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Live Blogging: Nigeria vs Tunisia – Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) 2021

Live Blogging: Nigeria vs  Tunisia – Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) 2021

Completesports.com’s Live Blogging of the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations Round of 16 match between the The Super Eagles of Nigeria and the Carthage Eagles of Tunisia at the Roumde Adjia Stadium, Garoua.

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  • William d conqueror 2 years ago

    Let’s go up up Super Eagles.

  • Ololo 2 years ago

    Where can we watch the match

  • onwajunior 2 years ago

    Tunisia almost scored

  • Please any link to watch the match

  • Sunnyb 2 years ago

    So VAR is not working anymore

  • Ruler 2 years ago

    Any link to watcht the match?

  • MONKEY POST 2 years ago

    What’s happening guys??? Why is the room quiet?? If it’s Nigeria vs Sudan now like over 50 comments would have rolled in.. one of the first few would have been from my friends @Footballfanatic and @Chinenye but now against tunisia the comments are barely up to 5. LMFAO!!!!!

    • George 2 years ago

      Tension is high my brother!

      • SE Supporter 2 years ago

        He’s a mocker. He is wanting Nigeria to lose so that he can come to the forum to jubilate. He is still bitter that Gernot Rhor was sacked.

    • We go beat Tunisia na. Nothing to worry about. I loved it when I saw a them as the opponent

    • Stay there and we praying that Nigeria lose. So this Tunisians that you are watching is better than Nigeria abi? Make you sidon there continue to pray make Nigeria lose.

  • This Tunisian team is being cautious, they want to catch us unawares with counter play

    • What I have been saying about our central midfield not connecting with the attack is now clear. Iwobi is heavily been missed in this game and Aribo cannot fulfil that role.
      Plus for once we are playing the ball on the ground although they are still trying to use the wings.
      Anyway let’s still be watching.

  • SE Supporter 2 years ago

    Sorry we can’t win this tournament based on what I am seeing. I still remain a supporter of our team nevertheless.

  • Lord AMO 2 years ago

    We are yet to settle after 30 minutes. A few forays but nothing definite as tunisia seem to understand that stopping the wings is the way to stymie us. Kelechi is not playing well but Aina has been imperious.

    • MONKEY POST 2 years ago

      That’s what you get when you have just one predictable pattern of play(wing play). And chased away a man who brought an unpredictable play GENERAL ROHR

      • Felix 2 years ago

        Ogbeni keep quiet. If it’s was rorh now we probably would be playing defensive game or conceded by now. Abeg go wash rorh toilet because una 2 yansh fey stink

  • Sean T 2 years ago

    Why is SE given this Tunisian chance to hold the ball na. They’re not showing that aggresiveness like the group stage. Common guys don’t give this Tunisians confidence they don’t deserve abeg. This team loose 2 matches out of 3 for God sake

    • The simple truth is that We don’t have a coach and goalkeeper, Egu is not up to the level., Hé is tacticaly poor.

  • A little more creative spark and a ball carrier and holder is needed in that midfield for the SE.

  • And Simon needs to release the ball more. It’s not a must he beats anybody. Player more with your players and get the ball into the box. That’s the primary duty of a winger.

  • Proudly 9ja 2 years ago

    There arecalways 2 players on simon, he should move the ball swiftly and not always try to take on too many players. He should use his teammates more. Get dem involved until they relax the 2 players on him. They have studied his game. All thesame we are playing well. Most of the playing is in the tunisian half. Lets try to score one b4 d half is done. Go SE

    • SE Supporter 2 years ago

      Yes, he’s being marked out but Samuel isn’t doing anything on the right as well. He is not the same Samuel we knew back then. Eguavoen may regret not inviting Akinkunmi Amoo.

      • It not Chukweze’s fault that all our attack has come from the left. They need to get him more involved in the game mix things up between the left and right flank and the Tunisians will be confused on who to mark. That will also create more space in the middle for other players to score.

  • Chima E Samuels 2 years ago

    Terrible officiating no handballs, we. Are denied two corners. This is terrible I hope it’s not an agenda from above against the SE.

    • SE Supporter 2 years ago

      I saw that as well. The hand ball was a clear penalty. Then I think Kelechi’s card was harsh. The ref has refused to give cards for hard tackles suffered so far by our boys.

  • onwajunior 2 years ago

    They are taking out our wingers. That’s their strategy.

    • Nigeria should reduce their focus on using Moses Simon. They can as well shift play to the left. 90% of our attack is coming from the left and the Tunisians are well aware of this. We need to play more from the right. Other than that it will just be the same thing over and over again.

      • SE Supporter 2 years ago

        There is no where else to play the ball because Simon is the fittest attacked up front. We can’t use the right because Samuel is not performing. I am a fan but I tell you we can’t win this tournament. Aina is doing a great job so far.

    • Proudly 9ja 2 years ago

      U are right, they’ve studied the SE and they doubled up on our wingers. Whenever simon oor samu gets d ball, u can see 2 players on dem. We might need another midfielder to support aribo and ndidi. Since Iheanacho has a yellow card already, it might not be a bad idea to sub him for an Nwakali or Iwobi although that might reduce our goal threat. Iheanacho cant play the samu role as he isnt as fast when recovering compared to samu. However samu can be replaced with Ejuke to see what he can bring ti d table. Awoniyi needs to come to d party. However, Tunisia is a pushover but lets go boys u got this

  • Guys calm down, the goals will come just a matter of time. The Tunisia are proofing difficult, but las las, them go chop am

  • Chima E Samuels 2 years ago

    Monkey Post i don’t think you’re a Nigerian, you’re a very unserious Charlatan.

    • It’s time for Eguavoen to show his understanding of football now.
      This is where we will know he is ready for the challenge going forward. Eguavoen needs to bring Iwobi on for Nigeria to progress.

      This is why using wing play is very predictable. Let’s see if he can adapt.

    • MONKEY POST 2 years ago

      LMFAO! During Sudan and GB you didn’t doubt my nationality bcuz it was a smooth ride. But it is now that you are in doubt. Weldon sir. Keep doubting!

    • Mr. Nice 2 years ago

      Even the dumbest of analyst knew that if you clip the wing play of nigeria, they will be reduced to nothing and that was the simple tactics an assistant coach used in defeating”our own” abi we should go and bring westerhof and bonfere Jo again ni…..hahaha! E go better one day Sha!

  • Halfway point.
    Change of tactics obviously needed.

    SE are playing with a less intensity compared with the game against G.Bissau.

    As per how the Tunisians have studied the SE, they have prevented any productive interplay between our forward players in the final third.

    Both of our wingers need to play more with the team and stop thinking they need to take everyone on.

    The Tunisians played as a unit better than we did in this first half.

    This is the single line which summarizes the first 45 mins.

  • Respect is reciprocal 2 years ago

    This where we know the technicality prowess of EGU because obviously the Tunisian tactics is working they only want to take things slow and us unaware and it seems eagles too are playing casually instead of hitting them in high tempo as this will make them commit mistakes at the back . If care is not taken this Tunis will come hard at home towards the end of ten minutes and we might concede penalty as they have been awarded three penalties since the start of this tournament . I wish Eagles good luck i know we have the qualities to beat them

  • JimmyBall 2 years ago

    Samuel Chukwueze is not in the game… Nothing is happening from his wing sadly. I would suggest Ejuke takes his place after atmost 55minutes… We need to bring in Alex Iwobi for No.10 to make some incisive pass and play a double pivot to stem counter attacks threat… Aribo is joining the attack too deep yet no results and this could work against us. Let someone like Frank Onyeka come on later to pair Ndidi… I am not so far impressed with Aribo and Chukwueze… again we need to stop serving all balls to Simon… they know he is our threat… they have devised a strategy to put two guys on Moses Simon and his forays have been nipped…

    • SE Supporter 2 years ago

      Does Eguavoen think other teams are fools? How can he be using the left flank all the time and thinks other teams won’t block it? I agree with the substitution that you suggested. I hope Eguavoen won’t regret not inviting Akinkunmi Amoo.

  • ALAMEDE 2 years ago

    Since oga Rhor, we have problems of creativity in our midfield.

  • Omo9ja 2 years ago

    My country men please keep calm and pray. We are winning this one in sha Allah. Ameen. Let’s go Super Eagles. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • dominic 2 years ago

    ourboys are playing very well but The Tunisian are playing defensive game so more aggressive attack is needed to break that bond once one goal is scored Tunisia will come out and more goals will be scored

    • SE Supporter 2 years ago

      I disagree with you. Our attack is not sharp compared to what I saw in CIV vs ALG. Go and look at how Pepe ruined the ALG defense.

  • Samson 2 years ago

    I feel we need to remove Awoniyi, Chukwueze and Ihenancho and bring in Peter Olayinka, Nwakali and Ejuke. Let Nwakali come and distribute the ball, Ejuke from the flank and Olayinka strikes. We need energy in the fornt and we are not getting it.

    • Golden Child 2 years ago

      Nigeria concedes, okoye has always been suspect but when we complain , we are quickly shutdown . We have pushed for adeleye but told okoye is the best. Una see am now.

  • Ololo 2 years ago

    Why did bubu call this team.. that man carry bad luck

  • Omo9ja 2 years ago

    We need Nwakali, Iwobi and Ejuke in the second half. God is in control my country men. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • SE Supporter 2 years ago

    THe Tunisians just did what we have refused to do – shoooting from outside the 18-yard and they SCORED!

  • Ndubest 2 years ago

    Okoye has shown the stuff he is made off.

  • onwajunior 2 years ago

    Well, we now see the importance of having a good goalkeeper. The defence won’t save you every time. The goal is Okoye’s fault

  • Chuks 2 years ago

    Okoye is not a keeper abeg

  • I know Okoye is not that good. The 2nd keeper will push that ball to corner. He is better

  • Sunny 2 years ago

    Take chukwueze and ihenacho. They not impacting the attack

  • Golden Child 2 years ago

    Okoye is not good enough, period! The Tunisian player that scored was surprised. The score could increase as Nigeria pushes forward for an equaliser. If we can pull one back, we will beat them.

    • onwajunior 2 years ago

      We’ve been saying this since the 4-4 against Sierra Leone but was told he signed for Watford. Taking out Iheanacho is a big mistake oh… Maybe becos of the yellow card

  • Greenturf 2 years ago

    I mentioned here that Iheanacho should lead the attack Iwobi to play behind him but most members here didn’t agree with me.
    Iwobi on the bench is a crime.
    Rohr would never bench Iwobi.Though I’m not seeing the game but following comments so could deduce how things are going.
    Tunisia is one of the best sides in the continent.They are not as wasteful as Nigeria.
    Well let’s hope we are able to salvage something otherwise we live to play another day.

    • John-I 2 years ago

      He just came in and took a red card!!!

    • Have you seen what Iwobi has played. A coach that puts him on the bench knows what he’s seen in him

    • Golden Child 2 years ago

      Very repulsive comment.

      • Greenturf 2 years ago

        My comments are disgusting well thanks for your remarks,but you forgot this is his first red for his country out of many games he played so beautiful in the midfield under Rohr.
        I didn’t see the game so don’t know what he did that got him sent off so unfortunate,but this things happens,apparently,Iwobi is one of the most disciplined super eagles.

        I think what happened to Nigeria is nemesis.
        He was treated so appalling by the football and sports authorities.
        He doesn’t deserve such maliciousness.
        Sacking someone who worked so hard to qualify a team for two major competitions for another to enjoy the fruit of his labour I think it’s karma working.
        The Nff should reinstate or at least apologize to Rohr otherwise we stand a risk of not qualifying for the world cup.

  • onwajunior 2 years ago

    Well red card WW go

  • Golden Child 2 years ago

    The football is getting ridiculous.

  • So all these winnings are just for nothing nawa ho.

  • I think we are as good as out of the tournament. Looks like what Ghana got is what we’re getting.

  • Bye bye Afcon lol.

  • Adeyemi 2 years ago

    Jeez. Stop this your tribalistic comment. It’s painful to lose Iwobi and crash out of the tournament but name calling won’t help. Thanks

  • onwajunior 2 years ago

    Whoever made the decision to leave Ejuke out of matchday squad would be biting himself

    • Ejuke did not help himself. He was selfish in the matches he played and didn’t play with the team.

  • Klistivivi 2 years ago

    We sacked Rohr to prevent an impending disaster! Lmao

    Round of 16 Exit!
    Our ranking drops!

    Oh Nigeria!

  • SE Supporter 2 years ago

    Please delete this comment or apologize to the fans. It is an insensitive comment.

  • Golden Child 2 years ago

    Oh great! Bring in sadiq… just what we need.

  • Golden Child 2 years ago

    Totally uncalled for! Very repulsive comment.

  • JimmyBall 2 years ago

    Iwobi brainless… He does not know how yo mark and shaddow a player… With the Nigeria executed first round… I feel we will be stopped by CAF politics somehow… What Iwobi did should not have been a straight red.

  • EJuke should be in by now. WE NEED HIM!!!

  • They simply tied Moses down knowing we do not have any other creative forward.

  • onwajunior 2 years ago

    Lol… When Ndidi start to dey score?

    • Chuxs 2 years ago

      He was just wasting shots that he could have passed. What a shame

  • Rohr somewhere in europe sipping wine and laughing.. lolz

    • onwajunior 2 years ago

      Welldone boys. Did your best. Better luck next time. Maduka Maduka Maduka!!! This puts an end to the Eguavon leading us to WC talks.

    • Let him be sipping wine anywhere he is. How did he help himself with the way he was coaching the eagles.

  • We ought to learn our lessons here. Many learning points here for us.

    Especially we the fans.

    • I kept saying this that wing play is always predictable. Now we see. So Rohr is finally better than Eguavoen, no idea on how to change match tactics.
      Omo9ja, Larry, Chima E Samuels have learnt their lesson. Especially Segun Odegbami, Sunday Dare and all other idiots here that were against Rohr.

      • This doesn’t in any way exonerate Rohr. The guy had lost his touch.

        We lost today. Let’s accept it and move on.

        Certain factors beyond our control took the game away from us (the red card).

        However, before the red card we should have played better.

        The ability to be rapidly dynamic as a coach is very important. Eguavoen didn’t have this on the night.

        It was glaringly evident we needed a change of tactics right from the first half. What with the way our wing play was totally nullified. He ought to have emphasized more on interplay between our forward line, the wingers and Aribo, which was inexistent because we Aribo’s role isn’t clear-cut as an AMF.

        I don’t have much blame for the players, not least Iwobi. He was just very unlucky. However, I concur with the Supersport analysts who posited that there was no leader in the team.

        Awoniyi has a lot of growing up to do. This is why I don’t blame him or anybody else in that forward line. You can’t just give new players their debuts on day one and then throw them in the deep end on day two. I think that sums up the performance of all everyone we used as a CF in this tourney. Dessers may not have performed better, even though I’m a big fan of his. However, if I have to rank the overall impact of the strikers we used in this AFCON, I’d pick Umar before Awoniyi.

        All our strikers were greenhorns in this tournament because they lacked first team experience before the AFCON.

        Quite frankly, I never expected us to go all the way. I honestly would have chalked it all down to luck if we got to the semis. Although the optimism of fellow fans was infectious but I still felt we wouldn’t go all the way, which is what happened.

        So ultimately we crashed out because of some miscalculation on the part of the coach and the lack of a real go-to striker, bar the red card or the poor officiating.

        God bless the SE and I wish them the best of luck against the Ankara guys.

        • Why everybody is blaming Okoye is what I didn’t get. Uzoho only played well for a long time in our last match was that that why they think he could do better for that ball? Yes he could have save that ball but hey it could happened to even best goalkeeper in the world. By the way this is not the time for blame game. Why must we be blaming the goalkeeper everytime we lost. The last time it was Akpeyi we were blaming. I think we should accept that Oga na master because we warn you against this disaster.The last time we lost to eventual winner through individual brilliant free kick but today to a depleted Tunisian team who qualified as best loser. If we had dropped from the first round it wouldn’t been painful than this moment when everybody is saying bring any team our world best coach is there we are playing well mass attack mass defense lol everybody in the world is saying we are the best Rohr is a destroyer Egu should take us to world cup the cup you are yet to qualify for ahahahahhhhhh. Where are those people that said they should give Egu the job permanently? We are starting that protest tomorrow. After the breakfast tomorrow we are back home and initial gra gra now ended lobatan.. @massimo10 isn’t what the former coach saw before bringing back Ighalo Debi u think you know it? You and your likes were praising Awoniyi until today you are now saying the strikers lack experience

        • @Massimo 10 I can emphatically tell you that Rohr would not have lost to this Tunisian team as his preferred tactics always focused on central midfield play. Plus the fact that we would have read the match much better than Eguavoen.

          With regards to the new players that featured in this tournament, I for one has said that it us not always by banging goals in leagues that gets you to play in a national team, their is also a tactical play.

          But many here will say that as long as those players were scoring in their clubsises in Europe that they should be invited

          I guess the results today speak louder than ever.

          • JimmyBall 2 years ago

            @Ben… funny. Rohr be like God to some of una, the same Rohr that cause us heartattack on several occasions? We should accept that Iwobi receiving hus matching orders changed the game completely… it was at that point we lost! Going forward… if una like make una talk say Maduka continue till WCQ playoffs make Ghana use am do suya… hahahaha

  • Jones 2 years ago

    Does Eguavoen still deserve the job?

  • Footballfanatic 2 years ago

    Simply hot busted by an over used strategy. Eguavoen should have know that the whole competition already knows Simon is out livewire hence should have started Ejuke. Red card was very harsh and na Motsepe handwork be dat.

    • Footballfanatic 2 years ago

      Started Ejuke to complement Moses as Chukwueze has not been that impressive lately.

  • Respect is reciprocal 2 years ago

    It’s a pity EGU will have to vacate that position for a foreign coach to take over . He tried his best but the deed had been done and it was too late before NFF reacted . The focus now is the World Cup . The team lacks character and i still don’t understand why CHUKWU didn’t click today

  • In big stages, this is what makes the difference. Tactical play. You don’t use okoye in such matches. It is what happened gainst Algeria in 2019 with Akpeyi. The 2nd choice keeper is better and would have punched such ball.

  • Jones 2 years ago

    I’ll rather we play bad and win matches

  • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 2 years ago

    Revert to type, that B team should be the A team, those shouting Sadiq this and that, can y’all now see that football is not about rush conclusions, either way Egua and his boys have given the commentators (haters anyway) every opportunity to run 9ja down with all the usual comments of naivety, over confidence, lack of football inteligence etc etc…What a revolting situation!

  • Shame absolutely shame……I could not even recognize the team anymore…… What a drop in standard just within 3 days….. unexplainable.

    • Ayphillydegrea 2 years ago

      That’s what happens when you sack a coach at the eve of a tournament. You can say I’ve been praying for this to happen all you like I don’t care. History tells us when we do that we come back empty handed and it has absolutely nothing to do with the players.

    • But I saw your analysis in several places of how Nigeria will beat Tunisia.

      Sometimes when you have a rough beginning, it makes it harder for your opponent to easily read you and devise mean to hold you down.

      The rough beginning actually favorite Tunisia.

      Many of our players are actually average players we must tell ourselves the truth.

  • I think odegbami will write another epistle. When egu was outdone by Tunisia assistance coach.

  • MONKEY POST 2 years ago

    If the anus of a fowl refuse to open, then it’s probably because it’s breeze that blew. If it was the wind, then no matter how tough the anus is or how many feather is covering the anus, it must surely open.

  • DeSTAR 2 years ago

    What an exit , Eguafon tried but we are unlucky for the best Coach in the group stage and also we don’t have bench ; this I complained will hunt Eguafon Dessers and Akin Amoo could have made differences, but he allowed Igahalo to waste one solid chance and too bad brought in a 4th goalkeeper John Noble that would never be used.

    Lastly, anything Buhari get involved backfires

  • Sadiq would have wrapped up his improved performance with a goal but he is not a great striker unfortunately.

  • John-I 2 years ago

    If they can’t handle the physicality of Tunisians, what chance do they have against brutal-Ghana? They must be ready for war in Kumasi (without VAR)!

  • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

    The boys tried all they could. We had our chances but we fluffed them. At this stage of the tournament you have to take your chances and that’s exactly what the Tunisians did. Anybody wey ṢỌPỌNA AND OGUN WAN KILL MAKE BLAME CEREZO. You can’t give what you don’t have. You sacked a coach at the eve of the tournament and you expect to win?? Who does that?? Anyway we live to fight another.

    • Jide Dola 2 years ago

      You are an idiot for this comment, onyoshi, if they born anybody well, make him come here come dey tell us who coach need to invite and who he shouldn’t invite. Na where una wan take us back to be this na.

  • Adeyemi 2 years ago

    In this defeat, Okoye is to be blamed. How could he spill such an effort? I missed the era of Enyeama and Ikeme. We need to hold a goalkeeping tournament in the country, from the north to south, east to west. We need reliable keepers. Anyways, the boys tried their best.

  • MONKEY POST 2 years ago

    So this Eguavon decided to wait till this tunisia game to show us what a fraud he is… Smart dude!

    • Footballfanatic 2 years ago

      That stupid goalkeeper trainer of our hasn’t allowed for competition….Okoye should start sitting out for Uzoho so he can sit up….a few too many blunders now.

  • JimmyBall 2 years ago

    Iwobi just messed up big… It’s ok to lose a game but creating a situation that leaves your team mates disadvantaged like playing 10 vs 11. We played well but it was not our day… Austin Okocha was on Super Sports clamoring for Iwobi to be played as a number 10… See the result. Iwobi has been a very disappointing player for some time now. It’s high time we begin to look for real alternatives for the likes of Chukwueze… Our midfield and goalkeeper failed us in this game… the goal scored was from space left at the front of our defence, Ndidi and Aribo allowed that guy to run at us and shoot. Maduka Okoye has shown he is still an amateur goalkeeper… the only shot he ever had to deal with so far in the tournament went in… he saw the attacker preparing to shoot and it still beat him, the guy was just pushed forward by Rohr he isn’t even good enough for No. 2 goalkeeper in Eagles. We look to worldcup playoffs now…

    • U will not blame ur world best olayinka that came in and played like an inter house sport footballer.

      U want to make us forget the rubbish olayinka was busy playing

    • Shut up you idiot how was that iwobi fault. Everybody is saying it’s not a red card though it was an unfortunate incident as the rule has to take it cause. He only won the ball back but unfortunately he had to clattered the guy which was a bit dangerous. We warned you but you wouldn’t listen. The man you connived together to thrown out is the winner today. Your NFA said they took the decision because of you fans can you see your life? Remember the same Tunisia was beaten by Rohr to get our bronze but your Mr mass attack mass defence lost out in second round of AFCONS when last did that happen? Honestly I wouldn’t blame Egu because he did his best and also his response has been very good anytime they try to ask him questions to aim dig at the former coach. He has been showing respect but Nigerian stupid fans mislead him. We were not even beaten by full squad depleted team with assistant coach mtchewwwwwww

    • Dr Banks 2 years ago

      @JimmyBall I am appalled at your comment above. I thought you claimed to have played this soccer to the highest level but your analysis only showed someone who has been playing Table soccer with Eguavoen.

      Iwobi was never at fault here at all but luck was simply not on our side or could it be KARMA? You don’t sack a winning coach simply because you wanna play attractive football, Rohr has said it that you can’t play beautiful football and get results at the same time, his quote……”Sometimes it’s not easy to do these two things; to have the results and also to make a big spectacle and to play a beautiful game. The thing that is very important, the first one now must be the result and that is what we tried all the time to do. But all the time also with good offensive spirit and good scores”.

      Rohr haters………..how market now?

      • JimmyBall 2 years ago

        @Dr.Banks… Rohr is never coming back to Nigeria.. get over it. We warned for the longest about Maduka… let us accept defeat. We lost simple… people who threw maduka okoye on us (starting with Rohr) should deal with their conscience… hahahah.

        • uclaw 2 years ago

          I guess Maduka Okoye made us not to create chances to score.
          You are part of the guys that called for the sack of a performing coach on the eve of a major tournament.
          Yu all were banking on the “exceptional” players we have, forgetting that football is a team sports and teams are not built in days.
          The result is here for all to see.

  • Emmanuel 2 years ago

    No blaming anyone.We must learn to look ahead rather than dwell on blames.Good play and great spirit.I love my country with all my heart.More to fight for.

  • Once we were left with just Awoniyi as our strike, I knew we would run into problems

    This match deserved 4-3-3 pattern.
    Amen Musa should have come in from the 46th minute for Chukwueze.
    And Iwobi for Taiwo , while Iheanacho switch to 9.

    I knew from Tunisia would beat us, I felt uncomfortable when the draw came out.

    Congratulations boys anyway.
    Good try.

    Let us begin to prepare for the playoff against Ghana

  • Oseodion Inegbenebor 2 years ago

    Quite unfortunate Super Eagles didn’t have time enough for preparations coupled with the fact that we miss Osimhen and Odion Ighalo and Dennis.

    Congratulations to the Carthage Eagles for a well deserve Victory. Though disappointing, we have to pick ourselves up going forward. The Super Eagles should begin preparations for the next phase in eatnest. God bless Nigeria.

  • Edi14 2 years ago

    Okoye should not be blamed at all. That ball can go pass even the best. The ball swaved. Where was the 4, 5 and 6 that allowed such a shot to go pass them. What was the coach doing not to have read the game the the Tunisian’s have made up their mind to stop every wing play seeing that, that is where the team’s strengths lie. The Eguadiola could not read the game to change tactics to ask the boys to pass through the middle and take shots once the get close to the 18yard box. Or play a 3,5,2 so as to push Moses Simon in a little, take off Chukuweze since he is not been effective and push Ola Aina to a wing back and bring in Awaziem.

    • Adeyemi 2 years ago

      Fear God. The tried to switched wings but Samuel was having a hard time. The midfield was compact in my own opinion. Yes, the midfield lost the Tunisian but the goal keeper would have done better. The coach made timely substitution. Was it the coach’s fault that Iwobi got a red card? Are you sure Awaziem is fully fit? According to public sources, he has been training separately.

      • Mirah 2 years ago

        Leave those guys. They will say anything to paint Eguavoen black. Okoye is just a fine boy and insha Allah. Simple!

  • Kingsley 2 years ago

    Unfortunately we out, but some players did not help out all. Both ihenacho and chukwueze didn’t bring there A game. Eguavoen should have know Simon was going to be a marked man. Another player should have stepped up. Aribo too didn’t shine in this game. The moment you allow the north Africans play 45 mins and no goals, bet they have something under there sleeve. The red card was a killer. Well we play for another day

  • Michel 2 years ago

    I have always said it that okoye is not a good keeper,how do u make such a keeper as number one,a keeper that is more focused on Twitter and all the praises from ashawo girls

  • Ololo 2 years ago

    This is disappointing.. firstly okoyo cost us this game. Thst was a school boy error..

    Sadiq should have buried that last chance, he is obviously not a good striker, and should not invited until he improves..

    Egu should not be retained.. iwobi should have started the game , yes he got red carded but he didn’t do that intentionally and if he did start the game we would have done better in the first half ..

    As for awonyi, Sadiq , olayinka, we now see why rohn didn’t invite them..

    It was a wrong decision to sack rohn , he took us to a bronze in the last Afcon and might have done better this time.. it is not by carrying first in your group but by producing results

    • Keepest 2 years ago

      You are complaining because we lost today’s match.

    • JimmyBall 2 years ago

      Rohr has no place in our football… forget it. Okoye cost us this match and perhaps the referee giving a straight red to Iwobi… see how those refs that look like Arabs do everything to help Arab teams like chalking off Guniea Bissau goal against Egypt… this blackman referee today just eliminated us… playing a well structured team like Tunisia 10vs 11 was always going to be a tough ask…

    • Klistivivi 2 years ago

      Well said!

      You don’t sack a man disgracefully like that and expect to reap good results!

      Rohr beat this same Tunisia to win a bronze! He even beat S.Africa and Cameroon alongside.

      We clamoured for good football…Cerezo came and won against Egypt, Sudan and G.issauo and people HURLED abuse at the former coach…You don’t do that and expect to win!

      So we see that Egu isn’t really a good coach…Shey it was Belmadi that exposed Rohr, it’s Tunisia coach that exposed Egu

      Lastly, Nigeria fans always be calming down…Good football isn’t the only thing that wins tournament! Nigeria is not the giant of Africa…Our team is still a young team, at least 2nd youngest in this AFCON…

      Now the next thing in our front is Ghana, it would not be a pushover… Let us always be respectful and hope for the best but not at a disrespect to other teams.

    • Babad 2 years ago

      Dr Drey go kill us!!!

  • The midfield never supported the striker at all in the first half. They did not bring up their game with our wing checked. Chukweze should have been substituted, not impact at all since the first game. Very predictable play from him. Iwobi would have improved our midfield but it was just unfortunate for him.

  • Golden Child 2 years ago

    Some of us wanted adeleye in the team but we were told not to be silly, Okoye is the best. We were lucky against cape Verde not to be knocked out of the wc qualifier because of the goal keeper . Hope those in charge learn from this and bring in the deserved players.

    Eguavoen was predictable with them same line up, I had hoped he would mix it up by starting ejuke on the right and bringing in kelechi.

    The officiating is also ridiculous, I want to see amoo , adeleye and lookman a for the wc qualifier. Okoye should be relegated to 3rd choice.

    For those who understand football, you can not win tourneys without a good goal keeper. You may win games but not tourneys.

    • onwajunior 2 years ago

      Exactly, I was one of those who called out Okoye. Our game against CV in Lagos their keeper kept them in the game with fine saves, Egypt the same, Gabon, Sierra Leone in this tournament etc. Our own Okoye, right from the qualifiers, 90% of the time once our defence is beaten its a goal. Every position is supposed to be spot on if we are to win a tournament.
      Personally, Eguavon has done well. Let’s move on. Let the foreign coach take over. With Nigerian coaches, there’ll be lot conflict of interests. Imagine Eguavon was going to invite some Nwachukwu to replace Ighalo, Okocha campaigning for Iwobi and so on. I know that if Eguavon continues, with clueless Aigbogun, the program Rohr started would be destroyed and we’ll be back to square one.

  • Mr. Nice 2 years ago

    Even the dumbest of analyst knew that if you clip the wing play of nigeria, they will be reduced to nothing and that was the simple tactics an assistant coach used in defeating”our own” abi we should go and bring westerhof and bonfere Jo again ni…..hahaha! E go better one day Sha!


    • Mirah 2 years ago

      Yes Sadiq was good today compared to other days but he missed a sitter …. You sound like a player agent

    • Coache 2 years ago

      Awoniyi is finished. That is his last game for Super Eagles. Once Simon was bullied, he gave up and confidence left him

    • TkeezOk 2 years ago

      @sportfan, spot on. You need to watch Sadiq to know he comes to the party with something different. Definitely not the osihmen kinda and of course lower in pegging order. Yet undeniable with skills and good movement. I wish SE better luck. Looking forward to see us in the WC.

  • Emmanuel 2 years ago

    @Jimmyball,you too need to really grow up.You are too predictable with your analysis.Stop the blame game,be matured for once.After all you said you are ok to loose with our own.So go to sleep.

    • JimmyBall 2 years ago

      @Emmanuel… God punish you. Idiot… I know you… keep cloning aliases and be making reference to me. I have never rated Iwobi because since he turned professional he has refused to improve… likewsie I always knew Maduka Okoye was a favoured amateur goalkeeper… go and talk to Alloy Agu and Rohr who projected himt o No.1 status in Super Eagles… goalkeeper no the save ball again? See where them score am from… yet the likes of you the always sing him name and Iwobi… what did Iwobi do today? Even his uncle was on Super Sports pressurizing Eguaveong to play him from the start in No. 10 role…

  • DeSTAR 2 years ago

    @Adeyemi , is it not too late to stage goalkeeping tournament in the country, with WC qualifying against Ghana in the corner .

    I am sorry we have to manage Okoye and his partner that were handed over to us after almost 6years of Rohr .

    That , this is a country we once produce great goalkeeper within 3 months by our local coaches (Enyema by Onigbinde), Cal Ikpeme by Sunday Oliseh ; but in almost 6 years it is Okoye, John Noble of this world.

    Eguafon you tried but you allowed some of the banana peals that destroyed the erstwhile clueless Rohr to also be the bedrock of your failure

    • Adeyemi 2 years ago

      @DeSTAR, thank you for the mature comment. It’s not too late to stage goalkeeping tournament. We can prosecute the world cup qualifying match with Uzoho being the first choice goalkeeper and Okoye relegated to be a second fiddle to him. However, we still need to have this “tournament”. A country of 200 million has to have one reliable goal keeper. Both Uzoho and Okoye are very unreliable. The same crop of players that destroyed Rohr, destroyed Egu.

      I don’t think that goal would have entered the net with Uzoho being the keeper. I know Uzoho has problems with positioning but has strong hands. In my own opinion, Sadiq is a better striker than Awoniyi and Olayinka in this match. I’m satisfied with his play. We need competition for Chukwueze. We live to fight another day.


    • Golden Child 2 years ago

      Uzoho again? We need to bring in adeleye . I may be wrong but I believe he is the best.

      • Adeyemi 2 years ago

        Well, I haven’t seen Adeleye play before. Therefore, I can’t comment on him but we all agree, Okoye cannot be our first choice goalkeeper. Noble should stay faraway from the super eagles. Akpeyi is old. We should still keep Uzoho around and look for other goalkeepers like Adeleye as you said. Let’s invite him in friendly and see what he can do. Okoye is like a fraudster lol

  • Football is always played with brain. You can’t do something the same way over ad over again expecting a different result.

    Eguavoen had not business plotting his attack through Simon for 90 mins of the match. 30 mins was enough for him to know that the Tunisians had devised a strategy to mark out Simon and Chukwueze. He all saw it and I don’t know why he didn’t change his strategy.

    Also, I think propping up players need to stop. Iwobi is always on the bench in his club but we all want him to start for Nigeria ahead of other players.

    Sodiq did not even prove that he deserves to be playing for Nigeria. As for Olayinka, I think he still needs to prove that he deserves to be invited to the super eagles.

    Okoye is not really Nigeria’s number 1 goalkeeper. His positioning was very poor throughout this match and he does not really exudes the confidence of a tested and trusted keeper for Nigeria. We need to look for more reliable keeper.

    Nwakali needs to be given more time to blend and fit into the eagles. He can play with Ndid, and Aribo in the midfield for Nigeria. This will reduce emphasis on the right or left wing play where we have Simon and Chukwueze.

    In all we need our coach and players to be more intelligent on the field of play. Matches are won with good strategies and not just purely on skills or energy.

  • Razak 2 years ago

    This is what happens when you change a coach with a month to the tournment the Africa cup of nations Afcon 2022. It happened in World cup 1998, in France.The debacle happens again the problem is NFF not the players.This is a disgrace back to the drawing board

    • Sorry but the time for that coach to have been relieved of his duty was long over due. Seriously, I mean like since yesterday!

  • John-I 2 years ago

    That was a big blunder by Okoye. He should’ve saved that comfortably. Yes the ball changed direction but he had a good view of it. Uzoho or Akpeyi will save that ball

  • Edoman 2 years ago

    Rohr is better than this eguavon. This is what l have said that the law of Karma will surely come back to hunt Nigeria. eguavon is not good to lead this Nigeria super chickens. Why did Rohr get fired 3 weeks to the real thing. Better bring Rohr back today. Ghana will weep Nigeriaoooooooooo. Goalkeeper was bribed to flip this match. Get this boy arrested for flipping this match.

  • DomiT 2 years ago

    The players and coaching staff were busy reading instagram and other social medial outlet instead of sleeping at night to rest enough to this game. They looked tired and confused. I blame this defeat on the many promises from these so call big companies that cannot even pay their staffs but have enough money to spend on a team that’s not even yet in the semi final of a tournament. Very sad day for Nigerians.

  • Shocker! A depleted team won against the best team in the first round. Wouldn’t it have been better staying in the tournament till the end than playing well well well lol. Rohr is rigid Rohr is clueless the tactical coach retain the same tactics while the Tunisian change there. Anyway Nigerians causes his downfall Sadiq should have started that match but he wanted to please the boastful fans. The worst Nations cup outing by far who will remember our beautiful football in the first round again? But how could that be a red card very very ash decision but that is the rule. That is where our team is not good should react when you conceded in 54th minute look at the Gabonese. Anyway kudos to Eguavon for giving hope to dream by playing beautiful football that exposed us… Good night guys

  • MONKEY POST 2 years ago

    But some of this fans are pathetic o. Instead of them to accept defeat they are all over doing the blame game.

    • Oga go and enjoy your win. But the fact is that Rohr is gone and there is no bringing him back

  • Mirah 2 years ago

    A big party for Drey and cohorts
    “Na Sidon look we dey” lol

    We played well! Okoye should have done better, Uzoho is better than guy I don’t just understand why the coaching crew aren’t seeing that!

  • Ololo 2 years ago

    Good football don’t always win trophies..

    Rohn might not play beautiful but he had the results..

    When last did we play Afcon and not go past quarter final that was so many yrs ago. Who will remember all the beautiful football we played in the group stage..

    This is really sad.. cerozo didn’t get his tactics right.. so so disappointed

  • Nigeria lost, but I’m not really pained.

    – There were lots of positives
    – Players were more mobile and better than the opponents.
    – The ref seemed to have a game plan too acting out CAF politics
    – Our forward line needs more bite – Osimhen and Ighalo remain number 1 & 2
    – The red card on Iwobi was harsh. We would have scored and won.
    – Ejuke in place of Chukwueze would have yielded better results
    – The Tunisian came to play negative football, although their tactics won
    – Okoye shouldn’t be number 1.
    – This Tunisian team is too ordinary. All things being equal, they can survive SE.

    We’ll qualify for World Cup easy – Osimhen, Ighalo, Lookman and Adeleye should be in.

  • MONKEY POST 2 years ago

    Eguavon tried my fat ass. Did we hire him to try or to do better than the previous record. Majority of the players who got infected with the Covid 19 are their first 11 and so they presented a weaker team and all am hearing is Eguavon tried?? SMH…

  • Dr Banks 2 years ago

    Wow…wow….wow……poor SE in this match. We lost to tactical play and lack of experience striker in our team.

    I said it earlier that Oguefon’s record in 2006 was very bad considering the fact that he couldn’t win a single match in regulation time in the knockout stage despite winning all group matches, that shows lack of tactical ingenuity and that’s what we got again 16 years after.

    Sadiq has a glorious opportunity to write his name in Gold but his poor finishing was our bane, how on earth he missed that through ball was beyond my comprehension

    Chukwueze was a shadow of himself in this match, Okoye showed us all that he is nothing good enough to be our number 1 GK.

    Using Ndidi and Aribo only in the midfield really backfired on Ogunefon today, we got away with this against poor team but a better team punished us real badly

    To all you Rohr haters, do you now see that being conservative and defence minded could win us matches and deliver your Mandate. Sacking him at the time NFF did was the reason we crashed out in the round of 16 today, believe it or not but that’s the Gosple truth. Ndi we are tired of Bronze club you see yourself ba? Rohr never won a tea cup, you see yourself?

    • MONKEY POST 2 years ago

      You betrayal and sell out! You mean you have the guts to be hailing GENERAL ROHR???

      • Dr Banks 2 years ago

        @Monkey post, I had told you that I never betrayed anyone, my primary loyalty lies with the Super Eagles of Nigeria. I stated that I was not happy at the timing and the manner NFF sacked Rohr despite producing result. But Rohr did make mistakes in his selections too over the last 4 matches.

        All in all, what we advocated was getting a better replacement than Rohr if he couldn’t win AFCON but alas NFF gave us a coach that has been very inactive for more than 6 years to replace Rohr

        • MONKEY POST 2 years ago

          Oga I respect your loyalty. But for you to all of a sudden turn your back and disrespect a man that serve us well was really disappointing

  • Edoman 2 years ago

    Uzoho is 10 times better than this stupid boy that called himself goalkeeper. He should get lost forever. He flips this game. l could not believe my eyes. We want Rohr back. eguayeye should go back to Benin City. Our Oba Ewuare wants to talk to him for this disgraceful shame he brought to our great Edo empire.

  • Bringing in Iwobi after we were already on the verge of losing the game was actually more of a panic decision than a tactical decision.
    Yesterday I took my time and drafted a line up and formation that will win today’s game. I also advised that Moses should be instructed not to dribble or attempt to dribble anybody throughout the first. Furthermore, I analysed that Awoniyi should come in by second half. But Eguaveon who up till today has not convinced me, showed his cluelessness by repeating the same team he has been playing.
    Pinnick and his cohorts at the glass house should honourably resign. Then, Rohr should be begged and brought back. The devil I know is 1Million times better than the angel I don’t know. Rohr knows this boys like the back of his hand

    • Mirah 2 years ago

      Never again !!
      We didn’t concede the goal that led to our loss from a tactical point of view. Rohr made Okoye look like a proper No 1 and Eguavoen and his staffs didn’t see anything bad in it, their fault

      We can’t take out the fact that Nigeria played well. Individual errors cost us.

      Okoye should have done better
      Sadiq, although played better today but should have done better with that goal scoring opportunity.

      Bringing on Iwobi at that time is a good sub, we needed creativity in the middle and Iwobi can be very good at that on his days. bad officiating led to his red card.

      My point is, our loss isn’t largely due to tactical reasons, it’s largely due to individual errors.

  • Ranti 2 years ago

    The haphazard arrangement before the tourney is responsible for this defeat. 2 weeks was too short for the guys to perform at optimum. Next time, they should be given at least 2years.

    • MONKEY POST 2 years ago


    • Nothing wrong with our preparation. We won all our group games and everybody clapped. Our problem was lack of tactical ingenuity. Iwobi should have started the match as number 10 and Iheanacho as striker. Awoniyi to come in by second half. We even need Sadiq. Then Simon must be warned not to attempt to dribble anybody, throughout the first half. Any time he gets the ball, he should do a pass or cross. Second half, he can dribble as much he wants

    • 2yrs is still too small….. 10yrs is the real deal….



  • MONKEY POST 2 years ago

    We warned you guys! But you won’t listen. You guys especially @Chinenye, Chima, Ugo, and Oga Mahmud prefer to listen to a racist like @JimmyBall who prefer to fail with his own than to win with a foreigner.

    • JimmyBall 2 years ago

      Is there a rule that says Nigeria should not concede goal first in a match? Where are those who were celebrating Maduka Okoye moving to Watford as the best thing to happen to Nigeria soccer? The people who forced an amateur goalkeeper as our No.1 should take the blame for our ouster… as far as I am concerned, Eguaveon did a great job… no one should blame Eguaveon. The only shot played to Maduka in 4games he couldnt save… what a goalkeeper… I always knew he was the worst goalkeeper in recent times to man the post for Nigeria. What fascination foreign-born mixed kids wont do does not exist… I insist, it is better to fail with our own! Eguaveon should be allowed to stay on and correct his mistakes… we have AFCON again by June 2023 and World cup playoffs by March 2022… if we give the job to Jose Poseiro… we wont qualify ahead of Ghana! We need to look critically at personnel and make a change… people like Samuel Chukwueze, Musa, Ekong, Iwobi,Aribo and Frank Onyeka need to discussed properly going forward if we really still need them… Ekong I repeat still like Maduka Okoye, does not inspire confidence… well football wont end because we lost! I just dont know what has become of Alex Iwobi… we must never rule out politics in football because the officating today was very poor… on a good day, Iwobi should not have been sent off and we warned that the guys in the VAR room are mostly arabs… I do not think there was need for them call on the referee and put him on the spotlight to make him act against his initial decision of a yellow card… Iwobi looked very stupid to have done that in less than 5minutes of coming on after his uncle has used Super sports platform to hammer on Eguaveon to play hos nephew… there players who deserve callups than the likes of Iwobi… dude has not done anything at his club this season…

      • This is your problem blame blame game. Before it was the coach now it is the player you didn’t like before that shows your level of understanding of the game. Who said Eguavon should not remain as coach SEBI if we spent all the year trying to fail with our own your eyes go clear.

  • This is a very big lesson to learn.

    Pinnick needs to use his position and create that fear factor for us just like the days of issa hayatu of Cameroon.

    A high profile game like this shouldn’t be given to rookies to officiate.

    He should have overlooked that incident and concentrate with the previous yello card he issued to iwobi.

    Why didn’t he award us that penalty when the ball had contact with one of the Tunisian players?

    Things need to be put in place before wc game with Ghana.

    Poor officiating also contribute to our Lost today.

  • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

    And I hope Pinnick and Dare have hanged themselves by now???? Especially that miserable minister who destroys the rhythm of our progress. We will play Tiki Taka and get knocked out in the Second Round!! Lmao!!! At least the uninspiring and rigid football gave us results. See as we Tiki Taka our way out of the tournament Lmao!! When you fail to learn from history this is exactly what you get.

  • DeSTAR 2 years ago

    What a pity at a time Eguafon ought to have maximize the tiniest time he had in this world to call Dessers and Akin Amoo , he and the retired Igahalo were playing mind game with Nigerias , with all manner of silly news ( deadlines that never ends , Igahalo refused to train, refused to play for his club because of not been released to report to play for Nigeria) ; loosing great chance to bring in quality players that could have made the differences ( I knew all along that Eguafon wasting of slot for Igahalo was because of his Saudi Dollars , and 4th Goalkeeper John Noble was forced on Eguafon as it was with Rohr) .

    We played better but Goalkeeper finished us and the referee did not help matter with Nwobi unluckily picking straight red card

  • Omo9ja 2 years ago

    You reap what you sow. That is the quote of the day for coach Eguavoen. I have warned you Mr. No nonsense before the kick of the tournament and you did not listen to me.

    Why did you left out Dessers? Why did you agree to work with Salisu Yusuf, Aigbogun and Agu?

    This should be the end of Agu, Aigbogun and Salisu Yusuf at the national team.

    I have warned you Nigerians and the coaches in charge of the Super Eagles about Okoye. He’s for the future but you people called me names but now, you know.

    I will blame coach Eguavoen for this. We have Adeleye, Osagwe, Ajiboye, Yakubu and Alanpasun but coach Agu brought back Akpeyi and John Noble and coach Eguavoen did not say anything about it.

    NFF have setting a trap for our own before the tournament and now they won. Were Salisu Yusuf, Aigbogun and Agu the best to support coach Eguavoen. Oga Rohr and his followers should have their say now. They deserve it.

    To be honest, I am not surprised with the outcome of this exit and if NFF doesn’t give Mr. No nonsense a chance to be the next coach, I won’t blame them. I still believe in our own though. NFF should not hire a foreign coach. Mr. Eguavoen is a fantastic coach but he made some mistakes and he got it wrong when
    he made his fina selections.

    The coaching crew is weak. From now on if NFF really want to help the situation, they should replace Salisu Yusuf, Aigbogun and Agu with Amunike, Egbo, Peter Rufai and Enyeama. Having these coaches with Eguavoen, we are ready for the world cup qualifiers. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • onwajunior 2 years ago

    In my opinion, Eguavon is to blame. First, it was very clear that Tunisia clipped out wingers. This was very evident within the first 10-20mins.Yet we kept playing wing plays. Second, his substitutions, to me, were rushed. He took out Iheanacho, Chukwueze and Aribo, but didn’t bring in any creative player. Who was he hoping to deliver passes to the strikers? I felt he just gave up and decided to go for long balls. We had like 30mins when he made those substitutions (apart from Chukwueze’s substitution). Third, left Ejuke out of matchday team. Even if he’s not efficient in front of goal, Ejuke would have put pressure on Tunisia’s defence.

    Last last na Maduka mess up

    • JimmyBall 2 years ago

      @ownajunior… we lost the match when Iwobi was sent off… we could have clawed our way back but playing 10 vs 11 was never going to do it for us… we were not suppose to start Chukwueze… his game is too predictable and its time to solve our midfield problem once and for all. We have to look to World Cup playoffs now. I believe everyone has seen Maduka Okoye today… that guy is just not it at all! Before Uzoho will even recover from injury, Coach has already seeded the first choice goalkeeper slot to Maduka… I will say Eguaveon be retained as foreign coach will rather complicate our problems… Alex Iwobi needs to be left out of the team going forward for young Amoo and Nwakali until he is able to turn his career around at his club… I cant imagine how Okocha was on Super Sports shouting that Eguaveong start him and in his preferred No.10 role… what a shame! Even the game against Guinea Bissau that Iwobi played from the right wing he shit and did nothing throughout the game…

      • Douglas John Ufuoma 2 years ago

        shame no dey catch you, tunisia team without their regulars defeated SE this is what you can come up with. will you say the same thing assuming it rohr. awoniyi, sadiq and olayinka you clamoured were not able to save us. how can you play 4-4-2 against trickish tunisia side, and cannot change formation when things were not walking out for you. you are blaming the goal keeper, did you blame the players when central africa republic defeated. don’t worry karma is coming for yu

        • JimmyBall 2 years ago

          @Ufuoma… I no get your time. People like you clamoured for Iwobi and Okoye to start. We lost and that is it. Everyone loses a game in football… God punish you at Ufuoma. Dont go and look for what to eat… idiot. Eguaveon is 100times better than Rohr your white God. We played 10vs11 what miracle did you expect Eguaveon to do? Why dont you go suck Rohr’s anus… foolish monkey!

          • Dr Banks 2 years ago

            Shut up your stinking mouth you hypocrite @JimmyBall, Ogunefon lost to a depleted team that lost 2 out of 3 matches with their full team in round of 16 and you are here blaming players but when Rohr lost to the eventual champion in the Semifinal, you blame Rohr. Shame no dey catch you?

          • JimmyBall 2 years ago

            @DrBanks shut up your mouth also. Accept defeat… There is nothing like a depleted team in this tournamnent it is always 11 vs 11, but though we conceded first… thanks to your almighty No.1 goalkeeper nominated by Rohr your moongod himself… he played 10 vs 11 for most part of the second half and you cannot push the effect of playing a man down away… there is nothing like depleted team… it was Super Eagles who played with depleted team on the day…

    • Childiomimi 2 years ago

      I won’t blame the coach at all. He did what he should do. Just take it as, today is one if the bad days in the office.

      The result should not change the fact that Eagouveon is the best man for the job of Super Eagles going forward.

  • Lord AMO 2 years ago

    The boys tried. This is tournament football and sometimes you’re required to win despite not being at your best which we weren’t today.

    I’m optimistic though because we seem to have discovered our joy for the game again and with the addition of players like Osihmen, and others, I see us elevating our game.

    We can’t win ‘em all folks. Please stop insulting the boys. They were out there representing us and it just didnt workout today

    • Klistivivi 2 years ago

      The point is that the supposedly ‘Our Joy’ won’t get us anywhere…We need to chage our game plan… Depending only in wing pllay won’t get us anywhere… Nigerians get excited at dribbling uneccsarily hence why they love Chukwueze, Ejuke, and recently Moses Simon… Dribbling that yields no end product! We can do better if we

      learn to watch our expectations first of all,
      always look out for the best wether foreign or local,
      never look down on experience,
      Stop all this clamour for home based
      Stop all this clamor for players who haven’t consistently proven themselves (Imagine Awoniyi that just recently picked up for in the bundesliga having just one goal so far in the tourney)
      Always never be in haste to mock people…People mocked Rohr after he was sacked but now you see the result!

      We move on though! To the World Cup qualifiers against Ghana!

  • No leader. No plan B Incase plan A isn’t working. The wings was not working, so a brilliant coach will utilyse the center. The goalkeeper has been on break. Only one goal he would have save, he couldn’t.

  • Kunle 2 years ago

    Anyone that fail to appreciate human being, he would never appreciate what God has done for him.
    You people failed to appreciate Rohr who searched for all these players you people are mentioning.
    I watched highlights afcon 2019 how ighalo scoring goals against cemeroon and this same Tunisia.
    Habba! Nigerians let be humble and appreciate our brothers and sisters.

  • Fidel 2 years ago

    Naija is out. No pain at all. The boys responded as expected, even with a man down. You win some. You lose some.

    As for Rohr, as good as they claim he is, has he gotten a job yet??? Lol…Forward ever. Rohr chapter closed for good.

    We go back home. Review things and be ready for the WC qualifier.

    • Nice bro.. reflects my take 100%.

    • If they responded they should have a nick at least a goal with the caliber of players as you always said. Did you watch Gabon match? Tunisia had 12 regular players out for God sake

  • MONKEY POST 2 years ago

    Picknic and his gang were trying to avoid a disaster by sacking GENERAL ROHR, not knowing they themselves are the disaster. LMFAO!!!!!!!!!

  • DeSTAR 2 years ago

    The day I knew that Nigeria has a good competitor contending for gold medal in corruption was few days ago when I listened to the failed white coach of Ghana where there was interpreter helping to translate English into his native language; the situation with the clueless Rohr was not as bad as Ghana

    Amos Adamu was also corrupt but he still uses his position to influence decisions in favour of Nigeria unlike Amaju Fraud-Pinnick ( corruption he is gold medallist with nothing to show for his membership of Caf /FIFA.

    Imagine how long it took to fire Oga Rohr after 6 years directionless years.

    Those that are blaming Okoye are not fear , did he made himself N01 goalkeeper in the team ? what is differences between 6 and half dozen of Okoye and other goalkeepers?

    Just as @Adeyemi have advised; it is time to search for a reliable keeper ; that have been our complaint against the clueless Rohr; in almost 6 years (No Single reliable goalkeeper, No reliable set piece players in the team etc) .

    When Rohr was sacked , his business partner Amaju Fraud-Pinnick ought to have gone with him for our football to grow

  • Edoman 2 years ago

    @Kel, thank you. YES !!!. Osimhen, Ighalo, Onucachu and our best goalkeeper-in-waiting Adeleye should be brought in N O W. Okoye was a dead man walking. Ghana is already celebrating our downfal today. Eguavon is never good enough. The new coach from Portugal should not near us. That is why l am begging Nigerians to swallow our pride to go beg Oga Rhor to come back to his enviable job today to lead us to beat Ghana. Nigeria would be beaten by Ghana, home and away. Only Rohr can prevent such disaster-in-waiting oooooo. I am begging Nigerian people in Lagos, Abuja, Kano, Port Harcourt. Benin City, Ibaban to go on the street right now to show supports for Rohr to come back too lead us beat Ghana first before we start to talk of world cup proper.

    • JimmyBall 2 years ago

      @Edoman… you were part of those who insulted me for saying Maduka Okoye is an amateur… @Dr.Drey also… let me see who will come here to blame Austin Eguaveon… CAF wanted Nigeria’s run halted… our run was too good and Iwobi presented the match official reckless opportunity to carry out CAF hatchet job…

      • Dr Banks 2 years ago

        So CAF is responsible for Iwobi stamping the ankle of a Tunisian player?

      • @JimmyBall just shut Up.lying again, where did CAF want our run halted. Why didn’t CAF want our run halted during the group stages.

        Nigeria had about 4 defenders in front of the Tunisian that scored the goal, yet your clueless Eguavoen could not instruct this same players under Rohr to close up on that player.

        Your Peter Olayinka was just running up and down the pitch with no effect. Iwobi should have started this match and not play as a substitute.

        In over 24 years of Nigerian footballing history, we have never gone out at the round of 16 at AFCON.
        In fact Eguavoen should be sacked from his position at SUPER Eagles and NFF Technical Committee.

        Even a foreigner should be appointed now as NFF Technical Committee head now.

      • GentleD 2 years ago

        The number one issue that jumps at me from this AFCON experience is/are;

        1.Leadership. There is no player in that team to provide leadership

        2.We have always been under some kind of illusion that we have so many strikers, wind don blow fowl yansh don open and it has become super obvious that Onyekuru, Olayinka, Sadiq and just maybe Awoniyi aren’t ready for the SE yet. We gat to look elsewhere for back ups to Victor Osimhen

        3. We are still lacking in creativity from the middle

        4. We also thought we were overloaded on the wings, alas!how so wrong we were. Simon was marked out of the game and we couldn’t fly again.

        5. Goalkeeping still a major source of concern

        6. Lastly, the Tunisians won the game from the bench with the tactics they adopted and our bench coudn’t respond

        God bless Nigeria

      • Edoman 2 years ago

        Uzoho is 10 times better than this stupid boy that called himself goalkeeper. He should get lost forever. He flips this game. l could not believe my eyes. We want Rohr back. eguayeye should go back to Benin City. Our Oba Ewuare wants to talk to him for this disgraceful shame he brought to our great Edo empire.

  • Diran 2 years ago

    I believe that Nigeria still needs the service of the newly hired foreign coach – Jose Peseiro. Austin Eguavoen tried, but it was not good enough as the Tunisians used tactical discipline and the clipping of Nigeria’s wings to win the match, and also benefitted from a goalkeeping error. Nigeria still needs Ighalo and Osimhen and even Cyriel Dessers in the Super Eagles team. Also Maduka Okoye should not be the no 1 goalie for the world cup qualifier play-offs against Ghana Black stars. It might be wiser to use Francis Uzoho as the no.1 goalie. The Super Eagles lost to a tactically more superior and determined Tunisian side and due to the goal-keeping error by Maduka. In addition, Emanuel Dennis will still be needed to give more attacking bite to the somewhat blunt attack we saw today. Also, a new goalkeeping coach is needed as I don’t believe Alloy Agu is the best for that position. The local consortium of home-based coaches as shown they are not that tactically efficient for the task. Wish the Super Eagles all the best as they tackle the Black stars for a world cup ticket to Qatar in March. Thanks

  • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

    Hehehehe…..see all of them now fighting themselves now…..LMAOOooo.

    That is how God punishes the wicked.

    I hope this heartache all ye agents of Nigeria’s football backwardness are suffering this morning lasts forever……LMAOOoooo

    See Blames flying all over the place like Hitlers fighter jets…..LMAOooo. Amaju, CAF, Referee, Okoye, Buahri, Goodluck Jonathan, Rashidi Yekini, Okocha etc…..LMAOoo. I wont be surprised if someone blames Westerhof too….LMAOoooo

    1 ASSISTANT COACH taking NINE (9), YES, NINE MAN CONSORTIUM of failed coaches to the dustbin of football tactics

    That coach deserves an award.

    The last time I checked, a 10 man Italian team kicked us out of the 94 WC
    A 10 man Ghanaian team booted us out of 2008 AFCON.
    Ghana pulled 2 goals back against Comoros with 10 men.
    Gabon equalized and dragged Bfaso to penalties with 10 men.

    But when you have a coach who just pours 11 players on the pitch to be “expressing themselves” ie using their individual brilliance to wow Alhaly and El Merriekh players, without clean instructions, 10 vs 11 against a weakened Tunisian team will be a perfect excuse for failure.

    Imagine a sane coach saying you cant change your tactics in the middle of a competition…….ehnnnnnnnn. Blood of Zacharia…? So the tactics you use from matchday one is what you will use till matchday 7 because all the teams you will meet are coached by lazy idiots abi….? LMAOOooooo

    I hope Odegbami and his herd of racist and nepotistic touts are all seeing the importance of a sound Assistant coach now.

    No one actually needed to be sound to crack this team. That was how tactically weak we were. We just used big names to intimidate our way to the R16. This is where the real competition starts

    Ndi fail with your own……Ndi breath of fresh air…….Ndi Egaudiola is tactically better, can you all converge for a celebration party now…?

    Or what does it profit a man if he wins the best coach of the group stages award only to be booted out in the R16 by the assistant coach of the 3rd on the 4 best loosers’ table.

    At least Rohr was Belmadi’s boy….LMAOoooo. Please can someone remind us the name of the ASSISTANT COACH of this depleted Tunisian team…..? LMAOOoooo

    • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

      Lmao!! Don’t mind all those who ṢỌPỌNA go kill. TikiTaka has bundled us out in the Round of 16. At least the mechanic gave us bronze after missing back to back AFCONS. Now they’re scared to face Ghana!!! Lmao!!! Reasonable Nigerians saw this coming. We lost the match today from the bench. Tiki Taka knocked us out in the round of 16. Rigid and laborious football got us bronze after missing two AFCON previously.

      • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

        Any coach needs just 2 weeks to win AFCON with these calibre of players we have now…..LMAOooooo.

        Ayelala go kill many people for this group come end of March if care is not taken. Because we warned them when they were being led by their hatred and stupidity. We warned them this honeymoon wouldnt last. We warned them the real AFCON starts in the R16.

        You just pour 11 players on the pitch and the only instruction you give them is to play 30 years ago football and use their individual qualities to do the rest, and you think every other coach and team at the tournament are bunch of antelopes who dont think with their brains….??

        Now that Eguadiola has resigned, I want to see the coach they will bring…..LMAOoooo.

        All we are sayiinnngggg…give us Yobo…!!!!!

        Afterall, if the Tunisian assistant coach can do it, Yobo too can do it.

        Chief Odegbami and his herd of racists and nepotists…do y’all copy…?

        Disaster Must Be Avoided o. Otherwise…..!!!!

        • Dr dery you talk am dem no hear useless ppl

        • Edoman 2 years ago

          l join you Dr grey. They did not hear. Some indults were colling me names that l am a tribalist. Now God don’t jabutu their family. l told them not to fire a coach before a tournament of this magnitude, and that the law of karma will catch up with them, they said that they would “rather fail with their own”. Now, let me warn all the Nigerian people, Ghana will beat Nigeria home & away. Unless you swallow your stupid pride to beg Oga Rohr to come back N O W to rescue the timid super chickens.

    • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

      The game would’ve 2-0 if he hadn’t make the other save. We had chances to get back to the game but we couldn’t convert it. You haven’t said anything about your Olayinka who was just running around without any cutting edge. Lmao!! Like you’ve predicted we have finally failed with our own so live with it. Better be fasting till March. Our strengths has been on the wings my foot in 2022??? Lmao!! Where is the midfield?? Better braze up for not making it to Qatar if we can’t learn.

    • JimmyBall 2 years ago

      The coward did not respond… If it’s to come and insult somebody out of jealousy now you will see him with puffed up chest like a gorilla…

      Answer the simple question please… @Dr.Drey… Will you still suggest your world best amateur goalkeeper who could not deal with the only shot that came his way throughout 90minutes… Will you Dr. DREY STILL PUT OKOYE IN POST against Ghana?

      World best Amateur… Good goalkeepers were shunted out just to have him our Blessing from oga Rohr after 6years in the post. Maduka Okoye is now my number one… See young talented goalkeepers saving penalties everywhere in the tournament.

      NFF should venture bring another white messiah and see us crash against Ghana. Some morons are still calling for Rohr. The mechanic who was more confused than an imbecile… See goalkeeper after six years. No goalkeeper in local league is good it must be an amateur who has not play pro football up to three years… He could not even play. BUNDESLIGA 2 in Germany.

      • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

        Hahahahaha….is Dr. Drey no longer the same person as Ayphilly anymore….??? Did you not used IP filtering and Quantum Based Data Search to discover that Dr.Drey and AyPhilly are one and the same persons anymore…..LMAOoooo. Have you forgotten “the coward” is one and the same person with Ayphilly…???? Filthy pig of a liar…..LMAOooo.

        Your lies will continue to catch up with you. Useless fraud…LMAOooo

        See the worthless peasant people are jealous of for the love of God…..LMAOooo. Jealous of you for what…? For being on the forbes list…? Or For being an honorary fellow of The World Academy of Science…? Or for being a Nobel Prize winner….? Or for being the Chairman and CEO of the world’s leading company in New Technologies….? Or for having a fictitious white wife, or half caste kids of your own….? LMAOooooo. Even the phantom professional football career you are still concocting lies upon lies to defend till today isnt even close to being enviable despite loads of lies that has kept changing for close to 2 years now…..LMAOoooo. So please tell us what exactly people are jealous of……LMAOoooo

        Only lucifer seem to be in the place to be jealous of you, because he wouldn’t lie to have watched a man who played before he was born, nor would he lie that Iwobi’s tackle was a “normal” tackle which wasnt deserving a red card…LMAOooo

        I knew Okoye would be criticized by a racist failure like you for ANY sort of goal he concedes in this tournament even if it were a penalty……LMAOooo. A long range shot takes a last second swerve and dip, yet the GK was still able to manage to re-adjust his movement to get a hand on the ball which unfortunately wasnt enough to direct the ball off target and a useless racist wants to hang him…..LMAOooo.

        Its not a surprise. You, your unborn children and their children cannot reach half the level the boy has reached so far in football, so why would you wish him well. Ola Aina, Ndidi and Omeruo couldnt deal with 1 man, it was maduka who almost broke his waist readjusting to save their blushes that an envious racist like you has found as a sacrificial lamb….LMAOoooo

        Im not surprised, you have even blamed issa hayatou since you ran mad finally last night for the incompetence of your 9 local coaches, even going a far as calling a clear red card offence “normal”, so who is Okoye not to be blamed by you.

        When you get another goalkeeper that can attract an EPL club then you are free to field him vs Ghana…..LMAOoooo.

        Employ 10 coaches before we face Ghana, All of them will start Okoye. The only WCQ we lost was the one in which Okoye wasnt in goal.

        Maduka Okoye – 16 caps 8 clean sheets 11 goals conceded
        Francis Uzoho – 19 caps, 8 clean sheets, 17 goals conceded

        If your domestic league goal keepers who aren’t amateurs where good enough and don’t concede goals, all 4 of your local clubs will be playing in the group stages of the CAF CL year after year…….LMAOoooooo.

        We have told you and your owns to invite all the world class goalkeepers you are clamouring for and lets see how they will fare, just like all the medicores you were hyping as if they will single handedly win the world cup for us only for them to be massive bench warming flops at ordinary AFCON….LMAOoo.

        Please go and bring your world bests that will never concede last second swerving, dipping shots.

        Hang yourself at the closest overhead interchange to you when the next coach still goes with Okoye as the No 1.

  • I trust you one of them has even been crying that Dr. Drey will kill them.

  • All in all, Eguavoen should stay. The boys did not play badly atall. Just some few areas we need to correct. Chukwuezes wing, striking when osimhen returns, Golkeeping- Akpeyi should be let go and we need to find a First choice. Uzoho would be Second choice and Okoye, third. More creative and attack minded midfielders that can feed the strikers more balls. Amoo should be tried. I thought Ejuke would have fit in but he is too selfish. He is not as smart as Okocha atall. We do not need a white coach at this point.

    • Edoman 2 years ago

      If Egua-yeye stays, l swear, it will be Ghana 4. Nigeria 0 home. In Balogun, Lagos. Nigeria 1, Ghana 3. If you don’t believe me, wait & see. Amoo could have scored there today. Those boys playing in second division in Spain were useless and you want to place them against the Black stars of Ghana. Nigeria will be dead on arrival.

  • Edoman 2 years ago

    Ghana will surely beat Super Chickens by 4 to 0 home and in Balogun, Lagos, Nig 1, Ghana 3. Only Oga Rohr can change the Nigeria fortune. Bring Rohr Back today.

  • Somebody spent over 1year to qualify us for 2 major tournaments, hatred, selfishness, greed & nepotism destroys it within a month.

    Look at the effort of oga Rohr being blown away just within a few weeks.

    Now we’re not even sure of what the future holds.

    Now I understand the proverb that says “the demon u know is better than the Angel u don’t know”.

    Bringing that Portugal coach that even his country men don’t consider good enough is more disastrous than what we see now.

    When will we learn?

    2002, 2008 & 2010 scenario should have taught us a lesson.
    But we choose to be fools always.

    This coach labours, another coach comes to reap it!!!!!

    It always works for CHELSEA (ROBERTO DI MATTEO & T.TUCHEL reap the labour of other coaches) but never favours Nigeria.

    Now see the way good football, tiki taka & attacking football bundle us out of 2022 AFCON.

    The worst of it, against a team B…. Not even the main team. (i.e, the second 11 of Tunisia outclassed our first 11).

    To add more salt to the injury, their assistant coach technically and tactically rubbish our main team coach…..

    The question now is; can our assistant coach (100 CAP JOSEPH YOBO) technically and tactically outclass the Tunisian main coach???

    Let’s learn to do things the right way my country people.

    It’ll take a miracle for SE with what is on ground to overcome Ghana and reach Qatar in 2022 WC.

    How did we get to this point?

    How do we move on??

    This are begging questions for me @JIMMYBALL, @OMO9JA with all their gang headed by our very own; highly respected ex international striker ODEGBAMI.



  • Mirah 2 years ago

    If you still crave Rohr then something is wrong with your head! If we must replace Eguavoen with a white coach, then it should a sound one, not another Rohr. With all I’ve seen, Eguavoen is better than Rohr, forget about this unfortunate event.

  • Let’s I forget, Arsenal spent decades playing tiki taka coupled with beautiful game yet no UCL, UEL, FIFA CLUB CUP…. only domestic trophy…

    In contrast, Chelsea came up with defensive approach to games, counter attacks Guess what; 2 UCL TROPHY in their cabinet…. 3 UEL TROPHY….. 1 SUPER CUP TROPHY…. Still counting….

    Tiki taka football would not come and kill us….

  • CSN…. Welcome back with the “rating box”….

    All fraud stars gather here let’s continue with the thumbs down….

    Nevertheless; It shall not be well with tiki taka…. In search of a tiki taka football see where we are now.

    Tiki takaaar! Tiki takaaaar!! Tiki takaaaaaar!!!….

    Leave us alone oooooooo….
    We peace.

    U bundled our SE eagles Rohr spent years to build with empty stomach out of 2022 afcon….

    He spent years to raise and give us a team every coach now believe can rule the world of soccer as compared to when we were languishing in the bottom…(Taking us all the way from 69 & 16 (world & Africa) to 36 & 5 (world & Africa), a team that couldn’t even qualify for back-to-back afcon with our own in charge back then, a team termed “super chicken”, a team top coaches including PAUL LE GUEN rejected, a team that was hopeless and in a deverstating State such that our players like INFORMED OGENYI ONAZI could not get a work permit to play in championship…. But the man came and steadied the ship….. Now see the way our boys are moving to Epl.)….

    Except a Messiah comes and help us cross this red sea before us, I’ll forever be an enemy of tiki taka pattern of game as far as our SE is concerned.

    I don’t see our boys we have on ground now capable of playing this pattern of game.

    I prefer the rigid and uninspiring results oriented pattern of game from any coach (home or foreign) instead of this rubbish we played and tiki taka our way out of afcon.

    I rest my case.

  • Good morning progressive people hope you have recovered from the loss or still licking the wound? Can you see that what an elder see a child can not even if he climb the highest mountain. We warned against this impending dainger but sentiment, hatred and nepotism will not let you. Have you asked yourself why NFF appointed consortium of coaches two weeks before Nations cup and still went ahead to name another one before the tournament to take over after?Did you heard the NFF president saying Egu is not entitle to salary even at the tick of the competition? It simply means they knew something like this would happen they have already zero their mind for failure. I knew something like this will happen but didn’t know it will be this soon but sincerely am more pained this morning and i feel for Egu heard he has resigned because he did a good job and the players even though some of them let the first round exploits get into their head expecially that ingrate Simon instead of him to keep quiet and concentrate he started throwing tantrums until his flaw was exposed. It’s no my way to blame coaches or players but I think this defeat is for everyone boastful fans included if we will learn. Thought they said bring on anybody our eagles are playing beautiful football we are winning the cup guess what? those eagles is probable by now on their way home how ridiculous..

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