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Lugano: Without FIFA’s Help, Messi Won’t Have Won 2022 World Cup

Lugano: Without FIFA’s Help, Messi Won’t Have Won 2022 World Cup

Former Uruguayan international, Diego Lugano, has accused FIFA of helping Lionel Messi and Argentina  to win the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

Recall that Argentina defeated France in the final of the competition via penalty shootouts.

Messi, 35, won the Golden Ball of the tournament after scoring seven goals and registering three assists.

Argentina, meanwhile, was awarded five penalties during the World Cup tournament, four of which Messi converted.

However, Lugano believes that Argentina was helped by FIFA due to Messi’s global popularity.

“That they [FIFA] gave him [Messi] help is no doubt. Argentina had its merit but of the 5 penalties, 4 I think no one has any doubt that they were not,” Lugano told Futnbl por Carve TiaDiaria, Lugano.

“They were totally forced, that is the reality. But that’s to the credit of Messi, who moves a lot worldwide.”

He added, “You see [Mike] Tyson in the Messi shirt, you see Tiger Woods, you see Roger Federer. Do you think that FIFA does not see that and it does not work for them? The merit of Messi and later also the merit of Argentina, who knew how to take advantage of that.”

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  • Adetunji 1 year ago

    Absolute senseless talk. Argentina lost the match to Saudi Arabia and nothing was said about FIFA helping SAUDI ARABIA to win the match against Argentina. Luck was on their side, the reason they won the tournament.

  • Emecco 1 year ago

    Na bad belle dey worry Diego Lugano. Argentina worked hard for the trophy and they got it.

  • Alfa 1 year ago

    Well if you actually read books, I read a book in finance here in America on the most corrupted business. Fifa is ranked #1, with countless evidence on them. Even till this day people still question how Qatar was awarded to host it. Qatar got money, but they won’t circle back for probably 5 years. I remember long ago a guy was found guilty of corruption. The guy tan out the courtroom and committed suicide by falling on the train tracks. Fifa does not like to hold up, at most they just fine. When people pointing lasers at goal keepers and penalty keepers even at a game that decides a final. They will just fine them. The UK wanted to modernize or colonise Qatar with its lgbt agenda. But until they saw Argentina making it till the final they had no problem. The whole white media was against France winning it because a team filled with Africans even pure breads were good. People rooted for Argentina to win because they are white.

    The streets here talk about Mbappe regularly, even Ronaldo. But white media loves Messi, they wanted him to win.

    If you are in a first world country or actually read and do your research, you would of known this world cup was a gift to him. Everybody here knew it was rigged. So many penalties for Messi, cmon. France became sick and got a bug going around while Argentina were fine. I even thought Paulo Dyballa was done for the season. But he was on the team sheet. I think world cup 2022 is the one people will not acknowledge Argentina won. People think like fans, not thinking thoroughly. If you actually think Argentina won a clean tournament, your delusional 

  • Mike 1 year ago

    Love this

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