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Live Blogging: Nigeria Vs Cameroon (AFCON 2019 Round Of 16)

Live Blogging: Nigeria Vs Cameroon (AFCON 2019 Round Of 16)

Welcome to the Completesports.com’s live blogging of Nigeria’s Super Eagles vs Cameroon – a Round of 16 fixture at the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations in Egypt

Stay tuned here for the live updates of the proceedings as they unfold inside the Alexandria Stadium

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  • Posted this in The last thread

    Team list is out only Ezenwa,balogun & mikel are replaced by Apkeyi,Omeruo & iwobi respectively with musa,Ighalo & moses Simon in attack

  • Eagles are winning today by 2 goals

  • Ololo 5 years ago

    Kalu Samuel was also replaced.. Simon Moses did not start the last match.
    It’s obvious coach rohn intends to be cautious by not starting Samuel chukweze or Samuel kalu.. I’m not really a fan of Simon but if it works today then kudos to the coach.

    • Bobo Colorado springs 5 years ago

      Moses simon always score against Cameroun, and he is very popular in Cameroun; in think that’s why the coach prefers him in the attack today.

  • Glory 5 years ago

    There is a supposed media man Kingley Ukpai. Beware of his writer ups. We are keeping close watch on his activities. He will surely be exposed soon.

  • Comr Harbinger 5 years ago

    Don’t you think Samuel Chukwueze should be in this lineup?

  • Omo9ja 5 years ago

    All the best super Eagles. Go out there and make Nigeria proud. By God’s grace, Nigeria is winning this one. Unfortunately I’m not going to watch this match. You guys can watch the match here ATDH OR FEED4U.


    • @agnes u are a total animal in the bush not in the zoo.Ezi ofia.so u changed ur name think we can’t recognise u.now u are claping for lazy players.u are the main fool.up SE

  • onwajunior 5 years ago

    Goodluck guyz. I have a bad feeling. Let’s hope I’m wrong.

  • Lord AMO 5 years ago

    Let’s hope for some good football and may the better team win. Super Eagles have my support no matter what.

  • Lord AMO 5 years ago

    1-0 us.  A better effort thus far

  • Sunnyb 5 years ago

    What’s Iwobi playing, can this guy please stand up 

  • Victor 5 years ago

    where can one watch this match online
    please? thanks

  • Footballfanatic 5 years ago

    Musa playing crap

  • Footballfanatic 5 years ago

    Officiating is really sketchy too.

  • Sunnyb 5 years ago

    This  guys are playing like their under a serious spell 

  • Lazy eagles… lolz

  • Why are we cursed with such a bad coach that can command his players to settle down

  • So pathetic useless set of players. Lolz.

  • onwajunior 5 years ago

    Said it…I had a bad feeling.

  • Charles 5 years ago

    Weak defense and weak attack ,they should just lose ,the coach should know how to use our players, musa needs to seat on the bench

  • See our keeper ba. Useless keeper. We miss Enyeama, the king of one on one.

  • WHat happened to our eyes will be red on saturday. So funny started well and went to relx

  • why they playing like they scared? misplace passes here n there,iwobi playing bullshit plus musa, they better up there game in d 2nd half.

  • If this mumu coach is retained after this tournament then something is definitely wrong with 9ja. Buhari 2nd term is actually jinxing Nigerians in all sectors. #buharistepdown

  • Lord AMO 5 years ago

    We started out so well, scored and then went into a shell.  You cannot invite the opposition to take the initiative after the 20th minute.  Its not Omeruo’s finest day and etebo needs to learn to pick out the right pass. Its not too surprising sha

  • Dem curse Nigeria! Seriously? You left your own to Tanzania and went for a washed up Oyibo to coach you while expecting miracles. The boys win, you go hear “the coach too good. Great foreign coach”. The boys loose, you go hear “his tactics today was not too good”. Because na Oyibo. The truth is we don’t a coach on that pitch. God help us.

  • This our players are overrated,the coach no spirit,paipilo lost the passion,look at eto,look at sedof full of passion.God bless Nigeria.

  • All of una supporting the useless coach una see am? I’m not a coach but we keep telling that the goalkeepers he selected are not up to it. Why as a coach you make your camp a close camp. Only few people are given chance to show what they can do. It is Nigeria national team for Christ sake. Why are you afraid to give others chances, hmmmm?

  • Foolish ROHR’S supporters am waiting for u people here for your next defence or excuse.

    A stupid coach who can’t know how to deploy the arsernals of talent available to him.

    I am Iszy.

    Check all my comments u will see everything u r seeing now.


    Shameless people.

    A team that has chukwueze and oyekurub and osihmen.

    U put senseless musa, who shines once in a blue moon.

    I told my guys as we are watching that the team is so strange.
    Even if they win, this is nonsense.

    Shey nw ur stupid rohr will bring in chukweze to come and do magic abi.

    A coach who doesn’t listen to counsel

    All those musa chance and move ,chukweze or isihmen would have buried it since.

  • After starting very well and getting the first goal, the super eagles just dropped off, and reduced their drive drastically. One could see Seedof telling his players to open up the play and use the wings! Their goals eventually came from the wings. Can you now spot the difference!
    As for Akpeyi, I will not say anything. Three balls came his way throughout the 1st half and he fumbled all of them, with two resulting in goals.
    This is what happens when a coach refuses to allow competition in a team and continues to use the same set of players without giving other players enough chance to prove themselves.
    I wonder why this coach did not have two players for each position? Playing Aina at left back simply because he can use his left leg is a problem. Rohr should know this. But as usual, he is fond of sticking to his ways of doing things.
    Nigeria may yet win the match – they have everything needed to win the match. But will Rohr be willing to do the needful. We are watching!

  • A coach who prefers Akpeyi.

    What is wrote with this country nigeria!


    So dump people.

    A coach without spirit.

    He cannot even give one instruction.

    See seedorf, see kluviet, see Eto.


    Who do us?
    Na we dey do ourselves.

    And some senseless pipo will come here talking.


  • The commentator just said two shot on target and two goals for Cameroon. What does that say about Akpeyi? Or is that not the fault of the coach who refused to search for keeper?
    Even outsiders can point out the weakness of this coach. But some Nigerien fans will not hear anything criticism against Rohr.

  • Ichie 5 years ago

    Iwobi is not in this match. He is simply not contributing.

  • Xhuxhu 5 years ago

    Win or Lose, Akpeyi and Rohr will have to take a bow. We needed fresh ideas right after that Argentina game @ Russia 2018

  • Ichie 5 years ago

    Iwobi is simply not contributing in this match .

  • Ichie 5 years ago

    Alex is simply not contributing in this match .

  • When is this Bastard planing to change some players?

  • Proudly 9ja 5 years ago


  • Proudly 9ja 5 years ago

    2:2 game on

  • Leave Iwobi alone

  • Lord AMO 5 years ago


  • Proudly 9ja 5 years ago

    3:2 lets go

  • The defence left Akpeyi exposed for the two goals conceded. Let’s hope they will shut up shop.

    We are seeing the good and bad of Rohr in this match.

  • Kenneth the rock Omeruo

  • Sunnyb 5 years ago

    This team needs a leader, Musa please communicate with your guys. Show leadership 

  • Gamesmanship!!!!

  • Sunnyb 5 years ago

    Onuachu pls just go home 

  • Pompei 5 years ago

    Odion Ighalo said – WE ARE BETTER THAN THEM!

  • Praise the Lord! That was nerve wracking!!! High octane stuff, huge drama!

  • Lucky eagles… Let the gamble continues.

    • Danurch 5 years ago

      Haters never die. Tufiakwa unu. Enemies of good result. Then go and slaughter kliuvert and seedorf who were jumping like monkey wey their mama dey pluck banana and still lost as defending champions. Chop shame abeg.

  • despite kluivert n seedorf vs mr roh ,they still shop am, up nija, up eagles, with one mind n determination, we can do it boys.

  • Ara Nkita 5 years ago

    What did Victor Osimhen and Henry Oyekuru do to this coach?

    Victor Onuachu is not a player for this team abeg.

  • Ndubuisi 5 years ago

    @Edoman the match has ended oooo Nigeria has beaten Cameroon 3-2

  • Michael Adelami 5 years ago

    All ye prophet of doom, please show up.
    What I am saying is that Rhor is doing well.
    Are you now going to say seedorf and kluivert are bad coaches put together.
    Congratulations to everyone on this platform especially @ Dr Drey

    • Greenturf 5 years ago

      You won’t congratulate me as well haha

      • Dr. Drey 5 years ago

        Congrats to you @ turf… And to every well meaning Nigerian out there.
        Victory over a rival is always sweet to savor. Let us all keep supporting and encouraging the team.
        Our useless and tactless coach has just defeated the defending champions for the 3rd time in a row. Our defensive coach has put 8 goals past African champions (now former champions thanks to the worst coach in the history of the eagles) in 3 matches.
        Come rain, come shine, we stand with the SE… Whether is Rohr in charge or anyone else
        And to all who have made it a duty to always pray that we loose….to those who are always happy when we loose, I say well-done to you… Keep it up

  • Up Nigeria!!!!!!! The players redeemed themselves. Higher and higher we go. Up super eagles!!!

  • The SE has made it!!! We thank God.

  • Pompei 5 years ago

    Yes ooooo! All my senseless, useless pipo in the house who are supporting the coach until the tournament is over, I hail una! It seems we are not so senseless and useless after all! The Rohr haters want to use him to prepare NGWO NGWO. They have already gone to the market to buy all the necessary ingredients, hoping that Nigeria will not carry the day. But alas, there is nothing for them today! We are still in the running! Win or lose, we will continue to support Rohr and the team….TO THE END!
    Winner OH OH OH, winner!
    Winner OH OH OH winner!
    Rohr, you don win OH, winner!
    Continue to win for us OH, winner!
    Rohr haters, how market?

    • Glory 5 years ago

      Loool, they bought loads of tooth pick but now can’t say what meat they gonna pick outta d tooth.

      • Pompei 5 years ago

        Lol dia market don spoil today. Where dem dey sef? I dey look, I no see dem. Dem don run commot kitikitikitikiti! Chai! Rohr haters, whats up?

    • Nwanna 5 years ago

      Lol…Pompei you go kill person with laughter abeg……

      • Pompei 5 years ago

        Nwanna my brother, abeg laugh and enjoy yourself. Join us in eating this delicious LION meat. Palmy dey too! Cold one!

    • Danurch 5 years ago

      @Pompei.Congrats bro. We made it against champions. Shame to all haters in the house. Goooooaaaal. Eagles fly on. Rohr drive on. No mind me jare. Victory is sweet, especially when you are hated for just cause.

      • Pompei 5 years ago

        Danurch, my guy, we made it!!! Congrats to you, too. We may not always agree with Rohr, but we will stand with Rohr and the team…..to the end.

    • Ndubuisi 5 years ago

      Tell them again @Pompei its clear now that they are the senseless and useless people in this platform. Am expecting them to congratulate the team for a job well done but some of them are still talking nonsense. Nigeria saw and conquered, bring on Egypt or South Africa they are beatable. Ighalo is finished he should be dropped. What happened today? He did not only scored, he played the game of his life. Congrats to all my team members here. A special shout out to our top 9 Dr Drey. Attacking midfielder Pompei, defensive midfielders Glory and Greenturf. Our central defense strongmen Ayphillydegreat and Oakfied. You guys are wonderful let’s continue to support Rohr and his team they are definitely in a mission. Please where is destiny? He may have lost huge money betting against super eagles win. Take heart my friend and becareful next time. Hip hip hip hip. Hahahaha

      • Ndubuisi 5 years ago

        Not forgetting our safest hand keeper Danurch. You guys are awesome

      • Pompei 5 years ago

        Nice team line up, Ndubuisi. E be like say na you be our technical adviser! Hahahahahaha! As for that STAUNCH ROHR HATER you mentioned, I hope he has not lost his life savings betting against Rohr and the Super Eagles! Hahahahahahaha!

  • Prince 5 years ago

    Watching live in the Alexandria stadium !!!

    NGR 3: 2 CMR
    The Almighty Super Eagles of Nigeria thru to the quarter final 
    Be it Egypt or South Africa….bring it on !!!

    Congrats to Roht
    Congrats to the players 
    Congrats to NFF and all Nigerians !!

    Cameroun has not conceded in all 3 group games prior to this match !!!
    Nigeria scored just 2 goals in three matches prior to this match !!!

    And this is the most difficult match the super eagles has played so far and yet we scored 3 goals !!!

    One word to my doubting brothers in this column ….JUST BELIEVE !!!!!

    God bless Nigeria !!!
    I hail ooo

  • Footballfanatic 5 years ago

    Its obvious Onyekuru is not Rohr’s favorite…..common! Onuachu is a waste of space.

  • Let the Gamble continues.

    Nigerians don’t learn until the ship sinks.

    Hope u guys saw the gittering Akpeyi!

    The guy dey shake like no man’s business.

    Let the gamble continue.

    Rohr must go!
    Win or lose.

    Onuachu go home from Egypt!

    • Danurch 5 years ago


    • @Iszy You are an enemy of progress and a bastard because you are not a Nigerian

      • Steve 5 years ago

        Who told you he is not a Nigerian?..stop hating and congratulate the coach and the team !!..If SA can beat Egypt on home soil ,with all their preparation and support , then you should Rohr some credit !!..The eagles have done well but there is from for improvement!!

  • Ayphillydegreat 5 years ago

    Up SUPEREAGLES!!!!! It was nerve wracking indeed end to end stuff, but please how did Onuachu made this team??? Anyway we’ve shown mental strength and prove that we can come back from behind against the defending champion. #FLY LIKE AN EAGLE INTO THE FUTURE. UP SUPEREAGLES!!!!!

    • Pompei 5 years ago

      Ayphillydegreat, mental strength in abundance! That is the stuff of a good team!

    • Danurch 5 years ago

      Congrats bro. We made it. Shame to all haters in the house.

  • Steve 5 years ago

    Chukwueze added bite to the attack when he came in…again Iwobi is coming real as an attacking option , than playing deep in the midfield!!.. A well tweaking of this team will surely lift the cup .Please let the coach bring in Onyekuru and Osimehn in the next game .

  • Thaiwo 5 years ago

    Up super eagles

  • Glory 5 years ago

    God will 4 ever continue to bless GERNOT ROHR n D SE. Great match n great display of character by the SE players.

    • Greenturf 5 years ago

      He is indeed a great man

      • Glory 5 years ago

        Yes my brother @Greenturf, everytime I try match Rohr’s performances against the environment/ circumstances he has been working, it just makes it so difficult for me critisize him. No doubt we have some grey areas in the team that needs improvement, but his achievements far out weigh his mistakes n these mistakes can be sensibly pointed out to him after the tournament by well meaning technocrats of Nigerian football. Asking for Rohr to be sacked whether he wins or lose leaves behind loads of suspicions regarding such calls.

  • Olupotan 5 years ago

    Congrats to the Super Eagles.
    Chukwueze, a talent that should be respected
    Rhor, you can do better.
    Onuachi has no business in this team.
    Why bench Onyekuru?

    Congrats once again to the never say spirit of the Super Eagles.

  • Pompei 5 years ago

    I agree that Rohr should have brought in Onyekuru to replace Ighalo. Onuachu, how far na? I just don’t understand. Is it stage fright? Tension can make a good player mess up at times. I will not be in a hurry to condemn the boy. I recall how Yekini started his career. Some called him gangling and useless. It seemed his legs were too long for his frame. Yet, with time, Yekini became one of the most dangerous strikers on the planet. The other day, I said this team we have is composed of average players. But like Yekini did, I believe they will eventually come good! So, let’s be patient with our boys. Onuachu needs psychological help. They should sit him down and encourage him. Hopefully, he will come good for us.

  • What a close call. Guys lets be frank, there was nothing fantastic about this team. Am really worried about the future of this team. WE need serious help in the goalkeeping department. The 3 keepers we have are nothing to write about.We were just lucky today. There should be no rancor of which group is right or wrong

    • Danurch 5 years ago

      Haters never say die. Cover your face in shame. Enemies of good result.We made it against champions. Shame to all haters in the house. Goooooaaaal. Eagles fly on. Rohr drive on. No mind me jare. Victory is sweet, especially when you are hated for no just cause. Go and slaughter kliuvert and seedorf after jumping here and there like monkeys and still lost even defending champions. You hate good result. Shame to all hater.I keep wondering why the camerounians were not lucky like the eagles. BROS celebrate good result and stop pretending for your failed prayers. The eagles played well. They were the better team. Congrats eagles.

  • Oakfield 5 years ago

    Shame on all u haterSsss!!! Omo9ja, Segun odegbami, ugo uwnze,et all…shame on you all! The Lord has redeemed the righteous yet again. Shebi una prepare una assault rifles before the match, eh. Una don see as e be nah. God has fought for mr rohr and his team. Cameroun with Patrick cluvert and sedorf (the best coaching crew in Africa!!! Lol) have woefully fallen yakata!!! Lol…some people will have sleepless nights today o!!! Mr rohr, carry go!!!! Shame on all of you that wanted the head of mr rohr, he has just added another medal to his rack.

    • There are no hater anywhere! Where were you at half time. You waited until the match was won. Why did you not come to say what you just said athalf time when the team was losing? Was it not clear to you that Nigeria had better players than Cameroon, save for Akpeyi?
      Regardless of what you feel or think, we will be objective with Rohr and point out his mistakes for all to see.

      • Oakfield 5 years ago

        U are the most foolish person on planet earth. Shame on you!!! Eat stinking shit!!! So Nigeria won bcs they had better players than cameroun? Lol! Hide ur head in shame!!! I’ve been and will continue to b a great fan of mr rohr! Go through my comments’ and you’ll know who I am . Anu!

        • Look yourself in the mirror and see who is foolish. You hate the truth and are beclouded by on-the-moment circumstances. From all your comments what single constructive information did you provide. Only to some out and blab “shame on haters.” That phrase is a complete description of who you are and I’m not surprised. It is people like you who are blind followers who push teams into the ditch; never ready to correct or take corrections when it is glaring that they need one.
          Like I said before where were you at half time when the going was tough?

          • Oakfield 5 years ago

            For u to still be talking now is a very big miracle. So, u never follow ur group hug wet transformer?? Lol!! Don’t worry,u fit go buy sniper for your street tonight if una no get light,eh! Anu offia like u. Why must I comment on a match that hasn’t ended?? This shows how hyper foolish u are. Shame on you once again!!

          • You can’t say anything again. You resort to your dialect. You no see yourself. Look at the mirror again if you’ll not see goat. Continue ranting.

        • Like I have said, look yourself in the mirror and see who is foolish? You blab without making a single sense. You think everybody who come here are people who just make make meaningless comment like you. You came go on blabbing. That is jsut a summation of who you are!

          • Oakfield 5 years ago

            Ngwannu, see u and yr rar sense? I know say Na for mirror u dy look ursef since we won?? Ewu gambia

      • Glory 5 years ago

        That attitude to wait to the end before making comments shows maturity n it’s that attitude that always achieve things in life n also what SE team expect from true n honest fans.

      • Danurch 5 years ago

        Eat shame abeg. Hater of good result. Congrats eagles. You shame from eagles continues. Fly on eagles. Congrats Rohr! Congrats eagles. Shame to all your haters.

  • Every coach have their ways of handling players. Rohr may be seeing what we don’t see as spectators. Sometimes when mount pressure that certain players be used, the pressure gets into the head of these players and they think they have arrived. This will be their downfall when they get on the pitch. However, when they are allowed till their opportunity comes, they will grab with both hands and give their best. That is how it works.

  • God's own 5 years ago

    We were playing Cameroun for Christ sake, the defending champion, yet people expects us to roll over them, the only “but” I see with Rohr is that Musa he is using, which vi think they are forcing on him, Onyekuru would do better than him, outside that we are good to go, Egypt will be panicking now, congratulations Nigeria

  • Abdul 5 years ago

    Lots of comments here says alot about us…..even the great coaches get it wrong from the beginning sometimes. In life and in everything, we need patience.

  • Congratulations to the super eagles, particularly for coming from behind to win the match. They did well today. Just like I said at half time, “they have what it takes to win this match.” They were actually better than Cameroon in most department of the game, except the goalkeeping department, and they did win in the end.
    Only one change made the difference in this match. That was the introduction of Chukwueze. We have attack minded players; players who are very direct and are ready to take on any defender. The coach just needs to give them a chance.
    That said. The worries still remain. I don’t understand why super eagles will drop off and reduce the tempo when they are ahead in a match? They have to kill the match first – make sure they have the insurance goal, before dropping off. Even after the 3rd goal, they still dropped off. That approach is simply inviting your opponent to incessantly attack you. Something the Cameroonian team did in the first half to get their two goals.
    Also, it is certain that we have no keepers in this competition (this is no longer news anyway), and I hope Akpeyi will not kill us. This is Nigeria, a country that has produced Rufai, Okala, Enyeama etc. Why Rohr can’t search for keepers is beyond me! Even when defenders make mistake, we should be able to rely on our keepers. But that is not happening with Akpeyi and the remaining keepers we have in this team. They have shown that when the chips are down, they can’t be relied on.
    In this match Akpeyi had 4 balls that came his way, he fumbled three of them in the first half with two resulting in goals and made a save in the 2nd half. That is not a pass mark at all. We just have to be objective about it. It is not that the defenders are not doing their job. We should be able to rely on Akpeyi to do his own job when the defenders make mistake!
    All the same congratulations to the super eagles for winning today. But they should stop inviting pressure when they are leading their opponents.

    • PapaFem 5 years ago

      Rohr’s ‘stupidity’ seems to be confounding the wise! Another good result even with the on-and-off performance. Let’s just hope they get better as the competition progresses.

      One thing I’ve come to understand about this team is that they tend to respond to their opponents based on what those teams brought to the table. They are very reactive;not proactive. If you push them, they push you. If you take it lightly, they take it lightly too. This worked against them in the match against Madagascar, and in today’s match, they took their legs off the pedal after the first goal. They only responded when they realized they could board the next flight to Nigeria if they didn’t step up. We can all see how goals became easier to score than we thought, when they adjusted their attitude

      Someone needs to talk to them. They may not be that lucky in their next match. Who is even their psychologist? I used to hear of Robinson Okosun. They really need to change their mentality. Egypt, if they scaled the South African hurdle, could present a totally different. No margins for error. Not at all.

      • Thanks for see what I saw in the match. Super eagles were better than Cameroon no doubt. Even among all the remaining team in this nations cup, they are probably the best team. But the problem is their attitude and how Rohr decides to use them in matches.

        • Danurch 5 years ago

          Josh. Pls keep ur mouth shut in shame. I don’t know where you got this ur brainless guts to again to talk. You never gave Rohr and eagles any chance in the match. Out of prejudice,you condemned them to death by hanging. Now they pulled a result that is giving you heart ache, and you are still talking rubbish. Na water dey inside ur brain? You should be hiding ur face in shame by now. How do u judge a coach? Am sure you know it is by the results he delivers. You people will be shouting “field onuachu, field this field that. You forget that the coach knows who is who in training sessions. Today he has fielded onuachu and you saw it all. Ighalo is this Musa is that. Am sure you were deeply disappointed today at what you saw of Rohr and his team. ALL OF YOU WHO HATE ROHR AND FASTED FOR HIS DOWNFALL IN THIS MATCH SHAME ON YOU. SHAME ON YOU. EAT SHAME ABEG. RIGHT NOW I,POMPEI,DR.DREY,NDUBUISI,AYPHILLIDEGREAT,OAKFIELD,PAPAFEM,GREENTURF and everyone in our team, are enjoying our sweet and hot LION MEAT pepper soup from CAMEROUN. For those of who are Rohr haters you will eat your food without meat for 1 year. That ur punishment

          • PapaFem 5 years ago

            @Josh, that Baba has done us no harm. Trust me. I just hope n pray our players stand up and fight for him. With the resources in that team, I don’t see any team stopping us. NO TEAM. But we need to fight. Those who hate this Baba are typical emotional SE fans. They hail when things are good and crucify him when things go wrong. They’ve forgotten that to swim across a river, you must surely get wet. But if you keep at it, defiling the odds, you will surely reach the bank. By Rohr I stand. In Eagles I believe.

          • Danurch, you may talk like a village person or someone highly intoxicate. That is your headache and of course, it a free world and you can exercise your freedom of expression however you like. Your response to my post just shows that you never read through the comments I made.
            I won’t bother to over flog the issue. If you can’t critique a teams performance or do a critical analysis of the post of forum members, that is your headache not mine.
            Read PapaFemi’s response to my comment and reread your comment, then you’ll identify who should be shutting up and covering hsi eyes in shame.

  • Sunnyb 5 years ago

    This man brought in Onuachu instead of a midfielder and Yeye Onuachu running around like a headless chicken. Thank God we won, Rohr please be a good listener, your team needs a leader who can communicate on off the pitch. Serious nerve wrecking game, I need to go and chill in the pool for a minute.

    • The pressure came because the team dropped off again after the 3rd goal. You can’t do that in key moments of a game. This game suited Ighalo’s play because it was dogged and he had players who supplied him balls. He also changed a little by dropping back (into the midfield) which freed up space for other players, thus, the goals we scored

      • Ayphillydegreat 5 years ago

        You guys are the one shouting Onuachu all the time on this forum. You all pressure the coach to drop Iheanacho yet you will blame the coach for the same players. Leave Rohr alone he’s the one with the team most times not armchair critics who are now eating their humble pie trying to be constructive. Rohr must go, his tactics is this and that yet we defeated the defending champion. PERE! PERE! DA EAGLES PERE!!!!! PERE! PERE! DA EAGLES PERE!!!!

  • Garre 5 years ago

    All you guys calling your fellow Nigerians and super eagles fans haters should sit down and have a rethink.We won today not because Rhor was fantastic nor the team but we were just lucky today.You guys should stop supporting mediocrity ,let’s call a spade a spade.This team and the coach isn’t playing to their full potential and lack the attributes of a Nigerian soccer team so you guys should stop acting as if they are playing to their best abilities because they won today.We must say it the way it is whether they win or not.Nobody is a hater of the super eagles nor Rhor but the truth must be told.He is not a sound coach the matches the super eagles have played so far is there for all to see so let’s stop the mediocrity because we won today.The other day we were outplayed by Madagascar all of you here singing Rhor praise today couldn’t comment on that day.

    • Danurch 5 years ago

      Haters never die. Tufiakwa unu. Enemies of good result. Then go and slaughter kliuvert and seedorf who were jumping like monkey wey their mama dey pluck banana and still lost as defending champions. Chop shame abeg.

      • Garre 5 years ago

        You’re a mulutufabu and nothing but nitwit .If you de talk about haters u de talk too?yeye dey smell na because u no get sense of reasoning make u de shout hater up and down.Na u go die first of heart attack when jungle don mature mumu i can see you are living a mediocre life that’s why you’ve failed to come to terms with reality.And by the time you meet your Waterloo u go understand weytin haters really mean.I guess you just begin watch super eagles match na why u dey talk this rubbish.If them born u well come reply me again.I go let you understand what it’s means to chop shame you 

    • Dr. Drey 5 years ago

      Haha haha… The team was just lucky abi. Plus let them keep being lucky till they bring the cup home.
      Abi wetin be ya gain if you work hard but ya head carry bad luck…?
      The team isn’t playing to its full potential abi….yen we are winning…thats more reason why you should commend the team and it’s crew. Abi When you start your car in the morning, do you move it straight to gear 5?
      At a time like this…. Learn to congratulate the team first.
      I know you are one of those who were hoping to lose so you can pop champagne. Still learn to congratulate them first.. Even though they had disappointed you. Lolz

      • Garre 5 years ago

        Really? Your head go carry bad luck  if you no prepare well cuz u go fail.That’s how it works man,luck can only take to a level below your potential so if you don’t prepare well you are definitely going to fail.You must be a black wizard to know what was going on my mind at that point in time.And i am wondering since you are a fanatic fan of Rhor why you didn’t fly to Egypt to support him and the team rather than sit at home and comment here on this forum abi u don see cheerleader wey dey stay house de cheer their team?I don’t celebrate mediocrity and i never wish anyone to fail but i am a realist that says it the way it is without sentiments.I hope your darling Rhor and his boys would outrun the South Africa team!! Na when jungle don mature fowl ynash go blow.Plenty talk no de make rice full pot so i go stop for here 

        • Ayphillydegreat 5 years ago

          Garri you’re not a realist. Stop consoling yourself. Yes we’re ready for South Africa. You’re one of the people who were already scared that we will be facing Egypt in the quarters. Even before they kicked a ball. If you’re a realist you should that football is played on the pitch and it’s the team that wants it the most that always carry the day. Oya go and bring your Egypt na! We will face South Africa with all seriousness and Rohr will continue to shame people like you. As he has done today. 

          • Garre 5 years ago

            Lol blind bartimaeus mr i too know where dem de play football before?For your city room or inside pool lol?I see you are the one trying to console yourself with your mediocrity mentality.I know your type na your type de kiss ass lol.Shey your super eagles don play any beautiful football so far ? Or shown any sign that they are organized?I hope you watch the South Africa match against Egypt Mr i too know.Shey you dey watch football with your eyes closed ni?When one is sentimental you become blind to the truth.If what your super eagles have been playing is anything to go by and you still come here to sing Rhor praise then i wonder your level of mediocrity.Why una no see something talk when Madagascar beat the hell outta una?LOL 

        • Danurch 5 years ago

          Garre, or is it Garri or akpu you call yourself, When watery brains like you talk, we don’t waste our time on them. Go kiss Rohr’s big toe in shame. Anu CAMEROUN.

          • Ayphillydegreat 5 years ago

            Lol! Someone whose brains has been buried in a dungeon. Dem don use him brain roast Garri. It took you over one year to celebrate the loss against Madagascar. LEEEMAOO!!! Brainless Baboon. Maybe it will take you another one year to celebrate another loss. Thank you for acknowledge my level of too know. Yes oo I too know, because I too know that’s why I support Rohr and the SuperEagles win or lose, but currently we are winning and progressing. You can go and utilize a wet transformer because we played badly against the defending champion. LEEEMAOO!!!!!! 

          • Pompei 5 years ago

            Come, is this guy’s name GARRI, or AKPU? Could it be FUFU? I know it’s definitely not TUWO SHINKAFA! Somebody please help!

  • Prince 5 years ago

    …there are columnists who are quick to come online and comment when things are not going well…they insult and rain abuses to people that are representing them and the nation in sheer selfless services!!!

    my question is; “why so fast to rain abuses and insults and bad wishes when that concept is not going well …BUT/and so slow to commended, apologize or praise the same concept when there is a positive result !!!?????”….

    that shows you are evil and will NEVER make Heaven !!!

  • Pompei 5 years ago

    Rohr haters, how market na? They wanted to kill him and use him to prepare NKWOBI because he lost a dead rubber. Now, he has won a match that matters. We are in the Afcon quarter final. The reason I’m calling them out is because of all the disrespect, insults, and curses that have been rained down on Rohr and his supporters by this unscrupulous group of people. Criticizing Rohr is ok. I myself disagree with Rohr’s way of doing things sometimes. But I support him and the team…..till the end! So whoever is angry or sad that Nigeria won today, na you sabi oooooh! Rohr has delivered again! Rohr haters, I ask you again…..HOW MARKET?

  • Pompei 5 years ago

    Na wa oooo. Like play like play, if Rohr wins this cup, some pipo go commit ooooo! Dem go kpai themselves oooooo! Heheheheheheh! I don laugh taya! Rohr haters, abeg, make una no kpai una selves ooooo! Please, leave the transformer alone. Don’t hug it! Don’t go and jump into any lagoons, please! We may disagree on football matters, but we still love y’all. We are all Nigerians. Support the coach and the team….CONTINUE TO BELIEVE!!!

    • Glory 5 years ago

      Emergency, Emergency. Just receive a call say somebody wan jump down from third main land bridge. Dem say him just they shout say Omo, Omo, Omo make Una leave me, I wan kpai myself . Some one should kindly go n help.

      • Pompei 5 years ago

        Chai! Eiyaaaa! That one no good na? Somebody should please rush dia to help our brother, make e no kpai himself for nothing! E wan kill himself because of futubolu!

      • Oakfield 5 years ago


  • Nwaeze 5 years ago

    Hello people, our boys have proven again that the can play even though there were some lapses during the match which we can improve on, am confident that we will make it to the semi final stage. And for those criticizing our team please it’s better we criticize constructively, we might not know better than the coach who see the players at close quarters even if with think he makes mistakes it shouldn’t necessitate abuses, he is still human like us. For now let’s enjoy the victory and hope for more. # soar super eagles

  • 9jaVision 5 years ago

    Great game! Best outcome for those of a Nigerian persuasion. Team has not let us down, onwards and upwards. Up 9ja!!
    Personally, I would prefer to meet Egypt next as there is something (i don’t know if it’s a complex or bullying) but whatever it is, it seems like those bafanas have 9js’s number and until we have a coach who will match fire with the fire they always bring to matches against Nigeria, then I will always want to avoid them, however I also realise that we cannot avoid them forever and must meet in every competition we are both involved in and so with that in mind, then my choice is to meet them in the final if they can get there which I very much doubt as I think Egypt do not have that same problem and I feel like they will beat SA, because at the end of the day, they are not very good at all, they just have our number!

  • Mr.Naija D 5 years ago

    Hello Mr Garre please I don’t know how u watch ur own football, and it’s crystal clear that Ron ur write up u may never really had played football yourself cos I don’t understand what u mean by this team ‘Won by Luck’ a Team that almost won by a possible 5 goal margin had a game high Six Shots on Target_ misplaced passes and little errors has always been part of the game in the national rams camp 4 some running now so data up with the “Nigerian Attribute”
    Pls the Team won Convincingly with three well Tailored goals especially d last one even Barcelona can ID with that. The boys deserve the respect and accolade,they will learn hopefully. 1-Down 3 to go Fate Willing
    Enjoy d moment-Hope 4 better days.
    If u know u know
    Up Naija joor!!!!!

  • Please give the the whole team a pat on the back… the criticism @this stage should be constructive not destructive…CONGRATS EVERYONE…
    Ayphillydegreat, Drey Greenturf & Deo I dey with you guys…
    Omo9ja and the others we thank una for waking us up

  • Mr.Naija D 5 years ago

    Hello Mr Garre please I don’t know how u watch ur own football, and it’s crystal clear that from ur write up u may never really had played football yourself cos I don’t understand what u mean by this team ‘Won by Luck’ a Team that almost won by a possible 5 goal margin had a game high Six Shots on Target_ misplaced passes and little errors has always been part of the game in the national teams camp 4 some years running now so watx up with the “Nigerian Attribute”
    Pls the Team won Convincingly with three well Tailored goals especially d last one even Barcelona can ID with that. The boys deserve the respect and accolade,they will learn hopefully. 1-Down 3 to go Fate Willing
    Enjoy d moment-Hope 4 better days.
    If u know u know
    Up Naija joor!!!!!

  • Mr Hush 5 years ago

    Well done Super Eagles..
    It is another great day to be Nigerian..

  • @femi sebi u called the coach bastard just on this thread? Why did u change near and congratulate the team? God has exposed u and your like @ omo9ja,Edoman,josh,igo nwize etc Well, let me offer my sincere congratulations to the players,technical team lead by GR,and the patriotic fans like Dr Frey, sunnyb, deo etc….

  • Lord AMO 5 years ago

    I enjoyed seeing Kanu celebrate the game winning goal.  The boys tried as this match wasn’t easy by any stretch.  Rest up and get ready for the next battle.  Well done to Ekong, ndidi and ighalo.  Musa tried too, he gave what he has, we know his limitations.  The game was running by Iwobi but his main contribution was immense.  Also want to commend Omeruo for shaking off his horrendous first half to play a solid second half.

  • Alamin 5 years ago

    oya clear road for me cos my boys don win and qualify to d next round. up super eagles! up super eagles!! up super eagles!!!
    they started well but relax after scoring and letting the Cameroon take the lead by 2-1 b4 the break. but our dear eagles bounce back to show they meant business and not ready to come back to Nija. what a good comeback against a well organized team and defending champion 3-2 and a good performance too abeg super eagles ona do wella. viewing center go weird after iwobi’s well finish and final whistle. onto the next match guys, we fight till the end u gat me and understanding fans at yr back. up super eagles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  • 9jaVision 5 years ago

    Egypt have made the biggest mistake of their lives by doing exactly what that dirty bafana team wants them to do, they’ve allowed those dirty ragamuffin bafanas to drag them down and they are playing that kind of game that the bafana wants and is very good at, dirty, fighting nasty intimidation tactics and it’s such a shame that nobody could have told them to watch out for this, somebody should have understood their opponents and if they’d had somebody in their team management with the knowledge and information about this dirty team then I am convinced that they would have beaten this dirty bafana bafana, what a shame, well lets hope that someone else gets rid of that nasty team from this tournament and if they don’t then we’ll just have to do so ourselves! Lets just hope that someone brings Rohr and his team up to speed with this crucial info on the dirty bafanas!

    • Lord AMO 5 years ago

      In truth SA played a more beautiful brand of football compared to egypt. Their victory was very well deserved.  On the balance of play, they were the better team

      • 9jaVision 5 years ago

        with respect, I disagree, that’s not what I saw in the game i watched, there was at least one blatant red card which everyone saw and even the commentators mentioned that it should have been a red card for the bafana player which was not even booked by the ref, there were numerous after/off the ball incidents where the Egyptian players were stamped on, and rough handled variously I am surprised at your comment to be fair because I am just being objective based on what I saw and I would recommend that you watch that game again. There was absolutely nothing beautiful about the football they played, in fact the exact opposite was the case. But we are all entitled to our own opinions and that I cannot argue about.

  • It’s Nigeria vs Rsa

  • Proudly 9ja 5 years ago

    see Egypt out. All the shouting about meeting Egypt was premature.

  • Ndubuisi 5 years ago

    Game over, mission accomplished Egypt is out I predicted it here that they will not win the cup at home. Dey don the go one by one. The road to finals is getting clearer. Congrats to South Africa you have completed my Super Saturday.

  • Ayphillydegreat 5 years ago

    Ok even if we beat Cameroon we still have to face Egypt in the quarter final.. LEEEMAOO!!! How market na???? I said it how are they sure Egypt will beat South Africa. South Africa don send una Egypt back to the pyramids.. it is SuperEagles vs Bafana Bafana… oya bring on Moh Salah. Football no be mouth. 

  • Xhuxhu 5 years ago

    I am so happy today..Rohr proved me, one of his doubters wrong..Motivating those boys to come back strong in the second half was something of Super coaching..
    I also feel we should do more in defense and goalkeeping, those two Cameroon goals were all due to lack of concerntration.

    • Danurch 5 years ago

      @Xhuxhu.Now you are talking. Let’s criticize constructively, support the team and celebrate their success. Welcome on board bro.

  • Alamin 5 years ago

    the other side of my post, we all don see say no team they unbeatable even Egypt (host) with their fans support them see lose. when we lost against Madagascar many people were calling for the team and coach head(not that they did well against mada “kini” as someone said) but let criticize well and understand they are humans though our coach is a strong headed man(am sorry for using that word).
    so pls and pls some of us that are cursing the so labelled “Rohr haters” I don’t think they are all hater, sincerely they want the best for their country but the way many of them go about their opinions is too farfetched. at least Mr Omo 9ja wish d team well up there in his post”the fountain of knowledge and the great foreteller” Lolz.
    but one problem that most of them have is that any small thing like this them go don dey swear for d coach and to be honest with our self’s is it rohr’s fault that we conceded two goals after leading “NO” it d defenders who leave the helpless goalkeeper to face is warrant. though we all know that is one of rohr’s fault is in the goalkeeping area whereby most of us prefer Ezenwa and nobody no go vex truly if him watch wetin happen after 1-0 lead but we shud understand that we are playing well b4 we conceded 2 and it only half time so let mind our mouth u can see those fans that understand rather wait on till d end b4 commenting and they laf last.
    pls let just bury that one and not spoil the joy of today.
    nice one from our boiz. up up up super eagles!!!!!!!!!!.

  • Ololo 5 years ago

    Let’s commend this team.. Anyone still criticizing at this level is not being fair.. Marroco and Egypt two fire powers in African football have been eliminated. This is African soccer you don’t expect tiki taka here if you don’t want injuries..
    This players played well ,the match was tough for them. Cameroon are really a physical side, I won’t be surprised if I read a player got another swollen knee.. Etebo would be lucky if he survives that tackle..
    Nobody is talking about awaziem I was shocked to see him cross the ball so well this time.. Apart from the cross that lead to the first goal, hardly any serious play by the cameroonians went passed his right side so solid.. He has won the right side for now.. Aino wasnt so strong today he couldn’t cope with the physical play from the Cameroonian.. Wish them well in their next game

  • Alamin 5 years ago

    And the final part. Abeg to those saying the coach no good shey ona don they witness am na abi. though we all know that rohr is a strong head man(am sorry for using that word once again) we all still wondering why Henry and Oshimhen is yet to play and gambling Akpeye for match, he gets some things wrong but no coach is without mistake and we all know he does some mistakes almost persistently (even his supporter know) but that doesn’t make him a poor coach.
    but we will support wetin we get abi ona won take up his post. though he might not be that much attacking minded coach some of us want but is he is doing good.
    -he has won more than 55% of his game
    – qualify us for world cup, afcon and round of 16 with a game to spare
    – form this formidable team that d bench is almost good as d first eleven and so on. I think Dr drey had given more than enough of his achievement.
    and truly if we are to score him overall we will score him more than 55% so far, SO IS THAT NOT MORE THAM PASS MARK so I think he is doing good so let not just turn to haters unnecessarily even to d extent of cursing the elder man.
    that is what the NFF give us we will support him and I urge some people to take it eazy on the coach cos whether we all like it or not he will leave one day so don’t disturb too much and support the coach if not, well everybody with his own opinion.
    Mr Rohr has done a good job for this team not basically on today’s achievement but long time ago. ride on our dear coach onto d next level eagles up up up super eagles!!!!!!!!!
    (I shud have posted earlier but not 2 late)

    • Danurch 5 years ago

      Alamin, you have made my night. Go Eagles, Go Tohr!!!!!!!

  • Ololo 5 years ago

    Awaziem who I thought wouldn’t even make the final 23 list playing so well.. Rohn was right dropping semi Ajayi he is not a physical player..

  • Danurch 5 years ago

    That is the spirit bro. Congrats to all right thinking and constructive critics and supporters of Rohr and the Eagles here. It’s one step at a time. All destructive critics of Rohr and his team on this platform shall eat shame till the end of the tournament.

  • Omo9ja 5 years ago

    Thank God we won. The team deserves to celebrate. A huge Congratulation to the Super Eagles team. I congratulate you my lovely coach, a.k.a Oga Rohr.

    That aside, I didn’t watch the match but just finished watching the highlights.

    Based on what I saw so far, lets celebrate small and be careful. Let’s put that Cameroon name somewhere for now and let us analyze indomitable team.

    The team Nigeria played today wasn’t solid enough.

    The team we played today was average without a game plan.

    I will name three average teams now.
    No1, Nigeria
    No2, Cameroon
    No3, Egypt

    Nigerian team, coach is their problem. No game plan which will be a big problem as the tournament progresses.

    Cameroonian team, a team without vision and game plan as well.

    Egypt, full of stars but not good as a team.

    I’m so happy that we are not going to play against the host nation. At the same time, I’m afraid that we are going to face South Africa.

    If you truly know football, Super Eagles are far below the South African standard based on their performances today.

    Can we beat South Africa? Absolutely yes we can but it won’t be easy ooo.

    If Nigeria fails to win this year Afcon, Nigerians should blame Oga Rohr for it.

    Akpeyi have nothing to do with Super Eagles. Ezenwa should man the post from now on.

    What is happening to Osimeh and Onyekuru?

    The coach said they are not ready yet but forgetting that these players have have been training hard every day.

    They haven’t kicked the ball in this tournament and you are expecting them not to reacts? Are they not human like coach Rohr?

    For me, we only played one match in this tournament which was against Madagascar. We are going to see what I’m talking about against South Africa if the coach refuse to change his attitude.

    As a Nigerian, I am happy seeing my beloved Super Eagles sending the defending champion out of the tournament. Kudos guys.

    You know what I’m talking about my people. Ask yourselves, are we really playing as team? YES OR NO?

    go and watch South Africa match against Egypt and tell me, do we have a team yet? Is the a world cup team?

    Are we enjoying watching our team playing in this year tournament so far?

    Are we confident enough on this coach?
    I repeat, we can beat South Africa but can this coach achieve that? If yes, how? With Akpeyi and without Onyekuru, Osemeh and co? Without a game plan?

    Chukwueze deserves more than what he is getting now. Samething applies to Osemeh and Onyekuru.

    I am happy we are winning now but when it’s matter most, can we scale through? We are very lucky so far but for how long?

    Just think very carefully before you talk. Come on Nigerians, can’t you see ni? Winning the tournament is sweet but are you enjoying watching Super Eagles matches so far as a solid team?

    At this moment, do you know your first eleven? These are the things we have to think about and be sincere with ourselves before it’s late.

    Once again, Congratulations coach Rohr and Super Eagles. Congratulations Nigeria. We should remain humbled oo. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Olawale 5 years ago

      Hello omo9ja.. I read alot of your comment on this forum and most are bias.. Can I ask, have you ever coach any team or did you play football when you where young? If yes, which team did you coach or play for? You just don’t criticize cause you didn’t see a player of your choice in the team.. Rohr might lack in his tactics but he is doing his work with all his heart to make this team great and not for just a year but years to come. All he need is support and a good technical adviser

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