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Okoye: Super Eagles Ready For Revenge Against Cameroon

Okoye: Super Eagles Ready For Revenge Against Cameroon

Super Eagles goalkeeper Maduka Okoye says the team will look to avenge last Friday’s defeat to Cameroon when they face the Indomitable Lions in their second friendly on Tuesday night , reports Completesports.com.

Zambo Anguissa struck in the 37th minute to hand Antonio Conceicao’s side their first win against the West Africans in over two decades.

The Super Eagles created a number of chances after the break but failed to make them count.

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Gernot Rohr’s charges have another opportunity to make amend in the second friendly and Okoye is confident they will come out with a win this time around.

“We have taken some positives from the first match against Cameroon,” the Sparta Rotterdam of Holland goalie told the NFF media.

“We had a good game and it was unfortunate that they scored with just that one shot on target.

“However, we have shown that we are ready for the Afcon with the strength of character we showed after conceding the goal. We are ready to go for it on Tuesday.”

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  • pompei 3 years ago

    We are all disappointed with the loss to Cameroon, and there is nothing wrong with showing a little anger. However, I we should not take it too far. Remember that the guys we are criticizing today for the loss willingly came for the match, when they could so easily have stayed away. Let us not reward their loyalty with insults.

  • GLORY 3 years ago

    Okoye, you’ ve got everything to be the best in the world. The height, the athletic built, the age, the charm, the personality etc but for the little details about goalkeeping. Show me a goal keeper that is standing straight upright so frequently around his goal area, and I will show you a goal keeper that is going to be beaten with surprise shots and some silly goals. Those little details, as bending forward on your knees with focus on movement of the game, though seem negligible but matters alot, They add a spring to your reflexes as well as assists in total concentration. I want to see you, Uzoho,etc in top clubs and will be a bit disappointed if that falls to happen.

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      Im with you 100% on this @Glory.
      Another bit for Maduka is communication. I rarely see him communicating with his backline in the SE. Maybe the “new kid in class” newbie bug hasn’t left him yet. Immediately Troost made that misplaced interception vs Cameroon, he normally as the GK should have yelled at his defense to push up 1. to give him a clearer range of sight 2. to close down any attempt to hit a shot on the rebound. With you sight impaired and a shot travelling at 100km/hr, your reaction as a goalkeeper is bound to be late. If he has to yell at his defenders he should start doing so now. He shouldn’t be afraid of offending them on the pitch. After the match he can go apologizing to them one after the other.
      That goal he conceded vs Cameroon, I lay the blame for it squarely at his feet.

      • GLORY 3 years ago

        Spot on brodaman Drey. You know what? This guy’s talent is there for all to see but little little details like you mentioned, yelling, concentration, and bending forward on his knees a little etc . When a keeper stands straight, he has two body movements to make before stopping a shot which obviously directly influence reflex timing but when a bit bended on the knee, while concentrating on the game, it only takes one body movement to stop same shot. I have studied Okoye alot, to observe, that almost every minute, he is just standing straight, sometimes appearing to be listening to songs playing in his head that I worry he may just start dancing while a pile driver is coming his way.

    • JimmyBall 3 years ago

      @Dr.Drey… Yet you refused to applaud my call for Uzoho throughout yesterday, and even Udeze saw that about Maduka also. I see why you did not criticize me yesterday… If @Dr.Drey buy your sense, he will rather avoid the thread than to be ever seen to agree to your views if you are one of those who constantly hold a separate view… We will preach the gospel of truth to you until you begin dey open to other people’s solid contributions… Lol

      • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

        You meant your views where you claimed Maduka is no1 simply because he is German and the coach too is German??? I will never agree to such unfounded views….never….that’s beneath my dignity. Agree with views that have no factual background…??? God forbid..? Maybe it was Rohr that also installed Maduka as Sparta’s 1st choice after starting the season at Sparta B team in the tweede divisie. OR maybe it was also Rohr that made Okoye Eredevise GK of the season simply because he is German too……LMAO

        Have you forgotten how many matches Okoye sat out on the SE bench before being given his chance in the SE…? Have you forgotten how many of your where on his throat to ditch Akpeyi for Okoye…? how many matches has he started for the SE…? Just 6 or thereabout.

        The whole of last year, was Uzoho fit enough or playing enough or more games than Okoye to come back and be no 1…? If truly you played professional football you will know that reclaiming a no 1 position in goal keeping takes a run of very bad games from the incumbent. Uzoho only started keeping consistently at his club this year, pls how many matches has SE played this year…..LMAO.? Today’s will be the 4th. by the end of today, Okoye would have kept 2 and Uzoho would have kept 2 also. So what exactly is your point that you are even getting excited about, i really dont know.
        When Rohr announced before the match window that he doesnt have any no 1 that any of his GKs can start, your were one of those howling here and casting all sorts of aspersions and telling everyone that cares that the coach is this and that….LMAO. Now it is you who he listens to to choose who starts….LMAO. Pls go and drink your pills. Its about time to do that….LMAO.

        If you want my support, speak sensibly and I will throw myself into the river for you, but for you to be telling us the best GK in the Dutch league in the last one year is the SE no 1 simply because he’s german…..LMAO. Mr…think about it again na….LMAO..that sentiment really doesn’t fly ehn….sorry. I dont support such….LMAO.

        He even went as far as boasting he lives in Germany….he knows how germans think….LMAO….oga, germans are not sentimental people….that one is for blacks. Germans think and breathe performance, efficiency and output. Balogun was German when Rohr dropped him from his starting position when he wasnt performing. the boy only reclaimed his position whn he started performing. Rohr was German when he dropped Germany based Collins for Zaidu at left back….till today Collins hasnt reclaimed that spot.

        Okoye didnt become no 1 because he is German, he became number one by snatching the no 1 jersey in his club, straight from the B team, and keeping clean sheets and eventually becoming goalkeeper of the season while Uzoho was still finding his feet after a year long injury.

        The Uzoho you are drooling about, did he not palm a freekick straight into the path of a Lesotho striker for a legitimate goal which the refs somehow saved our blushes by ruling it offside…??? Is he flawless too and has suddenly become an Enyeama. Both goalkeepers are still young and are growing together. Lets just watch them try to outdo each other and give us their best performances.

        Stop peddling false narratives here. LMAO. There are some kind of narratives Dr.Drey will never be associated with.

        • JimmyBall 3 years ago

          Ok… You mean to associate my claims that Okoye should not be our number 1,and rather Uzoho and implying Rohr is biased now shey… Yes. He is towards Maduka being half German and to tell you what, Germans don’t hide such misdemeanors… They like their own to a fault, yes they like efficiency but still that soft spot for what they believe and their own… forget it brother! I do not think Maduka even with him being installed at Rotterdam is even better than John Noble… We Sidon the look!

          • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

            Hahahahaha….I am not “associating” anything…you said it point blank yourself, even boasting (for the umpteenth time) of living in Germany as if that is supposed to be the validation and logical backing for such fallacy of hasty generalization, that Okoye is no 1 toady simply because he is half german. LMAO.

            It must be Rohr that brought Maduka from Sparta B in the 2nd division and installed him as Sparta 1st choice because he’s half German….LMAO. It must also be Rohr that forced his name into the Eredivise team of the season as the best GK in the dutch league…LMAO.

            Maduka is not better than John Noble, we gree….in fact Maduka is not half as good as Chigozie Agbim. At least we saw Noble enough in CAF competitions this year for us not to be deceived by you….LMAO.

            Uzoho did not play any game from October 2019 till January 2021. Rohr should have gone to bring him back from rehab and force the no 1 gloves on him while Maduka was producing team of the week performances in the Dutch league. Lolz….or postpone all SE matches till 2021 when Uzoho resumed playing

            You need to be recording your comments on a voice recorder before posting, hear the recording yourself and what you are about to post like 7 times, before coming here to post them……LMAO.

            If Rohr is baised towards Maduka is he also biased towards Balogun…? Or towards Jamilu collins…? LMAO. Maybe if Okoye was still in sparta B and wasnt developing or getting more gametime, his half german-ness would have installed him as no 1…LMAO

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