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Live Blogging: Nigeria vs Cape Verde, 2022 FIFA World Cup Qualifier

Live Blogging: Nigeria vs Cape Verde, 2022 FIFA World Cup  Qualifier

Completesports.com’s Live Blogging of 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifier between the Super Eagles of Nigeria and the Blue Sharks of Liberia at the Teslim Balogun Stadium, Lagos.

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  • JimmyBall 3 years ago

    Nothing the happen… we dey here!

  • Patrator 3 years ago


  • I dey here dey wait o, umu nnem I salute all of una.

  • TALK UR OWN 3 years ago


    • Supatemmy 3 years ago

      You and your mumu betting people has Nothing on the eagles, okoto like you.

    • Supatemmy 3 years ago

      How e be mumu boy, Super eagles are 1 goal up…. e pain am…. ahahahaha

  • MONKEY POST 3 years ago

    Line up pls???

  • MONKEY POST 3 years ago

    Ok seen. My phone was acting up

  • Please where can i watch this match

  • Ndubest 3 years ago

    Link pls

  • Proudly 9ja 3 years ago

    Goal #1 by osimen

  • Bobo Colorado Springs 3 years ago

    Goaaal for Nigeria. OSIMHEN.

  • Goooooooollll!!! Star boy Osibobo

  • Chief Thomas Adeboye HRH 3 years ago

    CSN, I no fit talk. Ok, I thinks you goingna give us minute to minute discussion on the wordpress today, darling S.Eagles playing. Now I say congratulations for engagement as we all chat in serenity for everybody now rush comments for going forward. That na the important aspect of a successful live blog, readers are engaged, they will read to discuss… Is Odion or Osimhen open score is a goaaaaal? Or penality gpaass Or is Balogun who in teslim will come from 18yards to net the winner. Sura will come from stadium then we write more, I watch tv now, see u

    • This chief, you be winch. Before you landed, Osimhen score your is a goooaaaàaa!

  • Ayphillydegreat 3 years ago

    Goallllllllllllllllllllllll!!!!!! Yes it’s the SuperEaglesssssss. Oluwa ṣa ma sin wa lọọọọọọ

  • Bobo Colorado Springs 3 years ago

    Goal for Cape verde!!

  • Proudly 9ja 3 years ago

    Equalizer for cape verde. Ekong na wa ooo

    • How can you throw away a one goal lead inba match like this and against who? Caoe Verde!!! Calamitious errors from the almighty ekong..

      • Emenco 3 years ago

        What a shame! What a shamblic display. If we can’t beat CV, I wonder who we can beat in the next round.

  • Ayphillydegreat 3 years ago

    This Ekong I’m afraid men. Anyway it’s still early

  • Una don dey see am, The players Rohr bring as experience is missing from the game, the youngstars are peforming and the baskets i.e moses simon we have been begging rohr to drop is flopping tell me would dennis or lookman not have been a better option?

    • Michel 3 years ago

      Igalo is just minus one ,I’m glad everybody is seeing it now,ekong and Simon should be dropped from this team plz

  • onwajunior 3 years ago

    Not just Ekong, Simon Moses has been one of the liabilities in the team. Anyway, if they lose we go watch world cup without them. We are kinda used to under-performance at the WC

  • Footballfanatic 3 years ago

    How the hell do you not hold on to a lead in such a crucial match…. Well no shaking

  • Proudly 9ja 3 years ago

    Why in God’s name is Moses Simon our setpiece taker. Ekong and awaziem should just stop all this long balls. Put the ball on the ground and tap better leatger

  • Nigeria’s hope is on Victor Osimhen and Ndidi whoever doesn’t like what am saying. Oya go and chop grass

    • I DEY SHAME 3 years ago


  • onwajunior 3 years ago

    Osimhen is dying to go to the World Cup. Moses and others are just crazy!

  • Sammy 3 years ago

    Ekong has lost form so bad it is unbelievable…

  • Proudly 9ja 3 years ago

    Ekong oooooo lpl u no go kee person. Abeg after the WC Ekong and Balogun should promptly give way for more athletic players

  • onwajunior 3 years ago

    I’ve seen CV’s gamelan, Counter-attack

  • Proudly 9ja 3 years ago

    Awoniyi no go lago like dat oooo lol

  • This team sha, seems it’s only osimhen that need this World Cup ticket, the rest just playing rubbish.

  • pompei 3 years ago

    We are playing with fire. The longer the score remains like this, the more Cape Verde will believe.

  • Solomon 3 years ago

    Eagles must play with care as what is important is qualification. So far, so good.

  • onwajunior 3 years ago

    Cape Verde’s goalkeeper has made some great saves. Wonder whether Okoye has ever save any goal threatening ball? It seems like any goal threat results in a goal, then we start blaming the defence.

    • Steve 3 years ago

      You are on point my brother, Okoye is a minus , he has never served us in any goal bound situation since he took over the number one position!!

      • Guy you need to stop putting Okoye down and allow him develop just like we did for Enyeama. We know he’s not yet the finished product but give him time pls.

  • CharSay 3 years ago

    They were cautious though very hungry for goals. Maybe Iwobi needs to give way for Ejuke.

  • Proudly 9ja 3 years ago

    1st half is over. We are creating chances but the keeper from cape verde is thwarting all our efforts. We need to come out 2nd half and kill d game quickly otherwise hmmm

  • Watching this game, I cannot but ask if Osimhen and Ndidi are the only players that are on the field for Nigeria

  • Footballfanatic 3 years ago

    My verdict on this first half is that we played better than the last game, more chances were created but Troost Ekong is giving me a panic attack…. Moses Simon doing better but can do more than what he is doing and Osimhen, Awaziem and Ndidi standout. That defence line needs to be changed going forward we need fast and young players Balogun and Ekong are not what they were in 2018/2019 but so far they are doing alright if we can keep it like this and get a goal..

  • One shot on goal from Cape VErde one goal.

    This okoye go chop goals if he goes to World cup

  • Can u imagine… please what is ighalo doing in this game…. Nigeria is something else… corruption everywhere..no technicality no physicality…he is offering nothing

    • Ighalo can’t play in this formation. He plays well in a lone striker formation. But Rohr is using 2 strikers and Ighalo can’t fit into this kind of pattern

      • Patrator 3 years ago

        Lol… This excuse is null and void

        You mean someone who can’t do well when being assisted will do well when left alone to do the job.. U sef reason am.

    • Chinenye 3 years ago

      That last player to arrive camp even when he’s invitation is controversial. Invited at the expense of younger inform players and who want to expect Mbappe-like performance from him?

      Zlantan with bigger profile didn’t arrive late to his country’s camp, same as Ronaldo, Messi, Harry Kane I could go on and on

      Nigeria once again proves there she’s a scalar quantity

  • Kinesis 3 years ago

    @JimmyBall has always said it that this Ekong guy is suspect. He was just ball watching on the CV goal

  • Larry 3 years ago

    Ighalo and Ekong are below par in this match. At least Awo shot was stopped om the line and we all say his attacking moves in the 45 mins he played. He didn’t Lago or miss a free header. There is a difference between scoring in Bundesliga/Europe and Saudi.
    Dumbo Roar you desewrve a hot slap.

  • David bright 3 years ago

    Ekong self. And he is the captain. Collins also is missing in terms of defending plus Simon. Must this coach start Collins ahead of Sanusi? Anyways let see what happens in second half

    • I think we should also take a critical accessment of some of our players.

      Is this team not truly being infested with players of average or little below average quality.

      I think rohr should disband the oyinbo wall and build it with another set of players.

      If we eventually qualify for world cup, I know our performance in afcon will determine a lot off things.

  • JimmyBall 3 years ago

    I wont comment again until the game is over… I have been warning that Ekong is completely not Suoer Eagles quality… he is just enjoying unmeritted favour just for being a halfcaste… I swear to God… that is all. He is not up to the level of SE and definitely not a better player comared to even Umeruo and why cant Akpoguma replace Ekong in the starting lineup… why must Coach Rohr be scared of benching Ekong? Our coach is just a stooge…

  • It’s possible today isn’t Okoye’s day. He is responsible for that goal. Fair and good we did well, atleast kept Cape Verde I’m their half for 70minutes. Let’s sit back for the second stanza

  • pompei 3 years ago

    Algeria 1 Burkina Faso 1 at half time.
    No be only Nigeria dey sweat today, lol.
    Onyeka should be subbed in for Aribo in the second half. Ndidi needs the help. It will also allow Iwobi to push forward more. Etebo would have been great for this game. But Onyeka will do just fine.

  • Larry 3 years ago

    Asking Onyeka to come in for impressive Aribo shows how delusional or bias some people are.
    Why not Iwobi ?
    Aribo has the most attempts on goal..

    • Sunny 3 years ago

      Don’t mind these unabashedly biased people. I have always maintained that a lot of people here are bunch of bigots. They just hate to see a player from the South West there on the pitch representing Nigeria. I said it! It was conspicuous that Aribo did very well in the first half and here we have this guy here picking on him. The last time I mentioned this bias, people were up in arms condemning me.
      Here you go.

  • onwajunior 3 years ago

    Ighalo’s confidence right now is at an all time low…lol.He’ll be saying in his mind “who send me come back now?”. I don’t think he’ll make any impact in the game as he’s mindset is f**ked at the moment after those misses.

  • It’s just the same story.

    Rohr’s senseless trust innold brigade. Look at that from ekong. He also senselessly headed tge ball to the corner that resulted in a goal.

    This is my problem with rohr…drop underperforming players and bring in others. School boy errors from ekong again. Remember the Cameroon friendly?

    I also wonder the loyalty to Aribo. Why not put him on bench for once. He is struggling . Maybe the load of that number 10 is too much for him. Put him on the bench. I believe abdullai will do better than Aribo..

    Rohr is too rigid and his loyalty is suspect.

    Another shocker we should expect is he will not make any changes till the 80th minutes. Then he will bring Musa in.

    So onuachu, and chukwueze etc are just here on holiday.

    Well I am hopeful we can just grind out a win. I hope so.

  • Abdul Handsy 3 years ago

    Wallahi I had never believed in troost Ekong all my life and he has just confirmed to me that he’s not good for super eagles…

    But I always wonder that what I am seeing so glaring like this why is it that coach ain’t seeing my guys…
    How can a whole premiership player did…. Na fear fear Ekong!

    Remember guys! Meaningless corner conceded most at times result to goals and I said it before they scored and equalized us…

    Second half! Pls smile on me o..

  • Ayphillydegreat 3 years ago

    I really don’t see what Ighalo brings to this team I’m afraid. He has missed 2 good goal scoring chances that I’m sure Kelechi will not miss. He’s not mobile at all anymore. I hope I’m wrong that he takes one of this chances in the second half. Simon has been a liability to this team. Ekong seems like a time bomb waiting to explode. We may well need another number better than Aribo though he’s not playing his preferred position on the right side of attack like he does for Rangers. The rest are not doing badly as we are creating chances upon chances. We just have to take them otherwise this Cape Verde team are a very dangerous side that can wreck havoc. This are just my candid observations wishing the SuperEagles all the best in the second half.

    • C’mon, Ighalo with 4 defenders at a go wasn’t expected to do otherwise, I know there’s need for improvement but they have all tried. Ighalo did very well

      • #Stan, it is not our business that the “static” Ighalo could not perturb the Cape Verde defenders even if he was surrounded by the 11 players its inconsequential. Go and check how Osimhen has always been policed in our matches lately and even in club side yet he still give them serious headache plus big trouble and even score goals. Ighalo could not head in the fine cross from Osimhen yet you claim he was policed.

        By the way, was Ighalo expecting Victor to gift him that ball for a cheap goal at the 1 minute of play? No way nah, Ighalo should hustle for his goals as Osimhen equally need goals for his career profile. Nonsense!!!

        Did the ineptitude Gernot Rohr give Awoniyi sufficient time as he gave Ighalo? Go and check that match again…. Awoniyi was more mobile, hungry, gallant, and almost scored but for the fine defending from the opponent.
        Clueless Coach Rohr (Gather and Play gaffer).

  • pompei 3 years ago

    Aribo has tried. But the way the game is going, we can’t afford 2 AMs. Iwobi or Aribo need to be subbed. And I would rather have Iwobi in there.
    Ndidi is on a yellow card. Onyeka will help take some pressure of him.

    • Charles 3 years ago

      I like this coach but he needs to go, he can’t select proper team and he doesn’t make good changes, it seems they are telling him what to do and who to use, good coach will trash this people 4:0 with the quality of players we have. This is total Rubbish

  • John-I 3 years ago

    Someone said Ekong is better than Kenneth Omeruo lol. No wonder Buhari is the president of Nigeria and Gumi the commander of Bandits!

  • pompei 3 years ago

    So I’m delusional because you disagree with me, abi?
    Hahahaha! Clown.

  • Footballfanatic 3 years ago

    We have to be careful in this second half. Cape Verde all through the qualifiers always come back from behind. I hope Rohr will understand to close the game at the ending stage if we can’t score goals to win.

  • Sunnyb 3 years ago

    I think is better for them not to qualify, Pinnick and is brothers are happy now, and to Rohr’s blind supporters, patriotism is not about for following wrong General to war.

  • Greenturf 3 years ago

    Eagles are playing well but the goal keeps getting thwarted and the longer this happens may prove costly because this Cape Verde might not be as generous or kind as the super eagles.
    The only chance that came there way was converted and our keeper does not make wonder saves I’m afraid.
    To slow down tension we have to score at least two goals in the second half.
    Ighalo has been away from the team a longtime he will come good he’s not playing badly rather a bit unlucky but hopefully better luck in the second half.He has presence you could feel it the Cape Verde defenders knows they have a deadly striker to stop and this has led to a bit of anxiety coming from the Cape Verde defence.
    Ekong was to blame for the goal.He shouldn’t have let the ball to go out for a corner kick which resulted to the goal conceded and he gave away a dangerous ball that would have had us two goals behind.Ekong needs to sit up!

  • pompei 3 years ago

    The way the game is going now suits Cape Verde.

  • Chief Thomas Adeboye HRH 3 years ago

    They will break your leg Eagles becareful, na 1 point gum you that is ok, No rush.

  • All this idea of blaming players for a mistake or loss of form is not good. Can Portugal be blaming their goalkeeper for howler against Serbia. Haba make u na calm downnnnnnnn…..

    • Should Nigeria settle for less because countries like Portugal and Italy are still fighting to qualify. Why should we always settle for less? Or is it a crime to call out a mediocre display?

  • Bolade Anjorin 3 years ago

    Good football SE, Blue Sharks didn’t come to count lagos bridge either.

  • Proudly 9ja 3 years ago

    How many times has the commentator called ighalo’s name in this game. As an experienced player he should be imposing himself and using his wealth of experience but he is just a passenger. Aribo needs to be showing up when jamilu is about to throw d ball, he strolls nonchalantly. We need to shoot more not this trying to pass the ball into d net as if we are barca

  • Proudly 9ja 3 years ago

    GR please since Moses is hurt bring in chukwueze and push awaziem to rb biko

  • onwajunior 3 years ago

    CV’s coach is injecting fresh bloods, ours is chilling.

  • At least they are not playing a kick and follow today abi is it boring

  • At least they are not playing a kick and follow today abi is it boring lol?

  • Proudly 9ja 3 years ago

    What is d point of bringing in shehu for crying out loud. Too defensive is GR

  • We need to start telling ourselves the pure truth. Nigeria playing like this is way back to what an average team should offer it fans. What is happening to this team? There’s no cohesion, can’t hold on to possession just for 1 minute. This is not fair o. Is this what we are going to play at the world cup. Whatever the problems, can’t the NFF profer solution? If nah to change the technical team, pls do, if nah to genuinely select quality players, pls do, I’m tired of all these nonsense. Can’t we watch our team with belief and trust ? But definitely not with this present team.

    • Charles 3 years ago

      I like this coach but he needs to go, he can’t select proper team and he doesn’t make good changes, it seems they are telling him what to do and who to use, good coach will trash this people 4:0 with the quality of players we have. This is total Rubbish

      • Na now you see say dem dey whisper substitution for him ear?

        I have been suspecting that for long.

      • Greenturf 3 years ago

        Na the coach go enter pitch score?The players missed chances even the commentator said they should be 4 goals up right in the first half.


  • Ndubest 3 years ago

    I pray we survive this today tension is killing me here. This guys want to score us. What is happening to our football. We have gone very low any team can beat us

  • See CapeVerde playing with purpose. I will not be surprised if they add to their tally. Aside Osimhen, these guys aren’t playing like they really want to be at the world cup.
    Sooo disjointed going forward.

  • pompei 3 years ago

    CV are drawing us in, so they can hit us o the counter.
    We should resist the temptation to commit too many men forward!

  • Proudly 9ja 3 years ago

    Ndidi and onyeka just needs to sit back as balogun has no speed neither does Collins. All these setpieces we are conceding is not good ooo.

  • Ndubest 3 years ago

    Sack Rohr immediately after this match. This is unbelievable

  • Jesus! Why remove osimhen? What is Iwobi still doing there? He’s tired. God please help us oooo

    • Today Nigeria escaped, and left many fans with suspense and raised B.Pressure.
      Thanks SE for torturing Nigerians who are still crying from bad government, Economic hardship, insecurities, many uncaring religious and Traditional leaders.
      At times love for this Team is not Enough, A biased system still nourished by business as usual. G.R is only an actor, the real movie makers are behind the scenes doing things wrongly and lopsidedly …. According to Ben Morris Bruce,”I JUST WANT TO MAKE COMMON SENSE”.

  • I DEY SHAME 3 years ago


  • Footballfanatic 3 years ago

    Congrats Nigeria and Congrats to the Super Eagles but respectfully, I will not be watching the play offs no matter who we are paired with. My blood pressure was so high I can’t let Naija match kill me for my family…God bless everyone

    • Respect is Reciprocal 3 years ago

      Same goes to me I won’t have the confidence and courage to watch the remaining natches

  • chuks haifa 3 years ago

    No motivation from our players.

  • Felix 3 years ago

    Rohr is here to destroy the Super Eagles

  • Footballfanatic 3 years ago

    Even the commentator said not quite impressive but the point will do for Nigeria. Paul and Iheanacho if brought in earlier would have ruined our game. Nonsense. 2 sluggish strikers for a high tempo game which is not over till the whistle sounds….. na wa ohh. You will expect to bring like Chukwueze who can run them and curtail them from going forward. A well polished team will finnish us off in the dying minutes..

  • ,Rohr is a disaster.

  • Koffi Adarbraka 3 years ago

    Congrats Coach Rohr! Congratulations the Super Eagles of Nigeria. Welcoming you as you join my country to represent West Africa in the second round. You all did very well. Isa West African brotherman, on marble, we Osimhen Fan Club

  • I don’t think I’ve been tensed with an SE match. Wow! Please respect Cape Verde, they may have arrived the scene late, but they’re a top, top team. They’ve beaten SA and Cameroun away before and we are still not very familiar with them. Just the 3rd meeting.

  • wrong substitutions. wrong time.

    If it’s this same coaching crew that will take Super Eagles to nations cup and world cup, I advise people with high blood pressure to stay away from the two coming competitions.

    • pompei 3 years ago

      Hahahahaha! Una no go kee person with laff with these comments ooo!
      I dey feel una pain. Tension wan kee person today. The last 10 mins was unbearable. Nigeria living extremely dangerously.
      Rohr has set a table in front of his critics.

  • cantona 3 years ago

    The biggest problem in this team is the lack of creative midfielders and the defenders just looping the ball forward.

  • Bolade Anjorin 3 years ago

    Thank God there was no injuries mostly on Osimhen. We needed a point and got it @Koffi are you in the country or in Lane E46, Nkrumah?

  • Footballfanatic 3 years ago

    I think the Litmus test for Rohr should be the Nations Cup. If he performs badly then I will support his sack. If after 2 nations cup 1 Worldcup and 5 years in charge isn’t enough then we might as well gamble a new coach B4 the Worldcup which is in Dec If we qualify for the WC. Onuachu doesn’t even deserve a place ahead of Awoniyi…

    • Solomon 3 years ago

      Leave Onuachu alone, they are tried.

      • Footballfanatic 3 years ago

        Are you crazy???? They tried abi tired? Which one are you saying? Onuachu came on in like the 87th minute and played rubbish same for Iheanacho

        • They did not talk about boring football today but why the coach didn’t use or substituted certain players in.. @ Dr Bank aren’t see that Oshimen has tired there was a point he has to bend down gnashing for breath before a corner kick was taken. That substitution was just a time wasten. Sincerely a lot need to be done but I belief and the coaching crews will addres that hopefully eagles will secure one of the slots come match

  • David bright 3 years ago

    The Nigerian worst coach with talented crop of players. Clueless and tactically inept. A coach that is bereft of ideas of what to do and when to do them. Is this how football is played and players coached? I think this man should just go because there is no sense of coordination amongst his players. We were just lucky today because we couldn’t even complete a minute pass without being dispossessed.

  • 1. Well we thank God for the point.
    2. This just goes to show that rohr I not really that good for us.
    3. Then the players too. Why are they losing chances.

    4. I have said it ighalo is not a Ronaldo or even an aghahowa. Ighalo only can be anonymous in a match. Ighalo can lose many golas in a match but score one beautiful One. it’s not worth tge stress to force him back.

    I hope you can get Umar sodiq and dessers and awoniyi to have more ootiins in attack.

    Fans let us watch the match but don’t expect anything.

    We are drawing Mali.

  • Rohr must keep these fighters together, groom them since there is room for improvement. Up Eagles

  • Great game boys, you deserve some rest. Good luck.

  • Walking 3 years ago

    Make we talk true abeg.

    Rohr is a useless coach.
    Substituted Simon for Shehu, who does that?
    You brought in two lazy ass players to put pressure on the Cape verdian defenders, who does that?

    Ah ah..
    Awaziem has improved and should take Ekong’ place.
    Iwobi, needs to step up and take up responsibilities.
    Ighalo was in no way a threat.

    Iheanacho is a lazy player.

    Technically we are behind

    • Oga no use laff kee me abeg…

      Spot on bro, and hilariously so. I have never seen a coach with such retarded intuition as this…

      Lack of dynamism in any kind of venture is a telltale sign of a certain loathsome lifelessness in the system. This typifies Gernot Rohr.

      Always ‘playing it safe’.

      And journalists and commentators are really doing our football good service with the way they gloss over the situation…”Rohr likes to stick with his tested and trusted”

      What a sickass lazy coach. The Nigerian national team is a notch above his coaching acumen.

  • Ayphillydegreat 3 years ago

    Well congratulations to the SuperEagles for not giving us HBP today. In fact I’m sure some fans are looking for their HBP drugs to calm their nerves by now lol!! By the way we played against a very solid team in Cape Verde. They defeated Cameroon in Cameroon so the result today is all that really matters. SuperEagles under Rohr wins on the road but struggles at home especially in this WorldCup qualifiers. I like the changes he made by bringing in Onyeka for Aribo. Aribo to be honest is struggling to cope with African football. He may not a real threat for us in Cameroon as we now focus on the AFCON. Jamilu is not better than Zaidu especially as a wing back. Ekong struggles with long balls but the truth is we don’t have better defenders and Akpoguma is more of a right back. Omeruo is not even playing regularly for Leganes in the Segunda so the best we have is still Ekong and Balogun. They just have to sit up and the search for an actual number 10 continues. The main issue with this team is a daring attacking midfielder who is not afraid to take on opponents like the great JayJay does well. Our search continues in that regard. That’s the only thing that can give this team an identity.

  • Greenturf 3 years ago

    Onuachu’s introduction killed our attack.We don’t need lethargic and uninspiring Onuachu in the super eagles!

    • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 3 years ago

      Only Onuachu? So for you Iheanacho was great when he came on abi?

    • That’s wrong bro. It’s the emptiness of the coach that is causing all these…

      A good coach should fully know the uniqueness (strengths and weaknesses) of any player he invites to the SE, and such a coach will definitely be prepared to play to the strengths of such a player.

      Conclusion: Rohr is downright empty.

  • GLORY 3 years ago

    Playing 3.5.2 with defenders not very quick off their feet will always make SE concede goals, will always stiffen our midfield and render our attackers useless. Osimene, Ndidi,Iwobi n Aribo used the energy needed for a full tournament to get this draw against CV simply because of this very unprogressive 3.5.2 system. We all have to just thank God cos we just escaped been knocked outta d world cup by a whisker.

    • Energy for a whole tournament? Lmao…

      Not far from the truth though? It just goes to show that CV came with fire today.

  • Empire 3 years ago

    Rohr has to go.. he is not a coach, Amunike, Saisai, Enyama should take over this team …

  • JimmyBall 3 years ago

    I just want to be honest… I would have loved not to watch this match and only hear the scores win or lose for Nigeria… my heart was pounding abnormally I became dizzy to God who made me… for over 27years since Nigeria vs Italy in USA 1994 second round knockout… my heart has never raced like this! Cape Verde are a fearless team and with that strong portuguese culture with lots of them born abroad… they dont ever feel inferior when playing any African side… what saved us was that lucky win we had in their backyard… our team is not any level above the Cape Verde team at all and their coach looked like an ex-international who must have played in Europe… he was confident and calculated making quick and early changes to intimidate us in our own backyard… I pray God Rohr is paid his outstanding allowances owed him and seeverance package so that he can go please… our coach evident lack of knowledge on what to do making changes so late in an energy sapping encounter was even adding to my fever-pitch tension… Nigerians… I ask us… dont we deserve better than Gernot Rohr? Why invite Samuel Chukwueze at all in the first place? Why sit Ejuke who could helped us with some trickery that will worry the Cape Verde team to some extent? Rohr would have just completed his mumuness by caping an idotic coaching outing with bringing on an Ahmed Musa even… hahahaha! Nigeria Super Eagles… jagajaga jallopy untop Gernot Quack Rohr hand… it is well! I wont be watching the last playoff… I cannot come and kee myself! Some diehard Rohrnatics will come what happened today game plan even… hahaha! I no fit laugh!!!

    • Footballfanatic 3 years ago

      Lmaooooooooooooooooooo my guy said pounding abnormally

    • “I just want to be honest… I would have loved not to watch this match and only hear the scores win or lose for Nigeria… my heart was pounding abnormally I became dizzy to God who made me… for over 27years since Nigeria vs Italy in USA 1994 second round knockout… my heart has never raced like this!…” ___Jimmyball.

      Capital lie…

      In 2000 afcon final against Cameron your hrt didn’t race right? Yet we lost that match.

      Is like I’m going too far,

      In 2012 against Equatorial Guinea, your hrt didn’t race right? We crashed out.

      In 2015 right from the first leg in Kaduna to 2nd leg in Egypt nkor? Your hrt didn’t race abi? Remember we crashed out.

      In 2017 in a group that has S.africa, Sudan, Congo… Just to finish 2nd yet we couldn’t…. your hrt didn’t race right? Guest what happened? We crashed out.
      By their fruits you will know them.

      Their hrts was racing bcos the inept, balmedi boy, PE teacher, is about meeting the target his employers gave him.
      We know and we’ll feel you people’s pain.

      U ppl should wait until next round when we send home your tin gods (either Egypt, Cameron, Ghana or Mali).

      But for now come dine with us…. the real SE fan…..

  • with what I have seen in the last 4 matches ..I think we need total overhauling of the team and technical crews. .. without mincing a wrod, if a good coach should handle our super eagles, probably only 4 will scale through…but come to think of it I watch few of these guys in their respective clubs especially the EPL guys, rangers and guys from Seria A they are all ballers, why are they playing this way??? obviously the answer should be with MR. Rohr

  • I think we should also take a critical accessment of some of our players.

    Is this team not truly being infested with players of average or little below average quality.

    I think rohr should disband the oyinbo wall and build it with another set of players.

    If we eventually qualify for world cup, I know our performance in afcon will determine a lot off things.

  • Thank god for the point, I will assess this game after Gym. But I am glad people can finally see that some really wrong calls were made prior to these qualifiers that almost put egg on our face as Nigerians all in the sake of one person when Nigeria is a nation of almost nearly 200+ million citizens. I hope we can now see only the best. NIGERIA does not have an ex international still at the age of Playing that is worth the stress of calling out of retirement that ended with Okocha and Mikel. Vm is the closest and is needed next round. Along with Awoniyi Lookman ademola and Emma Dennis the weak links dropped maybe its time to shuffle ekong bring Tosin, Ajayi is doing in the Championship. Ekong needs to feel his place is not guaranteed. No room for weakness in March. Rohr Must be assessed immediately and given a final ultimatum,the Ultimatum should not exceed AFCON

  • Kinesis 3 years ago

    This was just another awful performance by the Super Eagles.

    • Machaveli 3 years ago

      @kinesis: Have you ever played football before? What sport have you excelled in? Italy the European champions is struggling to qualify. They were held by a minor Northern Ireland. Just understand there are no easy games anymore. Please, give the boys a break.

      • Patrator 3 years ago

        @Machaveli You lot better jettison this narrative of Italy and Portugal struggling to qualify for WC.

        I understand the fact that football matches come out this way atimes but judging by recent matches, this Rohr isn’t just it tactically.

  • Dr Banks 3 years ago

    Wow….wow….wow…….congratulations to Nigeria for the passage into the next round. However GR has truly lost my respect today.

    Which astute coach will take out his most enterprising striker for a sluggish non team-players like Onuachu? At the time that if any slip up happen and CV should score, there will be no one to give us any hope of equalising. A good coach would’ve brought in Ejuke to keep possession of the ball in order to run out the match or replace a tiring defender for a fresh leg at the back but hey, my GR instead opted for Onuachu.

    Aina should’ve come in for Simon but he chose Shehu, it’s okay o………….thank our stars that God is on our side to see us through

    Going forward from now, Akpoguma need to be integrated into our central defence because Ekong doesn’t seem to play with his brain, no smart thinking on the ball when under pressure and very much a calamity waiting to occur in crucial matches.

    Ighalo came, saw but didn’t conquer but I think his presence will still be needed in this team as a leader, Ekong is not ripe to captain this team in absence of Musa who should be eased off this team because Musa has nothing more to offer this young generation of players.

    Onuachu needs to be asked to focus on his club football while Awoniyi, Dennis, Dessers, Moffi and Lookman comes in. Thank CAF the number of players in the tournament is now 28. We need to have a serious push for Eze, Olise and Ejaria to switch allegiance fast

    GR needs a short refresher course fast fast before AFCON if we intend to win, NFF should organise top Friendlies during the Pre-Afcon camping

    Congrats to all forumites, this qualifications to the next round is dedicated to all of you guys, we all played a part through our support and criticisms alike, keep it up guys

    • Footballfanatic 3 years ago

      I respect the honest analysis. EKONG IS NOT WORLD CLASS YET OR JUST NOT GOOD ENOUGH. AT 28 HE IS NO YOUNGIN. I can bet you he won’t be in Ranieri’s plans playing like this..

    • JimmyBall 3 years ago

      @Dr Banks a.k.a @Dr.Drey… I sight you baba… welldone as you keep morphing from @Dr.Drey to @Dr Banks to @lanre and back to @Ola and then again to @Dr.Drey… you no see as e the do you? Because you can never criticise Rohr
      even if he is caught in bed with Amaju Pinnick while the Super Eagles is being eliminated in his absence… you no see how you change alias morph to @Dr Banks come the helplessly criticise your moongod now? Lol… such a funny dude… the other alias of @Dr.Drey known as @Dr Banks is for moderate comments where he can openly criticise Rohr while the hardcore-Rohr-Balls_Sniffing alias of @Dr.Drey is to come rain come shine follow Moongod Rohr to the grave in loyalty… God don catch you @Dr.Drey today… see as you go hide like masquerade wey shame no allow am pull regalia again despite dance don finish… all your noise on this forum just show say pride will never allow you take advice for your own good… the great all-knowing-zeus of our time… see how Rohr send you to go take blood pressure calming pills today… that man Rohr is a goat… completely fraudulent coach who will eat sheet of a blackman even though he is being owed salary just to continue taking bribes from lazy and useless players… see Nwakaeme for Turkey, Awoniyi for Germany, Dennis for England… Olayinka for Prague… not to mention how the white stupid goat has continued to malign Sadiq Umar, Kelechi Nwakali, Junior Ajayi and young Akinkunnmi Amoo… very wicked men killing careers of natural born footballers in guise of building us a team for five years… God has exposed this Gernot Rohr man before Nigerians since 2018 when Amaju Pinnick his boss and bedmate told him to go for refresher course as it was evident he knows nothing about modern day football… in the saddle for 5years and still cannot point to a decend midfielder he has unearthed…

  • DiMastta 3 years ago

    Just wonder which Super Eagles played worse; Onigbinde’s, Chukwu’s or today’s.

    • Footballfanatic 3 years ago

      Are you ok? Onigbinde and Chukwu had less time to build a team and didn’t even have as much talents at their disposal…….

  • pompei 3 years ago

    I supported Rohr when there was something to support. When we had great results, like beating Cameroon 4 nil, drawing 1-1 with Brazil, beating Argentina 4-2.
    I continued to support him when performances dipped a bit, trusting that we will bounce back. Performances have continued to dip, to the point of comic relief.
    Now, there is not much, if anything that is “supportable”. Rohr should please give his supporters something to support. Or exit the stage. His contributions to our football will always be appreciated. But what we have been witnessing in recent games is untenable, unacceptable, indefensible.

  • if you hire a Coach who has turtored a great countries , and have been to world cup severally you will surely see the impact in your team and if you hire a coach who move from Gabon to Niger Republic definitely we shouldn’t complain about the style of play. the mind set is very narrow. it’s time we get a world class coach for super eagles.

  • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 3 years ago


    As a wise man once said….not good enough, must do better.
    Mr Rohr, note to self – must utilise squad better, must open squad invitations up and make it number 1 priority to bring all these diverse talents from all around the world into the squad, it’s not about dropping one for the other, that’s a very myopic and naive view to take, the way this works is to have a squad of able players to pick from, this has always been a trump card and a major reason why good teams can become great, it’s pool of resources- the theory is that once in, even if a particular player does not make one squad, as long as the player keeps active and playing well in their domestic league then they can be called up the next time, the idea is that the national team becomes what it should really be- the country’s best players together in one mega team consisting of the country’s cream of the crop, our front line to go and defend us in battles and wars. We really need to leave this “line your pocket” corrupt mentality behind and really put our backs into best practice in every facet of life to create wealth – because we all know that that is the only real way to do it, anybody that tells you different is idea a liar or a fool, all those “rich” countries didn’t wake up one day and become rich and advanced etc etc, no, they put down the foundations long ago and did the very same thing we need to start doing today, it may look impossible to some and seem futile to others but those are called defeatists, even tiny drops of water will make a mighty ocean in due course if the basics are done correctly and our people’s thinking can be shifted, if they can be convinced that this is actually the best thing but more significantly, the ONLY thing we can do to improve the country and start to reintroduce quality back into our lives – This can only result in EVERYONE becoming richer and better, the rich will get richer and the poor will become rich and the infrastructure, amenities etc etc will be able to be addressed and brought up to date and all the while jobs are being created which leads to more wealth and that then creates more jobs and so on and so forth . It’s actually embarrassing to write something like this up, the fact that one feels a need to write something as ridiculously basic as the above just shows a really scary reality of the country and our football is no exception.
    I rest

  • De Star 3 years ago

    For the first time I prayed fervently for SE as a I was scared, not because Coach that is not only clueless and also as as corrupt as his business partner NFF , but because of Osimeh at it would have been too bad if he were to missed WC.

    Take home from this match is ;

    1. Anyone that is hoping SE with Rohr in charge will win Afcon cup let alone performing great in WC , should have his head examined.

    2. If Rohr and his business corrupt partner NFF are not shown exit door from the Nigerian football; Rohr and NFF will destroy Nigerian football beyond redemption. If Nigeria did not kill corruption, corruption will definitely kill Nigeria.

    Saudi retiring Ighalo and Noble invitation have clearly exposed Rohr in particular as a shamefully corrupt coach.

    The Negative effect on Eyimba first choice goalkeeper is ; his moral and spirit would have been downed , seeing the keeper he benched in his club, that is not active for the past 3 Months being preferred ahead of him , throwing away merit into dustbin; he would have resigned to his fate , that no matter how great he performed, he would never be considered for national team except he was ready to bribe his way .

    • Garre 3 years ago

      Brother it’s so obvious Rhor is as corrupt as his employers but his supporters keep defending him where as it’s so obvious he is a cunning corrupt bastard. Sheybi u don see Father Christmas wey go dey work for free for that long without taking salary home and him no ready commot from the job lol.Na only a fool na go believe say Lookman non invitation to the super Eagles na because em never ready play for us lol . Musa case and Ighalo na day light scam lol.One thing wey dey pain me be sey we dey cry of lack of creative midfielder and Kelechi Nwakali dey the same Spanish division 2 wey dem dey invite omeruo from lol. Mumu people na them be for that glass house. Them dey really fool themselves.E dey obvious all the allegations against NFF and Rhor na true sey them dey collect cuts from these players club wages before them dey invite them and if u no accept u no go ever smell National team lol. Rhor is really a patriotic Nigerian lol. All of them dey fool themselves.Make them continue na nemesis go catch up with all of them.

  • Dennis 3 years ago

    I’ve been an avid supporter of gernot rorh but these last 2 matches have been bad. We’ve got decent players but he usually fails to use them. Should he continue as our coach? Yes unless we get another coach with a better pedigree. Not a local coach though

  • JimmyBall 3 years ago

    I swear to my God… when my friends were coming to Spain, Norway and Denmark to trial those days I just could not put the funds needed together to even lobby any agent in Lagos where the trial abroad business was easier to put together… my senior friend Thompson Odey who was equally very good at school did not even think University for one day… he came to Belgium and did his bit as a professional player early even earning an U-23 invitation back in Jo Bonfrere time… lots of them, decent players and they will always come for season end break encouraging to take football serious… I was a natural talent and my number one fan was my father but to him, football has to be timed properly as it can disappoint… he was a a headmaster in the 80s and favoured school above every other thing… my mates and juniors till date whenever I travel back to Nigeria and visit our old training ground where some of them now coach at grassroot will always be angry with me that I left it late to br serious with football… well that was my story and the likes of Louis Otanwa have already become youth coach in Kazahkstan… I have played so much smooth, rugged and serious football in my life to know a real player after watching him control, touch and move with the ball just three times… in 15minutes, you can always tell a real player from an average lot… you see this Super Eagles today… Iheanacho, Iwobi, Aribo, Onyeka, Simon, Onuachu, Ekong and Jamilu cant start in any serious national team in African… I mean the heavy weights like Cameroon, Senegal, Morocco and Algeria… it is too clear to see! Calvin Bassey is a strong and clean player, Tosin Adarabioyo, Lookman, Ejaria, Seyi Ojo, Olayinka, Junior Ajayi (before the South African coach got to Al Ahly and started benching him for clear xenophobia reason… he has taken Percy Tau over to Al-Ahly)… Iheanacho is lazy and cant run, is never dependable and cant mark the ball, Iwobi is equally just a lazy ass flashy and drably ordinary player… we need to wring changes to playing personnel and bring in real ball hustles who can fight for 90minutes… we were saved today in defence by Awaziem and to somer extent Balogun… Ndidi saved us in midfield and Osimhen was outstanding with his workrate in attack pressing the CV defense… other than these ones… the rest were all minuses… Collins is not my kind of player but he put in real work and committed to a lot of tackles today… I am afraid Alex Iwobi will never raise to any level above what he now plays… though he did give a coupple of through passes but overall his game was average! That is my take… I know my ball people!

  • Patrick 3 years ago

    Congratulations super eagles. I will however crave the indulgence of the honourable minister of sport and the chairman of nff to get a new coach for the super eagles. Apart from coach roar or rhoar inability to make correct changes, tactical ineptitude, lack of confidence and rigid tactics are the hallmark of this coach. We removed the witch doctor philip trousier inorder to get the desired result. We can remove this coach inorder to get to the promise land.God bless Nigeria.

    • Dele Sapa 3 years ago

      You don’t change a winning team. The coach needed just one point, he delivered.

  • I looked at all the other group leaders, all killers!! If nothing changes by March, then we do not deserve to go to the WC and probably will not make it either.. I don’t need miracle qualification after playing rubbish only to be hammered 5-0 by Switzerland and sent packing from the competition in the first round, and yes I said Switzerland because the way we play now we can’t even match to them talk less of Germany, or Holland. Our level of play has continued to dwindle since 2017, the same complaints we had from the 2018 WC about Rohr’s lack of good tactics and poor use or lack of use in substitutions are the same complaints we have today. No improvement, instead it gets worse. After this match today u could see it even in the supporters at the stadium, no one was impressed. Yes we qualified for the play-offs but truly we are headed for huge crash if nothing is done in time.. It’s well!!

    • Harriet 3 years ago

      You could written this nonsense in 4 lines. Meanwhile, no cause for alarm. Coach Rohr’s plans are working, so, only a fool changes a winning team.

  • Stanny 3 years ago

    Great game! Normally some are bitter even in victory. Up Rohr! Up Eagles!!

  • Chris 3 years ago

    That man called Rohr is not a good coach. It is inferiority complex that made the NFF to hire a foreign coach when we have great nationals who are good coaches. How can a man who claim to be assembling a formidable team bring someone from Saudi Arabia who has not been around for a long time, who is not abreast with the dynamics of the team development, and made him start ahead of those who has been on ground all the while. Rohr shoulb be sacked, we need a better coach now to harness the quality we have at the moment.

  • Patrator 3 years ago

    It’s a shame that corruption and other malpractices have hindered Africans from developing themselves by themselves, settling for anything white skinned as a saviour.

    Genort Rohr has done his best and I think he should go after the AFCON, I could have wished for his dismissal right after yesterday’s match but we are too close to Afcon to make such sensitive decision.

    Tactically, Rohr is below average. I so much admire the way he has played along with the antics of those corrupt NFF officials and Nigerian football at large, but man is bowed o pressure signing this current contract, he has joined them.

    That’s exactly what happens when you’re not confident in yourself. Genort Rohr needs Nigeria more than Nigeria needs him, it’s an honour for him to coach these players.

    You’re owed salaries, they impose players on you amid other unknown dramas behind the scene and you’re still on that job and you prove to be really that topnotch??

    Why are other top African countries not knocking on your door?? Knowing well you’re not being treated well on your current job

    Nigeria is blessed with football talents than having this eyesore of a football we’re getting.

    So many questionable invitations, this team can’t even hold possession for 3 mins…

    I’ve lowered my expectations on this team under Rohr, this team playing a top African side and making it to Qatar would be a massive surprise to me, I really do want to see my country in world cup but I can’t be blind by emotions not to speak out the obvious

    Rohr is a slap on our local coaches, some of our local coaches can do much better than Rohr but their obnoxious traits wouldn’t help.

    NFF! Nemesis will catch up on you guys

  • Ralph 3 years ago

    GR never disappoint as the Ole GS of Africa. Luckily we are through to the playoffs.

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