match between the Stallions of Burkina Faso and the Teranga Lions of Senegal at the Ahmadou Ahidjo Stadium, Yaounde.

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    Senegal in the final . They started very slowly now they have hit the form that will be very difficult for any team to beat them. Sincerely they are the only best team not to have won the nation cup till now. This Senegalese team look matured and humble . At times in life its good to start success late , Nigeria started very well and this got into their head. We lost to Tunisia not because of tatic per say but to attitude . The 2013 winning team started by winning a game and drawing two in the group stage and went ahead to win the cup.

    • JimmyBall 2 years ago

      Thank you brother… It’s attitude. I thought about that obvious arrogance and attitude from our players… Such a pity.

      • Dennis 2 years ago

        @we lost because of poor tactics. Our coach was schooled by the assistant coach of Tunisia. That’s a shame

  • See what other ex internationals are doing……

    While other people’s ex international (local coach) are taking their national team to the afcon final, our own could only take our boys to go and see Cameroon mountain, cocoa and plantain plantation.

    After the sight seeing, he TIKI TAKA US using the WING PLAY back to Nigeria.

    While responsible Nigerians were waiting for explanations on why our boys can’t dismantle an apprentice team of Tunisia, their partner in crime furnished a table and invited them for dinner just to prove to the whole world that in the local biome called Nigeria, MEDIOCRITY is preferred above MERITOCRACY.


  • Marvelous 2 years ago

    As a Liverpool fan I want to see Mane and Salah at the finals. In such a match I will only enjoy it fully because I will have no specific team to support.

    You see in life sometimes is better to start slow like Senegal and Egypt. A typical Rohr approach was what this teams use at the initial stages. We never counted them among possible winners after their first two group games.

    But everyone was like, the cup is for tiki taka super eagles of Equavon because they were flying high in group stage. But leaving their buttocks open to an average team of depleted Tunisians.

    Every other team in this tournament from the round of 16 looks far better than the eagles under Equavon. I was watching barkina Faso today, I just admired their football and energy. That’s shows that the coach is sound.

  • Benjamin Leye-Philips 2 years ago

    @Marvellous,I don’t quite agree with you on the fact all teams right from the round of 16 played way better than our team.The Burkinabes I saw too were not composed has they were against Tunisia,they were making hasty decisions due to inferiority complex which is common to francophones countries when they meet themselves.But to me I have not seen any team displayed the fluid and beautiful football the eagles played in the group but in tournaments like this you need luck as well.

    • Igbekun Abo 2 years ago

      See sensible talk. Leave those crying babies alone. They are still sobbing from Nigeria crashing out. Yeye people. If you like go and hug transformer, Nigeria is out.

    • KENNETH 2 years ago

      Great talk, yes we lost but no team has yet to play fantastic football like we did, with the short time eguavoen had at his disposal. With more time the team will gel. So the elbow by kouyate was not a red card. hmmmmmm

      • Congratulation once again to the super eagles of Nigeria for winning the “FANTASTIC FOOTBALL” trophy of the tournament.

        Quite unfortunate that our tax payers money was wasted during the qualifying matches only for one selfish interest personality to destroy our wealth and the effort of our boys by leaving us in the hands of 9 consortiums that only an unknown assistant coach (one man squad) from Tunisia single handedly bundled out of afcon.

        The worst scenario I’ve seen in our football history is when the person heading our “TECHNICAL” football department was “TECHNICALLY and TACTICALLY” schooled by a novice from Tunisia.

        Who fantastic football help oga???

        While arsenal were busy playing tiki taka, Chelsea that came to limelight in 2004 are with 2 UCL TROPHY, 3 UEL TROPHY….

        Arsenal last won EPL in 2003/2004 season, the the last time I checked, CHELSEA doesn’t need any tiki taka (without purpose) to lift that trophy back-to-back in 2005 & 2006, 2010 etc.

        The Barca & Spanish team that played that pattern were purposeful and talented enough.
        They were skillful, tricky, pacy…. They can dribble perfectly even in tight space…. these players were phenomenal and outstanding not the one direction players we’re parading in our team.

        How about their coaches?
        Very sound in modern day football.

        Not our own type of Managers they shaved on our neck….

        Imagine; they hired good 9 able-bodied men of timber and caliber plus one international observer with a professor of Technics and tatics only for an unknown assistant coach from Tunisia (one man squad) to use a team B and school them technically and tactically….. boldly and Confidently outclassed them and finally sent them packing from afcon.

        The surprise came when a team that looked composed, & near impenetrable against Super Eagles couldn’t hold their own against Burkina Faso team managed by a local coach even when they (BURKINA FASO) were reduced to 10 men.

        Let’s stop deceiving ourselves with all this fake and comical words of fluid, fantastic, beautiful bla bla bla football that amount to nothing.

        EGUAVOEN must learn other pattern and formation and leave that useless 1994 outdated one direction wingplay pattern if we want to make any meaningful impact with this team.

        I rest my case

        ***** S H A L O M*****

        • Exactly bro. Nigeria like to console themselves, imagine them saying we play beautiful football isn’t that self consolation? Supposing it was this beautiful football we played during the qualifier and did not qualify for both AFCONS & WCQ would they still be talking like this?

    • Fluid football where has that left you? Did you say luck? When we were warning you that football is not about playing good football but purposeful and getting the tactics right with result most of you refused to listen. How has Senegal been playing even yesterday second half was a little better with world class Mane the difference. Playing fluid football without good tactics just telling the player to express themselves you think a tactically sound team will not punish you like it happened against Tunisia. Should Senegalese fans be wailing that their team is not playing beautiful football and now in final even favourite to win the cup?

  • Senegal a clear case of Select the BEST and even a AFRICAN Coach will take you too the top.. Senegal were not great quality came through even the commentators said it.. Burkina Faso Put up a Gallant fight but SENEGAL JUST HAD WAY TOO MUCH QUALITY AND CLASS. Like I will alsways quality will always come through in the end. Rohr stop Lovers trying to manipulate the situation. all of una na delusional people una be.

    Ndi ROAR!!!!!!!!! Did you see how well Pappy Mendy played he is a player that becuase of Onyinye Ndidi he is confined to the bench.. Look at Senegal’s Line up they took all thier top stars they are not putting in Mediocre players and leaving their English Stars out. Look at Senegal’s Line up.. If it was Nigeria you will have Musa there and Mane out SMH!!!!!. Don’t talk rubbish to us. Senegal is proof that the Big Players know how to turn it up come Crunch time. Keep campaigning for Musa to lead us to March Knockouts let us see how far that Gets us..

    Yeye NFF are trying to pull their stupid Power with one of our stars Emma Dennis while Ghana Is gearing Up.. Nigeria is a Jungle really..

    So next time Rohr Lovers try to act smart just know that you guys are not. Stop Manipulating things If Nigeria had Emma Dennis, Victor Moses and Ademola Lookman as well as Calvin Bassey there, And did not have injuries to Victor Osimhen Peter Etebo and Leon Balogun we would be playing Senegal yesterday FACTS!!!!!!!

    Your Rohr and Pinnick is soley to blame for Nigeria missing out on AFCON Glory Take that shit to the bank Deluded Ingrates SMH!!!.

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